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5. How Can We Find Inner Peace?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 19, 2014
    6:30 PM
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it is because of the precious Lamb of God that we hear a man that is the purpose of our series that is the purpose of our lives and that we're grateful grateful that we can have this opportunity to guide into God 's word once again this evening and I'm excited about our topic actually very excited and I hope you are as well hope you took your Bibles with your otherwise you'll be able to follow along with the Scriptures on the screen and it would come to use the word of God I am convinced that all that we believe about God and about prophecies about what is to become must be based upon the revelations given in Scripture amen when not here to you now to just make up our own ideas about God are about what is good to happen in the future we hear to learn what has God revealed to us as to prophecy as to the future and that we going to get into our first topic this evening as Samuel ready mentally to have two presentations tonight as the other evening 's and our first presentation we going to look at how we can discover how we can experience inner peace what what what was the data or what is it in the word of God that reveals to us how we can experience inner peace how can we find rest for the sole and out and out indeed on another journey and before we get started will have a word of prayer as we invite God 's Spirit to guide us in the study of his words let's pray together showing dear heavenly father we are grateful to be gathered here together and I do pray now as we open you where it is weak study the Scriptures that Lord you will open our hearts and minds to understand thank you Lord that you want to give us peace even in the midst of an uncertain world and helpless Lord to find the keys of how we can experience at peace that only you can give to be with us now I pray in your since then we ask these things amen all right well no doubt we are living in a very rushed society a very whole a world that is always busy always talking to someone listening to someone living in a world back down it is hard to find time to really come aside and experience the peace that God has in store for us we always kept busy and it's interesting because when you go back to the very beginnings of Scripture the very first chapters of the Bible we are introduced into a rhythm that God himself gave to each one of us when you read Genesis chapter one you read about the creation of the world and God created everything by the word of his mouth and every time he created something he would declare it to be guidance on the success of six days he created everything and then on the sixth day he created the human being which was really the crown tip of his creation and it was not enough to just speak yes he stooped down and he formed the first human being from the dust of the earth and breathed his own breath and man became a living soul and living being I just read that account of creation I think to myself you know God is a very close God if you ever think of God as being distant you need to go back and read the creation account because our daughter was not just enough to speak the first human beings into existence but he himself created them with his own hands that's just absolutely beautiful now when you look at creation God created everything there in Genesis chapter one we have the record of this then in Genesis chapter two in the first couple of verses and we can read this tonight little later on in our presentation this evening but then you read about how God by the seventh day and he closed out his work of creation and three at six days of creation under the scent of baking sanctified and to sanctify something simply means to set aside for special part that's actually sanctified the seven day of the seventh day became very important not only because God arrested on that day but because it became a memorial of his creative works nobody was didn't need to rest because he was physically tired but he was giving an example for every person every human being to follow to have a special day every week to have that set aside to rest from physical labor but also to experience a spiritual and mental rest as we commemorate the wonderful works of our Creator now this is interesting because when you look at the way that we measure time in our society today in our world today you can see that we have a year and the year is based recently upon the time that it takes for our planet planet earth to rotate around the sun right we have a year how do we have how do we come up with a day while it is quite simple it's the time that it takes for our planet to rotate on its own access 24-hour and also we have a month and the month is based on the lunar cycle and so when you look at the day and you look at the month and you look at the year all of those are based upon astronomical right of movements right movements of the planets now when it comes to the week though the seven day week this is quite fascinating to think about the week is not based on anything in astronomy the day is based on astronomy the month is based on astronomy the year is based on astronomy but if I ask you what when we get our wait from the only place where the week comes from his Scripture and yet the world is following a seven day seven days a week I fascinating how we can trace this back to Scripture itself in Genesis chapter one and chapter two we talked a little bit about this yesterday when we went going over the commandments the ten Commandments we basically looking at the ten Commandments as ten promises and that when we talked about the fourth commandment the Sabbath commandment remember how I mentioned there that the segment of the fourth commandment regarding the seventh day Sabbath is really a revelation of the character of God in a powerful way this commandment reveals who God what God is like if he is the beginning in Genesis God set aside the seventh day and later in his commandments he tells us to remember the seventh day Sabbath with Sabbath really refers to this day as a day of rest and go on is revealing here is very nature is very character think about it go to sanctify a place or an object but instead he decided to sanctify time and when you look at many religions today either they have a sanctified place that they have to go to a pilgrimage for example or a sacred object that they must first possess that they must have in their homes for our safety and and and for profs to prosper but think about this time in the beginning decided after his six days of creating the world and everything in it he decided to set aside up to sanctify not a place not an object but I felt something remarkable about God because time is always on the move you know what it's like you never have enough of it right I wish I had more time many times do we hear that we hear that all the time that we don't have enough time right and here it is and God he sanctifies time he five time and time is always coming if there is something that is equally divided in our world today it's high now whether you are rich over the poor all weather wedding you live in the United States of America are in Africa are in Asia or New Zealand are in Europe it doesn't matter where you live it doesn't matter who you are doesn't matter how much money you have or how little money you have we all have the same amount of time it's something that is equally divided and time is always coming what what days and today is today at Sunday and yet Monday is coming Tuesday is coming when this is where always moving on and so bought himself he creates in six days and then he sanctifies tiny sets aside time on the seventh day and basically he feels the seventh day with himself he says this is a special day within a look at some Scripture just a moment in which he reveals that this is a special day that he wants to commune with his people and the seventh day is always coming wedding if you are locked up in a prison house and you can go to any sacred place and you can have access to any sacred object the seventh day is coming to you you can't escape it it's coming and Don is basically saying I'm a dog that pursues you I would thought that comes to you I'm in a God that once a friendship with you you look at the creation account is remarkable this is pattern in creation you can go back and read Genesis chapter one he separates the firmament and then he separates the sea from the land and every time he separates something he fails those things he fills the parliament with you know the heavens with stars and planets at he fails to see with with with sea creatures of the earth with with animals and human beings and and then he creates another space is creating space filling at creating space filling it many creates another space of time the seventh day and he feels sent himself is at this this is what I want to meet with you not want to rejoin any day don't get me wrong clear it we can always meet with the Lord but the Lord has revealed in Scripture but he has a special high and that is the seventh day Sabbath that he wants to meet with us and that's why you look at in a moment at some scriptures in the Bible the Bible reveals that this is a kind of get to set aside as well so that we can spend that time with our Creator with our Redeemer I think a lot of it let's take a look at them live the history of the Bible tonight or quite a bit of why Valencia must say on this topic yesterday evening we talked about the French Revolution and this was in the context of when talking of the dark ages and the time of this Roman church that was really opposing and and suppressing the people and how the French Revolution was a reaction to that is they said you know what we are tired of this false business this religion that is oppressing us this is tyranny of route we discussed throughout religion altogether it is interesting in the context of the French Revolution but there's something that they did that I didn't mention yesterday but I want to mention now because it fits right into this topic that we are discussing what friends did is when they basically abolished all religion altogether because of the misrepresentation of religion throughout the dark ages when they did that did you know that they instituted a ten day week they said you know what we're not what what what what not we don't want anything to do with religion and they knew enough about religion or enough about the Bible that actually the very origin of a seven-day week is found right here you'll find it in astronomy you find here and so what they did is they said okay output the seven day week we will have a then we see the template of each week was dedicated to the blaspheming of God about the two blasting got to just reject God because they had embraced the gone deaths of reason and so this happened in brands and for a period of three years that during the French Revolution they have the time they wake but then realized soon enough that this was just leaving them their country into utter utter despair as a matter of fact Jerry Lee 's three years of things happen in France that are hard even to explain historians they will write about be advanced during the French Revolution it was such a degradation immorality and and weddings just became like simple agreements and and and and you know they didn't even write on the tombstones at rest in peace now because they wanted to just get away from anything that had any connotation with this book the Scriptures but as this happened in France they found out soon enough that this was just leaving their country into a place situation that they had not anticipated and that they did not wanted to go and so after three years after a number of years into this French Revolution they basically brought back certain laws into the country that allowed again the preaching of the word and the teaching of Scripture they understood that that that this this book really saps the very foundation of morality is not interesting to go back and study that looked into the history of the French Revolution but what we want to take away from this this evening in our study is the interesting fact that the Bible is the only origin of a seven-day week and whenever we tried to move away from that seven-day week cycle we find ourselves pushing God the picture and that it is not for nothing that God gave us a cycle of a seven-day week because God created us and he knows what is best for us he knows how we best function he knows that when we have worked for six days that we need a day of rest a day of physical rest but also a day of spiritual rats now let's go to the Bible let's look at some scriptures regarding this seventh day at a good place for us to start would be right in the book of Genesis and we're going to read in Genesis chapter two beginning in verse one Dennis is the second chapter beginning in verse one the Bible reads thus the heavens and the art and all the host of them were finished and on the seventh day God ended his work which he had done and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it that is that he set aside for a special use because in it he rested from all his work which God had created and may the very simple Genesis chapter one is the record off the creation of the world in six days and then we move into the second chapter of Genesis and then God sanctifies and sets aside the seventh day and this is later called the Sabbath which was which really denotes the significance of rest staying on that day and again not just the physical rest of the spiritual rest in God now you can find this Sabbath topic of this seventh day topic running throughout Scripture is not just something that we find in the book of Genesis but we actually find it all the way from Genesis to the very last book in the Bible the book of Revelation there is a story in the book of Exodus the second book of the Bible the six themes where God 's people the Hebrews have come out of slavery out of the bondage of Egypt they are in the wilderness during forty years you probably remember the story and what Don did there in the will this is remarkable he reigned from have been a few days for them called manna Amana was kind of a sweet sweet red that they picked up in the morning and that they would make different things out of that and they would eat it and in this was the way that God provided for them every single day during these forty years that they spend in the wilderness did you know by the way that the word manna actually means what is it because you can just imagine that the first day that they get up in the manner is out there they go out and they see all this man on the ground that the company what is it and what is it and that the case in order to know what it was it was a theory that was provided by God himself in the Scriptures tell us that God provided this be on every day except listen very carefully the seventh day you can read them in and in acts of this chapter sixteenth provides men on the first day of the week on the second day of the week on the third day forth a bit late expand wiki provides medical and something remarkable happened on the sixth day God provided a double portion of manner and so on the first day they just got get the bill was always not and was never too much which is amazing so they would pick up the matter they had enough for them enough for their family and then they would pick up the secondly the third day the fourth of and then on the sixth day there was more so that they had enough on the seventh day and they did not need to go out and get a man on the seventh day God was teaching them that this was a day of rafts that they wish they didn't have to go out and work but they could spend time with with each other with family they could spend I thought it is a day to remember his creation it is a day to spend in friendship with God the creator so they didn't go in and I need to be mindful of all the businesses of my but they could just lay that aside and rest in God now at something else interesting in this whole story of all the manna is that they would pick too much man on one of the younger days but failed the first or second or third that if they took a little bit more manner than they actually need it the Bible tells us that the next day it would rot so that it rightly was if it would stink it would rot and they couldn't be good either but on the sixth day God provided a double portion and that's the only time the men I did not dropped out trying to teach daughters trying to teach that for six days we can work into all our business into all our things and go our ways but there is a special time that he has sanctified there is a special time that he has set aside and this is a time for us to enjoy him we don't have to go out and work we don't have the dog go into all our businesses of buying and selling and going here and doing this and you know all this while this crazily busy it will not have a cycle of seven days we were not have a Sabbath well you know we would all the work and this is what is happening with many people in our world today with millions of people and so you know you look at the corporate organizations that just trying to drive and drive because it's all about money it's all about earning is all about making this and they are literally just running over the very commands and promises in this book but God is not given this in order to restrict the ways given us this in order to prosper us and he knows what is best for a and our need physically spiritually mentally emotionally one step make sure that we get the rest that we need on the seventh day as he provides this space in time for him to commune with you and with me is not fascinating this is something we find in creation we find about the story of Scripture 's the Jesus himself when he came to this earth two thousand years ago this custom was to keep the seventh day Sabbath in Luke chapter four in verse sixteen we read the following so he came to Nazareth where he had been brought up and as his custom was another with this he had done before you done this many times as his custom was he went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and stood up to me so Jesus himself capped the seventh day Sabbath now in the book of Revelation chapter fourteen a fascinating chapter by the way that will be looking at quite a bit also in our second presentation this evening Revelation chapter fourteen contains what we refer to as the three Angels messages now revelation fourteen and when you get towards the end of that chapter of Exodus a picture of the second coming of Jesus Christ it preaches Jesus coming with all his glory with all his you know his oldest power and just prior to his second coming in Revelation chapter fourteen we have three angels that proclaimed three messages that are to go to all the while to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus so if there's an important chapter in the Bible it's Revelation chapter fourteen of these angels are not literal angels and that we can see flying in the sky proclaiming this method but in revelation of a symbolic languages ease and an angel is a symbol of a messenger and so these of three messages that are to be proclaimed in all the world before Jesus comes now in the first of those messages in revelation fourteen verse six oh seven this is what it says regarding worst the worship of God it says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the Albert lasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe Tom and people sitting with a loud voice fear God give glory to him when the hour of his judgment has come and worship him who made heaven and earth sea and the springs of water so there is an important message that will go into all the while not just one country not to just one nation but to all countries into all nations into all people before the coming of Jesus the second time and this message will call people back to the worship of the creator to worship him who made heaven and the earth and the sea and the springs of water now when such a message goes for to all nations into all people to all kindred to all times and there is a call to worship the creator very central in that call is also the commandment of the Sabbath because the seventh day Sabbath is a memorial all creation it is a memorial that there is a God that created the world in six days and set aside the seventh day as a rest day for you and for me as a matter fact take notice of the actual commandment itself we looked a little bit of that yesterday but now we can actually read the Commandments in Exodus chapter twenty beginning in verse eight this is what it says this is the fourth commandment and it says it begins with this word the word remember and isn't it isn't it interesting that this very commandments if there's a commandment that has been adopted it certainly this one and God knew that this would be different commandment especially as we draw closer to the end of time and so she conspired Moses when he wrote down or actually have any think that fact is was not written by Moses this was written by God himself and it wasn't it was analysis that wrote the Commandments it was God that wrote the commanders and got himself with the word remember he says remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy six days you shall labor and do all your work at the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God what is that in it you shall do no work you nor your son nor your daughter nor your male servant nor your feeble servant nor your cattle for nor your stranger who is within your gates for in six days the Lord made the heavens and the art the sea and all that is in them and rested the seventh day therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it now you'll see very clearly as we read this commandment that the reason for us to keep the Sabbath is because God made the heavens and the earth and then for in six days the Lord made the heavens of your embassy and all that is in them I remember in Genesis we saw God created everything he stood back and he said it's very good and that he satisfied the seventh day he sanctified it and he rested on that date as an example for you and hardly any places that in the very heart of the Commandments in the fourth commandment we have the command to drafts in the Lord this is beautiful my friends this is a prominence a promise to you and to me that we can lay aside the burdens of life on the seventh day Sabbath that we can come aside and spend time while at the time with our major pieces therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it now the Sabbath as I said earlier is a memorial of creation we see it right there in the book of Genesis but it is also in many ways a memorial all the data and resurrection of Jesus because when you look at the book of Judge Ronnie which is the best book I in the Bible he will live in the fifth chapter of Deuteronomy that the ten Commandments it was first given in Exodus chapter twenty are repeated in Dutch only chapter five and so other basically two places in the Bible when you have a list of the ten Commandments Exodus chapter twenty Dutch army chapter five no you compare the Commandments with each other in Exodus chapter twenty additionally chapter five and they are almost identical but there is a little difference when you come to the fourth Commandments and you reason ask this chapter twenty and you read it and read it indefinitely Chapter five there is a little different not a difference as to which day if you know which day it is or how how it applies to us not that but if there is a little difference in the reason why we keep the seventh day Sabbath North Exodus chapter twenty what was the reason why we should keep the Sabbath because of the creative for the Lord created right and rested now looking under Charlie five the reason it is given why we should keep the Sabbath above reasons are totally valid and important brats they knows what it says observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy is the Lord your God commanded you six days you shall labor and do all your work but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall do no work you know your son or your daughter Nadia Mills seminary a funeral sermon nor your optionally a donkey nor any of your cattle nor your stranger who is within your gates up to now it's the same but they notice that your male servant and that your feeble servant may rest as well as you and remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord your God brought you out from there by a mighty hand and by outstretched arm therefore the want to commanded you to keep the Sabbath day so I said this at the twenty remember the Sabbath because the Lord is created in six days of satisfied the Sabbath day index on any topic why did the Sabbath holy because remember at one time you are in bondage your slave in Egypt but now you're been set free by outstretched on again we might say and I remember Leon we talked about this yesterday at some of you might say yeah but that doesn't really apply to me because I've never been in bondage in Egypt but remember that Egypt is really only a typology a picture of the bondage of sin right and so in that sense we've all been in each at and the one that sets us free will eject is the lab of God remember we talked about this yesterday that when the Hebrews were set free from each what do they have to do that to take the lab without blemish at the swing allowed to the blood of the lamb and put it on the door closed so when the ten pence place to place and the angel destruction move for the lab the template he passed over all the homes where the blood was on the door quotes and so it was through the blood of the lamb that they were set free from agents and the blood of the lab pointed forward to the blood on Jesus it was on the exact Passover David Jesus was crucified and so what we're seeing here is that the root the death of Jesus through the death of the Lamb we are set free and because we are set free we ought to remember that through the Sabbath and then not take notice of this this might really bring it together the Lord created the earth and all that is in it in six days right and on the sixth day which was which will what we would know to be asked Friday and the Genesis account you know it overseas when you read it but he discussed that he looks at all is created like an artist would step back from the painting and look at the painting and then he says it is finished and that he sets aside a seventh day Sabbath now when you then go to and from creation to redemption GSS is hanging on the cross and can anyone remember the last thing that he said before he gave up the spirit is finished it is finished and he gave up the spirit he died and the very next day the Sabbath came to see in biblical time reckoning a day actually begins in the evening that's why the Bible says in the book of Genesis from the from evening to morning and evening in the morning is the first day the evening and morning a second that it's every time the sun sets in the evening you actually entering into a new day to the biblical time reckoning thanks so for for for the Sabbath began Friday evening right and that's why you might remember this in the gospel account that's what the Jays they wanted to get Jesus on the cross because the Sabbath was coming now what happened with the Sabbath instead of being a beautiful baby had become a means of regulation is meta- fact they took the Sabbath when they thought they thought that they were right with God because they kept the Sabbath they thought that they were right with God because they were sons and daughters of a rev they thought that they were right with God because they were circumcised and they thought that they were just doing fine because they had become the rituals but not begin we change and so Jesus was hanging on the cross and and they go to Pilate and they want to make sure that they got them from the cross because after all the Sabbath is coming not realizing that they just crucified the Lord of the Sabbath you see my friends at one presenting tonight is not some legalistic commandment on how we keep the Sabbath the were the people of God now it's about an experience that God wants you to once you have a beautiful gift that he has given to you in which you can actually know him he is satisfied this time for you and for me now let's take a look at the covenant that God wants to establish with us as we find it in Hebrews chapter ten and verses sixteen and seventeen we look at this adversity yesterday as well and let us read it again together Hebrews chapter ten and verse sixteen and seventeen this is the covenant that I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them and then he adds their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more so the covenant that God wants to establish with you and with me is very simple he wants to take his commandments and he wants to write them not just on stone as he did in the past but he wants to write them in your heart and in your mind and then if that is not good enough he says something out of it and I'll remember your sin no more beautiful now that's a covenant at Cummins and agreements it was okay I was also in agreement with you and the agreement is that I will write my commandments in your hearts and that's a beautiful my friends because so many times we try in our own strength to keep the commands of God and we fail to seek all I need to do this and I need to do that which is utterly fail over and over again and God says to last it's not by your power or by your might but by my powered by my might and by my spirit as a goddess I will write this commandment in your heart I will bring my power into your life that you can walk in obedience and I will remember your sin no more when you trusted me this is the covenant this is the agreement that God wants to answer into with each one of us that agreement my friends that doesn't just involve nine of the ten Commandments or eight or seven it includes all of them including the fourth commandment which the switch with which tells us to remember seven day Sabbath this is included in this amazing and beautiful covenants Jesus said in Matthew chapter five verse seventeen and eighteen do not think that I came to destroy the law or the prophets I did not come to destroy but to fulfill for assuredly I say to you till heaven and earth pass away one jot or one to the will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled some people say you know what the law of God it was done away with at the cross never heard that no we don't need to keep the ten Commandments anymore because it's all about race it's all about mercy is on at it was done away with at the cross on some peoples it was nailed to the cross my friends it isn't it amazing Jews themselves that were surely I think it's a habit in our past way one John oh one zero will by no means pass from the law in other words these are distillate is my habit is still in its place the law is still in its place now this doesn't mean that we are saved by keeping the law we are saved by grace we are saved by Jesus in his sacrifice but when we accept Christ and his sacrifice and we are set free by him then he will write his commandments in our hearts and in our minds and we will walk in obedience to him the Bible says those that love him will keep his commandments and this is our promise to you and to me the Commandments are not given in order to restrict youth they are given as a promise to you and God himself wants you to prosper in life as it is given the commandments and my friends you can't nail them to the cross the very reason why Jesus died was for sale to take your sin in mice then upon himself to think about if we do not if we do not have a law anymore and we don't know what segments we don't know what's in it as well and Jesus is the Savior didn't need to come it's really like a domino effect know the law does not save us but the law definitely is a revelation of said pencils or revelation of the character of God as we talked about yesterday and these promises have been given to each one of us nothing is a glitch up to twenty three degrees then really the question is what day is the seventh day Sabbath because the Bible give any indication as to the seventh day Sabbath and how old this plays out in Luke chapter twenty three we read about the crucifixion of Jesus and also about the time that he was in the tomb the time that he was in the grate and then about the resurrection I want to take notice of these verses in the chapter twenty three that day was the preparation beginning of verse fifty four here that it was the preparation and the Sabbath junior year and the one the women who had come with him from Galilee followed after and they observed the tomb and how his body was laid then they returned and prepared spices and fragrant oils and they rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment is interesting so Jesus dies on what was called the preparation day which with the Jews was the Friday the day they prepared for the Sabbath and then it says that they rested on the Sabbath according to the Commandments and then look at what it says in verse two of as we continue to chapter twenty four now on the first day of the week very early in the morning they had certain other women came with them they came to the tomb bringing the spices which they had prepared but they found the stone rolled away from the two tablets this was Sunday morning and Jesus rose from the gray so very simple we find three successive days describe inspector the preparation day oh what we know is Friday the sixth day of the week followed by the Sabbath day or what we would know it's Saturday the seventh day of the week and then followed by resurrection day or what we would know as someday the first day of the week quite simple I should find this outline here in Scripture not only the Scriptures show this but it's interesting that in the dictionary will tell you that the seventh day is Saturday the seventh day of the week and also languages there are more than half hundred languages in the world where the word Saturday means that so direct and targeted direct meeting of the word seventh day or Saturday is Sabbath says no no confusion regarding that at all now the question that of course is what one is that than that the Sabbath day today is no longer regarded on the Saturday and if anything really the big question and in order to find the answer to that we need to go a little bit back into history history has a lot of answers by the way to what we are facing in our world today and it was during the time of Constantine that in his empire there were a lot of Christians and a lot of pagans and what he did is important to unite his empire he basically merged paganism into Christianity and a lot of the early Christianity it was based on Scripture now was in a way affect dead and what we could say it was diluted by these pagan rites and rituals that were now coming into the Christian church I wanted to go as of a couple of fascinating quotations here that describes period of time church history century to and this is taken from a book on on this time here Christianity became in its that was religion in the Roman Empire and took the place of paganism Christianity as it existed in the dark ages might be termed baptized paganism quite a turn to you so you take paganism right that the rites and rituals and traditions they had any of it right in their analogous part of the Christian tradition now Constantine in the year three twenty one A.D. he made a law we can read about here on the venerable day of the sound that the Mac 's strengths and people residing in cities grass and let all the workshops be close now why was Constantine doing this this is important for us to understand remember that Christianity in its early stages in his early centuries was an outgrowth of Judaism itself up when you look at the twelve disciples know they would use and then they were also the very founding fathers we could say all that Christian charts right and so they became the apostles of course you know at Paul became one of them but he was also injured and so on these they are for they are teaching and preaching the gospel and the gospel included the very message of God 's commandments and included also the Sabbath commandment the fourth commandment now as Christianity became more and more popular and was embraced by more and more cultures it became and it grew in the Roman Empire it came to such a point that Constantine himself which was a pagan Emperor embraced Christianity I said okay now the Empire is Christian I a lot but in order to accommodate for all the pagan worshipers that worship the sun and the mood of this partisan ally the kind of gods and goddesses he said okay bring that he actually brought that stuff into the Christian church waiting that worse yet now no longer on the seventh day Sabbath but on the day of the Sunday which was commemoration of the God of the Sun God the pagans novices also interesting the reason why is because when the Jews were but despise you know a group of people that they wanted to distance himself from the same time they want to embrace paganism so national these things really brought about these changes nothing is what it says here Sabbath was a Hebrew word signifying rafts Sunday was a name given by the heathens to the first day of the week because it was the day on which they were shipped the sun now with this background we need to just go a little bit back at what we look at yesterday yesterday we talked about this prophecy in Daniel chapter seven and you'll remember that in Daniel chapter seven we look at these various beast that resembled these different kingdoms and nations bringing us up to this little horn power which we identified looking at all the characteristics they are as the Roman Catholic Church or member that if you weren't here yesterday and you would like to get that study make sure you get the handout this evening and you can go through this identification marks is right there in the handout of this is not something that I came up with by the way of a lot of the reform as he goes in the least very deducted you know and I John Wyclif and you look at these different reformers at Calvin sweetly they all taught and and believed it based on prophecy that this power was a very anti-Christian power that was identified here in Daniel chapter seven now all this it says in Daniel seven verse twenty five something interesting about this power it says he shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high and shall intend to change times and laws than this you shall be given into his hand for a time and times and half a time take notice that he would intend to change times and laws this power seek to change the great times and laws not of human beings but on God himself this is a power to speak against the most high that God himself he would seek to change the very law of God that is only one law in the ten commands that specifically deals with time and that is the fourth commandment of the seventh day Sabbath now let's look at the arguments does the Roman Catholic Church actually claim that they have the power to change that the very commandment of God regarding time with the seventh day Sabbath commandment of this is taken from from a Roman Catholic sources I listened what it says the Pope has power to change times to abrogate laws and to dispense with all things even the precepts of Christ the Bishop of Rome is of so great authority and power that he can modify explain or interpret even divine laws the Bishop of Rome can modify divine law since his power is not all fun of man but of God and he acts as vice Regent representative of God upon our so very clearly the Roman Catholic Church themselves claimed that how worked to actually be able to change the laws of God well has been the command of the Sabbath command commandment been changed hasn't been changed by this religious system well we again go to their own sources here this is a very interesting this is taken from a book called Faith of our fathers I written by Cardinal James Gibbons and listen to what it sets he says he may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday the script does enforce the religious observance of Saturday so he himself acknowledges there is no that nothing in Scripture that will tell you to keep the Sunday Scriptures quite clear script is my clear that Saturday is the seventh day and this is the very fourth commandment in God 's ten Commandments well then of course we asked a simple question then why Sunday if the Scriptures and for Saturday's NY Sunday while this is another quote here taken from Catholic sources and it says Sunday is our market authority the church is about the Bible of this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact is a quite strong words so they're saying that basically does the dead and this was quite open I've spoken with a lot of Roman Catholics I told you yesterday that I come from a Roman Catholic family my parents were Roman Catholics not anymore they were and I have a lot of family that is Roman Catholic and so we're not here to attack any persons of people we looking at a system that the Bible explains the Bible reveals but is very interesting when you speak with Roman Catholics especially those that are little but more into what actually Roman Catholicism teaches they will readily acknowledge that the Bible is not the foundation of their faith it is tradition now the Bible takes plays a role in it but his tradition is really the foundation and it's interesting that the Catholicism of the Roman Catholic sources in South they and the leaders of this church will tell you very openly that the church is above the Bible as it really is a decision that you and I need to make it will do we want to follow a church system or do we fault when a father the Scriptures Rhine and isn't it interesting that when it comes to the seventh day Sabbath when he comes in the fourth commandment of God the relative charset we change that know me when we were part of changing that that's not in the days of Constantine but it really really at all born in those and in the dark ages with Catholicism is not within it as an end actually it proves our authority approves our sound liaison Mark of authority the church is about the Bible and this transference of Sabbath observance to Sunday proof of the fact and that's what from distances and is to remember the word Protestantism that comes from the word protesting as a Protestantism is a reaction to this to this moved into this organization the system that is moved away from the very word of God is to protest that the Protestantism first tested many things they protested note that we are not saved by works but by grace they protested that on a number of concerning baptism they protested that you know is not just about spring when the baby but that the Bible asked he teaches that to be baptized must go under the one axis really a symbol of the death of Jesus and to come up and live a new life and all these things in the course of Protestantism they were protesting these teachings that had been basically barring under the traditions of wrong but my friends the question is whose protection today in many people say many people are Protestants they will say I'm a Protestant but how many are actually protesting because what has happened is that many of the Protestant denominations today have actually an RFC in it to some degree while awaiting the very rituals and ways of Catholicism as an interesting this is taken from the conference catechism of Catholic doctrine and so the question is asked why it exerts on the instead of Sabbath because the Catholic Church transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday it's no secret I very clearly and plainly stated this is taken from the cathode while the sun was a foremost gone with you condemn there is in truth something royalty of the about the sun making it a fit emblem of Jesus the sun of righteousness had the church in these countries would seem to that all pagan name a charming consecrated sanctified and thus the pagan Sunday dedicated to Baldur became the Christian Sunday sacred Jesus 's feet it was a was really a merge of paganism and Christianity brought about this exchange now what's evident that we cannot close and will move more into that into this in our second presentation but interesting enough we are living in a world today where the Commandments had been trodden upon we live in a world today where the Commandments are really just overlook and and and a very commemorative begins with the word remember is the commandment that has been forgotten and the question really to you and to me is quite simple we wanted to follow a church organization that is change the law of God what do we want to follow God himself it has given us these commandments for our benefit again my friends these command was not given to restrict us these commitment commands a given thrust to prosper and the seventh day Sabbath is a wonderful gift from God no wonder the enemy to take that gift from us but I pray that we may embrace that gap the seventh day Sabbath as a very gift from Christ himself they might say why is it so important which data seventy seven days well you know what there's a story in the Bible the story of a man by the name of name and he was a commander if of Syrian army and he got leprosy leprosy was terrified of being sued to death because you are basically just separated from all people and there was no cure for it but in the story of name and yet she made his way to the profits the prophet Elisha Elisha said to name and garlic dip yourself in the River Jordan seven times medical doctors have to know what I wanted to go to the river Jordan get myself in it in the river seven times what was the meaning of that why would I do that and he could've just gone home but he realized that well might as well give it a try and so he went there to get some something one time he comes up in the leprosy is still there and he gives himself in the river second time the leprosy is still there it was only after the seventh time that he was cured if you than six times and he went home he would come home in upper but after that sentence I didn't get himself in the water he was fully healed and my friends when God says I have sanctified and set aside the seventh day Sabbath the seventh day and we say well you know what it's not that important as long as it's one day would you do that with a good friend of yours is that I want to be jaundiced in that day and any didn't show up and he asked why he said well I showed up another day that would work right I think God is particular in his language and he wants us to receive the blessing that he has installed a rest and a blessing only comes the perfect obedience to his law a man is another story in the in and in Scripture where the Hebrews as they enter into the promised land this city that they conquered the city of Jericho and God says march around the city every day for seven days and so they march around the city the first and second and third in the four things and on the seventh they got the smarts around seven times in a March around seven times and after that they blow the trumpets and the walls come crumbling down God himself worked in their behalf when they conquered the city what if they marched around the city five times within which type were going home they would not have conquered the city it is very clear my friends that perfect obedience results in a perfect blessing and to close this off this first session back to the story of Exodus chapter sixteen God gave the manner for six days and six day he gave a double portion because he wanted to give them rest on the seventh they don't need to work this is a day that I went to stand with you and God is saying that to you and to me six days you shall labor and do all your work on the seventh day this is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God and it doesn't do no work God wants to give you that rafts and for you to say okay I will lay aside those burdens of the week I spend this time with Jesus that's exactly what the Sabbath is all about he's filled that they would himself don't let anyone take a blessing from you and I'm don't let it at some organization is written misrepresenting the very character of God don't let them change that day but come back to what it's all about we can have a word of prayer enclosing and then we'll take a little break and will move into our second presentation and as we pray and ask the Lord is asked to look to guide us in in in this experience of Sabbath because God wants us to experience the greatest blessing is possible for us to receive and let us pray that we may experience that Sabbath blessing so that we may walk in his footsteps that's pretty funny father thank you so much for being with us during our first presentation here tonight thank you for the gift of your Sabbath I do pray lords that each one of us may experience the blessing that you place in your seventh day Sabbath Lord thank you for your word thank you this means less error and that we can find rest for our souls rest in your mental rest of emotional register will know this is not as popular as him the spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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