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Reality Check

Sebastien Braxton


We are reminded in the Great Controversy, that God will have a people that hold the Bible and the Bible only as the standard of all doctrines and basis of every reform. Are you one of those people? Creation itself, every tree, flower, animal, natural phenomenon bids us to accept that reality is based upon the word of God. Not our feelings. Not our experience.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 4, 2012
    11:00 AM
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out of a father we we have so many needs in fact York regions of needs not a day goes by that we are not depending on something outside of ourselves today is no different but yet you want to see as well your love is more constant than this in your presence more than year the degrees we pray today that you would speak to us in a very special we don't want the blessing of yesterday what a Blessing today and we pray that this man who was what dust in your site that you would use and that you would agree upon him breath of God fill in the set the words that come out of his mouth which show us Christ and as we see Jesus we would not resist as he is as we are drawn to and use lifted off this is our prayer and we trust that you will help us to be our experience are we asking Jesus in the Genesis one Gabby Bible Sterner with me when abuse looking at that again a little more closely Genesis chapter one dealing with lessons from creation much to learn so the Bible says that the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep in the spirit of God moved in the midst of chaos and we went on to see inversely that the Bible says that God said let there be light so we pick up on this very notion that all the artwork is in chaos it is without form and void this thing is at the very height at the very end of nothingness this is like the worst scenario of the worst situation on top of the packet is in darkness and yet we find that this young Hebrew boys and learning Hebrew reading Genesis for the first time he learns that his God is not afraid of a house there is no situation that don't start there was no problem there is no tragedy there is no crisis in your life when God says I can handle this I might have to step back from the situation envelope I can get my hands dirty to help you out of this situation that you are in you could not have gone to such depths of darkness and chaos and maybe even utter oblivion is good with the deadlock feels that he can do nothing and so this God is not afraid of your chaos he's not afraid of your problem he's not afraid of your crisis but the Bible says not only does the Spirit of God who begun many times that as we go through the various crises of life we don't want to just see God moving with the hearing this is why most of us struggle to pray is because we cannot bear the silence of God how many times is not free to you for my parents to get back together I've seen no change how many times have I pray that you would help me overcome this temptation and yet I call time and time again I told you yesterday our last night I went to speak at an Academy several years ago after I've spoken a message of the grace of God and the power of the grace of God this fluffy race we talk about unmerited favor that's a service definition after we finished discussing and studying on the grace of God the principal and the chaplain and the pastor pulled me aside in a sense about who to talk to you very urgent I thought I'd spoken some sort of heresy or something nothing well maybe that's the end of my legal career but they said no no no were not concerned with the messages are messages of been a blessing soaking praise the Lord so how can I help mission what we have a student sees fifteen and he has on been struggling with the issue of masturbation he's been caught several times my staff he's been caught several times by other students and as we sat him down we haven't told his parents and he said listen you know do you want to get over this he said yes I want to get over it I don't want to deal with pornography automobile and masturbation he says I'm trying but I just don't know how to stop so they said listen we're just wondering you know would you be willing to sit down and talked in give us some counsel how do we handle the situation he says he wants to quit but he's just struggling and I believe him he's sincere we tell him study the Bible read the Bible pray you don't claim these promises and it does not work as some of us may wonder like this young man how many times do I have to pray before you move out if you're not interested in helping me in my situation and this is why many of us cease to pray because nothing changes and we can there are the side links or the indifference of law and so the Bible says that yes the spirit of God moves but God also speaks it is unique to your gossiping because God is not like your mom is not a common speaking as a money I know that it's a rough situation and she can rob your shoulder and try to calm console UN comprehensive to be all right somehow got to work this out that's all nice and well and good but that doesn't change the situation got not like that that's not likely that will become as he listens on women to get through this I'll do what I can on my side to try to help this being reconciled but here again even your dad is limited but it is unique to a person who believes in the Bible forgot to speak something is very significant according to grieve for glad to answer to open his mouth is a serious divine act permit me to explain in verse three the Bible says God said let there be light in one of those next four words and there was a lot now in this situation you say when you have let there be light was he on a drafting table and he took out some photons or whatever matters that are nothing and just in thin air Doctor started cutting out pieces of lighting sharpening this thing it's a let there be light or when they let there be light wasn't like a smoking in in the distance of the doctors in the abyss of the yard it just slowly warmed up over the horizon the process when God said let there be lights there was a light but using different isn't recently put in the little differently with me in verse six and seven that said let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters and don't find the waters from the waters that God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and one of those words it was locked so now anybody is a big word person like I am I think words are significant there's a lot of depth to language that you lose especially in the generation of texting and cutting everything short now people start talking like that outlaw all no way LOL LOL what in the world is just laughed but there is a power in words excel in English when you see the word cell S O the word cell means in like manner can you say that in like manner as everyone to be a little more less technical in the same way according to something else so in the process God said let there be a firmament eventually the statement is made it was so what you mean so it was according to what got sent but let's go again to another verse verse nine the Bible says that God said let the waters under the heavens be gathered together in one place and let the dry land appear and what is and it was so sweet okay verse eleven then God said let the earth bring forth grass yard that yields seed and the fruit tree that yields fruit of the I see this in itself on the earth and it was so it seems we continue on in this pattern verse fifteen we can go on and on what says something the person who's giving us the creation of chocolate he believes Moses is giving us a historical perspective he Sang okay said that let there be light and there was like God said let there be these trees and plants include and it was so but if we were speaking privately right now in the present tense Moses would say that you are accepted in the beloved it is it is so not because you saw it not because you felt it but because God said that means reality listen to what hypocrisy reality is determined by the word of God usually before there was darkness upon the face of the yes or no yes or no so that was darkness and God said let there be light like and there was what was that like because God said is it because the darkness felt like there was light busy because the darkness it has the ability to produce light in and of itself no so when we saying here was saying is there you have a situation of chaos with our core convoy got comes to the chaos and he says listen to me when I speak to this chaos my spirit moves first and as the spirit moves in the situation boxes now I'm about to speak and when I open my mouth reality conforms to my words that yes I thought lesson for creation today it's one thing to be in a situation of chaos crisis tragedy problem emptiness whatever it is today your question must never be how do I feel your question must be what does God say because reality is based on the word of God obviously if you that's according to Genesis one so that means the Devils goal must be to make you and I ignorant of what the word of God says because if you are ignorant of what the word of God says your ignorant of reality you are living in a fantasy world in your mind you think all yeah Jay-Z all that stuff is real not knowing reality conforms to the word of God so that our young people walking around like I don't feel like I'm forgetting by God I confess my sin but I don't feel forgiving it is not based on your feelings it is based on the word of God that's what you say I believe I'm forgiven not because I feel it but because God said this is the basis of creation when you walk outside and I walked outside Elysée trees the trees and still grow from day one because the outset it went on it it is because he said so now in every crisis in every situation that you and I base it is simply our responsibility is to our advantage to become familiar with what the Bible says about my problem so when the Bible says in your first reggae shop attendant verse thirteen listen listen Sebastian there is no temptation thanking you but commented that I feel like I'm the only one struggling with pornography I feel like I'm the only one starting with anger I feel like I'm the only one struggling here would loneliness or maybe feel like cutting myself or doing drugs no the Bible says your temptation is coming not uncommon that is reality because God setting is so and God is faithful when not suffer you and not to be tempted above we are able but will with the temptation provided we when I read that verse realities before guys know how I feel like this temptation there's no way I can resist I feel like this is too much of God 's word says there is no that has come upon you that is uncommon your situation your struggle is not unique there are many more people struggling then you know that I so today it may very well be that some of us need a reality check received go to Genesis chapter three but a Genesis chapter to only give you a practical example of this some of us may need a reality check Genesis chapter three win over temptation regardless story a thousand Pleasant Grove Adventist I did inside and about maybe nine hundred and fifty Genesis three verse six is the saddest verse in the Bible whenever you open your television set your laptop your computer and you see some tragedy on the news is because of this verse when you read your history books about the evil of tribalism and racism the evil of people conquering other nations and oppressing them is because of this verse saddest verse in the Bible and this is what the Bible says so when the woman saw that the tree was good for food that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desirable to make one wise she took of its fruit and ate she also gave to her husband with her and he do things I dislike about this verse as a man is the fact that he gets five versus and a half of her temptation to serve in his pocket during God no use on Ostrander having dialogue Adam we does get yeah she gave in if you just eighty as if you'd like some dumb Neanderthal open all know we've all fallen into sin there's a lot more than what this person that meets your the Bible tells us that if you take this route the Bible says she went against world physician for spending and tackling and holding down to eat this fruit the Bible says she gave it to you in heat he is the subject of the verb it was a choice that you make that means a color this for you in the context of what were talking about about the word of God you see God told Adam in Genesis chapter two hundred sixteen and seventeen it says the Lord God commanded the man that a beverage in the garden you may freely eat but of the tree which is in the midst of the garden the knowledge of evil you may not eat of it for in that day that either the you will surely want you will surely want Salyers Adam minding his own business tending to the petunias whatever he's doing an artist that he hears his life I am down she was running to the guarding and as he's looking for registering a lot of fruit that's abnormal then she gets closer he realizes this is the route that we were not supposed to eat then she was businesses are missing I talked to the circuit I ate the fruit I feel like I'm in like my eyes are completely open you have to try this route remember God said that if we heatedly we will die the serpent said you will not surely die and I a and him alone so here is Adam 's mind as he looking at his wife this woman was made for him this is his help meet the only other human being on earth and I think I'm femininity takes his fruit in his thinking it is my lack okay I look at Eve God says she should be dead but he's not dead so here's the question do I trust my feelings do I trust my experience or do I trust the word of God speed to go to his wife when he got his wife and say she feels just the same as yesterday you could smell her hair and he is a she smells just as lovely as she did thirty her smile was the same in fact he probably seems a little more happy than she was before and here's the question you see if you came over to Adam right and as she has concluded she sees how to misuse Karana Putin she's dragging her lag and Stanislav will I will there's no temptation these I got God 's word is true that we are glad you can consummate be I can help you look at yourself come to the water you're dying we weren't supposed to eat the fruit I'm sorry I will not join you this is not Romeo and Juliet but that's not what happened he looked exactly the same so Adam is now facing a crisis to say you have eaten that which God has forbidden and you are still a lot we tell you something the greatest temptation on this campus is that students when every other respect is a Christian except for one we think that we can practice evil in our rooms in our minds in private it does not affect other students even aided by herself why does she feel the need to give because she's deceased she thinks reality is based on her feelings and when Adam sees is coming to him he said it himself maybe God 's word is not true because these that she should be that she's a lot but here's the point Adam reality is not based on your feelings is not based on site is not based class is not based on smell is not based on hearing you may look a lot but he's going to tell you something right now that student who can get up and have prayer for week of prayer but you know that influence in which innocent secret they may look like they're living but the guy you may sit there and watch TV and music videos and think man is able to sell a library enjoying life yeah the guy that I you may think this Carnegie he still has powerful insights in the Bible even though I know he's messing with all kinds of craziness maybe I can do this to and still be a Christian that's how young people get sucked in I understand Wednesday yes or no knowledge realities brings on gospel singers their people who think that their ability to do things financially is based on what's in a bank account no reality is based on God 's word recently we wait how to apply to globulin have enough money to pay for this apply because you notice you have enough money in your bank account if God says listen you to send your child to this place you need to both of this lawyer like I feel convicted this where God is leading me to go this is what God is leading me to do money is not an issue because reality is not building a Bank account is based on the face messenger your tribute right now but if I find alike at your oldest my first semester in your liking God is good to provide some help in identifying the application years ago my first international trip to breach at the University of beats in Johannesburg and University Gaborone Botswana the guy came to me since bashing you need to come with us to preach whatever whatever I said listen men right now missionary I will have eighty money I make a thousand dollars before taxes and type in whatever my living expenses sadly take that out I have maybe three hundred dollars to my name so your talk about eighteen hundred dollar trip plus an extra five hundred dollars to cover expenses in Africa might you understand this like four months of marketing design listen brothers below usually become yeah sure let's talk about in my mind I'm not going that he comes in Sicily August eighteenth becomes me August third on the ASI he walks up Sebastian this event did you get your ticket did I get my figure eighteen hundred dollars no I did not get my thinking saws on this person walks up to me has been a hundred dollars just rent a here is eight hundred dollars okay thank you and they come back as a lip at least you guys I live just after local church meant his goal Santos was able to write about Africa is overdoing to spell them somewhat to my local church so schools that offer you know nobody concerns with the real is more people at church with our seven school so even advertise for money you can't let a wave of divine service but I have the privilege some AdSense pay on which article to ask and on yet and someone was okay sit down that walk in a parking lot and went to another church the sister church about of my pastor people tell them at their Sabbath school service as a little talking I walked into the party was by walking up to me and me money hey I heard what I forgot about it I guess here's a check site collected all the cash I even counted put in a folder and I don't together church I told them to like all yeah sure everybody just donated the Georgian villagers writes about the check you know from the church this is not tax-deductible whatever thank you all right I go home get all my start counting the money that they gave me in the parking lot five hundred fifty dollars will on that thirteen hundred I have to buy the ticket on Sunday Chris at August eighteenth is Tuesday so this lady for me aside elderly woman she said Sebastian my house on Sunday if you can Fisher contrasted my husband used to be an evangelist to get Lisa Mark Finley 's earnings are below you can use these and if she said here's five hundred and fifty dollars for your trip then I get a phone call from the other church I went to visit yet we wanted to donate to you another five hundred dollars so now if I calculate that correctly I'm at about twenty three to twenty five hundred dollars in two days today I got on the plane house preaching enough didn't cost me a dime just about twelve hours of flight I simply telling this story to make this point that Dennis is one seeking to make regardless of what your situation is your problem reality is not based on a few is not based on other people see it's not based on what's popular galaxies based on God 's word you are not your real question looking with Jesus as his new push is as you know you are my disciples indeed if you continue in my work you know you are my disciples if you abide in me everything else you can do this with the Bible says and we are not abiding we are not a branch in our branch monotonously every head is bowed every eyes closed automated challenge to a connection by first appeal is that young person in this room says you know I've been facing a lot of what I believe on how I feel is gone nearly as God not near me are based on how I feel in my doing good today when my not doing based on how I feel and so today I know that I need a reality check in other words I need to accept the fact that reality is not based to my feelings is not based on what my mom says is not based on what teachers say is based on the word of God every head is about every eyes and you say I need a reality check what you just raise your right hand shall need a reality check I would be singing reality on what I feel like being with other people 's trends down is my second challenge my second challenge is if reality is based on the word of God didn't want to be real we need to look link ourselves with God so here's my challenge on a given challenge for two weeks two weeks from today is Tuesday so in essence to the end of the month of September except the chalice is a you know what in every moment that I have free write outside of things that you have to do it things you've committed to do a late challenge you to spend time reading or studying or praying overbought familiarizing yourself with the Bible for too many of us we do not spend enough time in this challenge is simply to say for the next two weeks when I got free time when I'm sitting down on like you have nothing to do this is the time I'm going to open God 's work led to commit to spending time in the Bible every single a morning evening afternoon whenever that findings with the intent that if you see an sense a change in your perspective in your life in your mind signaling on the continued American things you want except that salvage only want you to spend you willing to accept that show is not for everybody those that just because people are spent which want to take seriously I'm willing to accept that challenge for the next two weeks to spend time in God 's word morning evening if I have free time not doing homework am not doing this ominous that is not the study God 's word read the prayer over and see how it relates to my search which was pretty good a father in heaven you see those who raise their hands instead we need a reality check we been basing our situations are feelings as the basis of reality because I feel this way it is but we've seen that reality is based on the word of God so we read something in the Bible are automatic responses it is so because God 's and Jesus says that if I confessed my sins he is faithful and just to forgive than I'm forgiven because God said not because if he says that I've accepted in the beloved and it is so because God 's if he says that I have a cattle on a thousand hills and all the silver and the gold is mine it is so because God 's if he says that the king 's heart is in the Lord 's hand he turned with a celebrity designers like the rivers of waters it is so because God has Lord help us to see reality through the body indeed Jesus is the word more mere stored for this purpose in this purpose only and artist will quite ourselves with the barn and each individually standing has made a decision that decided to take time and you work every single day for the next not just in the morning or in the evening but even throughout the day as time is free to spend time reading reflecting studying and praying over the point with the intent that if they sense a change they would continue this practice to the rest of their lives pray that you will bless them pray to you would protect them from peer pressure and that those who have not stood for this appeal would support their decision a father in one is sought as a media was not as high as the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to these audio and much more he would like to know more about how you will feel like this is more sent to him please visit www. .net verse .org


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