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The Heartless, the Spineless, and the Nameless

Sebastien Braxton


Of all those invovled in the death of Jesus, it would seem that the soldiers were the least to blame. But is this true? On a re-evaluation of the texts and the soldier's role, we find that not only were they culpable, but they reveal to us something about human nature and the masses. The evil that we can commit as individuals or as communities when the temperature is right.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 3, 2012
    7:00 PM
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so Paul was on this moment from the beginning of the time we proven when you must blessing that you have chosen that somehow would use this man stands before us to preach the word you would use in spite of himself we pray for the spirit of God in our hearts and on using an online that you may awaken us to the reality of God and of eternity we pray the way that has bespeaks you may help us to see Jesus as we see him were not received this is our prayer and trust me while this to be our experience that we are in Jesus name amen to bring your Bibles it's a lot more than earlier today will keep praying I heard that there was an incident people couldn't get into their dorm to get the rivals yes tomorrow carry with you all the stop at every new chapter twenty three Yahoo Bibles with any beginning a series of messages tonight answering the question why did Jesus die why did Jesus die most of you your immediate answer is Jesus died to pay for our sins that's your first question but I want to ask the question from a very who is going how do users go from ministering in Galilee and Judea to ending up meal to a piece of wood why did he die and who decided to concede to this process so it know the twenty third chapter the Bible says in verse thirteen then finally when he had called together the chief priests the rulers and the people second then you have brought this man to me as one who misleads the people and indeed having examined him in your presence I have found no fault in this man concerning those things of which you accuse no neither did Harriet for I sent you back to and indeed nothing deserving of death has been done by I will therefore chastise and release this is interesting because we'll look at highlights tomorrow evening but this is interesting because it is not just highly that is listening to the words that he is saying it is the Jews it is the chief priests the rulers Peter and John who are in the audience and also the soldiers that are and cannot run a focus upon the soldiers the soldiers heard their governor the man who financed them the man who holds their lives in his hands they heard him say I find no fault with business in other words Jesus is innocent now you have to keep this in mind when you consider the behavior of the soldiers that Weinstein here are who decides justice who decides punishment saying this man right here I find no-fault not even one no cause of death and not only did I find no fault found no fault with his but the ground was not satisfied and so the Bible says in verse twenty six now as they led him away that's the soldiers they laid hold of a certain man Simon a site review was coming from the country and on him they laid the cross that he might bury after Jesus and the Abbasids you're a discussion with the multitude so let's skip down to verse thirty two and the Bible says there were also two others criminals led with him to be put to death and when they had come to the place called Calvary or vulvar there they did one crucifying this a lot in that word there they crucified him right there in the place called Calvary and the criminals one on the right had any other on the left in verse thirty four it says then Jesus said father forgive them for they do not know what they do I called here for a moment to make my first point about solutions you see in a very practical sense Jesus died because soldiers nailed him to a cross they physically held Jesus down for this piece of wood they took the nails held it above his physical hands and he took a hammer and they began to hit the hammer until it not only when you sense you will him into the woods these are not men who don't live in weight these are not scrawny little individuals who just enrolled because their high couple while being in the military these are Roman soldiers in the first point to make about these Roman soldiers tonight is that these individuals were heartless so once they are because here you have an individual who knows from the very ends of the judge himself at this man is innocent but yet he tells you crucify give him capital punishment but I just say he was innocent so why then are you crucifying Jesus as a soldier if according to the governor according to Harriet and according to yourself this man is innocent while that's because the soldier would answer to you why did you kill Jesus the soldier would say I was just doing my job I was just following orders notices interesting because these are the individuals that have a lot of minds in terms of the murders that take place in Mister if you just take a moment to reflect four seconds on all the tragedies that have taken place on this planet I've been to Rwanda I've seen the people with the machete scar thunderhead I've been to the place where they lined up children in a divided then based upon their trial regardless of their age and to go there and ask yourself the question that men do not use rifles the use machetes you know what it takes to kill a person with a knife but not disfavor a million of them in a hundred days they said the Hutu soldiers when they would go out to kill tootsies it would be like a job from nine to five and it was so used to slashing all day long they would come home and it would continue slashing into the night because their muscles were sold crappy not all the time that they had to do this motion is leaving corpses in the US the question to one of them individuals why why were you while you killed at least thirteen people today do you any wrong no just doing my job this is what I was asked to do they said if you don't kill them we will kill your friend you go over to Nazi Germany Utah putting babies in an open just to see what to talk about twenty individuals on a certain values upon which they can subsist and as they put them on this diet they say I guess one should have enough food so that you don't die but I don't want to Domino foods actually have strength and can do this for four years as a German soldier after World War II was over they asked them the question here individuals on trial this is why would you do this the individuals where the Jews guilty of anything no why were you killing Jews destroying their businesses why were you kidnapping their children and putting them in outings and you know what the response was in the courtroom they say Your Honor it was the wall it was German well it was believed by the leaders of patient was nominating particular people he says it wasn't the law and when the judge got tired of hearing that answers in front of the men he says okay you keep saying it was the long I have a question for you is not a law of our loss something may be in harmony with the law but is it practical is it right in the German soldier would respond if they are first I didn't like it but eventually you get used someone to suggest to you tonight that just like the soldiers in terms of why did Jesus die because people were just following orders because people just doing what they were told why did Jesus die because people say just doing my job as it has normally and I suggest to you tonight that many of us in this room right now we look back at the crucifixion and when targeting the sob stories and please believe Jesus is right there with you guys right in this chapter he sells them the women are weeping Jesus said don't weep for me need we for yourself the goal of the crucifixion was not for you and I can cry these bridges and get outside I think you'll see the blood in the war Jesus says do not need for me that's not what the story is told is still open your eyes to see that when UN are in a situation when you're tested on right and wrong and you decide to do wrong to say I'm just doing my job what became a policy of the school to mistreat individuals because of the color of their skin what do you do then and it wasn't too long ago that was policy and school and not many of you that would kill Jesus because you just following orders there are many people in the nineteen sixties would not refuse to serve people because the color of their skin why because the law do you think it's right I don't think it's right but if the law and right there in that person you crucified son that many of us to do things and we break the Sabbath why just doing my job many people take their MCATs SATs on side study on Sabbath why hate mice represent have to do this you would give Jesus in your response beyond just doing my job and just following orders but Christ responses are the evidence that even a hold when he says father forgive them because they don't not know what the we love to excuse ourselves we look at these people how could you kill Jesus he was such a good person you killed Jesus all the time again we may not literally nail him to the cross will be partake of the spirits of those who took his life but you see is not the soldiers were harmless the Bible goes on to say in the Chapter twenty three in verse thirty five thousand people stood looking on but even the rulers with them sneered saying he saved others let him save himself and if he is the Christ the chosen of God the people will decide that they want to start mocking Jesus but I think it's time to start wanting tomorrow Jesus you want okay soldiers asked through highly recommended you to kill Jesus so you're just following orders but they'll stop it the Bible on to say in verse thirty six the soldiers also were also in English suggest there was another group besides it was one thing for the Jewish people to mock Jesus they knew who we once had a personal issue with Jesus whether they are right and wrong is another question but at least you can say as a fallacy I've been following this ministry between a half years and he claims to be the son of God come on off the cross and save yourself but for a soldier who knows that he is innocent the Bible says also marked in coming in offering him sour wine which was the alcohol that the soldiers drink I still wonder when working with sour wine because the soldiers drink probably need that mutually not many people in the forget about the pain and the evil that you especially know the person seeking to my second point about the soldiers not just heartless spineless she is one thing here's all you look at the soldiers as they have you know you are under a lot of pressure and stress and you want when you tell your wife if anyone did you do today and soldiers recounting his wife at home you know kill this guy named Jesus not knowing that was the son of God as a business as usual because my people every day but this time my good friend you make a mistake but not only did you just crucified and then I'm certainly not been a problem until you while you were mocking the God and put on a chronicle and he started bowing down to blindfolded and slapped them in the face of a notice on a downright callous who hates you see now I have a issue with the concept of no backbone that here you have a man who is interesting you know he is innocent I was a part of disaster job why then must you mocking just because other people are mocking and for you and not even on this term is there are students who you know anything don't deserve the mockery date received but to join in all and you have no backbone to stand up for what is right that's because your friends are making fun of this girl is bullying the blood of every joke you have no back spines you know we love to come to chapel sit down and when we need to analyze the speaker make fun of their idiosyncrasies talk about how boring that was and we just join it and while the person is talking in your heart your life but that was actually speaking to me was actually a blessing to need the love to speak out in behalf of the speaker you see you when you are in the locker room and in the sight of God and is no different you can do it to your friends on campus you can do with the fellow students you can do it to your mom and your dad yell at him with my mom last night that was my dad blasting my mom why because they're blasting my mom son Mike will join it also rather than having backbone the majority something right now the church is suffering because people have no back people shouldn't tell me there's all this hypocrisy in the church that you show me the right life since you're so concerned is so angry about your parents coming on the same level Jacob worshiped we have to be vegetarian you have to do this your dad we'd be happy also at July look at your life at home so since you are so unhappy with the fact that our parents or aunts or uncles or guardian or teachers we've got like that living a double life then you are the one who needs to live the example show me some backbone and courage to stand up for what is right because it is right alone the only people living in standing with Jesus at the cross of the people were willing to be right by themselves he is missing you know that was Nicodemus Joseph of Arimathea when everybody was condemning crimes the Bible says they spoke in his defense he did not consent though the voices overwhelmed they still spoke in right now many loss we have no backbone which is buckled to the peer pressure everyone thinks this is cool everyone thinks this is lame therefore I think it's going why cannot we have the courage of our convictions speak for himself if you want to grow spiritually Daniel Gilbert forgive Southwest and what I preach the inner-city kids always want to come interacting superhard leaning back in the chair in the Bible Tanzania and down the back yet you know what everyman it is not stuff and so you think you're hard and I don't hardly know your heart will be real hard and help to burning with the all hard to argue and I'm saying that as a inner-city person I grew up in Chicago I used to be in a game I'm not intimidated you think you are asking people demonic repossessed control over the wall eight years old you talk about bullets that doesn't stop people on the possession of the game and you think your heart you haven't seen hard this also sought means nothing you just putting up a front to cover up the fact that insider does the little boy you're just a little girl was really scared so you try to intimidate people to leave you alone are enough I can think of to what I grew up on this little hearts that you'll be praying with you bring them not only difference is this the reason why many of you would be afraid we went into the inner city is because those people that say if I want to be a gangster to be one hundred percent I mean what they say excuse me sister I think you made a wrong turn in the wrong neighborhood in one one one just try to get to this restaurant quickly one more time I will begin when walking I will speak out to shoot you will be in the direction so with the in your mind between this course is not bluffing but the day that people who are gangsters become afraid of people like us and respect us is the day that they realize I am one hundred percent Christian music I fear you fear God I'm not afraid of don't you know I can do this you can do what listen you can pull the trigger all day long tell you a story a man was in a German prison the soldier said listen then you'll stop signals aims and shoots you getting on my nerves the Christian said why Michigan are consuming us and we all stop praising God so just singing the mess of nationality this is going into the men can you believe it will fire to the wall clients a Christian wildfire terms of the law science he dropped the going gets on his knees and says what must I do to be safe is a you know how she really should mention I'm not afraid to Doctor Christ it is an honor Hitler does not scare me I hear someone greater than Hitler and it was a day when Hitler will be on his knees he will confess that Jesus is Lord pick up your blog to your job I'll continue praising my never read the great controversy to you nor talking about story after story after story one of my favorite stories is about John Leslie preaching on the fields of England thousands of people listening to this entry am I preaching to Manitowoc into the product unless I can see them coming while at the big two by four and I think on researching him walking through the crowd in her life were coming for John Wesley and I take comfort John Wesley one politician in the mouth with all his force any other when it hits him with a piece of wood at the same time John Wesley said immediately blood started his blessing out of my mouth but then he writes in his journal but it felt like someone hit me with a strong I just get what you feeling that the person who is one hundred percent one hundred percent a person with backbone in order to preach the gospel you need courage to be a Christian takes courage even in the school expert the last thing when imaginable soldiers that the Bible says in verse thirty six says the soldiers else found it interesting that they have no name so yeah the soldiers are harmless they were killing innocent men just the following yet the soldiers are spineless they will not stand they know is right but then the fundamental reason why they're willing to do this is because they are nameless we don't get their names and anytime something one of the most dangerous things to yours and mine spiritual life is to be a non- people will join a proud look it will not do by themselves solid-state being at the University of Michigan got the big house hundred and forty thousand people now you want to see some interesting stuff that requires courage look at the people walking into a global half naked the whole body moving yellow no clothes on hair is dyed blue and yellow one yellow contacts on painted toenails blue and yellow then enjoy some stuff to make their team blue and yellow gold along the front wall Marines on the back and got the big finger in your screaming their lungs are going to gain mastery the question do you think a person be willing to do that they were the only one in the city covered in blue and yellow are it will be on the midnight news this guy dedicated there is no one else in this eighty excepting but you know what people are willing to do that because of the hundred and twenty thousand people around tell you right now as a person that gets the privilege to travel to a lot of places in the world the greatest temptations come when you are in an environment where people don't know you are crushed step on that plane to follow many people Fortune five hundred companies CEOs as were flying on the plane coming these crazy stories that no idea from a Christian they are that's just some young kid whose parents are probably super wealthy was flying into this country that's the perspective and before I tell them I'm a preacher I'm going to preach to a group of young people in XYZ country after listening to them talk to say you know men usually young men like you and my work golf for women you know whatever you want argument then you will all the foreign country please believe many people would love to marry you the moment they find out your American just to get a visa is something you think that's funny but that a lot of young people to come to this country unbeknownst to them easily parents can even tell I'm very Jedi marriage of long sake get my papers real incest strength of the temptation is the fact that will knows you are someone you are anonymous no one knows that all of a sudden we know who you really are I was talking to a young lady from West Virginia one time she said have never read a book called Post secret said not never heard of it should you know that's why we write e-mails or messages you say PS Post secret of it is interesting as well this one started off as long as a person said I want to know your name I want to know you're from I just want to tell me your deepest darkest secret Santa memo posted on my blog in my blog to be called America's deep dark secrets so he did he started posting up people got blog of the year and even though they had an award for that blog of the year he eventually published a book called Post secret people centered on a postcard to my deepest darkest secret is that my husband is the pastor of a very large church and I'm actually a lesbian and I'm having an affair with my best friend and I'm really eighties that's my deep dark secret I'm an individual in very high places in United States of America and I have organized citizen very lightly I have sexually abused many women would work for me and I purchased them into science I killed both my parents but the police think it is an unsolved mean she asked me usually check out the book I actually have no interest in preview the book but it does serve to illustrate this point that if we were to compile the book of post secrets in this room will be in the book what would be in that book and it's in that book that shows us just like the soldiers what we do we are nameless this is what I gave what I thought no one would ever know and no one evens that's why Jesus died because people did not have the heart to do the right thing when no one is watching the computer big crowds who notice see him not a flawless in high school before and Jesus knows there's a reason why I did not Grove Adventist single tool boarding Academy I was an evil child you would never invited to speak at legal professionals for sure I think about my early childhood into my high school years first and second grade I got expelled from preschools just violence delight your son he's seven years old he's way to Bonnie and never come the school year anywhere in this district my mouth like heartbroken like what I must listen to my son I can send him anywhere in the county another County then I went to another school got expelled again the figures on his extremely too violent he has a record of violence we cannot happen in our school by Thomas at the high school to relax and Sebastian you know three nine eight GPA you know my parents will come over my aunt and uncle did not cast that you know you have great plans that you have no idea what I was no idea three nine eight this kid doesn't have time to get into trouble is doing all his homework he's a national honor Society wasn't until later on that they found my dad in talking for five years more than that actually six years because in his mind not in he was the virtual straight a student he's got all the good grades you know he's doing all the right things surely he's not getting into any trouble market value right now students no secret places teachers don't know you know around the system the system to figure how to get around this is but the one thing in this you can may get away from the eyes of teachers in the eyes of other students but you cannot get away from the eyes of God and therefore that same spirit that was in the soldiers has been in many of you you look for anonymity a dark corner and dark links to do that which your lustful evil heart wants to do you can come and do whatever you want to Bible class you can see what everyone upfront and pray however you like and chat not fooling anybody just living a double life and eventually you will break down and you will accept the fact I cannot pretend anymore you cannot maintain it and when your life breaks down when people see this is what you really are like that surely it is such a big tree that falls over a cross of the realized he was riding on the inside could hold its weight anymore tonight when it shall enjoy these three points every ad is about MBI schools challenges this maybe some of you it is harnessing this yellow mindset of you not just doing what I'm told just following orders is doing my job but you know what you're doing is wrong others of you lack back courage to stand up for what you know is right when Jesus has been up for you and some of your struggling with living a double life if you want to say tonight board your harvest in your prayers give me a heart to do what is right because it's right if struggling with spinelessness the Lord give me courage to stand up for the innocent give me courage to stand up for my own convictions and if it's nameless similar part of living a double life give me strength to be a whole person stop pretending many of those speaks to you I spent much of the stand is pretty only make a very very very specific appeal for someone here who is really deeply struggling in your secret life I don't need to know your business none of us needs to know your business but you know you need special prayer because the stuff going on in your private life is messed up I'm in a dark place right now I need some serious prayer and I asked you this morning the real with me if you are that person a says I need some serious prayer my secret life is messed up every had his bodily eyes close is between you and the Holy Spirit Alaska just a slip out and come up front with me Sergeant Freeman because I know what it's like to be in a dark place secret in the point is that there is hope for that person you have to continue living and you don't have to do with it by yourself your secret life you say I'm a special prayer I'm in a dark place you'll need to tell us what you're into you'll need to tell anybody this is just between you and God he said I need special prayer is privately a minute darkly summoned some crazy stuff and I subseries for you know what it is soft and you can't talk and pray for you and with Barclays from some series of ninety prayer the Spirit is speaking to you you must come if you can be real if you can be read every head is about every eye will love to look around the students coming rather thinking about ourselves is this call for me that's why you close your eyes and values because you and the Holy Spirit can have that conversation I'm in a darkly spiritual amazing stuff secret please believe I not been in many Academy people in your struggling with masturbation I'm not informed thoughtful pornography anger spiritualism demonic stuff the stove is not for God has saved people from these things millions of times and you are not an exception you have not gone too far I have to close instead invite one more time secretly you know you're in a dark place in your private life Lord I need for any prayer Jesus can save every single thing he is able to do that I those of you front Manasseh knew was pretty heavenly father income before you tonight in for rear or not because we all were the Lord there are some very evil things that you've seen in our private lives in the Lord we can't pretend we can think and if we do we get in while others may think we are finding that we are well that we are spiritual that we are smart we know we are and you know so what I present before you these use left front for special prayer to be reminded again that there is no chapter in our experience so dark that you cannot read that Jesus is able to save to the item 's completely those who come unto God by the Christ was exalted as a Prince and the Savior to give forgiveness and repentance we thank you Lord for the gift of your Holy Spirit and his work in our hearts to bringing us to this place where we are willing to at least come in prayer and so I pray for each and every one of them as individuals as unique cases in need of salvation in need of inner harmony I pray Lord that you would give them strength to break free art of living a double life I pray that you would shine brightly for the love of God in your word into vessels that they may have whole encourage that God will change but for those of us was stood ready to give us we are rich to stand for that which is right printed to give us a heart to not just follow orders and more that you would give us our next that we would be true when Eisenhower they are adhering to his will is in a medium was brought by Hotmail 's new website dedicated to spreading God 's word to free send an audio and much more if you would like to know more about high horse like this more certain is www. nonanswers .org


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