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7. How to Ace Your Exams and Still Be Normal

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 11, 2014
    7:00 PM
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him to know that God will let us an extraordinary website began when the word is prayer in Jesus alone is always in heaven we just think someone else that you are the guy available the guy that means you are related to what is Ecclesiastes chapter three thank you for turning me in the heart of man and only the internal one so we feel more empty heart father we pray nothing let's is now the Spirit of God VB president at least means any person individually this is frighteningly easy as a man wonderful again welcome to everybody who's here here is the first time I know that you can get a special kind of message is enabling learning some very interesting theme we've been covering during the night he wants things they questioned that are the heart of humanity questions about about this world on our heart out we can easily understand what the Bible sexy thing about these days tonight is a lot entitled to hear exams and sale we won the novel sometimes people moving over to me to exquisite days for dinner Wednesday night you can still be novel and still be a wonderful top notch student is a mentor that I think that before I come from a very what you may call academically inclined background I said a little bit about my background but I'm thinking you know six seven years o'clock the secular world I've spent two years uninteresting thoughts and a half years I did about two or three of the call will be starting again on a second-degree Monty Wallace Wells on somebody will have a lot of education and also somebody was taught here in a half in a Bible school as well and increasing Academy and so I dealt with a lot of different kinds of minds and different kinds of perspectives and worldviews and other just a few things I was there with you when it comes to exam time example sentences most excruciating time because of the time when you are clamming you are pricer and easily as he means that it will review and is not to be gone until the exam is over and I felt for the Loma Linda college student you know what I'm talking about those were not horrible Melinda field is applicable to you if you have kids or you know anybody else is also quite different things in your life to work deadlines and the question and weekdays our exams and feel be normal these are some interesting things with you when you go to the Bible you will not know when the Bible called the wisest man who was the wife stipulated endowment Solomon Solomon very interesting individual if you mean the one you only find out that he is one of the King David and we see what was taken place early on in the life of the home and using somebody was craving without asking from laughing and talking with his inadequacy in fact we did a good look at the things that took place what was the first indication that he had with a he was asking for wisdom a wise person always feel that they need to learn more amen is on the list for believing him all information will really reason with Doctor Brown was saying earlier there are questions that need to grapple with these things is interesting when you look at the life of Solomon you find somebody to whom he was given with some kind of situation and see the Limburger the lack of himself when the latter part of his life you find anything anything do is kind of an unusual kind of practice is a unusual kinds of God that also downloading child sacrifice so you see somebody who can integrate the wisdom begins as a very humble before God I might very see what somebody would corrupt himself and began to give the things that were on sale contrary to his original beginning a phrasing of thought eliminated at the very end of his life amen but when anything to look at something that was said about how many of the one hundred meters at about write here will result in your life for all truly great as amazing as I am a little while so I don't I don't not go or come in and over all of them are and how was writing why he was when he admitted in writing was a little child before God and is holding when you begin to realize how humble attitude of the powerful teen buildings in a occupied with his presidency to learn a lesson spotlight on this prayer in the lesson taught by where do you mean the higher the position man occupies the greater the responsibility to ask the man in the water will be the influence that we exert in the greater his need of his dependence on God he is a man before God in the attitude of a one learner in fact are you a disciple of Christ is not a man to what the Bible actually means learner vehicle 's internal disciples we are called to be eternal what learners and when dealing with a finite and infinite being we are finally being all we try to keep going to be doing and understand more about who body and is in full more and more of these great mystery he is a family forgot in the opposite learner 's position does not get holiness of character it is my honoring God and obey his command at a man is amazing truly great to examine you want in your exams the intelligent you want to be somebody who uses your mind to its fullest capacity the worst thing you need to understand head of the Deloitte is the beginning of wisdom in the first place you need to be on the Lord in the beginning of wisdom the other thing that I didn't engage in every human being and that is called a brain and everybody have a range hopefully right now you're in the right place moment that they might be within range zero the brand coordinate directly into the function that made a whole memory and learning fonts is another popular mind in fact during fetal development and foundations underlying hard way the brain is of extraordinary importance biologists understand things about the grandmothers yielded mass you can say along understanding that he needs to be discovered more and more and more parenting websites is like this he said that as we soon understand more about this is a little and then we do the human brain trying to understand the things that take place in the brain and how consciousness you get is something that is solely on any kind of computer are doing a half pounds in a matter I never know when it was again in college and I will talk about this very subject the Bible is connected to enhancing the intelligent properties of the brain and other individuals who were not part of this class axiom one my people were not present in the millions of song and listen because they were blown away by so many things that they were hearing everybody has a brain and there is something that we all need to understand that there is something called a brainwashed interface is what you want it what brain and the brain affects body right these two things are connected in fact even though the raising of the following on the clock you know what the name is the right I want to talk to for while I was second in March marvelous feature on data were still there there was a particular author of this book called the blue zones in this individual begin to look at the longest living people on earth will end out with XE featured in that study another individual learning ordinary occurring to me her name was called from the half they knew was Martin 's something you want with somebody I believe was over the age of a hundred but she was summoned with constantly exercising somebody with you right away I look at the daily next in the video and he was somebody who hath are mine feel very different thing she understood some of these operations executive between the body and mind a lot of times you find that people ask and it will there can have their body begins to shut down their brain to get this account undermined England's slower and slower and slower that does not have to happen if you did your body by a man came in to be doing is ready to go and look at some tips that can help you improve your intelligence you look at any rate here is another study found that individuals consistently scored higher on intellectual death after working on a three-month writing program is the amount of young people who ran for thirty minutes for two to three times a week for twelve weeks and talking to all significant increase in the reaction time in completing the conclusion of the researchers was that there was a marked improvement in Fremont will continue to think in and in the marketable one or that one thing that makes people smile at the conclusion is wanting to help people become smarter than a lot of blood circulation and because of the place there is wanting something that's really good if somebody wakes up spend time in the word of the best things in the right way is to take until I went into the design is not absolutely but we oftentimes do the Woodland climber him he was all now anticlimactic feeling somebody with one fully visible convoy moving around constantly locking mechanism active he was solving a problem is quick to jump in and the disciples were always falling behind because he is not a mission in seeing you in order to keep his mind clearly exhibit is not working very well I think they meant something else that I personally find as well the beauty and brain derived neurotrophic factor the North will think that Ashley helps the survival development and function of the brain felt exactly simulate the development of new brain cells start thing is I think the grammar that's incorrect it can also increase the DNS when you have a difficult decision to make many of the agreement and the world turned to us I think it's a shock when their thinking is what happens if one of food in the belly what the plane bring up what begins when the brain is an inside just absolute beginners also at times of fasting when there's a lot of intellectual thinking required if that's a very helpful if you wanted one extreme and we are crafting for day after day after day after day but when you want to do some hard thinking ladies and gentlemen something passing a wonderful form of exercise that can really help Obama practice regularly out and abilities it is what one commentator said right here and there are things that would be one thing my abstinence from food for dancing that we weakened by any amount of medicine or treatment wonderful and I know what they say right here that one day and we would be opting out to pull benefit than any comparable benefits of an understanding before bottling his enjoyment this is about how your body works and how your brain works when it really isn't they didn't really do some hard thinking just taking a break from blue raisins almonds would actually improve your ability to think clearer identity multiple times whenever I had very hard thinking is there something else I can help me help you as well high doses of EPA and DHA supplementation until they live in multiple rights in a mild to moderate all hundred reasonable working he was mindful of disorder experienced dramatic improvements EPA's as a supplement even with major depression also experience significant improvement with supplementation development seizures EPA issued a supplemental increase frequency was subsequently seizures by fifty percent of your look into your grandmother you can also try if avoiding losing your pot high level of omega three omega three that is something that I is coming more on that here's a little ladies and gentlemen that you can see right eye exam time really help you when you happen to someone thinking that in the flat fee to see if these wallet finally I will delete everyone everything into these before choosing our wonderful food and what I call the new flat fee reductions live in North Mexico called the problem of crime and these individuals are individuals and their quality ones like always constantly on the one researchers have a difficult time trying to track them because always on the move and so we patent and is the outset these whiners a dance marathon runners in the US and they are blown away they even put these liners against all wrong marathon runners and they are blown them away I want to know within just a few days until over five hundred miles five hundred miles running nonstop on these individuals aware regular tissues are referred to want haunt of these sandals that I made a entire one time when promoting vitamins and issues trying to promote his legal rights as they doubtless used in a book so because these people do not want to run the you will want to visit the prisons and the ins and outs about the people running a lot that when they were wanting they would be taken on a minister and then they put this mixture in and out and they would continue running and you can see what the limit is not an see if these CSV agency is consequently not within the human soul not energy very interesting is there something that you can do it while they can help with thinking holy move the most difficult obstacle for college students right here for you Friedman especially in frame of the time when your brain is rejuvenating when one is rejuvenated and where mind is rejuvenated and often when we lived blasting literally a lot of symptomatic funds opinions developed during test by Brian but when we doesn't get researchers at the researcher I got the researcher finds event around people who are learning new skills is joined with her and wanted in the new skill set hyperlinking full eight hour sleep cycle including appeared apart and I think using our young and enjoying a necessary part of your brain actually begins a rejuvenated and when one is not sensible to orient a nobody some final stages of rejuvenation in and what is a result of will get some of the things that he needs a place to sleep my people have trouble thinking of imaginative work or idea is using his work operating the things they are also also less able to communicate in clear sentences to make matters even and mainlanders speak in a monotone voice exhibit similar means no more talk very cool all we can think of understanding sleep is extremely important and had gone to getting what you want one and when we didn't glibly blame things on the web what are you thinking you when I was in Costello theology student and I have taken a general classroom that day when I looking for many college it was anatomy and physiology at real anatomy and physiology victory people will be living to understand anatomy physiology massive amounts of memorization kind of volume doing events in the class right is a unique kind glass because memorizing memorizing memorizing memorizing memorizing memorizing what is a theology student I thought to myself how in the world am I going to get the class so one of the things I did because I knew I had to massive amounts of memorization of all the other classes I have to take a I began using the goods we really began to make sure I was getting clobbered healthy amounts of sleaze and what I would do is I would get up very early and I found that when I get up very early that the early hours are times in my brain operates like this one should and when I want to learn a hobby of the very early out of ten that you do a kind of plot got found out my retention was greater that makes I got the disease in fact when vital signs in place there was massive amount of memorization I remember was about eight thirty and I know that my women hosting it myself how in the world and minimize all this information right here so I thought to myself England Sweden wanted to write here and everybody he Michael is a is a ninety nine p.m. slept like a baby is about three a.m. Lindsay hit it and then you begin about two hours of study and I found that when the final whistle into the house and it really rapidly enabling people to develop a rapid pencil scribbling in only that when I was doing thinking and superfast I think that Superman vomited into a super bath I feel like unavailing is resulting in a Superman I was handed in all the students look up to me and it would just like him found out if someone went to class I hate that exam I said none of the most in anatomy physiology students and the teacher announced by the way there is a theology student here has done better than all you right here out the only theology seminar class suite of gutting his unit England with his gameplay is over and even clockwork the land he can get on the font you want but make sure you get home we'll get some good sleep and you will find that when you wake up early in the cycle of sleep to find a better ability to your motion and upon your soccer think the greater retention of those things that you are trying to memorize to me above all things for you in the final important I have been lying for humanity and that when you read the Scriptures you might even be more a ball in the world even before you will want and Susan instituted a kind of recommend flying pig and a look at what the Bible teaches about the creation we as consumers want agreement with what Mister visited right here but the heaven and the earth and all the whole interface and on the life seven and his work which he had gotten in on the seventh day from all the workmen she had not been on the seventh they note that the repetition of the sleepier but God knows that he's going to run a gauntlet that the infant might become any he can from all this while work with monitoring and immediately noticed three things I don't intend to number one team recommendation of accusing the day in Missouri he sanctified and an barn they are need for all humanity will be more it was a single do you want to find to be part of the dynamics helping citizens is before there was sin in this world and it was so necessary for you you will like the more important and significant in a long world amen want to break into something else if you see something and do it now right here when not actually bless and sanctify the day on the Senate and window denoted this writer to Google about the Bible thing I hear them in the near than all the local organizing on the seventh day God ended his work with you non-US Olympic from all the work for which you are implying and finds him critically when not less than a day and what I think it might be convinced he was the most exotic communities and see what this is in direct the defense of the day his experience in the reason why you think of why did you add anymore is not like the quality of life experiences and things on this holy day and afternoon into experiences wonderful day if the platform that they were stolen away by the very end of a block with a model element to know something I'm missing one thing the thing is I think if I didn't regret this is going to be a special day if you want to remember when you want to see your children and youth it meant that when you restructure your mind that is increasingly long will all create environment tendencies I feel that environment right greater than I would fill it with our secret in the land he would fill it with land animal degraded and see you would know it with this is right with the birds this is him a will create mankind and was it when they want call them trying to sell something towards mankind matter the environment 's and what do we can discover in Scripture is that it will not only with mankind meant to be someone who would be part of the feeling of any kind of environment and mankind himself will leave the environment back on himself on the very next day when available with special time apart with him amen the reliant on printing this out it just because he was wanting to spend a special time with Adam and he'll boycott what do you have time what are the dynamics of all the things and vitamin D in every single human being in the desire to know more about God that does not meet on Wednesday or it can be desiccated that desire is still present and waiting until the alias of the desire we all imply that Iraq is still not satisfied but when you look at why bother is out in Watsonville man talking with a special kind of relationship and he doesn't even place it in mankind was the Temple of God and God himself would feel that Temple through the power of his Holy Spirit amen even if you think about the report systems for Commander in their daily sleeve in the ten Commandments remember that what they can always say he's a labor replica seven phase of the audit of the Lord your God religion commanded in his wonderful commandment so when you are looking at the onslaught you working more than just a log of oppositional statement you are seeing a beautiful law will a lot like the wind relationship is an one one one two hundred the first documented from representing our relationship and not in the last six commandments that represent our relationship to mankind I want to gather some of the sound Commandments interlocked and connected and we do the more dramatic where were able to bring the first four commandments and the laughing together is because a poor command of what the amount is the biggest amount and to hear the lions who God really is very interesting if not understood and putting in the DNA of mankind the dynamics of existence is the need for the sound that you look at what is going to biologists think more about this Villa developing science when they might be net weekly rhythms about the responsibility reasonable by human thought about many of our history does not in all once we realized that plant insect and animal other than humans also have weekly cycles biology therefore not Coulter is involving the source of our seven day we connected the biblical perspective a perspective outside the Bible it was only upset about this failing to affect the success of work reasons on the model imbalance irritability and other physical and mental systems biological clock one hundred twenty four hour cycle so that because the ninety one hundred twenty five o'clock we need to depend on longer seven a.m. if anything is done by the way there is an important team that attempted to change the weekly cycle and what they discovered is when they did the fighting itself will now it was similar that attempt to illegally five fully discovered that people were checking themselves into mental mental institution is not changed his will be entire dynamics of human existence we believe the Bible to my all United craving this is a unrest has been gone for all humanity and Guatemala to get back on him him to say a single thing he sanctified his teammate is holding the person that was recommended that Jesus himself he was out of work on this maybe a little bit review but I will be going over there I want apologies of what they did to people he limped forward to seeing you so he came to Nazareth where you'd been brought up and out this was a somewhat he went into the synagogue on Saturday to Saturday that twenty four hour special time life in Antarctica where mankind is brought into a special kind of communion with God in a way that Jesus is old to spend the Sabbath day was the goal on the Sabbath day and did the early church prisons I think you and you look at what theologians and right near the primitive Christian great veneration for the Sabbath day in the motion concerning and if not to be doubted but they derive this practice on the low locals themselves as appeared by double scriptures and the purpose of taking a look at this is my norm and I put another apology and the Gentile Christians observe also that so here we see anyone and don't even think that if people think about it but it was the early church that will even without it is certain that the agents out information with observed by the Christians of the user about three hundred years after our Savior in fact when you see command and this is in a region all cultures and languages you actually live in over a hundred and five language of the worker the family is connected to the word sounded sound and that using human Green Lantern he ran a person rising Hindi Italian Spanish and finally that this special day was breaking into culture culture and language are very united they're very connected what the prison culture influence the language and there you see what very big brother is out of commandment very interesting God is given now with all that was written in stone the water law of love God has given disease what is the business will be a special day in which we are growing in our walk with God and this is a great mouth o'clock and when you begin to think about it and have to take this and they apply to spend with Jesus as you go to church we really went on we read your mind when you do outreach all sorts of things on this special day and you won't mind that the rest that we all a lot better in fact was not understood by Christians even after in the second and third century Christian film also by other individuals as well we need to have the missionaries and actually contain Ethiopia housing years later they were attempting to proselytize apricots it was something there they found to field me about sentencing done that with their and what they discovered about this Christian kingdom in that they would keep me in the seven days that when asked in the classroom as a way to many problems you learn this and how you given a Sunday Sabbath they were quite shocked when they discover that ASH raising their that keep me the number one thing you feel being human isn't that what converted in the book of acts and half that point the Queen of Sheba very interesting this is what the nation that was won by Western civilization and using women in these the people receiving the ball and they came in there will be on it was while the undiluted and unadulterated by the rest of the line facing and what they discovered is that after the great discoveries of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries they became known they became known into the Criswell they were found observing the engine sound that is in fact of no little significant in consideration of the subject that you are quite interesting which had been so long way from the influence of temperature now I now we will bring a seven day out when you begin to realize that the law that the immensity of this law and the ramifications of this privilege was one time by Western civilization dot in the middle took his influence with Asus George's influence here they were they were still seated me the ten Commandments absorbing them and they found right here this will continue to yield me up with my visitation and they were asked wait a minute why are you keeping the seventh day Sabbath and what they discovered with this response because God happy they screech of the world which they have got what it called the holy of holy so that you consult a non- and not celebrating there up with great honor and devotion seems to be plainly contrary to God 's will and present her heaven and earth pass away sooner than his work and not especially since Christ came not to destroy the law but to fulfill it it is not therefore in invitation to the Jews in obedience to Christ and his holy apostles that we observe that day interesting footnote right here is that the middle-aged search the Roman church actually force them into submission and made them worship on Sunday Becky persecuted them because of this and forced them into obedience over this particular issue and they finally obliged because they were being persecuted about to go look at the Irish background might hear a lot of people believe that the thing happened with someone who might benefit out of the barn the reason why is because they were certain individuals during this time sorting on groups of people that were keeping the seven days out in the development of these use a Latin Bible unlike the Baltic and Saturday at the day of rest with special religious services on Sunday evenings been customary in the Celtic church is up early times in Ireland Saturday the Jewish Sabbath at the rest from labor they only want literally on the seventh day of the week is a remarkable when you begin to think about theologians of this Apple point range I think this is connected with a gilded signs of religion it is this concept right here the purpose of the Sabbath was upon mankind mankind 's attention to nature and science the study of all that God had created a new zeal community produces an correlation as he examined history when the Sabbath was removed by the early church the knowledge of Christ and his creation was silence in the Christian church early on in his brief disparagement of the fact that in the writings of organic hand in hand with the repudiation of the body and the neglected their attention to nature brown almost doing all it was all in part that ideological framework about the nature was lacking in court when the Sabbath was finally released by mankind not my God what happened this is the craziest thing is no longer a great regard for nature for the body for the organism that the Middle East to get where theology had supremacy and science was seen as something that was lacking something that is also very interesting that during the dark ages they didn't outlaw Baystate medical practices and it was due in large part to the ideology of the groundwork was laid for a millennium of indifference for the body and the natural world time developmental and unprecedented with it in matters of health and disease people not only let women understanding of health and hygiene and I think the kind of interest in the visible world red insights and with all because mankind attempted to change the way is what God said they would give the decline comes while the line of a on manufactures you can save warehousing to alkaline it you can find the most efficient and effective as when you use angels partly disabled after my departing there is begin to adjust things that you think going to discover in that vehicle is no longer Activision have that once it is going but the dynamics in existence the sound was meant to be bought dynamic but when the Sabbath was run the all of a sudden change this and other influences can you begin to find a world that was irritated stressed out and I'll will begin to develop into a climax on the dark ages when it taken this long ideology on the black way millions I was living little wiped out much of Europe was wiped out the Logan the researchers looked at that time in eight and a rudimentary basic health practices and countless millions but because of that coin ideology it was existing at that time because of the will without it because there was no difference in nature you have a religion that want nothing to do with science and eventually you will need to the French Revolution and eventually mainstreamed atheism which was a science I wanted nothing to do with religion and so you begin to see the effects when you log on to my bottle this install will everyone submit a bar you will about half why was it there in the beginning amen one commentator put it this way the present reserve immunoglobulin learning arts of civilization in a more intellectual paralysis falling upon Christendom they were a little something that was super important that was drawing mankind and nature on the creator had set up the villages and they want that sorry the minute it have looked at revealing increasing the one the world at that time at a contributing factor in the animal disaster will be attributed to the accident and what the random occurrence elegantly this was due to make them all the ideology it was man's attempt to change one hundred and because will the special institution that will provide him with information what will it lead to this kind of religious thinking and writing mankind from the and everyone helping on uncle with themselves they were trying to bring their brain into submission they were not care what happens in the body the Barnet assigned to take care of the body is a mentor that Emily Anderson with the Scriptures are teaching about the something about it that is laws that the respect not only the Creator but his creations and we are blown away in a problem right here when you begin to think about God Greenstein right now a deliberate experiment with me I want to signal things on the real I want to succeed breathing exhaling without inhaling and filling it with twenty two directly to the police okay ready here we go I felt present of it but settle a bit more on ready I wanted at health policy Center has one to be a four seconds very good and that's amazing but it's still amazing right now if you think about the things some interesting illustration ringer if all you did was exhale in Notting Hill what would happen to you eventually we would die right audience right now to think about this whenever God created things the biblical disputes is articulated that the Lord God formed man of the Dutch underground and what I filled his nostrils the breath of life right click demarcated by the word of the Lord for and all for what fontweight the universe into existence is to get the look of it even when Jesus and I needed this is what is right and when it ended he breathed on them and he said to them within the Holy Spirit reminded the assembled the Holy Spirit here is a direct creation and redemption is that sanctification is an imminent threat over and over and over and over and over again in the Windows live that when Jesus died on the plot he did okay as long as there is for all humanity will learn or do not do things reason is not just a redemption in the vehicle over and over his breath he has given up that special created our ability to pay attention to when you begin to understand this analysis something remarkable in this thirty one verse seventeen and says it is a problem in Saudi Arabia in the design talk about the seven phase out between me and the children of the Israel for ever in a difficult situation is one thing and the Lord me know what heaven and earth and on the seventh day he rested and what was rough press begins into something here about God 's Sabbath day to keep me that he himself was what broke for us on the seventies out of that is an interesting plan I think it bears talking about it the model is rendered before the birth well I think that you should do I worked on the use of RAM and a often your donkey may rest on the economy is the most amendment and the stranger maybe what price is greater than it is knowledgeably thinking exactly what the world is that what repressed me as a simple salt importance of finishing my here is wrong and why progressive means that want me to say what brought it was all gone all that thought did a debrief out as I was impressed by the word of his mouth and by the breath of his mouth over and over again and wanted constantly breathing out why these monthly breathing now creation is closely breathing out I think what the Bible says something anything that God himself actually will end up on the sound now we can understand if we can figure a way to manage the plot actually need to take a breath visibly absolutely not because the law but emotionally God inhales on the Sabbath day in other words see himself in the last in that special unique time when you and God come together on the seventh ASAP in an rest together in a special part of your relationship you see we have a relationship with God throughout the entire week amen not just one one one twenty week but every day but on the Sabbath we see set up on a 24-hour period what we say God this is definitely about you and me I thought we do all those things that honor God by Lexi says in Isaiah fifty eight it talks about not doing a pleasure speaking your word for doing your thing but the implication in your drink on splinter getting on where you doing God 's work and what they can place is that he will with the thought in your Sabbath keeping and we got some impersonal install revenue from all creation is almost like these is selling me that just somehow the world into rotation and losing end of completing the Clintons on that when you didn't Elizabeth Abdullah began to realize that God himself within timing and that he himself do in my normal what about this when even one manifest was when the father means as on the seventh eighth Avenue tickets are sold at anything on the long and the amount he will not let it upset because I want to hear what no words are on the goodness isolates is with you and commune with you what you are going to come in the abandonment of the day about you this is the day that the now gone and the result remarkable in that new perspective you can doubt how little database that is present at a font wants Lisa bless his heart beating Oregon to have built with millions of angels and rebels within humanity has broken his heart not have been affected by the rebellion every day he's also when you think about the countless tragedies and pains that are taking place as you yourself can you refresh the heart of God in the way you keep the sound it becomes all about honoring God and not your cell one commentator put it this way that Saban is a cold then what class that unites God and his was a people and its people we understand as the last few moments Jesus didn't really bless a lot of thought for Davis went to Jerusalem without you look at one ordinary Saturday Jesus right here and now there going to be bought and what he went into the synagogue on the lot that infuses it out want to do it amen anything up to repentance and it is not to go to church on the Sabbath he actually got involved amen I want your call to readers intermediate part of the heart take out on hand on the habit God wants you to be involved in a statement that is exactly what Jesus did something basic so you look at all the all right here as you find out what all been on the Sabbath and why the month of winter then import the resounding reason with them from the Scriptures and Paul himself is out to get a little bit on the Sabbath Jesus ate with people doing drugs and after the season actually went up anything can happen unfounded after that experimenting on the church Jesus went into the house of one of the chief merits easy bread on the one Saturday whenever Jesus was invited he was long to go into people 's home and so on the Standard Edition this special time of eating eating and worship are uniquely connected because you are putting things in your body and that's a very intimate thing in communion with God gives us the bread and the Jews because the representative something that we are putting ourselves right here so here we understand Jesus went to check on the status of meditation after work this easy time getting like this one the best things you can do is fellowship with one another in your something a lot of people that wait a minute isn't going to go out on the Sabbath is it okay for me to go out again in the mood at a restaurant maybe all you want to understand the limited something very interesting they want you to work nor do I want your donkey or box to work ladies and gentlemen what is of more value a human being our donkey and ox and I was want of daunting on where we should do everything in our power to try to prepare for the Saturday finally wins ability to remember a test on the damage that's what we did prior to the test a few days prior to the death of white wine you can prepare a very good preparation is extremely important for the sappy and when you do that you find the Sabbath day is a wonderful delightful temperatures on the special want to my house and biventricular resolver and during the him we are just now he is a wonderful time of fellowship and talk about all the good things that God has done for us and so we find that on the Senate they sounded on his blessed us in extraordinary ways as well to Jesus to understand the development and retention of this woman being a daughter of Abraham and now being a bit for eighteen years we lose on the database and see them that's about all day and he will somebody to bring them closer to God and freedom the power of Satan other than the one that sounded in indivisible not when you begin to think about this is that of all the days of marrying a Catholic that means want to the creator and forty one the power of Satan and Jesus said to be on the Sabbath day and probably begin to think about this Jesus also enjoyed nature views with them gone down and then he went to the nature the bottle said this about Jesus and that time seasons with the minefield on the one found it easy to question your New Testament was not whether or not you should keep the Sabbath the courts in the New Testament what how you should seem that bad UI design writer it was an adjustment was not whether or not using the most out of what and how soon you see the staff in ten seasons begin to free the Sabbath from man-made institution and other laws that were forcing the people into a very wide experience companies on the beauty of the Sabbath all of a sudden people rejoice and followed a minute Jesus himself took advantage of nature the Bible itself talks about all right here is what it is right near to all who are regular and on the Saturday we went out of the city to the Riverside area not to bobble Loma Linda that pesky talking by a method and talking about talking about the Riverside treaty back in you really may we sat down to the women went there all himself Daniel on the sap in the news on things that don't know why I is in the best thing that you can commune with God is on the Sabbath a delight and make sure with my good friends that he discovered the same truth and he was somebody who was learned was born about the Sabbath but he decided he wanted the one that he was acting walking into a fourth diesel these three or four men they are and they were painting things in the force actually count and Nancy was thinking what he's meant they were paid in one individual events in the teacher he was meeting out all these people and he was painting his beautiful picture all these trees had made sure he felt he was in a sense of individual event okay does it many many of the mathematical my friend said in August the money for it I'll pay the amount of the mountain another thought and run accident okay he did not want to bargain with the Degussa money arguments in a method you don't understand this is my sound here on visiting the painting is my friend and organist and the truth about the Sabbath the family had this random encounter he knew that God was speaking to him powerful God was calling him the incentive special pay up our work in progress and commune with God and bless the heart of God use this out it probably doesn't help etc. the management of the receipt wherefore it is lawful to do well on this outdated theories say that Jesus Oppenheimer the news is out to reach out to people in the heart of the book because he understood that it was about restoring man to the latest all is major and when you begin to understand all the powerful things that God is teaching us about the seventies out of I want to participate in math you begin to realize there is a God who obsess chaos for us hopefully once the weather in extraordinary ways Jesus knows about struggling on in other parts that are filled with anxiety and burnings and wall was the other people that want to know more about him want to follow and worship in the severity of their minefield all these things this is why doctors of the seventies and a special twenty four where your relationship with God can be magnified to an extraordinary level where you want to be drawn out communion and when you don't understand you will discover you are refresh ladies and gentlemen you might know this beautiful two is already but this is your first time maybe somebody will haven't really molded that the Bible is teaching you more this is a brand-new experience to altogether but if you are listening to these things because God wants to bless you and he knows what your experience is he wants to take that experience to new level anyone doing white ceiling to this temple of God is very special experiences in the seventies people say Lord I want to follow your commandments I want to keep that enable the according the Bible a man without henceforward a prayer father in heaven anything you globally don't understand all the details we just think you got your inviting us to a special 24-hour period where we can commune with you and what you are closer and closer to heaven father and prayed that he would answer questions and on our way things even Jesus name amen this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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