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1. There Probably Is No God

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 3, 2014
    7:00 PM
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him for stealing the path that is left of this series is about answering the why biggest was since life 's biggest questions in a very interesting there was an ad that was in the nineteen eighty eight was wrong all and if that was about more cycles and so we would want to start out like this on TV would say in where did the universe come from and then the next question would be what is for dinner and it will import several times and the whole team on that parcel what life is full of big questions in life is full of small questions at the very end this Yamaha motorcycle comes into view and it has been it may not be the answer but at least is not another question like there's a lot of questions during the preparation series will address several of those questions about what is also interesting to me that when I was a needle in a very interesting phenomena listing in place I went there several years ago and I was experiencing something that was what was written on these likely that were going around England now when I was at these in England now look at some of these buses these matters were paying at all the different places and the like is there believe in all one God now stop coring tool in your life we want to walk around the seizure that in the exact same thing the people had before and said that there probably is no God is so unique about that is campaigning with RC started by this individual 's name is Richard talking to consider the foremost authority on atheism was a here is a Muslim or safety of a debate in many different kinds of theaters and creation is an early and make them into base rent of talking to will love you good thing the most well known only here there is in the world today in any part of this campaign because he believes that people need to be free from the superstitious lot known as the number portable leave in God believe in God you think is the logic and reasoning of years ago as I begin to understand about atheism anybody know if you see a reason and if you know Nagy is that as that was interesting about atheism atheism in the cell in the lumen is a little interesting logical I think to myself what in the world that we take a look at this atheism is positively affirmed that there is no one a history section of this claim you seem to know that a transcendent God does not exist would require knowledge of all is omniscient and work beyond the city means you have all knowledge about all days anywhere at all times and to think that something does not exist to require you to happen out on missions to make an absolute negative statement and he would have to have knowledge of all these other things that you do not know being a finite creature goes on to gain the knowledge of the penalties after all the universe on the right is therefore evident to be certain of this claim he would have to prevent Godlike characteristics on if we can find limited nature precludes these special abilities the atheist automatic claim is that there were clearly unjustifiable behavior is attempting to prove a universal negative in terms of logic this is called a logical fallacy in fact when I was into my block class one night I came across a web that we learned that atheism and oftentimes raise my man and I question how is it possible for somebody to a friend there is absolutely really know I will now have all knowledge rather name is Judy saying my things were able to send it in your actually write about that assertion let's see what happens actually knowledge of all things at all times in all places you cannot be Catholic St. Mary's what date is unconfirmed to point where the output in the field which means no an affirmation for something to be a dogmatic atheists as they are actually no Bob anything in this world what required them to have all the knowledge there is in the world and nobody got separate amen and now been accepted after that when someone says okay I'm not an atheist I'm an agnostic cannot not say that if I know that there's always something out there but we know that it is impracticability is something that is in the renderer have not been able to correctly send these are the things that we cannot know anything about God is that they something about you great-looking woman time to think that we can know anything we cannot know anything about God is the thing something about God is the thing that if there is a sea of the novel is not entirely a noble maiden I think certainly certainly think that we can know one thing about him that nothing else can be known about him in the agnosticism ideological positions will want to get back when you want to go to go into the Latin the word actually is connected to the Wharton Uranus the effect that certain I think that they cannot know anything about that a lot make an assertion that nobody can know anything about God and apparently they know that information as it becomes illogical gold as well so here we are working that atheism is not a tenable positions at agnosticism is not tenable this is what I recall seeing some see of them into the individual by name and seeing fully seat was a vociferous eightieth eightieth the Dominion well-known Christian apologist for several years and something interesting to places that we have to not be marked just the past way about all of the sea there was gossip all over the atheistic world of what happened it is a flu became a season since he became a believer in God to see what this looks only before he passed away and then there is a job with the no-cost out to anything that there is a godless universe the mother is the most important argument for God this is one of those that are supported by recent scientific discoveries and the argument of intelligent design is anonymously stronger than it was when I first met it was afterwards advances in technology and hotels the man with microscopes and all the things that were taken place in the universe seems again to see more and more than dying in nature but psychological argument is simply seeing or detecting design in nature after conceding the infinite universe more and more convenient to us down this afternoon until deeper and deeper within cellular mechanism it begins with down to the intended conclusion there will be God the polynucleotide songwriting is one that had been declared on the one glory of God and the parliament and show kids what to handiwork intimate look with a little space technology that increases more and more and we are receiving the most unusual kinds of pigs or swine Miss universe and sounding the things that are being seen more and more technology advances month after month it's very interesting also him with what they come to the realization of how is this universe so we use out in the universe actually is when you want to go into the cosmology Army occupied more believers in God then you will find atheists why is begun addressing further and further out into the universe downloaded by the things and that they are seeing a job back to sitting down with the philosophy student in a just a few weeks ago he was making is starting his masters in atheist were sitting around writing include how I work a lot on that time sitting out were enjoying just talking and all of a sudden the blood I just wanted something very clear what that means that I do not believe in any God any place it anywhere any time I thought wow this spring to sing a Muslim from the community and is a patdown and we're just talking I sent to my vineyard something to really think about both my hands in this universe came from nothing or it came from someone anything I've heard that before so I have another question except where did the universe come from these ads immediately came from the Big Bang A what occurred before the Big Bang and what with the singularity will look the singularity the ones that point where all the law is exactly broken down right before the Big Bang when all of a sudden the Big Bang to the plate and all these laws into reality into existence not something to them I think what you want to only give them the universal existence what one time in a supernatural condition this is what you mean by that will supernatural condition is that just me on law and if they want to assign to me that the universe came from some kind of supernatural condition is able to present something else I believe that the universe acting came from a supernatural being that we went to lots easier to a supernatural condition and honesty needs another kind of clot or you have an infinite mom loving supernatural being said and when it had taken them is as wide a note when the women and I said this the reason I believe in a supernatural being who created this entire universe is because I do not have enough faith to believe the other that she requires more and evaporated to go look at the possibilities of how the universe came to be a sounding want most what Stephen Hawking FedEx Monte Carlo Boston University have documented that the universal entropy condition and orthopedic conditions of our universe into existence by chance alone are on the order of one content to the parts into the top one twenty three lets you are not interested in math that were just scratching our fingers off that sounds like a big number just to let you know how they got number as if he were to turn into a fraction it would be one of the line followed by one followed by one thousand two hundred and eight zero but this universe would just think that the additions coming into existence if you want to turn into a decimal point what you can do with a decimal point then you have one thousand two hundred and one thousand two hundred and twenty nine zero followed by a one chances of the universe coming with just the basic low entropy condition negatives therefore the ticket would have it in our solar system coming into existence the author solecisms being born particularly by random collisions of particles thought about what I intend to the power tend to the power should be a number but considerably smaller than one part intended the PowerPoint how one twenty three is just to let you know if you want to go to the Powerball lottery sites the chances of you winning the lottery are one in one hundred and seventy five million and counting numbers in a million or how many zeros are nine million six now imagine a number half one thousand and then gently on a concept to describe that kind of number so we can often become my cat out within Catholicism become my tent and then when talking about a planet like characteristics and he will do what you can be constantly losing doo-wop will not have to visit the event and the resultant population of twenty one hundred twenty three all hundred on the field and are in other words all the conditions more like one planet to let in one chance in the second two hundred and thirty nine pounds ten thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion in exhibit even ones that would occur anywhere in the universe and you think were done talking about universe just talking about posters of the development of an earthlike planet but we are also dealing with in the conditions for life itself they were dignifying the basic building blocks for life because he wasn't present in applied mathematics at Cornell University said that anything do that if you look at the composition of the human enzyme which is the building block of the gene within the building block of itself upon civilian human enzyme developing innovative morning ten to the power forty thousand didn't accept one and had to power forty thousand fifty one and the number of atoms in the entire universe is talking about is not talk about the human body this evening while the well-known Christian apologetics is that they are top-notch and there's a lot of credibility and is also one of the relevant discovery Institute said that talking his book on signature in the cell signaling exam felt the mycoplasma genitalia in a tiny bacterium that happen if it turns human urinary tract urinary tract required only born eighty two proteins one and a bunch of people and that they can like me with him to the point I want to occurring amino acids which form the building blocks for proteins and amino acids have to congregate in a definite specified sequence in order to make something that works this is very interesting small gap on the peptide bond it seems only to have enough time in experiments the probability of billions in one hundred and fifty and you have to think that the only way is not one sentence and appointment power to do something about this here you are using all these genetic probabilities and somehow it just came about when naturalistic matzo I don't have that kind of thing at my friend that's enough you can do the calculations on this based upon the power of the lot probability of winning is one in one hundred and seventy five million I sent him I said what are the odds of you winning the lottery this particular jackpot every single month for ten years of rate compared to the universe come into existence you do the calculations and is not even close not even close no think it's breath on extended family have a friend who called his friend Jonathan Zirkle is difficult because of Monday's like I just won the lottery giving his wife to bring the lottery and I just won the lottery with a wow that is amazing it's impossible but it is a few one month later that I won the lottery again he was accurate and that Bouygues guys really like the lunch we went anyone say okay something strange is going on here on Monday when they didn't month month month month month month allotment to do with the endless eleven twenty lottery and friends is there something else going on the thing to happen by chance as a wielding ability into different levels of them got into it doesn't come into existence all over again people are saying into what then happened to Janice insanity raising gentlemen that is not sanity and aquifer interesting my buddy Matt Watson signed paper identify intelligent design like this I use an analogy I called at the Ricky Richard Parker analogy I could imagine this imagine if you are coming home from work one day a people in your house to get out and also anything in the newspaper you pick up a newspaper and he went on the front page and offended and Richard Parker the time perhaps date from the zoo everyone within a twenty mile radius please know inside your house and call the police immediately if you hear see or think that Tiger is around seeing the benefits you think that's impossible there is no way that I was in example twenty one miles into my house save paper now you can see what would I'll let you know to be vigilant for their friends need to convince them to look closer and you see they are trying to the results of the day and what do millions of you and your beginners out there for awaited fiber theory there is no Tiger not Tiger no Tiger note I have my little equipment will you leave into the White House the White House and you see a domesticated cat .net has been torn to shreds that you will admit that I is in the newspaper in the sea level is seeing the type that is obvious that was something that was going to estimate their livestock whatever it is one call you in a again open it's like going to backyard when all of a sudden nothing is up there is no time limit on this doctrine anyways Nelson you are honest about how tight it sounds than he does now if he was I given you dinner went back into your house even called the police upon a medical animal planet right with intelligent person would do but you will do local and they know Tiger there's applied wrongly dismissed all and I just looked at and eventually walking the doctor and find out there is a tiger and by then if you latest wave and then we'll get all this for God using the teleological and using more and more advances in astronomy using law anymore what they didn't like the world around us and you beginning to see major you beginning to seem to find two major ones you absolutely did a law but the question is why that why is that important to know that there is a God what does that even matter you know I grew up as a Hindu and even though I stopped subscribing to begin to believe she's always acknowledged that there was a God it was actually during my college days that is not begin to reveal himself more and more to me in a very special way that that's where I became a Christian of what I was going to college and it was during this time that one attorney when you see the one question and the etymological background the one question the question comes from this morning that means what he wants to find answers the purpose of acting as if he got difficult to discover answers or discover what's new is the Bible says something very interesting I will say that medicine we made together he tells us that we need to reason and think about the days when it comes to God that if you want to help you with another thick one once you come to this series we want to bring your Bible and your mind we can help you with a personal but we can help you with the second one then you have aligned to have a heart and want to do some reason out more along the times that we are living in and what God is up to in these special times the outside and then hit the ball love of God is the greatest of all the methods that suit him to the great adventure to find the greatest shield men and sheep things the greatest human achievement is to discover cool this creator really is the consultant be very powerful Jeremiah twenty nine hundred eleven to thirteen items about when I was writing this morning sanctioning he was from China and it broken English as a was talking the okay that I think of it I also than twenty things you did in China and it was very difficult for me to communicate in English so I asked him if he had a tiny five people about Chinese Bible had Chinese and English DNA cell will open in a secular background so I got to my pet I want to read this one verse and so we read Jeremiah twenty nine so I read it and I don't want you to read in Chinese human him and I want to die once it is only what this actually means any contemplating thought about this and look what it means that this give my search for God with my whole heart I will find anything in such a simple sublime way we looking right at me it was just his joy in his heart 's there a lot of people more reckless in this world their souls are restless and they're hungry for something they themselves cannot identify as a thank you I come from a background in medical professionals very busy years of schooling in their own heart this is an idiot and they cannot explain it if you look at Jeremiah twenty nine hundred eleven with the mouth is right here for I know the thoughts that I think toward the bottom of running his thoughts for the day the Lord thoughts of peace and not of what evil to do anyway what a future and what will the implication is signed by the no incurable on the fire 's primary desire is to give you a genuine future and the home builder the Bible says that he will call upon me and go and pray to me and I will listen to you and then something very remarkable and you will seek me and find when you search for me with all your hearts it's a remarkable the Bible tells us that equipment and one to search discover who God is clearly to go to a telescope or microscope we need in one place that's inherited all of us and that is our hearts at all the places where God wants you to begin to search you want to the partner with your heartless this is powerful when you begin to think about as you may not have access to the most advanced technology that out there the satellite telescopes microscopes but there is something each person possesses that's the heart 's God wants you to discover the greatest of all treasures starting with this place verse often times when I'm traveling I don't think it might get a net increase in sweat with a chiropractor I got this one particular chiropractor and office manager you see Indian German background and often times the most awkward kinds of conversations come about when they asked me what I do for a living then I tell them I'm a pastor as always it's an awkward moment apostle in the ask another question so while he was actually working on my neck he was substituting for the chiropractor that come into the office yet what he was working on my neck he asked me inevitably the question what you do for a living kind of smile that I was facedown on that bed and I said the pastor there was an awkward pause and that is why I didn't explain to them why I was a Christian and how I became a pastor that he said something to me never forgot he said well the core of this all religions are the same anyways legal back to the basics of them all the same difference we teach the same kind of ideals so I thought Parliament affect them I said you're forgetting one thing that what I go it's not about UNIX it's about ten discovering the one who would bear before all of this began as a deal on the what life 's purposes to know who he is to discover him and enter into a special relationship with this creator he was really shocked by that answer that religion was not about it searching without about it it was about him also ladies and gentlemen God is calling us on this journey let this journey may begin grinding brass would never search for God with our whole hearts for some less this journey maybe what we had been lost for some time and God is calling us to start searching for him to start seeking after him again the Bible promises this is a remarkable visit Jeremiah twenty nine verse fourteen this is his promise that if you search for him with your heart that plays that each one of the instead I will I will this is not speaking be found by you God says I will be found by Hugh since the Lord God is wanting us saw this in a special way the Bible says that is not a wise man glory in his wisdom when a mighty man glory in his might not let the rich man glory in his riches but let him glory glory in this that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord saith the Lord the greatest treasure the greatest Apple in one of them in this life in this existence is to know this mysterious creator was and is this is what this restoration series is all about ladies and gentlemen it's about discovering this mysterious God was there in the very beginning who produce all things and in this dark world he is calling us again back on this journey to start with the one place that each one of my past and that is our heart if you will seek me search for me with your whole heart says the Lord team will be found by you he will be found by the convent by the raising of their hands want to say Lord I'm late to start on this journey again I went to start brand-new for some people for others it may be a renewal again we are saying okay got I need to get back on this road see you have for those who are still little bit hesitant God is calling you to look on the road that special journey to see them offering to each and every one of you today is the first day of this restoration series I promise to God 's word God 's grace by the very end of its he will be a different person but for father in heaven we just think you can for this restoration theories are wrong Lord you know each one of the seal all of our weakness you know how tired we are of this world and the burdens that we carry on regardless of all that we thank you that you are inviting us to a special journey to discover God the purpose is an Atlantic new house for us but even more than that signal to release on this is our prayer in the name of Jesus amen God bless you see you tomorrow night at seven o'clock media was run by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about how the universe is much more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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