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The Questions of God

Sebastien Braxton


Failure touches every life and every soul. But when happens when we fail God? How does He respond to our failure and to us in our failure? The first people to fail God were surprised that God's first response was a question: "Where are you?"


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 6, 2012
    11:00 AM
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but I got to come to you that as students or teachers but as family sons and daughters of God brothers and sisters in Christ we please send your Holy Spirit to us that our hearts very moved by now Sebastian 's words for your words Lord and as he speaks yours please help us to understand in your name and morning I going in answer simply should ask yes but you Bibles use okay to put them down thank you the questions of law of always been fascinated to by the fact that God asks questions in the reason why am fascinated by God and I think you should be doing is that God explains that he is omniscient and omniscient means one that God what you know somebody thinks all things so if a person knows all things what reason would you have got it typically people ask questions because they are ignorant they are one ignorant they don't know something they're lacking some form of knowledge that's why they ask questions but there's also something that's called a rhetorical question what is it called rhetorical question my for example when I was sixteen years old my dad said you know on you can go wrong with your friends and just make sure your home by the new was maybe ten o'clock within thirty at night and I thought you always with my God sister 's and my God brothers and so it ought like were all in good company so we stretch a little bit that'll be all right and we stress until about one thirty in the morning and so as I was coming to the door my father 's house in Atlanta Georgia was the security tight this is a good word to describe it you'll put a window or door he makes his beeping sound is and when you close the door and software men are nominated around this so I I walked into my house and I opened the door and sure enough it only seems louder in the middle of the night that it turnarounds at the door is and I looked and I saw shadowy figure in the just like my dad on the stairs and I just heard a voice that said do you know what times they might have wanted to look at my recent states about one thirty three in the morning is that why he was asking yes or no why was he asking if I got to know what time it was his question was to you know what time it are you aware of the fact that you are late and thankfully I lived to tell you the story but I did suffer some pain of developing them and I never do that again but in the same sense rhetorical questions I believe are more appropriate to define the questions of God that God does not ask questions because a you know we ask questions because we don't and did you know that the first words of law to humanity when they fell with the question not speak it was request notice with me in Genesis chapter three Genesis chapter three we Artie said yesterday how Adam and Eve fell into sin and in Genesis chapter three beginning in verse seven the Bible says that in the eyes of both of them were open and they knew that they were naked and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves coverings and they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the guard and the Bible says then the Lord skews me the Lord God called to Adam and he said to him one where I where are you now what I suggest to just five things that shapes a question how many things finds the number one the first thing I think the question is who is asking the question now in order to answer these just yet and I want to use the question right whenever I go places speak to young people the question will you marry me just seems to fit so easily into explaining this subunit of the question why will you marry me who was asking the question affects how you look at the question yes you can imagine right if you know your young lady and your hang out with your your best friend your girlfriend and while you're walking somewhere downtown Sun City in your your seasonal French ideas that hey will you marry me you'd be like this all right this is beyond awkward start questioning like this is a joke it is like you know your setting me up for something why because who is asking the question affects how you view the question what the person was asking you is your best friend right this guy was spellbinding right through Academy into college he's always been respectful he's a good looking Seventh-day Adventist young man who loves the Lord with all of his heart and he can't he says you know such and such we've known each other for several years to come ready to take that next step and want you to take that step will you marry me write things like whole different kind of question some of you are entering the body I can see it in your face who is asking since the question but the second thing I sense a question is not just cool is asking blacks when you ask a question so can you imagine right that here you are you know this guy user best friend he's been there with you high school college academy etc. etc. he's been extremely supportive godly good-looking seventy minutes young men and he decide that you guys are you know there at the airport and you pulling into the airport drop off your luggage and you're sitting in a terminal in your life K you know I need to you don't go to the restroom 's evil to the back of the plane for the laboratory and while you're there in the laboratory get a little knock at the door I'm in here will you marry me will the timing is all right yes or no if you like I may be here that's a biggie that question was not meant for me because of the timing when you ask the question of facts how you view the question but only when right using the laboratory example you also have where you asked the question right on a plane I'm in the bathroom your outside the bathroom this is not the best place right this is not a romantic proposal that every woman was dreaming up yes I know me maybe you knew you significant growth year if I proposed to me anywhere that grow the business of what if you're little more traditional you need to put some effort in brothers some creativity into this and the funny thing is one of my friends proposed to his wife at a rest stop on the highway all the metals of the nastiest bathrooms not the bank I actually thought you said because you want a washer and that that's anything simple way proposed Kansas right finally gets incentivized unlike bro when you call me up and he told nothing what were you thinking the moment to seem right on the side of the highway was just anyway I want to save me from this goal is asking when he last where you ask but also another initiatives the question is why you see if this time he's been your best friend broadly good-looking Seventh-day Adventist young man and you decide you know what you you to the beach right there Santa Monica the sun is setting and he gives down along the right like such influence right will you marry me right this is the best place is the best time is the best person and you say yes absolutely says okay I was just checking if you are not as serious right next the vaccine is golden black I hear the slap into it don't you save valuable to students because of why you are asking the question are you asking because you just want to know all I was just seeing if you ask them say yes on setting up for the real proposal she's like okay you might put a relationship in jeopardy if you do that just maybe you know or the reason why he's asking is because he says I'm deeply in love with that's one and I believe God has called me to minister to you for the rest of make sure you make it into the King is a completely different reason and shapes the question yes or no in the last element message the question is good friends godly good-looking seventy minutes young man rotation a Santa Monica the sun is setting on the beach he's asking William married because he's madly in love with the ladies like I believe that God is calling for this relationship but how do we ask the question since the question yes or no he doesn't think of what this is going to come up with Sophie comes out and he's nailing down the setting is beautiful right with your best friend she's thinking yes this is it right and he gives nominees like will you marry me are you asking me are this is how I patient it right if he's asking like I'm not really confident that I think you're going to marry me or he's acting like a college is doing is that something in passing pleasure like kneeling down and you just get someone it is like a you will you marry me Grover what is this why you have to be like that how do you ask shapes the question now that we want these different elements we can apply them to any question that a person asks there's much more being communicated than just the content of the question itself fully loaded Genesis chapter three in verse nine we said that God called unto Adam and he asked what question stick with me one question in your wet I know we said the first element has changed the question is who is asking who's asking this question was asking now is not asking because God doesn't know salute why is so he's asking the question because if God knows where Adam is right is adamantly fully gone behind the trees of the garden articles seek you can see me Jesus you can see me at him how many did you find you to find a better hiding spot these about right he knows all things he knew what you were than a hard before you decided to hide their and the assassin he sang I am gone I'm asking the question where are you not because I don't know but because you don't know dual you feel the distance between us do you notice that normally when I come you will we are in communion but this time I commented regarding your apps and asking the question where are you guys think I'm asking because I'm interested as we said yesterday when humanity sinned all of heaven the Angels are playing their hearts but there was one person was missing persons Jesus everyone else sat still even to start inventing the looking for Adam and Eve Jesus came looking and searching for these as I am looking for I want to know where you are I feel the gap between us but not just school is asking reset when he is asked God asks this question to Adam after adding caching did you know that the time that God wants to talk to us the most is when we have failed a lot of times when you and are falling into sin we wrongly thought that's probably don't want to go to check that you don't want to pray that the time we don't want to study your Bible alike the part I messed up I can even go I can't even bear this was counseling a young woman on your half ago she was a good friend of mine as were talking she said hey eating we can go somewhere to talk to his Chinese restaurant as was sitting down talking his restaurant like what's going on in Israel just will not stop crying unlike what is the issue and she finally breaks down and she says look I've been in some really bad situation really that such she says I've been involved in some release you should want our relationship was even sleeping around no big deal mean is wrong if not accepted but he can forgive you she's as but this one is different I was involved in a lesbian relationship and were both in ministry leaders and ministry and she says in my mind as I can even go to church I can even open the Bible says when I read I hear not I feel as if God is forsaking then I go inside I can't even listen to the sermon because I'm so convicted I feel dirty I feel oddly inside how could I have done this with this other girl I never had this problem before I never had this as you says now I don't want to be alone Christian people I want to be around spiritual people and I'm looking on saying this is when you have failed God that he wants to talk to us the most that's what he's looking for you when you want to come to him when you're hiding from him I'm telling you right now young person when you don't want to go to church that is the time to go to church when you and I want to play the time to pray now you are in the right spirit I am unworthy to come that's why the prodigal son story that when he comes back he's got his little speech in his pocket is like yeah you know when I go back to Sumitomo downright that I sinned against you what syndicates have been on the longer worthy to be called your son just make me want to your hired servants in your house and as he runs back in his best season of great wheel that runs out in Derry is closest speaks out of his pocket that sinned against you what's in the content and no longer worthy to be conscious on the father to Scott's office why because you were never worthy to be your whenever we will make you think that you were worth to be mice there's only one person that is worthy in the Jesus is worth to be some kind but when we come in we broke we feel the ugliness of our condition in the fall forgot to say this is what I don't want to pray because of your purity and myself then we come in the rights not even where the and that's the beauty of you were never working I remember when I was for my daughter was born in one night I couldn't sleep I look at my wife's stomach and always talk to my daughter when she was in the way so that she would know my voice and she was born now she is my boy she newly turned in that direction and she tries to compete with me when I'm preaching somewhat esoteric rocks I just want to yell to so we have our yelling battles at night before we go to sleep but when she was there I put my hand on my my wife's stomach and I started talking to my daughter but this time it was different it hasn't come upon my heart that I said listen you don't even know me I don't even know what you look like I don't know what your favorite foods going to be on the wood should get seventy I don't know how tall you could be out of luck passing your better half in life but I already love in fact there is a room in my house for you and I hear and think that he does this baby is admissible that one day if you are brought presumably into said that doing this so that you cannot let him where the severe daughter allegedly prodigality that I wasn't alone we look at my daughter and laugh I loved you before you knew what level I already landed a mighty giving sleepless nights when you don't understand what a sleepless nights I'm already building friends buying clothes diapers wipes all these different things you don't even understand in Washington and understood and very moment from a father 's heart this is how God sees you before you were born you will experience the love of God before you knew it it works the way comes anything listen to me as a father the time I want to talk to my daughter my son the most is when they are failing is when you mess up is when you don't want to come and when the father sees his son a great way off and he says I'm not in a way for him to get support on an anime I saw and says he had compassion but it doesn't do it justice in English it into Greek the Greek language says his heart of compassion overcame in England and watch his son while the other one he was overcome and he is running tedious about God as our father that when we have failed to I'm looking for you you're not looking so he says when you have failed Jesus and Jesus question wearing we said where the question is asked makes a difference in Jesus is asking the question in paragraph there they were in the garden of Eden they were in paradise in yet and they were far from God you could be in this chocolate could be in the school you could be in a spiritual church and yet you can be far from and gone looking for is willing why is he asking regarding said he's asking to awaken out of his conscience do you sense that you are far from maybe there is some young person that has failed God in this room and God is asking you the question where are you do you sense that you are far from his gone looking for you in the last things that is how the question is can be different if God came in right like like the big bad giant and it was like an old Tyrannosaurus rex Jesus was walking at all I will like to be hiding in the trees to the big means that nobody is coming to pin down nothing can destroy us him him in the garden he was lacking in the goal of the game he communities I love it like Elijah says yeah there was an earthquake the rocks in the wings when the flyer table God wasn't in the you spoke to Elijah 's to small what do you was accused oldest of seven whenever my dad came home that's what everybody rushed the door and got out the car we want to get out of his car grabbed his briefcase he was walking up to the door the front door is so easier that you just your kids coming from every angle jumping on the stairs in your daddy different octave right in the digital was going to happen right and was writing my back to give them all out to welcome him home and can you imagine that one day my dad came home he opened the door DVDs and sought his usual he was the nicest I walk into the house and start calling sat my sister Paris brother Royce one only to find us in a closet thing we heard the sound of your car pulling up in the driveway and begin because Winfrey on your freedom scary ones scared of me freight even in it would break my desktop it would break my heart if my daughter did how much more the heart of God as he comes in the garden when he says when are you speaking from the heart of a broken fun winds much higher learning away from me God loves you before your renewal along us are you hiding from Jesus 's Jesus looking for anything even a harmless if we come to him and us that's all he wanted the solubility just come and tell me already know and just come and help and now we understand why God hates sin he hates sin not because he just heat Sabbath breaking and union all these different things no no no no no no fundamentally God hates sin because it skews our perception of him he was the same but their ideas with nestlings is gone are you hiding from Jesus hiding from them in your class work hiding from them in your spiritual involvement I'm in flame keepers but in reality you know you're far from God hiding in your class elections on the class president on whatever hiding from God trust me people are lost in Paradise it could be a perfect world which it was and people were far from SI many of you can sit here and complain about the school you can complain about this Academy all day long and your assumption is if the Academy were perfect then I would be perfect you are telling a boldface lie this could be perfect and that it would only magnify the fact of the waking is in your heart and how resistant many of us are to God even if it were classics it was eating what you are about no reason and even though there was no reason at how I says the gravity of this violation within the smallness of the restriction just don't eat this fruit shows the depth of Jesus looking for you may be angry with God may be questioning the love of God into our trust I would give my life to him I don't know what to do with my life there from hiking while you hide Jesus calls why everyone is involved in every eyes closed maybe today it is realizing you far from God where you been hiding amidst the trees of the God and you know that Jesus is looking for you what a similar ready to confess God already knows your condition got Artie knows your issues he's been eating he just needs us to a knowledge he just needs to know to agreeing arrival or are your write-offs are thinking your eye you're right you in a similar commitment to confess I'm willing to ignore which I am far not where I'm supposed I'm not behind ninety nine twenty nine and I understand acknowledge you acknowledge that they made Jesus is searching for me today you know that he's looking for you know that you're far from you can protect cheeses those were driving when you're hiding behind father in heaven we are standing because we are in great need we sense Lord that that question of God is coming in your asking each and every one of us where are you not asking about our physical location in asking us what and what processors step we are in our homework you're asking us about our connection in our relationship with wearing why are you absent license one hundred and today will be wanting come from behind on trees and what is knowledge that we've messed up that we've failed that even though we don't feel like you will accept us even though we don't feel like you will forgive even though we may not feel like we are actually far from you we will acknowledge trusting that he will be just this kind of justice loving as you always have that we will find that this man Christ Jesus receives sinners just like us I this is ordering a trust that will help enormously in the early afternoon as I wrote this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse the more so than please visit www. nonuniversity .org


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