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A Purpose-Driven Life

Jason Shives


Jason Shives

Physician, Mississippi



  • May 26, 2007
    10:00 AM
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I him I thought for those of you that are new seven hundred and ninety seven inches in size before the medical student graduating tomorrow praise the Lord it was not easy but it was nothing with it and this is the abridged version of my testimony of you wonderful thing the operative at www. Ontiveros .org and that you are annoyed out on this but it's the only seminar preached that's been recorded so the Lord took my life and turn it upside down I was somebody that did not have a strong connection strong faith was not somebody that read the Bible growing up I have friends that we testified that but when God grabs a hold of you you have to do something about and I'm a different person now if you want to get the rest of the story this quarry would say about the God reverse I actually like it saddens my sermon I like to ask a woman in America dies giving me the privilege 's last visit as the director of radical and and when you are out of the previous record for myself told me that they are the chosen I felt very humbling and in which is another responsibility of leadership is is very very great and I think I've are providing the humility of spirit at least maintain out hope I didn't fall apart under my leadership is the latest reverse by Norman has been chosen is to him the next year and and you guys heard him preach before he is somebody that is a very solid no one has been a very close in summary and always respected when it comes to his knowledge of the work knowledge of the Bible and so Norman on and I'd like to ask you all on if you can join me in prayer we pray that God would be a woman this year I know he has butterflies in the stomach like I would in his stomach invited but but we should always keep our leaders and Perryman so I'm down here with Norman anesthesia energy feel compelled you to join us if not you knew your hearts but when we go to her father in heaven thank you so much for us and hope for more than their are so many churches out there are so many groups of people I'm claiming your name in worshiping you father what's the reason that and hope what's the purpose for more minutes here come here Sabbath to Sabbath because we have found the reason and a purpose for having a Florida limited time of the Bible as being stamped on being trodden underfoot and your messages Lord are becoming more and more popular the father there is a generation will rise up reclaim your messages father that will be like lightening across the earth proclaim the three Angels messages in these last days and what I I know that I hope will be a major factor in that old like the father however that you viewed Norman to do the rest of the leaders that will be him who is here is printed to give him the wisdom that is needed father give them a double portion of your Holy Spirit that he might be able to lead is not only a unwise leader but a humble servants in a decisive manner separated given that strength that will listen Lord one hundred top vendors can be tough times that he will look to others probably would look to you and you would search the Scriptures to find out what you would say surround them with people modern to bolster him father when he needs a father to humble him we knew that as well be with us and help us as a group your adequate to support Norman to keep in prayer for my father to make sure that his devotion life is number one we thank you for all that you do and we know if you'll bless his ministry here to open Jesus thing okay looks like is anyone sermons using some reason and when it's one of the lost continent will speak for a group that you really care about love thirty seven topics from the mine in the ninety degrees thirty seven topics because we only have about thirty minutes and I know that W one minute persimmon topicality negative points but anyways I know there is there is the next section of graduation is Olympic team so there will be people it probably needs a leader that the league the main point of the message in the first parts sometimes it is called the purpose driven life and he hasn't heard of the book all the purpose driven life very very very popular program him for days in the and down before we dive into the sermon title today the sermon today I will message the brain with time of myself and you guys stay seated and O'Neill and without however father in heaven thank you Lord we decided that you have the opportunity to speak to people today and father I will never little nervous I find that incredibly complex society policy through me but sometimes I get in the way of what you want to say to people I just pray that you will need to install the shadows like Christ comport hiding behind across through Jesus and I pray that for someone with the data needs to have a closer connection to use the meeting to give your heart to God for the first time that this would be the day that now would be the time that they would do it probably know that you can use me that you don't need me to father using today in view of those outcomes that Nader made a hearts and minds the open to hear the word is Jesus thing and the call you got the Jennings is a rough translation it says it needs the weather means the purpose for waking up in the morning what is your purpose for waking up in the morning when asked the question G you have a purpose in this life serious question is something that can only be casually mentioned that we skip over to a piece if you think and that I what is your purpose for life what do we spend the most enough time doing on those who reply please send your residence or you're working late late nights and you don't really cover your having this hard times in your life when him him him alive today has sold over thirty million copies in the best-selling hardback I should I said that because of the best-selling book recently than Harry Potter have mercy of the best-selling hardback book in American history according to publishers weekly is the purpose driven life office totally agree with everything in the book the purpose driven life in fact they are actually has a lot of the controversy in the Christian church some people consider the pop gospel watered-down but that aside I wanted to mention that a bill called the purpose driven life is selling like hotcakes in a countrywide in this country is this song so many copies being that in the women's final superpower the United States that there are millions of people that make up the day without a purpose in their life I was photostory abdomen and violent this gentleman when I first came up in Loma Linda as a graduate student was the owner of the home that I was renting a room from about them is a very unique person he is validated by the mid- sixties late sixties and was married to a very nice and very pleasant woman and that he doing here today but I was with the kind of person that if you saw me talking for a little bit each problem will be very mean person applies if you need a site of the first but he was very irate person with a quick temper somebody that in and learned things I remember about him is that you know it can be very hot in the summer and I was always changing the thermostat in the house because I easily him within my house and check to see if the thermostat at seventy eight and I was like man this guys says in my business as he looked at me sternly before the premise that an yelling I got in I got wise a while to get back to seventy eight before he came into a time is coming but the become in their digital at seventy eight amendment that said as I is a pretty neat person and he was somebody that you have a lot of friends is five hundred and was overcompensated for him would always going on society since the science either Emily but please is to get upset about that anyways this lively and violent stores because a couple years after and it ended up meeting other home was invited is in the process of data 's Christian name was invited to go to a program that Elizabeth administered for the purpose of life for you to visit he went through that series and at the end of that series is not exempt this was smiling all the time and he was going from place to place ministering to people in a couple weeks after that became the restoration two thousand four were with my wife and I we dedicate our lives in and give a lot of hundred percent to God and I remember one of videos I went up to Boston was standing next to be in my initial reaction is negative is that a church that I can control it but I is losing the and and you can see he had a different look in his eyes the new hobbies that I found Jesus and him him everything then laughing about on roads that in spite of his wife and I live with them I will move now and then have anything to the church with me and I'm going to my messages and classes that San Bernardino Valley College I found in a parking lot witnessing people as you know this is evidence of that anyway that's bad unfortunately died a couple weeks after that incident 's worth on and it was very sad because he has been finally dotted and and and and I but one thing I had the combat was that the Lord knew when boiling you to go and he gave his heart tremendously to God he was a huge witness to all of his friends and we rise and I'm so happy that he was able to find Jesus before he got to the island without the pro-life in society activists and in a society where antidepressants as medical students this is a position here your antidepressants heartburn medications are almost the top selling drugs in a country selling agent of the tens of billions of dollars could lack of purpose be driving the sales up in this country is crying out for this as I was betting on the thoughts I started to wonder if there was an association between the decreasing religiously read inside the decreasing religiosity of our country and increasing lack of purpose found in the people living in this country about a quote from the website science and religion .org and the author seems to put this very well to read this to you in a little chaos he says the idea is a religion have been the smell of roses him I knew the fundamental way we should live our lives as 21st-century society is based on the belief that money science and status as much to shout about definition of our life fishing and stocks of definition wildlife and fishing stocks than the ice caps I'm not in the ozone layer is tried and true in every country in the world and suicide rates Nancy question people that commit suicide have this except for those that are terrorists of course increasing degenerative brain disorders addiction to drugs and alcohol in most Western countries across the government increasing crime rate and a third of the US population according to the two thousand the World Health Organization says that the thirty percent are living in extreme poverty businessman named competition and matured a plunder of the earth 's resources a desirable alternative to religion which at least has a possibility of inspirational altruistic literature is not a modification of better behavior I really resonated with Minutemen said I love Levi's was anonymous but I was like now that's really good in an attempt to get away from the Bible together and gone independent of our country has lost its true purpose down to know what to three hundred people made even more if anybody here that likes history that is a few hands and Seventh-day Adventist like this with is the name of the people that came originally to the United States on the Mayflower was against the Rams right as their purpose for coming to this country religious freedom political freedom right but most specifically the religious freedoms that this country will be out of him him him us him his freedom I was now in this country is freedom from religion space is the purpose of Seventh-day Adventist church is our children in this increasing focus on being a society where is the document that you would be overflowing with purpose and mission sadly this is in many respects that his father that we probably lost our purpose and the than be than since I was a resident seven this is probably lost the purpose then we had were not really overflowing with purposely scenes of loss that is a investment of inlets ago and some of its having a conference and the president said and soon association leaders from although some evidence will come together and talking the liberated way to talk about it what's going on your campus was gone here and free Seventh-day Adventist presidents of colleges Doctor Gordon beats Doctor Richard Osborne from Pacific Union College and Eric Anderson from Southwestern Adventist University redone and is presented to us on some thoughts Doctor Richard Osborne Centinela across the country in Houston Venice colleges enrollment is on a general trend decreasing we don't know why we do not stop it and we would like your help to to try to investigate we can do to stop the decreasing enrollment in our colleges and he even automatically start the twenty plus pages to try to identify that was the reason one thing in the article really struck me on because I actually graduated from Southern Methodist University this is what he said so despite him him God wants is some of the greatest growth has also taken place then has taken place at Southern Adventist University which has increased academic reputation but also benefits from an image of being conservative and traditional in the process of lifestyle issues and theology because students want to go to a college which is growing in academics and Roman are well positioned to survive the challenges of the future as opposed to some of the other colleges I appreciate is that when it is not so that identities is what most people call liberal anti-Semitism his words instead of saying the conservative and traditional approach satisfies our initiate studies and theology I famously started crying or any other institutionally sponsored FDA college has been faithful to the original purpose and mission of STI education and because of that God is blessing them between us a sense of revelation by rule basic instructions before leaving Earth that's other than from gizmo gizmos I hear excuses and plan to spend you come to say goodbye reminiscent Revelation chapter three verse seventeen many of you know this verse it says Revelation chapter three verse seventeen because the house saying I am rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and knowest not that thou art my kid and miserable and poor and blind and naked this is in English I believe that our churches in the condition I believe our country is in we are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing but the him as you would need to keep this text in the back of your mind rhythm back to it you know what is interesting it seems that as that of the United States and the Seventh-day Adventist church had absolutely commensurate increased with goods and slowly compromise on their original purpose the reason for which they started in the first place I don't think this is something that is unique to any one organization but as people start to become comfortable they start to use Alice's and is important and this isn't as important so now we've identified a problem that will introduction outlining some other stuff here but what isn't here we now know that we have a problem we have this lack of purpose were originally increased with goods with defining answer I want to suggest that a lot of purposes solution to that is not found in the best-selling hardback book in this country wouldn't have half of a mega- church in Saddleback but rather it is a truly best-selling book of all time written by a high priest that is in heaven right in your session price since I do not bestseller today when Revelation three seventeen means you what time Revelation three seventeen what is secured to the symptom of this disease because the same time which increased with goods and have need of nothing and knows not that thou art wretched and miserable poor blind and naked eighteen I counsel need to buy a Negro this is a solution I calculated by the Trident fire that down this English but there were already rich beverages this right with me that thou me and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear in more than eyes with eye salve that I may see what is this going to try to inspire the first Peter chapter one a couple of links before revelation first Peter chapter one him a seven member seven is the trial of your faith and being much more precious then I will have a ship that would be fine with fire these seem to have us there might be found unto praise and honor and glory of the agreement used by some behavior that I like his divine fire as however as being trying okay so I'm putting these facts on which vitamins altogether now is when the Bible is there any character that we can relate to is someone in the Scriptures that was very mixed and increased with goods yet learned how to maintain his purpose as to try and fire and I think of anybody Joseph Joe Daniel Daniel is imbued the theme of the rest of this book rest of the sermon let's turn to Daniel Daniel Danielle was an amazing man that many the management of the subscription but for the purposes of this sermon Daniel is the man today I would like to study the likelihood of a man Christians would agree no matter what denomination he had a purpose driven life is Daniel he was a Jew but the prime minister of two superpowers Babylon and Egypt Persia there is a very popular man with no respect in fact Christ himself into the twenty third of August fifteen you can look at that later when speaking of the total time succumbed in the last days have possessed advised that we should study the book of Daniel is the only product in the Scriptures and the government endorsed by Christ Jesus he says not to read but understand him him him living so he doesn't want to read Daniel the minor community women in definitely talking about information plans that are nonobvious and I tell them sometimes I'm going to Daniel Revelation Bible study you Seventh-day Adventists and all the other studies again in Revelation all you ever do is emphasize and what was an infinitely about it Jesus talking about the last days about how we should study Daniel Jesus overemphasized Daniel and Revelation is a reviewing of Jesus Christ are all about who Jesus says and then it didn't take much of a study just listen to Jesus is some additional decisions the end of chapter six of the judgment or six verse one through five I would start reading for the second time it is sent over the kingdom can get us an hundred and twenty princes which should be over the whole kingdom and over these with the president of whom Daniel was the first that the princes might give an account of the event in the King should have no damage Daniel was the chief of the three presidents only under Darius to Danielle on this even summarize for the second time then you in this chapter is put to the lines to be executed because he chooses to put that law before the law and even though he's a second inch in that of the entire world at this time he was put to death because of his faith in God I would ask you question why or how Nintendo develops its boldness many of us to any manual vestibular ligament or jobs for little things the genuine good of his life this event occurred when Daniel was nearly ninety years old and we have no reason to doubt that the medicine determination when he was younger as good as the foundation him him him him was life when he was eighteen nineteen years old but everyone is different bonus is a study in chapter one Dennis everyone I know you read this but let's have a reading with it's said that if everyone in the year of the reign of William M Hugh King Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and Jerusalem and besieged it will influence you his hands with part of the vessels of the house of God which had led to show the house is gone is into the treasure house of his God and it seems to Aspen as the massive is UNIX that he should bring certain of the children of Israel and the king CNN the princes the storm surge was no blemish but will in all wisdom is understanding science insecticide ability and dentist to stand in the king 's palace he keeps a lot of the Taliban Chaldeans with live entertainment academic daily provision of the things means and why was he drinking or so nursing than three years that the end of the nightstand before the king or six now among these were the children of Judah Daniel and I wish I have an Azariah unto whom the Prince of UNIX given names for the given unto Daniel the name of Doctor Sizer as ahead and I have shot right out of me wish I unleash and Azariah but that Nico adversities but to no purpose emphasis inquired in his heart that he was not the file himself with a portion of the king 's needs with which he drank that he requested of the Prince of the UNIX that he might find himself now I am going to make some assumptions and applications based on this text assuming that everyone here believe that the Bible is the word of God believe if you believe the Bible is the word of God saying then okay so I went to get some stuff in the him but the Bible says about Daniel and Daniel is able to go to the Ryan then furthermore the number one Jerusalem has now just been destroyed in verse one it says that it has been deceived that have been decimated and the vessel that only the high priest robot taught in the Temple are now being carried away to the temple of God made of stone this family is executed in many of his friends were most likely slaughtered right before his very eyes okay let's look for the reading between the lines are little bit of number two House finance is the master of the UNIX and now Danielle announces Daniels master thread offender Daniel Daniel has down on the unit via the unit is okay for those of you that don't know UNIX are you somebody that does a better click optimization being thank you that Danielle no longer will have the ability to have children use your imagination but he had a surgery a procedure that would not allow him have children anymore he became a unit you know so not only can you watch his family and friends being procured as pretty radical medical procedure that guarantees you will never be a father without anesthesia as well put number three Babylon is nine hundred miles from Jerusalem by N Daniel and his friends are the most likely walking there since they are now slaves at this opportunity adding this when he finally gets the Babylon is rather surrounded by people who are speaking another language the news of the change that either God 's original names glorify Jehovah and they are now informed that the kids night as I was the big and wine put yourself in Daniel shoes that would be your reaction towards God at this time you are your purpose you think God is presenting you all the things that he complained about family dining venues were to losing his manhood is that things the Bible mentions the defendant objects to what I perceive as requested in the purpose of this heart after all these things happen that he would not deprive himself of the portion of the Kings need more of the language each way therefore requested of the Prince of the city might identify oneself diets are you serious diets how do they know my families alive we have a friend like you have all body parts attached and no one is threatening our lives how many of us would compromise on the issue of diet every day of the week how many of us in this room right now is that when the issue of Gonzales just a diet it's not a salvation will issue while doing this is just one aspect question if anyone had made the same stand in our day when he met and considered by many of us as a legalist compared to the Christianity of our day doesn't that seem a bit extreme the developer second there's a fine line between legalism and the Olympians the gone one to compensate and the other is a requirement for salvation God alone sees the heart and God alone knows what motivates the act no one is called Daniel legalist basketweaving verse nine now God had brought Daniel to favor and tender love the defense of the UNIX and difference of the UNIX editor Daniel I get my lord the king who has appointed your needs and your drink why should you see your faces were sliding the children which are of your sort then shall you make me endanger my head speaking children of your sources are people that are Jews that are compromised easier but Daniel was not him who I really got a request that he occupied himself with the food athleticism dinner but you know that he is a source of complete protein defendant Daniel of the job there is from these in all seriousness he then tells Daniel that if you grant his request to grant your request you could be putting my head on the chopping block wow that's in the direction of spin as was I thinking you are right I had no idea that might inconvenience I could even cost you your life the problem I see the graves around as media was now it is out of the same as with an expert the student does this eleven days ago in S&Ls I was alone so that the general nozzles the Sergeant in charge then anything is a nonstarter the prince of the eunuchs had set over Daniel had a ninety shot Azariah provitamin IV cc ten days give us ten days and then give us a post on vegetables to eat and water to drink so they wanted on the chip diet vegetarian diet facility let us love our confidence as we look upon before the end accounted for the phase of the children that even the person who can need to compare us with them and see NCM and SLC as I service the incentive event in this matter improve than ten days or so that he needs to be people in the area guy that he is not only willing to sacrifice his life but distance is considering sacrificing the lives of other people does this position means a lazy gain of one minutes diet is stubborn he him who work in this area I spent half her second day in your life the things you know you should be doing for the Lord with you we compromise the copper mines when I was writing this I have a hard time with this because I knew and I hate myself even they traveled from the Lord Wells prettiness there are so many applications we can make our lives isn't the Bible amazingly pierces our hearts two thousand years later how many of us are displeasing God because of the people around us the year pressure yes I know your Bible says we are supposed to be a peculiar people but I stood up for you to my friends I could lose my job or my respect in my group of friends would ask another question because most of us are pretty faithful to God and those things this is not hope in situations where a lifestyle issues that don't necessarily seem completely wrong and completely right is it your best to do a holy compromise or view air on the side of caution just in case number I don't want I wanted I wanted no issues are just all of the cautious genuine and just kept this piece in a different around the animal or got asserted to get in some kosher pickles or something infinitely compromiser you still have been the same romantic mini essay on Daniel into the lions den yes Daniel did this I don't think so but the recipes recipes and says that general purpose in his heart that he would not defile himself with a portion of the Kings needs to the one featuring drink therefore he requested he requested what constitutes a request that the word protest the Hebrew word for purpose is soon at UWM which means to set to fix to make a determination that will not him you him her know him well set his mind and he was not going to follow God or divine feminine Scott Ireland made a proposition to you is not the time when we're facing the identification of the need to be making decisions to follow God and purpose in our hearts about this right now because it's in the way procedures are happening to us and our families are dying all around us and this is all around with the fall the reason why Daniel is able to stand through all of this torture and mayhem is because he had purposed in his heart the fall God when times were smooth I think we need to be insane but it backs up going here is another group of people that in the last phase will hurt us in the art will set you face they will not be moved from their purposes are gone it's found in Revelation chapter seven verse three through four is generally quick run was done Revelation chapter seven verse three through four if you have to leave I understand that I have to finish the sermon revelation chapter seven versus three through four it says and I'm speaking to the Angels and was wanted to go back to when saying I'm inversely not even a seemingly so we have seen your the service of our God in their foreheads and I heard a number of them which were sealed with Seth they were fixed and will receive a hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel as a group of people about to Daniels that the size that they would rather die in sin against God they have seen that in their minds him be Daniels I will call me I know that this is on page and off page two hundred and reference to these people just as soon as the people of God sealed and therefore had is not a panacea a that can be seen as settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so they can not being they are set on this point just as soon as God 's people are sealed and prepare for the shaking goodwill indeed it has already begun the judgments of God are now up on the list of giving us warning in these units a day that we may know what is coming to Daniel and his friends are allowed to eat only vegetables one evening I wanted to stop the point guys we have an opportunity to do something awesome for God Daniel is given as an example we want to be Daniels and then with Roma Center verse fifteen the dinner was further on eating vegetables and drinking water for ten days this is the first scientific experiment the first ship program was fifteen it says at the end of the ten days the countenances appeared fair and fat are in place and all the children which didn't even question the Kings need farewells were filming beautiful right ladies you want to be beautiful enough to go in the water for ten days Wednesday the president say there and father of messaging games they just need help in this video was put to the test with sixteen thousand dollars are the stewards that only the portion of him that they should drink and gave them decibels for the rest of the three years as regular disinfecting water and adjusting that he will complete protein source as for these four children God gave them knowledge and skill at all learning and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams this is because of his passing the test was now given the gift of prophecy but you should only happen after he was proven faithful to the test I know that every religious talk about how to fight altogether now display distress is not the case of put on your thinking caps if you don't already have them on okay let's talk about Daniel Daniel is a Jew at the end of the Hebrew Jew living in the superpower of the then known world Persia or Babylon he and his friends think of a small group in this empire what makes them different they are following the God of the Bible they are following the God of the Bible 's message found in the Bible and because of that era receiving the gift of prophecy and if you really did a chapter to set in an eight way are called to give a prophecy about end time message that will go to this world than what the thinking okay compared to seventh day Adventist church we are a group of spiritual Jews living in the superpower of our daily United States we make up a small group of people in this empire called the United States why would we follow the God of the Bible we follow his health message and weeds you have received the gift of prophecy through the writings of Ellen White's answer him we are called to duty and time message to the world is pertinent for time Jesus frightened we should read the book of Daniel you see this author learned something new today this is amazing stuff now the highest participation time but after maybe twenty or twenty percent of people say amen Adrian then uses relevant right okay I'm asking questions and either say yes or no I can hope for one free purpose in your life to know the God of Daniel requested its water and then hold you want true purpose in your life as being willing to stand up for God and others are sitting there do you want her purpose in your life at the elevator a man out of the Messiah is very important easy diet has always been a major test for God 's people is easy she felt because of the fruits you think of Jesus the first temptation he dealt with many of his ministry was turning the stones to bread diet has always been a huge issue we can control appetite were not to be able to control ourselves and saying something very worthwhile in this area because of the Denver chapter one I arrested within eleven eleven chapters because there was fulfilled in the small things he was able to the people in the big things now what happens the Daniel graduation time as occurs three times three years later suite eighteen through twenty one the chapter the graduations on your long-awaited graduation in the kingdom of Babylon forget him he said now I have a case that is that you should bring them in then the principal UNIX Robinson before Nebuchadnezzar so after three years he brings the name of the water for three years many of them got any railroad in not there this is anything with them is nothing funnier than engrossing and asking questions and I will sound like you and I and the Shiite Azariah there are still days before the king while this could look at this and all matters of wisdom and understanding that the king inquired of them and found them to be ten times as all the magicians and astrologers that were no on-site is out of the ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers around and all is well these guys were ten times smarter than the best of the best wow and then wow the purpose of willingness to go in the small things haven't working the spin up or down in the small things I hope so now wanted to just an estimate of the closing of his live my life point here episode of the rep added that this is an appeal for you and you and the first time inside me it is indoctrinated you your part of his family and as we survey the web there are areas in the end of the ready at that message is being embraced as the advent message is being alone about that legalism stuff in the areas of the world with the message is being embraced where they have a passion for Christ and their following him whithersoever he goes the church V6 loading is a little world him then there is the minimum amount matters becomes only the same font also Satan is as delicious as you have given everyone Jesus in John twenty fifteen you keep is what okay very good job when the children are not going to get when the children present us with his number one had a true long-lasting happiness in reason to exist I've never been happier than when I started to follow Jesus all the way I was at least one liberal habit for a long time and I did not my happiness even watching the Super Bowl fun hangout with my friends from playing PlayStation but now my happiness comes from studying rebel I have friends at how to hope that I would never happens never been invented is there nothing in common but because the word of God is now the number one party in our lives we got different as night and that's when it is a neurologist the easier the finger is the bother me as I said as I can deny the next and later on I know in my best friends because the word of God has brought us together and I visited my friends in the word know that I've ever been to other people because when your friend understands when the supervisor over Navy when the PlayStation breaks daily where God is not going to go away so true long-lasting happiness is a reason to exist for this church but successful contrasted when the church has lost its purpose was disgruntled with the standards of the of the established organization one of the side of happiness will come out but there was arguing amongst communities that truly trying to hold to these principles there was with her ex-husband as it wants to share it with others you him you wanted to do for the other kids what you focus on disgruntled is driving people into this dysfunctional family right you see the point and it is not evangelism in the liberal aspects of this church because the benefit of a newspaper is December three yeah that is the will of God 's following God price number three for the church the disgruntled to describe the rigor but you get the product when the church has lost its purpose instead of calling device completely the equivalent of the pillars of the truth laid aside any thinking that maybe controversial and number four when the church has put this the church has become White House effectively guiding souls in the dark world back to the maker if you lose your purpose it should does not become a religious social club a place to bring your family and friends and say something faster than hope you want to have a purpose driven life I hope you have a purpose driven church but I challenge you dear to be a Daniel were ever you go besides a father and thank you so much for the story of Daniel or as I I've read Daniel so many times and in we can assume over the things he's done but what if we just posit Medicaid on what it would've been like for us to do the same things were I don't know if I would be able to stand and really can't stop the father this him even more better son Jesus Jesus is giving us the power and the grace the following steps Gordon just about every disciple followed the steps of the data there was something in their hearts that they were not willing to love their lives because it meant they could love Jesus the father the people here today I know because of the size is probably at least a couple a couple of people that have not made either priority they give lip service to thought that maybe they don't follow you where your spirit is strong the Bible is a similar base I pray father that the Holy Spirit connected with the with a pure soul and heart and loaded that is the case I pray that you would stir that part until that part out and was placed in and they give their hearts to Jesus Lord do not let conviction stop when I was just out of school father Lord this is a message that needs to be said for the sermon he preached a father I pray that I hope as I leave them here as many of us leave them here as we graduate would remain true to its purpose on that would not compromise where you have said we should not pump myself but I would be brought to as Daniel even in the little things father but most importantly father who have the love of Christ in our hearts so that people can not me it says Aspen has loved being you don't favor within your something about Daniel is something about the annual Dunedin to coordinate us different father help us to be a life help us truly have a purpose driven life in


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