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8. The Enoch of India

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 12, 2014
    7:00 PM
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is everyone is somewhat salmonella is Wednesday night when things are quite unusual name you don't know what to expect on Wednesday night I know that right now I work prayer father in heaven we do thank you so much for this time right now God really is a powerful lesson that we need to understand but we just think you are a blessing brain drain output power of the Spirit is to open us the Scriptures for endless understanding what is the fear of the Lord of the beginning of wisdom as we just thinking out for this time in Jesus name amen amen and deny feminine how do you know how the media I Enoch the media I know that I get some methods to get one I hung my heart sometimes they tell anybody timeline and was impressing in the meantime we need to hear for today while you have your Bible you need wonderful when I view the government going to the Scriptures as a mad women having me questions about life he wants to say what one can say what he out life in communion with God I really believe that anyone I want everything for now my sister and thank you very much would it really interesting things about walking with God walking with God it was very interesting when I was a Hindu and it was something that I have learned in the new ideology prior to becoming a resident and was elected out in July life was a very interesting and this is what they will rifle it absolutely wiped out the entire world one man was made his family is at nomination remains alive and well all right but I will understand in a new mythology what I was letting out very interesting if you think of that will add a variety of cultures here we'll discover what led to integrate and women all over the world are doing is by denying faith at all one two hundred and seventy stories about different cultures around the world about everything like although there are many degrees of accuracy these legends and stories all similarities as well as a old man I think there's something else that needs to be noted and that is not the all mighty in various cultures is not just a worldwide flood story much of why anything in our power structure is defined in Japanese culture finding Indian culture found in South American culture and what you begin to discover is that there certain kinds of patterns that are very consistent in the entire world now why is that the Bible explained enough for right after God had destroyed the will live there what a shower that was real scholarly it was clearly what do they do not structure one structure built upon another start to build one another Simpson is one of the structure and after God confused the language and people separated anything to adapt to the various environments and with them is already meeting his reason which was a AWOL white blood the story of the Tower of Babel and I knew my various versions of it is in cultures all over the entire world in fact was also very interesting we'll find a garden of Eden story he cultures as well I was letting a good look at some research that will come is doing couple years ago there was actually a him we strive valid in law fully isolated in Western civilization and one of the reasons is what he sleeps on them and him or her back pain relief I had at the very origin they are called legit history they had a garden of Eden story where one of the individual 's intent is to partake in all of the food of the three and when he fell deeply into the software and his wife and then we can have pregnancy in pain you find a reminiscence of the Bible story as well there was a story of a missionary waxy would like to work with two different kinds of cultures in South America and there was war that was taken place between Geneva and finally when peace was established during this time the ministry between these two different five he was trying to ascertain why in the world once there this morning faxing taking place and what he ultimately discovered is that for all these drives is reading what you are in need install reading where the one man and an assortment more locked in a battle anyone tried believe me I thought what the defendants of the survey will finally enable in the defendant of the survey to the what and what is born of God 's ears as so finally you know me more was finally overcome and I went so you begin to find it on over the entire world and what do they reveal it when we'll exactly what the Bible 's teaching I have heard the worldwide flood and the Tower of Babel in an ideal world is separated and he can carry with them is really sending them to become more over time after generation after generation after generation generation all will have some kind of reminiscent picture of what the Bible clearly was telling us what has you with all about a man the gloaming and we don't have to go to other religions to find out frightening somewhat the truth it is a ridiculous rate is a God word amen to be doing tonight when you weakness sorry about the flat questions begin to come up in your mind and what in the world could have taken place as long as you will one time to be destroyed by a worldwide flood what's very interesting when you're reading a story in Genesis chapter one anyone all the way to Genesis chapter state as you begin to discover a very unique kind of history is the best article very well what he is after the Bible describes the generation that were visiting more than what is going on about how I was finally in the Bible and very little about the people before the blood actually blogging community is that what we did things taking place and if you are not to be Nancy to the point where God no choice but to wipe out the entire world for all of human existence in this comes when a question in what sort of things will do that he can raise your general races that will want to move in a second direction to bring about a moral why where God himself had to activate anything in the document and claiming the world the more it would utterly destroy humanity will want to discover more about that I wanted to rewind and want to go back to the fall of mankind we look at the first created man what was the main reason domain Adam right and what was this one him he was five for the first man and the first woman because of their designs question Adam saying she went missing what will the garden and they are outside the barn he made his will something interesting to know that Adam had a son what without a son playing ways and on saying right and staying with his first son he also had another son what was not fun and able right the Bible describes as a was somebody who was a work in the field and table was somebody who tend in the CE bullhorn they were bringing that worsens and on and what happened if one was exactly because it was according to what God had given the instructions at any however please was rejected and in response to numbness in my to worship him he was okay and we actually will his brother Abel feel them and then went on to say and what we can safely in a turns away from law and this is where our story picks up and configure mile west of the Genesis chapter or different R yes these gems the first sixteen Jim R starting with verse sixteen payment Genesis chapter four verse sixteen one rewind a little bit but of course thirteen say something to the point got to contain and how to spend it with about vitamins are taken up now not contained but the Lord my punishment is what greater than I can bear outlets to rewind a little bit on first and actually is when documenting that there is anything you know what your brother 's blood cries out to me from the ground so now you are cursed from the ground just like old and is now to receive your brother 's blood from your hand when you till the ground you shall no longer what I sealed into strengths even if you get it and a lot back upon use of the owner noticed that can't be disciplined right thing and that because of your sandhill going to be a vagabond and your going to be a fugitive that ladies and gentlemen what is a dynamo one one there will have no tea would be amusing to the Bible and God then confronted Cain a little bit more containing a name I want to think about this the Bible is essentially telling that he was given a mark on and that he would be a wonder on underwear see one network I rests the Bible tells us in Revelation chapter fourteen old warship leaves more enemies have no grass and with the winter seen the light changes is something I want one that will be repeated monologue stalemated because they're rejecting the grace of God now want to see what happened when taking feelings in presence of God whatever sixteen then came out from the presence of the Lord to open the land of what not working on me wondering what outside the presence of God is only wondering breathlessness consulting with experiences of this is the mouth of Max and Cain knew his wife she conceived and bore enough she built the city and called the name of the city after the name of his son Enoch Enoch was born here and he rather met Emily on and what we get Methuselah and Methuselah God maybe for sightseeing and then blaming them for himself to I the name of one was made and the name of the secular Villa you know more table D1 the longer both involve intense about why saw no legitimate engines it is Wednesday and half of child is often different than other children which can other children and other children know what is very interesting it is only insincere on about what we can break the chain and begin to rapidly multiplied and predictability are not mutual war and on the name location shield me what you will discover that has changed children's name is actually not very knee-high the meaning that means you another means to live in Miami and here you intervene because of one person who is doing an entire heritage for an individual that would be one of financing on raisins and almonds you may not realize it but the decision easy only Jesus Christ of the films are generation after generation after generation after generation and here you have in the story and someone was rebellious Sonata a rebellious against God and Italy to entire family entire generation and hence ultimately rebelled against all consulting was laughingly building is really what he will do the same time having an salmonella son and they let that happen while you call the name of the Lord and Hillary still goes in and about eighty people were very wicked and very talented at the same time you build your very quickly very rapidly and then you have offended would stay away from those wicked people will take place over time they intermingle and all the white just as I had to work out and stop the will think it over the planet that is now fully all the way down and all of a sudden there was no standard for the argument is and the entire world will begin to fall into darkness why is one man's as anyone mounting out of my way I relate my immediate left if you are currently very interesting to what somebody who is all of this to you imagine that in the Muslim will see his children were now seems he sealed his own density generations and the grandchildren and all because of sin see you on not to have attempted to reach all these people as an old man several generations later communicate with these people apparently he's an old man in the call for all of this problem of an old man walking through the clarinetist will delete all and we are trying to make them to go back to not continue imagine the sorrow and pain he must've felt seeing all children about a human being I fondly live in that I thought would come in themselves into transgressive it was built on land that was because I was very minimal compared to everything else is like an old man going through the various generations is that various people today is I trying to tell them about all the reasons for not trying to point them out to the barn and reunion with the very visible and everybody still rejecting him and we asked him to kneel imagine the more animal found trying to fix the wall that started because of his transgression of the elderly people in the church and elderly people and they want to follow because they themselves have seen in years and say and everything the rain will of rebelling against God and they're trying to make people in the bleeding within all seem to forget a son happens expanding on the hundredfold one nine hundred year flood is an old man passing generation after generation after five after not the people the children began to rub out and anyway I thought about this myelin spilled on Adam struggled what had been a mountain coming down to the end of his life will be here in New Orleans yes as he is about the remorseless about the Bible also describes that in the generation of those who came from the minimal and that while there was a particular individual figure model all the way to provide the mercy seat is something very interesting but I will begin to describe something so even if you really think about it is because it is something very powerful right here in chapter five starting with four things a bit of the lineage of the godly people now remain in the net of all the multiplying women if I was taking place as Jim is my son with her safety he went one hundred year one hundred and sixty years in the enough another kind of enough people knocking on Jared lived a hundred years and have sons and daughters also all days and Jerry Moore was a nine hundred and sixty two years and he died about the directly one of the mouth is right here him and him to five years and Mozilla Avenue me not liking it a lot why went on three hundred years and on and on earth and all the days of Enoch were three hundred and sixty five years Enoch walked with God and he was not forgot something if it wasn't now living in raw and much older than that they will remain a course I got to the legitimate sentences because it is something very extraordinary thing is genealogy all the godly people about in the time of this rapidly multiplying making it that would eventually bring about what white this document will need to see something I wanted to have the Bible subscribing the genealogy of the righteous people in the Bible and humankind in a significant holy things it magnified on one of my kinsmen and the Bible says in the name of the Gina and the Bible as soon as we thought something over a comparable more pigmented like holidays humankind from the thriving something and when he was able to my lips and said that it was a way to the other interesting when you read the Scriptures as the Bible talks about the people who served on the momentous people with a thing like their insulin levels are not all even if I will say that someone will be no honor I'll be the midline of soul and soul all days of his life will be on normal religious dynamic will actually have to specially submit in connection with God the Bible would describe their relationship in Mary Louise the Bible talks about a you will find the thought of allowing this I told him as he saw God face to face and these are terms in describing and evaluating a relationship that will be on to normality of everybody else's relationship with God in them I was honing in on your individual living with you and these are people according to identify disabled question was more than just wanted you as a kind of connection with what do you want with all in almost communicating an idea that is what somebody who have this release is still kind of relationship with your family maybe on anybody else's relationship with God and the question is unreasonably following on worshiping God serving on our team with God and relationship to do and what anyone is actually to be how are you satisfied with way more you craving more I really believe that in this uninhibited discover some very interesting principle about this very unique man who did not see what the Bible actually say I took him and their fundamental right now anything had a half we see in the verse is a little of what you want to real-life implications no more soul and you know what I want one commentator said right here in the lives of the network and even half as annoying as I shortly after the time of the Lilith and Adam Enoch he learned the story of the ball and then sharing one of the great acting upon it and he relied upon the difference but after the birth of his firstborn son do you really want to reinstate fired in the withdrawn until will you will have to realize more fully his own obligation and responsibility at the front of God and resolving child upwards father is able to in his protection and the Delta deep yearning tenderness is always my first born son he learned he was just letting the wonderful love of God to man handed to them here and the confidence to children of God they will in their heavenly father will begin in mid- evening on Babylon my wife became the subject of his medications as day and night and with all our room is full of automobile that will do the people among whom he will the Bible tells that the mammography and when he had him as he began to walk with God something to happen and walk with God or the relationship is not bejeweled and extraordinary level and what was that it was the birth of his own son Matthew looked upon as a child a whole new picture of God began to immerse one that he can not that prior to this experience in genealogy was describing all the right defending himself but welcome I was also pinned pointing right here to him that he makes one of his relationship with God went to a whole new level after his son was born the implications are awesome and you begin to think about this I do not look upon his old self and salt helplessness of this title then maybe I will totally depend anything up on the moms on the parenting enough in and recognize the law of God and he was seeing how God looks upon his own children William John I want you to understand something the first step in the region this is our home in connection with God is this you need to ask God for a bran new picture of him and asking for a brand-new potential for brand-new revelation of God that you have not previously experienced what he will be getting to see if more more a little that is apparently great announcer look upon people of all will be drawn to it at this principle that is ultimately Scripture will awaken will have to see what clear and accurate picture will be in the character of God and in the righteousness of Christ your heart will automatically naturally be wanted not anyway that you have not previously exist Experian is different in a you will be sure upon as a missile now nothing to think of you all the thing you want to help for what I am saying is why many ways many leading kinds of ways really aspects of these characters are cute they may not be aware of the when you begin a family one zero view the revelation of who you are bottomless early Wednesday as and when we grant fifteen he will be taken off further in your relationship with God what the Bible say about you know what Vanessa 's experience of his son being born on the mouth it has been the example in prescribing and I Enoch was taken away and not the one and was not bound because God had taken him for before he was taken he had this testimony that he will be one ravens on this with now and it is in all please send for illegal but God must believe that CIA and other you will believe in the job when you examine graduation for economy since I think there are two things I want to run for the rest of your life think of what exact the number one there is not a sentiment as a number do you want him I don't want to remember these things for the rest there is not genuine I didn't have the Holy Spirit will probably stand for anything God is in a creator amazing I was looking after him I was wanting to go into a deeper walk with and that he is seeing in every water on the whole who diligently do in an otherwise you leave me one morning and I needed this kind of experiment we want to believe on him and thought until we looking up at him I believe he will leave me if I want to do good for you and believe me and I want to do good for you and he'll do anything zero not what we and the experience is extraordinary when we believe in the goodness of God that God is always getting in some ways on something that has the latest on file in what something that I hadn't thought always been exhausted in and anything that that is definitely more than just a beautiful picture of the we need a strong crying and begging the Lord to open up the Bible I believe you're going to bless me on the marble is both a and b are there to me and depending upon what we believe will say well ha ha wow I just read how the Amalekites were destroyed by the book of Psalms and him trying these the night was a lot if you're there let me leave the ER claim was much different and a dog I will ignore there is one point to open up the Scriptures do not want me to work right here and he is a reading longer will diligently seek him I thought one was a meeting with you and you are after him and he may have been experiencing the Bible tells the extraordinary experience is where the belief that he wasn't that is in a mind things they invented that the Bible to get something else about you and your mom will do to find out what health do not experience your limit of June interesting book Martha pays the page and you write a note after we're going to do starting with verse fourteen June is like for the book of Revelation one thing that has where learning that Enoch had a brand-new picture where learning that he not had faith in the third thing I want to be with your patrons and admit it you look at verse fourteen now you not that informative atom will guide about these men although thing in the whole law law .com click one ten thousand innovative and execute judgment all things and they all were involved among them of all their ungodly deeds which they committed an ungodly way and all the horse things which ungodly sinners have spoken against him is there something that you need to pay attention to and how to fit it in on all we have no defense is a lot about whether rightly or then there's another invitation and I have gained knowledge on going to come back within Angel to see will and is in the weight room on the second coming Enoch was somebody will you believe in what is what happens if people are vegetarians know that maybe today is a Junior LeMoyne is consistent in that one simply moving in the second coming of Jesus and who thinks it's any of you believe in the second coming of Jesus and you're excited about it sure is that man exists and you believe in the thinking and wanting to did not have this experience is and what do you believe anything coming up and I thought that the Lord will come with everything you have anything coming in and anyone living at a time when Xenu is about to come upon the world what God revealed to have been ended with that in their last sixteen gigabytes until all is that the Lord is going to come back in the extraordinary way what is going to be one of the greatest human population history laden and gentlemen for those who are living in this is so high we are winning and hairy exciting pivotal moment there are things that are happening in our world today what religion is recognizing something for anyone with our planet is not to allow people who go to church just not sociologist who can see something wrong with side him all the while and not something inherently wrong with this planning is no longer what do you want in your new patterns of denial when you are thinking like a cataclysmic event and every happening anyway the place it almost becomes law all in the living went to see whether something and this is something that is very legitimate and credible what you are saying right here something all the doom and law enforcement may seem like something cute and indolent extreme something some fanatical group topic came up with Ashley the group that came up with it in the very interesting the atomic bulletin of science is what this vision is a lag time theme of various kinds of scientific thought without I'm fine with one of the founders of this group now that you have the law individuals that have hung together and had an long all the things that are taking place in our world and how will you will is as of two thousand twelve places the cloth by millions to min wings and junkies on Black Friday is the lamentable credible science as well no individual is taken into account all the things that are happening politically all the things that are happening with technology all things are happening with the client with biology all things are happening in the world Young submitted a instability and putting it all together and finding the clock and with this clock based upon where they determine how they fit into women representatives of the world really is can the individuals along with into the organization you are not willing to yes you know so far two thousand twelve week mark I minute he said what do you say that this is going up to date and the challenge of the written world of nuclear weapons and nuclear power is nearly inevitable climate of something from global warming alarm complex is connected in a complex problem and will dizzyingly happy life challenges political as it seemed wholly inadequate the potential for nuclear weapons he was getting regional conflict in the Middle East North East Asia and South Asia more alarming favor nuclear reactor the evening will build more stringent oversight training and attention are needed but with two thousand twelve to update in two thousand fourteen from a fugitive after the pace of technological solutions to address climate changes may not be adequate to meet you you are still disruptive climate for ten this is my weblog when you begin to really think about this these are individuals is another corner thing in the world and be the reputable scientists and mental health our public school and saying he'll will is starting to add for this very alarming and something very wrong with this plan unable to identify a series of problems ladies and gentlemen the legal regular one hundred and ninety what this gives is already saying he wanted to open a Google they can read Matthew twenty and then I find that the written record of all the things are happening in the world today and when my friends when it wasn't thinking anything about the incoming talk about all the size of the time the things that are happening in the world in math and openings that have no idea that I had fun with hecklers him as individuals as you know what I have read this before my parents are saying saying is that saying you guys are always saying this world is going to and is not an preventive something very interesting this is so you see one of the signs of the newness of Christ and the massive one kit absolutely and easily zillions of the book of Peter and their Bibles will will will and will think when you and the man he read he sat down to his nonstop for the rest of the series it is at runtime people are saying and we miss the one in Atlanta happening in the nuclearization of what Peter said to me when I was coming to an initiative and a half when we were in recognized that this payment and that was in the Bible tells as we walked right immediately where everything that we don't need to open an immediate dramatic full release agreement and undermining the great phase of rebuilding or so I will even be survived and the Bible does tell us be more cool be careful study of the Scriptures understand what is taking place before the end of the world is clear and we don't have to be afraid in the end of the world may not have begun all means in that Jesus is coming back for anything obligated at him and this is something you don't believe me believe in everything and anything I have an agent of any solvable I now have a say in another filing unnecessary necessity and time while we are closer to becoming that had a generation flyer is we are the only way for the event definitely taken place when in season that think illegal momentum and we know what was seeking about your baldness sign that we need to know more and more clearly with them I would say that the sentence are going to get stronger you get a very very small hall things about the second coming it was approximately up to you that really throw people off because what happened is that individual relied upon the Pharisees and fantasies for instruction about how limits I would sell and this is my result in a very whiny and humble manner they were blown off here we are willing to the second time the incoming time and in the weather and the Messiah and let us eat away at these going to answer people right I level what I said one day seminar the secret rapture is not even knows about it is an you will knows about it and let us know that when Jesus comes back to the community and hopefully many and without the great resurrection is one of those away when they love this lady is longer ladies you are going to want to see the kind of way that would get there and I didn't see when the deacons got there to get there where the exact things out without the blue path is to come up with the money and he was exactly right in that placement yeah every Saturday switch over to a everyone knows this woman at somebody who was always there every Saturday morning early and handheld beacon to make sure that we get the early thirtieth out of school at the life and anyone is going to come in Georgia Nancy is right there is a full-time season sitting there waiting for everything to thought this woman had to come to church for several years everyone knows that she is what happens is that one is waiting for someone to come up to be dangerous assumption the North Hamilton and Madison will be walking and once again in a few something and he comes all the way up to the ones looking who is my years of voice and exhibited indomitable this will let you know something I am Jesus come back for my people and anyone he saw me from having and will will him and he announced himself as an passive man is pontificating on why he is the Messiah now every time the model everyone doesn't know what to do some people are looking for the help those other people are looking for the pastor and are all God and man here and there they will want something always an elderly woman's man she stands and she said are you really see the never once taken I had it in the notes he's been going to church too long on the exact same view and one that I really do that in the masthead of courts and the woman said that humor of violet light than I do anything of course I wrote the Bible what do we have an awesome he says okay as is one of our colonial finance funding through the violence event anomaly in the New Testament and so have been going to force the polonium is that I want you to read a verse of Archimedes is going to first the colonials as therefore as though he wants to avoid an energy that I want to just go with you could you please mean that the man who is as all right this is the word that I have written he begins to be studying for this we thank you might aware of the Lord me that we will live and remain until the coming Lolo will by no means precede those who are asleep for for the Lord himself will is one heaven with a shout with the boys club in on Angel with an assortment of long and that inclines will rise first then all of a sudden he looks up at that woman that will no longer 's Island and she says it is writing here note shall see him and he said Friday here are no longer days and he said but have not risen from the grave see him and the man realized he was gone will the Bible we walked out never to be seen again is raising to him when he does if there is an increase in all parts of appointment while it is possible to live the American people that's why we need to understand the time that we are living in bilingual beats you honestly want home and there are even happening wall and are you feeling about how we can then hang out later that it is one of the things even more now in somebody who think honey is the second coming and if you want to meet someone will likely happen in this one really is the Bible tells another thing about you Final Fantasy had and it was after this I was going to begin to walk with to deal with this on blameless will write those of the very interesting individual some commentators point out that his name means and he was everyone's waiting I think so we do know that feeling all the way to the time of flight and he with whom I bought Lehman to help build the ark with Noah was very remarkable to get a family law is not that it really doesn't lose a lot of and not as an Enoch lived his life in such a way and he sold his family development and participate in any time you do with developing a generation that would handle the world at that time often time believing around me just a limitless and the timeframe what a lot of our founding finale but even with only a handful of family fun and maybe open him up in such a way that it was tantamount to talk on saving the climate will make anyone remember different ways ladies and gentlemen we've gone from a family in themselves will be on this are called servers anything that is and this is something God wants you to raise your family to become a part of the Navy doctors will at whatever their professor maybe we need to raise our families so that they understood the cause of building up a job in what they need to participate in and of themselves enough range of fun to have an older title of walking with God be with somebody you want is the time e-mail on Noah built myself a way to an army of analysis really now what do I live on the career that they haven't educational choices they made by God 's grace I will spare no sadness no moment to see that they have the greatest spiritual opportunities available means I have to get out of the hole so that they can go into the education grid and is in an amount not name is amazing that they can play a little of it my point is that I'm going to get that money so they can participate in the work that we do not other people I will spare you want to be one of my children participating in the event had taken place as a limiting about family and the opportunity that an enemy now we ask ourselves are we raising a family that is going to be in or raising a family is going to live in the present tense that belong to the world and as soon as the pressure on available light back into the world and they would be some of the worst persecutors of those who are still in the church it up with some unusual happens we understand that he was on your new venture brought at how local kind of faith we understand that enough crazy family and the second coming in the next thing means one of them inoculated the way the family for the time that he was living in and the law is not the individual that anyone to the point of my believing in one law and was not all in all handling minded in the field no losing his house the owner the chameleon more and more and reaching out to the people of the world is enough to influence upon a dying world awakened on what kind of needlessly delaying upon this world will be one where your presence is whether we celebration because you enough with somebody that met a powerful mark upon the Angelou VMware it was interesting he and various kinds of men and women all over the world and backgrounds that have relationship with God that is powerful and the will of God is present upon their face is individual school when they share you can see the love of Jesus flowing out of him in Hesiod there is a particular legend of story a real story that has been surrounded now by a lot of superstition even a lot of Hinduism is already policy mad his name is signed to sunder seeing this individual will the young age of fourteen in addition of the home wanted to impress his friends when they meet in the Bible and run the thinking that would really impress his friends and gain some notoriety familiar on a reputation in that insider community but what happens if one day I went home on the strange tension in his heart could not resolve as he was in his home will one night p.m. to six various ways he believed God 's will and thought and why do you seem to me any famous heart for God somebody was baptizing when he was baptized he was pronounced by his family for his commitment to Christ but this man decided he had tested this powerful experience of God will not deny Jesus anymore even identifiable all the world a even attended seminary for a brief moment this individual had been called to pick out some things that were really off when he shared a love of Jesus in and no one was able to obtain this individual the one where Western-style clothes and introduce them to the environment and he is loaded with Hindus and witnessing is about the love of God and about the Scriptures oftentimes he was persecuted slowly and people expecting them to die sometimes a kind of the state and I can leave them there for days one was starting a new middle night the wilting Lindon and there was was present in the food and then as not to startle his aunt those who are residing everything artsy put his hand on the pulse and somehow his hands were bound this was an individual many people would say while he was oftentimes walking around in the force be with the wild animals around him all this internal conflict of interest to me doing one thing and that is individual I was signing him up on Wednesday reputation all in the was very laughing that recorded about and if this demand is a clock over the mountaintop where you witness to several Buddhists and never came down right here to say that this individual was transferring we have no idea if that's true there was no body was found the blues on the other side never said he never change what is disappeared it's a remarkable ladies and gentlemen there are people all over the dog all over the world were walking with God 's work while we got to the library they have a loving Jesus and showing the wonderful news of the Bible there I had been so transformed by the love of God a great more and more of who God is to deliver this powerful quote right here and always measures around me about any human being is so weak that he may help with you may think yourself circumstances had changed you said you change you and you can break free and is uncertainty about holding circumstances showed created our determination to overcome them they met at the breaking down of one variable get greater ability in courts of the Lord for us with determination in the right direction and circumstances will be your helper and not your hindrances readmissions for the Masters glory will call and great character in every phase of your character building you are complete inhumane you can leave them the left in a latent domino we are living in a worst-case liquid that when the next in this book and there are he is in this hour day ladies and gentlemen each one of us privilege and opportunity to walk with God amazingly I will say so little about the negative implications are so powerful that are there and Enoch walked with God and was not forgot to the amazing part of this whole story here is this was somebody who Adam Lynn to see Adam was somebody quickly someone's death and decay in front of beautiful large can see all this is why they call one of his posterity the child by the name of management and intervening the Bible says something very remarkable monument and that is why with God the only time you hear that phrase while it is with God and the most amazing part of this is that atom C allele to see somebody in one of the final generation we aim the chameleon with a lot he himself had only one more thing in the life of the panel is only a limited sense is see what long enough to see more while I believe Donovan Panama somebody will solve the face of Christ's any live long enough to see the life of one man would be the first human being when entering to have me in the face of God raising gentlemen UNIX life will have life Adam lived long enough to see that there was still little or humanity and install in the life of one man by the name of the math out of clothes if I knew that there could be more like ladies and gentlemen each one of us have the privilege to go beyond where we are at our we have the privilege of walking with God extraordinary way to commune with God in a way that we had never done before to experience him life is the world and prepared for what is coming and we were seeing here regardless of your circumstances and surroundings and seeing ladies and gentlemen have the exact same opportunity as anything Delmon God is asking us questions he asked to have where our new were you out with your walk with God in a relationship and what is your connection to God when he thought is calling us and he is not going to Las Vegas him will meetings as they are bad just having an airliner every day in which God commune with our Creator and desire more of his duty and his love ladies and gentlemen regardless of where you are asking your spiritual condition but also how sure you may feel our house is the only field God is calling you into the sea experience making common people say Lord I want to be like the one along with you I want to know you are who you are someone who is not as willing to listen our heads forward a prayer father in heaven means you got meetings Lord we are not sinners we have no power in ourselves to walk with you God but we are praying for you but he wouldn't get the same experience as times and transfer some vision in a daily walk with you we want to pray and ask God that our relationship you swallow it will grant me today we would take is in heaven is all about we would dwell in a heavenly atmosphere is my disciple those who are struggling those who feel that they are is any change in Lord midday meal note levels are maybe human race for them tonight and the call their own heart him closer and closer to you as a life as soon as in this class is not along with you as we were building tonight thank you God Jesus family during this media was brought by audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more certain the visit www. .com universe .org


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