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A Transforming Touch

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 18, 2014
    11:00 AM
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Barnett in verse twenty one I titled this message of transforming thoughts but a look at and an amazing miracle here and surely will be able to make some applications to our lives today marked the fifth chapter beginning in verse twenty one the Bible reads now when Jesus had crossed over again by boat to the other side a great multitude gathered to him and he was by the sea and behold one of the rulers of the synagogue 's came jibe with my name and when he saw him he fell at his feet and as you read the Scriptures it's always important for you to start imagining what this must have been like a selector sanctified imagination think of the scene here is Jesus comes to the shore there are literally thousands of people that are waiting to meet him but one person in particular is waiting because he has something going on in his life and the life of his daughter this is a man by the name of gyrus his daughter is a point of death and he believes that Jesus has power to heal her and so he's waiting for Jesus to come in the moment that Jesus steps out of the boat he falls at his feet but continue to read in verse twenty three and he begged him earnestly saying my little daughter lies at the point of death and lay your hands on her that she may be healed and she will live he believed in the power of Jesus to heal his daughter and so verse twenty four Jesus went with him and a great multitude followed him and wronged him imagine the senior gyrus is pressing his way through the crowd because he knows that he needs to hurry up because Jesus needs to come to his daughter while there is still hope if he believes that Jesus can heal his daughter but he knows that that that that Jesus has to be on time daughter is about to lose her licensees pushing his way through the crowd there allegedly people thronging him on all sides and the disciples around Jesus trying to get they can get his way to the house of gyrus and it is at this time that we encounter a remarkable moments in the ministry of Jesus a remarkable miracle of a woman that had an issue of blood for twelve years a sickness and she could not find any cure her and her only hope was now in meeting Jesus himself as Jesus is making his way through the crowd and his disciples are helping him there is a woman that wants to meet Jesus let's read about this as we continue here in Mark chapter five and verse twenty five now a certain woman had a flow of blood for twelve years and had suffered many things from many physicians she had spent all that she had and was no better but Robert grew worse when she heard about Jesus she came behind him in the crowd and hatched his garments or she said if only I may touch his clothes I shall be made well verse twenty nine immediately the founder of her blood was dried up and she felt in her body that she was healed of the affliction what a remarkable miracle just imagine this woman put yourself in her situation here she had tried and free thing but instead of any heels you probably grew worse is another picture of our world today our world is looking for healing in so many ways you will be walk into a bookstore and you'll find it out shelves and shelves of of of of books full on on self-help no how to how to have a better marriage to make more money to solve this how to do that it's all the cell health and yet with all all content there is there in books and all the content on the website said all of this there is still a boy in the hearts of human beings when Jesus is not in their lives and instead of going getting better things often get worse than condition of this woman is really the condition of humanity at large and she is looking for healing she's tried everything but in vain and now she comes a point in her life that she realizes there's only one solution and that solution is Jesus Christ and she wants to meet him and yet this is at the very time that Jesus ministry had become very very popular there were thousands of people that was thronging to meet Jesus that wanted to be around him and so as as Jesus comes to the shore there gyrus is the first one to meet Jesus as a matter fact he was the ruler of the synagogue Bible tells us of so you have some prominent position there so he he he probably had more more of a better opportunity to meet Jesus and yet this woman here thus has great pain in her strength everything in her power to meet with Jesus you can just imagine as Jesus making his way through the crowd and she's trying to get is trying to see him up there he was just a little glance but she continues to press through the crowd here comes another opportunity that note the people got in her way as she continues to make her way through the crowds because she knows that this is her own hope I want to listen for a moment as they read from the book desire of ages which describes so beautifully that didn't turn the nation of this woman listen carefully this is this beautifully described here in the book desire of ages page three hundred and forty three on the way to the Rose house Jesus had met in crowding poor woman who for twelve years have suffered from a disease that made her life a burden she had spent all her means upon physicians and remedies only to be pronounced incurable but her hopes revive when she heard of the cures that Christ reformed she assured that if she could only go to him she would be healed in weakness and suffering she came to the seaside where he was teaching and trying to press through the crowd but in vain again she followed him from the house of Levi Matthew but was still unable to reach him she had begun to despair listen to this when in making his way through the multitude he suddenly came near where she was since she was about to despair but then he draws near the golden opportunity had come she was in the presence of the great physician but amid the confusion she could not speak to him nor catch more than a passing glimpse of his figure fearful of losing her one chance of relief she priced always saying to herself if I made bought touched his garment I shall be made whole as he was passing she reached forward and succeeded him barely touching the border of his garment but in that moment she knew that she was healed and listen to an extent of this is powerful in that one touch was concentrated the faith of her life in that one touch was concentrated the faith of her life and instantly her pain and feebleness gave place to the vigor of perfect health and when I read this is just one word but I bet it comes to my mind that his determination she was determined to meet Jesus she was determined that she will because she believed that he was the only one that couldn't give her complete healing from that which elected her for so many years and so harkens how your say was concentrated in that one hostage which he touched Jesus and what I want us to talk about this morning and when I want us to study together this morning is how we can experience that kind of a touch because that day when Jesus was making his way through the crowd that were many people that were touching Jesus continually don't people that with network rubbing shoulders with Jesus and or touching him and and and as he's pressing his way through the crowd suddenly there is a different kind of touch it was a touch of faith and too often we come into the presence of God and we have a casual types of Jesus we we experienced something that we don't experience the fullness of what God wants to give us as a limited talk about this morning is how we can fight the fight of faith how that weekend manifest determination in following our Savior our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ if you have your Bibles this morning I invite you to turn with me to first Timothy first Timothy chapter six and this is also this was also our Scripture reading this morning I like to go back to this passage in first Timothy chapter six and verse twelve first Timothy chapter six and verse twelve we are admonished to fight the good fight of faith first Timothy six verse twelve tells us fight the good fight of faith may hold on eternal life to which you also to which you were also called Anakin you can't question in the presence of many witnesses how many of us by the good fight of faith you know we have waited for our education because we realize that we need that in order to secure ourselves a job we are willing to get up early in order to prepare ourselves for the exams and I were willing to take note July bastinado careers but the question that we need to ask a seventies are all good matters because we need to leave little listening wise in which we manifest our best and we do our best in all things but the question really as how how often do we fight for faith how often do we put our determination into knowing Jesus sometimes we just think that this is something that comes naturally and yet the Bible tells us that the Christian life is like a race and race we need to Iran we need to be a donor to experience all that God has in store for us there is a bird that needs to be put forth from our side and when I wanted to is someone a look at some strategies that we can that we can basically bring into our lives in order for us to experience what God wants us to experience in any industry transformation when we touched him when you think about it when we fight the good fight of faith there are some strategies in that fight you look at a couple of them this morning I have six strategies idea if you if your notetaking you can write these down otherwise I hope that you'll be able to remember these so that you can bring these into your Christian experience into your daily walk with the Lord so that we can know how we can have the transforming times not how to talk to Jesus but a transforming touch and the first strategy is found in Romans chapter ten when he is out Bibles this morning so you turn to the book of Romans together with me Romans chapter ten and verse seventeen strategies for the good fight of faith Romans chapter ten and verse seventeen very well-known verse the Bible says so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by Wednesday the word of God nothing about that for a moment how does faith according to this verse by hearing about hearing what the word of God how often do we take it for granted that we can have faith I went tomorrow morning when you wake up you probably many of us taken for granted that you have faith in Oregon but do you know that the Bible tells us that faith comes by something it comes by hearing hearing the word of God so in other words in order for us to keep our faith alive to keep that plane going in order for us to not just have a casual touch of Jesus but a transforming touch of Jesus we need to hear the word of God amen we need to study the word of God as so many times we take it for granted now you know I I I know these things but we need just as we eat every day physical breed so we also need every day spiritual faith amen in order to keep our faith alive I would like to reach even here also from the desire of ages and the same chapter on the miracle that we read about in Mark chapter five and listen to what it says business on page three forty seven the one from the press was about you Christ realize no it's accession of vital power but when the suffering woman put forth her hand to touch him believing that she would be made whole she felt the healing virtue so in spiritual things to talk of religion in a casual way to pray without soul hunger and living faith avails nothing a nominal faith in Christ which accepts him merely as the Savior of the world can never bring healing to the solve the faith that is unto salvation is not a mere intellectual assent to the truth while this type Apple so we need more than just an intellectual assent to the truth if you already know the doctors of the Seventh-day Adventist church you might be user presses a step back and say well you know I have faith and I know what the Bible teaches know what happens when a person dies and I know what the right day has to go to church and I know this and I know that hell is not forever and I know that you know when you spend a thousand years in heaven and will you come back to this new art you can have an assent to truth you didn't know the doctrines of our church and yes you are not experiencing the transforming power of Jesus Christ what you need is more than an intellectual assent to the truth what you need is a daily faith and the Bible tells us that faith comes by the hearing of the Word of God and so we cannot just take it for granted that we know these things God wants us to give us a baby experience with himself and it starts in the morning when we wake up what is the first thought that runs through our minds in the morning is a what would you do during that day aware within a dollar who would enemy or is it God I want to know you and I want to know usage we pick up our Bibles in the morning and we opened we allow God to speak to us my friends faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God if we don't spend time with the word of God in the morning we're going to think that we can have faith but actually the face that we have is a fragile state it's the kind of faith that you can compare in March at the five with the people that are pressing to Jesus they are touching him but that was the difference when the woman with you action touched Jesus and that's the kind of touch that we need that's the kind of experience that God wants to get us and it's the experience that we received when we open his word in the morning and we pray and we ask God to speak to us another strategy for faith is to pray and we talked about this during the visit during the Sabbath school which I really appreciated many good comments that were made about the power and importance of prayer now it is so important that we pray when we study God 's word because maybe you have had the experience that I had all at times wear in the morning you'll pick up your Bible and you have the intention to hear the word of God and you want to know him and so you open up your Bible and you start reading but you but but there's nothing really that happens you don't really feel that you're getting much out of it sometimes even feel that just like young black ladders onto white paper and some of us what happens when that cures we open the word of God we read it we don't get anything out of it and we say okay that maybe the Holy Spirit today let's try tomorrow and yet my friends we don't fight for faith many times we just think while I didn't get anything out of it I'll try tomorrow and try something else my friends this is the time that we need the determination to fight or faith we need to pray that God will open our eyes to see wondrous things out of his long and so there are certain prayers that you can pray when you study the word of God I was want to share or abandoned all taken directly from Scripture they are all taken from the book of Psalms I just wanted to him is when a share with you for simple prayers that you can pray when you study the word of God and you don't feel that you get it and getting anything out of it by the way who is experienced that at times you want to get something out of the word about a couple of you I you are honest enough to say that you want to get something out of the word of God they just feel like I'm just not just not getting it listen to these prayers the first one is Psalm one nineteen verse thirty six and thirty seven this is what it says incline my heart to your testimonies and not to covetousness turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things and revive me in your way that's a prayer that you can pray as you open the word of God and you feel that your mind is going a thousand directions and you and not being able to unite with concentrate on God 's revelation phrase this prayer incline my heart to your testimony seal words and be honest with God be honest with mind is going in so many different directions help me help me right now to understand your word speak to me and then your second prayer that you can pray Psalm one nineteen verse eighteen it says open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from your law wow what a beautiful prayer simple prayer you can write a prayer opened my eyes that I may see wondrous things out of your law and then another prayer that you can pray Psalm eighty six verse eleven teach me our way oh Lord I will walk in your truth unites my heart to dear your name here a fourth prayer songs chapter nineteen verse fourteen listen to this one always satisfied as early with your mercy that we may rejoice and be glad all our days in other many things in life that can satisfy us with is really only one thing that can truly satisfy the deepest longing of the soul and that is God himself got us created us with the space that only he can fill in man and so let us pray that we may be satisfied by what he asks for apps as of the strategies of the fight the good fight of faith they involve a Scripture reading the Scripture hearing the word of God because through hearing the word of God comes a but then remember to pray as you read that God will show you beautiful things out of his work and that he will be able to take your mind is going in a thousand other directions and actually bring it to his word you can also do that as you pray how meager experience to deliver more honest answer here now I would many of you have experience that you start praying and soon enough you're thinking about a lot of different things and men yes yes that happens to me as well and I'm praying I think I'll wait a minute I was actually here for a eyesight I try to bring my mind back to the things of God and I pray and yes it does it goes well for a while and then again I feel that my thoughts are are are are going in in in different directions that happens my friends the prayer that or prayers they just mentioned again pray them all the Lord incline my heart your testimonies oh Lord open my eyes oh Lord teach me your ways oh Lord satisfy me with your mercy freight to God that he will be able to keep your thoughts where they belong your thoughts on him don't give up it is so only five that people will give up and over the web no Holy Spirit fail try tomorrow they could try to write up my my my mind went and is instantly different places well it just must be meet all just you don't need prayer to other people is just not my thing this is happening too often my friends how come we want to fight for education how can we want to fight for our jobs our families but when it comes of the things of God we give out to Arlington and it is time for us to say no I'm just quite perfect look at the determination from about woman there in March up the fight all she saw a glimpse of Jesus but was not enough she made her way to the crowd she caressed all and then the golden opportunity came as she reached out her hand and faith and his garments and she was healed instantly my friend how often do we experience that kind of a touch too often we have a casual touch of Jesus too often weekly we come to church and we just had to delete touch him all they we they we prayed more earnestly for a transforming touch a man I heard a story of a couple and they just got married and as a gift for their honeymoon their family had pitched in and they had given them at at at stay in a very very luxurious hotel and so they look forward to this night this honeymoon night they got married and they made their way to this hotel but the moment that they opened the door of the room they worked horribly disappointed with what they saw it was not at all what they had read about or seen on the pictures it was XE quite playing him he was okay it was not that bad but I need to be your five-star hotel in it didn't just didn't match out and so they yet I was actually kind of accounts that you could pull out asleep on and so they spent the night there and they were kind of this in other tried to make the best out of it but they were not happy so the next morning they make their way to the counter there and then they put in a complaint and they wanted to see the manager and the manager comes out and they said you know this is not what we expect that and I just don't know what the problem is not a look at the room and so they make their way to the room together with the management manager opens up the door they walked in and immediately the first thing they said is not this is not what we expected the moment they said that the manager walks to the opposite side of the room and there's adorned at the same color as the wall and he opens it up and there's this beautiful row they spent the night employer how many times how many times are our Bible studies in the foyer how many times are our prayer meetings in the boy how many times are sermons in the foyer my friends we need to stop opening up the door and allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal to us wonderful things out of his law and then it's time for us to ask God to inspire us through his Word that we may know him and know that the unity of his character so many times we are we are not satisfied with the casual touch so many times week we just don't come to Georgia we meet a friend then we don't have a good potluck and we have some fellowship but we haven't really opened the door we haven't allowed God to reveal himself to us we haven't been being discharged for the week and all the challenges that face us my friend time for us to open that door to allow God to speak to us some of the strategies to fight the good fight of faith the word of God through the hearing of the Word of God comes they prayer and also listen to the best none Ethan is yes and with that which matters most is the word of God you know I see people making got really really in phase about what is inherent United States the Super Bowl I hate waiting I really really excited to talk about the latest gain more for this or that but Julie happy Susie has them for the word of God is appropriate when he reads the liquidation here taken from testimonies to the church believed to page two hundred and twelve when I read this it was a review to me and I believe it's a rebuke to many of us this is what it says many who profess to be Christians become excited overwhelming enterprises and their interest is awakened for new and exciting amusements while they are coldhearted and appear as if frozen in the cause of God here is a theme or core list which is of sufficient importance to excite you the eternal interests are here involved upon this theme listen carefully I love this up on this theme the theme of salvation it is a sin to be called in on compassion while it is a sin to be common on impassioned when it comes to the theme of salvation she goes on to say this seems of Calvary the deepest emotion upon this subject you will be excusable if you manifest enthusiasm because when upsetting do we do have the appropriate enthusiasm for the things of God and I mean when you think about it salvation the picture that the Scripture gives us of what Jesus has done for us and is doing for us right now and the future he has in store all patient cohort the deepest emotions and each one of us she goes on to say that Christ's own accident so innocent should suffer such a painful death during the weight of the sins of the wealth alternate imaginations can never fully comprehend all the Latin the land the breast behind the depth of such amazing love we cannot fathom the contemplation of the matchless gaps of the sages lots should fill the mind touch and melt the soul refine and elevate the affections and completely transformed the whole character the language of the apostle as I determined not to know anything among you say that Jesus Christ and him crucified we also may look toward Calvary and explain God ordained that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world a question for you this morning do you manifest it is as important God is appropriate and if you want to know what the appropriate response is look to the cross of Calvary as you look at the cross of Calvary and you see the match was the beautiful son of God the children your sin upon himself what should be our response of my friends we should give everything to him is our greatest treasure he could get he should get our deepest affections they don't belong to the Super Bowl they don't belong to anything else but Jesus Christ many of us are trading salvation like Esau traded the birthright remember when you look at the two lives you look at Jacob and his brother ease ease off it is an interesting when you look at those truth and the way they treated the birthright to Jacob it was the contemplation day and night as a matter of fact I'm just reading out the patriots in profits which is amazing no commentary by all white on the story of Genesis and exited the beginnings they are and down I was reading about Jacob and she writes that Jacob was contemplating contemplated that birth by day and night I was not about a Berkeley professor at possession so much but it was that he understood that he was if you got the birthright he was to become the successor all the coming Messiah be understood that the big gifts of God and the blessing of God that would rest upon receiving the birthright was just nothing else you can think about nothing else that was more important than the birthright and that contrary to his brother that for a bowl of soup gave up the birthright at how often do we treat the gift of salvation like that we don't see its importance we don't understand the implications we don't understand fully the casts has been given to us you all have a birthright through Jesus Christ you can be born again and the inheritance my friends is eternal life it's eternal life manifesting is yes and for that which matters most let's look at a fourth strategy for the fight of faith and within your Bibles to the book of Hebrews Hebrews chapter ten Hebrews in the tenth chapter first strategy hearing the word of God second strategy prayer third strategy manifestly easy and simple what matters most for strategy Hebrews chapter can look at this one first twenty four and twenty five Paul writing to the believers here in the first century and he says in verse twenty four and twenty five and let us consider one another in or in order to stir up love and good works not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together as is the manner of Psalm but exhorting one another and so much the more as you see the day approaching so what Paul says this is important to ink highlights one another in the bay a strategy for us is that we are playing on the same team and I'm we are all in this battle of life we all experiences we all experience trials and challenges that are similar in nature and we meet each other in order for us to link hearts one another and it says especially of the day is approaching that of talking about the coming of Christ and that day is approaching a man when we look at the world around us we're seeing the signs that are increasing both in an intensity and frequency that Christ is coming very very soon as that date approaches and the fight increases the fight of faith we need to encourage one another but how many times does the charts I'm talking about individuals you and me how many times instead of encouraging one another do we actually get in the way of one another to experience the transforming touch of Christ just think about a couple of examples here from Scripture where actually the church of God the followers of Christ in the way for others to actually experience the blessings of Christ there's a there's a story in Luke chapter eighteen where there are children and mothers that want to come to Jesus not going to get a mental picture of that for a moment there is Jesus and these little children are like running as they see Jesus that heard about him and they want to meet him so there wanting to Jesus the mothers are carrying their child their children and they want to go to Jesus receive a blessing and what do you think the disciples are doing the disciples the church of God that are supposed to be the instrument of God to bring full synergies as I actually the very ones that are keeping them from coming to him to get a mental picture there there is Jesus here are the children in our running to Jesus and the disciples are trying to stop them up up up up and if you just got a mental picture like one makes his way through an civil upset and they look back and Jesus sitting there with the child is left and singing to them if you don't become like one of these you won't inherit the kingdom of God amazing the very Church of God getting in the way of people experiencing him about John 's at the fourth amazing story Jesus comes to that Jacob 's well and then he acts it she knows what is about to happen he knows that a Samaritan woman is to become to draw water and he knows that he wants to give her the living water so what is the date sentence his disciples away as they are in town buying faded the woman cops and they have this amazing conversation you can read about it in John chapter four Jesus reaches out to her he actually reveals to her that he is the promised Messiah and just as he reveals that to heart and is this amazing moment going on there the disciples come back and the disciples come back and the Bible tells us that they didn't say anything but they were thinking a lot and the very expression on their faces must've shown what they were thinking what on earth are you doing talking to this lady she Samaritan if one of you they would've gotten in the way of what God what Jesus wanted to do and so he had to send them away how many times do we get in the way of what Jesus is trying to do in the lives of people I think of another story in Matthew chapter twenty six Jesus is at the feast based at Simon 's house and marry mandoline comes up and anoints the feet of Jesus remember the story and when the disciples without they the Bible says they were indignant they were not happy about what she was doing to Jesus again they got in the way is another story and live chat tonight where Jesus sends his disciples into the towns and cities of Samaria to go before him and in and in a certain town to get rejected and so they come back and that they say to Jesus do you want us to call fire to come down from heaven to consume down like a lighted it to which Jesus had to kind of take them apart and say remember I came to save the world to condemn isn't it amazing in all these instances and also Mark chapter five the story we began with you just imagine the disciples there trying to get Jesus through the crowd altogether Galloway is Jesus needs to get through here and when the woman came and touched Jesus and Jesus stops and he turns around and he says who touched me the disciples were like a note on but I cannot go on we have a mission to accomplish everyone's touching you Jesus couldn't be that sometimes were so much on a mission that we lose the mission could sometimes be that were so focused on what we perceive to be God 's mission that we sometimes lose the moments that got once the work in our life someone comes as a great need come back next week we have a revival plan so we plan the coming of the Holy Spirit might like all just a way because we have this evangelistic series going on now I'm all for evangelism of a dedicated my life to public evangelism but let me tell you something evangelism is not an event it's a lifestyle and he and and when it short evangelistic but my friend is not about the act but in and of itself as if at some programming that we gave to invite God to work when we feel like that now what we need to do is open our hearts and ask God to show us whenever we can be used in the assignments and so it's important to plan yes it is important to strategize gas but it's important for us to open our hearts and ask God to use us as his vessels when advert needed be ready in season and out of season the Bible says amen whenever you cast your bread upon the waters of a Ecclesiastes cost your bread upon the waters whether it rains a letter to dry or whether you don't look at the circumstances be an open vessel to be used by God but so many times we have with yourself focused on our planning and our organization and our structure that we lose out on what God actually wants to do in our life there are amazing passages in the Bible I think of ask the builder that when I read it it kind of is it's rebuking the because I read about Paul and him and the Bible says that the Holy Spirit forbade him in one instance to go to a certain place and then he opened up another place where he was supposed to go and thinking to myself wow I wish I could live my life like that because so many times you want an organized person I liked it I like to plan ahead I don't know how I would respond of the Holy Spirit with safe I'll don't go there go there if I've already booked my tickets but I need to be open to that kind of indictments when you say I mean yes I don't want it I want take away anything of importance of planning and some of us just need to get more planned in our life but even though we plan even though we strategize even though we put on events let not that take away from our daily needs of being ready to be used by God and then were asked where or when advert he wants to use us so that we the people of God will not be a hindrance of people coming to Christ but raw that we will be the ones that will encourage as it says in the book of Hebrews EpiPen encourage one another store up loving one another all bring them to Jesus amen this is what the early church there had to be a transformation in the thinking of the disciples and for many of us that needs to be a transformation in our lives so that we can bring people to Jesus and when you bring them to Jesus you can experience a great blessing yourself and then we have that opportunity now I mean what a blessing to see a church like this that is putting on these programs that is actually giving you the opportunity to tap into God 's work and I'm so you can bring people to the health needs of the way lemon that was a wonderful blessing I was here I love that either he'd also bring people to this evangelistic series a man I want a blessing of all of us would be involved in and in and bringing people to share the word of God would encourage you to do that come yourself enough by the way let me just back up a little but one of the point that I said was enthusiasm for God 's word if you say to someone there's a great meeting going on you should doubt but you don't know yourself because you think that you already know this stuff and so you were regarded sometimes are a hundred times easier Daniel two hundred and two already I know that the head of gold is Nebuchadnezzar I know that all that stuff I don't eat enough but if you tell someone else to go you don't know your south is that manifesting enthusiasm pathetic actually someone else is going and they come to the meeting and you're not there what you think and I think I am okay with not that important right I think if we're going to encourage others to know this book will make sure that when they are where the word is preached in a and the S&W J Gannon may experience the blessing that God has in store for us and then I thought we looking at some of the strategies I have one more left before we close out but let's review this very shortly the word of God hearing the word of God increases our faith we must study God 's word strategy for a prey your mind is going in a thousand directions pray that God will bring you back to where it is where it belongs then manifest enthusiasm for what matters most take salvation serious and let it fill your heart with joy that only God can give you and then also as would love to hear in and study together and encourage one another in the faith that is a strategy my friends make sure that you are not hindering others from experiencing Christ but that you are encouraged through to them to experience Christ and last not least live in the world of faith too often too often we live in two worlds we have the world during the week which is what we perceive to be the real world no what we put on in the morning the car we drive food we eat the friends we have the job we have this is the real world and then kind of once a week we will step into another world and the world of faith all yes once a week I can hear about angels and miracles in God but the rest of the week I would also live in the real world because after all you know it around my friends this kind of religious experience is going to leave you with only a casual touch of Jesus if you want a transforming touch of Jesus you must abandon what I like to call I hope you remember this when I like to call the just in case theology but just in case theology is like this you know I'm in the church but you know the world is really attractive and I also want to experience the world just in case of guy I can be here the checkbook but just in case you know this whole no Bible thing is not true just in case doesn't come back to distant places is not eternal life would just encase them he put one foot in this world keep one foot in the church because I want to be fully in the well because just in case it is true I want to be part of that is about this is like holding just in case theology there are millions of Christians that live their lives like that I'll be over here but just think I want to get the best out of this wealth but I think about how the world I also really want be eternal life upward also but in the chart in the Bible leaves no room at all the just-released theology and affect all puts of this waste is not the resurrection is not true with a most lamentable notes if it's not sure it is that it doesn't mean anything is true it's a great thing and none so so one would encourage you to do is teach you posted here feeds spiritually speaking and plant them in the word of God amen this will not disappoint you and by the way this is the only real world this is the only real well that world that he perceives to be real all my friends the real world is described here we are living in a great controversy yes there is an enemy at work yes there is a say in their savior have found two thousand years ago he then died you can then need to the IW and he was resurrected for you he's resurrected you and he is ministering right now you in the heavenly century coming this is not some fairytale stuff this is reality and what a beautiful wonderful reality the tomb is empty that this Concord victory is yours and you can take all of that he does say I am not into this just in case theology islands with ideology that believes every single all revelation of God I believe we're living in a great controversy I believe Jason Jesus paid for my sins and I have been separate I believe that his ministry right now in the most holy place of the heavily century I believe that he will soon come again I want to be part of his people what is that I pray that that will be our experience and that you will experience the transforming time of Jesus don't settle or casual touch open the door there's a beautiful room let's pray together every father I want to thank you this morning for your word went thank you that's we have so many promises that you have given to us of your glory and of your plan for each one of us Lord help us to take these promises and treat them not like a solid treat of the birthright but like Jacob treated the birthright but he wanted it more than anything else and if he pursued it with all his energy and all the determination that he could muster like the woman that touched you pricing through that crowd waiting for the golden opportunity Lord help us not to let these golden opportunities pass Lord what a blessing that we can be part of a church that is evangelistic minded what an opportunity to be part of these efforts to bring people to your feet Lord help us not to let these opportunities go by but to use these golden opportunities to bring glory to your name and to see people say your graphics so we pray that you will stir in our hearts a longing for yourself a longing that surpasses any other desire a lawyer you are so much more and your worth and briefing so let us put our greatest efforts for denoting to experience the beauty of your salvation I pray that you'll be with each one of us and that you will speak to us continually that we would hear your voice we thank you for the Sabbath they bless the remaining of the Sabbath I also pray for a program going on tonight in the course of this week in the next we use it as a resume as soon as he is so everyone's a a this immediately satisfying audio errors the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seminar audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. audio tours .org


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