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12. How Can We Recognize Christ’s Followers in the End of Time?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 26, 2014
    7:30 PM
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well thank you so much John thank you Danielle that was a great blessing thank you for your prayers thank you for the invitation and that we just enjoyed our time to very very much and appreciate it and as I sat on Sabbath then I went distributing here if we don't meet again we don't meet again on this earth let's meet up there and I'm and I usually make an appointment with people I say two o'clock at the tree of life okay so I don't be a big gathering seven vital a lot of people felt I hope you'll be there as well good luck of zeolite cellular and pregnant okay well quite a presentation and W look at Revelation twelve and a look at God 's movements in the last days God 's movements just prior to the second coming of Christ and so Ellison a word of prayer will get right into our final message of this series Sergeant C in uncertain times let's pray dear heavenly father I'm grateful grateful for you forward your done in my life and what you are doing the life of my brothers and sisters of this year I'm grateful for your word which has power to change our lives into transformers from within what an ungrateful for Bible prophecy that gives me a hope for the future but I'm grateful four the many blessings that you're pouring upon us and I mean that even grateful Lord for the trials that do allow us to go through because really they are blessings in disguise thank you Lord for your goodness your patience with us and thank you again we can open you wear this evening I do pray that you will speak to our hearts and minds they will draw us closer to yourself that you will draw us into your fold into your Kiva that we may be among your people Lord that will be ready for you when you come again the second time thank you so much less a study I ask your precious name amen amen or I was going to look at Revelation chapter twelve together this evening in our final presentation and the revelations have well known and is in the middle of the book of Revelation is really the climaxing point in the book of Revelation we looked at and our last visitation of the final defense finale to look at them his prophecy in Revelation twelve is pictured in Revelation twelve a really decisive and erotic picture of God 's people throughout the ages particularly throughout the New Testament from the first century church all the way down till the very days prior to the coming of Christ the very last moments of Earth 's history and that one I think this is such a powerful chapter is also because it pictures the characteristics that identify the characteristics of God 's last day movements because there is really a question that we asked with abilities and powerful beautiful biblical truths with the question what does God have a charge to see other people that that he is using today to herald these messages to bring these truths at into the world is there a global movement that actually ate it is taking the Bible seriously and and and proclaiming the very message that needs to be proclaimed at this very hour in and arts history there's no doubt a lot of denominations in our world today but is really only one Bible on a lot of denominations but this one Bible and as I said earlier Christianity has a kind of has had a very rough journey of Crescenta he started in Palestine as a fellowship member is moved to Grayson became a philosophy it moved to Italy and became an institution it moved to Europe and became a culture and a moved to the US and became an enterprise 's in many ways so if Christianity is picked up a lot of luggage on its way and a lot of misrepresentations of the character of God are found in the biggies in the big scope of Christianity today but what we have endeavored to do throughout the series and what I pray you will continue to endeavor to do even from the staple it is to examine the pages this book is safe I want to get back to what it was really all about the beginning of a come back to what Jesus actually taught what he believed to follow in his footsteps so that I can be part of the movement that he's using and the movement you get out that I'm not the movement is born into traditions and culture and all the other things that have really been how on this book I want to take back those layers and got back to what it's really all about I got has had its his people throughout time and within a discover that in our study this evening as we look at Revelation chapter about the twelfth chapter of Revelation and take notice at all the overview of this chapter this chapter has a seventeen versus is quite a short chapter in the book of Revelation and you can basically given by revelation chapter twelve into three segments honey three the first is the verse one to six which talks about an symbolic language would decode the symbolism just that the renovations while deals with in the first six verses with the early Christian movement otherwise the early Christianity of the first century then verse seven to twelve takes us behind the scenes and shows us the very beginnings of this great controversy we are ready looked at a couple of those verses during our in the course of our time together in a series safe and how it was cast out of heaven how he made war in heaven and how this war is continuing on this are so first part of the book of Revelation chapter twelve is dealing with the early Christianity that he gives us a whole portion in the middle of the chapter and looking at the great controversy behind the scenes and how this all came about and then in the final verses from verse thirteen to seventeen we look at wheat we have a picture of God 's people in the end of time in other words I want what is the next Harry tries God 's movement in the final moments of her sister before I held back the second time the little what do this through these verses seventeen versus together what it's like to see the story you look at history and how it all plays and I wanted what we've covered in the course of our series in the course of this series certainty and uncertainty I find this guy come back to see how it all plays and in this movement of God and how it all comes together in God 's final movement his final people and so let's let's get started Revelation chapter twelve verse one look at the language here revelation chapter twelve verse one now a great sign appeared in heaven remember this is John Beretta later on the island of Patmos he has a vision is recording the vision ice is a great sign appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her hat a garland of twelve stars by fascinating picture John sees invasion a woman clothed with the sun in other words brightness the mood she was standing on the moon and on her head she had a gardener a crown of twelve stars I fascinating picture now what does this represent interestingly enough from the book of Genesis the first book of the Bible all the way to the last book of the Bible the book of Revelation there is this symbolism used that the Church of God court that people of God are symbolized by a woman for example in the Old Testament there are numerous verses where Bible prophets will say I will refer to the people of God the nation of Israel as the daughter of Zion you know in this business is thriving and slowly a beautiful picture because the charge for the people of God are the bride and leaving the bridegroom is Jesus himself and in the New Testament you also find this language for example Pauline writes to the Corinthian church he says to the Corinthian church he says you are like a chaste virgin to Christ as a and also in Ephesians five for example Paul uses this language of the church is like the bride of Christ this numerous passages in the Bible both the Old Testament and New Testament waste to the prophets and apostles using this language up the charts or God 's people being like a woman and Christ is the bridegroom Christ meant to be united to Christ of the intimate link between us as a people and Christ is is illustrated symbolically shown in the relationship between a bride and bridegroom marriage relationship so in revelations at the problem you're looking at here is a picture of God 's ride for God 's people by the way of this we don't have at times going tonight the limit is drop this year you can further study this there are in the book of Revelation to win one in relationship to twelve which is the true bride of Christ which we can study this evening but in relationship to seventeen pictures another woman but she is clothed in scarlet and the Bible tells that you know she is drunken with the blood of the saints this is a woman this is also a church but it's a false church that is half the size from truth as actually persecute the people of God we already identify the system of antichrist in Scripture is also portrayed there in relationship to seventeen by the woman and Scarlett but that's the kind of goodbye but he was the true rock the woman that is closed with some sort of righteousness the light of Scripture she standing on the moon that the editor of twelve stars upon her head which is interest in the symbolism of twelve is a number that appears quite frequently in the Scriptures for example in the Old Testament we have the twelve tribes of Israel by twelve tribes of the sons of Jacob out of which came the twelve tribes in the New Testament we have the twelve disciples we know Judas fell away but the twelfth disciple was chosen they are in a in the book of acts in the beginning of the of the vaccine read about them choosing a new disciple and so they had again twelve apostles is interesting twelve five twelve apostles we have a woman with twelve stars upon her had really a picture here of God 's movements now this is what it says about this woman relationship twelve verse two then being with child seat crying out in labor and paid to give birth so John sees the picture of the woman and then she's about to give birth now it's interesting because as we look at the picture of Scripture the panoramic picture of Scripture remember that from the very very very beginning when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and had to leave the garden of paradise immediately a promise was given to them and we read about that in Genesis chapter three for first fifty which is the first messianic promise and the first prophecy that we find in Scripture in a Genesis chapter three verse fifteen the Lord spoke and he says I will put enmity between you and the woman any speaking here to the second to the devil Satan he says I will put enmity will be war between you serpent and the woman and between your seed and her seed he shall bruise your head and you shall bruise his heel what's going on here here we have a prophecy of the great controversy in a great battle between good and evil is really kind of summed up in a nutshell here was to be a war between the serpent and the woman the woman being the church and out of God 's movement out of the church with trauma the promised seed which is none other than the Messiah Jesus Christ and he would bruise the head of the serpent and the seven degrees the heel is interesting is when you think about it and he was the doctor with the crushed had we go to the doctor with a bruised heel which is better Irene which is worse than me after that I crosshatch right another was the outcome of the battle is already made known in this prophetic statement the head of the serpent will be clashed and otherwise the devil will be defeated in the defeating of the enemy Christ himself would be would be bruised right having he came and died for us was a sacrifice of Christ to be paid for that to happen as you receive these the very beginnings of this controversy or the very beginnings of this prophecy of this controversy and this comes back in the language in the book of Revelation says the woman the Church the movement was about to give birth and of course this is giving birth to the very sight of the promised one now on Galatians chapter three verse sixteen says not to Abram and his seed were the promises made he does not say and he sees as of many but as of one and to your seed who is Christ and otherwise the Old Testament prophecy full of promises of the coming Messiah from Abraham and Moses and all the all the prophets that prophesy promise I promise I prophesied and then he came Christ K became out of those twelve tribes became and he defeated the enemy so this is what we see here in Revelation in symbolic language that ignores what happens next the first John sees the woman he sees the woman that is fragments with the child and that he sees this revelation twelve verse three and another sign appeared in heaven he holds a great fiery red Dragon having seven hands and ten horns and seven guidance on his hat to the next thing that is seen is this dragon like creature that is trying to attack this woman now listen to what it says in verse nine is in the very same chapter of Revelation chapter twelve at the Dragon is identified so we don't have to wonder about who the dragon represents because this is what it says in verse nine so the great dragon sell that seventh of all called the devil and Satan who deceives the whole world so the Dragon is clearly safe Indiana I listened what it says here in Revelation twelve verse four his tail the tail of the surface of the tail of the Dragon drew a word of the stars of heaven and through them to the art and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to give birth to devour her child as soon as it was born so the Dragon is pictured here at his tail is taking a third part of the stars of heaven and running into the ground in the Scriptures in the book of Revelation you will also find it a star represents an angel you can find it in chapter one and two of Revelation interestingly enough she aired this being the Dragon is the third part of the stars of heaven a third part of the Angels are siding with him in this great battle and he shared the Dragon is now ready to contact the woman and to devour the child is about to be born now don't you think think about this for a moment the great controversy which began in heaven with the Dragon visit burden of when he rebelled against God he was cast out and that he deceived mankind and he further promised that out of the woman would come see the promised seed eventually out of God 's movement will come the Messiah don't you think that he was intent on destroying the Messiah when he would be born how absolutely he knew the prophecies probably better than even God 's people give them to study the processes he knew exactly all that is when he encompasses what is to be like and he would make sure that he would destroy a child as soon as it was born and can you think of instances that that that that almost happened I absolutely remember for example that in King Herod what are you getting sent his soldiers into Bethlehem and a slew of old children right under the agency this was an attempted double using Harris here to try to destroy child but God took God revealed to Joseph in a dream that they would take the child into Egypt and that's what happened to the child is protected but on many instances in the life of Jesus and the devil was trying to destroy and take his life before I found for him to die is the Savior of the world this is clearly portrayed here this involving language of revelation chapter twelve now it says he wore a male child was to rule all nations with a lot of hiring and her child was clocked up to God and to his throne interesting talking about how he was born how he would eventually be the ruler of all nations and how the child was born up into heaven of course after Jesus died after he resurrected at and spent those forty days with his disciples he was one up on high was caught up into the clouds have now this is interesting we are here in relationship to twelve in the first couple of verses were seen the woman the movement of God which seen the birth of Jesus what happened to Jesus I was caught up with seeing the Dragon that trying to destroy the child and what we now see is that the fierce anger of the Dragon is turned towards the followers of Jesus because now Jesus caught up into heaven Jesus back upon his throne he has he has defeated the enemy on the cross victory is maintain the devil knows that by the way he know that he's defeated but right now but now he's getting out for to destroy those that follow Jesus those in a part of this movement of this is Brian Rice enough you can get the bridegroom you get the right eye and as of this is exactly what is taking place look at verse six revelation twelve verse six then the woman did what Vlad into where you say the wilderness where she has what prepared by God the patient we are there how long one thousand two hundred and sixty iPod is not that I'm a military report yes we have another interesting woman flees into the wilderness in other words God has a place for his movements and and and the devil is angry at his going forth to destroy the movement of God followers of Jesus and it gives us a time that that that that she is leading the way and it's hydrated is given as one thousand two hundred and sixty days now you'll remember the time prophecy that we have covered in the course of our time together in revelation and also in the book of Daniel we will read about the antichrist power of Bible prophecy and this antichrist hour according to Scripture role or twelve hundred and sixty years now remember the principle of Bible prophecy day a prophetic date equals a little year remember and so what we're seeing here is that the twelve hundred and sixty days mentioned in Revelation chapter twelve a really plummeted sixty years when interpreted according to Bible prophecy and so this is exactly the period that the church of Rome the antichrist the Scripture persecuted the followers of Christ the true follows the true charts we could say himself during his twelve hundred and sixty years which rate which which basically spend time from five thirty eight eighty seven United if you would be searching for the truth if you are researching or the right church during this period if you walk into its house okay now what is the right denomination was the right church on every street corner you wouldn't mind the Roman Catholic Church because that was the church during that period in the continent in the old world and in the continent of Europe because this was the only church in town there was no other church in town as a matter of fact if you are looking for the cathedrals they have the sponsors that have been organization that hour all the state had bowed down and the kings of Europe I given the power to the papacy and was no one to Bible them as if you looking for the church there's only one choice but if you would look a little bit closer you look a little bit into the regions beyond the cities and you would look a little bit more into the wilderness areas interesting language in the book of Revelation the true woman the true vine went into the wilderness for twelve hundred sixty years that's exactly where you will find the church of God now remember revelation thirteen portrayed this structure of Rome but during this period there were also believers in wilderness areas now years ago I had the privilege of preaching a series of meetings in Italy and I spent a few more days in Italy I traveled out to the place called the wild then evaluates anyone heard of the wall then he valleys fascinating place this was a place where she released five hundred and sixty years it were a people called the Waldensian people and they lived there in very simple homes and what they did is they preserve Scriptures because remember that at that time the Scriptures were only made available to the clergy to the church people so the common people were not allowed to assess the Bibles the Bible Scripture as a one-to-one then he's bit as they said no no no no the Scriptures this is for us all and so they would actually bring the Scriptures to people they were influential our AAA instrumental rather in writing and translating the Scriptures and bringing them to the all throughout Europe fascinating story you read another one then the people to others like that he denotes in the home to ten season and these were nations that send you a lot know not a road it doesn't have it all together as a matter of fact they are covered this was the scratches with traditions of men said they believe that every person to have access to the Scriptures Salas will benefit for example this is quite fascinating they will travel through Europe as tradesmen and what they would do is and if they would be caught with the Scriptures their life was in danger of so they would take the Scriptures and they would actually select into their clothes and it would go as tradesmen throughout Europe in and you know they would just have things with them that when they sold it I think they would no strike up conversations with people and noticed that that person could have an insurance and this was a dangerous thing because if that person wants to turn them into Rome that your life would be cut short but interesting if they could notice that this person might have an interest they would pull out the Scriptures and give them to them this is the way that the truth was spreading throughout Europe by eight people that were living in the wilderness in the wilderness remote areas of the earth to other people in other parts of Europe it kept the truth in remote areas but my friends the only church in town was the Roman Catholic Church was no telling again headless people and it went into the list and by the way there were arms of Rome that was sent into the Waldensian valleys and they slew them by the thousands they tried to eliminate these people to try to destroy these people many of them were killed and many of them were were were were are both tortured and killed both you know men and women and children and yet despite of these persecutions very fierce persecutions they cap eight going and they were instrumental in passing on the Scriptures but even for us today and so it's interesting to see what Scripture tells us in Revelation twelve it would be a period of twelve hundred sixty years and God 's church the movements of God the woman of God would be brought into the wilderness during this period now would looking at revelation twelve verse one to six forty by the early Christian movement we have that birth of Jesus the great controversy picture there with the Dragon and the woman then we have Jesus caught up to the throne of God and then we have picture of God during those early centuries and how they are protected by God himself disabled one into a place of refuge now Revelation twelve for seven to twelve accent brings a little behind the scenes and gives us a picture of the great controversy from its very beginning and that let's look at these verses revelation twelve for seven to twelve inches in war broke out in heaven is like the Bible 's first giving us to see of what happened on our and how this controversy was raging in Christianity and assembly is giving us a scene of okay you want to know how that actually took place how that happened when no a little bit of what preceded that and how that what this book is about okay let's go back to having one time before there was a war on earth it was war in heaven and said and war broke out in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels for this is this this beginning this first battle went when Lucifer revolted against God this was before enemies send this was before all the things that we read about in Scripture and how this recurrent controversy was played on this earth it started in heaven Michael and his angels fought with the Dragon and the dragon and his angels what about when Michael is another word for Jesus because it actually means Michael means the one who is like God and so is only really one that is like God and Jesus has a lot of different names in Scripture as you might now using manual you know he's he's Michael he's is the shepherd he said he's the savior is allowed that in many different names that Christ has this name Michael is given to him as using on back here with the dragon and his angels they knows what it says in Revelation chapter twelve verse seven twelve but they did not prevail that is the devil do not prevail no as a place found for them and haven't any longer so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called the devil and Satan who deceives the whole were all was passed in Europe and his angels were cast out with him so ultimately the winner of this battle is Jesus right there from the beginning and Satan is cast out and says I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now salvation and strength and the kingdom of Aragon and the power of his Christ have come for the accuser of our brethren who accused them before our God day and night has been cast down and they overcame him by the blood of the land and by the word of their testimony and they do not love their lives to the death therefore rejoice O heavens and you who dwell in them woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the seed for the devil is come down to you having great wrath because he knows that he has a short time as we have this picture right in the middle of relationship twelve is picture of the beginnings of the first battle was fought they are in happen how the devil lost that battle he was cast out to this Earth and it says that those in an article and overcome him and how to overcome him but backup your moments by the blood of the Lamb and the word of the testimony I think that's how they overcame him in the early centuries and that's how we can overcome him in the final scenes of Earth 's history despite the blood of the Lamb amen the blood of Jesus that gives us power is the blood of Jesus forgives us strength to endure and it's the blood of Jesus that gives us confidence that we are on the winning side and the word of their testimony I mean your life as a testimony to my life as a testimony just like the early Christians in the Waldenses of these people that were faithful and in and in ancient times and in history so you and I also have a testimony to add to this great controversy I pray that it will be a testimony of faithfulness and none of us take what they do let them at the last part of Revelation chapter twelve is here it really gets interesting here we really want to focus on all because here is where we come into the Miami in this fascinating is like the Bible is one big movie and you have a private way it right this is a huge starring with all characters and cast Satan and you have Christ the main characters in this great story was great battle and then how old people are able to gauge as we read about early Christianity we read about the trials and temptations and difficulties they went through but how they endured and how God used them we read about those that are even willing to give up their lies for Christ and we read about this great battle how it began and here we come to the end of revelations at twelve and all allow their part to play in holiday thing is what it says it picks up again where Garrett left it off before this scene was given what happened in heaven and it says in verse thirteen now the now when the dragon saw that he had been cast out to the arts he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child this is a little bit repeating here up of what was seen before and an assist but the woman was given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness to her place which is north for a time and times and half a time the presence of assessment remember the principle of Bible prophecy repent repetition and enlargement probation twelve this is a picture behind the scenes picture and it picks it up again it gives us a little bit of the picture that we already had right there and it could carry the song beyond this so here again the peer does mention of the twelve hundred and sixty years of the politicized after that revelation chapter twelve verse fifteen so the serpent sustaining water out of his mouth like the line after the woman here symbolic language that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood remember that there is an attack on God 's people got people are in the wilderness twelve hundred sixty years but now the devil is trying to destroy this woman even when she's led into the wilderness and he pauses of life after the woman that may cause her to be carried away by the flood look at what the Bible says for sixteen again anytime the dots people aren't from will not intervene the other Church of God a couple of design and price is right and I will help the devil to destroy his bride it does what it says in verse sixteen but the RF helped the woman and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon spewed out of his mouth as an interesting when you look at history look at prophecy and you look at history twelve hundred sixty years was this persecution going on in the old continent continent of Europe where the kings of the earth of United Church of Rome and they were persecuting and killing and swaying millions of people and yet they were those that were ever faithful in spreading the word of God and the Reformation began and it was a concert of movement against that did the dead hostages of the church of Rome and the Scriptures were being translated and spread to the people in all of this was going on but also the persecutions were very fierce and God opened up a new place for his people and this is very interesting because it says that the current helped the woman the earth helped the woman not in Revelation chapter thirteen of the next chapter in actually there is a prophecy there and we have dealt with this informer and presentation here in our series was a prophecy about this beast in Revelation thirteen the second reason I remember that comes up out of the earth it says and it was a lab like be that as it spoke as a dragon now and we only identify the lab like these and it's really not that hard to identify because it came up when the first beast went into captivity relations that has to be subversive uses the antichrist Roman Catholic our racer twelve is sixty years and when that power went into captivity in seventeen ninety eight and we have the second beast of Revelation thirteen coming up out of the earth and had two more is like a laminate spoke as a dragon we look at what hour what nation started you know came into significant since seventy nine I was a quite white nation I remember this piece has no whole note no crowns on his hat that has no thing but this was an identification mark none other than the United States of America ever we let the back study that fascinating that United States of America even though it would speak as a dragon at one point later in time at this time it's very origin it was at Christlike principles it was at the horns like the ones who have caused remember it was really a place of refuge for many people that were fleeing from the persecutions in the old consonance and so right there on the movement of God is given a new place to come to and to establish itself now that relationship twelve shows kind of this overall overarching birds perspective so to speak all the movements of God so we have to first century and then deleting into the time of persecution and immediate to the time where where God is opening new places for this movement to go in this movement eventually spreading to all the earth and then we come to the very end of the chapter Revelation chapter twelve verse seventeen verse seventeen climaxes everything gives us a clear identification mark of what God 's movement is going to be like in the final moments of Earth 's history listen to what he says Revelation took the twelve or seventeen and the dragon was enraged with the woman and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring which really means the remnant those that are lack right after all of their centuries those that are left he's been a major war with those that are left with the remnant with the rest of her offspring and then it identifies the remnants it says who she the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ my friends if you want to know what movement by using prior to the second coming this is identification marking you must be looking for you to keep the commandments of God enough that many people base their choice on what church to attend by with a potluck or the church that is closest to their home or the one that has the best band to play music or the one with their parents went or the grandparents went or the one where they had a good babysitting program or the one when you have a big parking lots even if there are some routes or the one that had the most beautiful building or the one that has the color that they liken the seats that are comfortable but my friends these are no biblical reasons to choose the church that you want to belong to what is that if you choose what kind of church wanted along to become movie one belonged to you should be looking at any of those things that I just mentioned out that's a bonus if that happens to be true but really what you should be looking for according to Scripture is the church I belong to is the moving I belong to is it keeping the commandments of God I mean and I'm not just talking about eight of them I'm talking about all ten of them and then I want to know is the moment I belong to is it really doesn't want on the thing that attracted people in that movement are perfect I think there is an intention to keep the commandments of God they are striving and wanting to embrace not just nine of the Commandments that all ten of them including the fourth commandment the Sabbath and because this is the movement of the movements of God has the Commandments of God in these last days of verse history again the question is which which denomination with the nomination with what church I belong to which church I go to and don't don't make the decision based on which one has the best food or all which is closest why are all these things but look at what church is printing the company 's which with charges uplifting genes that send them notably legalism in the ten Commandments but beautiful pitch of the ten commands are really ten promises a month and is a blessing that we can receive when we bring them into a lack of seeing Jesus in all of that the Bible says about the Church of God I love this verse to come back to this moment I wanted just before it is first first first Timothy chapter three verse fifteen how perverse this is what it says I write so that you may know how you want to conduct yourself in the house of God which is the church of the living God and it dislikes the church of the living God was and what it says that Hitler and round the tree that's the Church of God Spielman the handler and ground foundation of truth nobody interested all simple answer the word of God the Bible I think it is anything this can be our foundation it must be something that will last and something that we can trust in something we can know is to is none other than the Scriptures of God and so when you ask this verse here in Revelation it says it it it it identifies not the place those are the commandments of God and faith of Jesus and my friends when we look at this time in which we are living with seeing that there if there's one command that has been missed regarded and I really has been trodden on by Christianity it lives with his wife regarding the Sabbath and how we looked at the Sabbath is really the seal of God member that the ten Commandments are not something that you can just change a man cannot be changed and God 's commandments cannot be changed and the seal of God is right here in his commandment and is a counterfeit system is trying to change the Commandments of God 's very changed every day that God had set aside only one part of that part of the church in which switches them the pillar and ground of the truth enough when you think about it possible that some of the things it would be looking at in the course of our time together in the seminar yup we think for example about the truth about what happens when a person die see the Scripture teaches that the soul is immortal but that we receive immortality when Christ comes the second time that is a beautiful truth remember if the church has been a be the pillar of truth is you have to stand on the firm foundation of what is what the Bible teaches about the state of the death about what happens when a person dies right otherwise basically opening the gates to spiritism he sang loud soul go straight to heaven or go straight how interested they are around a figure giving the devil a foothold in the door right revealed himself and to impersonate you know that left one to give messages the routing of messages from God at all the from the enemy himself despite these trees are important because they are alert to give a safety that reveal something about the character of God think about the truth about how this will be discussed during the seminar I mean and just think about what kind of chair of God is the church to get it is to get the most awesome beautiful profound and beautiful character of God is to be pictured right to portray now that does the truth about does the common interpretation of how the event picture not quite not quite all I mean think about it the devil is in charge of the place called how quick people are tormented not turn and see if that's the message we can bring to the world I think it is not good news I wonder what good news is related good news rhyming and is not based on Scripture as if this is being it if this is the message that a church is good I'm praying that that that that that people are burning in hell for ever and ever it's not giving such sure lobbying God and so the pillar of truth the Church of God people got to get a picture as compelling a picture that is beautiful a picture that says wow now I understand how I understand how guys can deal with seeing in the end and now I understand that at one point and will not be no more pain it will be enormous suffering and will be no more death and man cities of these are true is that that are not just feel that culture is a kind of like all interesting up with them am I shall now look at them later but visitors a really transforming thing about the truth about the Holy Spirit is without with enough is it important how we conduct ourselves in a house of God absolutely if an end God is not the author of confusion is not the author all of confusion which we find sadly in many churches today one of the truth about the Holy Spirit when we find that in the word of God is what we should we be looking for a eighty people in movements that has understood the significance of what the Holy Spirit is wanting to do in our lives today to transform us to change us and fruit of the spirit may be seen love joy peace long-suffering gentleness goodness self-control is afraid of the spirit of the gibberish language is not attached my first attached is right as we allow God to do to change our very lives this is the truth about the Holy Spirit which will be also a truth that God 's movement will embrace the truth about the great controversy when we live in a great controversy if we fail to see that they were missing out I need to know and understand the powers that are at work picture reveals that the Church of God is to reveal the truth about the second coming of Christ and if you belong to denomination the never talks about the second coming of Christ to start wondering why I need it if it's all got the Scriptures but there it is the estimations made that one in every twenty fifth verse of the New Testament talks about the second coming of Christ and about that one in every twenty fifth parts I this this book is the predictions of the second coming of Jesus at the minimum denomination that we belong to never talks about that we should wonder why I think we should belong to a church in movement that is written to excited and communicated to those around them that Jesus is coming a man that his tongue the first time and it is coming again so want to be part of a movement that is to read then by the anticipation of the event of Jesus becomes again a man became the first time he's going to come the second time and my friends we need to be part of a movement that is global a global movement because the Bible tells in the book of Revelation and that there's going to go and message is difficult or Revelation chapter fourteen describes a method is invoked or to all nations to all kindred and to all times to all people as the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is the message to restore the truth of Scripture and it's also a message that people to worship the creator man to worship the one that made them and this is beautiful because when you think about a global movement throughout this idea but were not alone in all of this is a dignity idea like I mightily when following this is someone else out there you can be assured my friend but there are people all over the world today all different countries of the wealth their preaching the very thing that I'm preaching to you right now the series that are believing firmly that we are living in the end of time that believes firmly that the Commandments of God 's restored in Christianity I believe firmly that the Sabbath needs to be remembered and not forgotten I believe firmly in the truth about what happens when a person dies and the truth about how the truth about the Holy Spirit and the truth about century the truth about the second coming of the truth about many things it would though not all been able to cover in the series but the biblical trade my friends just the Bible as a whole this is the culture of Nana note that the speculations of man at the clear prophetic beautiful word of God they believe in preaching enough I personally would did not grow up as a Christian as America became a Christian later on in my early twenties I decided to be baptized and personally I made the decision to be baptized in the Seventh-day Adventist church the movements because I saw for myself to study the Scriptures I looked at the various denominations out there I saw that was one denomination was faithful to the ten Commandments of God that that they believe in the seventh date of the seventh day Sabbath is not something done away with it's not something of the past is not something for Israel on the side of Christianity it's something important is one of the Commandments of God if I decided to become part of the Seventh-day Adventist church because Seventh-day Adventists believe that Christ is to come again after the Christ and believe in the Commandments of God in the end times including seventh a Sabbath very commandment that life 's been forgotten in Christianity and you know what I I believe that that that as I was searching as I was looking for the truth of God 's word that I found a people not just in the country where I was at that time but can't but I found a movement that is globally working with the purpose of spreading the last day messaging well before Jesus comes now does that mean that that that that that's the only church that that the goddess using right now no I don't believe that I believe that God is using many individuals in all kinds of denominations so so I believe that God has his children and all kinds of different denominations but I do believe that as the final call call goes for Andy Sheppard which is Jesus Christ himself when he calls his sheep together that they will be united on a platform of truth a man on the platform Richard would include the Sabbath commandment the platform of truth will include the truth about how the truth about state of the data and the truth about the spirit in the second coming which is another great controversy between about the sanctity of the truth that are given to us in the word of God I thought I wanted just presently tell you my story tonight at that that's how it went for me and I'm not trying to recruit you to become a member of the church and I'm a member of the fact I find it more important that you study the word of God come to that conclusion yourself know because I've done it but because you see that from Scripture hey wait a minute yeah I I see that denomination I see that denomination that donations be made about the nomination of his close by that one has beautiful judgment but when according to Scripture IQs that's the kind of decision want to make based on Scripture and I'm a subscription is a okay I'm looking for a church that keeps the Commandments of God and it has a focus on this last day message is going to go into all the world before Jesus comes again second five eight oh percent of the Adventist movement I like the call of the movement because you know what one is many times happen within Christianity alive the church has become institutionalized I went to church institutionalizes it gets more occupied with things going on inside it's institution and focusing on getting the message out and that's why I want to see from Brown in the Advent movement is really a movement is continuing to move because reaching people in all parts of this earth it started in eighteen hundreds it started basically based on Bible prophecy as they started to preach Daniel and Revelation prophecies that were not really a rating for each previous to this time and a lot of people became very interested in these prophecies of this release started the beginnings of this movement it's interesting because when you look at the dark ages have a little chart here dark ages was a time of spiritual darkness was the word of God be neglected were not covered by tradition but slowly and gradually when we come out of this dark time no we come into the light but it's not like all white was given one is like Jesus said at one occasion to his disciples have much to tell you I can tell you everything right I'd much to say but he gave portions of light just like God give portions of light to this growing movement and say for example you have the Waldenses that that that made it possible for the Bible to be given to the people and they had John Haas was teaching the importance of obedience and the Martin Luther King Jr. point of Grace John Calvin talking about growth and about God 's sovereignty and getting Anabaptists which emphasized the importance of baptism by sprinkling but by actually going under the water representing the death and resurrection of Jesus when you had John Leslie talk about the importance of holiness and John I William Miller talking on the importance of the second coming on again the Advent movement coming on the scene was talked about the Sabbath and the truth about daffodils of the truth about household living in these kinds of things and really what you see as it is a progression of light and my friends when we are hearing two thousand fourteen we are still on a journey and then run a journey to discover to gather the beautiful truth of Scripture I pray that that that even though this is the last evening of our series this will not be the end of your journey pretty will continue that journey as he starts walking but the Bible has to say about all the matters of life is really my friends it has an answer to all the questions that we have the oldest fundamental questions of life the answers are right there in that book and got has a place for you here on earth he is a movement for you to be part of any wants you to be part of heralding that message before he comes again the second time so this biologist like to ask Josh 's share out of cards the last part of last evening and the this little evaluation actually because while it would want to know as we move on from this day certainly as I said earlier I want we want to be able to get the opportunity to each one of you to continue to study God 's word because even though the seriousness and that we do not want this to be the end of your class in Bible prophecy and solicits a little opportunity for you to fill this out as you continue this journey together because you know tomorrow my wife and I will be traveling back to Europe back to Europe back to Norway and but but praise the Lord that there are people right here in Montgomery like Pastor Samuel and John and others a part of all of them of this team that would like to help in sharing with you some of these amazing trees would not even be able to convert in our series here and so want to get that opportunity so on this card he just see three points number one is I would like to be part of an ongoing small group study if it's your desire of the genetic heart everyone got a card you it is your desire to be part of a Bible study group you can check that off because you know sometimes you can it's really great to be over come together like this and study the Bible but maybe even you have some questions I don't know if smallest setting of the Bible study group is also easier for you to be able to ask questions or to just talk to gather about these amazing trees of Scripture so that your desire to be part of an ongoing small group study and check that off maybe you are interested rather in a personal Bible study and I'm sure that we can cater for that as well are the people that will be here to do that so if you if you would be interested in that's just writing their personal Bible study and that is surely something that can also be organized on the number to I would like to attend the seven weeks simple health cooking class starting March the second my wife and I will not be here for that we're leaving tomorrow but I know that Samuel and John and Amber and others are organizing a simple actual cooking classes starting the second of March and you know part of God 's movement is really learning how that we can restore and gain good how because God is not only interested in our spiritual help he's also interested in our physical health so if you have an interest in something like that you can check off at point number two if you would like to attend the seven week simple health cooking class starting March the second and then you will receive more information on that and have already been able to hear Littlewood of the ideas from John and Samuel Maverick sounds very exciting so I encourage you to be part of that and a third lastly there I would like more information about becoming a part of God 's last day remnant charts as you know that those of you putting on his meetings these meetings organized by the Seventh-day Adventist church here in Montgomery right across the parking lot here and you know as you have been learning about Bible truly be learning about the Sabbath and the importance of God 's commandments and the importance of uplifting Jesus and the character of God and you would be your dream you would like to have more information about how you can be part of God 's movement and black dots church in the last days you can check that off that doesn't mean that you're signing up today at the community is saying I want to be part of it but you want to know more about it and so we want to give you that opportunity as well so just please check off those and leave them with John she walked out tonight and I wanted to say thank you so much for coming it's been a great blessing for my wife and I to spend these last couple of weeks in Montgomery we have both been blessed by the Fellowship with each one of you we do pray that the board will continue to guide you in your journey with him I do solicit up for we're very thankful for your prayers tomorrow were heading back to Norway will be a couple of days at home and it will be lined out to Hungary to Eastern Europe where I'll be speaking at conference there and they were heading after that to Switzerland after that to Austria and a couple of days back in Norway and that will be done in Germany to teach a Bible school there and then that guy just continues like that so that's our life lots and lots and lots of traveling different countries different places and that we just really would love you if you think about us to send a little prayer and say Lord be with them strengthen them give them focusing there were some major remodeling unless it has less meat is not here to my good luck and God bless you and this media was brought his season line audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more and he would like to know more about the universe is more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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