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In the Midst of Chaos

Sebastien Braxton


The very first verses of the Bible reveal interest of God in our chaotic lives. When everything feels as if it is falling apart, that is when the Spirit is moving most profoundly. God loves to order chaos. This is the gospel right in the first verses of the Bible.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 3, 2012
    11:00 AM
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father in heaven you know that this man is what dusting your site and when we are praying for your blessing not because the speaker is special but because the people were year are special U of P and immense costs for every life and so it is our prayer that as we study being not only yours my creation but your spot redemption we speak to our hearts and their special shows Christ as we never seen him before and that we would not resist the drawing of this lease this is our prayer trust you up this to be our experience for me asking Jesus and if you have your Bibles to be starting in Genesis chapter one and verse one Genesis chapter one and verse one probably the easiest person many of you to quote the Bible says in the beginning golf created the heavens and the earth the earth was without form and holy and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the Spirit of God who mixed the stones from the very first verse the existence of God so just on Genesis chapter one and verse what it says in the beginning God horse thing off atheism is not an option according to the worldview of the Bible and just by the way that many individuals who don't know this but speaking on secular universities many people don't really cling to be atheist and there's a reason for that because one individual who believes in God all I claim according to Genesis one verse one that God is there but not only God is their God was there before the beginning and I say why aviation atheists is just a calm but a combination of two Greek words the first Greek letter out for that's a and B are block but when we put out in front of another word in Greek that is the negation of the so to say a PR which means there is no block but here's a problem with that and you say there is no God nowhere in the universe you have to be the very thing that you don't believe because an individual in debates this happens all the time on secular campuses you said you're an atheist yes and you're one hundred percent sure there is no God yes it about Andromeda galaxy could not be there I don't know so that you are not an atheist or an agnostic outflow of the negative gnosis means knowledge this is where we get the word ignoramus means you don't know your ignorance a noble people want to know so you're not an atheist or an agnostic you don't know what God is in Andromeda or what about the other two hundred billion galaxies that are are you confident that God is not there am not confident okay so you're not any future not the Genesis one says no it's not agnostic you can know that God is in the beginning gone but not only is it that God is there the Bible says that God created the heavens and the earth which means God existed before the heavens and the earth and if God existed before the heavens and the earth the heavens and the art are not gone that is unbelievable we call pantheism that all things happen meaning everything world like you've never heard of a pandemic before I leave the disease is spreading globally ten years of his God is everything so you're gone on God acorn is tree outside his God that these and by the way one of our pioneers got into their things Natalia Posta Socks speaking people and leaving what is right as he was and he went to the University of Michigan medical school this privacy was so intent is so no atheism no agnosticism no pantheism and it has one more isn't that we need to discuss the notice materialism things that are physical are not return God created things once something has a physical existence it had a beginning immediately the heavens the earth or anything that is in them he created them which means he existed before them they have not always been and they probably will not always be but there are some individuals who believe in materialism but the Bible goes on to say in verse two that the earth was without form and void and he says documents was on the face of the deep in the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the one I like this because whenever you have a Jewish family that was raising their children anyone entities from Hebrew to start on Genesis chapter one I grew up in the Jewish community just north of Chicago they all after school united right after school will they go to Hebrew school story for the boss I like Yap away from my dad that will be Hebrew school might be going to another school at gospel yes the learned Hebrew so that when they get to their barn bat mitzvah literature and thirteen the local certain portions of the Old Testament in Hebrew and that everything is now transferred from boyhood to manhood but this Genesis chapter one you say right here in the beginning of the Bible says the art was without form and void it is this Hebrew phrase total Bobo can you say that total Bobo trying some kind of weird like tofu rice which is true without form and void of flavor you should visit a man so here you have a little handful which means this without horns that means it has no structure you see when I looking you you have a form which means there is a free between you and the things around like you and your skin and two gazillion other form right so when Jesus problems up and took upon himself the form of a man before this Jesus have no form but each of the four defined this is a tribal this is a square is a formed this thing into a ball but the Bible says the nose for it was not bound but not only that it was going that means it has no substance so it has no boundary that has no substance it's empty and it has no shape what in the world is that what this phrase throughout the Bible in the Old Testament do you really the wilderness to pay off and says that you're looking down at the Denny's is the case in Teilhard it is without form and it is only in the question is what does God do when he sees Chaos as he met the world and comes in the Bible says and this was on the face of the deep so not only is this thing without form not only is it more like it and it's covered in darkness together with one list whatever it says the very first thing that happens is the spirit of God 's on the face of his young Hebrew boy is he learning the Hebrew Scriptures the first thing he learns about is not what the lessons of creation is that God 's Spirit moves in the midst of chaos and the words that when things are wholly apart when things are not coming together when things don't make sense when things are turned into chaos and please believe chaos is not just reserved for the physical world is reserved for the emotional world according to statistics forty percent of you should be cutting yourselves because of emotional pain as with the statistics you are the most suicidal group of people on the face of the earth are high school students next his college chaos not just outside but inside and the Bible says that the spirit of going in the midst of care Stacy Sebastian we talking about chaos you know I was in the United States Marine Corps world when September eleventh happened and also was interesting for me last week when it was 9/11 it was Tuesday again just like the first 9/11 ever being in the military and I went I saw all this thing on the news I already knew I was going to get the phone call and I was in Atlanta at the time and so we had to shut down the CBC they were afraid that something else would be attacked like the Centers for Disease Control to be a very bad thing to release all those diseases at the same time so anyway I had an opportunity to go in and as we checked in you know we had a video from the president George W. Bush and he says we are in a state of emergency etc. etc. as our servicemen to our country really needs you more than ever but out of a bottle inspirational pain from the president but then you start getting these stories in about what's happening actually on the ground in September eleventh and so in the land this finding for UNI what chaos looks like I could tell you this story about 9/11 and opened another story at the end this story is about two individuals one girl lives in California and while she's on the West Coast her significant other lives in New York City he works in these high-rise buildings in New York and while they were dating he decided in one of his trips you know to fly her out to New York and the wine and dine her things and ask her to marry him he said this is the person I have decided ready to spend the rest of my life this morning so he flew her out to run around and then boom the last day for us I believe God don't want anything a listen with the rest of my life with you will you marry me she says I have to think about as if on a plane and fly back to California then on September ten two thousand one in the evening she says you know what I'm ready to make my decision so she called his work often to leave a voice message when he comes in the morning of September eleven that he will year her emphatic yes I want to spend the rest of my life only to find out what you turned on the news that day that her would-be fiancé just died in a plane crash except he was in the building on in this woman said now that I found the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with snuff out like terrorism and her word to describe life was chaos on a way to make sense can even find the body I'd love to at least see the body and we can't find the body thus chaos and the Bible says that somehow the spirit of God moves in the midst of chaos but at the same time while this young lady was losing her fiancé on the floor number nine there was an elderly woman went to work in this building for a Windows how many years and I ran up the stairs in China find out if there's anyone in the stairwell was stopped this building is now shaking us on quieter smoke all over the place so they run up against the ninth floor any see this woman elderly woman who has arthritis and maybe get you out of this building right now you understand this building is about to go down she's like I will try to walk as fast as I can find this is known we cannot walk out of this building carrying she looks at him and she said listen I have arthritis now to be more painful for me to this building falling upon let me walk to the farm in a walking with his woman down the stairs of the building is just been hit by two points they all have families and are thinking about the possibly lose my life my daughter is going to go fatherless cousin waiting for this elderly woman with arthritis walk out of a burning building floor eight four seven four six she sits downs the Feynman I like now please let me hear you out of this building she says no this chooses let me catch my breath I promise I'll get up so they let her sit there for five she sits down on the steps eventually a couple of the Farm Ally maybe you too can handle this post is exited the building but of course you know you don't leave anybody behind so they decide to stay New York's finest she gets all slowly walking down to four number four six men please every floor beneath them collapses just as you are to get up and walk out of the building without a scratch and angle to the news any as they come to be known as the life man you will will finally they came up to save you and you on the fourth floor he was sitting down with us that's what was going to your moment she said your house in so much pain I couldn't make it in these numbers that angels than me they help me along an apartment interrupted her in the news interview and if I say no knows she was the angel said to us because if she had gone in our case we would bid on those moods one two or three an old building would collapse on top of and would in the news reporter turned to the camera and he said would you think that was the spirit of God in the midst of chaos a letter suggesting you to knock this morning in Genesis one and verse one and two the earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep and the spirit of God moved in the midst of chaos that whatever the chaos is that is going on in your life right now I can tell you right now chaos for a lot of people your age is divorce chaos when you go to one parent on when we get another parent on another weekend less chaos you know many young people have asked me I don't understand why my parents cannot just get along what it have to separate scales W child learns that if I'm in a situation of chaos I can be confident that the spirit of God is moving in the midst of chaos but not only is the spirit of God moving in the midst of chaos the Bible says the very next thing God does is he speaks to the chaos he says let there be light the first response is not to deal with the chaos his first response is to bring so that you can see it is a very interesting choice it is not clear deal with the chaos if the speaker like so there's no longer darkness in your comfortable just making life one day that's all you do the first date let there be light there was like I divide the light from the darkness called the light day the darkness at all night and I wasn't I would like to suggest you couple lessons from the number one God is not afraid of your case is not intimidating is not beyond his ability we are told and stuffed across that you should keep your cares and wants your fears your anxieties your pain before going cannot weary because he holds up worlds there was no experience so confusing that God cannot unravel there is no chapter in your life so dark that you cannot read there is nothing that concerns your happiness that he does not take immediate interest nothing but also gone is into chaos and one day gone postal premises he has step-by-step the binding busy turn chaos into paragraphs and lastly before he speaks the spirit moves you before you came the spindles are you working on your heart preparing you for what God was going to say everything is about every eyes close and yet is valid in every eyes closed I see one requested not to be real someone make an invitation this morning maybe God was speaking to you today and maybe your person SS I mean gone I mean gone to have his Spirit in the midst of my chaos you say that's me I should raise a writer sow chaos uninvolved and Jupiter down my second invitation or appeal is for that heart this is IMing amid confusion on complex things in facing right now am perplexed and then he got to give light to shed light upon my situation to help me to understand leisure lighting I'm going to give my input has known my last invitation is for the sole Mrs. Lord many patients I wish you could do with my chaos today your word says it takes time and see what has gone to help you to be patient with him as he turned to chaos into paradise of Doctor design and stand as likely when asked off the patients fallen having one or thank you so much for the privilege of hearing your words what I think you that right here in their in the very first two verses of the Bible do we find the power the cost of drainage would make us men and women of prayer men and women who keep our tears and our fears and our wants in on Joyce before the Lord because we cannot really to know the law holds the worlds and that there is no perplexity that we face that he cannot unwrap there is no chapter so dark that you cannot Frost gone is not afraid of our chaos we do not have a situation too great for him and so we sent just now Lord praying for patience to be confident that he that have to be gone for good work will complete in his time help us to learn the science of leaving on Jesus and Mavis bless us today with encouragement with whole and with a willingness to be faithful and to be often in prayer over the trials in the difficult this is our prayer and trust is as a media was brought audio case website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me send an audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. on universal or


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