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2. Is the Bible Trustworthy?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 17, 2014
    7:30 PM
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alright we write starting to our second presentations a quarter to eight I hope to have us finished by a hapless aides this will be a short presentation by powerful one we're going to look at a programming book in the Old Testament and that is the book of Daniel 's same name I have for those that are starting a little bit of bio prophecy you will know that there are two books in particular they deal with Bible prophecy and specifically apocalyptic prophecy prophecy that deals with times in which we are living in the near future and that's the book of Daniel in the Old Testament as the book of Revelation in the New Testament the last book of the Bible now that doesn't mean that they are not other books that contain prophecy as a medic there's lots of books that contain prophecy but when you specifically looking at apocalyptic prophecy her last day prophecy you'll find yourself often in those two books the books of Daniel and Revelation and we will be studying both of those books in the course of this time I together this seminar and there is a prophecy in the book of Daniel that really is like a foundation of what everyone foundation that we can build on when we come to other prophecies where delegates of how proxies tomorrow Sunday next week and other common good a build on this once I'm very happy you're here this is found in Daniel chapter two now as we get into our message this evening I just wanted to clicker is working of a other work now to try to type without you of assets as Netscape getting going to show you a couple of slides with some a couple of references to prophecies the already happened in the life of Jesus in his first coming and I will look at this amazing prophecy benefits to which points us to the second coming of Christ what I find to be true is that there are a lot of Christians that a talk about the first coming of Jesus that happened two thousand years ago and that essential to the Christian faith there are not a lot of Christians know why they're getting less and less Christians I can put it that way and actually talk about the second coming of Christ is a lot to say about the second coming of Christ and yes it is good news that he came yes it is important is that he gave up but is also incredible music is coming again and I'm and so will be looking at a prophecy that points the second coming of Jesus Christ on SNL just figuring that out for malicious havoc short what a prayer again I got spirit will be with us this evening heavenly father we thank you so much or your word and I pray that as we study it to gather that you will open our hearts open our minds allow us to see the beauty of prophecy and help us to understand the times we are living in and that which is seen to happen in this world that we can be prepared or great events that are before us to guide us now I pray your precious name amen amen all right we got with you to specifically focus during this seminar chewing the series on prophecy which is the third point here there are a number of their number of claims that we could look at why the Bible is actually authentic why we can trust it lights trustworthy I would look at the historicity the evidence of history you know other places I go sometimes I do a whole election archaeology showing discoveries have been made there external disk Grace you can compare with biblical stories and you see this beautiful harmony now another Internet in this series if you would be interested in that I did see some resources are some links that you can go to to let what these presentations online but tonight we're going to spend and the majority of our time during the series will spend actually on prophecy we could also talk to internal consistency how old the different books of the Bible really harmonize together but down one of the things that led me to become a full on follower of Jesus that led me to basically give up my studies in a certain direction and decide to become a preacher of the word is prophecy said something that is very close to my heart I like to think of prophecy is the signature of God like you know something happens about with the signature under it and he knew it all along it was in happen and then he kind of confirms the events of one of my events of world history now there are a lot of prophecies that point to the first coming of Jesus I just put a couple of references up here on the screen regarding where Jesus would be born you can read about that in my pickup the five member states that he would be born in Bethlehem which took place the fulfillment nothing to verse one regarding the circumstances of his birth in Isaiah seven member of Virgin was conceived marry and then also from which tribe he would come you would come from the tribe of Judah now there are lots of prophecies here pointing to the first coming of Christ some people will say you know what cheese as maybe you just wanted to be the Messiah and so he looked at the prophecies in the Old Testament I just like the fulfillment now that could maybe work to a certain extent but it wouldn't really work because you have no control as to where you were born right you have no control as to from which you know what family you end up that there are certain things that you can sail Ganymede that prophecy of them to try to fulfill that there are lots of prophecies in the Old Testament that are beyond the control of an human being will perfectly fulfilled in the life of Jesus regarding ABA again his family he would come from that from Bob Leon viewed be the son of David through the light lineage of David I that he would come on to into this while the amazing prophecy in Daniel chapter nine also regarding his message his ministry Isaiah sixty one about his entry into Jerusalem his betrayal and the very price that was paid for his betrayal these all prophecies in the Old Testament and you find fulfillment in the New Testament regarding how his in how the divine scenes of his life unfolded and was mocked spit upon he was crucified criminals his bones were unbroken by he resurrected the very time of his death all these things you find these of his references here is a things are prophesied in the Old Testament we find fulfillment in the New Testament it was a man by the name of Peter Stoner and he had a PhD in mathematics astronomy and engineering and he brought a book called science speaks and what he did with the following this is quite fascinating he mathematically made a mathematical calculation of what the probability is of forty eight of the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament fulfilling in one math now there are more than forty eight prophecies in the Old Testament regarding the figure the Messiah figure there actually is estimated several hundreds but Peter started just of forty eight of the several hundred prophecies so what is the probability of these forty eight fulfilling in one man so he did all his calculations and young up with this figure can see the hundred hundred fifty seven power that looks like this sleep on the nasty pronouncement number but that is well worth it randomly unlikely for all those prophecies to be fulfilled in one person it is impossible and because of all these prophecies we can be sure that Jesus is the very one he claimed to be his prophecies are absolutely astounding notices concerning the first coming of Christ now what when Kennedy was with another prophecy that points to the second coming of Christ on this prophecy is what we could call historic and what has already happened but part of this prophecy is also apocalyptic or it points to the future and the historic part of the prophecies basically confirms the truth about fullness of the authenticity of the predictions that are still in the future if I got authority signed any of these prophecies that are ready happened as we can be sure that the last part of that happen now this prophecy was given in ancient Babylon it was given between five hundred and six hundred years before Christ or five hundred six hundred BC before Christ know what happened was that alone was that VI of the great King down the great nation I hope that time and they had invaded Judah and they had destroyed Jerusalem and it taken captive many of the Jews and taken them back to Babylon and amongst the captives there was a young man by the name of Daniel and she wrote the book of Daniel in the Old Testament as you wrote it while he was a captive in Babylon K now interesting as you come to the second chapter of the book of Daniel we read that the king of Babylon which was a man by the name of Nebuchadnezzar are had by three and in this in this dream he dreamt of something that we cannot look at any moment but he couldn't remember really when he woke up you are insignificant but he couldn't really remember the details about three and the Bible tells us that he goes and he calls together all his wise men and all his counselors and among that number is also Daniel because Daniel is heavily said that he had been selected and trained in the court of the king and so he was one of those Wiseman now as he as as as as oldies Wiseman together together negatives is okay tell me what I drowned in sound interpretation of the street they are not able to do that so what happens is he passes a best degree and not when you read the book of Daniel find out a little bit about this king Nebuchadnezzar he's quite a figure and that he becomes enraged as I have you on my payroll unitedly able to tell me what I dressed when I when I dreamed of so he passes a death degrees is okay if that's the case and you lose your life if you can come with the dream and its interpretation now the Bible tells us that Daniel goes any praise that God reveals the matter to him and he goes before the King and reveals this amazing drain just think about this for a moment we are living in two thousand fourteen what is at sixteen yes seventeen seventeen to generate two thousand fourteen at here we are interested in a dream that an ancient king of Babylon had twenty five of six hundred years before Christ and have this dream is fascinating because what it does is it that is it reveals a prophecy has been at sea and abet now it is interesting that the book of Daniel was really a book for you and for me you might think wow what is the story of David Babel have to do with me today the book of Daniel has twelve chapters and in the twelfth chapter the last chapter of the book and verse or the Bible says the following is an Angel speaking to to Daniel the prophet and says that you Daniel shut up the words sealed about until the time of the lot unveiled the time of the and many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase so the message that Daniel receives is this about you just read the dangerous roads young CLEC shot up it's not for now but in the time of the end it's a mistake it's going to AA it's going to be on your unlocked unleashed the message is getting out or not are we living at that time of the end while we got the question are many running to and fro it is knowledge increasing while I think so enough just the very fact that you're using down laughing and known a number of hours in a matter of hours it can be no a little different place just just think about that you know you look at that you look at first history pages look at the last hundred years is incredible how knowledge has literally exploded and and and knowledge is just a finger click away I know we all have this technology today and many a running to and fro and knowledge has increased not only has scientific knowledge increase but also biblical knowledge we can have access to these amazing prophecies in the book of Daniel now the King had a dream and in that dream what he saw was a MH NBC Olympic chuck it on the screen in front of this image that was like a metallic matter mandate of different metals and his hat was made of gold its chest and arms of silver despite subgraphs his legs of Iran and his feet the Bible says were made of iron and client now you can imagine it if that's what you did when you would wonder you would want to know what the interpretation what the meaning of that Daniel the prophet comes before decaying and canned sauce the interpretation or the meaning all three said notice would benefit up here in Daniel chapter two verse thirty seven and Daniel says to King Nebuchadnezzar you okay are a chain of Keynes for the God of heaven has given you a kingdom how were stranded and glory listen to these words you are this had all goals so as Daniel is describing the dream you can just imagine you could change Nebuchadnezzar know he's on the tip of his cronies is exactly what I dreamt yes I saw this I thought this image is mounted yes you have all the messianic it is it just arms were made of silver and buys a breath of life and art of the iron plate that's when I saw to what is it mean and Daniel says you navigate Nebuchadnezzar you your kingdom represents the head of gold now the hat of Gaul or Babylon which Nebuchadnezzar ruled over reigned over ruled from six oh five BC to five thirty nine BC allowing them to discover as we look at this prophetic dream is that every manual of basic image represents a different kingdom a different one everyone came to begin playing with Babylon but bringing us through the corridors of time to the very day and age in which you and I are living this is fascinating beyond fascinating I don't have a leg up on him even you know describing this this is amazing as you can the discovery just a bit how accurate on this prophecy actually is this week as we look at it together so we were in Babylon know what we're back in Babylon and Daniel is displacing this is King Nebuchadnezzar he says okay you dreamt this dream metallic men this image had uncles representing units representing about now babbling you see a picture here on the screen of the in the reign of the DVD I geographic area where were back will at that time I just give you a little bit of an insight into what what kind of city it was the capital of the Babylonian empire was also the city of Babylon it was ten miles around us compare that with Rome being six miles in Athens before Botha gives you an idea that was a very large city the Temple of market which was one of the box that the Babylonians worship was three hundred feet high and outside it was covered with blue glazed tile inside was overlaid with gold and it happened in the temple they had an ulcer and thrown which were made up eight and a half tons of solid gold no wonder that in the dream Babylon is depicted as the Golden had in another prophecy in Scripture is actually referred to as the Golden city this is Babylon lots of goals and taxi archaeologists have found a tablet that they believe could even be the very writings of Nebuchadnezzar himself and all net tablet it says may Babylon last forever now and that's really what Nebuchadnezzar wanted in an and other kings in battle and wonder they thought that that that that battle was so strong so powerful that it would never be conquered in about one had the city itself had walls that were so that you could race three chariots on top of them they had a food supply of twenty years they had a river running through the city which was called the River perforate this so they thought you know we aren't on comparable safety they thought that they would last forever and yet the prophecy tells us a different thing when Daniel was standing before Nebuchadnezzar he says you are that head of gold but then he says the next thing you says in verse thirty nine is this is what but I think you shall arise what another kingdom in barrier to yours so Daniel the prophet predicts that he's speaking through the inspiration of God that according to the prophetic dream that another kingdom would come the kingdom would come that would conquer Babylon and this seemed against all of us because that will so strong so powerful so mighty while the question is how did that really happen is another profit by the name of Isaiah that lives actually before Daniel so this was a prophet prior to attitude to Daniel prior to this time and he wrote the following concerning Babylon in Isaiah thirteen verse nineteen and Battle of the beauty of kingdoms the glory of the champions provide will be as when God overthrew Sodom and tomorrow out your limit familiar with Scripture you remember what happened son of a divorce settlement or were utterly destroyed never to be rebuilt now shut what happened then to Babylon remember again the prophet Daniel says that you shall arise another kingdom inferior to yours in the book of Daniel chapter five you can basically read the story but it does give you a short synopsis of the story here that when the sun of Nebuchadnezzar our help this huge great feasts and he is like you know called all his all his and his is important men together and you saw owned his rights as the statutes of that state grids vessels of the Temple in Jerusalem which they had taken with them when they destroy Jerusalem and they were using that in this industry this riotous feast and all the while when they are feasting outside of the walls of Babylon and then needs and the Persians had gathered because they wanted to conquer Babylon now the Medes and the Persians which exit comes from that from two kingdoms were united needs of the Persians the meal person army had gathered to overthrow Babylon by the Babylonians weren't afraid at all I can let the Medes and Persians say their encounter a long dildo home eventually because I was a suspect we have a piece of why we haven't the river raises money through the city we have no fear at all some historians even say that there's evidence that they threw food over the wall just to tease them but you have something to eat the lunch back and go home but they know how they stay there and the commander of the Medo Persian army was a man by the name of Cyrus and what Cyrus dad was absolutely brilliant jury this night that they were feasting he must've caught wind of that and it were less yards of the walls that night and that what he did is the river or Frank says he subtracted it and he built this huge reservoir so that the water of your break is flown into that reservoir very quickly and that at that same night as they were feasting inside he marched his men under the wall through the riverbed that had run dry now normally there was a bars date that went into the riverbed but the Babylonians have left that open that night and so in one night Cyrus conquered Babylon and one night about was overthrown this history would you find recorded in Scripture is also recorded to be just a comeback concerts moment is also recorded on what is known as the Cyrus cylinder which is an archaeological object that is being discovered and what you can actually look at in the British Museum in London today and all the Cyrus cylinder where they would often record events of history it actually read about the overthrow of the city of Babylon Y Cyrus and the Beta version I'm not fascinating that you have the story on the cylinder or the story in Scripture that now meet a person was big must dine nation that conquered Babylon understand backup into this verse because I just think Isaiah forty five verse one Isaiah which was a prophet lived lighter to Daniel prior to all of these events even foretold that this would happen and he says he writes the following about Cyrus thus saith the Lord 's anointed to Cyrus whose Mike and I told him to sit and choose nations before him and I will lose the loins of Kings to open before him the two left dates the gate shall not be shocked that's exactly what this was written more than one hundred years before it happened I will prophecy my friends fascinating now when they battle and foul Medo Persia took its place and so we're now in the prophetic image in that at rest and arms of silver at which a representation of Medo Persia which ruled from five thirty nine BC all the way to three thirty one BC remember were counting back you were before Christ was so going towards with Whitman were going from five thirty ninety three thirty one Vito Harsha says the empire ruling during that time see on the map the region of Medo Persia was a larger kingdom then Avalon and this was not the end of because in Daniel chapter two and verse thirty nine listen to what it says is definitely still standing before the right thing King Nebuchadnezzar is that you represent the kick that had evolved Babylon after you shall come another kingdom which is inferior to yours then in verse thirty nine we read the following then another a third came down a point which metal wrongs which shall rule over all the art you see how Daniel is clearly connecting the big cheer Re: all ending in man's to the different kingdoms facing your golf after you shall come another kingdom that's that chest and arms of silver and then a third kingdom of wrong and what we have to do is very simple friends we just have to think while across the state history and allow them to go hand-in-hand right through the corridors of time and so we have Babylon that problem was conquered by the appraiser which the Bible reveals and secular history or archaeology reveals Antonito pricer was followed by anyone not liking them followed me to present it was grace exactly and grease range from three thirty one BC to one sixty eight BC again is very interesting and you see the geographical extent of the Greek empire 's are interesting because all these things have happened against yachts that he didn't think about what could be conquered but it happens Nina Persson was exceedingly strong and it was no way that Greece which was a relatively small army led by Alexander the great it wasn't was no way that they could conquer the Medo Persian army but it happened Alexander the great was a genius when it came to warfare and you might remember the story he was very young he was in his late twenties when he led the Greek army against the Medes and the Persians the actually Max King Darius which is was about time that the King of the Persians he met him on the fields of Arbella which was at a place where a very decisive battle was fought between these two empires and when they faced off that the media Persian army outnumbered the Greek army won by ten so the Greeks were outnumbered okay and that yet Darius was a little unsure about this young Alexander the great and so he sends a message into the great army to Alexander the great he says why can't you be the chain of oh well I'll be putting a Big East associate out when you go home although home it does not do this out of Senate race and the messenger back I said after a new note to sums in the sky there is no place for you and I and so they start this battle they start fighting and I was headed right to use his his his man and his is a horseman in and in a way that Yancey surrounds the Army of the Medes and Persians and I rarely open rates them he destroys the Army he continues to march an appearance eight years now remember this is not an card sorting is on horseback in eight years he conquers you know far regions all the way up to India and Alexander the great every time he would win a battle you have a party with his men and he would drink it wasn't drinking you know applicants we we we we hardly left to attend the twenty eleven seminar yeah but the good stuff there he was drinking while we're not supposed to drink and what then is he actually drunk himself to death he died at a very young age some say thirty two cents a thirty three he died geeky guilt he could conquer the world can conquer himself and conquer himself as if they let interesting that he died at age thirty three to someone else that we know of in Scripture the guide of the age thirty three he conquered sin and that is Jesus Christ and then and this young this young ruler conquering the world is not able to conquer his appetite and his own passions as we dies in the Army his son which was supposed to be the successor of the throng was too young and so what he said they say that his last words of his death dad were now made the strongest win here for generals and oh that they bought and they bought and eventually you know I want the two of them became stronger than in the butt it was all a broken empire which really continued that way until the was another kingdom that came up and that was none other than the kingdom of Rome Roman Empire that we read about us in continuing a prophetic dream look at Daniel chapter two verse forty and the fourth kingdom shall be as strong as Iran inasmuch as Irene rakes in pieces and shatters everything I like Iran that crushes that kingdom will break in pieces and cross all the others these are the words of the young Hebrew Daniel as he standing before King Nebuchadnezzar everything you are the head of Bell back you will come another kingdom another will be a third kingdom of Brahms and eight talks about the fourth kingdom and this is resembled in the prophetic image fighting Iran right he's talking about listing them as a kingdom that will crush all other kingdoms will be a very harsh empire no iron when you think of irony not strong sound yet look at this role is resembled here because none other than none other than the Roman Empire was the one that followed the Greek empire is interesting that the Roman Empire is many times referred to as the Iran monarchy of around I have you heard that the hiring monarchy or the Roman Empire Rome arranged for a long time it rained from one sixty eight BC till approximately four seventy six eighty is hard to put a date on the fall of Rome because it didn't happen in one year or in one event this is just an approximate date here the Roman Empire they said we crumbled to pieces as there was a lot going on within the Empire and from without we'll talk about it that in just a moment but what we're seeing here is rain and Madge made of different battles representing different kingdoms bringing us from Babylon to Medo Persia to Greece and now to row to row last for a long time now what happened then if you find that here's a picture of the extent of the Roman Empire all around the Mediterranean Sea this is interesting while I would given in his book the decline and fall of the Roman Empire obviously at the given has had a taste of the prophecy that you and I studying tonight as we look at the language he's using here is talk about the fall of the Roman Empire listen to what he says the images of goals silver and brass that might serve to represent the nations of their kings that's Daniel to language were successively roped in by the irony Mono Q Rob three Saint got wrong both fill that position of being the fourth kingdom that now relevant did not all overnight as a matter fact Rome crumbled to pieces because there was a lot going on first of all rootless allies particularly police their borders anymore and so there were different tries from the north and from the east and from the south that were kind of invading and taking parts of row of the Roman Empire at the same time that they were attacks from without it was corruption from within is the one Caesar would down the road again and now get it into ruler become a ruler but then he would be poison and then someone else would come up that would be no killed as well and that there was a lot of intrigue a lot of unrest going on within the empire itself and so the turmoil from within the attacks from without basically caused the Roman Empire to crumble to pieces listen to what is now now now the problem doesn't really fascinating south of a few seats of the seatbelt fastened right now this gets really cold now regular guy Alameda Persia Greece Raleigh getting close to where kind of know we come into the picture look out world comes into the picture now this is the first forty one were asked you saw that feed on the tall selling on your index is very bottom of the image whereas he saw the feet and toes partly of potters clay and partly of Iran the kingdom shall be what's the word if I needed so the prophecy predicts that the fourth kingdom would be divided right now we wait we started in Babylon there would come a second thing that would come in starting to become a fourth kingdom now that's kind of life easy to predict what you know it will come another kingdom and the coming of the kingdom and the coming of the kingdom but this is really what with the signature on this prophecy because yes you could say to come the second kingdom and the third one enforcement but if you predict that the division comes after the fourth and that gets a little bit more detail I went this is okay after the fourth came down to the VA division now let's take a look what happens in approximately again for seventy six we find you know that the Roman Empire this time is really crumbling to pieces at intrigue from within attacks from without and it indeed divided when you look at the West Roman Empire it basically divided into ten regions were ten countries and this is just a matter of the division as we look at the West Roman Empire there and of course later these these triumphs warned that countries that we know in present-day Europe today like the Franks became that French and so forth now look at what it says Max gives us even more detail as to what would happen after this division of the for hire or that nation of the Roman got the Roman Empire at first forty three as you saw Irene mixed with ceramic clay they will mingle with the seed of men and so forth kingdom would be divided but then in verse forty three it says they will try to mingle and it's interesting phrase that is used here they will mingle with the seed of man which points to end the marriage the marriage the mingling of seat now this is interesting when the Roman Empire fell and was divided up into all these different nations what we see in the history of what we would now take all your is that there was a lot of times to unite this empire again this fall and broken divided Roman Empire many attempts to unite that empire now this was many times done through war politics but also through intermarriage see you have in one country you have prints in another country you have a princess of the two countries said no let's go into an agreement the Prince will marry the princess so that we can have peace and so that we can unite this empire that has been divided now that seemed to go well at times and when seeing a well for a couple of months but not very long as in effect every time it would cause even more division and ended the history of Europe is really just the history of wars and wars and wars and more than one and a while is no unity just like the prophecy predicted now look at what it says the second part of verse forty three exists a fascinating extent but they will not adhere to one another just as Iran does not mix with Clay another was that in trying to unite him five minutes Friday night we believe we'll see the Internet but is not the last exactly a picture of the history of the broken Roman empire and we got was left at a sequence or we look at a lot of different rulers and dictators kings and that's why to unite Europe Charles the fifth enough of Louis the fourteenth of course Hitler and all these different individuals in the course of history have tried to unite this empire but every single one of them has failed to do that and prophecy stands the test of time and then it would be broken it would try to unite but it would not last this is an interesting quote by Adrian Hilton in his book the principality and power in Europe listen to how he puts outputs and how he phrases that it is impossible to understand the current drive for European integration without viewing it in the context of previous attempts they looking at your today your plate is trying to unite probably heard about the EU European union of trying to unite these nations what he was saying as well we cannot really understand this if we don't look at previous attempts listen to what he says since the fall of the Roman Empire numerous attempts to be built a unified Europe have failed the vision of one empire under one emperor belonging to one charge under one God has caused more bloodshed than anything in the history of the well somehow Europe has seemed doomed to ask you oscillate between war and peace between power and ignominy between order and chaos somebody saying is there been many attempts and those attempts to unite this fallen Roman Empire has been attempts to bring it under one emperor one or one religion now you might say while this is a prophecy that really talks a lot about you know on the old confidential Rihanna new continent United States of America what does this have to do with us now on if they only say one thing here I hope that you come on Sunday because Sunday when I look at a prophecy in the book of revelation it talks about this country unites states of America there are prophecies about the old continent of Europe their prophecies about the United States are caught there are prophecies about the global world in which we are letting the one that would looking at tonight yes it has most of its focus on on on what we could call Europe but we do see that has implications that definitely back and speak to this global world which were all living and this is interesting because sent in Europe and on I myself spent a lot of years and living in Europe others this is the oldest draw she unites the section interesting picture this picture sexy upholsterer of the EEC which is the European economic community and that is a picture on occupancy this but it is actually a representation of the building of a power which actually reminds us of the story in the Old Testament we find in Genesis chapter eleven that is the story of the building of the tower of Babel how many of you are familiar with that start a remember how you know this was shortly after the flawed thoughts that you know I want to get a spread and multiply on the face of the earth and yet there were people that came to get us a note when identity that would rebuild this power to secure the antiflag will ever come again will be safe I will just live the way we want to lead an inbred bounding into the word of God they built this power the tower of Babel it was led by an individual called Nimrod which his name means we will rebel you don't call your child Nimrod we him will now they're building this huge tower which was to reach to the cabin itself but what happened is if God can use as the languages that they can no longer complete this project is about the scatter I we has some of the languages today my short life on thirty three years old and I and I speak four languages I was born in New Zealand so I spoke English not my parents are so I had to learn thoughts I've learned in school German and unmarried and regionwide so I speak Norwegian now you don't even let you know he's the only different languages in particular the confused right as it's hard to compartmentalize all these different languages but can you imagine all these language and suddenly they just can't finish this project the interesting thing is this it was not God 's will for them to build a tower and yet what is living today in the continent of Europe is that they won't all come together and what is it about it's about the same thing back in Genesis Chapter 11 snow control we get a control to control the people how did I do this by having one euro under one no ruler one religion one God you know this is what we see in Europe is only a model of what is happening in our world today we discovered that in the course of our study on Bible prophecy is interesting on this post there given out by the EC the European economic community this little phrase here is that here in Europe many times one voice now this is also interesting this is a painting by brutal all the Tower of Babel this is actually the EU parliament installs are now tell me do you find the any likeness here they almost look like a tower completed at what is going on in our world today going on in our world today is interesting to BBC News published this article couple years ago is what it says this first major speech on the UK's relationship with Europe he born Secretary David Miliband said the EU should be a role model for the world it could be on model power of regional cooperation dedicated to retry the environment and tackling extremism as we see in our world today that there is this this this this pulled the strongest this attempt to unite all the nations right now energy agency can be something very good unity can also be something that will be awesome away from the very purpose will go three points unity can be important but that of course the question is what is letting united all right was the unity built on unity in itself can be deadly the asked question was a dildo was in the course of our time together and studies and Bible prophecy when you find out how that we can have unity on the word of God for us and find out that there is a world in which we live is trying to unite different kind of principles is very important for us to study these things together and Benjamin Franklin he said the man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either right one of a lot of truth in that now we can wrap this up with a couple of minutes last accent would be finished by half I think that would actually make it this is the last part of the prophecy this gets really interesting so here we are basically living in the tip of the toes of the image you and I we don't live in Valladolid in the original that agrees with elegant romp we are living in a world that is divided is trying to unite no yes speaking about the continent your actually a model of what is going on in our world today and so you're not examining really the tip of the scouts will happen next this is what it says verse forty five the dream is certain and its interpretation is what is sure Babylon first race from here we are one time know what happens next was forty twenty five tells us take note and in the days of these kings in the days of them trying and attempting to unite this broken empire in the days of these kings the God of happen will set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed and the kingdom shall not be left to other people God is been assessed a kingdom where you say amen it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms and it shall stand for ever a mini review is part of the Dravo was not yet covered here but you know not only did the King dream of an image that was made of different metals but also history he saw a stone in the image on the feet and the whole image crumbled to pieces and Daniel now refers to databases inasmuch as you saw that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands and it broke in pieces the irony brought the claims silver and gold the great God has made known to became what will come to pass after this now what could happen God is the Messiah 's kingdom how was he to do that well in the dream the stone hit the image on the feet and everything crumbled to pieces when you love you can just think of giving you a very simple study in the Bible the rock or the stall on many occasions it points to Jesus Christ Jesus Christ himself said that he was the cornerstone in first grade his chapter ten verse four Paul writing to the Corinthian church he says and that rock was Christ Christ he says my kingdom is like a rock you need to build under that that little bit little parable that Jesus Gay don't build your house on the sand and build your house on the rock River that and he himself is that rock the rock is at the Christ's kingdom elsewhere letting an uncertain time so we need to know where to build our lives and build upon them build your life on the sense of uncertainty that are and how well because it's just not enough work once the storms of life hit you but if you build your life on the rock Jesus Christ you can be secure you can know that he will take control of your life in a and so Christ is represented by the rock and when Christ comes back the second time all the kingdoms of these are cool passed away and they will make way for the one kingdom and the one case which is none other than Jesus Christ our board and safety and so what we see in this prophecy is a prediction that brings us all the way from ancient Babylon between five and six hundred years before Christ through the corridors of time and history meet a person race row the breakup of run the attempt to unite the baby utter failure to unite and ultimately the timing of the King of kings and Lord of lords none other than Jesus Christ is the rock and he will bring the kingdoms of this world and his kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom and the kingdom that will never pass this is a kingdom where there's no doubt acumen is no suffering a kingdom where there is no sing a kingdom where there's no answer and diabetes a kingdom where there is no hatred and terrorism a kingdom where there is certainty because it's founded upon the one that will always fulfill his promises that is Jesus Christ and I'm my friend the good news tonight is that you can be part of that kingdom already today you can decide to build your life upon the rock Jesus Christ in the course of this seminar together the series another way to discover how can we how we can did do just that we do discover how we can build our lives on the rock Jesus Christ were living in uncertain times no doubt about that but in the midst of uncertainty we can have succinctly in Jesus I look forward to the rest of our presentations the rest of our studies is when can continue to journey in Bible prophecy we might know what is ahead of us what is coming more important how we can base those times with courage and confidence amen I hope that you will be able to join us for that this evening we look at Bible prophecy but you know what is one last thing and that is the word of God is in the shower in your experience once you let hits into your life you know this one thing you can look at the theory of processes in a less intractable that was actually foretold all the events of Christ's first coming in the second coming of all these different kingdoms he visited us incredible but it only remains a theory then that's the greatest impact your life major way by if you say the word of God the power to change my life that incredible unelected power of prophecy in a letter into my heart into my life that can actually nothing so that I can navigate my life with the conflict how the passing away of kingdoms of the coming of new ones if God the creator can uphold the world to their orbit he names the stars if God is sovereign over all things is certainly you can guide your love what you say he wants to do just that and so I pray that that that that in the course of our time together you may also open your heart and say yes yes the Holy Spirit and yes to Christ and that you may experience the power of prophecy in your personal life let's pray together and he thought I want to thank you so much for being with us this evening it's been a integrate beginning of a series that we look forward to want to thank you for Bible prophecy and went thank you for every single person is the seasoning I pray that you'll bring us back to Morris we continue our journey together Lord maybe experience the power of your world of your word but there are there are challenges that we face living in an uncertain world thank you for the certainty of Scripture and the second seat of our Savior Jesus Christ that is waiting for us with outstretched arms thank you Lord that we find a phone number so he is afraid in this company hours will is that everyone is a a this media was brought as a audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word two three seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about a person 's life is more certain is www. audio source .org


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