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10. Where Do I Find Power to Overcome?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 25, 2014
    6:30 PM
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alright well within a look at a topic I should maybe take a look at your liar SEI titled this second study here out oh how I find out open something like that I remember correctly and will look at the work of the Holy Spirit and of the Holy Spirit is a big topic in Scripture both in the old and new Testaments and yet also within Christianity there's quite a bit of confusion as to the real gift of the Holy Spirit what is it all about how does it work and so we would look at a couple of those things in this evening and then it out when you look at how well today it's clear that in our world today people are looking for power they looking the power to overcome you know things in their lives whether it's they want to help make more money so they wanted to find skills to do that or they want to overcome lifestyle habits that are in your causing sickness they wanted to do better and I have a better marriage I do better in their careers and their work as of this a lot of this a lot of a lot of this sort of power which I empowered to live a better life and you know you just have to walk into a bookstore and you find a lot of books on self-help like how can you you'll find the best he knew the potential in you in order to overcome this or that of a what was going to look at tonight is not so much about finding you know power within yourself but while there from a scriptural perspective how can we tap into the power that comes from above the power of God that's what we want to talk about the Holy Spirit how can we receive the Holy Spirit allowed to work in our life what is the role of the Spirit that I think will be good for us to have another show with very fully relaunch into the site tonight let's pray I haven't thank you so much for the opportunity to come before you again I traded to be with us in our second study this evening and a chilled glass us richly as we look at your word that you'll show us how that we can experience the Holy Spirit how can receive and allow that spirit your spirit to work in our lives we ask these things in your precious name and the name of Jesus amen then all right well I will begin with a verse in the book of Romans Romans chapter seven and verse fifteen and I think that the writer of the book of Romans here portrays an experience that many of us can relate to at least I know I can relate to this what he is writing he writes the following he says for what I am doing I do not understand for what I will to do that I do not practice but what I hate that I do in other words I'm doing the things that I believe don't want to do I know what it's like but I don't really find it hard to do that what is right but I find myself pulling away at hand and giving into the very things that actually don't want to anyone after experience that all right well I'm not the only one I'm sure it on his experiences for trading or the book of Romans is quite common to humanity I think it's quite common to each one of us we know what it's like in Vienna made a New Year's resolution you haven't broken any as resolution yet it goes well the first day perhaps the second day but when you get into the first or second week and then all know that we go again now this is this happens because many times we we we is searching for power to overcome whatever it is researching for first-round and researching inside of ourselves and of Bible tells us and makes it very plain that we must tap into a source of power that is not within us Robert is accessible to allow in and through the Holy Spirit of God now I want to look at another verse in Romans chapter seven as it continues to portray this picture of wanting to do what is right and not finding the power to do what is right I'm reading here from verse eighteen and nineteen it says right know that in me that is in my flesh nothing good dwells for two well is present with me but felt to perform what is good I do not find for the good that I went to do I do not do but the evil I will not to do that I practice my difficult because it's not about not knowing what is right when we know what is right and we want what is right but we don't find out and do what is right by frustrating is how you are not alone coming back in in in time at that time people and experiences the Bible writers describe this thankfully the notice described and diagnosed that the problem but they also give us the solution really show us how we can basically step out of this and actually experience the power of God in our lives I should come to the end of Romans chapter seven the picture it has been portrayed picture has been pictured all this wanting to do what is right and not find the power to do what is right slightly to looking in the mirror and see ourselves weaknesses of frailties but wondering how on earth are we ever going to overcome and then towards the end of the chapter first twenty or visions what the Bible says he was really a clear diagnosis a diagnosis of the condition of mankind it says oh branched man that I am who will deliver me from this body of death of Paul writing to the Romans in Chapter seventy 's portraying the situation of many of us don't want to do is what we don't find out who is right we want to do what we know is not I then towards the end of the chapter verse twenty four users all rights now that I have another whiskey he sums it all we are in arrest condition this is not that we just know not doing so well this is a picture that all this does not lay out a ranch demand that I have the follows it by an interesting question a powerful question he says who will deliver me from this body of death note this is the right question to this situation to this condition because it is really a person that can set us free and if the person Jesus is a whole do not ask the question what will deliver me which is a question that many of us ask what to deliver me like Paul said who is in a delivery when we oftentimes fall into the into the trap of asking the question what will deliver me enough I just need to read a couple of books on whatever I'm struggling with I just need to go to church more I need to pray this certain prayer more I need to do this I need to do that and though there might be help in these very things that is not the ultimate solution oftentimes we we we were thinking out wondering us to do what will it deliberately is a certain prayers in certain notebook is a certain this or that or what my friends question is not what will deliver me but who will deliver me another question that we find ourselves asking is when will I find deliverance and it becomes something for the future all one day on the outcome this habit of one day I'm going to actually leave behind this database you know controlling my life right now all one day you just wait I'll be set free but always become something of the future we asked the question when will I find deliverance another question that we ask is where will I find deliverance and so we go to the bookstore you sell out and habits for a highly effective person all I want to find my inner self while I would unleash the potential that is within me and all of these books on these books many of many of these books are focused on finding the solution within your self and I don't want to discourage anyone tonight but I want you to know that you will not find a solution in your cell I reveal my disappointment within yourself that's what you'll find you will not find a solution and many people think about their something inside of me and by the way this comes from a real a wrong understanding of Scripture because they believe they are there some kind of no small God and God within them just needs to be released and and and there's this power that will happen it really comes from pit pantheistic understanding understanding of what is pantheism and is and believes in the smoke that God is the creator of all things but he's also in all things and so in the flour in the grass in the tree God is there for the Bible doesn't support that understanding and pantheism is only a little step away from what we call an end theism was not only says that God is in all nature but he's in old people as a gonzo journalism events just find him I just have to unleash him and allow him to know to do this and that in your life my friends that is a faulty understanding and cannot be supported on the word of God Bible the Bible tells us that God is accessible to us but that we must ask for him to come into our lives by faith you and actually this is so powerful because Jeremiah chapter seventeen in verse nine tells us what the condition is of each human being without Jesus it tells us in verse nine the heart is deceitful above how many things all things and a little bit desperate other wicked mouth desperately wicked anyway just a little back I says this is really while also in a robust then ratcheted man that I have a youngest of the condition here it says desperately wicked deceitful above all things and so my friend instead of looking for power inside of ourselves we must look for power outside of myself and praise the name of Jesus that powers promised in Scripture through the work of the holy spirit as a timer not looking at the question what will deliver me when I looking at the question when will I find deliverance were not looking at the question where will I find deliverance but we looking at the central question of Scripture and that is who will deliver me a praise God is the answer and that is Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ delivers us through the work of the Holy Spirit a source of power not in ourselves not something that you can muster but how do you must take hold of that is from above a man however you must invite into your life you must come to the point where you say all rights demand I have all rights of woman that I have all I want to do what is right but I cannot do it and the things that I wanted to like you not doing the things I do not want to do I do but I believe there is a deliberate and I believe I can receive power from above to limit different kind of life as we invite by faith the Holy Spirit into our lives now let's learn a little bit about the Holy Spirit and because sadly there's a lot of misunderstanding as to the work of the Holy Spirit and so we go back in time two thousand years ago to the time of Jesus and the disciples I want to bring it to an instance here and accept the one where we basically read about Jesus that is gathered together with his disciples and this is the last conversation that Jesus has with his close disciples inner circle before he ascends up into heaven case here they are gathered together with his disciples and being assembled together with them he commanded them not to depart Jerusalem but to wait for the promise of the father when he said you have heard from me we talked about that in our first study today how God will pour out his Holy Spirit first in Jerusalem so that they could go forth and give the Jews the very ones that crucified Jesus another chance to repent and turn to him I felt Jesus has go wait in Jerusalem the Holy Spirit is going to come for the promisee 's referred to hear the promise of the father and become for John truly baptized with water but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now suffuses giving them an amazing promise here Jesus saying going through some way and you need that times about this an immersion life but when you got thank you emerged in Emerson watery go down there and you come up right and so as to what Jesus say I'm going to fill you completely not with water this time but with the holy spirit of God in our from above and this is the promises given by glazing is a powerful province by God saying not saying undefended poor output power upon you and to give you how are about now the disciples were little but in a different mindset because when they hear Jesus promising the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is not even on the radar screen of their mind at this point holy what I mean there like totally like not in choosing with what God was about to do what he's about to do a dynamic agency the answer had up here but in this business is how they answer incredible to Jesus just promised it to be baptized with the Holy Spirit they respond therefore when it come together they asked him saying Lord we went this time restore the kingdom to Israel so they are more occupied with the restoration of the kingdom and understand this very plainly this is talking about the restoration of natural Israel in other words in the airlines they are under they are subjugated to the Roman soldiers remember there under the Roman hierarchy under the Roman Empire they want to be set free from that bondage and so as they thought that Jesus was going to send them read he was to become an earthly kingdom that they will reign together with him and so now just this is even after the death of Jesus after the resurrection of Jesus just before the ascension of Jesus Jesus says to his disciples go back to Jerusalem waiting in Jerusalem I will pour out you Holy Spirit upon you you will go out and preach with great power and the disciples are looking at them and saying well it's just the timing and restore little Israel but it is the time you are to restore the kingdom to Israel so they had a wrong understanding of prophecy of what was in a calm they had another time schedule than the Lord can imagine by the way the disciples from the very beginning when they were called to be together with Jesus they always interpret his actions in a very different way when I went and what they were meant to be as an affect if this was their mindset all the way along Italy Jesus availability coming or the King 's consent and free from the Roman soldiers the government that was on them if that was their understanding all the long can you I think it just starts imagine how they would interpret some of the things that Jesus did for example at Jesus at one point takes bread and fish divides and feeds five thousand people to which the disciples could have been thinking wow that's any come in handy when we fight the Romans we don't need to bring at another point of time Jesus heals someone will wear rate with light now because if there's anyone going that Jesus would heal at another point of time Jesus raises someone from the okay let's will Wright bring them on those Romans so everything is interpreted in the frame well Jesus establishing an earthly kingdom they are and that then suddenly Jesus just shake their world as you know I don't like to Jerusalem and wait because I'm important Holy Spirit upon you and I will only watch it is time for the kingdom to be established but they had to learn just like you and I have to learn to enter into times and seasons of God at littlest asthmatics and he said to them it is not for you to note items or seasons which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and in all today and Samaria unto the end of the birth of Jesus as you note you must staff you need to surrender to the time the season bought it written authority of the father and my friends you know that many of us miss out on blessings today because we don't step into the times and seasons of God because we have our own agenda in Gaza 's youngest of my want to do in your life we say and I have this plan or that plan or I want to go there I want to do this I want to do that and and and just like disciples you and I are invited to surrender our plans and embrace the plan of God for our lives and my friends if you want to find real purpose of real fulfillment real satisfaction and true joy and peace and happiness except us plan your life and then pray that the Lord will reveal to you exactly what he wants you to do and at and I'm so thankful that in the story of Scripture the story of axis is exactly what the disciples that the disciple said okay well it looks like we've got it all wrong here they surrendered to God they surrender to Jesus the words of Jesus and they went back to Jerusalem and while they waited in Jerusalem there was work going on amongst and actually you know they confessed their sins to one another because per previously it was all about who is the greatest wedgies becomes King is it on this right was listed on the flat that was their occupied discussion nowadays now they started me looking at the script to the scene really the meaning and purpose of the Messiah is coming and they start understanding that the purpose of their own existence of the call and the thought of late on the misunderstanding the first fund the gospel and so they started surrendering and they started confessing their sins one to another and they were getting ready for the outpouring of baptism of fire the baptism of the Holy Spirit which happened than us we read about in accepted to the people we read that the Galatians Chapter five year islands look at what is actually the work of the Holy Spirit at and Galatians chapter five verse twenty two and twenty three listen to this but the fruits of the spirit is love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control against such there is no law PowerPoint the fruit of the Spirit and of those when the spirit comes into our life what is NBC by the very characteristics that we find in the very life of Jesus himself Jesus was the fulfillment of the love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control this was all sums up this sums up the very life of Jesus and Jesus as I send the Holy Spirit to you so that now the gospel can be preached into the whirlwind these characteristics are put on display in our life the Bible says against such there is no law is no law to condemn such acts when you look into the mirror of the law if I dedicate down you but rather is going to reveal these very characteristics of Scripture now let's take a look back at accepted to win the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the early disciples what to place accepted to beginning in verse one and read it here as to this gift of the spirit is what it says when the day of Pentecost had fully come they were all with one accord in one place and we just put something in right here this is bonus free of charge do you know what the Dwight Pentecost means the word Pentecost means of the workcenter comes from the word fifty matching these 50-50 dates so Pentecost fifty days after was fifty days after Easter or East there was also a silver which was the very time that Jesus was crucified thousands of the figures of this Jesus crucified and Passover fifty days later Pentecost takes place okay now this really has a shadow in the Old Testament because when the people of Israel were delivered out of you just remember they came out of Egypt and in Egypt was instituted the feast of Passover because when the template the place they were just laying the lab and put the blood on the door posts so that God delivered them through this house of Egypt this was the institution of the Passover feast and you know what happened fifty days after they left Egypt fifty days later they found themselves standing at the very act is standing right before right in front of Mount Sinai at the foot of Mount Sinai and it was at Mount Sinai that they received what the ten Commandments exactly Susan is fascinating the type T leaving you just Passover feast right fifty days later receiving the ten Commandments now Jesus comes die exactly on Passover fifty days later Pentecost gives his spirit what the spirit entity is not contradict the ten Commandments my friends it's going to end how were doing in the ten Commandments and as I saw many people will say while that would be given the Holy Spirit as we don't even want the Holy Spirit is a very fulfillment of the law in our lives powerful and ignores what happened the day of Pentecost when it can't do it all with one accord in one place one accord means they bring unity no longer was the question like who is the greatest note how can we serve to gather and bring unity and suddenly there came a sound from heaven as are a rushing mighty wind and it filled the whole house where they were sitting and there appeared to them divided times as of fire and one sat upon each of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance now what does it mean that when the Bible says that they started speaking with other times within Christianity that has sadly been a lot of confusion as to what truly the gift of the Holy Spirit is all about because many believe that the Holy Spirit comes upon us that we get this kind of gibberish language right and at least and we start you know jumping at expressing this this dispute these days in August wild craziness actually I am and this is the filling of the Holy Spirit is the subject UPC but people running through the aisles you know annually to see the fall to the ground slain in the spirit and you'll hear them speak this language that no one can understand my friends the question is is not the gift of the Holy Spirit and and and if it is or if it is not we need to base that on our understanding of Scripture I went anything out is what is happening here they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other funds as the Spirit gave them utterance on the same chapter in actually do squat while speaking with other top they notice the first six and when this sound cure the multitude came together I would use because everyone heard them speak in his own top when in their own language sorry there that uses the word language when then they were all amazed and marveled saying to one another look at Applebee's he speak Galileans we hear them speaking in our own songs or as said earlier the passage our own language the wonderful works of God so the game of the Holy Spirit was in and how where men to speak the wonderful works of God but the wonderful works of God are you were not to be hindered by the various languages not even Galileans they are undertrained people they don't speak a multitude of languages but the wonderful works of God needs to be made known to all nations so how is this can happen enable them to see so that everyone could understand them as people from other other nations that were traveling to Jerusalem and it was there that day of Pentecost and they heard the disciples the benefit let it run he's really saying I'm understanding the wonderful works of God 's guide is not educated enough to speak my language how is this possible for that was the work of God to make known the gospel to all nations God removed the hindrance of languages the word songs in Scripture refers to languages as we've already seen in Luke chapter two now we also find us in Mark chapter sixteen when Jesus gives the commission to his disciples he says in verse fifteen to seventeen he said to them go into how much of the world all the world and preach the gospel how many people to every creature every person and these signs will follow those who believe in my name they will cast out demons they will speak with new real estate different languages that will be given and I don't yet see from above outside ourselves from the Holy Spirit to communicate the gospel in languages unknown for those people communicating and yet God was empowering them to do this this is what happened in acts chapter two as we see very clearly on the passage now this is interesting time speaking when you look at this again of the Holy Spirit to enable to speak of a different language we find this gap given in Scripture in the New Testament on four occasions of the four occasions are right here on the screen Jerusalem accepted to yelp off accept the ten atlases accepted nineteen and then increment we read about this gift in first Corinthians chapter fourteen of this one very interesting thing that you'll note about that that we need to know about these four places these four cities Jerusalem young black offices in Karen if you go back you can look this up on the map ancient map the liberty cities are is interesting that all these cities are afraid routes and otherwise these are places where lots of different nationalities would pass through these are places where you would expect a diverse city of cultures and nationalities when you look in the Roman Empire these were places where you had tradesmen passing through that's why on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem there were a lot of other people from other countries and on other nationalities it suddenly occurred the preaching of the gospel in their own language there was a need on this again in Jerusalem those in need you know those in need of the gift and assist those in need of the gift incorrect and this is exactly what you find a gift worn out now my friends at the computer the gift of Holy Spirit is for everyone everywhere and that is to proclaim the wonderful works of God we have to do that wherever we are young we are all to be proclaimers of the wonderful works of God Weatherbee in speaking or in our very lives in a very family 's library neighbors and those around us we are all called to receive the Holy Spirit but on special occasions in special places the game is worn out in order to make the message known in languages to people that would otherwise never received that this is exactly what we see play taking place in the New Testament now that interesting it would back up a little bit of time here you remember what happened at the tower of Babel shortly after the flood Don had sat I want to spread out and multiply and spread upon the face of the art in so doing that the nations came together and he made a decision assembly to build the tower with inability how that reaches Earth all the way to have because you know what is not as innocent as another flood that we can make sure that we're safe and when they relived in rebellion in Iraq which was the founder of the city which his name means we shall rebel she let out in this rebellion against God and building the city they're doing their own thing but their securing their own salvation their own safety through the building of this power and also one language in the building went very well because you don't speak one language you can get things done in this business is very easy no problem but then suddenly God confused the languages and we are told that they could not complete the building because they could no longer understand one another suddenly there were all these different languages and I know what that is like the sun from your and the only travel a matter of hours and you are in a different kind three I know what it is like I spoken a big conventions and conferences we have people from all over the place with different languages and sometimes you have ever had that Steve and have translation booths and is interesting because it only to communicate in the same way that we are communicating to gather right now in the English language so so that it is taking place here the Kenalog to build this power and so when God is scattered down through the confusion of languages balked and scattered to confusing languages can keep gather by uniting his people and giving them the ability to speak languages MS so what God did in the is there any kind Babel Tower of Babel he did basically the reverse playing in acts chapter two of the other instances we read about in the New Testament he united his people by giving them the ability to understand and speak various languages to communicate the wonderful works of God the gospel of Jesus Christ now the passage that most people have a difficulty with when it comes to that of the gift of tongues speaking his first Corinthians chapter fourteen and identify within a look at this chapter together are some parts of the chapter here as we want to wrap our understanding around what exactly took place there on it is interesting to note that in first Corinthians chapter fourteen and the end of that chapter verse forty posted the following to the believers in the city of Karen he says let all things be done whilst decently and in order so is it imports and with order and decent nests you know it it is not important within check yes or no absolutely absolutely God is not a God of confusion God is not a god of chaos honest and God that once water in his house among his believers yes so let's take enough it has been one of the Bible teach about beginning the tongs because people say while first twenty fourteen until the people were all speaking the mind is gibberish language is an is why we can do that today and this is just not the people say his angelic language or that but what does first Corinthians fourteen actually communicate what we have already found out from ask chapter two verse six that when the gift of tongues was given on the day of Pentecost every person was able to understand in their own language phase of the foundation leak out when the gift was one of the first time convention by the way of really set the foundation for any other time to get this part out yes enough yes nothing on us the gift of times was a real language to communicate the gospel when the gift of tongues was being misused in the Corinthian charts Holt declared this is taken from that chapter verse nineteen prescriptions fourteen verse nineteen they would rather speak five words with my understanding than ten thousand and in and on no time in other words it was confusion going on in the Corinthian church to the extent that's why that's like four had to write to them that everything being that be done decently and in order obviously those words were needed because there was not things were not being done decently and in order I tracking as of this was going on and that's why he says young this guest this precious gift was being misused and so people were going to work with speaking always remembers that it was really confusing because people would come in and would just be what God has a pulse that I would rather speak five words with my understanding and ten thousand in an unknown tongue don't misuse the very gift that God has given the apostle then give these guidelines and you'll find in chapter fourteen in verse twenty two of our or a sign not to believers and unbelievers however beginning when it was first point out and accept the two it was not too impressed believers but it was to communicate the wonderful works of God to those that otherwise cannot understand that right now it is interesting that in some churches when he will go in and that they speak in tongues there they believe they have the gift of the Holy Spirit and the tongues speaking is this unit is gibberish language that no one really can understand with a note telling you that if you don't have that but you're not truly a follower of Jesus you don't have to give up the spirit is an interesting venture to bet that Paul's has its assignment to believers and relievers when the spirit was first and then it was not to oppress one another oh look what I can do but all you can do that with Brandon and I didn't even have my know something that brand the sign is to speak English to communicate the gospel in a not now let me say this right away I believe that there are truths spirit filled Christians that are speaking these kind of gibberish languages and believe is the gift of the Holy Spirit and are sincerely doing that's what I want to make it fun of anyone but at the same time we must go to Scripture and because Scripture can even set us free from this exciting shirtless short testimony that was someone that I know that had that experience of speaking in tongues when she learned these truths from Scripture so while this are being deceived this is this is obviously not biblical you know what happened she prayed and immediately got stopped immediately and even when she should she couldn't ditch she just couldn't do it anymore then that the gibberish language then this is powerful she told me the story herself she said she went door to door sharing the gospel face knocking on doors giving out with you just and you know now a man that spoke in housing and language and she had never spoken Italian in her life as she said what she did she wanted so I need to share the gospel with that person as she prayed for the gift of the Holy Spirit and in that instance he started speaking time and she spent two hours with this individual in his home yacht sharing the gospel as she laughed totally amazed that she just been talking with that person for two hours I said from that moment it afterwards you can be defined anymore by friends there is a true gift of the Holy Spirit amen to communicate the gospel when needed sadly this gift has been misused and many dear sincere souls have bought into this and are actually not understanding correctly what the Bible that she teaches about this nothing is only two or at most three people should speak in tongues in any given meeting that's in verse twenty seven a person is working so if you could get a deal with different languages and communication to different nationalities Doncaster stipulations and guidelines how this is to happen not only two or at most three young identity being two gatherings like I'm spiritual gatherings in your way have one person preaching is being translated to another language and has been translated to another language and I'm telling you that what when you experience that you can be very happy that you live in the United States of America because for me it's just a blessing to be out here and just communicate in English and and and you will understand now you I been to places where I've been translated I was afraid I have a good translator to translate it can really slow you down you know you're you're ready to preach and preach hideouts have to wait till that translator finishes the sentence and and and sometimes it is a very good on the translator is a pretty slow but you know it is interesting that in the church of God was to be water was to be decent safe but everyone was everything was to be done decently at this interesting that even guidelines are given for that when it comes to different languages and how that was to take place there must be inter interpreter only one person at a time must be all that is good counsel the individual must be in control of his words and actions again first Corinthians fourteen verse thirty three for God is not the author of confusion but of keys as in all the churches of the saints examined that God is not the author of confusion is the author of he there has to be a wonderful Easter sure the true Church of God people of God and things are to be done orderly manner thank you find is when you go back to the Old Testament and you look at the sanctuary service of the century service which was a service that God himself you know and gave the stipulations of how it was to be set up and built and everything was being done perfectly beautifully in order to bring the people closer to the Lord that he read in Scripture and Leviticus chapter ten verse one that there were sons of the Arun that didn't really take heed to the words of how this service was to take place in the sanctuary they felt they were doing their own way as to what the Bible says not often hobby which were the sons of Aaron to either of them his sensor for pioneering and put incense thereon and often what his essay here strange fire before the Lord which he was commanded them not in other words there was a way to bring the incense before the Lord there was a certain way in which they were to come into the temple and century it was a certain time at which they were to bring the offering of sacrifice and the different kind of things that were to happen now not these two sons of Aaron saying a lot all care less this is the wrong thing so they just want to thank you very casually in all the Bible got around by renewing on the fire of the Lord you know what happened the guy instantly if God is particular when it comes to his worship and the way we worship a man is not a little peripheral things nothing like how I like my pet oh I like pink carpet but when it comes to our worship of the Lord they aren't there are directions that we have in Scripture of how the specific place this is that God has given us a blueprint and then I went to abide by that blueprint in order to experience the true fire of God the Holy Spirit and my friends sadly many today are messing with their own fire and their own fire their own spirit that they are trying to create but it is not a spirit that comes from God that is interesting when you look at different nations in the past also as Scripture he remember me the story of Elijah and it's interesting in the time of John what a lot of prophets false prophets bill profits and they an act and they believed you know that that that that was power in in their worship in their services and soap and they were basically really create that our bite bite by shouting and by screaming and by cutting themselves of the Bible tells us that when Elijah faced off with it it's a bail on Mount caramel he challenged them given the story ice is okay he built an altar albumin altar you call upon your God belt I'll call upon the living NFC lances by fire and for the whole day they are dancing around the altar and the shouting and screaming and cutting themselves and and and their God is not answering bail is not answering the fire and then Elijah comes well I just simply kneels down and prays to God and when he praised the moment he prays fire comes down from heaven my friends there is each roof fire and is a false fire there is a true Holy Spirit and his account of the Holy Spirit and the question is are we tapping into the true spirit of God and annoyed to make sure that we tap into this true spirit of God we must go description with understand what the Holy Spirit is likely of already learned the fruit of the Spirit is is love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness in us self control these are things that characterize the work of the Spirit when you see this take place in a person 's life you know that they're on the control of another spare the Holy Spirit amen you know that they are not that they have opened themselves to the power that comes from above that is not within their own self when you see someone decided to read the Bible when they have no spiritual backgrounds and when you suddenly see someone fall in love with Jesus and the words we see someone suddenly lay aside practices that are detrimental to themselves and to others around them you know that the Holy Spirit is at work my friends the sign of the Holy Spirit 's work is not a gibberish language the sign of the Holy Spirit at work is conversion of the soul amen it's the fruit of the spirit on portray the train saying that that that there is no gift of the Holy Spirit to communicate other languages yes there is a hard stories that take place I believe it can still take place today but my friend is the law of a enlargement heart of Christianity has bought into the lie of the enemy that this gibberish language is actually the gift of the Spirit when the Scripture tells us very differently and so instead of going to what our own feelings and emotions they must go to what the Bible tells us about this gift nothing is what it says in Malachi chapter four verse five behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord and other words the spirit of Elijah is going to return even you know we can even expect it today the same spirit that was on Elijah the spirit of revival in Reformation the Holy Spirit 's work that same spirit of revival the Reformation we can expect today and my friends not been a cumbersome emotional high is not a combine some some some you know just feelings and emotions on display that is wanted in a convoy a change in our lives and characters do the work of the Holy Spirit now to be filled with the Holy Spirit wasn't mean it means to deeply love Jesus and the treaty proclaimed it means to have a determination to follow and it means to allow his power to change your life when you see these things happen in your own life and the life of others you know the Holy Spirit is at work I friend this is a sign of close to the church and to unbelievers that God is at work accept the five were studied to listen how are we to receive the Holy Spirit the Bible tells us and we are his witnesses to these things and so also is the Holy Spirit listened very carefully whom God has given to those who walked away you want to receive the Holy Spirit obeys the word of God my friend if you want to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit follow his commandments away hence if you know what is right from the word of God you cannot go wrong follow what you know is right because in following what you know is why you're opening yourself the gift of the Holy Spirit and as you walk in obedience to the commandments of God if you walk in obedience to the way of Jesus you'll fine I you will receive a power outside yourself and you pray the Holy Spirit to come upon you God will hear that prayer a laugh that prayer and the fruit of the spirit will be manifest in your life this will be something that people will look at you and say wow what happened to you while that accounting the opportunity share I asked the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is working in my life my friends not the sign of the Overlook I have a hunch that will now have the Holy Spirit look at my life and that is the Holy Spirit at work the Holy Spirit what a wonderful gift a gift that will be given jobs right here to the second coming of Christ as metal effect of this promise is as powerful gel attempt to verse twenty and twenty nine and it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh your sons and your daughters shall prophesy your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions and also all my menservants and online maidservants I won't war out my Spirit in those days what are the people that receive the Holy Spirit those are the servants of God and man are you a servant of God are you walking in obedience to the commandments of God as you know them as they need revealed to you walk in obedience and receive the spirit and the empowerment to live a life to glorify God my friend is a good guy and it is true that it is accessible to each one of us Jesus receive the Holy Spirit when he was baptized remember Heath he was baptized not because you know he had to be not because he had sinned and needed the forgiveness of sin they did it as an example for you and for me the whole righteousness might be fulfilled even as an example of the baptized on what he comes up out of the water and immediately the dove descends upon a sign of the Holy Spirit upon him during his three years of public ministry do know that when you decide to be baptized but you are opening your well to the gift of the Holy Spirit and wellness Chapter six inversely always talk about this and listen to what sense do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into is that therefore we would party with him to baptize through baptism into death that just as Christ was raised on the dad by the glory of the father even so we should also walk in the newness of life this is beautiful because what baptism is is you are going in the water coming out of the water is like the Bible teaches immersion and not some sprinkling of water I was very clear on that in the River Jordan John is putting among the water bring them up out of the water because it was a sign of the main aside the old lacking barring in Christ and coming up out of the water the resurrection so just as Jesus rose from the grave so we ran we rise up to me new life in Christ Jesus and in the book of acts there are there are numerous occasions in a number of occasions where the people and it would baptize it says they were filled with the Holy Spirit they were baptized and they were filled with the Holy Spirit my friends if you want to be filled with the Holy Spirit you must walk in obedience to Christ and that must be a public confession is not some company keep in mind for yourself I is not as high okay Lord honor Senior Holy Spirit but I don't want to be shown to anyone but the lack coming to receive the Holy Spirit is is is to get a witness to those around you that you have chosen for Jesus amen and that is done through baptism baptism is really us and assign it outward sign of an inward change you say I want to serve Jesus from now on I want to die to self I want to rise to newness of life or start a new chapter in this chapter I want Jesus to write for me so I want to want to worry my sins and then grades that watery gray I want to raise up to newness of life don't receive the Holy Spirit empowered me to live according to the ways of God my friends there is powerful about this power available for each one of Austin that powers not far away you don't have to ask the question what will deliver me you don't have to ask the question where will I find deliverance or when will I find deliverance the right question is who will deliver me and the answer is Jesus Christ and the way he does it if he gives you his Holy Spirit and those that obey him receive it those are publicly confess him receive that's those that walk in humility receive that and you can receive it tonight at this time I would like to ask our ushers to to pass out the cards that we have available this is our second last evening as you know tomorrow is our final evening and again I want to give you just the opportunity of we use it to respond to this message because I believe that you know when we hear the word of God as we find also in Scripture every time the word of God was what was received it was also a inappropriate response to it and I believe that this is important for us today because we receive the truth and we don't respond to it what happens is we become immune to it I sadly a lot of people are immune to the gospel that hurt so much of the gospel that they don't really hear it anymore they just hear the words but they never responded to it and so it becomes something neutral that they no longer are affected by I don't want that to happen for anyone of us I want to give you the opportunity this evening very simply to respond to what you have heard tonight this message of the holy spirit and the work of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives so as to receive the card within his will through this together five simple cells which is a decision that he made personally between you and God about your desire to follow him as he leads you and so number one very simply says through the power of God 's Holy Spirit ID desired to live in obedience to all his commandments we've learned this evening that in order to receive the Holy Spirit we must walk in obedience and in order to be a obedience we need the Holy Spirit and so through the power of the whole of the Holy Spirit if you desire to live in obedience to all his commandments you can just check off at first points is a decision that you're making a decision that you want to show the Lord I just marking that say okay I want to be obedient to the Commandments I want to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to empower me to do that and appoint him to I believe Jesus is soon coming again and I want to be ready to live with him throughout eternity if you believe that Jesus is coming again as we look at the signs around us and the prophecies that are fulfilling before our very eyes is no doubt that we can soon expect Jesus to come again and because we know these things is it your desire to be ready to receive him when he comes again is it your desire to live with him throughout eternity if that's your design can check off point into their I believe Jesus incoming again and I want to be ready to live with him throughout eternity and the number three I would like to surrender my life to God and answer into a relationship with him through baptism perhaps you have never made that decision before you your you be exposed in some degree to the gospel or maybe a being going to church here and there but maybe you have never really made this as in science annual I would not want this occasion to go by without giving that to extend that invitation to anyone here tonight is not yet made that step so the fact that describes you and you be moved by the Holy Spirit and you see that the word of God is indeed the word of God you want to be a follower of Jesus you can check up point number three that you want to be baptized I would also like to give the opportunity there for a re- baptism know what I mean by that me that this is a simple way if you need to be baptized in the past but you walked away from the morning and on your own thing and is calling you back and you want to be dedicate your life to town by being baptized beneath rebaptized you can check that off as well maybe as you say you know what I'm entering into a whole new experience with the Lord I want to I just want to make that that that that staff of entering into the watery grave and laying aside whatever his name before because I want this new start with the Christ 's new start with God it doesn't mean that from your day to be baptized you know that everything is good to go you know Arafat will stumble and fall at times but but you know what the beautiful thing is that God gives us new chances new opportunities beyond the staff of baptism or read that baptism is something that you must pray about and asked the Lord what does he want you to do SUV a lot tonight that conviction I want to be baptized perhaps for the first time or you know what I walked away from the Lord I really want unmarked a moment of rededication I want to be rebaptized that if one of those is your decision just check off number three in the number four I have some questions and would like to visit we want to be available or for that and then also number five if you need special prayer you can mark that you can rest assured my friends that we are praying for you and will be happy to pray whatever needs you have in your life you imagine that even mentioned I divided down your knee I will mention that before we will bring them before the law I don't want to mention he just cross that often we well lift up before the Lord because Lord knows exactly each of our needs each of our HR needs to just check out those five points and make sure that before you leave that you that you market that you give it to John him standing in the back area with the baskets even just dropping their and my friends could close of the word of praise not because I believe that I will be blessed by the word of God I also want to just dedicate only dedicate my life to the Lord tonight in Iraq I want to dedicate us altogether to the Lord because we want the Holy Spirit amen we want to walk in faithfulness to God we want to experience this power coming with me we'll honestly can can confess tonight that it's not easy anyway living in uncertain times and he was being bombarded by all kinds of distractions that the devil has invented each other the devil has a thousand distractions to keep us away from them but the Bible is trying to keep us away from a study of Scripture and from knowing God and that's a phrase that you get allies to the Lords amendment ascot to help us to overcome those distractions that are that we face and have a clear clear clear vision and picture and allow God to fulfill his plan I like you want to join in praying for that event without hands and prayed together them by their inhabitants are grateful that we can come together tonight as the grateful for all my friends here in this room that come to listen to your word what I want to thank you for your rebuke for the gift of your Holy Spirit Lord what a powerful and beautiful gift in the Lord we all want to taste and experience what it is like to be filled with your Holy Spirit and so I pray that as we respond to your all tonight that you will answer our prayers and fill us with your spirit when we ask for your your Holy Spirit tonight we don't for a better job or better career or or more money order or whatever we have his desires and Lord even though many of these things are not wrong and we can come to you with all our needs but we don't like that is a greater need than all of those things that pertain to this life in the greatest need is to get his experiment and Lord we know that when we receive the spirit and all other things will work out according to your plan in our lives in some way I just pray honestly and I pray earnestly for myself and for each one of that is gathered here tonight please Lord give us your spirit was to walk in obedience to your life is anything that hinders us from doing so please remind us and help us in your power to remove whatever that is from our lives so we can experience you on a deeper level thank you Lord for bringing us all together also we pray for those in making decisions even tonight Lord but they want to be baptized a rebaptized when a beautiful thing may you bless them and the preparations leading up to that moment thank you Lord and that bring us again tomorrow for finally together in the safest way to root out all of these things is a a this media was brought by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. done on 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