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Why People Don't Do Right

Sebastien Braxton


Pontius Pilate knew how to release Jesus, desired to release Jesus, and had the power to release to Jesus, but he didn't. Why not? What prevented him from doing the right thing? The lessons here reveal a greater truth for why any person neglects to do the right thing in any situation. And ultimately in our relation to Jesus.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 4, 2012
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we are so thankful times your spirit is here it is true that he loved laid upon yourself a charge to protect and care for every precious child in me know that as our days so shall our strength and so father for this moment we pray for strength fun along the swing trader you would revive the weary frame the tired brain and we ask for that just this one time you would awaken us revival us to the presence of your Holy Spirit so that we may see Jesus in his words that we may not resist as he tosses this is our prayer and we trust that you will help this to be our experience for we ask in Jesus name and if you have your Bibles to be going from the gospel of twenty third shop in turn there with me in your Bible Luke chapter twenty three when you're there you can say that care can not there you can say have mercy you don't have a Bible saved pray for me and Luke twenty three verse one the Bible says that the whole multitude of them all roles him him H that Jesus the pilot and they began to accuse him saying we found this fellow perverting the nation and forbidding to pay taxes to Caesar saying that he himself is Christ the King then Pilate asked him saying are you thinking of the Jews he answered in him and said it is as you say so Pilate said to the chief reason the crowd I find no fault in this but they were more fears saying he starts out the people teaching throughout all Judea beginning from Galilee this links and when Pilate heard of gentlemen he asked if the matter were undoubtedly and as soon as he and he belonged to Herod 's jurisdiction descent into Harriet who was also in Jerusalem at that time we put a verse thirteen then finally when he had called together the chief priests the rulers and the people second then you have brought this man should need as one who misleads the people and indeed having examined him in your presence I have found how much fault no-fault where in this matter concerning those things of which you accuse you know the greatest question of life the greatest question in the universe is what will you do with Jesus what will you do with Jesus except highly in this circumstance has you disposal the Lord of life this creator and this question comes out okay we accused this man Jesus Pilate says many individuals have not decided to follow Jesus because they have not examined people have not seriously look at the evidence of Christianity in the different abuse they are examining the evidence I've looked at the facts that you can present that Jesus is alive when you can go to Buddhists and you can go to Mohammed to UK only Jesus is you can't find so you come up with Al Qaeda fairytale stories as to where he could possibly be except for the one that the people were his witnesses out he is alive he as well as from the dead so the question of pilot right now the issue all pilots mind is what will I do which is an acid transport he says listen I examine this event and I ask you the question those of you who have not decided to make a wholehearted commitment to Jesus have you examined have you seriously sat down and analyze the life of Christ and his teachings have you seriously look at the evidence to see if the things that were talking about is so are they cunningly devised fables pilots had examined him and him when the speak to you under this topic why people don't do what's right the Bible says Pilate had examined it he says I find no fault in verse sixteen pilot says I will therefore chastise him and release the first thing that we can suggest the about highly is that Pilate was convince of Jesus 's innocence you see we continue reading in Luke twenty three the Bible says in verse twenty Pilate therefore wishing to release Jesus again called out to them that they shouted saying crucify him crucify him then he said to them which time what is your Bible say the third time he has come to this crowd twice before and here is the third time the Bible says why what evil has he done I have found no reason for Deputy and I will therefore chastise him and let him go what this convinces us is that highly new what was the right thing to do when a man is accused and you'll find no basis for the accusations the right thing to do is what I can hear you is to let them go is there anyone in this room that doesn't think it is right to release an innocent man as a result of that pilot looks down and he says you know what I know I'm convinced that this man is innocent and I know what the right thing to do is let me suggest to you tonight that there are many people in the world that don't do what's right because they don't know what's right you see the Bible tells us in acts seventeen got gone at the times of this ignorance he winks he says that some people that are keeping the Sabbath because they don't know about this got some individuals who are not eating a healthy lifestyle because they don't know some people who are sleeping around are some people who are taking out their anger in unhealthy ways because they don't know what it has a businessman 's wife that people don't do what's right you can say some people just don't know their ignorant this is why you know when you sit down and play with the little baby and after playing with the little baby to baby Uniface you don't say don't be disrespecting even I can tell my daughter that sometimes she's only four months old and the reason why because I know in my daughter 's mice he's not thinking this is my dad would give them a nice good slap you know for the way you change my diaper last time that's not what she's thinking and as a result of that I can say she doesn't know therefore don't hold it against but my daughter was not four months but fourteen never different discussion because now you know in some cultures they call it the age of accountability you're no longer a child now in some places in America even under eighteen you can be tried as adults on the basis of knowledge did you understand that you were bringing painted these people at Columbine did you understand when you went into this movie theater in Colorado that you are but it's a human life with the bullets and you're gone he understood what he was doing and because the person understands they know what's right and they don't do what's right we hold them accountable to Mike for a pilot it doesn't just stop there because I can say many people in the world do not do what's right because they don't know but the second reason why people don't do what's right is because even though they may have the knowledge they do not have the designer Woodward and I just think designer you see if you look back again in Luke twenty three the Bible says in verse twenty hi let therefore wishing to release Jesus dominates parliament did not only know what was right the right thing to do was to release Jesus but Highlands was desiring to do what was right when he done something high I used to be mine bobbled as I looked around him and I thought to myself I worked at a hospital right after I became a set of events is Christian and as I worked at this hospital I was always confused that as you're working in this medical facility patients come in and out every day and the doctors like listening if you don't get off the porch and you'll stop smoking and drinking in the dye you need to cut down on the high-protein high-fat high olio all that stuff is starting some vegetables into your dying then after the patient leaves super dejected manic I give up my ham hocks out of the wood under the due we got a whole freezer of them and he's walking out of the office talking to his wife then the doctor and I go downstairs to the cafeteria for lunch and what is the doctor ordered yet can I get the job for this and the Philly cheesesteak with the super large Coke in the super wealthy fries with that a chili sauce on top of the frogs consider looking like teenager just tell someone not to eat fish but venues have gained Sebastian that's forgivable everybody's growing in health reform okay I'll give you that but what about the fact that after he's done eating his Philly cheesesteak and his chili cheese fries and is super large Coke you will find a smoke a cigarette if there's anyone that understands the power of one cigarette can do to your lungs it is a medical doctor so therefore his knowledge that smoking causes cancer does not deter him he has no desire to stuff his issue is not knowledge at that point in time this issue is designed and so just like in this room that many of you that know that the seventh day is the Sabbath you and all you ought not to do certain things with the opposite sex before you are married to them you know you ought not to say certain things the people yet you do them anyway you have no decider and not doing however decided it was I know what's right but you have a design and that is another reason why people don't do was people don't design is at the end of the day I work with college students have complete liberty with their schedule and thing that always fascinates me is college students throughout the semester there like yeah you know we'll have time to do evangelism without time to be witnessing without time to Dubai was the schedule is so overpack and then you know what happens when they have time they do everything but eventually was so same thing you're not a friend 's dad would always say you know Saddam was spent time with you I guess I'm just really busy work is really tying me up and I'd love to take some time with the family and every family trip was not dad and mom and the kids it was mom and the kids but that was stuck at work now is the family trip and dad would try to join later on if he could and you know what happened when dad had he did everything except spend time with his family not that communicates to me the issue is not the issue with design many of you make excuses as to why you don't have time to study the Bible why you don't have time to study the things and read the way you would want to read your devotions and yet when you have time to do everything but study the Bible some of you get home leaves my schedule is not as intense or maybe you get spring break whatever the case may be so that you have time you choose to do other things besides the things you complain you have time to do am I telling the truth yes or no I told him to be real with that is my goal I don't want to pretend we are not here to pretend we don't have time for dozens and dozens of the supplier to help us to get a so we need to be honest with God honest with ourselves the reality is I just don't want to do it that's why you don't do what's right that's why I don't do what's right not because I don't knows he wants to become a Christian knowledge is no longer an excuse we know Jesus we've heard the gospel before the doctrines preached we seen them in the Bible studies going to Bible class we know these things it's not that we don't know for some of us we are noticed but at least the thing you could say for pilot pilot with desiring but you know what's even more powerful keep your finger here what are the backstop three in verse thirteen acts chapter three in verse thirteen what I found is worth on NBC's takes you to a whole another level accepted to reimburse thirteen Mrs. Peter preaching he says the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob are you their statement the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob the God of our fathers glorified his servant who Jesus only you delivered and denied in the presence of who pilots when he was what determined to let him go think about this Peter says finally did not only have to decide your pilot was determined to let Jesus go so you still ask the question pilot what I like and what they do best abilities Jesus Pilate was not only desiring to let Jesus go he was deep farming how then did Jesus and upon the cross of knowledge desire determination is not enough until you something steps to Christ many people will be lost hoping and desiring to be Christians in other words of a friend who puts it this way the road to hell is paved with good intentions people go to hell think always intended to change always attended to give these things up always intended to do not go all the way with God I always intended to join the movement to help finish the work I put intentions but the road to how this trade with them people will be lost in this world got repeat hoping is hiring to be increased I really wanted to invite some of you are saying right now I'm not ready to do that some of your say am not really ready to give up X Y and Z pain to go all the way with Jesus answer some of your you're hoping your desiring and you may even be determined which a student who was just think about it tonight Jesus go to John nineteen John the nineteenth chapter we have a third point of the night John nineteen in verse six i.e. their statement says this therefore when the chief priests and officer saw him they cried out saying crucify him crucify him Pilate said to them you take him and crucify him for I find no fault with him the Jews answered me how the law and according to our law he ought to die because he made himself the son of God therefore when Pilate heard that saying he was the more one of free and went again into the Pretoria many said to Jesus where are you from but Jesus gave him no answer then Pilate said to him are you not speaking to me do you not oh I have one I do not have what power notice what he says power to crucify you empowered to do what I missed in the silence of Jesus Pilate says Jesus not only do I know what's right not only am I desiring and determined I have the way the power to do each house Jesus to his face do you not know that I have power to crucify you are to release you are you not speaking to me a third reason why people don't do was write the UC we can come into the knowledge to say I know what's right some of us is that you are not only do I know what's right I decided to do what's right I'm determined to do it and not only that it is our determination desire and knowledge will not lead you to a righteous life it will not you will need you and I need power we need to understand what we are up against and for many of us we think we can resist invasion in our own strength I have news for you you and I cannot do it we are no match for Satan and forcing the very first promise in the Bible in Genesis three fifteen I will put enmity between you and the woman between her seed in your seat why is God saying this I myself will put enmity but what anything means answering in other words when facing there is now no hatred between you and the devil you really get along I naturally get along within and got says I have to supernaturally twenty three in your heart for the things of Satan you see some positive struggle and struggle and struggle is similar why do I love that which brings me so much guilt why am I drawn why my incentive my dad being that brings me the greatest song here I am again Lord in the same mess in the same mock carbon wrestling with the Saints not because I'm not determined not because I don't know what Lord when will you give me the power to overcome in order to live a holy righteous we need power that's why Paul says in Romans seven listen I consent of the law that is good I want to do it in my inward man but the power to do it I do not overachievement who did Hughes reached a place you when I can reach the place will be recognize the word cardinal and that is the moment that Jesus is waiting is when we fall to our knees single piece of fine you understand finally you see there is nothing you I will deliver you nothing some people don't do right because the power but you know what for us as Christians Jesus 's last words to his disciples he said listen it is not for you to know the times when the seasons that the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost comes upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me so when we think about this for a moment here I am I'm trying to live the Christian life I know what's right I have a desire may even be determined but do you have power because power is needed otherwise Jesus Linda told his disciples were talking about Peter was walked on water before were talking about an individual voice multiplied loaves and fishes in his hands were talking my people will cast out demons who have raised the dead and Jesus says and you'll need power listed if Peter was alive today before Pentecost we would all be following this brother around wherever he gives his testimony table walking on water and yet Jesus says when you're converting when you're converting he's on casting out demons walking on water healing the sick but Jesus says when he's converted strengthen your brethren what are you talking about these men doing stop many of us have never done in our lifetime my Google that Christ looks at this man who has he is given the power to heal the Peter when the Holy Spirit comes upon you shall receive power is why a lot of people don't do was write we know the designer we don't have the power I love design pages she says God Jesus would not have us engage with the devil at a disadvantage God would not have let intimidated of Satan we talked to lots of the devil 's power we talk about how powerful skin is we talk about how powerful our desires are how powerful our temptations RC says we need to talk about Jesus 's power we need to sit down and talk about what Jesus can do when we understand this is what Jesus can do this is why Paul says however sin abounds grace did much more about that as a point or reflection you sit down I sit down and think how powerful is the force of sin in my life when I sent on assignment if anything then this thing is hard to resist and God says you felt the power of sin you felt the power of temptation and get grace is much more powerful than you and us the Bible says this all-powerful is resurrecting power it will give a life where there is no life Paul says that driving for not only knowing the power of his resurrection that's it I want to know by experience so how in the world did Jesus and upon the cross when Pilate knew was right decided to do what was right and had the power to how the Jesus and because he told Jesus to his I have the power to release you see for many of us I don't know why you are not doing what you know to be right I don't know why I do know this because you don't know I don't know if it's because you don't desire what you are not determined or because you don't have to but the encouragement that I want to give you tonight in these three areas you may say you know what Sebastian I want to start having a prayer life will start studying the I know I want to go all the way with Jesus but I don't know how to do a maybe I think I know that's the best thing to do I know I should give my heart to Jesus I know I should go all the way what I don't have a desire to do maybe your presence as I know it are desiring and in tonight God wants to offer people did you know that there is power available for utilities a completely different life from what you're looking right a life where you do senior ally for you do experience the power of God everything otherwise says Moses saw God she says not my faith just as many people see God by faith but for Moses song everywhere he looked it wasn't that whole cycle yeah you know this is an object lesson she says he saw a involved no respect of persons he is willing to give you and me that same exact experience same exact every it is about in every eyes close is there something that you know is right which are not doing is it because you don't know is it because you don't have a desire someone make an invitation that person a says I know what's right or maybe I don't know what's right or maybe I know I just don't have a designer a single word tonight I want to teach me and watching TV if you interest in the in divine things Jesus can do that if you ask he can give you a desire for that which is not desired before the Odyssey tonight I need that in my life is want you to raise your right hand I need that in my butcher hands down if you're a person right now that says I desire to do what's right but I'm not determined are not determined to do what's right I give up very easily anything you know what I need I need deep strong persevering motivation to keep pursuing that which I know was that's not what Micah dispenser your feet should I need deep purse the veering motivation determination to do what's right in my last appeal is very serious not us but our soul that says I know what's right I desire it on determined but any power money going to give me power in my life to overcome to do with that judgment should slip out and for I know was right I desire it you may even be determined but you need power I need power to do what's right to pray with you and for you ever get his bodily eyes closed if you're not coming you should be praying I need power to do what is right in the power spray father in heaven Lord it is off-again became before you last night because of what was going on in secret insults and I thought we are here again from Cedar Lake here because of the moving of your spirit here because you're willing to speak in spite of them in our here up front were standing because we need motivation and the determination to do what's right or standing up for site to the very altar of God boldly to the throne of grace because we need power Jesus promised that power would come with the Holy Spirit is alone right now on behalf of these young people that stand behind Lord I want to confess our sins before you want to acknowledge that all the wrong that we have done we did it because you wanted to do we love that which is evil we love that which grieves your heart and brings anguish to use in their hearts his father that we love those things that hurt us and hurt you but we are here because we recognize that you are gone of forgiveness and redemption that you are gone who says it doesn't matter how far you have gone you can come back and when you're not with knowledge question but with knowledge that you are a savior you are the only hope that we have and that we are in desperate need fatherly power to do what we know pray for your blessing pray for your blessing the blessing of power that comes from on high to me the holy life to overcome every temptation we need you Lord to change our desires to radicalize us in Christianity and give us a deep love for the things of eternity and hatred for the things it seemed more flattering there is a new house is through our God is an a is not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to be audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more certain that there is www. nonanswers .org


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