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Christian Lifehacks 1: John

Eric Nelson


Eric Nelson

Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga



  • January 31, 2014
    7:00 PM
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this weekend were going to spend some time together talking about some Christian white hat it's been about eight years since I've been able to present any messages here it's that hope and I'm very excited about some of these messages and some of the specific points I'll be sharing because they've they had an impact in my life and I hope they will in your life much of what I'm going to say this weekend is very very simple it's nothing that probably will be new to most of you how many of you familiar with the term white hat review some of you how many you've never heard the term white hat a majority okay if you look at if you go to Google and type in white hat or life hackers unlike that you get a lot of simple hints that can make your life easier I think I included some examples here go when heating leftovers a circle in the middle it will get much more evenly that the life hack don't you just hate when you're heating up spaghetti and part of it is really hot rest of it is cold least that happens to me and this is an example of a life happy to find out there on the Internet there's thousands of these things that might make your life a little bit easier here's another one I hate it when my pot boil over the biggest little wooden spoon across the top of the pot when the phone starts to rise little hit the wooden spoon go back and it just won't well over so now simple thing to try and you'll find more of these things on here here's another one use a can opener to open blister packs and avoid cutting yourself you know something very simple that somebody thought of they now might make your life easier if you open a lot of Lister packs so the sermon fun and to share our Christian life at how we can live the Christian life more simply more effectively I think probably the key word is simple in fact the sermon this evening has only two points and a sermon tomorrow morning have only two points at two life hacks and the service marketed heavily one so hopefully very very simple this evening were going to look at only one text one passage from the first John tomorrow for the epitopes out of school time were going to look at one path actually two passages on sorry from the writings of Paul and I'm most excited I think about tomorrow afternoon I think it's four o'clock right here I'm going to share a message that kind of brings everything together it brings together a big picture it will be based on John chapter seventeen and that I think is a very powerful chapter I'm extremely excited about that I want to share a side note before you pray and read our passage first John this is an observation I can't prove it to you but I think in my own life it's true and I think it might be true for a lot of other people and that is that I just get it just based on who comes out on Friday nights from Ivanhoe on I guess that this group of people here is very negative by that I don't mean that were critical or we have negative eyes about people or that we know we CNN negative side of things I don't mean your pessimistic I don't mean you're unhappy I don't need I'm these weight this way as well so I include myself in this what I do mean is that again I'm guessing about who you are so don't know some of you we as a group resonate within negative commands us sure more than the positive commands and you know structure has both the ten Commandments to be a good example of least eight and a half of the Commandments are negative commands don't do this but their positive commands of Scripture to love your neighbor as yourself rejoice evermore pray without ceasing you know whatever it is there positive commands to I believe that for myself and I'm betting for this group of people in general we resonate with the negative commands of Scripture more than the positive commands and this has a tendency toward legalism and so what I'm going to share this evening and tomorrow there's only two points one of them is what not to do the negative command and the other is what to do if a positive commandment keep in mind this concept as we go forward through this weekend that we want to understand both negative and the positive commands of Scripture and we want to pay attention to both of them they're both important but our heads and pray dear God I ask that we will understand the commands of Scripture that through this very simple message the words of the Bible will speak to us and that we will learn something new that we can apply in our own lives to help us walk the Christian walk more simply previous and you listening payment open your Bibles to first John chapter two very familiar passage first John chapter two verse fifteen I put it up on the screen here is some of you don't have your Bibles for love not the world neither the things that are in the world if any man love the world the love of the father is not in him very simple what the negative command in the Scripture don't want the world to the negative command very simple now as we'll see in a moment this is more of a spiritual concept of not letting the world but let's start very very very simple very concrete in our thinking don't love this planet as a geographical location don't love this existence don't love the world don't love planet Earth what should we love is as far as geography goes we should love have and that's right in fact there is at least three passages that I came up with right off the top my head I listed them here I think Corinthians four eighteen we don't look at those things which are seen we look at those things which are not seen the things which are seen are temporal or temporary but the things which are not seen are eternal there the real things that in the last second Corinthians five one we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved when away we have something more permanent we have a building of God a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens and probably the clearest talking about loving the world versus not loving the world Colossians three wanted to famous passage if you then be risen with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ sits on the right hand of God that you are what your action your love what you like what you think about that your affectionate on things above and not on the things of this world so that geographical location don't love this plan now this should be pretty easy I would think it out don't love this world love happening how many of us are looking forward to going to heaven right we only go to heaven but as I thought about this I think that at least in my own life and maybe inures to sometimes we say we want to go to heaven but sometimes it maybe we don't give you one good example but I'll bet applies to almost everybody in this room at least one pointing away I removing this way when I was young younger than I am now we all are just come back at your work we are Adventists know we look forward to the absent but how many views at least thought that but don't raise your hand I want us to do that how many of you have thought this way Jesus sleeves come soon but don't come until I have a chance to get married now you have found your laughing and I I know that probably ninety nine oh eight on a hundred people in this room probably ninety eight percent of the people in this room have thought this at least one time or another in their lives Jesus I want to come back but please don't come back until I can get married or maybe it's something else in your life please don't come back until after the big game on Sunday error after this field trip that I'm going to on with my school friends are at least like a girlfriend down Jesus come back but not until after some other event why do we think that way the others only two reasons I can come up with one of the reasons that people might think that way you don't come until I get married is we do look forward to going to heaven but we believe that this existence the physical existence that we have on this planet has at least a few bright points that are better than heaven the marriage relationship of the example I used here and we must really believe that if we pray dear Jesus please don't come until I have a chance to get married we think that marriage is better than I think that's fair to say I think we lack information to people who think that way myself when I thought that way I think we just lack information about how good it really is the only other thing I could come up with is we don't really believe heaven exists or maybe we just don't believe it as real as this existence this planet we lack faith sown one case we lack information the other case we lack faith in face pretty important if you think you've heard terms like justification by faith righteousness by faith on things if we lack faith that's pretty big deal their marriage is wonderful I can testify I love my wife I love my children but is it really better than heaven can you think of someone who thought that Americans live in paradise there's someone who traded paradise for his lover woman Adam as you are people as well but that Adam thought that the creature was more beloved than the created for and he chose wrong NL think about those of you who are married for those of you are looking forward to marriage if you believe that marriage is more to be desired in heaven it's very easy to think of a persecution on the order of the kind of persecution Revelation talks about where you might have to choose between your spouse and your Savior and if you believe if you have this mindset Jesus don't come until I get married you love the world you love the things of the world and when push comes to shove you will just like Adam make the wrong decision I thought these things through my own life and I had to omit that you know maybe that's not loving the world thing little bit more than I need to think about because I knew that I had thought that when the past Jesus said you remember Luke fourteen twenty six if any man come to me and hate not his father 's mother his wife his children brothers sisters yet his own life also he cannot be my disciple doesn't even talk about entire persecution this is talking about a prerequisite for entering into a discipleship relationship with Jesus love not the world neither the things that are in the world Martin Luther had it down your member the hymn tune I hope that I believe just like he did that heaven is so real I'm willing to let goods and kindred go this mortal life also God 's truth the bite is still his kingdom is forever but keep going in the verso don't love the world neither the things that are in the world one not according to the verse was arrested the first say why shouldn't we love the world Fagan because if we do it indicate the love of the father is not in us I think this is pretty important because it demonstrates that this really is a heart issue I was probably in eleventh grade and I was homeschooling a time and my parents took me to a homeschool seminar that was helpful it was at that seminar that I learned the dating with people and as someone in the eleventh grade this was helpful information for me I think it saved me from a lot of problems that my peers went through but you know what they appeal at that seminar was very strongly so loved the world you don't love the waves of the world this kind of thing and it wasn't a heart issue it wasn't made to be a heart issue it was then appealed to avoid the worldliness around and I was helpful there's nothing wrong with that it saved me from in this case bad relationships the same kind of appeal has saved me in the past from drugs cigarette smoking alcohol I never really had much of a temptation to do those things but there was an obvious appeal growing up don't love the world and I was helpful but it was never really made clear why not there really is a hard issue we need the love of the father in our heart otherwise no change will be lasting and I can testify that my own life I never did take up cigarette smoking but there another temptations in my life I will mention some of them here in the next few slides that I have tried to avoid because I knew they were in that group was phase that were of the world but my heart was not changed and so because of that the struggle against the world was never successfully one long-term it was always the short term victory and then fall victory and fall victory and fall we need a heart change first John two sixteen tells us what things are in the world verse fifteen Feds don't love the world the love the things that are in the world and verse sixteen list saw what things are in the world this is a nice summary what are the three things in the world left of the flesh lust of the and the pride of life and I'm not extended to luck to belong on these because Betty Vardy heard sermons about how Eve fell in all three of these areas neurogenesis three six when the woman saw the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes and a tree desired to make one wise and don't kid yourself this wasn't trying to pass a test to become a little bit smarter she wanted to be wiser than God or at least wiser than God wanted her to be it was a pride issue Eve fell because of the temptation in all three those areas you probably also heard sermons about Jesus overcame in the same three areas that he fell Luke four starting in verse three the devil says then it is a son of God command this stone in the neighborhood you know Jesus and argument fasting for over month I want to kind of take a detour again on this passage because I think this is especially applicable to perhaps this area and also specifically to those of you in higher education it was not only a temptation to eat food sure Jesus was hungry sure it looks good to eat to ease but the underlying temptation was a temptation to vindicate God 's word and that is a huge temptation again I'm generalizing but I'll bet anything this is a huge temptation for those of you in this room because I know that you run into people every day who doubt God 's veteran in a play of people that way they doubt God 's word and in fact when you get into discussions with them there will come a temptation to you to stand up for God 's word and vindicate God 's word in the eyes of an unbeliever don't do that you will almost never change someone's mind if they have chosen to doubt God 's word the same thing will happen to you that happen to eat Satan just had to get her into a conversation did God really say woman she had come back with now will actually this is what God said oh really and sake mixture up to confuse your she was trying to vindicate God word vindicate God character set the record straight this is what the Bible really says God said about Jesus this is my beloved son Satan said if you are God 's son and do business Jesus didn't fall for it and you shouldn't either house all I know going back to the lust of the flesh lust of the eyes and the pride of life Jesus overcame in the area of the lust of the flesh next verse five the devil took him up into a high mountain and showed him all the king of the world of course he hear the ugly parts but Satan showed Jesus all the beautiful things of all the kingdoms of the world and said I'll give it all you all the glory of Bennett's delivered to man whoever I want to I give it to and Jesus didn't offer that when either finally the pride of life Satan took him up in verse nine zero pinnacle of the Temple said if you are the son of God cast yourself down it is written the ancient Jewish document the I can't pronounce this procedure rabbit T record the traditional belief in the fire would show himself to Israel standing on the roof of the temple if Jesus did what they suggested everybody would've accepted him as the Messiah especially the Angels or he dashed his foot against a stone if you will this would've been amazing proof to all of Israel that here was the Messiah to fulfill their their grandest hopes this is the pride of life Jesus could of appeared as people were expecting him to as a conquering King artists rethink the province today lust of the flesh lust of the eyes pride of life no they are and when I hear terms like this I think of things like immorality pornography and adultery and things of that nature a no less true but maybe we should take a step back your member the sin of Sodom was a predominantly homosexuality the sin of Sodom Ezekiel sixteen forty nine tells us was pride fullness of bread and abundance of idleness I don't know we'll talk about pride in a moment but what about full is the bread that are from today the BMI of Americans the tests of the fact that the list of bread is a problem today left of the flesh to know about you is visible as a broader problem here to hope it is for me that look familiar it's not so much of that fabled Apollo against me it's more of the dessert table against me but how about it tomorrow to go to potluck or wherever you go to eat just before you go through the line say Jesus when you show me what you want eat that too practical you know Jesus cares about our health you want us overcoming some of these areas what about the abundance of idleness that a problem in the United States and this is where it gets every close to me you'll recognize some of those things I was reading one of those magazines on the plane and it was some amazing number every I don't number the exact number but it was something about everything minutes twenty four hours a day it's something like two or three hundred hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute of amazing people a lot of free time don't think oh Rachel I recently decided that we weren't spending our free time appropriately and some of you know we've tried to cut back on our Facebook usage did you know that Facebook is addictive it is it if you haven't tried cutting back on your Facebook use try it sometime and see what happens you'll find out the Facebook is a drug just like a lot of other things less than the flash lust of the eyes pride of life and down here in Ezekiel abundance of idleness now let's go back to think about the lust of the flesh must be eyes and pride of life I don't want to spend a lot of time going into each one of those let's consider what all three of them have in common the common characteristics for these three things is a focus on self what is it that will please me what is it that will lift me up make me look better in the eyes of others and what the opposite of the passage but the love of the father what is the love of the father is not about that as a concept that the love of the father is the basic principle that God operates on it is a basic principle of complete other centeredness complete self sacrificing a basement complete self surrendering love for the sake of others it's the complete opposite of the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life and this principle this idea that God is completely a self-denying God a completely unselfish God this is the war great controversy this is what it's all about this is why there is a battle between good and evil I don't know if you've thought about this much but Satan does not have to prove that God is a bad guy Satan doesn't have to prove that God is evil or even that he is completely selfish that he is acting out of self-interest all that you have to demonstrate to win the great controversy is that sometimes maybe just one sign of God acts based on self-interest and God does it that it's okay for Satan it's okay for you it's okay for me to act out of self act selfishly and you see what I might be a little bit hard forgotten when the great controversy he doesn't just have to show that he's unselfish most of the time got half the fruit that the only way the universe can work is for everybody in this room everybody who's going to live forever in heaven to act one hundred percent of the time based on unselfish love you believe that I know we say we do not sure we do I'm not sure I do it's easy to test if you really believe that God is one hundred percent unselfish all the time you will never ever worry never be anxious why Beatrice if God is one hundred percent unselfish and he cares for you he loves you with an unselfish love doesn't matter what happens to you whether you live or you die God has a plan for you he'll take care of you yet the place for you and have there won't be anything I don't really care on the other hand dig myself here what if you're not sure what is sometimes throughout the day you forget maybe you don't know if God really is a hundred percent unselfish maybe sometimes he forgets about you maybe sometimes he acts on his best interests and not yours maybe they need of even exist if any of these doubts exist in your mind even at times well there's a lot of room in life rings I is a lot of room for worry where to talk more about that tomorrow I was in the Phoenix airport and I pulled this up soon there's two ways to try to to overcome by Marty alluded to them but I thought this is kind of amusing site but I'd share it there's two ways to try to become perfect I made you want to become perfect in all of us want to become perfect right well turns out there is Guiney Benjamin Franklin Theodore Benjamin Franklin Avenue you ever read Benjamin Franklin 's autobiography few of you maybe remember that Benjamin Franklin decided one day that he wanted to become perfect I read a few choice quotes here is he's an excellent writer and I just think it's hilarious it was about this time I conceived the bold and arduous project of arriving at moral perfection I wish to live without committing any fault at any time I would conquer all that either natural inclination customer company might lead me into as I knew were thought I knew what was right and wrong I did not see why I might not always do the one and avoid the other logical but as soon as I found I had undertaken the task of much more difficulty than I had imagined and singled on to explain how he decided he was the become perfect and this is what he did first of all he made a list of thirteen virtues they are temperance silence quarter resolution frugality industry sincerity justice moderation cleanliness tranquility chastity and humility more about humility moment and then he made a book this is a page out of the book that he reproduced in his autobiography area Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and then he listed on the side and abbreviation for those thirteen virtues and when he found that he had transgressed he will in any given virtues he put a black mark in their this is just a representation accident fatal ledger and made it permanent but big black marks and down my intention being to acquire the hub Institute of these virtues I judged it would be well not to distract my attention by attempting the whole at once but to fix on them one at a time and when I should be mastered that then to proceed to another and so on till I should have should have gone through the thirteen and as the previous acquisition of some might facilitate the acquisition of certain others I arranged them with that view such as they stand about temperance first of the tends to procure that coolness and clearness of head which is so necessary were constant vigilance was to be kept up and so on he knows trouble for you with the details he explains why he put in the order you did a very go through one of time and calculated audit taken about two weeks to become perfect in any of these areas so he figured it about twenty six weeks he should be able to obtain claim to moral perfection he was very very logical so he talks about his yes on the whole though I never arrived to perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining that fell far short of it he found out yet by the endeavor I was a better and happier man he talks about why he had a humility there is well my list of virtues contained at first but twelve but a Quaker friend having kindly informed me I was generally thought to be proud that my pride showed itself regionally in conversation that I was not content with being in the right when discussing a point was overbearing and rather insolent he convinced me by mentioning several instances I endeavored sure myself of prime if I could answer he added humility to the bottom of the list and he talks about how he did I cannot boast of much success in acquiring the reality of this virtue but I had a good deal with regard to be up here and found it in reality there is perhaps no one of our natural passion so hard to subdue his pride disguise that struggle with it even down to stifle it mortified as much as one pleases is still alive and will every now and then keep out and show itself you will see it perhaps often in this history for even if I could see that I completely overcome it I should probably be proud of my humility so sorry about that so much for Ben Franklin what's the other way the other way is outlined in our passage starting in verse fifteen that is not the love of the father in our heart you see there's no way that we can force ourselves not to love this world doesn't work I can tell you from my own experience what areas are relationships or YouTube or Facebook or going to the line a potluck it doesn't matter take anything in your life it doesn't work Benjamin Franklin did not have the answer the answer is to have the love of the father in our hearts verse seventeen has another way of stating this the world passes away and the lust thereof but he that does the will of God abides forever why does the world pathway you know anything is based on selfishness will pass away because it is built on selfishness is built on taking it has to pass away and this is the same reason that those that the love of the father and do his will don't we see that this passage tell the whatnots doing that is don't love this verse tells us what to do and that is do the will of God verse fifteen told the only way to do the will of God is to have the love of the father in our hearts it's only two points very very simple first point don't love the world that the negative command and helpful but by itself it you will not be successful the second point how the love of God in your heart this is her steps to Christ I'm sure you're familiar with the quote wonderful book many accept an intellectual religion a form of godliness when the heart is not cleansed let it be your prayer create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right spirit within me deal truly with your own soul all is Ernest has persistent as you would be if your mortal life were at stake this is a matter to be settled between God in your own soul settled fraternity a supposed hope and nothing more will prove your room friends we need a new heart we need a heart filled with the love of God and I know that in my own life I have focused I don't want to say too much but I focused on the negative commands of Scripture to the exclusion perhaps of the positive commands of Scripture and the negative commands are important perhaps one of the reasons God gives us the negative commands of Scripture is to reveal to us our great need in each one of us have great needs love not the world I don't know what each one of you are struggling with this evening I know what I struggle with and all of us I think love the world more than perhaps were even willing to admit member the message the church of Laodicea which applies to us into Jesus desperately trying to get across to us our true condition and so I've asked that as we had closing prayer each one of you ask God in what ways do I love the world please show them to me and then take a step further except the positive command of Scripture to have the love of God in your heart to work from the inside out create in me a clean heart after I have prayer and invite each one of you to sing with me were going to sing the old familiar song into my heart desire has dear God you know each person here in other struggles in other temptations you know perhaps more than we do you do no more than we do in each case where the tendency toward claim more tightly to this world and less tightly to the things of heaven exists in our hearts I asked for you and help us to value the things of heaven more than we value things of earth help us to think about heaven and cannot heavenly virtues think about Christ think about his sacrifice for us more than we consider the opposite the selfishness that exists here on this planet in a selfishness that exists in our own hearts help us to focus on Jesus please give each one of us the love of God that basic principle of the great controversy unselfish others centered sharing affection willingness to be poured out for the good of others I asked if his principal work in each one of our lives and that the work you have begun in us you will so many of her friends hanging around Jesus this media was gone audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe the more certain and visit www. audio person .org


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