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6. The End of Social Injustice

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 10, 2014
    7:00 PM
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for him and I is wonderful Monday and always start with the word remnant of a special way father in heaven we just think using the special time but we just ran out your spirit would be here in a strong way that he would let this happen is also pray and ask that the devil would have no place in this room and a large tournament and that he would invigorate online and that we would be able to grasp heaven we please this is our prayer in Jesus name amen is quite funny I was driving here is about twenty years ago thirty minutes ago I was writing here as I've gotten the car off and on the farm driveway and was pulling out all the nice smelling something that will smell like Melvin and you driving is only thought is to realize that Michael is not like gasoline what a relevant sermon when you talk about hellfire and couple days ago I was asked to fill in gaps in nineteen I got gasoline on my coat you want Michael to once a week during the seminar but you come to me afterwards anyone it is not like Catalina the answer will be able to turn into some kind of illustration are right and that is all he and other social justice is the end of social injustice women coming me as being less and the idea is to understand the Bible and in our current framework of the site not only understand all at the world I want to understand a very good not to portray him what you want to pay attention to this social change is one word that will not stay in our society someone with all the test there is individual this is what really concerned about issues that are taking place as I got the money at halftime I'll be thinking like this is why massively is still injustice will exactly social injustice in the deputy said he will jump into the relative concept about the claim is more interested in the eye and vision something more important than other children until the inequality based on the user 's world view of humanity and morality law music and the number for this I know you will also look into social injustices that several years ago there was a civil rights injustice and people were clamoring so I seem to find a way in the usual I was not he will find here today because of the struggling that way and indemnities and in the thing is for social inequalities a mentally ill people in public also very interesting is when you go back into examining the history and that is so interesting is one of late is the reason why there is a diverse group of people in our church today is because of people like their body during those problems social and quality of what we can all be entered as a man a man you look at the pictures and what many of us went through time trying to fight for civil rights in fact the well-known and exert all two Caucasians I decided to sit down with an African-American in getting a want and when they all if there was a cloud of CNN has obtained here and were upset that has always taken place in the United portrays on all of them while they were laughing and mocking this is the nominal removing and actually read what they can play in the indolent and that there are two great locations one African-American and the young man who reportedly has on their phrases and all the things that I wanted to bring them what they started out in lines helping people with anyone that the bravery needs individuals that amazingly thing about it all about the things that were taken place during the civil rights will you thought it was a time of this him and him and I think it's very important to point out is that the most successful kinds of Islam is very peaceful a lot of time visiting all kinds of protests are taking place in a wealthy and many of them are not the only liked in their roles if you believe in the deity of what you will and you should be able to communicate in a very dignified way things a mentor that you are nearing your community that needs to be understood more and more we think about other individuals like climbing during the nineteen forties and obedience that is what will he and BJ is all about Billy Wally was very interesting as many of these individuals will talk with other individuals during the sixties as well testing war that were taking place in and you can see them all that bravery in the cards that were required for many of these protesters as they studied the long-range networking site for their individual data about their live people surrender their blind knees for the sake of making a powerful argument against the injustices him play him in this all the recent one there was a young lady maybe all my heart in Afghanistan he was actually burning oil was spilled onto her face is to survive but what if there was a group of people I can literally help the Taliban have taken place other individual like that in local and I think you need to run my heart is not right here individuals are protesting a child thirteen an unusual phenomenon that will more and more and more than one report that was over eight hundred thousand children that were being done to the international borders eight hundred thousand worldwide figures around me actually are being dictated and laughing during this time will one really is little sealed when their bodies are being use to you imagine the kind of social injustice and social injustice is really just finally humanely when you think about this how could somebody and he was a young child pay money and don't need to see the fourteen -year-old boy talking about is now all we have to do for three -year-olds and twenty million different about this you will voice will wait for you at a lot of questions your mind you begin to think about all things that are taking place in our society but I'm afraid not there are wonderful Christian groups that are thriving in the zone and into is entering all attention with the uneasy children and him and wonderful all in now with all plaintiffs I believe that the greatest fighter of social injustice is what none other than Jesus cry I see his wife was on the rotation will not let talk down on the bottom while I was trying to the evil in this world John talks about Jesus that is visible in the work continues but here's something I want to pay attention to is that she is all healing is not just a current social injustice and social he will be doing what you want more and more complex


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