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A Day to Love

Siegfried Roeske



  • May 5, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him always a pleasure to be in Avenal beautiful Sabbath springtime in California we don't know for sure ministering in the summer and a grassroots springtime and the beautiful air is smelling fragrances orange blossoms you and their flowers saw released beautiful sunshine and the unity of the Holy Spirit in the space is special I have you heard these words will designate and joy will to all which is in sickness and health and forsaking all others keep thyself wholly ardently sought all as you both shall live spouse only granted I do I go this shop defines the Christians love relationship with his creator and to save your and the Bible makes it act like a year that God is on husband mistreated in Jeremiah fifty four verse five Isaiah fifty four verse five were getting on so I would get you Jeremiah do Isaiah Einstein Isaiah fifty four by ten ago to Jeremiah and Isaiah fifty former spy the first thought of they are first formed I may guard is Zion the North opposed is his name and then Jeremiah three Jeremiah chapter three verse fourteen at all two twenty two twenty two here the Lord is leaving because things are not going well as household and his family never questions between the three hours and he cries out I see tears running down his cheek the verse fourteen turn or backsliding children say of the Lord for I am married to you and then verse twenty through twenty two Charlie has a wife trashes the deposit my husband so happy down catches it with me all hours of info save the Lord and then returning to return you backsliding children I would heal your backsliding behold we come onto the scene for thou art the Lord our God and I'm in Ephesians five in the New Testament that you're also very familiar with was twenty seven and thirty one and thirty two Ephesians five twenty seven song about the Lord that he might present to himself at the notorious charge not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing but that it should be holy and without blemish was thirty one and thirty two for the cause shall a man leave his father and his mother and shall be joined to his wife and it shall be one flesh I'm visiting a sidewalk marriage on this earth but in everything you can write me a few years ago immediately access this is a grand mystery other ministry is not just simply a husband wife and become one that's a tremendous mystery I was born in East Germany Way yonder almost I'll be in the world and then found a wide in America often on the Melbourne are in the sticks get those two people together make a one SMS three SR mariculture five not the great mystery that's the synonymously this is a great mystery but I should be they speak about husband-wife I speak concerning Christ and the charts because Jesus the father another drawings of heaven behind so we might be married to his drive that he found on this planet he went inside for a ride yesterday I ended up on this planet that you shall become one flesh forever marriage is forever even between Christ and the charts below tabernacle with us forever that is in itself just a fantastic beautiful not a lot as the servant of the Lord is instructed us through his servant that John then each of the era Sabbath reform in the last days and is referred to Isaiah fifty six and unsupported and great controversy for fifties four fifty seven far more sacredness is a test of the Sabbath the MSM are many profess honesty bars the lot has been making this honor by those have not kept the Sabbath according to the commandment either in the letter I missed because hardly farm in the observance of the Sabbath reform I believe that the perspective of academic did this morning nudges me unless like losing down this alley this is the reform and shot of observance I believe it is a form in all the relationship to the bridegroom how do you develop without a warrant for lovers that one of the very selfish nature we are this and other euros in Melbourne and we spent almost our entire life try to get rid of what we wanted to the world and the Lord has promised to help us because we need to be transformed we need to be born again the Verizon to bring the good stuff in the world the second time that brain the divine element and is a changed life how do you develop involved not simply buy off religiously talk nudges for bringing flowers noticed by shouting out another louder although that's okay and oh 's argument on the unauthorized but that's not enough hours is not enough religiously dog is not enough negative ignores the judge is not announced no of rows through committed actions no as a book written about this law is something you do how does God demonstrate his love well a day when regular planet six out of the San is in Cairo on the racing still the wisdom and the beauty and and and the kindness and goodness of God in nature all around us it is still a beautiful panic and social many places especially California but have eternal summer you know I I'm amazed I'm afraid you know that so many beautiful spots in so many beautiful places and in beautiful things hummingbird outside of what our kitchen window to something else that they can walk Joanne McChrystal walk that features the landing gear but anyway all these beautiful things and if so beautiful gorgeous and so amazing garçon is all that has not demonstrated while some EB model having the sign that maybe it's all in and say who made all this garbage why do you know God demonstrated his up-to-the-minute ocean out of me the rest of the people we ruined this will document the beauty and the peace and happiness on this planet and Sullivan God to decide another kids I guess you all about it someday soon because of sin God sent the greatest gift that he has is his only begotten son including himself came down to the cross sacrificing the greatest thing happened again because he loved it and just talk to hinges and a representative comments committed actions demonstrate about people gave a sentence you guys as deities of the difficulties of life he sat with us to act in our lives and he's coming again so that they culminating at the side of seven because back into a perfection yes no is something you do it's Friday afternoon shift in the dining room perusing the newspaper having a good time my wife found that honey could you get other trash I see all gear upon being all I go back in the visiting denizens thing again don't you know that this all operates on ha ha yeah I'm okay I noted out the garbage and as you do not get on a IG says not you my thoughts and as you use the board to get moving and in Isaiah fifty eight is the foundation as of the Las Vegas God in Iraq deleted again Isaiah fifty eight all was a surgeon and fourteen if thou wilt your ways I thought of SF five thousand one from the Sabbath don't sample on it from doing nightmarish on my whole day I see the obligation not to love relationship okay my side nation of Mayawati to call the sabbath a delight holy of the Lord Honorable John on REM not doing that old ways will find annoying pleasure speaking unknown words then shelved all of you something the Lord I will cause it to write about a high face of the earth and feed the heritage of Jacob the father for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it there just looks good again at the foot of the Sabbath to government in the doxepin respect the Sabbath there him from doing that one pleasure in the love relationship was very happy I am after I think you are covered by the laws are announced when talking about dating courting and married for whose foolish pleasure are you in this relationship what you're trying to do the physical damage and can hold it back for future pleasure for her pleasure the guys are getting around who special out we after God 's pleasure on lovers originally and love originally other centered Augustana College or self-centered is not the Mediterranean diet treasures on my order today you Jew lovers of the centeredness call the sabbath a delight wholly honorable that's a naughty child honor him not doing the old ways now find abhorrent measures to find your own measure spiritual adultery the other names for it on the human level that are not very nice pleasure becomes my pleasure and I see for pleasure not for mine and then of course the law this merger law says as you give it to come back you cannot give away now but I'll enjoy you the way to get enough to get away that's true love not speaking thine own words how careful lovers are with your words I remember when I was dating my wife when she was a government I was ever so careful because I just come from Germany much accident was heavy and can host your cup and virtually subsidized some that have little say much because hydrolyzing the wrong thing because anyone is the lovers are very very will without words not speaking my own words in a love relationship you want to be interested in the other person in our family we have an understanding that when the conversation gets into the other lovers other than Jesus on his holy day that we can intervene and say honey this is not the conversation how shocking to thyself in the Lord a young married couple going to honeymoon they know something about uniting themselves and each other the other is the object of the affection and it goes both ways it's a wonderful experience in Isaiah sixty diversified it talks about the bridegroom rejoicing over his right he's delighting these are not overloading may not be the right word but in August this is exciting rich and spontaneous love on this vibrant says in a bridegroom rejoices over the right social of God rejoice over the goblins have enough relationship with us actual way love relationship so Sabbath keeping means not keeping and I think we have been hurt the last twenty years by our triteness and beautiful field on veganism and written off the wonderful dimensions of love to the topic but doesn't another realm it doesn't belong and so I pray about this I got to open my eyes to see meaning in the Council that he has given Jewish settlements and IV the Council is so good to date now I just sold it and have not appreciated and twenty seven ten twenty seven you talk about love and in here and move it says in verse twenty six or twenty five to seven on came up there are intended in SyncMaster one children have eternal life and you is is was written in the law always off and he answered and said thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all not as one designer whose job it is not enough derby impartiality is not God with all your heart and with all your heart to heart and soul I like this the all your strength ethylene energy every ounce of energy is devoted was the love and loving God and with all your mind this is totality of the esophagus of furnishing environment and this totality of love and all the directions from God to us and then returned to him Mount God with all of my senses now I know not all of your marriage your life offer me a Merry okay than the others taken by faith okay what I'm saying figured by faith because I want to talk about the love relationship in the husband live in a very dignified way that applies to all his energy level he had with God God wants us to love him with all of our senses because that's the way to love binds to fulfillment on this as well now this is principle called the preparation principal form of your just stumbled into it usually wondering to Austin you prepare for it and as a Texan a Muslim father talks about preparing yourself to meet your God Sabbath keeping begins on Sunday and especially on Friday the preparation begins on Sunday also the week and especially on Friday Friday is the Sabbath as the washing is the communion service the investment and Friday will be returned to us on Southwest and every directed Friday for its intended purpose will never be able to do so for its intended purpose it would only be a shallow experience anything is worth encountering is worth preparing for and a very meaningful way how do you prepare for love is how you prepare for Sabbath on the five senses need to be involved what is the point of the preparation what is the nature of the preparation principle well there is a divine psychology in the preparation and sometimes people feel it's too much work to prepare I presented all of the proceeds Fridays just understood it didn't exist it's just one big frenzy or yes but we don't need to keep on the second Friday we have a whole week in which to prepare by the way seventy avenues have the best version foundation of Islamic theology how to prepare for eternity in Abu Ghraib which is coming because every week is a microcosm in preparation for the old ways of judgment day to prepare for the coming we have an entire life to prepare in which the pair paternity in every weakness practicing preparation fulfillment preparation fulfillment would be sad is set and absolutely decorated preparation of Jesus constantly I'm not ready that we can get ready and frightened the web and limited for the information of the coming of the Lord the Lord is teaching us preparing for his second coming by his litter coming every Sabbath and every Friday night from the shadows fall that is practicing preparation is important enough to prepare for so there is preparation the expectations people who stumble into love unprepared will not expect a whole lot and neither received as much as he ought to receive the emergence to rest and even as what I start my first visit mental and spiritual and physical anticipation of the fulfillment that's going to come in meeting the great number of man's soul and the entire family to get involved the children need another to be prepared for Jesus alternately on Friday it is a dubious version experience it's not to be a frenzy sure a bill saw it goes on Friday that is about hustling right that's the problem with that teaching good health move around or move faster to get them going you know you might deliver you to longer you know exercising and then just in the next two days ago in approach will always enjoy when I'm done in the shadows falling nicely done and Jacob would've gone with him and oddities the rest is undescribable and I thank God I have a reason for said beneficiary there's another point about the preparation anything I that is very exciting as not only excitement in the end but the fun is not losers of the fun is literally bad times the wedding and I been involved in a few weddings in our family and also as a pastor at twenty weeks ago off I find it very interesting how people prepare a year in advance in Washington to get engaged and of course it varies to Concord Dartmouth but some six months something he and I want to tell you the educated year and all I can think about how they can talk about how they can bring about other just unapologetic as far away job as an obsession healthy it needs to be good I remember when my nephew got married United lady from India and then they had a beautiful wedding dress and a soda bottle I don't know how many thousands of pearls and when this and that was doing this for one year and whenever company came family came to Houston he to us and all that is still frozen them whenever I walk down the aisle with all the girls hundreds of people are represented and unifying to families it is beautiful it was beautiful as always injury Jesus goodbye they in every detail but preparation Jesus wants to be there is not a preparation for time is the price for eternity if it's Jesus that we're talking about not just 24-hour day of course no one time we bought a coffee after you finish the deal and it arrived in America sets will be done people in the right by the afternoon bad news when you think of worship that night after sundown on an agreement spanking new car Association we could afford a new one that hasn't happened for the last twenty years but we have to go into the car and we had to go from this Friday evening drive off snitching paints Smith seems in a snazzy upholstery on fresh jobs and on a Olson is and is done I said honey had to be the last time we get a contemplative religions are all other division Jesus no I would like to share with using the old-fashioned practices that have been given to us by an old-fashioned of another commend the use of his Majesty 's but that's not unanimous the Mac is that you know you can ask this this is the comprehensiveness I justify and random because it means something to me and the district is going cleanliness is next to godliness that's point number one preparation contains cleaning the house convenient device and increase his soul it is difficult to love in this sort of condition there is a therapy and being the analysis boy living in the country refugees living in Anbar there was precious little time that I was looking no run water Newcastle which sold the punk community pump was a hundred yards away it wasn't sure to wash we careful washing out too much whitewash interviews it even bigger boys sitting in a way because we were climbing trees running over the field chasing the rational in a meeting concept but at the same time I remember going to children's morning sitting next visited a city gain deliverance is a precious and I find it much for shoelaces and my shoes when polished and when the time is always being for each by emotional now I feel sorry for people who go through life never be clean but was a lot worse than the physical is a spiritual uncleanness in her right God why living in sin God wants to know if you do something that gets between the Job allowed to get in there so I can reach you in a meaningful way in evidence as to either Bible study the meaning sometimes I arrived in my sadness about this walking up the steps and using this if your boy and it was hot hot summer day in Nebraska and yet no shirt on and a syzygy Microtel with the problem I can see what effect the desert the child gave you do not get inside on over his stomach and he Jim and eighty five million and I felt what I'm going to try and dry cleaning is as I came to John Alan 's liaison is not a reason from the side to side as well as I believe what knowledge was no buy now Wednesday chapter not always I would squeeze in the right way and in the preparation we get there who are involved in cleaning the house it's not just in the house being ourselves in the preparatory statement of it's not so much eagerness not unanimously it's difficult to get the full blast of the declarations of love the my job is to vacuum one just now I have to see the outside around the house I've been washing car wash both cars one hundred is less than one I thought we could go to church and I learned quickly that I felt really good I could be West Wi-Fi so that you too much time on the question that you and vacuum is connected to Jesus and the lack I didn't like it I will miss you and often the one way Microsoft's him to because I was the symmetry is pleasing to the eye and the emotion that was a municipality can you know and then I think that lemons the spring of access by the scaffolding under the liberal Los Angeles in the end that's there and then I found oh it's not the sometimes in such a veterinary clinic diagnostic changes spaces yeah I was shady and is also relied on others and it was cleanliness is not legalism six public coding and making access exceeding twenty three scenes you want to see the same cookbook to cook and bake what you want to be futile and have to do it on the Sabbath the thought of an internal proprietor cinnamon roll preventing is a seven thirty and I is updated again at sex everything affects readiness seven thirty two unthinkable things he's done for the leading why is because in some of us comes from wife and mother needs to also enjoy the peace and the rest of the site plus when you do the baking job digging for Jesus to guess that is coming he is assigned center is a focus on the preparation yesterday is Jesus a personal counselor quality relationship to me his drawing on as we and the unlike this idea that we are told that while we don't have to have a whole bunch of things for food deprivation something special it should be special because no demands and I like that very much to me sat at dinner is the extension of worship I saw people out of New Orleans for his knowledge in a one-time behavior reading there silently had some friends over and it was on a Los Angeles dinner and soul so he's incentive Mrs. Rosen for lunch as I was is what a bunch anyway it's all right got lunch at the other side dinner we get our friends family and wants to minimize flows just come from charge for that blessed by the reading of a spiritually knowledgeable socially I wanted to you what a wonderful time of love and caring freedom from care is substantive on to music publishers of this the number still with us the spirit of all the divine encounter is still there it's rich veganism no no no three closing this is an interesting point is an interesting point I understand that we all have different backgrounds of if I say something that you sound like just a few okay I have something in my mind and I hope I can see right there told that it would be well if if the each and everyone would have special clothing for the Sabbath my parents have dreamed of that waste was ingrained in me someone you don't know otherwise so yeah that is popular is together I noticed that when I conducted leading eyeglass on here saying this is just gone and this is just gotten wind of orange blossom varieties high it was some experience it was thrilling to me that God is in his view evil is wrong with either a legit and everything is beautiful nobody saw this I know the right say come as you are to the room all day Sunday he was dressed to kill she was she shall or she was a queen and Brian and she didn't tell anybody it didn't matter how you dress I never forget my best friends letting my roommate in college will determine what you can imagine and get married I got married first to get married sixty seven and so I was letting Americans not for my wedding tuxedo so I thought while I visited my brother and bonus in one of them skinny like I hand washed his hands you will see significant to my middleware for the wedding should know the kind where Disney's beautiful moves I showed up at the Reading seven hate him are interested in reference sorry say I felt life don't be phonetic the meaning of this was nice so I will know that I will donate to the wound of the now interim this is very interesting to me dress is a psychic superglue boy and dirty jeans and nine yes what was I doing okay and remembrances from time in Washington ACLU does food industrials have power over us this is such a thing as love those paid to bring but have you heard about our secrets not inevitable that far to address our but I is and will say to those a lot of recommend that I know of no interest necessarily but the concept is interested in general are we ready for war but my parents have taught us that the Sabbath special clothes the USS know I'm retired I is seventy seven thousand and seven page assumptions not the assumptions and gossip you can issue such a comfortable and owned by another I have an uneventful the digitized so that all she could select and did no good comes out of it otherwise but I wish I could just have event is an online meeting services assumptions to put down guess what I was ready China him as you said psychological emotional perspective tumors the expectations of Jubilee in your night doesn't have to be fancy Andrew admonishes you fashionable whatever maybe I just want to adopt a distant classic of American is always at his leather jacket one hundred and seventy business plan what anything is truly acceptable to God you immediately may be something since then scientist was a little slice you know it should looking Jesus for the bank and some amusing something that mechanisms are in is just something to think about and I say veganism on OS X in addition we were in Germany the project was going and he didn't have much film as the mother don't shoot that the Americans left behind after you dropped it when needed thank you very much and my mother cut it off and made social software will have regardless my shelves on the rowdy rest of the country I told you about how we make a change reason getting for the wildlife is not and no one said it would put on these white solutions I did not get I was breaking glass everything is so touching and moving them was a little I don't think I is is out of wedding on the for the summarizes the secular communication put away the defense and exclusive environment committee also must like the ladies up on Friday March this emotional and engine removal distortions doing enough page than mine needs to be captivated by now and Isaiah fifty eight fourteenths at not doing that all guys are not speaking words sector communication gigantic couples reception after the wedding article was talking about his former girlfriend at South ha ha how is soliciting is not a seasonal about Sabbath is not big enough when you continue to speak about our developers I mean the house of course finances and out of fashion in Sabbath especially secular communication criticized you cannot love reading about all days in August of that unless you wouldn't do something about it and do not report that only appropriate register the single informing yourself that you will short-circuit my love to go fear is not part of the secular newspapers books radio television music needs to be put aside for the exclusive relationship between divine and his children since that opening of the spiritual papers spiritual books spiritual music the speak of Jesus and his love for us hedonism no demands recognizing all the different Susan Levine is put aside on finding a spot of the declaration members of the family of the church is the problem in Matthew five twenty three is asked if you don't original and your members only have I guess you mean for me you have a problem somebody you like to go there back home and making site then come back now diversity it's difficult to know how I did run across children children what if you follow this practice a lot of churches will have a thirty year use them with BPs in the happiness okay never six is the last point to meet Christ in his appointed time when you need someone keeping and Nvidia seventy three thirty two is as from evening to evening show you celebrate Messiah the Sabbath begins at sunset on Friday and the first half hour of the first power is is as sacred as in America our only on his essay on excluding and her counsel to Catholic garbage this is because the usual lineup of God because we share because no don't believe then chances are getting them together my father was very very good about this kindergarten together before sundown decisions and singing he thinks costs out there and reach about God all of this piece is very houses the and by the way I still is in Australia take our bath the beginning that before sundown of course those they actually can imagine despite you know you know when this is quite a balancing act together done in Bethel I thought I would give you everything that we need to add a before sonar to the same and it takes a shower to three as part of our environment is often I just ordinary kind I want to be me and everything that I put on some clean clothes underwear or something close brings them to train the body is not in these reason I confess our sins he found everybody place Friday night from the youngest and the oldest fossil potential to Ottawa and indigo is to our youngest to do is decide driving the youngest and sometimes I didn't and there is continuity when the prey of our fathers and understand that is a legal obstacle on lifetime in San Francisco and Rosen will be great I can actually break the demeanor holding fashion is what I said I wanted to live in harmony so what happens and what I pray I is all is a hotel so that because I did believe that the and everything was clean for you and worship the Lord will bless them that you have for us how many families and Christians are starving for now this morning I want to bring to heel thus all the flowers in charge but revise the next time I carefully overruled you can try it you can force it takes time and hours of going fine just without insurance many him into nerves the showdown enough to not have been enough in the love of God everything I saw everybody but his son says in the rest and sky the question comes across that way the judge you and me at Derby I know being the Wendy's husband to how Josh to honor forsaking all others keep thyself only company for twenty four hours and the rest of themselves and all the congregation said I do a lot of all that have been missing the one of the present North with a deep spiritual meaning the counsel for the people below the confluence to be more careful and prudent atmosphere where they can experience a greater degree Jesus


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