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The East Gate

Dwight Nelson


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • April 14, 2007
    11:00 AM
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and where everything I have is not being born this Silverlight goal and my life thank you Annie and the audio four reminding us of this is just beginning to restart the real day is Friday I'm so proud of the students University not have the privilege of working passing on a university campus twenty three years now and there is university church in this much I have learned campuses can come up with all kinds of strategic plans and programming and emphases but there is nothing that will impact the campus more significantly this movement that is initiated by the students and set so when you talk about becoming a Friday night six thirty and race of leaving her and then supports a manager who is let's impact the world for Christ take my hand eight voice so revolting everything all of me use me for your vessel we needed Andrews University let me tell you what we need to move it will be young adults unconvinced it will have to be your generation baby boomer strange creatures the we had not done what needed to be done we tried hard to get distracted along the way we sunk our ruts so deep you can't move the now we have so much of this world so much of his life possessions gangrenous to get moves in its businesses as part of a human cycle we need a generation now highly mobile instantly possessed and energized by the mighty rivers and as we need to hear it or it we can do it and if you don't do it you race up the kids brothers and sisters have I believe you you are crazy crap Australia and London zoo is rumored to free rumors introductory session last night over at the church where Laura intensification no question Jesus himself account experience the ultimate intensification find any manifested again the last chapters three rumors I hear the sound of the approaching trend rumors from these one nine thirty two now three holy father figure hands or feet to the voices the still particular goal of wheels there are state allies take us use this give glory of our Lord Jesus Christ all about him it's all about one week old friend these year 's spirit is hovering over us make this a safe place right for your pricing we all pray on a very special guest that I'd invited to come and join the as for the time you're bringing the other nonelective is the silicone is talk with interviewing missing Anita Wright done missing in the right place and time for this guess the common self was even have our guess is bring one up here I'm just on their own power other guests have to be helped in this guest has to be helped the front but he can make it here she will side but I want my guests that all well-dressed for the staff of the Sabbath lights be very careful you can please all their periods that are a lot of artist you think the shroud off sleep of my user at his son yet every day on this University is a seventh year med student that I sent his figure out how even his voice and gentlemen this skeleton the human skeleton you met one before I have an entity class into the figure Loma Linda University you run into this man woman not one of his cousins brothers and sisters the severity mostly portrayed to be inner structure of the human organism and invited our friend to come and stand before us this morning her recent best friend represents two hundred and six parts I needed a two hundred and six part system it is a farce in Iraq might have manifested the authorities know Italy's lot about what I'm talking about for this part is that Hillary system in the right door is closed minded organization reasons that make up the BS average human skeleton if we wanted to ascertain together you and I is young scientists and worshipers ascertain together how many different ways can you put together two hundred and six variables six eight two hundred system we would calculate it this way are many things over your method is verify this if there is one part to the system different ways are there to put one part together one one five one yes one okay so there's only one way if there are two parts to the system how many ways either that but this is together I was active duty when the flame Vanessa is it a note in it there are three parts anyways but in one times two five three F and therefore part one free time for its about guys are young and five five hundred two hundred twenty is on his own so this dish is called this is called it would not only up to two hundred six Rudy called two hundred six factorial two hundred six factorial this was his life he goes on here that is going on so or not present so what did I think I forgot Dionysus etc. the whole editorial six the number that you get we multiply all the way had sex over here that number would be how many different combinations are available in a two hundred and six our system nine number is a huge number I didn't even say that it happens to be the number one the number one plus three hundred and eighty eight zero 's if you multiply out after Georgia six one with three hundred and eighty zero would you like to see the number this is the number with three hundred and eighty eight zero 's okay there is fairness that the number that called the two hundred and six factorial is written is written with a two hundred six and after that how mathematicians write two hundred and six factorial now bring on August the is a safer moment as we move into this second supernatants was just a formal I is a really good writer because there's something not quite right in this technology killing the screen goes blank of somehow okay I like to what we do without you only do it anyways is a ministry nothing but that if this government can help us in any Tasmania aloe are designed his work is that somehow this life without room I got advances of it but there is actually right choices right after that's over two hundred sixty four is two hundred six Acura is one time stented at three hundred eighty I really want excuses and it is one more time and so you are at a point is lazy German aim one with three hundred eighty eight zeros after it represents a number of the children suspect for Jennifer was a scientist second PhD got away human biology from Northwest a collagen Archibald Ohio he wrote an essay that I read and he's right he's right about human skeleton out of the quoted because the achievement of only the current general position required some this phone connects that the strong connectedness autonomy this goes right thing just that they're connected that's all you get organizers expect for the achievement they came up only the current general position required for all two hundred six parts will occur only once out of a candidate three hundred and eighty eight random assortments so how long is the question how long would it take as if we need to do one of these existing rearrangements were six modes rearranging the arranging and rearranging how long would it take us to finally get this creation to figure us exactly jumping how long it takes rumors in the East this is number two potency and see a little law see in your website copy of Sega and if we go to fast and easily look up a blank unfilled in your website because they is all about so you were given the state at real quick because I wanted his written dignity while still fresh in our minds that return to this this second rumor from the East if every second that is available for every second that is available in the history of the universe and that scientists are saying learned a history of the universe as we know it can be going out to the beach somewhere between ten to twenty billion years in length noticing and twenty million years so we can rearrange this to earn six part system once every second or every second that has existed in no time and we did the arithmetic is ready to start out many of his real reasons when his ex-wife wants everything for all astronomic time you razor go here presented twenty billion years or ten and eighteen seconds second before the existence of this universe as we know to get this possibility take Canada three hundred eighty eight and you subtract the end of the eighteenth and you get cancer the three hundred and seventy yes at the probability increases are looking to avoid feeling right now don't they allow me I Jerry Bergman here we go there for all practical purposes that uses point for all practical purposes a zero possibility exists that the current general position only two hundred six parts could be obtained simultaneously by chance and that's just for a children's a spark system the average human has seventy five trillion complicated individual cells within the human organism are so just for a two hundred and six part Geisler this is a two hundred and six part system is in a rust is a probability if you subtract the amount of seconds available if you did it once every second eight zero probability would ever get these not in a perfect position but at least connected in the right order if the zero percent possibility for two hundred and six parts system now you add ten billion sales that we had in our cortex the human cortex right down here we had ten billion complicated so he was active than in coming up with Ashley seventy five do you understand that it's a zero probability for a two hundred and six part system to be assembled randomly it would be zero last zero four a seventy five trillion six near want to know all of this I don't understand because I don't think I want a recipe for our kids now I want to take a ten billion of these this renal cortex so that you have in existence right now and really start using just concentrate on your tree reporters right now we just concentrate on an angle though sales and operation because if you add in the human organism a seventy five trillion cells Doctor Draper and I'll take the excuse that they think this illustration indicates that the argument used by evolution given enough time anything is possible would you like to the argument is once it's wanting you wanting me to make another work it doesn't work if it takes that long just one assist and I got the more numbers of your editor so there's so out it said it needed a billion changes every second eight liters every electron in the universe every electron in a billion for the number of electrons a billion seconds you still come up with a probability that is in possible Chilean possible not only to to accomplish the words express is seventy five trillion parts system that you and I are you saying what in the world does this have to do with a second rumor from the East they comes the approaching tread upon I want you to listen very carefully whom Scripture the Bible I want to wrestle with a huge use every one of those those chosen in years revoke or Texas hold 'em I was last book again because these these rumors are free in three measures of the Lord East Antarctic literature Daniel revelation 's only three three references know what's intriguing is his advisor McGinest and I've been intrigued what's coming out of the Middle East right now that unless I have a son-in-law Andrew is a medic with Vanessa leaned out of the US Army Rangers Dominican bag station near where war without enough Iraq will not talk about Iran but we want a really cool sympathy of fastening just Google Iran US war they are talking heads all over the universe and possibly the probabilities instantly drawn a deeper and we into the Middle East but nothing can at least nothing in Islam I think it is dropping a rock in Iraq nothing in any eyes there for the rovers and these three will recently eased a direct quote the new American Standard Bible in Daniel eleven forty five these rulers from the East have my attention and because I am watching them and he arose a you come here to spend a few hours with SSL issue question accident and found that revelation there are relationships that it are suggesting that relations that this is a reference to the easterly freedom we had one at nine thirty we had that the third one entering this afternoon here comes wedged in between the number two Daniel Jefferson and Revelation relationship December 's one run three forty four p.m. I love you don't follow the screen on the new King James version any translation you have is fine with me released December one after these things John the old man last night we noted German venerable old man Jesus very personal for Jesus shows up for both of them in person when the seventies it showed up in your in your little apartment near Auburn University when it be something that Jesus showed up in this furniture was funny to think about you just can see how you are I saw call out happened to you through your friend is okay these things I John saw four angels standing at the four corners north-south East-West data four corners of the earth holding the floor we use in the air and by the way I just was an assignment happily that's exactly what's happening now to guide Almighty God to the forces of the kingdom on this planet they are literally holding back holding back here in our learning the lesson of the bridge over their roofline that we flew back with the incredible checks to get back soon as we got what while we were in England the Israel Hezbollah war in that little short again day fiasco in Iraq we got back okay and right afterwards three weeks later Scotland Yard announced the track terrorists were planning to take ten friendly flights can your manager can add through local fruit of liquids that are carried in their cosmetics they were minimal templates up over the last reason to just think for a moment just think for one moment if those ten points a gun at you understand it would shut down first travel north perhaps because it was sent how could we did our secure Digital appointments regular physical is okay with an embryo but he said it's always using a look like no I believe it had a self-help is an entry or by what would be a British survey watch my people on the world must be mutually cancel travel always I'm coming soon to follow the ways people mobilize oneness people we heart soul and body so they operated their own window caters to the Christian that is as universal and we should not blow on the earth and the sea or on any tree haters to and I saw another angel ascending from the lot as our keyword were looking for the three references to the east and apocalyptic literature another angel us I saw another angle ascending from the east having the seal of the living God and he cried out with a loud voice integrating another phony megaphone it said that real fastening in English were negatively megaphone megaphone these loud voice and greet this is not a whimper when this moment comes in human history this will be a shot is heard in the four corners of her another reason arises out of all old don't you let me grind out a loud voice of arrangement was granted to harm the earth and the sea he cried anniversaries and do not harm the earth to see the trees till we have sealed the servants of friends of our God and therefore had no notice verse for some patients and are the number of those who were sealed one hundred and forty four thousand of all the tribes of Israel were seen in the injustice done the same less desperate than ever maybe this may be the person you never read those words in your life is no pretending on your part if you never any sort report again is the first time you ever read these words is what we know what do we know what we just read when you just assemblies in your study guide number one when we help we know that whatever is happening here must transpire just need for the return anything in the and yellow and underline the ignoring is right now anything underlining out is inserted in your study and execute right so we know what is happening here has to happen just before the return of Christ but take a look at this verse this is the verse in the preceding relation seven first one with the verse six step six for seventeen for the great day of his wrath is come and little is able to stand because Jesus returns at the end of Revelation chapter six and a question that wraps up that the second coming moment is well the wireless terminal and then Google could possibly live through this and not very nice verdict represented all glad you asked let us tell you who will boom you have now reducing the ceiling of the East okay so I wanted to know if this before the return of Christ got it now number two behind forty four thousand are symbol of God 's friends at the end of time and are the answer to Revelation sixteen 's question who will stand up or got them yet hey we got always a frenzy want to talk about it what are those really in their honor forty four thousand are you crazy and more friend than that honest might get a little is a non- number twelve apostles of the cycles doesn't the Jacob doesn't matter to think about twelve of the planet is a integrated with a one-out is a huge number multiply that by thousand nine hundred forty four thousand symbolic symbolic of a number three what about the symbolic steel in their forehands is the father is role in the salon is right now ownership is limited by the words as they had enough on his finger was just reporting verse one now I just turn over the subject 's weight reading your Bible then I looked Johnston and behold a layout was likewise a lamp young theologians the land is Jesus Christ himself post- Calvary Christ then I looked in the old alliance standing on Mount Zion be having and with him one hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's life his father 's name written on therefore it was time when you put your name on a book what does that what does they wanted that act tell the world about me honestly when you put your name on a car registration what does that tell the world this car belongs to me when you put your name on it on the papers for your house what does that tell the world this house belongs to the bank you thank you audited yet here are our lawyers on a job where you live July I don't laugh all night I do Ingram when you put your name way when you sign when you sign that marriage certificate what do you say she realized me any shingles and assigns it and yet it's nice writeup that last issue your land size issue saying the end you belong anymore and I sensitive about marriage when you sign when you shine before the state and economy are up best Randy Uganda thing I want is before God when you started for steady-state inguinal region new absolutely belonging one of the hot hand in marriage we want to his signature selling items like that if you are like that mine mine mine mine mine because of the human race was the reason which is which is coming on what we know we don't find a number for we know that God has ownership because one's emotions like missing these include the whole mercy he is a career but related performers eleven you are worthy alarm receive glory and honor and power are you created all things you are is all you created all things and by your will they existed and were created the whole universe belongs to God if you were created by God you were created by God my dear friend you belong in a different was the majority want you if you are created by an hockey were created by an evil use you have to run faster a brilliant geneticist named Richard but once these also make its uniqueness quit he's absolutely right materialism is an absolute for we cannot allow a Divine foot in the door we cannot allow someone who owns my own island in the nobody tells me that soon as I proclaim there for me to go there for realities we can know that even reading this excellent months but does it is a question does this text we just read Revelation seven versus one to does it identify how these anti- friends and God will reveal their loyalty to the great does it mean the you all yes it does how wanted I wanted to hear the Zen evidence is twenty seven evidences are through Aston down just below mobile home loan will write them down so as to know what is about these enzyme friends of God that reveals their loyalty to him would you like Tapley got his number one they are sealed with the seal of the keyword is God 's in a sealed with the seal of the living God is regardless incentive then I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the red green just a keyword phrase the living God appears thirty times in the old and new Testaments to eleven I have been there their new study guide Jeremiah chapter ten fourteen let's just go to the F-14 one because when you read these thirty references it's clearly needed to listen before you are exporting Jeremiah ten two examples out of thirty revealed that the living God is synonymous with the top is down creating that codeword coworker living the screen really needs Green Street at that point at which living means creating a Silverlight access fourteen through fifteenth Internet fourteen verse fifteen living means creating right as fourteen fifteen so hear his ears in the area early preaching in the church in the New Testament and what are the same thing okay man and women why are you doing these things we also are men and women the same age as you can try to worship all in the Barnabas they take time out each were just like you the winery this we were here to praise the unit you should turn from these useless a items that you worshiped her that the living God who hates it when I go back to the living batting one oh one is living on the it means he's the one who may so whenever you see living got a code word for the greater roommate had a near the city and all things that are in therefore the synagogue is what we got and is everyone to Selah God it's about beagles of Florida got loyal friend see you all to create and deliver a little more science that got promised you anymore this is a little more reading John Ashton 's collection of essays entitled in six days like fifty scientists used to believe in creation are and learn as I read these brick my much more really than then the mind they made a point in this point is stuck with me and oh how I want to make you and that is both series of origin whether you talk when you're talking about naturalism that would regard as an evolution but if I run naturalism horse supernaturalism you know what supernaturalism means something outsider nature set in UK charts we would believe if you believe in a greater gotten supernaturalism is interesting the sizes are positing both theories of origin and that's all they are they are theories as nobody was at the first cause long was anybody there with a bank at place no veterinary services wanted please note note note so nobody knows both theories of origin are dependent on human face and both philosophies of origin is a form of both of them have to have a form of yoga is important here is Jeremy Warner gauges engineering University of Pennsylvania he is observed naturalistic evolution is forced to marry that God is enough that gods and mother Earth and father timing in order to support its mandatory timing with God and nature into a given enough time they say the forces of nature can create life savanna for the de facto go the course is it an act of God it does something you cannot it's not all I will is not verifiable as just you just have to take it they just don't want to go digital World Series when push comes to shove both theories require a face state that there's something much bigger than us God starts this will ever have a CD jingle like brilliant evolutionist and that apologists revolutionary theory donated me because of this because both theories required effect of Stephen Jay Gould Mister DJ Harvard University the assistance that recently he invented a sleigh that humans are a glorious evolutionary accident on podium now that required an evolutionary accident that required sixty trillion contingent events you need all of these happens exploring and even of evolutionary history on earth repeated itself he said a million times he doubted whether anything like Homo sapiens would ever go read my honorable we just got sixty two work instructs Warden Donna one of the little deposition because brilliant minds and brings but let's look was functional you end up with a artifact that could happen only once sixty two and events we've done where your next strategic plan by written because the choice so and subject they were not therefore the seal of God symbolically goes in the four hundred one seal of the creator you know that living on a train wreck so that's that's okay whatever December to the aims of the drink the ceiling message fast they sang out of nowhere out of these we got dynamically we got applied to be seven giant down eight he ascends out of the East were examining history references to the east east is very significant remember the interpretive principle I told United and our last service that my friend John Colleen and any talk about icing on the service we talked about this in John's main point e-reader echoes or illusions that nearly every word or phrase in the entire apocalypse that the Bibles last month is borrowed every word and phrase nearly is borrowed from the Old Testament so we need to find out about this East let's just do a little bit evening release lives of San Diego's of the lease the seal got anytime friends on this plant must go to an amazing you have never been easy to forty six in your life probably were going today is a chapter forty six Old Testament prophet watch this fascinating fascinating as a conductor for source forty six verse one says the Lord God the gateway of the inner court the faces for now what direction for the East shall be shut the six working days but not what this word on the Sabbath that Eastgate on the Sabbath if Shelby and remedy the new moon it shall be opened number three likewise the people of Alaska worship at the entrance to this gateway before the Lord on the status and on the new would you write it down please make Eastgate in Jerusalem's Temple was to be nice but because I do not obtain you and I can will the new Temple the Eastgate is to be nice but again that's a critical point six cycles of Earth rotation must a lot sick psychopath getting a shot shot shot but on the sentiments cycle when the sun sets and the service cycle begins mandate against when open the Sabbath day the Eastgate is the Sabbath Gates is always the Lebanese is linked to greater Sabbath not surprisingly violated report released here in the Septuagint which would be the Greek Old Testament is the identical word that appears in Revelation chapter seven same worker east on for a single query east and staff are linked interestingly enough evidence the retreat will processing think he links the east the Sabbath watchlist that was simply the gospel because Jesus a sunrise absolute one seventy eight you know that Jesus called the sunrise and we noted this morning that last sunrise GG Tanaka counterforce in the sun of righteousness will let rise leaving his wings just before the end of time it will be asked at explosion of Christ glory on earth shining faces of his friends it will be a final revival in the so East is linked to Christ and that Luke says he uses the actual workforce east in Newark Arnica this is called Jesus this isn't it amazing that the same gospel writer ecologies as the sunrise also called Jesus writing the Lord of this in Luke chapter six verse five East and the Sabbath are linked together in Christ so we have so far only had us in the aged arises out of the ease of the seal of the living God is loyal friends what is your one he brings the seal of the creator and he brings it from the east which is the sign of the Sabbath and he brings it to him Linda sunrise who is known as the Lord of the Sabbath shown himself not to be left out John himself will make the same point in the book Revelation evidence number four remember now were looking for seven eminences to identify how God friends at the end of time can be identified on this planet at Loma Linda and Andrew anywhere honor and is a report early seventies got it down John Revelation links Jesus as Lord of cell when Jesus as Lord of nut and embraced at the Salvation Army remember this revelation wonders five this is reason and peace from Jesus Christ the faithful witness the firstborn from the dead ruler of the kings of the earth during an loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood unaware that it is added that powerful portrayal of Calvary what the cross what did he do for us he was as a team watched us it is something on your life right now is there something in your heart right now you wish to God that testing were not there my friend you know what that stain is a leader in your own line is not there in the heart Jesus washed us you washed a human race with his lot in due with a lot of I don't you good for you every time you see a drop of blood and semiliterate and we can't easily see a drop of blood shifting in mind whenever you see human blood just the ones this when it came from Jesus wasn't cleansing force for the entire he washed us from our sin yet so this means less than your heart right now that they needed Jesus asked my manager know what these doors that they do not walk out these doors into USC's loss do not walk out you don't have to live with that same is already washed clean want power on Gaza John is really able to our Jesus as the Lord is salvation Jesus is made is not always made us kings and priests to his God and father in a glory and dominion forever and ever I alright so John is based on Jesus as Lord salvation is a game on Jesus as Lord of so I doubt there was one person noticed I was in the spirit on Monday I was in the Spirit on the Lord is in our voice a loud voice not only are his megaphone shouting out where around spirit on Lords is fascinating outwardly dejected in the study had he attempted John just be reminded of this in the Apocalypse is to accentuate good thing the infancy of Jesus journalists and make sure that his readers embraced that in my reality of Christ figure penalty is a job as an FYI the Roman Empire that worships the season and that if I were sophisticated sounds like a point on the long-awaited hours the seizure we worship of Christ but it in there though Christ that's the point and someone is recall the day of worship he said I was in the spirit on a one-day as amazing because in his own gospel music although largely ever this is a unique break it doesn't appear anywhere else in the dust this is the Lords that Matthew Gault of the Sabbath Markov the Sabbath who called the Sabbath and John and his Gospel called the Sabbath but now is negative this is not just the Sabbath this is the Lords that's the way you and I will regret words this is the Lords day was no this is the law 's awards season was Jesus Christ I was in the spirit of Christ Bell said he could have called the Sabbath at the gate is awful but he intentionally inserts rephrasing nobody else is using the New Testament to draw our attention that this is the day that belongs to Christ Jesus as Lord so worshiping on his days when son yet peters unprecedented escalation damage on exhaust uses that the Lord is salvation and Lord of the Sabbath so would you like this downplays the reference the Son of Man is also Lord of the staff would you like to establish in order to emphasize Jesus divinity lordship over all creation only here on strike other behind only it is Giancola seventh day Sabbath oh Lord the underlying point is this is the wards and now you are gone so the ceiling goes on a four okay quick rapid aluminate and is presented as the most of this unit goes on the floor had been gotten wellsprings of the end of time is a recognition of him as creates for through the Sabbath day of the Lord Jesus Christ and assume if I got it down the Old Testament confirms the conclusion of these delimiters the Old Testament confirms a conclusion which is one three references by real quick burial some forty Mercedes I delight to do your will all my God and your law and you writing your law is within my heart by the way in which Sanchez is that Christ himself speaks these words Jesus himself when he was younger son of God the father I don't like to do your will your laws in my heart you want to be like Jesus were going to his beloved and you both ethnic diversity a lot of them are highlighted as Isaiah fifty one seven love is from the new living by the way listen to me you'll know right from wrong and cherished mother-in-law in your hearts guys friends or people who cherish his law in their hearts one more day sixteen eight and this is one liner seeing you the law even if your salespeople undeserved my fun my friends see a law suit in the the law alone my disciples if you ever seen an official seal a missing of this is a honest younger president of lesson on origin political affiliation yes me my business anyway you know what my political affiliation is that your business but whoever is in office first Timothy two is absolutely clear I think of you currently looking for drinking in enough enjoy the way you do it around doing that you know one from asserting the sin in our office interviews for this loan to him from heaven itself advertising is missionary George W. Bush every time you see George W. Bush he and a news conference for a state to see this around thing on his phone and only the low monthly minor where the president is seeking three ingredients the pharmacy about a way they George W. Bush office residence territory tree in raise the ceiling name office territory is there a seem to see the law in my last friends owner 's use of the law CNN zero interface evidence found in the fourth amendment all was ready for the grant is answering allowed not to do a little something long as we now unlimited website no man on the nicest chapter twenty verse eight remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days you shall labor and do all your work but the Sabbath day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God union you shall not do any work you nor your son or daughter or your male servant nor your female servant nor your cattle nor your stranger who is within your gates why why why why the big deal about this and they got is that Italian for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth the sea and all that is in them and rested the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed there is only one command we got established only one commandment of the ten that bears the official seal because the humor was acquainted with is the other workers seal is the saying describing the same seal we had a there's only one commandment that bears the three ingredients of the scene of God 's average support program discredit we just read it out loud deeper than moving when they do have a name the name is Yahweh anytime you see Lord of all it's a Hebrew name just today when I invented it and feeling a doubt I is the vocational Soweto we both would alter the media the name of the Lord your God the office of the maker of heaven and earth see all that is in this will assist your station that's it exactly at the head of the near the sea and all that you theirs is not his name you have an office you have his jurisdiction clearly just as the New Testament does the Old Testament with the seal of God 's opposites create the work as memorialized by the seventh day Sabbath of which Christ is the war in both the old and New Testament these orders maybe when you have a big year you may not be immediately essential stealing it you must still have testing also make the other hand these out get what the polls are saying I don't see them again and see you at the big deal when you class has I made it all spoken out on Leno or all of your greatest book human race into existence there too precious to me or children they possess what only this order of life in the hold intelligent life in the universe possesses I will grant them the power to throw three eight in their own just like there is an enemy to the throne of God today and he hates Christians because they just and he can create all home and a good there would be absolutely and fallen Angels and the SCSI Jesse and he can't is only one procreating race in this universe as a human race and that is why ladies and gentlemen market well in your little brain right now that is why both forces of light and darkness had a great thing they have trained contingent choices nobody contentious guy can't force your choice you can't force my music in the suburban you own the freedom two the gardens are you consumers naturalism you can share our makes you happy rear owner B- molecular success evidence is up there I would want to think that the best choice right now the beach is the creator chooses and is over six suite applying these last to go quickly to see it once again a global result violating these are is present in a time as this is the one thing in a global mission and message from client write out early supporting Senate worship him who made heaven and earth the scene this brings the waters assistant bacteremia this is the first angel boy will travel around the linear bursting everywhere in our renowned and using three interests wall church tower and see the free oneself of the three the first angel is making a point I saw another angel flying in the event having the everlasting possible celebrities is good news to bridge those who dwell on the earth every nation tribe tongue and people saying when and not loud voice heritage on his love the megaphone saying with a megaphone this is in the little whimpered message this goes for the entire planet will allow voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him I may give you worship the one created you may enter the seat and screens while not a noun please was fourteen is clearly a call nurse inhabitants to return to the create tour and is a very language in the Greek Old Testament in the fourth commandment is repeated here in the Greek New Testament firstly the same language which are a number seventy rebel the one last one I want to see those guys friends is something is the Holy Spirit Jesus in your same writer gospel of John is the spirit of truth and a seven minus one always seems you you know the truth about this about the Lord is going Jesus called the Spirit of truth in John sixteen thirteen and is a young seven compelling evidence is that the ceiling of Revelation describes it one of either the creator God evidenced on this planet just before the return of Christ by a loyalty to the Lord of the set in the observance of the sentence they said as he 's tiring is holding when you see you see that but so oppressive the Avenue for what was written his name on your fourth was written his name on it with a picture 's of euros abs are those in the very spirit of John was it the Lord say the ones he is the creator 's name and created a upon the minds and hearts of an entire generation ladies and gentlemen on and the doctrine of the seventy billion evidences on in this picture definition screens in front of the medicine picture is a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ do you know do you know that Jesus was Lord of the Sabbath before he became Lord of salvation to me it was learned the first was a it was Laura Santos first and then he dies any of the Lord is salvation true false but of course if sometimes in our community of faith I excepted of course but sometimes in our community of faith the bird is so strong is essentially a celebrity where the Lord Wheatley Jesus is Lord established please is believing Jesus is Lord is salvation thank you Jesus was nothing wrong with thanking Jesus and assuring on Iran when reading the Bible teaches that he is the Lord 's salvation but you know what SN with a honest Christians we are not giving also scope of the truth about Christ when we focus on the second part of his Lordship before it was ever worn a salvation he was Lord of this he is Lord 's what happens is when we wipe out is when he was first and we focus on what he was last what happens is the Sabbath begins to lose in the leaving his loses luster for manual muscle was the seventh day in the rotations it's time for the perfect it's okay it offers that you Jesus is Lord every day to what begins to happen then it in a subtle shift to what he became second is that we lose the memory of one of the first things first warned of this data set Lord of salvation but when we focus only on what he does what he did first begins to quietly lose and so what I do on Sunday arguments what I do on Monday once when I do on Tuesday and Wednesday Thursday Friday Western Africa Sabbath but it's just another a lesson I understand this community married to a nurse the healing arts have to go on twenty four seven you don't start a hospital down and you can't stop feeling seven of Christ greatest miracles were performed on the Sabbath as if to say to every health worker that would never come along joining me when we know because it is I walking to those hallways with the same I know what time it is I know I have the rotation I apologize I always earning extra money on God 's day for me and not and of course I wonder that but when it's my turn and loathing down those carnivores and I'm stepping into those septic rooms and I'm standing beside a be sheeted patients I'm remembering in these twenty four hours follow the Lord of this and anything I say this to you anything I do the types is a touch of you I mounted her and it is they had I got fifteen more these are drawing all now and it's my rotation and the Lord of the Sabbath through his Spirit is walking down the hall I willing I will take that extra I will invest myself in my patience on this day in ways I may not be one of days because the heater and this is these days lazy to the Lord of the Sabbath was the Lord of the status before he became the Lord is salvation and for the amateur sanctuary for plan as we can think around on your harness for revival will never ever reviling that Indiana's community of faith until the Sabbath is revived never never never we can't pretend were somebody else because were not and will never be somebody else we know that thereto lordship and we will have to be people ever reliable signal unreliable in this place is the ones you can rely and ignore the Lord Jesus Christ on the so in time you have that guy knew Lord of that seventh day it is my my seals I will see you I will see you I will soon unless you accept both passengers because you don't know me and I will have a generation that knows me in the Allah know Jesus don't you are one of Jesus ministry of Christ Lord of the Sabbath the Lord is salvation on Calvary that picture on the wall as you and we send that our sinful hearts have never committed shell yet met all of took it all morning all the washes by your blood you walk out of the door with a single stain upon our hearts washed and cleansed in the blood of man I don't know how it works Jesus you just send us an out trust you it works his owner to part of the year however his divine prayer I need to appeal first Jesus is Lord is salvation must take his most recent work for moment focus is a remain here that means Jesus to become savior of three tests of his life in our set of Jesus before as Lord and Savior but right now in this quiet moment it sure seems the right time for you to be invited to say Lord Jesus I receive this message now up to go through it's just Jesus I receive is my Savior Caesar is not my Lord this world is more I can be my Lord I tried would you please be more of my life would you be more of my selfish reasons grabbing asses no music no choir singing on his or her man here that needs to come to Jesus today never publicly sensitive before on what you come right here where you're sitting right now would you come here to come to the front along join you in prayer is your name here is your woman here is journeying along the frenzy that family but somehow in your own life you held off the decision Jesus will you say you know Jesus I know what this is all about accepted this means that you have first place in my life I like that you will there's a woman he needs to make that this is why at a hearing under this standard that Jesus listen outside the walls here sitting in the middle row that means I have to walk across a whole bunch of people who think how it was easy using Dragon across the front of a gaping 's taunting were simple good so you would not go away with a student in your life is something that needs to come to Jesus today the rest of you who pray beside your partner 's Dupree in second move who works with his yes like the lunch on a week greater unity government is a safe place the spirit is here I'm not leaving until somebody has a chance is there anybody else never publicly accepted Jesus for that area 's economy no church be very clear for the Lord himself and any going on down else why this is going to real struggle right now and they sent my friend if you're going to a struggle right now that's indicative it's amazing you make a decision trusting to another using Automator don't you forget something is called your company or anybody else's needs Jesus I festively pray for you race for Jesus his arms was a second invitation six is just this point you need to make a decision having domiciliary of the zones in the accepted Jesus as Lord itself are you willing to stay to go on record before and say Jesus I have not embraced you as I always wished it comes to the Lord 's heart the truth you are stealing generation as Lord of the Sabbath is I wish today record before you care my friend soon I was to go on record before you by your grace Lord is salvation I will he was Lord of the Sabbath by the way I honor the Sabbath will you wish to make that matches your seat computer which agrees that this is a point is they are serious about this at what I do in my life he will have to help but I wish to go on record today for the Lawrence campus anybody else of Jesus I accept you today is Lord salvation but of course of Lord of the Sabbath police Jesus help me on this day in my career and my recreation in my life for Jesus is the other is this a little so little please don't begrudge a national Internet is down in his spirit lastly you are not make a commitment here this is a coming of the Lord is all communities of faith on earth I would think this way people say I haven't done it so well fast that you can count me by your grace lynchings any others regarding standing by your eye you just rely so Jesus asked his down we all die one day will look like a skilled in life ultimately comes down to a choice bigger hand at an annular postmodern world rules are secular society that's the hair he left even millennia when you think that's all you and I noted the other is a living God is the creator of heaven we think we place our hands on as the rest of you who wish to renew your commitment to go honoring Christ as Lord is salvation and what is used to do that is willing to stand holy father Lord Jesus is both there is no way we can separated it cannot be done he is Lord of the status and many became Lord of salvation we cannot help holy father but brings you for both lordships of our Lord Jesus Christ office live in a world for the prevailing philosophy in the meeting in the entertainment world and academia as all the prevailing philosophy is this is only good if you are following have to hold the legal industry the community of faith that dares to challenge the prevailing status quo that bears on the authority of holy Scripture itself to say there will be a generation at the end of time men women young adults and children who will have the father 's name written for I belong to decree for I am his all this and so we stand today as Genovese embrace Jews Lord of salvation holy Christ which are out walk with write a new chapter for the standings is that I want to start a vitamin chapter in my life and a lot of our hearts that you know I probably out of the standard right now myself but we waited to do with his general view you know us we can play games are learning a lesson you know us and we love you dear guy in the name of Jesus Christ except our commitment to walk hand-in-hand my face was our living creator God news of God Crane use us on this campus and in his community and around the world that tells the truth about the soon coming Creator King who is Lord of salvation yes but who is Lord of the staff loyalty to both see this decision we may not only for heads of my sealant within our hearts and let us go forth from this place washed by the love of the land claimed and Christ go with us only with joy at the Sabbath continue to unfold today in Jesus name let all the threat of Jesus say how man and God which is uniquely


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