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4. Eternity Past and the Risk of God

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 6, 2014
    7:00 PM
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at the risk of God were becoming some very interesting topics tonight and easy to make you think where the strengths you're going tonight you might've grown up learning some of these concepts I think the concept as we get into this I want to really be thinking about the things wanted to talk about my goals anything about the inventory and want to understand what the Holy Spirit is saying to you through this very interesting topic eternity past and the risk of God concerning path and the risk of God building up I see pastor in California I get a lot of questions a lot of people come up to me and they want to know a bit about what that's about it and you know the time sharing I always tell people I'm a human being I don't have all the answers they are in the world today and but I will do my best to share and I never got somebody off one findings that it is cool existed before God can you imagine a question like that particularly unfortunate event will existed before God and I really don't understand your question it's been amazing to me will me off I thought to myself what I really don't understand you then connect them I cannot understand your question and there's it again you made a jot them I understand your question here's the reason why we are asking the question who make God your essentially implying that someone you think before God and the reason why I don't understand that question is because I would be by definition within the lady was always existed forever is what you're actually out his willingness to be more meaningfully believing that the forever I don't understand requesting and she said to me neither do I anymore so many one-time athlete about the nature of God and it seemed at me how does the reasonable one I think I like basic arithmetic and the reason people want three one three and they were trying to understand little bit more about this I think so you have got in the Scriptures as I'll be able to share a little bit but there are some questions in life but have you continued all got more and more you'll realize that your wisdom and knowledge God willing please based upon your capacity to receive it is so the more you are in the special relationship with God the more he begins to reveal aspects of his character that were not previously known by new questions are everything in my talk about the student know the one question the entomological background is basically a way to find answers to what the word means you come from what you mean they don't like answers even when you look at the Latin word education of the work will depend upon it you means actually wrong house the law now we go to the book upon what the plumber says it is said that a counsel is deep in the heart of a man but a righteous man will buy out the way that Jesus would always answer questions it was quite another question about when limited authority and overall equipment Jesus asked in the debacle each one different one hundred and ten Phil when he was trying to help people understand things and often times he would leave and overtime of asking questions and helping them come to the realization and this was a very interesting one meditation is the greatest teacher God has ever given to us was able to share and portray to our world about who God really is when you say the potholes you begin to realize some remarkable things that Jesus was actually revealing about the nature of God 's will God really is isolate about this yesterday at the work authoring helpline provides a holy fear for handful of times but in the New Testament and it appears multiple times why because Jesus was trying to show that God is more than just the father he is the father Lee and it was revolutionary for the dude is to be understood on the father benefit human he would like to start a kind of father that Jesus began to reveal the paternal side of who God really what I was more marketable people will be free and wanting to learn more and more about cool what they want is more beautiful and accurate picture of Jesus was a very good one I will say is revealed to them about who God is understanding given a difficult thing to examine I mean we are talking and tell me about it can be one way in eternity past and explain that in just a few minutes of people will often times is very difficult and confessing when you don't explain it to a new man whether zoning language barrier trying to explain things about God is that why when you have a relationship with Jesus as he begins the community more than just you weren't seeing so even what your words fail to enter why communicate a such a beautiful picture of who God is no Jesus began to elaborate more about the nature of the things that were very important to the people he was talking to and oftentimes very shocking and what a lot of unbelief and resistance gene beginning to share more about wine healing nature of God will individuals understood there was the father God and have some understanding about the Messiah what they really were quite sure what is waiting what sealed the father and Jesus just Jared is that the Messiah was none other than the son of God is near the end of his ministry Jesus began to elaborate more about the nature of the Holy Spirit is easily spent was very present in the Old Testament and he was not understood by the way Jesus was explaining in fact perfected and I have many things to share with you but you cannot bear them specifically in legal are you little policeman was reacting in Genesis chapter one even sovereignty wanted to talk about what usually came to Trinity of Judah I was quite unusual and so Jesus went into my loopholes and eight zero people have the capability to understand that often times this is understanding of God that has been misinterpreted by this world but IMHO who bought it is very interesting and can be easily misinterpreted how do we explain they are creating something that they are one how do we even begin to explain that what is remarkable is God begins to share your holy Scripture is that things unity of the father the son and the Holy Spirit one actually makes them one is a special thing we call love anything that an attributable thing when you begin to think about that when we understand more and more about the nature of pool did we begin to see more than just one entity we begin to see you take a heavenly community family .com a small group the father the son and the Holy Spirit he wants having an reinvented creation and help or even where they fit in equal in power they were the will the title because I imply for the vision is implying different kinds of purposes and mission in the world concept of God is really really sorry that you want that and so when you begin to understand why the Holy Spirit only repeatedly only referred to themselves all admission is identified here and that is the humanity with the words unredeemed feel I listened you may need to do philosophers many losing philosophers upon this idea is that any kind of explanation about the infinite eternal God is not sleeping me to know who he is big business on the idea that human language is inadequate to describe God therefore any attempt to reduce it in nature Melissa will will about the Trinity silver lockable about twenty one is that they are more appropriate latter to help you be in some way is gone different about this to the father would represent the power you have to do which is seen as a tangible picture robot and then you have the Holy Spirit that is cut to the heart of Manhattan all creation and through this mindset that are finite beings are able to do what you trundled on what is I'll be helpful about this heavenly configuration paternity answers the question of how my night we can grasp and understand the internal God is so remarkable when you begin to think about it envelope is in can you please explain how three people one bullet they do not understand in the event will oh yeah I can now say that they were not trying to sell really more than one rather they would like to show called the rally we can become singularly united we are confident about what love is what they I love this I love that the people had different kinds of definitions is the way the Bible describes the most holy kind of love is something that is called oneness oneness and you have the father the son and the Holy Spirit that are portraying themselves as United units still hold me find some love once I saw approximately is trying to the idea the blog of the son and the Holy Spirit and what is right here in three years until you learn valuable where there is only one person cannot go to Jesus overthinking on the other's attention to replace myself at the moment there are three huge recipient anyone will all lead to your attention to the third-party is what is the third party to the other clear and marketable and remarkable when you begin to think about it back on a repeating unit of idols under the familiar at where their hearts it was usually the sole recipient of the other attention to me like you do something for me I did something for you a long time the Regency recipient if anyone will all lead to the attention of the party is one that is according to the author to pure selflessness can now occur but the rapid deployment of B1 with an exclusive undivided interest in the potential identity thieves drinkable to a solitary cell the meeting faith in Jesus it had a point of beginning the Holy Spirit does not really fit within the thinking person no I don't not think to tell you what we did a father son and Holy Spirit are not journaling only that they cannot be said with any coherent on his law is a mentor that you are so powerful and articulate as well ladies and gentlemen we will begin to understand the father the son and the Holy Spirit be mean and how they are united in purpose and there is no cause for a long business are quickly drying what was well as this will amount off the bat is so awesome if you begin to really really ponder that you don't we are going to be going into a very interesting aspect of God right now something that is misunderstood by much of the world and Harry on misunderstood by mainstream Christianity and that in his concept and time but I just in time and time I never before he became a Bible believing Christian I would often think about God and I would think about crime and I would get me in trying to live I always found how Levine was existing he is able to get in this old house but sometimes I feel like building is thinking about this but this is where it gets very interesting mainstream Christianity present this idea of God time I've gone to a timeless being legally exists outside the front of time of cause and effect is actually 's from Greek philosophy specifically the blast of air at auto ID auto club in Honolulu where do I seek anytime you hit how to find in the reason why is because I need to have more knowledge and the only way for them to have more knowledge you have time to live himself is timeless and that atheism way using Christianity on his endless fields of beauty which is actually one hundred percent correct when you actually find time itself but it will itself began as but not in a completely different picture the mainstream Christianity had anything like the live outside by himself to I time that God himself and take you about the dynamics of exhibit D himself if you like time is the reason why amazing vision is a definite idea of expatriation is a reason why they're rejecting this idea all this heavenly intercession that if they didn't like to think about viewing on this thing with the outside time one of the reason why anything to write a journal writing how quiet you thought it was but when we begin to understand the beautiful biblical picture of God we begin to see himself as time and is still remarkable when you realize this picture both of himself and both the Egyptian philosophy and Egyptian paganism will know no real concept about God and you and him and him or whatever anyone out there presenting what you want to live in and out and the only way to this idea of the reversal was the great idols so that would be in an integrated many items and then and what exactly is the nature and in what was so remarkable is linked on CPS Timotheus and most of what is at .se says I can back are you God revealed himself in the present case which is a powerful impact that Sadducees were known for having the idea that God was so far exalted humanity upon humanity she really was not interested in humanity when I was thinking I was in in Southern California that this part of the California Orange County I never forgot that wasn't enough this concept of God are going to the icefield in the Holy Spirit is on the wall if it's something very interesting is this Einstein was speaking he said I prefer a kind of God who is not interested in in the welfare of humanity will set things in motion and then go on with bigger business and the outgoing outlook of this planet and I think to myself how God really is what you think about it all and everything will always be this far but I'm just here out Al Jazeera now just as I begin to understand as the local picture of lots and lots actually being inside it was still remarkable without giving how do you want to follow outside it when you are exalted and he doesn't like what the complete buildings of them to drop its principal policy manual on with our pennies into the very core and a theological beliefs as could not be helped and how you comfortably he himself is actually in time with raisins in Vietnam he definitely is not subject to a wheel time emotional experience to at the missing season up on faith and Christianity defending that whole idea as I thought if I went to Manhattan really matter therefore you can dislike people are all incredibly you believe that BS degree in planning and that he has a great life and it does not matter when you when you can see the mental momentum behind the wheel I is the creation was extremely important to him you begin to realize what Auckland is for people for all eternity and never be a neither could the routines the diseases of life was this picture when asked to enter into the time I think the time is exactly the same way right is very analogous very analogous to you that our client felt that if a mentor that you want to experience things that we experience as well and I gave integrated in all our links you receive himself the result was afflicted the Bible Oregon favorite things himself to you in this we haven't gotten the same as I can that I can have a dog in the present tense with and this is the problem when you begin to realize this they went in a bottle in front then how do you have more knowledge of the future will probably talk to him that's what makes him God is a myth that the amount of some particular examples of the eternity really feel somebody was wanted was if I get a lot of time with them this is that God exists right now nineteen forty two and right now in two thousand fourteen at the exact same time the counterargument that one plus instead how in the world they couldn't a lot have a relationship with his people a relational editing in this idea consciousness is not hot just if you wait until he is aware of what is happening by existing outside of time that he himself will have this label is still kind of consciousness many amusing and yourself this even matter what the matter knowing that God is in time it is still important to us because it is hardly our relationship with him we didn't have white house we desire a relationship with God and tennis and what we done in the past we've gotten way different than what you want to wait up to allow extensibility through that relationship is in a enough ID system are promising on that but today the day of salvation and went on to the affidavit was not possible that you can accept the will and God has foreknowledge of the season for knowledge coordination is one of those questions that you think to yourself that you normally go talk to the pastor about this I don't have in the past six and has been faster but this is very interesting for knowledge and free will are one hundred percent compatible compatible compatible compatible for knowledge without anyways violating your free will yelp theological fatalism exists right now not at this idea but creeping into understanding this idea that if .mil and therefore you must necessary committee if you were to break down logically use it as if God God therefore no less human than human necessarily therefore committed because God has foreknowledge is more knowledge to see more nation that is not Mister at all I was even that kind of logic on foreknowledge claim no way you only actually determine your choice in fact it's quite the opposite your choice determines God 's foreknowledge if you live in God 's foreknowledge would be why you like this now for not much likely is that feeling and then for some extra green is incidental that God 's foreknowledge is like a divine thermometer which is artsy maturation external conditions and one of the greatest ways I know that God 's foreknowledge is not his four nation event is is that God is and what about the satellite vitamins are made of it however now that bit out on Aurora this is the very fast God acts contrary to our clowns see himself would not choose using me the greatest evidence you have freedom of choice to defend their electronic health a woman time the very fact God differences seen old time for me to know outcomes is usually logged in as that he does not ordain human choices think about due to think about Lucifer these are amazing I was well aware of going to make the voice is in any way diminish what or how he would sweeten them in America the mom in law the author never did it all over again it is a very positive on him live himself did not ordain those toys that what he was seeking because of who we years to try to save them and that is what is so remarkable about lovely endowment in spite of what God knows he does not treat people based on that base is reasonable based upon who he is and that it will and love life the greatest amount of freedom in the present tense Monday Wednesday and I got to deal with you this is why we deal with Lucifer being all that's always going to be lots of visitors why is said to them because God deals with every person in the White House presaging rather than the right to be most never got somebody one day came to a theory that I was doing to the young man's life the students to know why they keep coming to be and he has into the methods are presented I want to challenge me damn you untangle liberal tango as we talk they said I just want to say something cute I don't agree with anything you said isolates you incidentally there such a thing as truth so I wasn't zoom in and I said it again is one link is very clear I don't believe anything any kind whatsoever in will deeply documented me to scratches and he says I guess the point that in traditional philosophical arguments I continued walking outside and the Holy Spirit telling me keep up with him so I continue talking we began to come away feeling matter and I've been waiting it out to be mad at somebody on enabling and killing them instantly this is a woman why not I said you tell me he said this pittance will not say this is what he said he said yeah became a homosexual he left the church I know very clearly what the Bible says in the Bible says people like him are going to hell and I reject this idea because I want my data burn in hell you continue to I begin to realize this was a religious union or I said to him I said coolest kingdom Nelson is end of the question about that but I think to him you more but one has already decided his destiny to be the one that is always sentencing to hell you want to believe that there is no home run him you are the one taken away his joints pedophilia Shaw I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to me just begin to weep and cry we walked to the car is on the demand never forgotten the level of dramatic movie endings he said why do you come up to me anyways and I said to him you wouldn't believe me if I told you ladies and gentlemen goddesses applying absolute freedom to teach anyone of you absolutely do not have committed in God gives the freedom but he is committed to humanity the acts of freedom and healing believes up to make a kind of vision still follow him at the seasons begin to really pleased with people he began to share in a remarkable sight of God and that was why was very private and involved in people one do we live in the future not believing that they are sent into a small incident to his teaching him and find seventeen people is very interesting using it all began to really tedious idea of God with us and God in time even Paul himself when he was surrounded by pagans in the book of acts and this is amazing this is because the little about the way and it begins as a begin to bring out the house and there about the worst of them all in all the no-no no-no we arguably just like you and it's very interesting how all deal with them as we worship the God who made heaven and this evening we sleep gloated on the humanity one life because of that amount have to do with plotting time I was very intense and very relational and he was trying to did you find while releasing him or even personal deed and he is very personal and what you do to him and are you what you want to him and often all that is remarkable when you begin to think about that idea that concept going back a little bit you think about creationism at present Doctor Brandt certain with that intelligent design is about humanity and we go back six thousand years using about the creation of what will go back sometime before that and information always on follow-up and report back to the creation of all these days when the regular and illustrated in the mall God created the Lord God three reasons on what was in will plan to the commission are rethinking the fatherless and the Holy Spirit is always busy tending to come to a point when they are about the creation is very remarkable the Scripture actually did a lot of clues while we were thinking creation to look at this Jesus is talking as if I had an all new baby maybe with me where I am that they may behold the court to obtain relief for you lovely people at the foundation on life world toward world work on Holtz to this year is looking back in eternity past anything father me and you have a very very special kind of law is very confusing when you book the book of Matthew Jesus describing the timing and what do you see things in the redeemed in the look of it and seeing what they can all quantify you what my father it is not apparently new volume on the foundation of the world the only see another thought that also insist that the relation is not living as I put another begin to simultaneously and that was it there was going to be the creation of humanity and the idea with the purpose of bringing humanity is one family 's special on community with all but it will also occur through the creation and release into the USA talk about Jesus is the one around for a long one foundation on the level before the foundation of the world of the cosmos and the Leonardo understand God hath he was not only that God had to this is my beautiful love relationship with God the father will decide in the Holy Spirit and how they were wanting to bring in creation isn't going to what they also understood something out there will require upon where there is voluntary sacrifice that God ordained mankind mankind while I know that when we went down to how you came up with a contingency plan to bring the creation to handle these one concrete creation is where there is incentive creation and otherwise McKenzie was written into the DNA of creation very well motivated creation would unfold its principal bottom of all unfolding its principal two and this is all beautiful when you begin to think about this concept that God when he was creating forgot to create he was well aware there was going to mean rebellion questions find out what he foreknew even worked to give the greatest amount of advantages to working in the greatest kind upon this will all strangers that no one would have excusable rebelling Cornelius is the one believes that the commission plan one that will in the classroom is the creation when it was abandoned by the automation of a loved one and it was unfolding more and more this was a dog heart from the very beginning wobbly when you begin to think about this than I was anticipating that would be of all that is what he was anticipating to you that he was still awkward to his creation content to be redeemed so that the original purpose of bringing these creatures is to make you some kind of relationship one field take place of the old whaling every time there was a rebellion leave opportunities foregone combat with greater waves of law I write I believe you are seeing when I was a rally on these opportunities will continue to show itself in the Scriptures that where sin abounds grace is much more of this and what is even how is the fatherless son and the Holy Spirit be handling configuration designed to help finite beings understanding and learning all will serve as their essence again by creating or by having one of them take as they share a all the rebels which was mankind 's Jesus himself series human nature internally a mouth blown away by how well that was found in the book is our pages when you begin to ask you think about that this is mind blowing in taking our nature is the Savior has bound himself to humanity I find that if that were to be broken through the child a gift he is linked with the ones with the child is born unto us a son is given only thing that I have been human nature in person and I can't read the frame into the heart God has actually viewed humanity in the Trinity tears human nature into the blog think about what that means a universe in Son of Man will share the following of the universe is energy quite the family of earth in the family of heaven are bound together in Christ glorified in our product is a inventive that is enshrined in humanity and humanity and enfolded a liberalism called and when it will the father lives on in the Holy Spirit and fundamentally alter their field in the community and brought humanity jeans and that is astounding when you begin to think about and what that actually means that you must wonder how is it that God will still love you ladies and gentlemen to eternity pass and you will see the great commitment and sacrifice that God has made sinners like us to give him one you read about you with such a great life he was willing to pay and the changes he wasn't willing to make for eternity company Waddell sitting with my uncles and uncles are part of Hindus became a Christian there wasn't a lot of the communication one of my uncles you know seeing them years later disappears until one of them wasn't doing so well back to you the library the Lord but I wanted to buy with him again to write before they were about to leave for the airport I went upstairs and I pray to God causing what some human Jesus and want to share cool Yule logs and he will so went downstairs talk with them and listen they brought up naturally the conversation of what it's like to be a pastor so I just answered the question then they asked the question about how somebody saying I was like this is holy God leading is how they continue talking as if assuring with them I still felt like I wasn't connecting with them and then all of a sudden the spirit took over and I said to them you want to know what's so remarkable about the future this is not possible given the lessons and I said the book of Zechariah chapter thirteen describes a moment within the future something that's going to come something caught looking forward to many looking forward to the moment where we receive a glimpse of heaven and in this glimpse of heaven ousted Taliban in their mouth would just like him just staring I said in this glimpse of heaven apparently some people before God and there shocked about something and they said what what are they talk about they notice a scar thinning hair I think he will imagine this until the summer and that is getting that one day those worldly life vitamins and begin to heaven one day and they notice and their supply I absolutely thought there see someone who carries scars the Bible says thirteen they won't ask the question where did you get the start in your hand and the response that comes from God he is I was wounded in the house of my friends Jesus himself will explain the gospel story to people who did not have all the lines and they will be astounded by his great love and infinite God of the universe and became a man and not just a man he suffered the most ugliest kind of got there was to redeem us ladies and gentlemen I don't know where you are with God how could you say no to a God that is forming out waves of love all and more and more you there's an infinite sacrifice even on your behalf and amazing well that God is giving you ladies and gentlemen I believe God is calling things in all our hearts against that amazing love is poured out all the evidence is famous he is change is cool he is to redeem us how could we say no to that if you want to open your heart up again I just want to invite you to please stand with me we pray father in heaven stealing all the infinite sacrifice not a temporary one many you will find that was our behalf the most rebel is a volume features but I think you that there is nobody here too far away from your loan and then every heart really want to do everything in the father in heaven I pray that more and more our love for you would be greater numbers on would be stronger and would continue to make us more and more like you verbally repeat zero loan this is our prayer God in Jesus name we pray amen this media was wrong audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe the more certain and leaving the www. on universal .org


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