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6. Who is the Next Superpower?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 19, 2014
    7:30 PM
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all right thank you don't think this I know that rides our presentation this evening because we do have some good material to cover here that will try to get you down time probably about half the states so we can build the second presentation on our first presentation we dealt with the fourth commandment the Sabbath truth maybe this is like a bomb in your experience like a dynamite maybe a lot of new thoughts I hope that this second presentation will will also further help you to understand that the connection of the Sabbath in end time prophecy very interesting I did want to mention something I mention my first-ever ad presentation that you know some people will say wow aren't the Commandments nailed to the cross is actually even expression that Paul uses nailed to the cross and Colossians chapter two but you can read that text very carefully because he's not talking about the Commandments as net moral ten Commandments you talking about the Commandments of Moses the ceremonial Commandments that out and surely those were nailed to the cross those were done away with at the cross but we don't sacrifice lambs anymore we don't circumvent you know we don't have circumcision is assigned between us and God all these ritual traditional Jewish things that pointed forward to the coming Messiah they were fulfilled in the Messiah and so they were nailed on the cross that oftentimes it is a lot of confusion in Christianity today between the laws of Moses and the ten Commandment Lodz and sometimes they are there mixed up and so they say all the boys were nailed to the cross that wouldn't make any sense because we wouldn't even know what sin was if we can have an commence today right focus I just wanted to clarify that if you have more questions please come to me after these presentations and make sure you get the handouts where we are also going live a more into some of these things all right well in her second presentation we going to go back to a prophecy found in the book of Revelation chapter thirteen and that in our presentation yesterday we talked about Revelation thirteen this beast that comes up out of the sea and the ones of these represent everyone your member a Kingdom right empowering Kingdom the nation and John on behind the Patmos sees Bisbee 's coming up out of the sea in Revelation thirteen and we looked at the identification marks yesterday evening and if you weren't here yesterday when I go back in and a note when you listen to these presentations will make them available on the website and also we get handouts but we look at all the certification marks of Revelation chapter thirteen the first beast and no doubt this was pointing to none other system than the Roman Catholic system here we have a religious system that is seeking to do really receive the worship of man and is putting itself in the very place of Christ himself I remember that this beast in Revelation thirteen is described as you know I left it and bear a Dragon alliance and really like this amalgamation of the different beast that we read about in the book of Daniel in the Old Testament chapter seven where we looked at these beasties kingdoms coming in falling meetings leaving us to the arrival of the antichrist the arrival of his Roman charts how were the basically said okay now we're going to unite the state with the chart of a rain for this long period of time even a period of twelve hundred and sixty years we verify that history also prophecy confirms this from the year five thirty eight all the way to the year seventeen ninety eight this church rain and that the state was there to back up and to enforce everything that this church taught its doctrines and its traditions and millions of people lost their lives during this period merely for believing in the Bible and actually wanting to possess the Bible itself teacher I was only there it was on to be taught by the clergy and it was only available in the Latin language and when the reformers came on the scene like John Wyclif the morning start the Reformation Jackson translated that the Bible into the English language and that he really got in trouble for doing that and the Roman Catholic Church sought to take his life even many years after his death they actually you know they they they took up his bones of the burnt them I just made sure that everyone would know that he was denounced a heretic because of that act of translating the Bible now that may sound absolutely strange for us today those were the circumstances during that what we called the dark ages of the Middle Ages in the continent of Europe and prophecy really shows us the events around these that these times now Revelation thirteen portrays in this first beast for this power that that that ruled for this period of twelve hundred sixty years and then it describes that this power would receive what the Bible calls a deadly wound or it is also described here in verse ten the following way I Revelation thirteen verse ten he who leads into captivity shall go into captivity he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword here is the patience and the faith of the saints the revelation thirteen verse one the beast comes up out of the sea and he does always different things all this different different things a described in these verses and then we come to verse ten and in the Bible says that this power will go into captivity and this is exactly what happened in the year seventeen ninety eight when again the Napoleon sent his command of her shape are changed into the city of Rome he take it to the Pope captive and basically he abolished the and that the unity between church and state and so oh this happened in seventeen ninety eight and the prophecy predicted that the struts would raise the rule for forty two prophetic months or twelve hundred sixty years exactly what we see took place now the event that happens next a description that comes right after this verse is quite fascinating revelation chapter thirteen and verse eleven because I titled this message this evening the second presentation of who is the next superpower and as we look at Revelation chapter thirteen in Revelation chapter thirteen there are two beaks and so there are two nations are two powers that are on display here the first one the Roman Catholic Church in the first verses of Revelation thirteen but then when you come to verse eleven it talks about another beast coming up and let's meet together the description here Revelation thirteen verse eleven listen to what it says then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon so the first beast remember when identified that one Roman Catholic Church rules for twelve hundred sixty years goes into captivity and Orion after that in Revelation there kept the thirteen adverse eleven John the revelation on the island Patmos he sees a second beast another beast but this piece does not come up out of the sea as the first beast that comes up out of the watch out of the art and then it gets a little description of this beast it says he had to horns like a watt like a lamb but he spoke like a dragon is get a mental picture of that little lamb in a gloving up at the lab burn Dragon at an awkward moment so is a little bland like bees but this land likes me be speaks like a dragon now what is obese represent people mRNAs in our right so we we got a look at what power does this represent what how does this wildlife these represent well we got to look at the characteristics obvious beaks your little animation of what it could look like I don't know exactly what it looked like be the just animations that one what could and what will how are we looking at here one of the characteristics that we have left the flesh about here the first beast came up out of the sea the second beast comes up out of date are now the Bible tells us that this seed represents multitudes of peoples and nations in Revelation chapter seventeen in verse fifteen it talks about water being a representation of multitudes of people and nations inventive compounds so if the first beast comes up out of the sea it came up in a populated area I the second beast comes up out of the earth the art is the opposite of the seals of this nation is coming up in an scarcely populated area if the first identification mark now the first beast had ten horns on its head and the Bible tells us in relation thirteen in the first verse of spirit that upon the horns there workarounds and that's interesting because the church of Rome ruled over the chains of your all the kings bow down to the papacy that's why the papacy had so much power during the dark ages because all the things that we give you aren't already our armies are your army that's why they could persecute that's why they had so much power so the Kings with now this second beast has two horns but there are no ground that is so it is a nation without a king okay now let's look at some more characteristics the second beast is is a lambda light beast known the word lab appears a number of times in the book of Revelation him and appears twenty seven times in the book of Revelation elicited at twenty six of those twenty seven times the word lab is pointing to no other person than Jesus Christ the Lamb of God but in one instance this one is not does not point to Jesus Christ that points to a nation know what do we know about that nation it is a Christian nation I went so a nation that has Christlike principles a lambda light nation coming up in a scarcely populated area no change I listen this is also interesting it comes up at a time that the first beast goes into captivity by the first of these rules for how long he remember twelve in his six years in which year did go into captivity seventeen ninety eight so we looking at a nation that comes up around seventeen ninety eight it becomes more prominent around seventy ninety eight has no king has Christian principles and is arising the scarcely populated area any guesses it's your nation the United States of America that's all the identification marks of the second beast of Revelation thirteen very very interesting nothing notice that the United States the midst of her coming forth from vacancy like a silent scene we grew into an empire it was really a gradual building up of this new nation this new consonance as many that were as as as many that were dissatisfied basically went with what was going on in other parts of the world moved here to start something new where religious freedom could flourish when you look at the very principles upon which the United States was was built a Republican Republicanism says government of the people by the people and for the people as the words of Abram Lincoln and Protestantism this is an interesting I explanation of what is Protestantism sets the power of conscience above the magistrate and the authority of the Word of God about the visible church that is what principles that you would also find in the Constitution of the United States of America we look at the Bill of Rights for example I look at amendment one of the United States Constitution it says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof of course you all know this very well the Declaration of Independence we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness don't when the Bill of Rights was born when the Constitution of United States was formed they learnt lessons from what went wrong in the old continent of Europe as they saw the dead that the papacy that role and that was really a charity over the people and oppressive power from the people when when when the United States was when the Constitution was formed was very clear note King noted above when not to make the same mistake here no pain no pup we want that everyone will be it will be created everyone is created equal and everyone will have to be either rights to believe what they want to believe I is this really very clear in this in the statements now Revelation thirteen eleven though not only does give us a picture here of the United States in its infancy but it also gives us a picture of what is going to happen with this nation I want to read again the description Revelation chapter thirteen verse eleven I saw another beast coming up out of the earth had two horns like a lamb but he's what what what how does he speak he speaks like a dragon something unexpected but a change would take place in this very nation now Revelation thirteen goes on to describe what that includes a weapon and Paul in Revelation chapter thirteen and he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first beast whose deadly wound was healed he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast still according to Bible prophecy according to Bible prophecy this great nation the United States of America comes on the scene that has Christlike principles Ace a country of refuge for many would not change and become the very nation that would bring upon what this that this the scenes of world history again the first beast or the authority of the first piece quite a remarkable prophecy indeed the language here he was granted power to give a rat to the image of the beast and otherwise he would cost to come alive something that existed in the past when we look at the past what was it that gave power to the first beast what a pal to the first base was really that unhappy authority of the kings of Europe behind it you're the church could say whatever it wanted to but once the kings of Europe said all we bow down to eat we do whatever you say our army for your army that's when the church is young extended its OR are exerted its power and its authority rack and prophecy reveals that what happened in the past is going to happen in the future and this time a mighty nation the very nations the United States is going to enforce the very waves and teachings of the first piece of remarkable remarkable prophecy of the apostasy that seems to go against all obstacles we think myself is in the United States the very nation where church and state are separate originally yeah the question is it according to prophecy this is the change of my friends it's already changing right before our very eyes I will once I was separated is actually coming back together again yes there are more similarities between these powers the mirror architectural structure is interesting in this book the keys of this blood written by Malachi Martin which is a nineteen ninety nonfiction optical at the book by a Catholic priest Malachi Martin invites the following interesting observation he talks about the three-way struggle for world dominion or globalization he talks about the struggle between capitalism the West Catholicism the papacy and communism subjugating out we look at that last when we say wow that's not really a struggle anymore this seems to be much out of the picture well this is what he says the competition is about who will establish the first one world system of government that has ever existed in the society of nations it is about who will hold and wield the dual power of authority and control over each of us as individuals and over all of us together as a community now it is true that there are these players better and better dinner recently striving for for that that authority on communism is really out of the picture and it's interesting to note that communism was brought down partially by a holy alliance between the papacy and the United States of America this is Time magazine how Reagan and the Pope conspired to assist Solidarity movement to hasten the demise of communism these powers united to bring down communism very effectively of course the question is between now Catholicism and niceties of America is the more going on between behind the scenes of prophecy at rude reveals this and even recent events show this to be the case I refer to this are your eye you might remember when John Paul the second died that the American presidents were like they are now kneeling down at his casket the DVD didn't see between these powers has increased over the years and also it's interesting to note that Catholicism is reaching out more and more to other denominations and other aid groups this is interesting puts a uncle of a newspaper ad here talking about Lutherans and contact links and how the United keynote and this was from a couple years back is interesting to see how Protestant denominations like movement will the Lutheran state charts in Europe isn't running back to what they called the mother church the church of Rome now at Fort if you've done studies in history or your any been aware of the work of Martin off of them I believe that how he basically gave birth to two bits of the Reformation Reformation was really going on but he really spark Davis talked to to have this movement within Europe if you look at what he dad these things are now being made on Don in recent years I want to thing as of this newspaper ad this is what it sets out the journey four hundred and eighty two years ago Sunday the blunt speaking monk Martin Luther nailed his legendary attack on Catholic on the Catholic Church practices to a church door in Germany an act of conscience the trend of the Protestant Reformation the wrenching division of Western Christianity and more than a century of religious wars that killed hundreds of thousands on Sunday the areas of fact acrimony and fractured the leaders of the Montenegrin and Roman Catholic churches sign a document that officially settles the central argument about the nature of faith that lead to provoke the argument declares in a fact that it was all a misunderstanding this is the joint declaration adopted in justification was signed on the thirty first of October nineteen ninety nine Reformation Day so on the Reformation day signed declaration okay the Lutheran Church has I am sorry it was all a big mistake how many lines that it costs for the truth of Scripture and the truth of God 's word to shine clearly in our world today it's a cost of millions of life able to Lutheran Church is doing along with many other churches is arriving back to the mother church and the Reformation is basically being made on Don this is talking about the Anglicans and also then reuniting with the mother church that Roman Catholic Church radical proposes to reunite Anglicans with the Roman Catholic Church under the leadership of the Pope are to be published this year this is from two thousand seven the Times has learnt the proposals have been agreed by senior bishops of both churches in a forty two page statement prepared by an international commission of both churches Anglicans and Roman Catholics are urged to explore how they mean how they might reunite not under the Bible but under the Pope see what's going on it's interesting Bible prophecy is for filling before our very eyes hundreds of thousands of applicants from thirteen countries are requesting full communion with the Catholic Church the traditional Anglican Communion which represents traditional Anglicans made a formal request in October of my friends since that time of just the recent yes I could share a lot of things with you on how this is just become more and more and more and more you probably heard about the ecumenical movement ecumenical movement is basically a collective collection of churches that come together say let's put away our differences let's put away those things that were not united oh yes just to let you all together I was just unite but the problem is that they do not unite to on the foundation of Scripture but the uniting of the church of Rome and you see this over and over again in the ecumenical movements that really is coming back to the mother Church of Rome this is exactly what prophecy predicted would take place not only would this take place but eventually nations themselves think the powers would bow down to this system and one of those stately powers is the very country in which we are right now United States of America that started as a creek on Christian principles that was a place of refuge for many but now speaks is starting to speak more more as a dragon nothing notice these developments are taking place in Europe but they're also taking place right here on out in Europe it's interesting to note that I think I share this quote on the first night as well interesting to note that Europe has always being struggling to unite members ever since the Roman empire broke up in all these different countries in Europe is always sought to come back together again and the agent felt his book the principality and power of Europe makes this very interesting observation he says it is impossible to understand the current five for European integration without viewing it in the context of previous attempts since the fall of the Roman empire numerous attempts to rebuild a unified Europe have failed a vision the vision of one empire under one Emperor into one church under one God has caused more bloodshed than anything in the history of the world somehow your pristine doom to oscillate between war and peace between power and ignominy and ignominy of between order and chaos is interesting that he is pointing out here that what has happened in the past you know there's always been this this is one thing this is wanting to bring them together under one government one now when you look at the European Union today joining European Union started with the idea of no open trade nowhere have economical benefits and by the way that benefits are hard to find economic benefits and then again you know there are more than his political alignments but my friends it's more than economic economy and politics is eventually to be religion let's unite under one God let's unite under one religion to guess which religion that will be of the Bible prophecy is quite clear this beast out of Revelation thirteen and all identification marks point to the Roman catholic church and these events it's coming together this is going on in Europe at the same time we see this is taking place more and more in the United States of America according to this very prophecy in Revelation thirteen eventually the Bible says and I saw one of his houses and as it had been mortally wounded and his hat and his deadly wound was healed and all the world marveled and followed the beasts of this nonsense can be something that happens in one nation or one continent eventually the whole world will be united under this one power this beast power of Revelation thirteen notices what is to happen what is this beast I'm going to do once this Roman Catholic power is so exalted an end really thinks that that the primal seat of authority which the Bible predicts as can happen than them what what what could come out of that Alyssa very carefully Revelation chapter thirteen verse fifty to sixty minute before I read this week to say one thing the Roman Catholic Church is one of the richest organizations up on planet Earth they might think wow how can this happen that little you know that little Vatican City is that really can take over you know that Roman Catholic Church has so many assets is so rich and anyhow the United States is struggling financially I was going to be someone that comes into help eventually and that's exactly what prophecy is predicting the being the these two other to come together with all the other nations this could be up to be one big unity but unity my friends again it's not built upon the Scriptures is built upon the very traditions of man this is what it says here in Revelation thirteen respecting the sixteenth he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be tell he causes all both small and great rich and poor free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand and on therefore this is also what is referred to as the mark of the beast that the book of Revelation prophecy talks about the Mark of the beast no we have already identified the beast so what is it smart what is the mark of the beast now there's been a lot of speculation about the Mark of the beast I have heard the most weirdest interpretations of this prophecy it sits in chair with its six zero six six six yeah that is the number of the beast is on the march the number of the beast the Bible says the six execs but that's something out that he got to choose RRR check our our codes or barcodes are all these kind of things over people that sentiment when first the barcodes came out and said okay when I can buy that because it's the mark of the beast while they got pretty hungry after while savanna buying it anyway so there's all these weird weird interpretations and my friends again we need to be wise we interpret Bible prophecy we need to be responsible because he times prophecy is being interpreted not by this book to buy the latest newspaper ad but we look at the new spin on why I get I get tons of e-mails because I travel all over the world preaching and teaching Bible prophecy and so you know I feel that love contacts here and they are net and this and this so I get to e-mail I know a lot of e-mails on Bible prophecy but I didn't either ninety percent of them are just wacko weird talking about there is now come out of this is the mark of the beast my friends we must go and look at the what does the Bible say about the market would be a man not what we all think and and and and imagine it to be the what is actually the Bible say about the Mark of the beast well it says that the mark of the beast will be inflicted either in the four had on the now gone back in the Old Testament to understand what that means find ways anything of this right now did you know that the book of Revelation 's food gardens of the book of Revelation is Old Testament terminology in other words the language from the Old Testament to the iron of the book of revelations direct language from the Old Testament and some people say I need to know the Old Testament I just understand the revelation I look at the news I look at this I made my own understanding if this quality from the Old Testament you better go back to the Old Testament understandably if that so look at what it says individuality chapter six about this this this thing about the mark on the forehand and on the half actually kept six for six to eight and these words and these of this is the Lord speaking here and these words which I command you today shall be in your heart you shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as fun clips between your high God wanted his word to be in their hearts and they said I want them to be in your on your hands and in your mind and otherwise I want you to think about it I want to practice it being on you hand his relief your action now do not let what happened the juice out of the Jews to this lecture a deal with exhibits of the Scriptures the Torah and they bonded on their hands and so they actually went around with Scripture abounds on there have been others that took it to be little tiny little boxes and they wrapped it right around ahead like this and in it was four I like some Commandments they went around like that do you think that's what Jesus meant no of course not God was giving this command because he wanted those words not to be tried on their boy had but in their mind and in their actions and that's exactly this is symbolic language the book of Revelation is symbolic language so that's exactly what the market is all about I remember he reset the time this fits right in with the new covenant about hubris at September sixteenth is the covenant I will make with them after those they says a lot I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will write them remember that is what God wants to do now one is done the Mark of the beast the Mark of the beast can really only be understood correctly when we understand what the seal of God hence because there's a lot of talk about the Mark of the beast today at eight oh I have heard all these kind of weird interpretations but you don't hear a lot of Christians talk about the seal of God and actually the mark of the beast is only a counterfeit of the seal of God Donna has a sealed God has a purpose for you for me and that is his covenant that he and we just met about a Heber struck the tent he wants to write his commandments in your four had on your hand right as we read about in that Johnny God wants his words to be in your mind and in your action I said God has a purpose God has a plan and so in this beast comes along and he's basically trying to come to fit everything that Christ does everything they looked up on his seal up God puts his war in people 's minds about God and the house it did this loyalty to to be in the actions of his people he's empowering them to live in obedience women I have mine Mark I have my see you how do that we look at this yesterday as well how basically Revelation thirteen this is the whole pound and of Christ and of the beast comes up out of the water Jesus was baptized him up out of the water young Jesus administered or twelve hundred sixty days this beast power it is an power for twelve hundred sixty prophetic days Jesus receives a deadly wound of the cross this beast receives that everyone Jesus resurrected the deadly wound was healed Jesus worship is our claims worship and all the while it encountered that and so when you thinking about the Mark of the beast it's a good account of Bank of God 's mark of God Selah was not sealed his commandments in your hearts in a I will write my demand is in your heart I will put them in your mind I will put them in your actions that you will be in you and there comes the beast wait a minute he has a Mark I have a mark as to what the Bible says about the Mark of the beast revelation fourteen I we talked about readily supporting these three final messages that will go into all the world before Jesus comes the third of those messages here found in verse nine to twelve listen to what it says business is one of the greatest warnings in the entire Bible this is what it says that a third angel followed them saying with a loud voice if anyone warships the basement the key word because my friends in the end it's all about who will you worship we worship God will yet will you worship a system that is set up shop in the very place of God that's the big question so the third Angel says if anyone worships the beast and his image and receive his mark on his four head on his hand he himself also drink of the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out into the cup of his indignation he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels in the presence of the land and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever and they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his image and receipt and there receives the mark of his name is Mark Prentice a very very strong warning not to receive the mark of the beast is like God is here using the very strongest language because he wants no one a bus to receive the mark of the beast but with a little child runs onto the road and the car coming to spend I think please please come back safe and right after this is a strong message don't receive the Mark of the beast because when you receive the mark of the beast you have no rest until that's a little clue that because if you don't have the mark of the beast but the seal of God you have rats just keep that in mind you have rest listen to what is said here is the patience of the saints which are those that don't receive the market-based listen to what they have here is a patient of the same throw those who want cheap the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus my friend there are two groups of people in the last days of person straight those who receive the mark of the beast and those that have no rest and those that have rest because they keep the commandments of God and to have faith in Jesus Christ to have the faith of Jesus amen so we two groups two groups the seal of God and the mark of the beast the seal of God are those that have received the Commandments of God written in their hearts written in their lives look at what it says here again the question we worship Isaiah eight verse six means that bind up the testimony seal the law among my disciples these about God 's own words because you know what seasonal the law Montgomery commanded among my disciples the world will no knows and follow me because they will keep my commandments but in our own strength but in the power of Jesus God will give us the power to live a life that puts the Commandments of God on display that shows what true faithfulness actually mean a man bind up the testimony sealed along on my disciples listen to Ezekiel chapter twenty verse twelve because there is specifically in the heart of God 's law and the height of his Commandments a commandment that specifically deals with what it means to Max and I'm Ezekiel twenty verse twelve moreover I also gave them my Sabates to be assigned between them and me that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them devices you want the sign is that I think you are mine and I am yours and that we had a covenant to get the sign of that is the sound that now it's of course all of the commands all ten of them but specifically that commandment the heart the fourth amendment is a picture of who we warship and by this way a person that does not worship God altogether you know that that that that is not interested in anything that has to do with this book can still decide not to steal it with me can still decide not to murder right intermediate yes and not steal a number by an end yet which commandment particularly in Scripture points and reveals who we warship it is the fourth amendment the Sabbath commandment by an adequate of this like a upcourt skeets eight of the Commandments of the steel is murder commit adultery as no other gods no idols as the any word in faith right of incumbent but he doesn't honor his father his mother and he doesn't keep the Sabbath of the two commandments that are pro- action right and so another was at all of the Commandments will testify who you follow but it spreads as you point him out because it shows who you worship I keep the Sabbath ASAP because I worship the creator God that created all a favor this is a sign between God and ask a sequence at the twenty first twenty hello my Sabbath and they will be between me and you and you may know that I am the Lord your God powerful now than my friends is very very simple if the seal of God is his commandments specifically the Sabbath but all of them but showing in the Sabbath who we actually worship them the Mark of the beast again is nearly ached how is it that all God 's truth is trying to counter that with all God has a special day all have special day and the Catholic Church itself claimed the beast claims that the transfer from Sabbath to Sunday is the showing forth to the world that they have authority about the Bible and of the transfer of that is good is it is the very proof of that fact member Sunday is our market authority the church is about the Bible of this transference of Sabbath observance is proof of that fact of course the Catholic Church claims of the change was her act and the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical power and authority in religious matters now you thinking to yourself know when this is really really really coming to take shape well it's already relevant for us today we need to know these things that we can decide who we follow but the Bible shows us in prophecy that it will come a time that the image of the beast will again rise up and that the second beast of prophecy the United States will get out to the first piece of prophecy the Vatican or the papacy and again enforce its laws now that has not finally happened yet with living in a world where we seen this coming altogether but on the horizon on the horizon to see a repetition of history where again there is a stately power that enforces a religious system just like the time of the dark ages and what what was to happen is that the papacy is to enforce a national day of rats you in order to unite everyone to gather we go to unite on the day of worship now you know this has happened in the past by the way during the Roman empire you know how the Roman emperors united their empire based and you know only of all these different people of all these different nationalities of all these different backgrounds but you know how would you unite them altogether the worship of the Emperor himself during the first centuries of Christianity it was one thing that everyone had to do in those worship the emperor and you can watch whenever you wanted to do the Jews could worship their God Greeks worshiped their God and and the Egyptians could worship there but didn't really matter but as long as you burn delivered consents to the Caesar you were okay that was what brought Christianity into a problem because the Christians and go through towns of the people and subvert a little instance to Caesar Europe had everyone would do it the Christians rejected that because they said no we worship the Lord Jesus and that was what brought on the persecution because they did not unite in this great Ashford to unite the empire under the worship of the Emperor know what you have in the last days is going to come this power discharge powers as they would unite everyone how we go to do that in a national day of rest a national day of worship Sunday worship in Europe already seen the leading up to these events the Vatican is working hard to stop Sunday shopping in Italy the Roman Catholic Church trade unions and small businesses associations have joined forces in a bid to save Sunday's the issue extends beyond Italy and Brussels dozens of religious groups including the Catholic Church and unions of business the associations from twenty seven countries have formed the Europeans Sunday alliance to lobbying the European Union to keep Sunday at the continent wide day of rest at least in principle Johanna told Cosell alliance a spokeswoman said that setting Sunday aside is not a list necessarily a religious issue I'm not discriminate a discriminatory towards Jews and Muslims we need one day when everyone can rest this is the origin of Shabbat and in fact even Muslim organization organizations support us now this movement is is is is is coming at it from different angles some are saying well we just need you know we just need a common day of rest and others have other agendas for this but ultimately the Catholic Church has an agenda to keep Sunday holy to bring together the worship of all nations to itself and my friends this is happening in Europe is the beginnings of this Olson United States of America it's interesting how the active medical movement is growing in the United States charges are coming together let's let's break down the barriers let's just become one but that one that unity again must be upon the word of God sadly a lot of the times we find a second medical movements joining together it is under the unity of the mother church the papal church friends Bible prophecy systems coming to pass before our very eyes and very very soon we can see the mark of the beast is is is is going to become a very real issue that we all interface and I think the people at keeping Sunday do they have the mark of the beast that's not what I'm saying I hope you not misunderstanding me but what I am saying is that there will come a time very near in the near future that that this second base united states of America along with many other nations in the world will uplift the first beast the papacy under the papacy will enforce will they rasp and it will become a test for everyone whether or not they follow the dictates of man over the bottom of the plane revealed scripture of God in these last moments of versus regressive there's a message that goes forth into all the while a man said to come back and to worship the creator God and to worship him on the very day that he appointed the son of day Saturday so as this message comes to each one of us we all have a decision to make admittedly many of you it is it is it is revealing that that that your keeping the wrong day right now I don't think don't be angry about that be happy that the Lord is reviewing entries from his writing and year can make a decision for Christ of faith I want to keep the day of masculinity the day of the Lord because through this we shall we are loyal to the one that made a man this is a message that will go for and it is a message that is even going on right now John sixteen verse thirty three as we come to the close of this evening 's presentation Jesus sent the following these things I've spoken to you that in me you may have peace in the world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the world Jesus has overcome in I don't need to be afraid of this message when the Bible says that at all who worship the beast and those that don't receive the don't worship him you know that they will be that they will be persecuted we don't have to be afraid of that because we can remember in Scripture there are many examples and stories of men that stood firm for God they were protected in the fiercest all circumstances a man God had his protection upon them and God will have his protection upon his people in these last days of earth history and you and I can be sure that Jesus says this is the last Scripture we will read therefore not seven therefore whoever hears these sayings of mine and does them I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock and the rain descended and the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house and it did not fall it was founded on the rock my friends tonight you can make a decision that you will that you will take that wife of yours and that you will like the house that you will put it right on that rock Jesus Christ at the best foundation that you could ever have and I'm at this time I want to ask our ashes to share out a card because this evening I don't want to I want I don't want us to just look at the theory of all of this I also want us to look to gather at sure how this can be part of our experience in these very times in which we living because as when studying Bible prophecy there is a C in Bible prophecy is given to each one of us and I don't want any of us tonight to lose out on that blessing I want any of us to just go home to all that was an interesting interesting presentation and that we just go on with our lives I want us to come and say hey you know what this disconnects a chase away other pics I want that blessing of the seventh day Sabbath I want that gift of God I want to experience what he has in store for me I want any system to take that away from you I want to be charged to take that away from you I want any person to take that away from you I want to experience a friendship with my major which is God himself is that he received that card which can walk through this together three simple things three simple steps tonight if you have a pen you can take it out maybe have a couple times a week and make available here this is a decision that is not a decision that you're making because of meal because of anyone else it's really a decision that is between you and your Savior Jesus Christ and the first point hi very simply says through the power I desire to live in obedience to his long and that the law of God are beautiful promises that it be given to you and you need to live a prosperous spiritual life in him when nothing went on nothing here that you're doing it in your own power but read very correctly what it says here through God our God is the one that writes the Commandments in your heart so through God 's power if you decide to live in obedience to his life it is checked off at first point is a yes I want to live in obedience to God 's law through his power and unemployment to it is clear to me that the true Bible Sabbath is a Saturday and I choose to lovingly obeyed him by keeping this holy day there's a lot of confusion in the Christian world today and the majority is has bought into the constable Sunday sacredness Sunday worship yet the Bible reveals in history reveals a prophecy reveals that God has set aside the seventh day Saturday Sabbath of the Lord is my be very new for you tonight we need to make that decision you know what I want to lovingly follow my creator of the revelation that he is given to be in his word that's your decision you can check off that anyone wonder what will indicate the seventh day Sabbath had a discussion today with Pastor Samuel about this is actually very simple there are actually just four simple steps it up the sound is all about spending time with Jesus amen so if you desire to spend time with Jesus yup that is the sap that is what the Sabbath really revolves around to be with Jesus and Jesus Allison God tells us through the commandment and wanted to spend sacred time with an quality time with them we are not to be distracted by the things of this well the Commandments at the house shalt not wear six things you can do all your work with the Santa Fe you shall not work and so spending time with Jesus number one not working Santa Fe Sabbath is not a day for lack of the vaguely aside at work we can spend time with God and logically not taking others work for us and I said already and the commandment don't make your servant work for you don't make others work for you to go shopping in the mall and let everyone else work for you on the Sabbath mouth is abating he am working on this work but you spend that time with Jesus and then finally fellowship with believers fellowship with like-minded believers come together don't despise the gathering of the same on that day 's business four simple steps desire Jesus being beaten in his presence don't work don't make others' work but gather together with like-minded believers she that day to receive the blessing that God has in store for you you might think well you know I have a job I work on Sabbath they don't know how to do work for me I'm sure you're very short story here I was in New Zealand a few years ago I met a couple and they came to these presentations in and they learned about the seventh day Sabbath and it was so excited they said we want the blessing of the Sabbath but he had a job he worked on Saturday and he said you know what well do is down yet I want I want to change that but but I don't know how to do it he said I really don't know how to do it and we pray together with an and he was afraid because he thought if I go to my boss and I think I will Saturday off I could lose my job I said what you go in faith believing that God will fulfill his promise we set up County that he went to his he went to his boss and he says you explain exactly what happened you seem from the script is the seventh day Sabbath of the Lord we do not want to work that day simply said to have think about it and come back tomorrow I expect big about it and come back tomorrow he thought Mrs. God lost my job you thought you went back home he pray but the Lord convicted him this is what you need to be and so he he determined it was a struggle that I isn't any good sleep is always so I but he made the decision to be faithful to God rather than semantically went back to his to his boss the next anything up I'm going to keep the seventh day Sabbath I know his boss that Boston okay that's fine and he got a promotion a much better job in the factor it in the company was working with the Sabbath song God is faithful what you say to him I think I don't see how this is to work out in my life step out in faith and God will provide the way and let me say this as well even if he does not provide the way it's still worth it and that member that the three friends of Daniel is a Dominican as a win out and out onto the image you can put Casillas into the fire and God will come through but even if he doesn't give you better know enough about them so he will miss my friends at the very height of this end God will provide just as you provide manna within the software for that for the Hebrews and the way in the wilderness so you will provide for you and for me you can step out in faith and final final point on the car number three how would like a personal visit maybe the something that you want to talk about maybe something you wondering about maybe a lot of questions in your mind right now that some of the things that you've been hearing if you'd like to visit you can you can check that off at feeling your name and address and ensure you leave these cards with without the ashes in the back because we want to pray for you we want to help you in these decisions because we know that I'm a short cheese is bring me to make decisions or have that we can be ready when it comes that day God is a blessing in store for each one of the I want anyone anyone to miss out on a great blessing and a great promise of his seventh ASAP even when those cards please give them out to the ushers us as we go out tonight I want to have a special word of prayer this evening as we consecrate ourselves to the Lord we are living in sometimes very exciting times and times that we need to follow the Lord wherever he leads we can be part of that final generation that will reveal the tractor of God to a world in need I pray that each one of us in this room maybe part of that let's pray together father in heaven we went thank you for this evening thank you for being with us thank you for Bible prophecy thank you for Jesus has died for us that rose for us in his ministry even right now for us in the heavenly sanctuary and thank you that one day soon he will come back Lord we want to be faithful we want to reveal to the world around us that we belong to you you told us Lord that you will sanctify us through your commandments through your sound I pray Lord that we may experience the blessing that you have in store for each one of us as we walk in obedience to your live thank you so much for bringing a ninety so minus we know where to train out to your online communities and remember this media was brought as a audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to reach seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. nonanswers .org


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