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8. Heaven and Hell – Fact or Fiction?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 24, 2014
    7:30 PM
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all right well this presentation tonight the second reservation is really going to connect very well with our first presentation we going to look at the truth about how one is how where is that when you set how long is that these questions to get answer from Scripture and we going to do that and I think that our first presentations within a service at foundation for what we do discover now in our second study and so let's get right into it you know when I asked the question orbit when I went into this little wordplay in resale word of the plastic note say there first what with the bursting up in their mind when you say that word on if I would say the word how many people would have kind of a picture of this when I have you on the screen like you know something in a pool of over flames of fire where the devil is in charge of where people are our software ain't being tortured throughout the ceaseless ages of time know this idea really has what a lot of people to turn away from God because they cannot bring to gather this concept with a loving God within with the God that is loud and that actually I hear is for us and an house is like a father figure to us in so a lot of people are turned away from from from God because they think they find it incompatible incompatible the idea of everlasting torments of how with God is love which the Scripture tells us that he is if you say God is love nobody's just love playing is an attribute that he is actually love itself and so our this idea idea of of God 's love is a scriptural truth that is important for us to understand and that's one okay then if it really is if this really was teaching about how that is predominantly in Christianity today in the city has its roots in scripture in the Bible and that what I love about the Bible to still see us hope why you know you can go and actually find out these things we don't have to be left in doubt regarding the nature of God in the character of God and the teaching about hellfire so let's go to the Scriptures again the script isn't going to peel back the layers of tradition that have been accumulated and placed upon the word of God throughout many centuries and is one the first about this one a look at the word itself now the word Howell appears in the Old Testament and New Testament quite a number of times in the Old Testament the White House is translated thirty one times from the Hebrew word Shadle shale which simply means the meaning of the name of the name shale the large-scale is good grade or place of the departed immediately when you look at that at the very word itself in the meaning of the word in the original language it kind of preventing gives us a different picture here when the Bible talks about how in the Old Testament talks about Cheviot and that that word was translated to the warehouse in English language but if you if you just look at the meaning of the word shield it really means the place of the departed one ignorant indicates or and you don't explain anything about some fiery pool where people are suffering throughout the ceaseless ages of time at in the New Testament there are two Greek words translated as how the word Hades and the word Gahanna now the word Gahanna is interesting because it was actually taken from why do they call you have not which was down just outside of Jerusalem the just outside of Jerusalem this don't place where they would basically just throw all their garbage and that it wanted to get rid of that garbage they would actually burned so just think about this you have a large city like Jerusalem and outside of the city is getting enough the place of burning with it would burn all their trash and because they had continual new trash it was a continual fire that was burning in order to get rid of distractions and was a continual fire and this word Gahanna is connected in the New Testament to describe this place of how to just looking at the original words of their common connections with events of the past of any kind of help us to understand a little bit better where this is heading yes or no and I'm helps helps right now let's take a look at them the three main questions concerning how and these are the three questions we want to answer when is how there is how and how long this hell they when where and how long because I'm not up here tonight to say that there is no help because Scripture teaches that there is a place that is called how we use that language in in in the in the English the word is added as we go back we we see that there is a place that the Scripture declares that the Scripture describes where the wicked will be destroyed on the thing that there is no such a place the Scripture teaches that there is such a place box we must ask the very simple and yet very important questions and that is when does this could happen where is this could happen and how long it had been the third question is especially important because again how do we reconcile in our minds the idea of an each kernel how with the character of God being love so some how long is actually house music three questions we want to answer and enter wide-awake giveaway my premise here which will kind of comeback in the end that is less how is a place where God destroys sin is a sale is the problem in our universe 's illness was caused misery suffering pain got sick and answered when mankind disobeyed the explicit word of God and so Christ came into this world to take our sins upon himself that he can give to us eternal life might soon as the problem soon as one needs to get rid off and how is a place of destruction and it is to destroy sin now what Scripture shows is that those that hold long-distance and don't let go of that are destroyed with said that's a very sad thing is a very real thing when God wants to get rid of said first twenty fourteen for God is within is within a discovered is all about destroying said and it is sad when someone holds all the since so much of the destroyed it is a sapping of never never in the purpose of God and so but but how does he destroy it and and and visit visas where we get into these questions when where and how long now in the last chapters of the book of Revelation which is the last book of the Bible basically in chapter nineteen twenty twenty one and twenty two the last four chapters of the Bible we have a crime not Colonel a chronology of the final in dance from the second coming of Christ basically rolling into eternity and so what the Bible portrays is Revelation nineteen we don't have time now tonight to go into the depth of Revelation nineteen or twenty or twenty one twenty two some kind of giving you at the bigger picture here by the way on our last presentation which is coming Sunday we will look a little bit deeper at this prophecy off a thousand years in Revelation nineteen and twenty and twenty one twenty fifth but for now I just wanted to be kind of the big picture here I want to find the last chapters of the book of Revelation is that Christ comes back in Revelation nineteen the second coming of Christ Revelation twenty be happy that is mention of a thousand years in which the righteous are reigning with God can have been an active those thousand years old what is many times are purchased the millennium is come from the Latin words neither thousand and ten years thousand your prophecy after that revelation when she goes on to describe the final battle that will take place when Satan is released for a short time and there's this final battle that takes place it's also referred to as the battle of God and man dog to read about that relationship the twenty four more about that on Sunday evening and then Revelation twenty one twenty two you read about God restoring this are the restores the new and new heaven and a new earth then he goes on to describe that there would be no more death no more suffering no more crying all teachers will be wiped away there will be no more death and then you will re-create everything and then you can just read a chapter twenty one twenty fifty if you are depressed they can be binary this happens because those just as distinctly describe the beautiful beautiful rewards is awaiting those that put their faith in Jesus it describes the city of Jerusalem it describes of interest is the beauty on that city and the beauty of God and the beauty of everything that we can experience in the world that he is prepared for each one of us so the book of Revelation dealing with last events especially the last four chapters give us that front at an overview chronological picture of Christ coming back a thousand year prophecy of a thousand years of the righteous being and have been that's when Jesus was that you take them with them to happen there they are a thousand years and then we come they come back to this are final battle the battle of document and then there is a final destruction and unwarranted detail of this prophecy as I mentioned on Sunday but for tonight but we don't understand this where is how Revelation chapter twenty portrays the final destruction of sin the burning of certain and sadly sinners have held on to say that is remove the good that this final and the destruction and removal of sin is described in Revelation chapter twenty and it takes place on this are why not do that it would be going to your launched into chapter twenty one and we have a description of the new art where there is no more that now if the new earth is created it just imagine this for a moment okay you want to be very men come if you want to be there if I would be there as well did you imagine being on the new are it is already created God himself is that we know what God himself points away the tear from eye no more death no more crying no more sin no more suffering all is beautiful except according to the modern teachings of Christianity today except this little portions somewhere where people are burning for the ceaseless ages of time and maybe it even though someone is there as it's not eternity you know that your friend or your loved one they didn't accept Christ and in extent but is learning for Amber and Emperor and ever and you're telling me that there will be no tears in heaven if that is the case and you can actually enjoy happen knowing that there are people in how tormented throughout eternity I present this is a tradition that is correct into Christianity along with many other to the I don't find its place in Scripture the Bible teaches yes there is how and it is a destruction of sin and sinners and it takes place on this are after the thousand years Revelation twenty and it is final it is a final removal of all these things so that when God re-creates the art re-creates it and there is no more sorrow and no more pain and not that God is not to say to the devil while you know you can just continue to live and I'll put you in charge since you know you can be in charge have any more people in charge of how in God doesn't keep the devil on his payroll so that he can just you know continue to torment people throughout eternity I think this is a middle age dark age tradition that has crept into the check it actually seems even from the artwork of the Middle Ages and dark ages where they would have paintings you walked into an ancient cathedral when you have the paintings of heaven and hell intimacy not couple of months ago or last year actually I was on a preaching tour throughout Europe and I was in the country of Romania I was teaching dirty university and that I see some of the students they took me out to one of these one of these monasteries to just look there I find it very interesting wherever I travel I would like to figure out to learn things about the culture and religion of the spices they took me to this monastery and a couple of guys we walked into this mom is straight and right as you walk in the West eight eight eight eight they seem to hang on the wall on one side you have the entrance was very painting on the other side and that the throne and his God figure painted right above the one side of the trailer have been on the other side was a trail of how I could not believe my eyes as I looked at that betrayal of the dead that the picture of upheld their it it was really really correct thing to look at there were people there that we know what hot hanging upside down and beam barn and they were like you know being with the pitchfork music the little demon creatures that within instrument and they were like hanging there and they were fastened to all these things and is burning this is what people actually believe that actually gone allows that to happen thank God plan that for the punishment of all sinners and I thought to myself how one earth was the picture of God you get when you look at that certainly there was there to fear that is created that a human being is because this is what God is like them and they were not motivated by love but when motivated by fear and is not the motivation that God wants goggles and motivators by his love and so this is a deception of this and that is causing people to not seeing God as he really is an and here in Scripture we had a picture of all the final destruction but it is the final destruction that takes place on earth after the thousand years and it is an event that happens and the result because in Revelation twenty one to twenty two there is no more pain there is no more suffering there is no more torment and there's no more buyer of how this continuing to burn that is all done away with now let's go to a couple of Scriptures I didn't make this clear Revelation chapter twenty verse nine you made about this final destruction after the millennium it says and they came up on the broad plain of the Arctic and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city and fire came down from heaven and devoured them basically what the teaching what with the teaching of Scripture and I'm getting you kind of the big picture here details come back on Sunday as we look at this prophecy of the millennium but basically Christ comes back those that are living together with those of resurrected in I need a morning here and taken to happen they spend a thousand years there a come down to this article after there's a second resurrection basically all those that have rejected Christ another possibility against the believers but then fire comes down from heaven devours them this is the picture here off of house fires of destruction and what does it say the buyer does it says it deep bow word that now that means that it basically they're done away with by its own words not some continual fire that is burning throughout the ceaseless ages of fibrillation twenty one verse one as of then I saw a new heaven and a new artist of the first heaven and the first earth passed away and there is no longer any sea and he will wipe away every tear from their eyes and there will be no longer be any death it will no longer be any mourning or crying or pain the first things have passed away it will be no more pain very clear from Scripture now let's look at that question how long men is that after the thousand years in the very end there so now it's not going on right now haven't bought a hellfire that going on right now because this connection right without first teaching this evening what happens when a person dies they are unconscious in the gray face of the non- burning someplace right now there is a hellfire destruction is in the Darien okay where to happen on this are dispersed is that is where since start of his birth is with citizen and say how long banks this is the real question when it comes to the nature and character of God elegant Malachi chapter four in verse one to three look at it a number of verses in order to to understand into G2 comprehend the length of how for behold the day is coming burning like a furnace and all the arrogant and every evil duo will be chat and that is coming will set them ablaze this is fun about final day of the judgment of God being worn out upon those that rejected his invitation of mercy and they will become like chaff the Bible says chattels like ashes about ashes don't burn to ashes don't burn says the Lord of hosts and it will leave them neither root nor shall it be done away with but for you you fear my name the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings and you will go forth and skip about like calls from the stall you will try down the wicked for they will be what ashes under the soles of your feet on the day which I'm preparing says a lot of house basically went on to say through Malachi is that any two groups of people those that have believed in God and put their faith in God those that awaken and rejected his invitation of mercy and it says that in that great day those that rejected him will be judged they will be burned up they will be like to chat it will become ashes and then that the righteous will be victorious in Christ Jesus and the Lord now ashes dumped our right I think about this this is very simple my friend when you take a match and I asked Anna and I like the matcher some as I do that I couldn't take it with me tonight and I'm not even be that inept public presentations is to make the fact make make it clear by light the match just imagine here I let it burn how long is that matched going to burn as long as there's something to burn I say thanks I did like this is not burning and I carefully taken on the other side like that I let this heartburn instead of burn as long as the something subordinates actions over this is exactly what Scripture is revealing the wicked will perish through the fires have been to destroy sin but this will not be something that we continue for our birth over and ever and ever because sin will be done away with God is not good allow the singer soon to perpetuate hiding internal existence of the sinner I went me and so it will be like ashes now Judy look at what it says do this is one chapter write the book right before the book of Revelation a look at what it says in verse seven Solomon the more and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and prevent reversion they serve as a lot example of that keyword they serve as a example of those who suffer the punishment of what internal fire now know this is where the confusion comes in for many people they read each article fire and they think that there's a eternal software may going on but at the same time the Bible says that Solomon Gomorrah are an example of those who punish but will receive the punishment of eternal fire many ask a very simple question summoned the more is still burning today no so we didn't burn in the past right daunting for God 's judgment upon Sodom and Gomorrah fire came down from heaven you remember the story lot was saved out of the city fire came down to destroy the city now it is no longer burning so what is of them mean this is eternal fire now let's go on to read here in second Peter chapter two verse six he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly then what is that everlasting fire was a very carefully analyzing fire is an everlasting punishment and an everlasting salvation and is a punishment which has an effect lasting forever in other words very simply the Bible talks about the eternal punish but not eternal punishing do they recognize the difference there and otherwise when it says eternal fire that consequences of the judgment of God our eternal there's no turning that those that are righteous will be righteous those that awaken will be wicked God 's judgment will fall and there's no life after that like hey wait a minute I can still go there aren't any women I can still do not that results are eternal but not that punishing is not eternal but punishment has internal result is eternal fire but it's not a punishing that is continuing each earn elite now to make that clear this verse acting really helps Jeremiah seventeen in verse twenty seven and as little as that's and this was basically the Lord speaking through Jeremiah to the people of God I remember the people of God during the days of Jeremiah they had really gone astray from the Lord and they were on after all these of adopting the act of the nations around them and they neglected the word of God and the revelations of God is a God says he know if they don't turn away from their wicked ways that judgment will he says of this way but if you do not listen to me to keep the Sabbath day holy in other words the walking away from the Commandments of God by not carrying a loaded coming in through the gates of Jerusalem to Santa Fe and I will kindle a fire in its gates and it will devour the palaces of Jerusalem and not being what say went so gone through the prophet Jeremiah says if you continue to walk contrary to my law the consequences of that is good and being a fire that will not be commenced and it talks about the gates of Jerusalem and the palaces on fire that will not be quenched now is the gate of Jerusalem burning tonight no so what does it mean with a fire that cannot be quenched it is a judgment that can not be overthrown because of the judgment of God if the judgment is a reversible that it has a lasting a fact that everlasting effect forever in the Bible can be translated until the end of the ages like the match like the match along the barn of forever for ever until there's nothing more to burn until the end of the matches reached right so yes there is a place that is how yesterday and at and it's not right now is a destruction at the end of time at the destruction of sin and sinners that uphold it how about this it will be destroyed with it as of fire coming down from heaven that destroys and the consequences off forever but the punishing is not forever if that makes an famine and exempt the Bible is pretty clear now again how did this come in this idea that people ask the burning forever never never never never never never don't stop for most Anglican theologian I quoted this guy in our first presentation we dealt with the state of the dead and this is so connected these data understandings of what happens when a person dies and how a very connected if I decided to have the studies together this evening so we can see the connection between the two he says the following regarding the concept on the belief of the eternal hell as a committed evangelical my question must be and is not what does my heart tell me but what does God 's word say and in order to answer this question we need to survey the biblical material afresh and to open our minds not just our hearts to the possibility that Scripture points in the direction of Anna at annihilation and that the doctrine of eternal conscious torture has to yield to the supreme authority of Scripture it cannot I think be replied that it is impossible to Troy human beings because they are immortal when his immortality and therefore the indestructibility of the soul is in Greek not a biblical concept now to see if you're a rock tracking with this this click here for a moment okay Disney's as illustration this clicker is a soul or a unit a human being right now according to a first presentation there are two understandings that are really out there and understanding this is the sole immortalizing anymore it is a mortal or immortal right acquainted the Bible script descriptor speech that the soul is what mortal puts on immortality when Christ comes the great concept that has crept into Christianity is the idea that the soul is immortal they cannot die remember anthropological dualism is really dualistic the body it is just a prison house of the spirit and whispers and I spirit will continue to exist forever never now if that's what you believe about the soul is immortal now this pulpit here is how okay to just go along with this illustration a soul how we vote if the Greeks and also many Christians today believe that the soul is immortal if you put a immortal soul into how how long is a number forever because it's immortal it can not so so if you put in and how and how long the company forever right you see how these two teachings they are interconnected with each other now if you believe that the soul is mortal then how is nothing last forever but to destroy right and do away with sin and the center it's going to be eradicated from this universe so very closely connected these two teachings with each other and again it's a great concept that has found its way into the church and especially Greek philosophers again like Aristotle and Plato and Socrates they have will rise with this teaching of the soul being immortal and this is really made its way into the church in Ezekiel chapter eighteen inverse form the Bible says behold all souls are mine the soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is mine and listen to what what the Lord says the soul who sins shall die now when many times when we hear about sole dissenting misunderstanding of what selectively edits because for many the soul is kind of this loading ghost inside of us and that and that when we die our soul was that arise and swords and abends and eternal weight and breathe air in the bliss of cabins and what happened like this ghostlike figure we don't have a body but we're just the soul inside my friends that is great philosophy that's not what the Bible teaches the Bible teaches that a human being when they were first created were from the dust of the earth the body and the breath of God a life-giving force of God and that was a living soul when you separate those two there is nothing there's no conscious form of life and that's why we are resting in the grave and to the second coming of Christ when Christ comes again again he unites the life-giving force with the dust of the earth that the body and began again you have life life is not we do not exist outside of the body and the Hebrew mind is always made it very clear to us after we are one young mind body soul spirit it's one and that's important for us to understand because even though this even though when Christ comes with the money will be change will get a much better body but we still have a body if you don't you enjoy have been much more with the body it had this whole idea of this ghostlike spirit like sold the separated from the body is not something you find Scripture it's something you find in ancient civilizations like a gift of the Babylonians the Persians the Greeks and the Romans if I need a modern spirits as them but the Bible doesn't teach and I don't know where you want to be but I would be where the Bible is a man and God created us with the Dodgers got has created us you know the way that we can experience the joys of life and you know it's interesting because this place and also with the way that we treat our bodies because you're a fat body 's as the Greeks literally taught and believe the body is really just you know it's like nothing the board is not important because the soul inside of you is important as what they taught so whenever you put into the body although it would however you treat this body does not exist on your prison house once he died in prison houses that he opened the soul will it run herself district the body in a other don't care about the body because the soul is everything and so what this leads to is a very unbalanced way of life I think we would come back to Scripture we see that you know what script this is about this body it says it's like a temple of the Holy Spirit while you know that you are like habitation for the spirit of God 's dwelling I wasn't well enough he wants to talk and his body becomes very important and you know that in the Bible the word soul is pointing to the body everything combining just as this goes like a insight of us that the soul a coded Scripture can die of it I really shakes the whole world about ancient civilizations and shakes the world of spiritism today I know this is the biblical teaching on this very topic if there's any passage that really convinced me on this topic and I got them grow up believing this way but when I really investigate a Scripture I came to this conclusion in a spanking to see that this totally made sense and one person is really hot out and made to a whole new I know that Kimberly was John three sixteen which is kind that it if you know it is one person known script is easily the one I I visit the very center of the gospel John three sixteen we know it all many of us know by heart for God so loved the world that he didn't want he gave his only begotten son that truly work believes in the hand that's Jesus should want not Paris but what have eternal life so there are two options here two options only two options you cannot create a third option there are two options either you believe in him and he received what eternal life or you don't believe in him and you perish a very clear either you believe in him and you can receive eternal life or you don't believe in him and your personnel my friends the popular teaching today regarding how is disregarding this verse because a person in a Howell as it is understood today largely has eternal life it's not a nice eternal life but it is eternal life so because Nelson is being perpetuated not exactly right and how their listeners there continue to exist to have received eternal life but the Bible doesn't teach that they will Harish away with saying a man and only those that believe in him will receive eternal life and I'm this is that God has given to you and to me I think I touched on this and earlier presentation when it came to this whole idea of eternal how fired the two people being tortured even right now you know this was an invention of the Roman Catholic Church am not trying to you know point out any young people here are talking about a system that is actually misrepresents the character of God in a major way through this very teaching during the dark ages the the Roman Catholic Church buying into the Greek philosophy of the age actually devised certain teachings like purgatory which are nowhere in the Bible and eternal hellfire and they actually used it best to manipulate millions of people remember the name of Castle traveled around Europe and in order to raise funds to build the St. Peter's Basilica he would tell the people that their loved ones were burning in hell even as he spoke and he would actually react quickly with words describe what they were going through in paying employment and then he would say that they were in but yet he went to tell them that there in purgatory of purgatory is in place of cleansing of their plans with fire their burning with fire but the people would only pay money to the charts if they would give money to the church than he could actually you know for a prayer and they would go right from purgatory or hellfire right to the bliss of heaven and so the people not having access to Scripture at that time because Scripture was only in the Latin language and the church of Rome had put a law on banning the Bible from the common people and could only be taught to left and so you go to service them can understand anything okay well the preset it so I guess it's true you can understand the Bible was not in the common language the first person to try to translate the Bible did so successfully with John like with and they hated him for doing that and so why because this Bible unmasks the perception of Matt but at the time okay well the priest says that so let's give money and he said when that did the moment the coin noting goals in the bottom of the treasury the soul is right out of purgatory into heaven and this was money was flowing into the church of Rome and they built St. Peter's Basilica that's the legacy my friends of the dark ages of the of this manipulative system of worship the place itself in the very place of God and will you understand this and has bought into Protestantism Council the word protesting now mightily the stood up and protested against the teachings of Rome on a work based on them a work based salvation so he says he hopes we are saved by grace alone and Martin Luther stood up and he said that Sola Scripture of the word only and this was a beautiful reclamation but it was only a recommendation to a certain extent the Reformation had to continue it was like a traveling through a dark tunnel for a long time to come out of the tunnel and the suddenly the light is so bright that he almost cannot bear you just need to shield your eyes because you need to keep any to adjust to the light and experience that we wake up in the morning and suddenly that person that you may be sure the room went dark OR you model your data your colleague or whether your you know you sharing home when it suddenly turns on the light is horrible and I have ever summoned on the TA will do much you need to adjust your eyes the Reformation was a time in which the adjusted their eyes to the teachings and truth and the light of the Gospel and Word of God as a little delight the light live in morning but sadly a lot of people stopped by later stopped at the latest at Solis after I write will call ourselves is not really the Reformation continued and more men and women stood up and they were rediscovering beautiful truth about the Bible my friends one of those trees that a large degree Protestantism has not yet accepted it is very truth about how largely Protestantism has not protested against the dark picture that Rome has painted of God regarding how many of them still believe that that's why it's so important for you and I to say I will be a real prospect I want to protest a system that is set itself up against God and I go back to what Jesus taught and I'm also regarding this topic because I don't want the name of the hot to be aimed by anyone that is teaching contrary to the revelations given in Scripture that some foreign press to go back to that and to know what Scripture teaches I read this book a couple years ago I'm if you want to read a good story that a good true story this is amazing but all fifty years the church of Rome by Charles to Nikki which was basically describes the conversion of a Roman Catholic priest and that he lived in the late eighteen hundreds and that is a remarkable story about how he grew up with a fear for God he was afraid of God became a Roman Catholic priest but sometimes he could just not sleep during the night pictures of hellfire the pictures of a God that was angry he would he would just pray to Mary to stand between him and God because Mary was the peacemaker but God was angry figure that wanted to destroy him as he waited for Mary's protection I pleaded for coronary two two two to intercede on his behalf and he describes his tormented fear that he went through for many many years I tell you really picked up the sport with this word script is the Bible started reading it again and rediscovering who God really really wants and is and always has been at a distance conversion story is really the story of many and I pray that you and I they take Scripture as it is the traditions of men dictates your understanding of the character of God but take the word of God which is like a beautiful painting of each page each book each chapter is another color in the wonderful portrayal wonderful picture canvas of who God reality is at Calista that can best minute let it over and over again the more you look at a memorial to hold the more you will see that God was really really really awesome and I'm confidence really got I mean wow if this is true whether you praise the name of Jesus I mean wow this is a topic that just is not holding back from 's estate this is where Amity reveals it over and over and over again he can be sure my friends that tonight no one is burning in hell right now and how was not a place design you want me it was designed for the devil and his angels and I'm Bible tells us it was designed for the devil and his angels we know what it will be people that will follow in the footsteps because they will reject the invitation of love and when sin is destroyed they will be destroyed with it but my friends that doesn't need to be you doesn't believe we can decide tonight we put our hope in Christ Jesus through our faith in him we can receive eternal life what is the good news about how because the oncogenic and say a lot of bad news about how some good news about how no one is burning there right now putting the Scripture no one will glory eternally how my friend is there just think about it and give you little illustration here because this is this concept of hell as it is for in Christianity today what it says you know eternal burning that if a person rejects God to go to that place about this letter which was responsible for millions and millions and millions of Jews losing their lives in if he went to Howell and his suffering and how eternally let's say someone thousands of years before Hitler but they okay let's take the first murder in Scripture K he slew his brother okay he goes to how is suffering thousands and thousands of years and in Hitler is responsible for the death of millions newscast into the same place and is suffering it's not even a doesn't even make sense what when you are going so even left the traditional concept of how doesn't even make sense is not logic with not bear God is there a man can't know exactly the infants of the heart of every single human being is ever walked upon the face of this planet and he will judge them accordingly in a fair way we can know that God is spirit you don't have to be there praise the Lord Jesus would rather go to helping you to live in heaven without need to beautiful thing my friends is that Jesus when he died on the cross he put himself in the very place of suffering that you and I do not have to suffer and think this is what went just baffles me every time I read the Gospel to every time I contacted this book and read the story again and again and again it just baffles me how that God is not somewhere in the corner of the universe am interested in the affairs of human beings but while there is a God that steps into the pain and suffering and he himself suffered in order for you and I to be set free I mean what what a beautiful God but it was an amazing heavenly father we have a man visits the one that we can trust to put our confidence in tonight God does not want you to be motivated I fear God once you to be motivated I love and that love is demonstrated on the cross as demonstrated in your very life right now there things maybe that you are going and even in the difficult moments of life God is there and I believe they got a hold onto that sometimes you think while I'm going to difficulties maybe God is not there right now but that's exactly what these there is exactly what is carrying your member that that's how about that you know that the footprints in the sand now we want to hate since my footprints right now most of the birth of Jesus is carrying news carry you through those difficult moments in Asia's hold onto him because those promises are true promises will come to pass eternal life is yours by faith you put your faith in him and allow the things of this world to pull you away from the Scriptures and allow traditional culture philosophy to determine your understanding of God don't allow even popular Christianity to form that picture go back to the work got yourself a man I discover a flash but not as lying by no means the only one you need in your life comes in landlord every single one is this media was not as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe is more certain please visit www. audio tours for


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