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3-Our Problem-solving Lord

Glenn Coon
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Glenn Coon

Founder, ABCs of Prayer Crusades

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with more questions in fact I don't let it affect two hundred weapon here so you can imagine that we don't have been fueled about two or three questions any session which can represent many many of the other question your faith and were going to the first young person to come up with a question that somebody I don't know who wrote it out but that somebody is is a question in Kurt Kurt K I see you are we deliver in Clearwater is in looking over sixteen and fell in love with you is what can you do this always fatal now that that I think that that's a good question on to all right thank you and will look for another question and women in the finance them on one agency and psyche question again is Holly on Christmas is just over his weed I definitely don't tell people my name is food I tell my wife is my pet coon and we had a thirty five foot motor home how long we have a lot of fun we do read that again I've forgotten what it was it seemed to get good grades I can say is thank you thank you falling back into more questions of the preoperative will represent this area thing and what your needs with you before back in nineteen eighty moment you member in December twenty nine he luminaries in the interview mixture in your family is illegal on testing this is struck him out to red develop you how he should have been good thank you thank you so much well let me tell you how help me I was sixteen years of age had two brothers with Rihanna for studying algebra the teacher a part of your algebra was himself studying second-round but he didn't know for your help at the end of the first six weeks we had an exam you know and in those days you had to get about seventy five percent the fact of one our greatest game that our examination one of my brother said a grade of sixty percent the other hence the role and I have sixteen percent between the three of us we had thirty two percent out my two brothers dropped out of and I can have sense enough to thought the teacher one evening anything the flow to our study on one problem and get it what a laugh my rule you can imagine how I felt that the teachers ended up in I slumped down on my knees and in the background my thinking as I recall now whether from Matthew anyone remember what to add and delete and I told God that my figure it out before spending on the numeric but somehow I just had a childlike faith that he would because I had a lot of answers to prayer before that I lived in a family like that had all kinds of mom inventors so I just naturally believe in an event and immediately got in your dream that I was working on the problem that the feature again and in my dream him I thought why the theater made a mistake I'm telling the truth and I corrected it in my dream and immediately got awakened me that it was still fresh in my mind I think my pencil and paper and did it in the perfect about the kind of not even interested in X the unknown number I was so thrilled I took it to school next day perfect and that was as though God was saying every time you're in trouble and you don't know which way to go you can call on me some 50-50 call upon me in the vehicle I will deliver you you shall glorify me I went on through the year and I that miserable out and human being it gave me confidence to know that I confess other miserable topics for the subject for instance French I pray later on under our new England there now you know are New Englander friends where we may remember vaguely remember beautiful where we see Isaiah basic nightmare beautiful but one of taking a break I know what but it should be all our because you think are going to be our two things are to be all and I was that because I but I remember that I've met got it fixed do we deserve answers this country is that we deserve no one is as we need right again I thought on money methods are disparate developments to me I can never do it unless you help me putting up the algebra that was America one and now I believe that God of America was the Emperor what the author believes that it will Rob what about God believe in his word anybody allows us think atheism and I thought the microblog and you know the Lord help me get right to Frank I negotiated and came up with a passing grade I know that I can blog you got it for how to write you got it for friends and then I got in the worst thing in the world general the most miserable general I never known general noted how about a certain general enough on a deal you give up on the south side another man with his argument on the site I didn't care what they come up on any site when I hear what he came up on the south side of the website fully I wanted a general history I spent two hours come down with a big fat but the Lord that helped me recklessly through out and print would help me and them in and as I was praying to the Lord of the business and that the backup on the teacher himself scared after that yes sir but I get along big years and seven nine and when he looked at me I forgot everything I ever studied about this in the current events as I looked at Vincent 's hand that law so as I went to God in prayer you are the more impressed me with you don't have to spend two hours on the spin of the argument and when you do it forget how that teacher looks like Lucifer and his work forget how he will are you and an end to three thirteenth evening this one when I don't think about anything except what you're studying worker asked himself the question what is best particular chapter all about and what are the subdivisions all about and put your mind on that and I studied forty minutes instead of you are thinking of a good passing grade humor and then I learned of a wonderful secret I found that a lot of the other boys in the Academy had not learned what the Lord taught me because sometime before that the Lord is not a very important lesson as a student in school I made the mistake of falling in love with a girl by the name of me through the redheaded girl and I had made this mistake of thinking that girls and books and makes I would request product that in the third grade and every time I look at my lessons I think of me but the Lord sent another boy along the take me out of my life not to worry about me but the next year I want another school may want than what Louisa looked there all keep wife one smile and I would I try to study my lessons that think of two times two equals Louisa grammar sweetheart Louisa geography the map of Louisa he has all and so a lot of studying I think the way that I know it and one day the teacher said Glenn is a something wrong with your eyes I know there's something wrong in my eyes my eyes were joined but they saw him help me I felt like I was second and write down through the floor and and about that time thank the Lord remember I heard my mother stated that he did you know I'm puzzled I don't want to build unless this is my brother he is going around with a girl which is advanced he would never do anything like I've written no barrels of known you know about the site and one mother said I know where you need to worry about them right then I decided I'd finished my book so when I got into this Academy a icon that I should knew what I saw the boys doing they would see a girl going on the street they put one eye on the girl in the other one on the book they become cross site you know but you don't get that point so I said thank you Lord then when I got into college at Greek that was all great but the Lord that I had met and algebra and he worked a miracle unidentified getting worked a miracle the Lord that I worked in general history working on your account we would greet and the Lord taught me how I can get A's and B's in Greek is the one so Janet would use a broad one more of your composition and wanted the title of that in help thank you all right while she is not all wonder we have to do an expert like every day and when we get a tuneup experts like to give a thought harmony and him and him him on as bad as I know you and you and I and him and gone Eileen and I and and I love you and I mean you and on and on you and I and nine nine and a man and he he and I will be in my and in my opinion will not pay you that they are going to mutilating or come to our rescue that make and when your text on the eighty that is meant very very much to me through the year in second Chronicles thus the sixteenth chapter and the ninth verse and I would like to give a little background of this text because when I was living in Washington him beneath the herd are not standing frame on a regular and with the freedom and big Constitution Hall and though I was prejudiced against him I decided to go down and find what was the secret of the tremendous audiences he had and you know what he said about the sweetness of the text he first read for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whore to show himself strong in behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him he said this is a picture of God 's eagerness to come to our rescue God is not reluctant we don't have to believe in God and solar can't overcome his reluctance we don't have to treat God like the heathen woman does junk drawer maybe in the mouth of the crocodile overcome the reluctance of the anger in the evangelist of our God we don't have to do that I got to love the city already has given his only begotten son in so I said is not a wonderful picture but I had never been impressed with ethics before got actually looking all the world hoping that somebody will look skyward and they help me though I was hoping at the age of sixteen I would ask them help me with that out right if I would do it impress me the Holy Spirit that look up to me I'm waiting to give you answers and I wanted to do ever since then and that happened decades ago what a picture don't let anybody ever in this world say that because we don't get answers like we think we can get don't think that God is reluctant he is very eager and then usually somebody will come along the the not ready here why have you come on help me some men I say here's the text of Scripture I hope you'll never forget it is Isaiah chapter forty two verse sixteen and I almost wear this promise out it says I will bring the large speaking I will regulate blind by a way that they knew not I would leave them in as that they do not know I will make darkness like before then and crooked things straight being things like audit and offers them it says in four different ways that when I come the garden and help me eat will help me but usually in way and because he answered my friend when I don't expect I'm levitate the method of the great share with you a story that I like to share with me older people in our regular ninety I filmed stored or daughter wanting to what you just a little tight having to do with how God will answer but your answer is listed of our weight and is as is so much better without I said one day I gave another problem on my powerful twenty two is a little tight and hard my daughter was in process of putting a Gillette safety razor blade in her mouth or Superfund I don't know but as I summer putting that Gillette safety razor blade Hartford got quickly and the Lord impressed me look your daughter act like you later I learned the only time I've ever seen numbers would you like me so right away as I saw that regulate blood amount or mother still I him or him or thank you evidently under the same thing ha ha and the new walked very slowly got my thumb and finger in place to and I let that razor blade right out of her mouth and when I got out of the money you get them talking to a company has given a visit was added to the north is compelling who's going to happen what happened my daughter thought that the razor blade with some kind of a delicacy know what the daddy giver instead of the razor blade will and that brings us to the patient's three twenty at these of three twenty ten that God will always give us what we ask for something better everything but usually only we don't expect Philippines related knowledge him that is able to ask meeting of violently out of all upon the bond market so I'm sharing with people that God will either give you what you ask for something better thing God indeed at getting it when I asked Barclays to be something better every time and sometimes instead of answering instead of answering my prayer the last the answers in a way that I need for instance the unmanned endorsement one of our churches the fast-growing meal that this important step the HDD season for all of a coming and now the law that went up to promptly so the amount that is gone from my eyes and what's coming what are you praying for you to go get answered even I know things I don't remember Markov and iCal alarm to remind him and he doesn't like that sorry my McDonough pickup for you leaving annual place and expect God to come down from heaven you are is God God knows that you need to learn the lesson better than you need to find what you're unable right to when I asked got here I figure large I don't deserve it and if I need to learn a lesson more than I need to get that thing taking the last bring the blind by a way that they knew about I'll even as they've not know make darkness like before them and Crockett things straight these things outgoing to you not perspective in nearly every experience of prayer in my life God is answered me in a way I hadn't expected except the proper limits of same in all but all they finances another thing almost in every case the answer nowhere have never expected wanting addressing government now you can put on the highway of life as we call it now RW I'm coming down to the parts of the road I don't want to know when I come in the box except something happens I'm going to go right for it it doesn't have a particular market got it made and what happened when I got on or about the park instead of parts and five twenty one no functional like five I find that I cut it now got down on my mike creaturely with them is development code I went your prayer intimate about what you expect but don't ever try to limit me I think I think everything down one thing this is when you I don't home in November read in our little book the ABCs of prayer about the six thousand dollars and Jennifer Peabody every we have a little book called the eighties of prayer and at the book itself is a fabulous answer to prayer we didn't didn't want to throw publishing houses in what we did but if you're a public health they knew it was more than they knew they could sell it and a public health doesn't want to sell something that will sell so we wanted that Gillard and you would like to see that your family we haven't written ninety four thousand got answered way we've never dreamed we wanted our policyholder could do all of our books but they knew they were they want to let your soul since I didn't do it like that I'll do it another way it's likely you heard about the bumblebee bumblebee cannot fly you know that scientifically cannot like his wingspan is not great enough to think that with anybody but that will probably never heard about it so the life you're right along he does a wonderful wonderful job at flying now so the questions are coming concerning grades how will the Lord give us a new mastermind when we have an open mind Ezekiel thirty six twenty six new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you I'll take away the stony heart of your place argued by the so long their goal on their own he he he I and you him who ran a or will or will or will need are a eating a very icy log and there are no longer young people sitting right here they were globules Michael and there were they are going to lead many people come along now or in his name this was despite 's website spreading God 's word free audio and much more like to know more about hothouse of his life was more so than please visit www. audio person or


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