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3. Has Religion Failed?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 18, 2014
    6:30 PM
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you are here tonight I look forward to a presentation this evening I can be very exciting and that it's going to be a journey in Bible prophecy and that's I hope you're ready and we can all buckle up our seat belts I see as we got going on this journey this is our second night in this series started in uncertain times how many of you were here yesterday evening all right quite a number of you have any of you are here for the first time tonight welcome to you glad you joined us we are going to look at a prophecy that is found in the book of Daniel the Old Testament we looked at one yesterday as well and the prophecy tonight is really going to build on the prophecy we look at yesterday but even though you were not here yesterday he just joined us this evening you won't have a problem with following along as we go to do a little bit of review as we get into these things one thing I love about Bible prophecy is the principle of repetition and enlargement and it basically works like this in every schoolteacher will know this in order to for your students to remember something you have to repeat what you have said before and the Apple of the more right and then you repeat again what you said and yet a little bit more this is the way that people remember what you said when you study Bible prophecy amazingly you will find this principle over way through all the way through the book of Daniel only through the book of Revelation you'll find the record that the principle of repetition and enlargement and so you'll see how this works this evening as we get going out our topic the title of our topic this evening as you look at the flyer is as religion fail and that before we get going and have a word of prayer invite the Holy Spirit to be with us and we'll get right into it let's pray together father in heaven we are grateful to be gathered together here we look forward to what you have in store for us in your word this evening we ask for your Holy Spirit to guide us in the study of Scripture and I pray Lord that you remove all distractions from so that we will be able to grasp the beautiful tree that you've laid down for us father thank you so much for the blessings that we have already experienced what if that song we heard indeed you are good and maybe experience that to Bible prophecy tonight is my prayer in the prayer of assault a man a man all right well if I would go and take a little survey here in Montgomery or in any city I would ask people to question what do you think about God do you think that I would got the unanimous answer the same answer definitely not I thought I would ask ten different people I might even get ten different answers when we look at what people believe about God if Barry is very widely if there's a topic of discussion that you know creates differences it is really the topic of religion or the topic of God and day you know it it depends where your grown-up or what church you belong to or what books you have read or have not read the situations of your life lays in others a lot of opinions about who God is and the title this evening that I gave to this message to the study it has religion failed and the answer to that question for many is yes and what I want to do tonight is going to the reason why it has failed for many we going to go on a journey in history and in Bible prophecy would find out why religion has failed for many people what is behind it all and I think this right away give you a little bit away where I'm heading with S and out of my premise of tonight 's presentation is that I believe that many time Wilmington in the way of the revelation of who God really is in other words God wants to reveal his character but then you have people that say I'll reveal who he is but they failed to do that I went out in their failure to do that people look at the people and say well if that's what God is like that I don't want to have anything to do with them and so this is really the premise of where I'm heading here God wants to reveal his character but the question is how was his character being revealed by the people that profess to follow him and we're going to do is through Bible prophecy within about back in time to push the rewind button within a look at how this happened throughout history how was God 's name being vein how was God misrepresented at how has that resulted in the in the world that we live in today they today so definitely a limit where we can ahead with this I like the analogy that you also find in Scripture where God says that he is the potter and that his people are to be the clay you find this analogy in the book of Jeremiah chapter eighteen where God says to the prophet Jeremiah I want you to go down to the potter 's house Jeremiah goes down to the potter 's house and rep I went there as he's looking up upon her at work God speaks his word again and says this is what I want to do with my people this is the analogy that God gives the picture that he gets he is the potter and his people you and I are the clay I the potter shapes the clay now this is fine by the way all throughout Scripture is very interesting you can either start of the book of Genesis and when God created the first human being he created them from the dust of the earth he breathed his own breath and man became a living salsa the picture of creation he already got this analogy of a potter right at work shapes forms molds I got one has happened in the course of time is that we have taken this picture and we've twisted upside down and instead of God warning costs in his image we are now forming die in our image isn't that what is really taken place and isn't it interesting that you ask one person but what do you think about God wow this is what I think about God and as someone else will come along to look at that pic of it I don't like that picture of God I think God is like this to someone else comes on what I don't like that picture and I don't like that picture this is my picture about what is happening as we basically just creating our own picture of what God is like and the question is what is there just under just many dogs or do all roads lead to Rome as they say or is there something else going on is there a fundamental problem that is happening here in which we need to get back to the word of God and say okay let's lay aside our own opinions and let God describe himself when God revealed himself on weekdays has God revealed himself I believe the answer to that question is yes and I believe he has revealed himself in the pages of this but the Scriptures is that I want to know what God is like something out of a guessing game but sexy I can start reading this narrative of Scripture the story is amazing prophecies these parables these Collins this history the sacred history and as I read this is really a revelation of the character of God as something amazing starts happening is as you read the Scriptures the Scripture these were coming alive and actually start shaping your life God becomes the potter and you become to collect survey my prayer in the course of this prophecy seminar here but that's a little bit of the experience that we will have it as we go to the word of God as we study these processes together that will not be merely in a centrist the truth are some very but that will even experience that will impact your life and ask a shape the way that you make your decision and I'm as we are living in being an very important and solemn times now as I said we going to look a little bit in history are we going to luck out some power structures that have this represented the character of God and I want to start with this quote here is from John Emerick Edward Gilbert acted in eighteen seventy he made the following statement in a letter that he wrote to a friend and these words are pretty well known meeting some of you will even this will sound familiar emergency for a set Howard tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely now you may be heard that quoted before at interesting thing as when you look at the setting in which these words were actually written by John Acton was on his way as a representative from England he was on his way to the to Italy to Rome to a Vatican council that was how they are acting counsel one Vatican one as it's referred to and that the question that was really up in the air or the debate or discussion that they wouldn't have there and back in one counsel is whether or not so which is you know that the leader of the Roman Catholic Church whether or not the Pope is infallible what is that mean to be infallible and means basically that everything that the Pope says by definition is true this is also referred to as X cathedral or if he speaks from the cathedral if he speaks from his position as opposed by definition it cannot be questioned it's true as of this was a discussion that they wouldn't have concerning the infallibility of the Pope which by the way was passed the this was a decision that that the church may but this I am John then wrote to a friend and he was actually not in favor of the doctrine of the fallibility of the pub had a right to his friend and he says Howard tends to garrotte and absolute power corrupts absolutely so what we see here is a structure that is greedy for power and history basically reveals the outcome of that and that we can go a little bit here on a journey in history as I said earlier is a very interesting story that he cured real story of the two men grew up in England and they were tutors and students under the MorningStar of the Reformation which was none other than John Wyclif I don't like that was the first person in England to actually translate the Bible which hitherto till that point was always red and a lapse in the action translated into English and made it available for the common people now you would think that that would be something great because now the Scriptures were not only available in a language that the majority of people can read or understand but now it was actually for them to read and examine for themselves yet the church of Rome in the Middle Ages or what is also turned the dark ages was not happy with that at all as a matter of fact John White Cliffs was excommunicated from the church and even many years later they actually had a big dig up his bones and they burnt them I just make sure that this this guy wouldn't you know would would would they actually basically just you know I wanted to make sure that everyone would understand that this was a heretic and that he was to spend the rest of his eternity in hell fire as of the church was really very very opposed to the idea can have a charts to think about that as opposed to the idea of of getting the Scriptures the revelation of God into the hands common people now are two of the students of John White Cliff they actually made their way to Bohemia which is now known as present-day Czech Republic and this was the time of the Reformation was kind of beginning now that the terminology that you not that familiar with but it does give you a little bit about the big picture here what happened is in the early movement of Christianity basically the truth went forth in the Gospels with being preached during the first centuries and everything seemed to go pretty well but after the formation of the church the church went into appear that we also could refer to as the formation in other words things went downhill and what happened with a lot of traditions of other unusual other philosophies and traditions are even pagan worship what coming into Christianity into the charge of the church went to appear that we could also call the dark ages lots of paganism in God 's chart out of this on the formation basically came the Reformation figures into the kind of in these different steps formation of the church were two thousand years back in history and we go through of the formation or the dark ages and then we come to the peer of the Reformation and/or men and women that stood up and said hey wait a minute there's something wrong here I mean why is it that only the priest can teach the word of God why is it that only the services are held in the Latin language why is it that we have to confess our sins to the priest and not to Jesus why is it that this why is it that Rome is becoming so powerful and so corrupt and is not representing Jesus anyway so there's this this this outcry against the corruption that is going on within the church 's so this is happening and then there's these two individuals and they traveled to do that at modern day Czech Republic and they started preaching with Howard is a need to get back to the word of God they started preaching in the short kiss on the marketplaces and challenging people challenging the establishment of religion that was in many ways misrepresenting the very words of God and as they were doing best a law was passed that they were not allowed to preach because after all they would lately they were not clergy only the clergy of the authority to teach the word of God and so they were silent but the interesting thing is that they were not only preaches but they were also artists and so they took campaign right and their canvas they went to the marketplace is a true story and they painted both of them painted a picture one of them painted the picture of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey the other painted a picture of the Pope with all his prestige and pump and pride in a powerful army doesn't have pictures speak a thousand words I think you can imagine his people would come by and they would look at those two pictures they didn't say a word but they were preaching with great power they were preaching against this establishment that happen during these dark ages church that had basically capped people from experiencing the beauty of Jesus Christ and so this was going on very interesting history now a little bit later on after this long period of the dark ages this long this misrepresentation of the word in this misrepresentation of Jesus Christ the nation brands went through a very a time of great turmoil some of you have heard of the French Revolution now what was behind the French Revolution this is interesting history the French Revolution was kind of like a pendulum swing a reaction to the misrepresentation of religion in the course of hundreds and hundreds of years they got so high here on the oppression that was coming from the Church of Rome that that time from the oppression of all the no I hope all these require men at all these burdens upon the people and all the corruption that was going on that a writ reacted to that by pushing religion out altogether it is a very interesting quote in the book the great controversy that pictures what happened with the nation of France of the great controversy page two hundred twenty says it was potpourri that had begun the work which atheism was completing lunch lunch is it that those were thinking for a moment kind of interesting okay some potpourri have begun to do something and atheism was completing that another was eight it was a result of many years of a misrepresentation of the character of God in the name of God and so they are so tired of this that they throw it out altogether know what happened in France is really kind of what happened this was what happened on a major scale is happening on a minor skill in many people 's lives even until today this is what it says this is interesting taken from the same but the great controversy it says some this is talking about what friends basically went through during this time of the friends had renounced the worship of the living God a high and lofty one that inhabited eternity it was only a little time to seem to send it to degrading idolatry by the worship of the God best of reason in the person of the propagate woman when the blood vessels brought into the convention the orator took her by the hand and turning to the assembly he sat mortals ceased to tremble before the powerless unders of a God whom your fears have created henceforth acknowledge no divinity but reason is not interesting now you'll is limited to reason that because what he's saying is there is a God that your fears have created that was true they bought that had been portrayed during the dark ages settled in and discover together in the course of the series a look at some of the teachings that were prevalent at that time compared with the teaching of the Bible you'll find a stock conference there so that is the picture that was given of God was really a picture on a God whom they have to fear really fear so they are so they are being so distant distance from this God that they now think while you know what let's throw it out altogether unless just embrace reason reason innovate what they would prefer to be enlightenment they thought they had come over the superstitious religion thing and now let's just go by reason we went we were smarter than all of this is exactly the world of Internet with what happened in France on eight you know in any country why way is happening in individualized today I have had numerous conversations with people as I travel all over the world and to conduct these presentations that I've had conversations with people that will tell me well enough I turned away from religion because of this and this and this and they get a picture of God in accordance with Scripture and I think to myself how tragic there in their turn away from God because they have not understood in reality who he is I heard this amazing story of a friend of mine he was he was traveling on a plane as he sat down he he took the book out to read and was very obviously a Christian book as we open it up and the young man sitting next to him looks over a cc reading a Christian but a set a you a Christian and that my friends that she am a Christian and he says what I am an atheist and my friend came up with a very good answer he said tell me about the God that you don't believe in urinate he has tell me about the God that you don't believe it and so he started doing that as well I don't believe in this thought that you know just just arbitrarily decides who is to be saved and was going be lost without our choice involved I don't believe in a God that are at I don't believe that it can be a God that brings people for ever and ever he goes on to tell about this hot that is nowhere found in Scripture and so my friend after he's finished with his snowman in terms of is that while in that case I'm also an atheist because I don't believe that there's any such a God in the universe by let me tell you about the dog but I do believe that this is the this is the case my friends there are millions in our world today have turned their back on religion there turned our back on Christ because he is being misrepresented I believe I have a passion in my heart I desire it or for my life to be dedicated into to uphold the character of God as he really is what you say to show people I could wait a minute later before you turn your back on young this is who he actually gets this is what he's actually like maybe you just want to reconsider for a moment whether or not you have a true understanding of the character of God go to his wife don't be the potter shaping God allow God to be the potter and allow him to reveal himself to you and then now with this a little bit as the platform is the foundation for our presentation that we want to go now to Scripture we can study this topic about the antichrist from it you heard that word before Antichrist we do look at Scripture prophecy what it says about the antichrist the women voting against right-handers of the Ann Rice A there is a system or a power that is prophesied in Scripture revealed in Scripture this is a system that misrepresents the very character of God we do try to find out with the careful study of Bible prophecy the careful study of the Scriptures we try to find out which power this is which system this isn't what it has done in the course of history what is doing today what to do in the very near future as I sat if your seat has a seed value want to put on is that of Iraq right okay second Thessalonians chapter two verse one of one to four it says let no one deceive you by any means this is by the way letter of Paul to the church is best when I any right to limit no one deceive you by any means for that day and we spoke about that day thought about the data Christ will come back you might thought about it in his first letter is also addressing again in his second letter second Thessalonians is don't deceive you by any means for that day will not come in with Jesus not to come back for something to happen you to tell us exactly what that is that they will not come unless the falling away comes first was at all in the way all about excess and the man of what the man of sin is revealed and what else is he called barely under the sun son of perdition that who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself that he is God Paul is describing that before Christ will come back this can be a major deception and he doesn't want believers to be deceived by this deception and this deception will involve a power that is called the son of also turned the son of perdition that will put himself in the very place of the now this is very interesting the word antichrist the word and see actually mean two things when you think about the word and see you might immediately think of that something that is a dance and see a dance anticrisis against Christ and that is part of the meaning of the word anti- of the word and she can also need instead of or in place all someone was talking about the Antichrist in Bible prophecy were talking about how it is not only opposed against Christ are also talking about how it is sell the place all rights but that is already appears very clearly in this tax the second Thessalonians chapter two because what does this power do he opposes himself right against exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself that he is not in other words he wants the position of God now does that sound familiar yesterday in our first presentation we look at the topic of the great controversy the origin of evil we found out that there was a being in have been called Lucifer or Satan that wanted the position of God he even made war on God he lost his position on earth and this same power is now working human instruments were human how are we human system to basically gain what he could not gain back so this is what we see take place here now it is very interesting this phrase here son of perdition this phrase only appears to times in the entire Scripture one time as a description of the antichrist second Thessalonians two and guess where the other places is only one other place where it is used and it is used to describe Judas the disciple of Jesus that interesting he was also called the son of perdition so when Paul was thinking of language how can I describe what this anticrisis could be like how can I describe what is there to do he is like that son of perdition and Judas was called the son of perdition was what was you is all about Judith was one of the twelve disciples remember but he was the disciple that could trade his master Jesus and remember there in the garden of Gethsemane Jesus comes up to Jesus and he doesn't betray Jesus with a punch in the face but he betrays him with a kiss on the cheek in other words when we looking at here is not some outer opposition but our betrayal so if we're looking at that time the rest six of the Antichrist in the prophecy we are not necessarily looking at some political power that is against religion and against Christianity bowler Rana looking at how it is working probably and betray the very principles and truth of Jesus and is misrepresenting his character does this make sense okay now let's look then at what Paul has to say about this in the book of acts chapter twenty eight is a warning of what is going to come here he is this is actually written on not long before he was basically it was it was like the end of his ministry and as he's looking in the future to the corridors of time is looking at what is the common to the Christian movement like he gives the following warning he says therefore take heed to yourselves and to all the law among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers to shepherd the church of God which he purchased with his own black or I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you not sparing the flock they says things have been a change things in a change wolves will come in among you not sparing the flock also from among yourselves men will rise up speaking perverse things to draw away the disciples after themselves not but these facts together here with me that there's really something going on from width and the Christian body right from within Christianity that would be a corruptive power at work all these packs a little of that so far is really liked has laid the foundation for a prophecy that we get to go to now in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament book of Daniel written between five hundred and six hundred years before Christ we had an amazing prophecy in the seven chapter as a window to go to dance at the Saban about this prophecy if it takes us from where the prophet Daniel is between five hundred and six hundred years before Christ in the time period of ancient Babylon and it leaves us throughout various kingdoms to the rise of this antichrist our own this system that would misrepresent the character of God so let's look at this prophecy together in Daniel chapter seven the prophet Daniel has a dream and it was dreamed he sees four beasts coming out out of the sea and that we don't have to kind of gas what these beasts represent you don't have to go take a hat and an annual pass around in the audience and everyone who was in their answer and then I kind of shovel it up here and take out the answer that we know what a beast represents that's not how it works because the beautiful wonderful amazing thing about Bible prophecy is that the Bible itself gives us the interpretation of the Bible gives us the symbolic representation and then it also gives us the meaning of that symbolic representation and in the book of Daniel chapter seven verse seventeen and verse twenty three tell us that these great beasts which are for our court things or kingdoms very interesting the beast is a kingdom so Daniel has an frequencies for beast coming up out of the sea what is he seeing for kingdom 's right coming up one after the other leaving us from the time he was living in right to the arrival of this antichrist power now become up out of the sea is also interesting because in the book of Revelation which is run by the way between book of the book of Daniel in a study apocalyptic prophecy you have one book in the Old Testament book of Daniel and yet one book in the New Testament book of Revelation last of the Bible and those do you need to study together you need to compare them together because a lot of symbolism is similar in the one will explain the other and in the book of Revelation chapter seventeen in verse fifteen it tells us that water represents people all nations and Ponce when I went out of the commotion of nations out of the commotion of people these kingdoms are rising and falling arising under falling very interesting let's take a look at these four kingdoms as we are leaving out to the arrival of the antichrist our the first beast is described in Daniel chapter seven and verse or so you can follow along the screen or you can look up up in your own Bible this is what sets the first was like a lion and had Eagles wings I watched to its wings were plucked off and it was lifted up from the art and need to stand up to be like a mad and a man's heart was given to it so the first baseman Daniel sees in his prophetic dream is a lion that has Eagles wings and immediately we could say again about what nation watching them this represented we could begin a week it isn't just a but we don't need to do a guest game because the Bible again reveals this for us there is a passage in the book of Jeremiah chapter four or seven and also verse thirteen which talks about the invasion of the kingdom of Babylon which invaded Judah and listen to what it sat regarding the kingdom of Babylon it says the lion has come up from expected and the destroyer of nations is on his way and his chariots I like a world like the whirlwind 's horses are swifter than eagles interesting language that is used there it is also interesting to note that when you look at the some of the archaeological discoveries that have been made on the ancient civilization of Babylon you'll find that Babylon had as a as their national symbol a lion with Wayne you would find that the entrance of palaces hundreds of temples the entrance of their cities so this is interesting him alone Roseanne said by the lien with the wings this was the kingdom that rolled in the time that Daniel the prophet was living remember we talked about this yesterday he grew up in Jerusalem and Judah Nebuchadnezzar King of the Babylonians had invaded Judah destroyed Jerusalem and taken them to and so as he received these prophecies he was actually have the in Babylon and so when you think about the prophecy that we look at yesterday you remember that when King Nebuchadnezzar had that dream that we studied about in Daniel chapter two was this metallic mad with different ill and was a man made of different metals in each battle represented a kingdom and when Daniel gave the interpretation of that prophetic dreams he pointed to the hat of Albany said Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon you are represented by the height of goal interesting secure comes the principle that I introduce this lecture with the principle of repetition and the linesman right so we had the prophecy in Daniel chapter two the head of goal in the prophetic image was representation of Babylon we come to damage up to sell then and now we don't have a metallic man but we have beast coming up out of the sea of the first beast the language the wings is also a representation of Babylon right but we have a little bit more information about these kingdoms and then it's up to seven different information right answer this is the principle that we find here in Bible prophecy now Babylon ruled from six oh five BC to five thirty nine BC and justice that had a goal was a good representation of Babylon because they had a lot of bulk we talked about that yesterday so the line with wings was also a good representation about them because they were really some of his loyalty over them at this hour this might they seem to be unconquerable but we look yesterday at how that happened we look at the historic event of how Babylon fell and another king came on the scene and then I remember was thing that was Medo Persia exactly was followed by new pricing in Daniel chapter seven needle Persia is pictured by this beer that is raised up on one side and has three reds in its mouth but the description in verse five and suddenly another beast a second like a bear and was raised up on one side and had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth and they sent us to let arise devour much less and here we have need of Persia really raining from five thirty nine BC to three thirty one AC in the prophetic picture of Daniel chapter two the appraiser was resembled by the tests and arms of silver in Daniel chapter seven we have here this speaks not a lion that was the first is the second beast is very raised up on one side which is interesting free residence the three rats were really the three nations that conquer and conquered Babylon and Concord Lydia had conquered Egypt the three main nations that this nation conquered but we don't stop that we go to the third beast representing a third kingdom that followed me to Persia we read about the third beast in Daniel seven verse six after this I looked and there was another like a bird which had on its back or waves of a bird and beast also had four hats and dominion was given to it so here we have a left foot or wings or hands this is a very fast creature and you remember as we look at the history yesterday Greece for the Greek empire with the rapid conquering nation that followed me to Persia and in the first prophetic picture of Daniel to resemble by the thighs of bronze and Greece which followed me to Persia rapidly conquered throughout the regions of the Middle East all the way up to India in a matter about eight years on horseback quite remarkable you all are they were much much smaller army than the Medes and Persians and yet they overthrew them and that prophecy reveals these different hours for the coming on the scene we continue here in Daniel chapter seven in verse seven we come now to the fourth East I look at the description of this one is quite different than all the others Daniel seven verse seven after this I saw in the night visions and behold a fourth beast dreadful and terrible it's seemingly strong it had a huge hiring cheap it was devouring breaking in pieces and trampling the residue with its feet it was different from all the beasts that were before it and it had ten horns so here's a ferocious beast that can even be like anything in the animal kingdom the first was like a line the second was like a beer the third was like a leopard but this one like a dragon like figure and this is a representation of the kingdom or empire of Rome in Daniel chapter two represented by the island legs of the prophetic image in Daniel seven represented by this ferocious beasts and this is quite simple because what we're doing is we're just basically taking Bible prophecy and going hand-in-hand with history and history reveals that one was conquered by Medo Persia Medo Persia was conquered by grace race was conquered by Rome and Rome rule of from about hundred sixty eight you see the four seventy six eighty now we get a very good very interesting point here because you will remember that in Daniel chapter two in the prophetic image all the when the bottom near the feet were made out not of one metal but they were made up of Iran but also way so an end of Bible prophecy told as advantage of the two that the kingdom would be divided now this is interesting because in the prophecy of Daniel seven the fourth beast has how many horns on its head November ten horns on now the Bible tells us what the Lawrence represent a notice of Daniel chapter seven verse twenty four the ten horns are lots and change who shall arise from this kingdom and otherwise prophecy reveals that would be wanting to the second thing in a third kingdom of forking of a networking that would be divided that's exactly what happens we look at this yesterday as well this is the divided Roman Empire Roman Empire was not competent by one other nation but rather crumbled to pieces those corruption from within it was opposition from without and it just fragments it into many different nations and kingdoms if you have a map of the different nations and kingdoms from the West Roman Empire at that time now it's very interesting this image to read you can actually find I was a couple of years ago preaching in Germany I was invited to do a series of presentations they are in the city of Nürnberg known back and as I was spending some time there are some friends of mine they took me into the city center and were walking around their suddenly they pointed to something absolutely vicious just amazed me when I saw in front of this courthouse there were these statues and I want to show you a picture of the statutes here this is in Germany and Nürnberg at the entrance of the courthouse in the city there look at what this says this is aligned with way to that area is maybe not so easy to see in the picture but he reacts to have a beer with great ribs in its mouth and here this is a picture of a statue of someone is dressed up in the ancient Babylonian custom right and here you have a person that is dressed that statue of the Persian and individual this was one of the entrances and here's the second entrance area for heads and here you have reconfigure and here you have this based on how that has mourns and here you have a Roman soldier a Roman individual and interesting I see my friends that live in that city they added they play this little game where they they they wanted to test the people actually knew what this was all about is that the blue camera on the street and when I was interviewing them so that people would pacify the safe I want one than what that representative appointed to the statues I don't ask questions you know what this represents and that almost all people said no idea no idea where this comes from no idea what it all means alert comes from and they were doing this forever forever allow and then they interviewed the tour guide of the city the tour guide comes by his on the tour guide of the city I know about everything here at Sundance and the question I want to the statues represents and he came up with this whole interesting history but nothing from the Bible manager think so so she surely has some some picture that you know that this is obviously made it way into some are born here and it comes directly from Scripture representing the different nations the different kingdoms all the way from Babylon all the way to Rome and into the division of row now now we get to the real interesting part here because now we come to this part really have the arrival of the Antichrist and take notice of the next verse and Daniel chapter seven which seen the four beasts a fourth beast is there has had one vision of row and this is the next picture the Prophet Daniel beholds the reading here in Daniel chapter seven verse eight this is what sets I was considering the horns that is the ten horns and there was another horn a little one coming up among them before whom three of the first horns were how to buy the roots to discuss mental picture fourth beast ten horns sounded like a little one coming through he's pushing out three of those are the horns of Daniel the prophet is looking at this see and they are in this cornbread is that little horn pushing up there were eyes like the eyes of an and a mouth speaking found this words a network on buzzwords it is actually it has a connotation to blaspheme his words worth of blasphemy I little bit later in the chapter when you got down to verse twenty five and you read a little but more about this little worn it tells us that he spoke with great words against the most high another was against God now let's let what is what is this horrid reptile who is represent one as you represent but let's look at the characteristics because again we deflated guess game but that's not the way we want to arrive at a responsible interpretation of Bible prophecy we need to look at all the identification marks so one of the identification marks that we have to it arose among the ten horns remember so it came up out of the Roman Empire the broken Roman Empire another was when you're looking at the antichrist power you want to spot it then you should not be looking somewhere down in New Zealand or in Australia or in the United States of America or where should we be looking the broken Roman Empire he went me so somewhere around there must be the arrival of this power it arose after the ten horns in other words after the Roman Empire breaks out this is new power coming on the scene that speaks against God he came amongst the ten horns amongst the breakup of the Roman Empire after the break up of the Roman Empire these are very important characteristics for us to know it wasn't different from the ten horns and what we do see in just a moment that this was not just a political power religious power this power was sleeping seamless words against the most high against God himself and another very important identification like he displaced greenhorns and was three nations were removed so that this nation or this power could come and see those three without relying the Vandals and the Ostrogoths which with free nations but were defeated by this power it went for it to have its place the universe history very very interesting now there is only one power that fits all the identification marks on Daniel chapter seven of the little horn and that is the Roman catholic church now before I go any further in this red presentation I want to make it very clear here that were not out to attack any individual here I believe very strongly as a Christian that God has his children in all denominations anything that is I'm not here to say okay where now against the Roman Catholic element effect I comfortable with our home my parents were Roman Catholics all my family were Roman Catholics I grew up in New Zealand and in Holland so I know very much about the system about this religion I know there are loving people in the system by Bible prophecy reveals that this was a system that misrepresented in a major way the Scriptures and the character of God and all the characteristics my friends two this fact talking about a system about people a system and this system has done that in the course of many years as we going to find out what took place while the left look at history here for a moment this is taken from a book on the history of what took place with the transfer of power between the Empire of Rome and the papal church of Rome and set the following to the succession of the Caesars came the succession of the pontiffs in Rome when constant T well he gave his suits to the Palm death now and gather what that's what will they get according just a moment constantly was Emperor of the Roman Empire now what happened is you might remember that he became a Christian we don't know how much of the Christian became good actually what happened if you brought all paganism into the charts is an okay you know that a lot of pages and are in our empire would allow a Christian by boys fighting together so how when we get to do to solve this if they said okay I'll become a Christian but all and facilitate for all the pages you just bring your rights into the Christian church was virginal together what he then did is he actually transferred his capital from Rome to Constantinople to deal with the affairs of the East and he gave his power in row to the positive or to the Roman church that was now emerging on the scene of earth history it was the Roman charts that made war on the roof by the Vandals in the Ostrogoths and get beaten down in order for them to have a place of our remember the little horn pushes the other horns to have its place all the end of the question marks that he and they all have to fit in order for us to come to a a a a reasonable conclusion of what which how are we talking about here now let's look a little bit more of what history has to say here this is a given Stanwix family 's history page forty the house filled the place of the vacant emperors of Rome inheriting their power prestige and titles from paganism the papacy is not the ghost of the diseased Roman empire sitting crowned upon its great and other words one is just going into the other remember the little horn came out out out the fourth piece it was that brought pagan Roman empire they gave power to the papal Empire and this people power roaming charge ruled for centuries on they rolled with great power throughout Europe the kings of Europe it is thou down to the papacy it was an Empire under one God and under one of but as we look at this time also referred to as the Middle Ages or the dark ages the sad fact is that scriptures would bar Reagan traditions so at if you want to know what the Scriptures said well first of all you were not allowed to own a Bible and when you would go to a service this service would be elected in which the majority of people cannot understand and the only people that could rightly interpret Scripture with the clergy or the priest and so the priest would tell you what God is like now there are a lot of things that happened within these during these dark age for example the was among a man by the name of textile and they had to raise money to build St. Peter's Basilica which you can still go and see in the city of the Vatican in Rome in order to raise funds for this building Council would who traveled throughout Europe and he would go to these marketplaces and he would actually at speak to the people very speaking churches which become marketplaces and he would say you know your loved ones right now are in purgatory and purgatory by the way is not a teaching that you find in Scripture was really in invention of Rob and on a future night I think is that he Friday next Friday with you to talk about them to talk about what happens when a person by what does the Bible teach about how the data make it on Friday but what happened instead is that you are loved one is in purgatory they are burning and it still to be determined whether to end up in heaven or hell but if you pay now your money to the church then we will declare your loved one and to be a saint and they will move into heaven what do you think the people that had no access to Scripture no access to the revelation of God when you think their thinking than if the money I paid my love want my loved one is running right now they're burning on you know how fast they went to get that money and they said that the moment the coin nope links on the bottom of the treasury your saw the soul of your lab windows like to have as of the money was streaming into the chart and they built St. Peter's Basilica this is the legacy of secrecy to St. Peter's Pacifica people don't know this history this is the legacy of a power structure that had corrupted itself by placing traditions of man on the Scriptures that's why when the Reformation broke out of people so hey wait a minute let's get back to celebs good throughout the Bible only the Bible speak with the bath let's see what God is really like they started they started basically note whining out more and more about God more and more about the gospel and they start up closing the church of Rome they got in trouble for that many of them were burned literally millions of people lost their lives during the dark ages people were burned on the state they were pulled I have horses they were literally pulled apart for owning Bibles is the history that many people have forgotten the millions lost their life more people lost their lives in the dark days of the second world war more people lost their lives because and they weren't educated to know God and to pursue this and my friends reunited over the Bible today are people that lost their lives for sometimes we just put the Bible of the shelf and collect dust again this is a bloodstained book my friends people have paid with their life to make this accessible for you and for me and just the fact that we can comment and and and hear the preaching of the word freedom I'm not a clergy person on the lay person I've never studied in any college or university I just I just sat down with a book and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to me in that beautiful that we as laypeople can just do that because of the freedom is the freedom that has ball out of the millions of people to be willing to stand up against the oppression of religion during this period known as the dark ages and the reason why was dark because the Bible says that the word of God is a light unto my path and a lamp unto my feet a man so though I was once covered the light was covered up by the traditions of man now with this in mind the study of the book of Daniel chapter seven when analytic connect this with another prophecy that we find in the book of Revelation chapter thirteen of them to make a little jumpy upon the book of Daniel to the book of Revelation a lot of find out that in the book of revelations this prophecy that we find in the thirteenth chapter basically is again a repetition and enlargement of the prophecy in Daniel chapter seven and this is the description that you find in Revelation thirteen now Revelation was written not by the prophet Daniel but by the disciple John you might remember John was the disciple of Jesus he wrote the Gospel book of John the fourth Gospel book and John this is maybe interesting fact that you might know or might not know was actually the only disciple that didn't die a martyr 's death so they all died in August at the job actually traditional houses that they took John put them in boiling oil but he didn't die and so what they did is okay with I guess it can kill this one and so they banished him ask out into the island apartments and was on the island of Patmos that he received revelations from God which he wrote down this became known as the apocalypse of the revelation the last of the Bible and in the last of the Bible Revelation in chapter thirteen guess this incorruptible vision is incredible picture the seas and God reveals a beast rising up from the sea ablation thirteen verse one hundred saw a beast rising up out of the sea I look at the description of this speaks first it now the beast which I saw was like a lot Leopard 's feet were the in bear 's mouth was the mouth of the lion and the dragon gave him his power his throne and great authority now does that ring about it doesn't have to stop my sermon over that should ring about Daniel chapter Saban revealed last luck coming up out of the sea lion bear leopard Dragon now we fast-forward to the book of Revelation and John looks at sea out of the seat of the beast we should immediately connect up a beast our writing them and this one looks like all that or otherwise this is an amalgamation of the four that he sought the Daniel Celinda undertook the seventh in other words what Bible prophecy is trying to tell us this there is a connection here we're talking about something similar house with a look at the identification marks of this piece we do find out that it's the very same power that the little horn revealed advantage of the severance of the little horn or that the Roman church in Daniel seven little Horn is the same power as this beast that comes up on the scene in revelation thirteen it's a repetition and Houston and large homeless powers abilities let's look at identification marks verse two tells us that it receives its seat of authority from pagan Rome we just read that verse two because remember the dragon gave him his drugs power Stone and great authority so the Dragon was wrong Hayden Rowe and Hayden run gave power to a full round that's where it receives its power from elegant verse seven percent of houses that would be a persecuting power aired his first seven it was also given to him but is this beast in Revelation thirteen to make war with the saints and to overcome the Bible tells us that this power would make war against the very Saints of God people of God now that's the same thing that we read about in Daniel seven regarding the little horn verse twenty one I was watching the same horn was making war against the saints and prevailing against him see the connection here between the two powers another identification mark is inverse why it wouldn't rain or forty two months look at the text verse five Revelation thirteen five it was given to have authority to act or forty two months this is the time that this power would rule now is a very important Bible prophecy principle that we need to talk about here and that is the principle of a prophetic day equaling a literal year when you study Bible prophecy particularly the books of Daniel and Revelation there are times prophecies that are mentioned that are decoded data coded rather and that we need to be towed at in which it reveals in which we see that it's not talking about the ritual time when we read forty two monkeys and according to Mitchell month but we need to apply the principle of a prophetic day equals a little yarn dispensable can be found in Ezekiel four six and numbers fourteen thirty four at J equals a year now people have asked me this question this is a good question why why is it that when you study Bible prophecy that things are not correct why why is it that their codes are used symbols these white is a he is a beast and what is the just say Babylon and the appraiser great wines that using out this coded language why is that I think there are two reasons two main reasons reason number one once you study your Bible golf is more appreciated when you dig for it and when advanced on your lap that's reason number one now if that reason doesn't satisfy you I think reason number two with reason number two is that when these prophets wrote these things when Daniel sat down and wrote down these visions when John on the island of Patmos wrote on these visions they wrote it right as it was these books would not exist to the in will be destroyed because they were talking about the fall of the powers they were under was under Babylon John was under the Empire of Rome can you imagine he just rode up grocery hose could happen those letters would never made it to the church when he sent them from the island apartments so and was for the very existence of these books for the protection of the prophetic message the message was given in symbols the day is like you and me too hard too hard to understand some people say well you know what I just gave up on the book of Revelation I can understand it I had one young lady say to me I read the book of Revelation it gave me nightmares yet another people say while the revelation of the revelation cannot be understood well that makes no sense to me yes sixty six books in the Bible sixty five of them can be understood but the last one can you give it the title revelation what doesn't make sense to me that the Christian charges trying to just chop up boy this book eleven Christians come to a nutrition twenty eleven in person I've never heard a lecture on the book of revelations crochet and it isn't true that we can understand sixty five votes and not sixty seven I read this book is given to us for a reason it is a revelation as a revelation of the character of God 's revelation of the character of Christ and it is a revelation of powers that so often misrepresent him and this book unmasks these powers that we are aware of the struggle between good and evil we need to know this and I'm need to study this I'm getting off track here I need to continue my times going so I day equals a year so if you take forty two one okay then how many days you have a two months while in Bible prophecy and a month has thirty days to make it easier to have a thirty thirty one thing thirty days as of thirty times forty two would make top twelve hundred and sixty one thousand two hundred and six the forty two months is twelve hundred sixty days we applied the date of principal and so we don't have twelve hundred sixty days but we have twelve hundred and sixty years now now this is amazing the church of Rome during the dark ages rule or exactly twelve hundred and sixty years that exactly listens and if this is history of the Christian church once a page refunded twenty seven big Chileans which was appalled a sense of the papal chair in five thirty eight A.D. under the military protection of Belisarius of something different happened now because up till this time the church of Rome was a church they could say what they wanted to do and you could go into the services even as I well sounds good now I don't agree with that and you can walk out and you could disagree or agree as you wanted to but implied that he did something happen charts and states became one and so now the kings of Europe is okay we can all unite under the church of Rome whatever the church says we will enforce some honey and military power behind the church of Rome now persecution started because now the charge now it was no longer the issue of agreeing or disagreeing is if you disagree you are a heretic and a heretic was condemned to the flames and so from five thirty hey four twelve hundred and sixty years all the way to seventeen ninety eight A.D. was this all the dark ages great persecutions which millions and millions and millions of people lost their lives for believing in the word of God for believing in solicitor for not going along with the customs and rituals and traditions of the church that had put itself in place of Jesus Christ the things that were going on and listen to this this is some claims of the church majoring those that during that era the charge made by divine right to confiscate the property of heretics in prison there persons and condemn them to the flames the the severest of these given that belongs to the church there is no greater offense than heresy therefore it must be rooted out and that's what they were doing during this period that the Roman Catholic Church has shown more innocent blood than any other institution that has ever existed among mankind will be questioned by no Protestant was a competent knowledge of history and my friend sadly this history has been forgotten largely forgotten now during this time of the dark ages and dreams twelve hundred sixty years they were glimmers of light because during this period the Reformation was starting up especially toward the end of the Spirit is given to the fifth fourteen fifteen sixteen century you get the Reformation starting up your places for example in northern Italy guided group addled the people there called the Waldenses and they lived in these mounting its areas and they started translating the Scriptures and spreading them throughout the conference in Europe there were other reformers that stood up against the church of Rome Michael Martin Luther which was himself a Catholic monk but realize that salvation does not come to works that comes by solely trusting in the works of Christ and so righteousness by faith these beautiful teachings of Scripture emerged on the scene during this period and other reformers followed in his footsteps of the selected picture I was visiting here in the city of worms where Elizabeth especially stood up against the against either the rituals and traditions of Rome and he made that very famous statement he says already I feel great validity in my heart for last I know that the pope was antichrist under this throne is that of Satan himself no Martin Luther had never never never imagined in his lifetime that he would after our first step out of the Roman Catholic Church but he changed appointment he saw that it was a church that was not representing Christ but misrepresenting Christ in its teachings in its doctrines this corruption in all I think you have to step out and had to take the word of God he was never intending on starting a new church are starting anything but is not a preaching the word of God and eventually space started to happen now back to Revelation thirteen we have a couple of more identification marks that we want to look at what the Revelation thirteen verse three this power would receive a deadly wound I saw one of his patented at it as if it had been slain that is how would rule for twelve hundred sixty years but the Bible tells us that it would receive a deadly wound now in the year seventeen ninety eight at the end of this twelve hundred and sixty years listen to what happened the murder of a French man in Rome in seventeen ninety eight gave the French and excuse for occupying the eternal city and putting an end to the papal temp oral power this was at the time that let's see who was really at that time yet it was good shape are shameless that very government which I was the commander of Napoleon I was the name I was looking for he was in France until you sent his commander into route and what they did is they basically separated church and state they took the Pope captive and churches they were now separated the agent on the insult was carried off into exile to balance the enemies of the church rejoice the last spoke they declared had resigned yet seventy nine gatekeeper J made his entrance into Rome abolished the papal government and established a secular one the best of wife's in seventeen ninety eight after the twelve hundred and sixty years of papal tyranny and papal oppression now nothing is really interesting because Bible prophecy predicts that this power that ruled in times past is again to emerge upon the scene in our world I the Bible tells us in Revelation thirteen verse three is that we wound would be healed and then we read and written in a Revelation thirteen three yes they do wound was healed not only that it also tells us that it would be a world wide system of worship listen to the second part of the verse verse three and all the while Marvel and followed the beast is a prophecy predicts this this beast comes up on the scene this power comes on the scene at rules with Robin and sixty years receives a deadly wound that is it is gone seems to be off the scenes but it will come back it will merge up again it will come and it will receive so much power so much authority of the Bible says that the whole world will seem to follow this hour now when you look at recent history of the Roman Catholic Church is interesting to note we just go a couple of pubs that we go back to hope John Paul the second when he died you might remember I don't know if maybe some of you watched on TV I read about it in the newspaper when she died late Charlie representation from all over the world gathered together in row to give honor to this teaching him as a matter fact there were American presidents that were kneeling at the casket of the pump now America I would get to talk more about this tomorrow America's way builds upon the principle of the separation between church and state rights because they realize that that when when when they got on the note when day when he came when he came to America it was like wow something went wrong during Europe and we don't want to repeat that separate church and state and yeah see that is changing in a world today is that it's slowly but gradually the Protestantism and even many nations and different religions are coming back to the same term the mother church the church of Rome and Georgia Brown was very happy with that they call themselves the mother yes I wanted to reiterate here were not trying to attack any person here but we talked about a system that the Bible prophecy revealed is misrepresenting the very character of God help us to see the popularity of the papacy is on the increase on the rise in our world today according to Bible prophecy is just getting it more and more and more Revelation thirteen verse five tells us that it would speak words of blasphemy was given a mouse in the mouth speaking arrogant words and blasphemies when you look at the Bible and what it means to speak blasphemy is very interesting Jesus was accused of speaking blasphemy on two occasions in March two verse five to seven and John chapter ten verse thirty one and thirty three they accused of Jesus your speaking blasphemy why did they accuse him of doing that is because Jesus claimed to forgive sin now the season of light to forgive sin yes obviously not having of course he died for our sins but they thought they didn't believe that he wasn't decided and leaving was a son of God and this so they sent you are blaspheming when you claim forget sent another time in John chapter ten Jesus made himself why he basically said no before I brought Abraham I want that he is claiming equality with God know what these equal with God is so you can make that claim but they said you are speaking blasphemy so if we go by the biblical definition of blasphemy it is to claim to forgive sin and it is to make oneself why God enough for Jesus it would likely do that but take a look at the claims of the Roman Catholic Church this is taken from their own sources secretly will to happen in art and you will find but one created being who can forgive the sinner that extraordinary being is the priests the Catholic priest on the one you are Catholic priests were the Redeemer to descend into instruction set in a confessional and administer the sacrament of penance priestesses sit in a confessional Jesus would say over each penitent and all that also the priest would likewise say over each of his penitence they go to also the advantages of each would be equally of salt another was what they say is the priest has the exact same authority and power to begin sending Jesus Christ himself and the pump Bishop of Rome is not only the representative of Jesus Christ he is Jesus Christ himself hidden under the veil of the flash does the Pope speak it is Jesus Christ who speaks member the word antichrist and see not only meaning in opposition but also need instead all taking the very place of Christ himself another one dignity and duties of the priests thought himself obliged to abide by the judgment of the recent even not to pardon or to pardon according as they refuse or give absolution descendents of the priest receives all men and Don subscribes to it


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