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1. A Chaotic World? – Where is God?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 17, 2014
    6:30 PM
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good evening everyone what an exciting moment in the sandbox together in our series entitled certainty in uncertain times I'll be looking for to the series I hope you have indirectly received the flyer here you're all right right so you had a little luck they are at some of the topics which actually phrased in questions and I'm sure that you as as as I have had these questions at some point or later in our lives we wonder why is why is this world that were living in such a chaotic place how do I get like this I cautiously what happens after a person dies before you know what the future is in a whole is a type of questions that we know to be looking out in the course of six evenings together actually beginning tonight and then tomorrow and Sunday and then next weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday as well so I hope that you can make it a priority to be there each of these evenings I'm been a major priority I hope to see you as well we are getting on a journey together and that we are going to go on a journey in Bible prophecy that give you a little bit of background about myself and what I am asked a doing what I'm doing you wondering well you know what why you hear why you doing this I did not grow up as a Bible believing Christian lives he grew up in a family event my parents were were nonbelievers they had grown up as Catholics but they kind of said goodbye to religion altogether and so I grew up in a non- non-Christian home but does through a basically three different circumstances we came in contact with a Christian individual was a colleague of my father actually that started sharing with us some amazing things in the Bible things that I did not believe where in the Bible I literally thought the Bible listen ancient book that really has no relevance for me living today started sharing these amazing prophecies numbers of processing when we say a Bible prophecy seminar what we mean by prophecy prophecy is simply the prediction of a event to Congress future events and so on this individual starting to share with my family Bible prophecy and that was basically the beginning of a new chapter and I myself in my late teens early twenties decided to become a follower of Jesus Christ and much of that had to do with my studies of Bible prophecy the word of God became relevant to me now this is seen up you don't really think of that as a teenager or in your early twenties that suddenly the Bible becomes this interesting book a book that I could just not put down a book that I had to study and read them investigated and was this new beauty every time I would read and study these prophecies in my early twenties I went to a Bible college and in finishing that Bible college I ended up getting married with my Norwegian wife Sylvia to sitting right there for you to stand up for a moment this is my Norwegian bride and in two thousand three which is just over ten years ago we started a ministry together and that ministry is called living water and it's really based on that moment there when Jesus met the Samaritan woman maybe you remember the story in John chapter four and she came to draw physical water by Jesus and I have a better whatever you now is the living water the gospel of Christ we started this ministry in two thousand three and in a number of years we find ourselves traveling literally all over the globe and in the last ten years we how to to Asia in the yachting New Zealand's Westphalia to Africa to North America basically quite confident that this would just not be in South America yet but we hope to visit there sometime and that conducting evangelistic prophecy series like best looking at Bible prophecy what does the Bible has to say about the times we are living in and what does the future hold and that we have been very blessed by this work and that by item even really considered a work I really consider just a joy this is just the passion and and something that I love to do so I look forward to our series together starting this evening as we going to get into Bible prophecy I would look at some of the most fundamental questions of life and one of those fundamental questions of life is right here her first question for our first evening at chaotic world where is God or we could rephrase that question something like this if God is a God of love why is there so much suffering in this world anyone ever wondered about that right it is a God of love why is there so much suffering in our world today in order to answer that question we are going to go to Scripture and down as Senate already mentioned that she had two presentations view this evening so we can get right into it in just a moment we will then take a break and the second presentation will again be very focused on Bible prophecy many look at eight amazing prophecy that shows us where we are in the scope of time and what is going to happen in the very near future you don't want to miss that one now I tend sometimes to speak a little fast and so if you sometimes think that I speak little bit too fast don't worry because all of the information or much of the information that I share with you is also no week we published it in a little booklet or little doubt that you will receive at the end of each evening so if you're taking notes and you miss a person you miss a thing you will receive such a handout in the answer that you can go over it in your own speed okay also what we want to do is want to make all of these audio and message is favorable to you so you think all I wish I could share this with someone I wish I could hear this again we will have a website will make the notes you in the course of these evenings where you can go and you can download these messages are the only excited to get started amen amen now I believe that in order for us to arrive at the good conclusions of truth as God has revealed to us we must study this book and that's the Bible so all that we say in all that we do in the course of our time together must be founded upon the word of God amen so I believe it's so important for us as we get started to ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in our understanding of the Holy Spirit inspired men of all to write down the Scriptures and it is the same Holy Spirit that inspires us to understand what they arrived so we need to have a short affair as we got right into representation this evening scientists invite you to value has together with me as we pray father in heaven we are so grateful to be here we look forward to what you have in store for us in your word and so we ask your Holy Spirit to guide us now as we embark on this journey together in our series certainty in uncertain times Lord we truly look around us and the world is an uncertain place and yet with you we can have certainty help us to find that as we study a word we invite you to be with us now and we ask these things in your precious name amen amen well I don't think I have to use a lot of time this evening with describing that the world in which we live is so we all know certain place a number of years ago I was traveling to the country of New Zealand which is basically the country lab where I was born in the first ten years of my life I lived in New Zealand my parents are gotten so when I was ten years old they had decided to move back to Holland so I live by my life in New Zealand part of my life in Europe and part of my life about everywhere you can imagine so very international in that sense but I was traveling back to New Zealand to conduct actually a series on Bible prophecy and this was in that it is the year two thousand eleven suggest a few years ago and some of you might remember hearing on the news or reading on the news about the great earthquake that took place in the city of Christchurch in the southern island of New Zealand commented he remembers hearing about that earthquake got quite a number of you adventurous think that there are certain things that we just don't expect to shake and one of those things is the earth you don't expect suddenly the earth to start shaking the very you all quit experience out of this is what happens out it was a big earthquake that hit the city of Christchurch and it just you know the people lost their lives and people lost their homes and and it was a lot of and certainty you know there are certain things that we try to control in our lives you don't want to make sure that we have a job so that we can earn money so that we can sustain our families but there are things that just some relief then that that cause us to wonder where can I find certainty and I just remember speaking with a lot of the people there New Zealand that had gone through this tragic event is earthquake and it is wondering where can I find sort since he my friends there is one place where you can find certainty and that is in the word of God and the beautiful thing about are you unshakable it's unmistakable what we are going to do this evening is we're going to look at some passages of Scripture that revealed to us why we are living in uncertain while out what we can do in order to find that certainty of its as if the world is crying literally guarantee if you look around you you look at the news you read the newspaper and there is just tragedy after tragedy after tragedy and we wonder to ourselves where did this all come from and sold to answer that question we are going to punish the rewind button and we going to go back in time we going to go back all the way to the very beginning we going to go back to the very first chapter of the Bible and in Genesis chapter one we read that God created the heavens and the earth and there isn't really a cheering of phrase in Genesis chapter one it is very interesting every time that God created something through the word of his mouth he declared it to be good and that you can read Genesis chapter one is very interesting create something that he declares it to be good to create something else and he declares it to be good to create something else and he declares it to be good and he does this for the excess of six days he creates everything in the six basic creates the human beings and the steps back and he says it was Barry got was like an artist that has just finished painting that picture in steps back and looks at it and just as well this is very good like a sense of satisfaction bought has now created all things you come to the end Genesis chapter one verse thirty one the last verse of the chapter and it says bank also and God saw everything to you may and indeed it was very good so the evening and the morning were the sixth day so when we look the house here from the beginning the first chapter in the Bible tells us that everything is very dry but when you start looking at the world around you can you say the same thing while not quite you can look certainly are things in your life and say now that was very good that was excellent and that was great but there also a lot of things in your life the heap a look at and you say well that is tragic but it doesn't have to be things only that you see on the news but it can be even things in your own very like maybe gone through divorce I was not something very good maybe you have a family member that was diagnosed with cancer that was not something that was very good and otherwise there are many things in our life that we cannot say they were very good now why is that if the Bible tells us that from the very beginning everything was very good than what has happened now I'm going to bring you from the Old Testament now to the New Testament we going to look at a high-level of Jesus and his parable of Jesus just we look a little bit deeper at it just unfolds and an amazing truth for us about why we are living in the type world of living and this is found in Matthew chapter thirteen now you see I have a number of these verses on the screens you can follow along but I think is also great to see some of you have your Bibles with you you're welcome to turn to these passages and read along with me and that we looking at Matthew chapter thirteen and this is a parable of Jesus now Jesus spoke in parables which are really liked illustrative less than sixty days at the same time a parable contains some amazing insights into the very mysteries of God I did notice of this parable found in Matthew thirteen another parable he put forth to them saying the kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed you sealed what seemed to be so good to see in the beginning God created everything very good at a literalist at the wild man slapped his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way but when the grain had sprouted and produced a crop in the tears also appears as though this is a parable of Jesus story he's telling someone those out and so is good to see if you so good seeing what you can expect a good harvest right by them in the harvest comes out not only is there that the week the good other also to tears what we would call the weeds and is the question like why why is there also leaves here amongst the good heart that's the good breaks while the parable goes on to the service of the own the comment came and said to him Sergeant enough so good seed in your field how they doesn't have chairs he said to them and here comes the key phrase and and and the has done this and and and the has done this in the parable Jesus identifies that there is an enemy in the picture thanks now I I I I always when I read the Gospels when I read the Scriptures I think to myself and I wish I was one of the disciples because if you are one of the disciples you can always go to Jesus and asked whatever question you have and that you can just imagine Jesus is is is speaking this parable to too many people but that in the end of the day his disciples come to Jesus in a safe not tell us a little bit more about that parable is a little more about what you meant when you said that the evil that good seed in them the enemy coming in and then you know the weeds and the tears that will tell us a little more about that and it's exactly what Jesus does listen to what he says he answered and said to them to the disciples he who sows the good seed is the son of man and what Jesus does here is he's now I why the roles of the characters within this parable is okay the one that is selling the good seed is the Son of Man not as little in other words pointing to himself that's me in the parable I'm the one that is sowing the seed this field is the world so suddenly this parable takes on this panoramic picture becomes much larger becomes much bigger right the field is the world the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom and listen to assess Max but the chairs are the sons of the wicked one the enemy who sold them is who is the devil the harvest is the end of the age of the reapers are the angels now suddenly you can reread that parable and you know and has a much larger meaning it involves the world in which we live I love our series your certainty in uncertain times there is no doubt that we are living in uncertain times I don't think I've used a lot of time to do establish that fact we are all experiencing it there is this uncertainty in the air there's even maybe uncertainty in your life where the next paycheck is to come from there is uncertainty as to SG in a sickness that we may be personally experienced or loved one is experiencing an wheel wondering how can we find certainties we look around us and yes there are good things in our life but at the same time there are things that we just don't know how to cope with and Jesus gives us a parable he says in a business seller that goes forth to sow good seed but then there's an enemy that sells chairs and both of them are growing up under the identify the field as the world it isn't that correct a description of what we see in our world today I think we go through life as you are going through life it's almost you that you're walking through the field right the field of the parable you wanting to the field and good things happen I tried to be had too many good things happen but the next day tragedy can hit you and you are seeing the weeds and the tears in your life and we would like to know who was responsible for the gun was responsible for the tragedy do you want to know how I definitely wanted out and I wondered about that as a young person I know that there are millions of this world are wondering about that where do these things come from and Jesus in a simple parable he points to where the good seed comes from and where the tears come from an enemy has sold them in agony that is the devil is responsible for the uncertainty of the tragedy in our world we want to look a little bit closer at this we want to look a little bit closer this by going to some other passages and also to some amazing prophecies to further on to further elaborate upon this who is this figure the devil because you can play this word game where I will say a word and you have to do you know Inc. off off off if you need to get a picture in your mind right so if I say for example dog you all have now picture in your mind you know what it is maybe Japan maybe it's the dog of the Navy to get you away during the night you know that if I say the word vacation for some of units on the beach in Florida for others it's skiing in Norway like myself you have a picture when I say a word that I say the word devil walking up into the forties many of you the picture will be the little you know what the limits are figure with the pitchfork in the Lawrence is when right he's read and he's in charge of the place called hell now that's the picture that we usually have what many have been really it really comes from its themes from a medieval arts of ages will find out something amazing this evening as we look a little bit closer at this figure the battle because the Bible has quite a different picture that gives us up to speed now budgeting is of another passage here found in the book of Luke chapter ten lid of the tenth chapter and that Jesus has just sent out his disciples are actually a larger group than the closer in a circle of twelve yes he sent out seventy of his followers as he gave empowered to preach the gospel to cast out demons and to heal the sick and they come back with the report that God is being with them and that the Holy Spirit is working through them and that was into this conversation between Jesus and the disciples as it gives us a little bit of a deeper insight into this being called the devil lives in September seventeen and eighteen then the seventy returned with joy saying Lord even the demons are subject to us in your name and he said to them Jesus responded to the disciples listen to these words I saw Satan fall like lightning from where from heaven now that is quite a statement Jesus says I saw Satan fall like lightning from have been now if I tell you I was painting my house and I was on the ladder and I felt from the ladder if I say to you I fell from the latter you can conclude that if I felt strong that I was at one point on that ladder right if I tell you now you know if I now felt from the stage then I was at one point on the stage right now and Jesus says that he saw Satan fall from heaven then in other words we can conclude that one five double was where it happened now perfect and that kind of startling but not really where you would expect him to be as a metacognitive it would think while you know he is in charge of how Robert the Bible reveals that at one point of time the devil was actually in the habit of getting written and even go deeper into Scripture and find out what kind of being he was in heaven okay now we turn our attention to the book of Ezekiel which is an Old Testament book a profit by the name of Ezekiel wrote this book and in the twenty eighth chapter of Ezekiel beginning in verse thirteen Ezekiel gives us an amazing picture of this being called the devil mouth he's not identified if the devil here but when we look at the description we do find out that this is exactly who we are reading about in this passage now take a look at what Ezekiel writes here in Ezekiel twenty eight verse thirteen and fourteen year work in either the garden of God and very precious stone was your covering the sardius topaz the diamond Darrell Onyx and Jasper Safire Charcot 's and emerald with no is describing here a beautiful being just imagine all those stones all that beautiful radiance that must reflect from those amazing that amazing adornments the workmanship of your tendrils and types was prepared for you on the day you were created talks about this beautiful being in the garden of Eden now the word a lot of beings in the Garden of Eden we know about Adam was there even was there was there another thought about this being is obviously a different being than those other site send now I wanted to notice what it says next you are the anointed Sarah now know about that phrase anointed cherub you can also find other places in the Bible and at Charlotte is an angel okay but Sarah is a type of Angel the anointed cherub was a very special age was when about to learn interesting of being it wasn't even that was adorned with these beautiful stones these visas precious stones please call an anointed chat who covers and then gone gone is not speaking here through Ezekiel and he says all this being I established you you are on the holy mountain of God he walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones this is a special angel and he had special access into the very presence of God himself while actually when you look at the anointed cherub it's interesting when you study the sanctuary service which you can read about indeed Old Testament a Bible and Old Testament Scriptures he learned that the anointed cherub was actually the cherub it was carved out and was that blue and all of the Ark of the covenant where they placed the ten Commandments inside and so the anointed chart was really one that was very close to God himself this being that is described here in Ezekiel was a being that had access to God and that was at the very side of God now this is what it says in verse fifteen because here that here the description takes a drastic turn Ezekiel twenty eight verse fifteen you work hard back in your ways from the day you were created till in the he was found a new another one for iniquity is sent back so what does Harry describes a beautiful angel and anointed Sarah Pineda tells us that this anointed cherub times basically turned away from God iniquity was found in this being is being sin against his very nature and there are other passages that were about to go to that further describe how this happened and when we found out so far no presentation tonight and we found out that we are living in uncertain times and that Jesus himself gave us the parable that shows that there is good and evil in this world right the parable of the wheat of the terrorists but that the one that is responsible for evil is not it is the devil then we have looked at this being the devil and where he came from he came from heaven Jesus himself said I thought I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven and then we look at a description of this being Ezekiel twenty eight and he is an anointed angel of God anointed cherub so at one point of time the devil was these beautiful angel that was access into the very presence of God but something went wrong the rebels against his maker and so in the past the match of that we are experiencing a war a costly war we could call it a great controversy okay now isn't it interesting I always face the question of this is a very good question and then as well why isn't what one can God allow this to happen if he created this perfect angel white in this perfect angel second wind in this perfect angel but about why did God allow that to happen and that that is a very good question I'm not sure if we can find you know if and if we can sleep on but one thing is for sure and that is that in order for love to be real loud it must be allowed to say no in other words when God creates and he created all the angels and he created human beings he created them with free choice now that was a risk today no God could have created all the angels like robots that were just programmed to obey him and nothing would ever gone wrong but can a robot love you know in other words in order for God to be love which the Scriptures portray him to be God is not in order for love to exist there must also be the capacity to say no to that lot to think of it this way I'm married to Sylvia and I asked her to marry me she said yes and a very happy with that but she could have said no now if she could not have said no then our marriage would not be as special as it is today your great in other words because there was an opportunity to say no there is the existence of free well and the existence of free well actually puts while in its true meaning on display at the debt that we can put it this way I think I have it here up on the screen these were basically the options that were available to God I think that even decide to create nothing at all to play safe and just don't create anything because then nothing can go wrong or he could create beings who were not free so programs beings that just it is exactly as he said or he could create beings who were free free to love or not the left and he decided to do the right thing there and this shows that he's really a God of love and God of love must create beings who were free free to love or not to love we could say like this line require breakdown freedom involves rest risk entails more responsibility and moral responsibility requires moral choice might need to follow that logic then there must be moral choice that must be a freedom to decide if one of them exist well what exactly went wrong that let's go to Isaiah chapter fourteen and take a look because this is a phenomenal passage of Scripture the prophet Isaiah basically you basically just pulls back the curtains and gives us a picture of what is going on beyond the behind the scenes he gives us a picture of what is going on in the very money of this being Satan the devil or also called in this passage are in this passage Lucifer this angel this exalted being that had access to the very throne of God listens what Isaiah says about this being Isaiah chapter fourteen beginning in verse twelve how you are fallen from heaven O Lucifer son of the morning how do I cut down to the ground you who weakened the nations for you have set in your heart here he's kind of pulling back the curtains and showing what is the showing us what is going on in the brain mind or the very heart of this being listen to what is going on you said in your heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will also sit on the mountains of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high is a word that repeats itself a number of times in this message the word I like to say this way Lucifer had an eye problem not an eye problem the problem by the iPhone he had a problem with cell in a problem with cry right lives are no longer wanted to live he only wanted to be loved Lucifer no longer wanted to start he only wanted to be sure right answer this is a problem that is developing within the heart of this being an occasion to a point where he revolted against God against his maker and that was the book of Revelation tells us that there was a war in heaven between Christ and this being Lucifer was awarded at an praise God Lucifer lost that battle and he lost his position in heaven and the Bible tells us that that that he was passed out at Lincoln in a moment look at how this world became became involved in this we could call this great controversy but isn't it interesting that the very problem of Lisa are we could be I problem is the same problem that we all face in our lives today just think about out-of-print moment whatever problem you're facing right now I bet that you can trace that problem on many times to the fact that there is this south that wants to be seen once the herd wants to be met me know just think about it why do marriages break up because of the eye problem right why worry is that that that that that this contention in the job situations and job situations because there is the eye problem the I don't want to be seen the item will be hard I want to be no right we all deal with this none of us are left out of this problem we all have this problem and there's only one solution my friends that is Jesus Christ this will wear as Paul said that while the apostle put it that we can actually dying to self so that Christ delivered but this is really the problem that we find in our world today a problem of South a problem of sin or originated in the heart of Lisa Bart I found a place in each of the hearts and that's why we need a heart transplantation what is that a spiritual heart transplantation where the Bible says that that God will take out that stony heart and who voted at heart of flesh that will be in harmony with his own and then that's what we only I love the story of Moses and so interesting when you read about Moses and how he was called to deliver the people of God no first he thought he could do in his own stress is all that yet he's the man he can do it and you might remember the story he goes and he sees this Egyptian that is beating this hubris to get so angry he goes up to the Egyptian and he actually kills Egyptian by receiving the sanity thinks you here we go I'm going to deliver why people well turns out that the Farrell gets furious and wants to seek to take the very life of Moses and Zoe leaves into the wilderness and he spent forty years in the wilderness forty years and during this time are is is is humbling him and allowing him to see that faith in the power of God that he will be able to deliver his people but not in his own power not his own strand South had to diagnosis the money you might remember this instance we're not actually your speaks to Moses and an end he speaks to them through this burning bush member the starting and and what does God say to Moses as he standing before that burning bush God is speaking to him and said take off your sandals because you are standing on holy ground and then Don asks them to let go of the staff in his hand member that is an interesting idea but well that Moses is a shepherd in the wilderness and wellness there's a lot of things that are China knew how dangerous shock rocks snakes you have all kinds of stuff you borings and his protection for a shepherd living at that time was the sandals on his feet and the staff in his hand and God said let it go we discussed a letting go because God is trying to teach them a lesson that when you come into the presence of God you don't need to defend or protect yourself Don will be our protection amen and Don gives him the call to be the very one through who he delivers his people in Egypt and many times in our life when we look at this great big controversy that were involved in when we found into circumstances and situations that challenge us so many times you want to be ready to defend ourselves right we have to staff and in the satellite at sandals on our feet and under business I is alive and well we want to make sure that we got the last word in our marriage but with our spouse we want to make sure that we get the position at our job right we want to make sure that we make in life and then Don says let go of you can left no and you can let me take control of your life that's the call within this great controversy that our heart is changed and that we receive a heart that beats in harmony with the very heart of the creator God and he will take care of us you don't know this was in the safest place he could be when he let go of that staff need to both the sandals because he was in the presence of God you don't need to defend yourself you can say Lord I trust in you I want you to take control of my life now let's go in closing here I wanted to bring you to the very passage is in the book of Genesis where we find how this conflict around to hear on this are because this becomes very central as we night as we continue in our studies at about this seminar we can find that in the very beginning of this great controversy drum are certain claims were made by the enemy and through the course of Bible prophecy you see how God answered these claims are how he basically refuted these lies that the enemy brought to the first human beings they are in the Garden of Eden Celica Genesis chapter three of beginning in verse one and she said to the woman has gone deeds that you shall not eat of every tree of the garden now when I have a lot of time here so that you will remember the story God gave them all of all the trees index in the Garden City review all of them but he pointed out one that they were not to eat up member the tree of the knowledge of good and evil now as the woman makes her way to the tree remember the story there the serpent now this is the very least for the being that that was cast out of heaven takes the form of the serpent and speaks to the woman and says has God indeed said you shall not eat of every tree of the diagnosed no gone point out one tree that they were not to eat out but he says you shall not eat of a dog needs that you shall not eat of every tree of the garden in other words he's exaggerating right is exaggerating the story here the picture here in other words he's saying God is limiting you is limiting you can't eat of all the trees you really got followed that kind of that kind of a God and once delimited and my friends that is a claim that exists even into our day-to-day how many times do we we hear that that you got involved in following Christ getting involved in becoming a Christian your life is to be limited the same argument that was what was in the beginning made by this enemy is still we hear an echo in our world today I think that's what house he says first a suitable and the woman said to the serpent we make each of the fruit of the trees of the garden but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God has sent you shall not eat of it nor shall you touch it lest you die then the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die so first he says God is basically saying God is limiting you and it is as if you feel this is for it to die in other words we say is God 's word cannot be trusted God says you will and you won't thought is limiting you and God 's word cannot be trusted another thing that we hear this line is echoed down to two thousand fourteen at still many people say God 's word cannot be trusted but I challenge you that if you think that God 's word cannot be trusted I like to come to every single evening that will be gathering here I will find out the Bible prophecies like the signature of God himself up on the events that happened and events that don't happen showing that this book can be trusted and then I react I will I like to challenge people that are skeptical towards this book because as time is going on there are more and more discoveries are being made archaeology confirms the word of God prophecy confirms the word of God and your personal experience can confirm the word of God in your life a man so God 's word can be trusted this was the lot and then the third line chapter three verse five for God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes we will then you'll be like God knowing good and evil so if you eat of this fruits you to be like God and God does not want that in other words not a selfish selfish because I want you to experience what he is experiencing that's why the double so just because of those three lives limits you not swear cannot be trusted and God is selfish that's how the great diversity interrupts upon this planet got limits to God 's word cannot be trusted not as selfish and and the rest of this story the rest of this narrative of Scripture all the way from the first book in the Bible did the last book in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation we had here thousands of years of history and brought to a very present day and age and it shares how God is answering these claims and revealing to us that he can be trusted that he's revealing to us that he's not out to limit us but he's willing to give everything to us even his only son and that he is not selfish and wrong there but he puts his character on display to show that he himself less than a visible in a discovering our studies of Bible prophecy God is not out to minutes you go out to get you the very best gifts of heaven he wants to bless you abundantly don't believe the lies of the enemy and God 's word my friends can be trusted it is a powerful revelation of who God in reality is under the enemies at work to distort empty paint the word of God in the picture of God and yet God in answering these claims was revealed to you and to me the beauty of who he actually is fun I challenge you to come to this Bible seminar so that we can do a study of the Bible with study of prophecy receive a revelation of who God in reality is I want to close with this passage your phone close a first meeting offers preservation with this passage on the Philippians chapter two and as we read this I want you to think about the passage we already bad in Isaiah chapter fourteen in advance of the fourteen we read about Lucifer Lucifer was on one course was on the upward course he says I want to be like the most high I want to be like this I want to be like this I want to be like this I wanted to be like God listen to Philippians chapter two and listen to what Jesus does God does in response to that I would enclose with this it says that this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus Sodano 's were about to get a revelation out of the mind of Christ in revelation into the mind of Lucifer Lucifer went up up up up up and now we have a revelation into the mind of Christ this is what it says will be in the form of God do not consult or consider it robbery to be equal with God in other words Christ is equally you don't want something you already have he had equality with God enough to think that you have to receive that he had at least one says that but made himself of how much reputation no reputation taking the form of a bond servants and coming in the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man he told himself and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross of Christ in response to the lies of the enemy that begun the great controversy in this planet that it was the very beginning of second times the responses that God said okay and one on the belief you in this sorry I thought you in the corner of the universe am looking on what is happening to planet Earth at all they messed up we don't need and we serve a God is some kind of galactic cheerleader that now and then just you know cheers us all to do the right thing we serve rather a God that that that puts himself in the midst of all this mass and got sent his only son Christ into this world he was equal with God but he became he put off he put off his is is is you left his family home he became one of blasts and became obedient to that even the death of the cross they could take your sins of my sins upon himself and paid the price to set you free what a beautiful beautiful mess amount and as we are going to continue to study together into Bible prophecy we do find out that God is through prophecy through the events that happen is through the events that are happening right now and I'm going to happen is reviewing his character and my friends it's a beautiful picture and we need to see this pictures I hope we can continue studying together what would I do right now is we cannot close with where prayer will have a ten minute break and the will going right into my second presentation tonight we start a little bit later tonight but we will try to get you out on next reservation number to be a long one but it's got to be a powerful and so it has had a shot where prayers week as we close this first session of the father thank you so much for being with us and keep a guiding us in your word voice would be looking at the great controversy between good and evil we want to be on your side thank you for the gifts of heaven and in this in your son Jesus we can be set free lawyer I just pray thank you well I change our hearts so that we may becoming your followers and in our lives we view learning and doors need so much for being with us and I'm trading in the living room and was asking about registering as a rule of this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe the second more assertive and visit www. .com universe .org


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