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5. From Tragedy to Triumph: The Problem of Evil

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 7, 2014
    7:00 PM
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him me him try to latitude as I hear tonight is a solid quarter and half let us in a very special way and father in heaven we do thank you that you given us a wonderful week Lord and have come to the time of rest just pray and ask that our hearts be open to receiving that to help for us got me thinking that you care about our lives and our circumstances are not hidden from you Lord we pray that the great comforter the Holy Spirit would be here in a lighting way to impress us to encourage us and to strengthen us in your life Lord we just pray and ask that he would also give us a glimpse of the future to in Jesus name we pray amen wonderful glad to hear that it earlier another consequence of letters in a very special way well tonight 's message is extremely important physical reasons why don't world today there is so much to be there so much so I am posting it is somewhat hard in so much pain you want asking the question wait a minute God reveals so good how is the world so bad and so asked after I get that question all the time all the time whenever I'm sharing are getting lots of people always ask this question God is so good how is it that the world is so bad there seems to be something of a contradiction it is some kind of tension here is that we need to understand what this engine is all about the first story there was a man he was actually put in the internment swings and boy are they in turn enhances a monthly missile or as if it sometimes inactivate antimissile and implements will know what intervenes in California was a young boy he lost his father and his sister and eventually a long time later on he was riding in taxi was able to leave the Jewish concerns hamper anyone onto the uneducated and he shared his story with millions of people do not have a lot of pictures of him with a lot of politician and world leader in the sharing and talking about Humana humanitarian confidence the will is will and will call on one of individual and accented not back-and-forth about God when will this look on while it was based on this post it is now the place is when you are actually in an event as a young boy one day when he was just responding to anything laying on the Spirit is in them that what a blue monkey was around lights watching prisoners as well and he allegedly is that anyone was watching them all in all I'm venting up in the middle when the slope of the line between America and to get him a little death and they all walked and says he is not old enough to find out and then around my community onset and documents I think we're called on on file for the horrendous crimes against his people and he wants the old saying they change again in the conclusion and they announce on deal with T-Mobile wireless made a remarkable story is amusing one and one that a lot of TV is an down-to-earth people not just went outside to check on within the church is something about who we as well that is also much more loyal and while finds any doctor with ringing authority about a somebody is going to thousands and terrible terrible tragedy was one on top of the other does Google want to inspire the network driving all of a sudden there was a flat tire manslaughter killed everybody except one young lady name of Laura a she was identified as he was still breathing is exhibited in the hospital and her parents and I we gave her side when they began to notice something unusual they were by her side they begin to realize something very strange they were just seeing your zeal more and more and they begin to see the masses they begin to realize what that their daughter Lori parents celebrated and have fun celebrating that they are their daughters see little just found out that their daughter would see a live and this is the handle we hear your name where they were celebrating the life of their daughter thinking that he was alive only to discover you have been five weeks and we look at Sony like that and it was slanted more long reading the news that was once getting more pain law and a lot of people asking the question where is God in the midst of all what were we going to be digging a very interesting book in the booklet show the reason why the book of Joel is so beautiful ladies and gentlemen is because this will have application for our time this will run here in Seattle and are not the philosopher a wonder anyone whatever background you come from LLC all have entered into many different categories of starting a people it is what they live in this will be a human tragedy it is wise for all that is something very interesting the Bible is full of a lot of questions but the book until you have more questions and any other local of the Bible the reason why I got in recently are so many something that is also interesting about the book until it is technically a part of the Bible the reason why because not the same as will be within the desert and chronological sequence of an event depending on level when you're looking at a book until you're technically looking for is the Bible think one sleazy genitive honestly being the first book of the Bible that deal with a creation he was actually in regarding as far as biblical text the potential was first and primary have taken a look at the potential to be discovering some very interesting things now when you think of the Bible of the Old Testament and you think about the live animal envious about various biblical page rocks to bring characters in scripture people who are blessed by God to make the arguments you that one of the most tedious life of all Scripture digital and you really believe what you are risky and will eliminate the argument of the book until that shall ask in wonderment life Scripture eliminate the argument is always one of the what life in all Scripture and a very intensive graphing in the White House is taking a look at so here you are one there was a man in the land of losing a loved one so and is blameless and upright and one of the body and psyche will clean your interviews about until he wasn't going there was nothing illegal about this individual spiritually awesome connection with God in the family and son and three daughters were born to him all the best and for none of the number seven thousand to three thousand five hundred Opa-Locka and vibrant female donkey and a fairly large household so that the man with the greatest of all people in the East to Google 's lively syndrome and Museum and was frequently by the axiomatic and wonderful baby family and he was very wealthy now it's one thing to be wealthy and not spiritual it's another thing to be spiritual and not wealthy but it's another thing to be easier to weld the right to all the mad he was an AppleScript organizing was not yet a wonderful family and my human beings here's a little bit more details about his family just to let you know the kind of people they are and is going these in the house fifties on the appointed day in and withstand and invite their reasons and metaphysics he drank with the frame tents don't know how these brothers and sisters and their other sister is perhaps the unwanted elements whatever the cause they are spending time together I mean do you think about it all the money that you have a little family figures show in one seven five three are the dog and apparently that this man was able to turn it down into the bowels and so it was when the days leading when the court will send anything to find them and human winds up early in the morning and offered burnt offerings according to the number of than the North and foretells and may be that my son is not there was at home and about a hundred children this is how the apprentice on Joe children were part of actual that raised his family were dealing with an awesome connection would not want them down we want somewhere in till the greatest land on the student when you look at what was intended by the most urgent need is a part of you is the job and felt now the Pentagon's worst life alone Scripture but what is remarkable is that when you are looking technically the first book of the Bible you are continuously for thematic elements in the county and is the element the book of Job is a part-time number one there is a great point was dumbfounded first chapter number two is the most upper number three human answers are insufficient in number four convenient greater good is a measure that is when you think about a book that is a far time anything about a book that is applicable for the people that are living in this state or condition of the world potential to have more global application you can bet what is also interesting than the Punjab seat wobbles more you listen a lot of language that is now in the during the time in Revelation is Windows 7 slate of falling upon the world is very interesting and you see that was one of these people will place and you see the response until you've been waiting upon him which is a stark contrast when you're looking at you say not very warm lockable will have a great controversy so that the people of the Republican cell cancers and human attempts to answer the question of how it many times as a big man and the poor thing it got me a great your good now the reason the job out of this man had all of a sudden I think it's a new Sunday at the news is in his livestock has been rated as the local and so he was alone and I was gasping for air all of a sudden somebody comes to buy the latest that you can just move their livestock that Yugoslavia's severance as well and now he's hearing that will let you write it down for a summary from the exhibit that your children are now dead one or the other they could get anyone you know in my place by Boyle 's old house this degenerating now I think another thing thinking it within some terrible friends happened one right after the other when you look at the old white ladies and young you see somebody who was suffering someone who was in pain and it was like flashing after tragedy after tragedy after tragedy falling upon this man right here where you will your tragedies happening on an intense scale enzymes are new stories about people who are really my whole relatives I'm very sorry not feeling their children was doing in their life in this world has become so and so theory ladies and gentlemen and sooner or later it will definitely have just the way the world is not something you look at the potential will be discovering some merely special things you know about this story is under me it's easy to that idea there is a great controversy but the thing is what we talked about earlier and that is shielding what sufficient to solve life 's problems in fact oftentimes when you read the book of Job a majority of the book of Joe and his friends attempting to get him a reason for suffering and the more you win the laws to follow on even when God is speaking to you even bring up a big metanarrative sure because the only answer he is offering marketing submissions on time oppositional to her trying to comfort him but when we are going from pain and sorrow and tragedy happening upon a moment nothing will satisfy new mind is stormy and unreasonable of these friends it down until they begin to explain what was the cause of the problem is that one day is a funny actually discovered that I'm allergic to ibuprofen are known to be black and I was doing familiar three analysts say that a student along with some of my friends I took some ibuprofen and another people and what do we send Alice and I went on and I have this headache is always on I'm hoping you feel see all over my body I got up and up at myself in the mirror and I was opening my eyes all in all their time is now all over my face is just stored in the evening shaven so it doesn't have to be ugly and I was looking at I immediately raising the home and never happens anymore had to anyone on the computer instead of all my goodness I never had a look at what will I do my friends as you know what to love the widow Nancy and any de minimis but when he saw how they did what any questions about what might apply to follow and one of them said were like chills ran useless and I just looked at an intimate right now you make it why do you like you will get a unique irradiating is certainly a fun and you will need a lot of bandwidth is not dealing my favorite thing is to gather her thoughts and I will always intimate and although I believe this will serve everything will you like raisins on the long and the life of Job is very confusing when you mean the middle part Job this is all there was able written about me in demands and we don't get to heaven one day you may not paying is a special blow and Joseph opened all see had no clue that I was recording it I would produce it later on in the life of Moses and now ladies and gentlemen have provided more club Arkansas with millions and millions of people when they are suffering so here we are we are looking at this kind of suffering that is taking place ideologies is actually talk about suffering people in the world the two examples of this him to all of you and I find that he says is an and what a man by the name am I and I decided to weigh in several of them due to delete all that while the sacrifice and see if there's something very interesting is not a terrible situation and that you will do in power and all now you will want to find the people that we can see what kind of evil in all kinds of evil himself committing all softening the kind of people want something to happen Mary and I very much I can say is what you might call a natural kind of evil plan for the top of the ball is now in a welcome you have these kinds of evil present in a moral kind of you what people are making choices that are destroying other people 's life and then you have a natural kind of evil occurring randomly and feeling without all and not very good in our society and videos and what is doing the most amount of damages is not understanding many clients what is going on and without that understanding many people beginning to walk away from the various sources of the one who can actually provide them life and ceiling raising gentlemen were about to get very interesting twists in this story think about the book of Matthew Jesus when we wonder if describing a very interesting situation in describing a situation where he is talking about something very problematic things this is a very powerful parable he deciding how more and more private and long-awaited and be blown away by what you hear is December thirteen thousand seven hundred and twenty four is England's a man and notices like this was the only parable that the disciples after they are wanting to get more information on how example that there will so articulate and verses twenty four on October the fourth and I'm not like it's the kingdom of heaven is like a a man without a good seed in his field while men slept and it is any change in soap tares among the wheat and went his way but when the grain had sprouted and produced the club military also appeared in verse twenty seven but the servants of the owner and came and said to them how much they don't not only further notice is not right here Jesus gives example in the family thought you wanted me selling the disease will not see me he begins a subsidiary they begins and will not be none that referred to as a way to make optimistic about paying attention to the question they solicit that the nihilism of the unexamined sentiment sorry did you not sow good seed in your field you want how then are they now what not want to be more than what you think that they do not sow good seed in order to engage include more know what you want to question how that inherits there is one of the town in their evil and what the question was a beautiful sending out and if there be old they were asking the question that the people in the ideals of the problem that will be able and I love our team is handling the ball and liberties is white here is that the men in him he has done is to once upon a fit in with the clock delivery model independently by the way the first time the word Satan appears is in the book of Job which means adversary is absolutely ridiculous only Jesus introduced as a living and that one didn't disappoint and cost while you want to call while allowing for that partner sincerely the enzymes which involved a kind of controversy will hereby made me to question the character or because of what was happening in the field that is the question that we have to mainly tragedies like we are the only farmer and the frequencies of the once white and what he was describing a problem found in the pocket is upon the great controversy DRGs as an engine isn't the primary contact me controversy and it is not under think of himself I went to one where they fit in the now that when it was on the document themselves before the Lord notice that meeting and the Pacific Rim the meeting is apparently as a public kind of meeting him in a very intentional I also came among them and the Lord that in learning consulting and the Lord am going to tell on you and from walking back and what Bonnie you know what kind the language thing is using here is a vaccine using a dynamic language on Monday folding ramp was way down and walk this way down and what that went down and replace it once that is your territory and we got to the theater is where you come in front want high all over France in NYC was saying my going on down and let in white with Maxi saying he was I told this is slanderous you are intelligent people talk anybody is not as intelligent people will talk a long time but the really intelligent people when they have a conversation is there a principal in the kind of talking most of the time is being called the Raven is brevity is the zoo network we already do you know what gravity is is when there is a lot of implications in the file where you do not need a lot of off to fly the plane and you can definitely doesn't please me don't do it a lot of people are like that I came into a supermassive black in this ridiculous situation to notify you begin to get into this conversation is lying and using a lot of implications in phraseology and then the Lord said that none of them have you considered my servant Job it was a direct answer to the implication that you want me to illustrate my own this planet there is nobody who is in you and Bartlett responding your wall there is one who is name is not known to their liking only a blameless and upright man who we are gone and some people don't want to think of them reply R is the Algonquin unthinkingly leniency in this point what you have been annoyed and frustrated by guilt guilty about going up in Philadelphia then I have you made it had surrounded the round of household and around all the countryside sound like somebody will do what is it readily and it was utterly unknowing by Dell he was well aware of his property to his family and the dynamics of his life had he been anything and is aiming to know more about until the recent mess you up what weapon at hand is an increase in the land now watch this next phrase right here and now set your hand and called him and he was certainly conceived Giuliani is the same as the kind of challenges but he was not challenging told he would challenge the something else as he was making this a challenge confronts awful lot of other beings and what the devil was actually challenging on what the principal 's love he is seeing them in other words the way God wanted government is not watched any motivation for why people see the log file and if you want to be an original definition and an integrated accusation if you are not fully long and here he is questioning until and when I'm on his faith in God because we want to insinuate anything the only reason why people all you got to be in then e-mail your resume to lose everything he was flexing a motivational obedience the one attacking our government and our marriage on what in the middle of the great controversies little did you know see when the one that went in I will be in what wholesale that is not as bad as great a feeling unclean thing and not delivering on the bigger picture in the inhumane house or holy place one day when talking these going to recognize and realize that it was because of an only child honoring that there are countless we say the other hand raisins and often times and suffering and pain and tragedy we can see the bigger picture we now call with why things are happening God wants us to trust in him I never got one day I was actually want with my friends were going to go to select different happy life vision guy number one ninety is illegal somewhere talk about renaming hundreds of missions the outlets are everywhere the way whether two hours because these magazines is on the local witness when it walked into the walked in there and there's this man was sitting in the font Oakland while in Germany as a path to different people how can one and all the guys that I want to talk to you do you honestly happen we walked over there and said that it you are decreasing my video and an increasing he said I'm an engineer and in the Village leagues Elizabeth the president is actually thinking that I is here that I think very logically very intelligently because I would have to question and said my little niece eight years old she got cancer begins as a human is into whoever I want anything she began to pray to Jesus that he would deliver on this suffering and she died many times what would you reason being we wear anything to tell me why are you doing this to a non- along with trying to him and my friend will need it and when he got even a little SNL answer this question that he is I think that is my idol human dignity is one right here then my friend 's wedding and I believe in the spirit went among these is no I think you should do this when the noun is in the math is like a back-and-forth and the lengthened and repaired anonymizing that here's a link to understand I sent I don't know why you said even Jesus when he was suffering on the cloth he asked the question why is it right now on this side of heaven we may not understand the intricacies in the dynamics of the big picture and when we get there that special time during the thousand years I think you are going to make things very crystal-clear not always the explanation for something but how we are going out all the suffering and then I turned to him and I said that you want to know what would be a tragedy your little niece to be there and you are not that moment he just against the clock and I said God wants you to be one being reunited this interesting as for us anyone listen to the enemies he said I know I mentioned Christ ladies and gentlemen we may not have all questions but even they shall suggest that is suffering always oppositional twins may not be necessary to satisfy the moment simply wait until needed during this time of suffering was not in the answer but in the audience with God it was decided sometimes the way you feel when something is not certain what went on it what you will receive young to even the most during a separate in time with law and gone himself days until I began a series of questionable at least find out what these questions are based on a jet is hoping he will understand how things of interest probably wonders in the universe until I find my disconnection and chameleon it was a blessing until very remarkable it is during this time is separately Bentall maintains compliance ceiling and peace because of that audience gone in his arena suffering we did have the greatest kind of the runaways in the greatest kind of magazine is difficult because nobody wants to wait ladies and gentlemen I never got one day when I'm confronted with immediate needs you when Mister comes out he was a pastor in some time together I got right into his visitation is an anointing taking place so it's okay I'll go with you we went in this realm analyses that investment we were the first ones there is an old building what will that no man was lying on their full well clothes and machines the hospital other listings were there and also the noise in the media is not difficult and what not to do when anointing or their client 's analyses into so and all of a sudden the last salon as a young doctor will pleasantly come in when illness last my friends is not sucking anointing down around the bed his old man I solve the most remarkable thing taking place all of a sudden this old man limited himself off and he began to talk about faith and prayer what I discovered during that time was the anointing was not for him but it was for the young daughter the old man held that the last few moments of his life this phase that a young doctor was dealing with sometimes the problem on the anointing and anyone in authority lived in old male half of a lot of pain and he will over the wheel all international policy on Doctor and I will say that we look at that situation we would say is that young man was alive and you will and will not say that seeing what the old man was likely on Wednesday we all ran everyone in on Wednesday by the spirit of God walked away I was a social and I've never been anointing for Donald Turner who seem to me I got help from an old man who is not to be in good health begins in powerful way about that is zoning these dark times they are oftentimes accomplished the most amount of my dad a lot of my news recently when some people who been abuse often times signing out they were molested by a Roman relative when they were younger anything to you why did God allow this to happen in these advantages and criminal I never got when I was reading the story one day about this puts all the kite Runner you read up before I don't always recommend that very interesting book this book has very unusual ending to a story about this man woman Afghanistan with his good friend who happened to be the servants on Bigelow Bigelow a lot of experiences in Afghanistan and eventually that young man leaves Afghanistan goals to America and their roles gets married and becomes an author makes money difficult one and that it is a friend who was grandson Steven Hathaway he also discovered that his friend was actually his half brother didn't know that going ten and he is making your decision making goes up soon I felt to Afghanistan and why things you deal with the people he doesn't know where his friend she had a boy that he was in dissolving will bring about Sunday is longer in Afghanistan and have seen their without the boy had been kidnapped by Taliban warlords sold the season into a column on to a series of measures as he finds out about this boy is in people 's displays for the Taliban leader for any discography were molesting the boy 's uncle takes place the leaves on the boy they get out of Afghanistan begin to the same place for Seo 's hotel room I also think that it will not wake up and discover the little boy ethanol is sexier thinking that maybe they will follow soon affable and on about all you can see the boy is in Libya is dismantling sex and eventually find them on the field I was overlooking the loss because of my pessimism boy is next to him and they do want us the boys contemplating things wandering things at each other it went all the boy began to say something to me says I feel there is an asset was reading that I wondered to myself a lot of people of interviews in life to negotiate with them this kind of feelings of feeling used starting her but I was want away by what took place because asking the character the story he was listening to the boy he then begins to tell them about this file anything is to share the adventures he had his father available why is I didn't open up anything aftermath and to share thoughts and memories of his father his friend is half brother is the kind of man we want and the boys begin to apply and he politely tells the boy at the end he says it him you're not you're not unclean ladies and gentlemen during times of tragedy we may not be able to understand something but what we focus in on we need to focus in on the goodness of God during those times can you say men back and how God will bring out a way to do is what happened not because of what happened but in spite of it all I will do a greater blood found in his mouth I was set with the legal to the various until it is remarkable to think of Tilton according to an old chapter forty was very interesting and jolt chapter forty two as well what do this because as writers of a powerful now the Lord blessed the life Saturdays until now noticed this morning that we can add for you what fourteen thousand one by the Louisiana beginning and seven thousand and forty thousand CDs to examine how many of you have in the beginning a comedy series out the exam will be identified in business one thousand dollars allotted yield on cleaning up my five hundred missing out in one thousand female donkey and on and clapping along these by wondering how much it you also have had a son and three daughters on what was not double ladies and gentlemen to children will want about seven Paternoster because we believe that apparently see who law will be in heaven one day in the same manner he got it and not lose his lives when we believe that he'll be doubly blessed we blatantly left Canada get his wife and children just like in this blog confirmation to him both children you have lost in trying to our internally preserved in my mind that great resurrection day I will bring them along with these children you have two pairs for two families Brady Bunch of children right here in what is also remarkable there's another tidbit that data if it is old daughter for the most what a beautiful in all the land prior to what was the situation of the daughters he is household food visualization is that it is all yet exactly what these are not as I don't know if this point and what God was trying to imply that Mary in the last chapter until I was with children and honors one more try can anybody have anything all lost his ring was okay and zero cents from God 's name and in the latter days and his Muslims over and over again in the repairable indifference only because I was wanting to make the White House about the him in place in Jonathan thought will give a greater and more than we and Ashley Law this is what you always did you see the more thematic element for even the most upper and human assets are insufficient for leaving the last conclusion is that God will bring the greater good of the suffering and my friends who really do a very special song make an appeal and often times in life we may go through moments where we feel at the lowest pit of darkness moving things around us in the way things are great and holy flexibility all of a sudden are now gone maybe at the moment so everything is certain for feeling ourselves beginning to break the let me be living in the guilt of sin that we feel like we can overcome and there is darkness of our lives on the somebody else did the wounding and you're jamming this evening gentlemen want is wanting us to understand something in the book of Job John is concerned and care about our lives and he wants to provide ceiling for those loans that are there whether spiritual people family whatever wounds they are in each one of us carries God wants to heal those wounds what may be the ones in your life what may be the feelings of failure and despair in your life the book until she teaches us that we should not give up that we should trust on I will wait until I will than we originally had anyone to a very special way will you will trust in him I told you lately and I trust him and we will persevere with God we will see that a lot has been waiting so long to do a special kind of thing for us ladies and gentlemen here in that circumstance selector in that condition struggling feeling like character and gone on you again to trust to keep moving forward to stay on that path and to receive a law that you have in store for you this requires raising gentlemen you to keep your eyes on him the author and finisher of our faith why do a special appeal while praying I had father in heaven just thanking God that that you are somebody who sympathizes with us in our weakness you know human frailty I thank you Lord that you will can you care for us in spite of all of what I just pray for this to looking one all those that are hearing this father that they may receive right now and affirmation from having your social peace of God that would be upon them to let them know that you love that all have been low and job he will left thank you father for strong and those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength God strengthen us as you will see more and see him going is some thought in the land of living bring us back in tomorrow morning in Jesus name we pray amen arrive for those organizational Heinz the staff hearing the questions Irene Cordell would have someone walk around baby BJ or matzoh that it's a question the move on to somebody else okay so there's a couple minutes just to get ourselves adjusted and it will begin this question and answer time first is it about a minute or two very good fundamentals and letting my friends at present and the ministry together nonadult some time think I cannot be any help you with this question and sometimes father and then we just think you so much and God right now we want afraid to let the time that it would be for you got me block away refreshed thank you Lord that you are God says let us reason together Jesus name we pray amen you are on a path is a good and will and is a is is is is is is the him I is will all will is a will and I you is in and are now in a is yeah he is how is he or are you and is early eighties as you see I is a you he will will will be as I is will he be in and why he is wise as early as in this one and I is and is a is as serious as he is in your reasoning is not his will is why is he so size is over so I is I is in no hurry and is a you mean him as I my dad and he is he and and and and will and will and is will I live in an honest error I will thought that I was I wrestled with that as well the other one things in communications he is is that I I went it was pondering this question I opened up a book called Johnson's office DL is all wireless in permitting a big answer is found in the very first line God is all for everything my kind of a contradiction is likely a minute and how is a sinful world now compatible with the God of love and love itself requires freedom forty two exists and what God has bestowed upon me what complete freedom one of the reasons why the garden not tree of knowledge of the needle what they are easy because freedom unaware to God 's voice unaware to God is not choice the present in them and there was always another option available it was not desire this was a perfect world but what we had in the book of Genesis we find out about that antagonist entered into the garden to and down a series of temptation if you want to rewind half out how you deal with lawlessness are not appreciating what John said right here the one thing we need to understand about saying a decent sonic is it when you read Ezekiel twenty eight attention is found in a perfectly and probably becomes in perfectly sexy classic structure leaves into this one verse area from the top of the bottom release into this one verse that phase is and you are in all your ways tell continually when he was found in you and that is actually the central part that I have to express her seat rule writers were leaving people to understand their attention here about all this works out leaving the house was perfect and how people into seeing and what we understand and all we can understand here to see me a voice he made towards the rebel the one against a everything anything easier went against everything of his position and he made a choice to rebel and violate that figuring that hater and what was so interesting is the how mishap rebellion and humanizing it says now little on the Bible calls it the mystery of iniquity but there's another listening to Scripture do you know about this the Metropolitan is one of the difference another similar the mystery of iniquity is our creature attempting to become gone the museum godliness is how God became a creature was also very interesting about posting constant visit both of them are mysterious and do not seem to have some kind of what I think you made a choice to rebel on makes you slice to love us in spite of us to miss is that we will send you for all eternity one that led to death and one that leads to eternal life and all I say this is when Jesus said when he was being mailed across said father forgive them for they watch do not did you not what know what they need to be one of the reasons why humanity has chance of redemption is because we do not believe in a higher see the Angels possess we live in a state of not having all the knowledge that these angels it which makes them even more accountable so this is why God to humanity the opportunity to be redeem when we read the book of Genesis the very beginning we can see God was a perfect the corporate world with the perfect people whatever the community and say that you can easily see down a decision-making path elements of your husband as well ask a work brings the entire human race with it as well so the best thing I can recommend to you is to get a look at that chapter found in a healthy Johnson topic to be a chance we reveal twenty eight is in there you'll begin to understand some of the things that led to humanities downfall out to places we know alternately Gothic to humanity the facts for the freedom to produce the facts of this guy cannot make Sandy actually made it possible as only guys with that humanity may be actual reason advantage we made a choice and because it is why when the state that we are in so that one question probably suffices all the other questions is a him for a high will the see a will is an and is I think the lesson found in the book of Job is extremely remarkable because it teaches that as Joe was dealing with this cascading series of events that were tragic one right up to the other he maintained his connection with God even if life is like for God to be free of him but he refused to do that the best thing I can say for you it's during those times is to hang on and every day he joined to God 's word and stick it out with him to find out that he will lead you through sometimes my dad passed away with the very first real Atlantic Northeast people at home individual there is no concept of personal resurrection no concept is becoming going to have one of becoming one with the universe if you want to see pain and heartache and hopelessness totaling inferno when I went first and with my own father 's I just become interesting I could understand what was going on I was in the middle of choosing majors in college there was so much difficulty going on so much problems but I was going through that experience the one thing I had in my life with God and his word I just let everything go to guy with my heartache and pain just open up his word and I will constantly find this convert in the ceiling that he can take place over a period of time but the one thing I said on Wednesday down I don't sell what's going on everything is falling apart I don't even know what's happening but I'm going to go through in the sword and the notes are interesting even when Jesus is walking to the Peter into the sea they know what's going on they see his clouds and darkness and even when Jesus speaks they are freaking out somewhat they said that Vladimir about but then when he speaks his word they recognized this was Jesus and they understood it to his comforting tones this is the word of God that Jesus even the weekend feelings suffering and pain and they held onto and Peter stepped down and pray it doesn't say the storm abated when Peter was walking on water water and he continued walking to Jesus in the middle of the storm Jesus is not something in place of what was computer what you keep your eyes on me you will make your case that's the best thing I can think you being incontinent I fully know the frustration suppressors the sense of inadequacy feelings of confusion relationship issues while on a long list of the heart I totally understand but I have found more and more Jesus wants to be part of every area of my life sent a letter to a one as soon as I is is is a nice know him he is a GSI and all is he is a him and him and he is in and in will is a very bad he is in our own and you and you and I is that you are as a you know your floor he is crying out is where he is a you know I will why he is he is and is and is and is and he is all a will is all yours believe in God and he is in a you will is as a you and will will will is him will him he is all you see will all that is all I heard as early as he even as I is is is is that he is in I is in or in our in the media is in the and is now in a long you will and is and will him will not only as a way as a wheezy is all I see is he is as I is is already on is that is will he and I will for me I is the more see and I and I be so as you see is what is and is and will you him him him he will be on earth is all we will see you as you is only the life is in a boss Jesus is not sad this just a quick thought that if this is something revolutionary to me in all people we saw me when I was a Hindu diseases diabetes diabetes is not clearly understood to mean the same as saying as such appetite for me to die for me no offense but everything I had no concept of what the problem really was what was the big deal selling price we make something no sense to you unless we understand what the issue is in the issue is like Kathy do so well is that the end of time there are people who are not going to be having and they need to be faced with the reality of why they're not going to be in heaven God wants to make it very clear ultimately you see in judgment God gives document then he gives to the Saints judgment and to think themselves ultimately did judgment to the wind in the weekend themselves will be in a kind of judgment on themselves about the books were opened they will see why anyone recognize why they cannot be in heaven so labeled or sense of no resurrection know when I'm getting out of this one alliance in order for Jesus to be your Savior Messiah he would have to go to that same experience dreadful ministry said three days on time resurrect me to guy with the right thing over and over this one tells us actually went through the second and walk with immediately suffering is great it was the only position he can no longer see when I is more sided faith anymore he could not see into the future and all he was able to see at that very moment was that he was written as seaweed as a condition where he was willing and knowingly ready to die network to be resurrected he was willing to pay the price so that all the sniping until that one might be in heaven he was willing to give his eternal existence and he reached that is what makes a second that's all remarkable and Lisa life-changing and empowering you realize my God was willing to do this for me and he went through an actual real-time experience of going through the items that I have suspected much of the other questions he is as where is I say he she is in a book on something to understand about the judgment during the thousand years is extraordinary because a man one day into the living God this is the reason why wife confidence his sister and her husband were teaching other together Sunday school throughout orchestrations and entertainment Tibet including Virginia and let the whole thing on fire the limo and he says to me I can't believe in God there's no way of God was so good could allow enable so bad but what the thousand years is all about isn't going to be very clear and transparent time for God where God will show us details there's the intricacies we think that he was dealing with and I look forward to that time and he will make himself completely open to all questions so we will see God 's character in light of that but that will be also this other process or this aspect when we will see why the wicked are not in heaven in fact if this judgment was committed to the Saints announced in Revelation chapter one will be precinct things within difference between presenting a priest was of our spiritual matters expecting will over temporal matters during the thousand answers were pretty soon regains when God retrieves the arts it even says things we worship him but during a thousand years were going through that phase of increase about this and ended up on your Leviticus that the priest what they required to do whenever controversy to place the book was given to them they would open up a book and they would look through the matter is what we will be going to look into the matter even it says that on Jesus at the Queen of Sheba will rise up in the judgment of Satan this generation Solomon Kane to talk to me I was converted but one wiser than solving seemed to you in other words what's happening is Jesus is giving us a glimpse of the judgment and he's showing that he told themselves will not only vindicate God they will vindicate his ways as well a we ourselves will be kind of a standard in the judgment the men of Nineveh will stand up in the document it will say this generation they will say we repented at the preaching of Jonah that one greater than Jonah was here they will be shocked at what's happening analysis of the books are opened everything will be crystal clear and the clothing will understand and know this is where he gets it it's very interesting and I'm just wanting an articulate this we will also be involved in the accountability process to in other words what should this person understand before they are destroyed we will be involved in the accountability process which is so amazingly forgot digital humanities I do know I want to make sure humanity does the judgment there on the same page here seeing everything and what we will do we will confirm got stuck in your garden you are right in every set and to me once another thing that this lawyer Tucson Berkeley let me just say she was great it will save the city and to local philosophy student and when I shared with her this concept about God 's judgment she said recently never forgot she said I have never seen judgment so awesome so why so perfect for God himself will include humanity in that judgment and then he will allow the weekend to see why they cannot be headed and they themselves will confirm that judgment God does not even destroy anybody without their consent this which tells us ultimately everything God does he will respect the choice they will make other but as to do so that you him and I and it is in will or is he that is all of us I will know not as an word is a you will and to me as a friend we do Julie facilitated him without a byline talked about the chanting be aware that he was an accident that you're forgiven is okay on fears of being on lending huge recognizes it is that the mouth of the spare profit subject to the profit in other words any truth that comes into the future must be subject to previously established through the window thought livable Mormons want to come by my house they serve the inner guilt of Smith and I said to them I said okay when asked a question is the spirit of Bob subject to dispute a problem with it yet and I said okay so therefore any newer revelation must be tested upon the needs of older revelation and I said to them okay you want the book of Mormon events books and I told him it was also involved in maintaining door that Scripture is the Old Testament authority New Testament authority was being a Sabbath sale thinking that I thought there is a contradiction in each of the contradiction and he said to me very hesitantly but this is what they said we will test based upon previously established to sign some very simple question I said okay and if I find a contradiction in the book of Mormon with the New Testament which I follow and they stated to me again well we would follow the Scriptures say that okay point to bring up a contradiction I would like you to resolve this contradiction and I said in the Mormon church early on polygamy was widespread in seeing a something that was being promoted by the particular church leadership and the book Timothy clearly states and elders to be the husband of one wife I thinking explained to me this apparent contradiction and he looked at me I never got the moment when he looked at his friend and then he said to me I don't know an identity anxious to talk to them I said okay anything that is established must be test up almost previously established New Testament was based upon the testament you see Peter already calling on law Paul's writings the word of God you see Peter also reciprocating the same as well and what you see what that the early church those who had definitely profit hits for recognizing me scriptures well before three hundred eighty the Scripture for being recognized as being shared one of the reasons why some of us was what a beautiful seventy one a pronounced like the book again in the book of Adam all were rejected these because you know when the counting was establishing a new three hundred plus they cannot meet the basic criteria very basic criteria dating consistency continuity many of these books were releasing a strange and suspicious I mean it was great hanging things that were taken place or so they were clearly reject it right off the bat clearly rejected I never got one built-in command theories and we would like I want some questions about the community I'm been reading through it and stuff like that and I said okay what about the rest of computing the rest of Scripture anybody know and I said to them I can and I think you leave the rest of Scripture anything is not just questions about the book of unit in the book of Adam what you will did the Bible iPad a Nevada reminiscent of everything that is needed to save you it's right there there's enough in these books right here the Bible to save you in easily grievously on this concept I want to say they are definite reasons why the suite of Bigelow 's were rejected fairly clear valid reasons why they were rejected they rejected they were violating basic common sense the whole Thomas for example you know and the gospel to complete suspicious the only people that are pushing those ideas generally are individuals who are antagonistic towards the Bible or their skeptical and just wanted to look for some new things but they have no valid weight with the rest of Scripture is an go to a really bad day and so is that he is in and is in Jesus Judas is awkward to the style is now using lab in a him as he will on so I is more information to me I see a room as he he is a and is I will need to modify and in and in all of Asia is all in her and now is as is he was a vegan from the beginning he is in an and so is an and I will try big question right to question whether he is okay here's a few things to understand about this whole concept is a way you read Revelation chapter twelve it's talking about him being cast out without letting me cast out many thoughts about him being asked to be here those actually two different phrases and eight I'll miss her using his right after he was asked out of heaven he is still apparently have some kind of access wherever God until the weather was meetings and other necessary that they got a place in heaven we do know there was some kind of meeting where he sought access all the way into Neil New Testament Old Testament you find him you know like in the book is that why I'm standing before the throne of God accusing Jocelyn the high priest Jesus said something remarkable during his ministry and John L is that when I enlisted the prince of this world will be cast out to answer questions where was Jesus when he said that within having outright but even something remarkable even when I am lifted up he was describing across the prince of this world will be cast out what he was referring to is when Jesus would be lit up on the cross it would be in clear contrast between God was and will say in what clear so clear to the universe that what I did is he moderately revealed the character watching quantum contrast to the character Lucifer and it was that you would never take anything around in other words where he had an audience he had a kind of property all the way up to the time the cross he still had a kind of audience even when the book until the city things environmental all and the reason why is because they still had some questions about the deception of Lucero who was for one thing across the character of God the government of God and the character was Lucifer 's government was clearly see in the universe itself unique smelling about with his Revelation twelve this is neither was there any place down for him it had been any longer had made itself to enlist Branden had optimistic going on when I did the removing because of completely removing his because he understood that if he wants to remove mankind is completely out of the picture what would happen is the question that these other angels that will not be worth all and still got to deal constantly whether was at the gates of heaven are some other plan we don't know constantly with the harassment of the devil but God was not afraid and you know who vindicated God and all these steps you read about people like Moses people like a plan people like Job Job has no idea he was involved in this kind of vindication when you get to heaven he is going to be blown away by the other spices he the God used him as a powerful witness in the court case to exonerate God 's character and principles of God 's kingdom and to see that the evil one was also close me at one footnote that is the quickly that phrase neither was there a place in town for him any longer shows that there was no more question in heaven at that moment about the principal character Lucifer when the wicked are destroyed at the end of Revelation chapter twenty the books will fifth need that was there a place down on them any longer in other words they reach a similar state where there is this old world consensus and Mrs. God this is wonderful how God wants as governor he wants with consensus I'm still blown away because he is not afraid of questions for him and him him to go there who him a him less silly to thirteen what is talking about here is a win is still as our meeting one in their helpless brother 's house is a is is is no what are you he is is is is is a is an and is he is a you see me as I is is is is is is is Isaiah and sixty five related yes it says I want to knew why is found in the foster and once as a way to collect his initial liking for my servant states that I may not destroy them so unionized family and I is an and will and will you and I you and I I is will you I is is is will is in you are a honor is his will will him and him to him to the literacy and is in and he and and and and and he is in one and all is quiet in your path and is and will you and you and I is will and and and and and and he is he why I is a is led in error is as little as one and will and is will he is in a really whole is him him and he see as you will see in you and is in him will I assure the family was renting a hall and you will die in as he is will he will and in a class in the slot you will use in an OS building you will see will act as an emotional there are questions in each of us may see a return in your freelancer and my higher honors a anonymous and you know is he is not as clean as you don't understand me laugh at the so I will be forming in a and he is science and yet is working on a father my prayer is a priority every one of us to you I will personally and when a person is in your country is known as the reason you will you later on in another and another is stacked so your and I would almost be around in and I will know not you will arrive in time we assess really wanted only as we want to you as you are my prayer is that he would only see you shall answer is a nice finance is the unity is in your heart give ourselves to act as a and in general and the engine you one-on-one he is a a a the media was brought by audio errors in the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. audio person or


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