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9. A Poisoned Lottery Ticket Winner

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 13, 2014
    7:00 PM
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anyways gentlemen always start with a word of prayer lesson by God the more the specified listening at our first priority father in heaven we do thank you for this wonderful time thanks for the music thank you you are the only one that truly satisfies the human marvels Jesus we pray that you would be similar in that you would grip parts a mighty way I thought we were afraid that if we reach down from heaven that he would hold less and may leave you will have been in a coronary heart mind we just think even how the Holy Spirit is we pray just a special lesson on tonight in Jesus name we pray amen begins a sum much for coming on the restoration series and this is your first line leaving coming consistently thank you so much we are not really left us here at Loma Linda and we know that just a few days remain just tomorrow night and then we have Saturday morning something in place that afternoon 's placement is entitled or even lottery winners poison lottery written low winner well and presentation were to be slowing some very interesting things you know a lot of people have questions for God a lot of people a lot of always does I guess I could appear before God I would ask you one question was when you have it and I gave you five minutes with him and had out any question you one question is what is sin with you now this is something a lot of a lot of fancy wandered what I will well known a healing philosopher was really into analytical lot analytical philosophy with somebody who deny the presence of God and I'm not even exist to win after question what would you do if you want to appear before God one day what would you say to him anything that God and it is believed that a new or interesting about the lack of evidence is really the suppression of evidence that in the human heart another individual Albert Einstein without question one time what would you ask God if you would have just one question and I would ask him how the universe began and is the reason why you think that the answer to that question will answer the question why I exist today and I see another Lynette Larry King one-time voices when asked if he knew anybody that I interviewed Jesus anything I would ask this question were you virgin born anything the answer to that question to answer all the questions in life Lee Strobel was a hit-and-run accident became a Christian well-known Christian apologists and he actually hire an appointment to do on surveys and find out what kind of questions that people when sentencing percent of the people I met with long standing would ask this question why is there suffering and pain in the world today and very interesting musing about the why what is human after all was Lindsay last night you had five minutes with him busy all the junior also some license all different types of answers on one visit is right in the Bible there was one man who had a similar encounter with God as he is writing to ask you some very interesting question is but before we go to work with he actually thought I was with you in the story right here this man right here he is pretty obvious right I like you always discover what's happening to Indians in America honey you can tell by my sermons about this man his name is new I see what somebody nastily won the lottery last year very interesting story this individual forty six years old one day he was not re-examined in America the Saints was able to get into the dry cleaning business had a few different dry-cleaning businesses this individual when they walked into a store bought a lot addicted and slapstick and discovered C one million dollars he was so excited he is in the court one hundred dollars to see is in the article bank fees on bureaucracy walk right back with our pennies out of a job we walked into the eligibility one one million dollars in the left and see when whole people is why he was so excited about it to my father-in-law over know what was interesting was what was in place weight on last night 's team ways Wednesday nights later he went to his bathroom and coffee and you will you and you may feel very sick and I hit house very sad to think about this window one million dollars think that it's a sexy lonely now I wonder thousand dollars but nonetheless that the large amount of money that I select this as I do not begin to take place something was not right about global thingies this window will remain the family was leaving over this tragic time the man just one a lot I have the unfortunate circumstances a place as well there seems on the detectives and that is something physiological and so the detective Dennis is some kind of on call as to what is now denied in his body somebody asked the now the mystery is nobody steel mills in this day this is in place last year in December of two thousand thirteen in the thing with the final one third went to the window and two thirds went to Madonna Nolan Wells who was the one that was actually responsible in any hands but nonetheless it remains on the record as was pointed using about this is one million dollars is absolutely positively in your family he's trying to kill you man boundaries of our doctrine of the story to discover how connected it to see what would it take the level of domestic ability as a write-down February take a while you want to alarm about a very important individuals who want to have to think how to live on Friday afternoon the Bible talks about this individual dingo model a little more much here they are going famous name and that is very fast and I just said is a all right in there now they met in any event and much in the little about this right here and now he was going out on the road noticed this was just talks about Jesus if anything is going down this random role like this is is is is easily single-handedly S&L ethanol how I always thought we were visited in doing so apparently walking down the fellow is a human activity with blessings and children sleepwalking out this will allow the next one came running in the hole of losing them in it once a young man in the whole Matthew and what they will bring you that it was downright cooler is in writing the reason why he was whining is because there was something origin on his heart was running to you wanting to attack you wanted to give less than right as individual entities is that it turns into the next theater with him I will send that D1 D now the Lord and Brian went to the question about and asked him to do what I do that I may inherit what internal life so far as we can tell about this young man it is like in a respectable person is easy and my company with great reverence it seems as if he didn't like somebody whether you are getting on top and you have a question economically let you know there is a point in this man allowed to be walking down the struggling day when this man so excited about seeing instead I'm going to ask this very why I want to ask the question and then that it concedes or what's it like you that I may inherit a journal life out of all the questions in the Nassau demeaned as involving the most important question is human after all activities in the way my answer and an end the question is above all the other questions as well on the heart of this man is young person he wanted to know how we can obtain the greatest gift of all and I was quite consult the very wifely duties as him very humble very very sincerely that it seems as what do I do that I may inherit eternal life but also wanting to pay attention to the way he asked that question is a big charade something about the man's understanding of who Jesus really was that he called them what I do user very interesting you may believe that Jesus was clearly not the user impracticability is on our thinking is even said to him why do you call me no one is going to align with what John did Jesus say don't call me yes enough no you cannot be a question and I will enjoy the there is only one that is that if you live in other words are you calling me know what are you doing me five hundred reports and findings to begin with this young man he sure all who he really is he starts the season when I called don't you know you will need to call me all he was trying to correct the math gym and seeing if I will do this really while a lot of people just thought season for the procedure of his father saw he was a great map I be more likely when the son of God and of themselves wonder why since the beginning that this was the Messiah then they learn this was the whole thing they learned this was the son of God can even begin to understand the resurrection of life years later that they want to talk on himself he is a one-man sin the thoughts that will easily we winding anyone saying anything about the incident moment that they have you anymore nor their understanding begins to unfold as young men Steve began his little ethanol that we live in fully understand everything that they can play so you have questions in the argument and inherit eternal life Jesus replied what you probably got there only one and then do not want to do the next because it's a remarkable you know what commandments do not commit adultery do not murder do not feel do not bear false witness do not defraud honor your life father and your mother in fact when you read the Gospel of Luke and exit with five of the last six of the Commandments the one that whacking on the whole experience in the last command that they now sell not coming what is the difference between the amount in the other nice amount of this is the one commandment that uses the title actually handles and being in the heart and mind of man even will do that when I have not commanded to commit adultery in the fourth commandment is still not coming the last command allowing entrance into the very heart of man and although this individual is very sincere seem like a very humble guy Jesus understood that was the only commandment this man was breaking his heart and his mind was not right before God that is little to do with justification and expanding what it is trying to help them understand and simple way and one way and the life of sitting on the heavenly kingdom the heavenly life is really all about the Jesus said to them and when you already know the ten Commandments twenty fifth okay at the list on the last day obviously nebulae philosophical or because he understood a thing as the model right in fact when you read Revelation chapter twenty do you find out that the people who are outside the kingdom will have five or more violations of the last six commandments then they are for the first four consortiums these is beginning to talk to him he began to lay out to him where this man he began his law or continuing as well and it's very interesting how the young man apply to look at the responsible young man any Anthony's acting as he and my wife knew the young man that we ever since he was a young person anyone else a person the a lot anyway feel many money you or anybody ever since he was young person he was trying to understand what the dynamics of the spiritual life in his mind it was okay how are you single easily believe that teaming the ten Commandments was awake and see what not in the original question that makes sense if no obviously you something more than just even the enough when the original how can I inherit eternal life because he was still something missing in the something truly understand even Jesus and hit a tendency to look at him and one saying a few DVDs available yes I know exactly what it is I will what you really him but what is so interesting is what about this right here right now is all the things I've done ever since I was the Bible says something very extraordinary and glaucoma dependencies of looking ahead and more stamina like to do the following hundred and is about that of course you sure about that I will wisemen was there another kind of response taking place in other words why wasn't this moment his lot was flowing with more love this person it was because the young person was one team nor have if you want to know what really the heart of God if you will know what really makes the heart of God smiled what really happened is in the heart of God is when people want more and what is this world consumed in this young person as he was not satisfied and I'm only doing the main and Jesus looking at him thinking here to find a person who would be a wonderful citizen of the kingdom will not say finally I don't exactly what it is all what you are you thinking about the next one thing you will want anyone stealing him away from the kingdom only one thing this is not a thing not quite sure why he won playing one thing he says one thing lacking is only one way can you imagine that they are now funding is one hundred and eight with one thing you will want to do the one thing you lack going away sell whatever you have is for anyone what I want follow me wow Jesus Jesus Lindsay of instruction the court and when it he will gladly enact them I will simply say Jesus and then you have follow my instructions going away so whatever you think of your blog and follow me all the time four answers a question that we have in our life for now things that are taken place is seeking provided we give the straight answer that we want God will give us as soon as those instructions are to lead us into a journey where are you becoming more significant in the spirit and soul and I see it would seem the answer to the situation he is and what if he is living and want to carry out his instructions and a half young man's reality instructed he would've realized one thing that he was duly laughing that was not satisfying him anymore he was in the limited number what is hung really is what was missing from the walk with me when I realize what I had been instructed in the news is however not call somebody a is always open to all your friends are all things that you will in particular situations the things that were hindering the man on thing that you identify as follows you don't want to live in a culture today when is a looming in the studios behind the phrase is common you are well I like this don't judge me by the him but he is in the Bible there are two kinds of judgment Jesus said judge righteous judgment and anything is not just a person with the reject for families meeting the kind of judgment definitively was differentiating between right and wrong the second kind of juggling is where you were calling that person eternal life whether or not they would be stated and Jesus was teaching them to do that that is my job I will call and I just don't think anything is to train your tonight we humans are the righteous judgment about the Windows refusing to hold all the way here for a rescue when you feel silly sentimental so sentimental anytime you make a decision what you do the one thing over another thing is you are being judgmental when I went to alter what you are not able to say anything about a clearly defined set of and you just have to love the person will love this in society Hollywood or do you want to find while this information will John will have people saying to embrace them they may seize upon the positive and what there is however and God is calling the individual that is something we need to understand hello Ashley one that saved me from saying it was the same as from sin is that we are missing on the lobby and that is simply not say anything that might offend them it is amazing people do not tell me things that might have offended me will I will not be standing here today because them I will quit while I was watching me I was going to the Seattle had a family dinner things immediately on what to do what you solely will not be here today is on this particular situation is constantly my faith is either zero so sentimental the Bible says Jesus was this was the real motivation behind this fall marks Jesus login and desolate things will really change anything porn how you communicate and how you communicate a part of inheritance and what's with it it is very communication is anything at all recommendations of the most is the truth itself so Jesus was very specific and very loving in the way humans communicate that he and Winslow are starting to the Pharisees there were tears in his eyes he will absolutely ridiculous situation he will allocate something that will come in at heart and idolatry the different kinds of priorities priority is landslide one of the things of the world and the things in the world that Jesus was trying to pinpoint thing will do anything to have in your life and you place the purpose of your life around you you don't believe me now that judgmental but it was coming from a heart of love that was likely to be very interesting imagine what Jesus says right here Menzies avoided him him him and what is one thing you lack all you may sell whatever you have a boy and you will have one you will have what they do in regular and human clearly you will have one is okay very good at telling father right you will have right here is where having a Halloween event think of it while involving Lindsay is in the singular event finally I don't get it installed one thing to follow instructions and he begins to look little about what is absolutely and to understand your example oddly enough you will backward for Matthew Matthew chapter think you can see something very extraordinary right here Matthew chapter six that tube towards the Old Testament for one foot ceiling message everything the holy new ones in an orderly manner is adversely seeing patients and residents as our Savior begotten is extremely important verse nineteen ceiling and floor plans for yourself what is on our mom and wildlife destroy what the breakeven field with what he did not personally late for yourselves what we were waiting for was find out a little bit more late for yourselves treasures and were neither maharajas was I wanted my please do not break until now I personally went to get the severity of the land and or is there will be all you will a man suspected even ultimately wanted it wasn't as hard as the fear of oxidizer believes alien over the one command that men are not available to Jesus it was a something else what do you ultimately want to do with communication outlets for anyone to think when you want to alarm I think I will not it was elsewhere in your house anything else legitimately digitally will you will you and I feel when people get married they don't say in the way alter or pretty and I'm giving you my flight is anything like me getting my eyebrows might know by now what is a favorite engine one because what you do with the only thing to do with anything out you will love with your heart and see what Jesus wanted from this man with his heart because I was the place where the man while Jesus knew that he had in his heart she had everything to use the other interesting when I went to India several years ago I donated a question answer session and there was a young man who said something is that I wasn't Jesus and the school however when I go all I go to the examples is there anything wall with that anything is on the other Hindus and Muslims students as we have to be very careful with our language because there were anti- proselytizing all their hooligan being wisdom profound wisdom that moment is the exam I found when you get older a wife that he finds out to thought for a moment he stared regulator said one I said are you sure you want to whine some three miles I mean this is a long time ago and any like Satan 's head bobbing of the other girls were giggling at him as anything is no only one wife everything was holding one ceiling is like the Sun Sentinel into my love toward the movement looked at him I said that's your answer right there ladies and gentlemen Jesus himself says in the next few verses in Matthew chapter six serve God and man bowling ones until you have your harness and gone once the old rivals for your hearts to you once you want more than anything else because we know the house you see I have the most precious to me that you possess schedule you why I love and you know if you think that CBS is really really busy I understand that I want to go all things can happen and to those instructions he was discovered away and when and when Jesus Julie and he won my heart three one one something that I think is very interesting he gave what do you say that the and in this appeal is looking in calling for a far wondering you what going away sell whatever you have the floor he said he and he will try certain and content of the clock and what will he raise follow me Jesus only said to a certain kind of people delivering eulogies of the following we know he was a congressman to see wasn't inviting him to be part of the disciples did a little ordinary like you want to be a follower of God I want to be somebody with an injured member and I do want with me the greatest interest was to want to talk with three years in a different place and he was saying anyway so close they would have a very intimate communion with others all have one invite you to be in the Bible can you imagine the appeal and how flawed was always stolen and over again now the man was in full limousines and calling him raisins only what God wants he wants to harness and he knows eventually how the heart of all means do you have everything enough for anyone to start with you there are hormonal commentators in this way reflect and write I think using to know what is in place a simple and entire renunciation so we can only can I still call then Elaine went in the fall will be important in my heart I cannot did in the property you I cannot do that more needs to be used by myself mind we will find out all we assuming he means what PR and woolly atmosphere where the return of my love and flow to my soul having admitted this my job as a knife in my private blog is a lie on the kind of at one time I think we have a call I will be everything and I began to pray for you as you I want you to have my heart I want to doubt my heart above all things because anyone that way in which I love that you have everything I have everything I own my wife and this is not back to say that I have got each and every day and God is going into the same kind of experience what we will do my part beer is like training humans you do maybe I think yours and what we have experienced more and more going to realize that our relationship with God is stronger and greater and deeper and more powerful it is remarkable how the man answers this is how he answers why it was fun doing that since he was sad at this better than others because of that for he had great possessions this man understood something that there was no way he would looking to continue his current life and really how that relationship with God that Jesus was calling him to have anything new because of where you see what that is experiencing that she was going to have to choose one or the other and this man who never appears in Scripture state seems to be what the Bible says while a way from the as you will say he admitted that his ways and that it had is that you will you will say that he will feel amazing Jesus was going on will delete him within approximately one and two deputies reported seeing as well even doing on the computer in the lab decisions in your life will be happy with letting him up and he was leading the way you are well I will give that very fact and incident command walked away and I went away sorrowful because he had great possessions he really thought it was just an obvious property they really thought it was about a boy will legally be realized what God wanted more than anything is when the car is hard and acting in the liberalism because it is not much of the disciples had witnessed the holiness there because he was my was really doesn't want me to believe that Olson will be more people were blessed by God in our favor without commenting to understand how Dean is running away is the way you want to put them in a Gallup poll representative will attend on what they perceive you and how representative they get the look of it is go all the way to verse twenty six methods of March September twenty six and they were greatly astonished saying among themselves will and can be say is in the guy who I think the reason I'm a little experience as it seems to be somebody who risen I can't happen altogether he himself is rejecting UNC Gonzales walked away from the story you will him and why would Jesus have not seen this a lot who you feel like the eyes of his disciples and he communicated something being able to understand that very moment he said with it is impossible and then he says but not with God for with God all things are possible Jesus was helping his disciples to understand that forms and ceremonies and outward religious could never earn their way into the kingdom you can drag any of his labor union official patient with man this is impossible in the foundation of every religion outside that little Christianity sophisticated outrage in some other way as a dealer looked at them many things in the entire world with man this is impossible to live in fear because I don't want to get it on I will than dynamic in which you are living your life in the coal in the way possible impossible is practical and simple to make it to the kingdom they just will not help you what do you think that remarkable then Peter began to fit in and see we have left all and followed you think that will be responded to feel we made a decision will want to do the same mechanism remarkable and Jesus answered and said but certainly I think you there is no one with the house or brothers or sisters or father and mother wife or children or lands for my sake and the whole reason that he shall not receive him full now in this time houses and brothers and sisters mothers and children and when persecution for ten NBA season event x-rays D Colonel life together and ultimately they will be blessed things in the light of day will be what you like that now when an all-purpose outline format full beautiful it was leading to the world about the power of God and it will be on government and his righteous principles in a world that his fracture seasonal writing these men know that they had kept in the internal life waiting for them because they made the decision that they were going to follow Jesus they want to be like this and ritual are present when I just got too much going on that's what's happening my life is so investigating these means and Jesus was saying to me your harmless singles often to see him it was awkward as I is and most of all relationships the Bible says this is eternal life that we may know him the one true God and Jesus Christ and the effect is maladaptive for eternal life Jesus was saying and what is separating you and me because what if anything you and me you won't be perfect and that was that you believe in the world worldly ambition in life is long we hung out between you and me between eternal life you will then follow me the one in the fan and the way this man was seemingly eternal life and he pointed out exactly what on really well for you feel like I also follow Jesus wait a minute where is Army war walking with Christ then you have the greatest of all treasures all the world may not recognize it all had bad countless world will recognize that you are loyal to you wonderful story that he will when he was landing in America to Africa to go do some hunting kill Somali animals for a few days as patient became the master was coming opposite all this and here all alone on this year everyone was excited that you will have learned from a hunting trip many people behind them Terry both animals at the same time there was another ship an old lady an old man they're coming back from Africa to be given their life for the gospel to serve God they were missionaries they were coming off that seems a little workflow at all and everything will look straight ahead and saw nothing but it does seem to all men as one who said something to me why you that this man here who wins in Africa for you to feel some animals this is a great celebration for what he has done and we want to ignore allies for the gospel are coming home to nothing the wife responded they wisely are she said these words because we're not home yet amen when I hold you when I'm home the Time of cholera will handle the greatest celebration because God 's children are finally home for eternal life will become actuality only outlet is where the air of heaven will set the cases of the new Jerusalem are opened but until that time ladies and gentlemen we must learn me days to follow the path of our master Jesus might have felt when I see a person I was still trying to understand what was going on and did everything in the time is happening in my life there is some circumstances that were confusing it was a good friend I went very slowly in the car that we were in Addington and eleven Jimmy Horton Jesus is learning about Jesus I've been reading about Jesus and I'll probably live with individual inherently while he was absolutely no manual heart disease is anyone using the personal savior to be one tool that you will love it with all you are all lying embodied in what preparation and he was saying is really believe what I was hearing because what he was asking me to do was to allow want to come in and say everything is as follows even if hydrogen is I say this is an cell phone everything is no change if I allow them in the truly allow and make it my personal savior .com only while we were sitting in a car and I decided to give my heart to Jesus and I made a decision that day in that car some random parking lot and we pray Jesus come into my heart and being my personal savior is that which is fine take my soul my heart is yours to mean that to him all of a sudden it was a sensation this feeling is in motion I think anything is something that has forever changed my life and everything that man was laughing all the things I think you are understanding seems uncollected the most essential part which was his heart human regimen is part ladies and gentlemen Jesus is calling us again to dinner now she longs to have matters your heart is the Bible teaches is how principled I saw a lot of the world that he gave his only begotten and when you think about what better thing that is going back on day it is rated for a sure he wasn't his greatest riser will you I went and that he had anyone decided to the penny David wants so that we might have eternal life we'll have any man who is oftentimes come across only people many different kinds of appeals and sometimes the spirit of God impresses there is one person who was at once both of their life and often hard to understand what's going on they don't know their future three years ago I was doing evangelistic series of preaching and it was a man in older gentleman actually anything coming out of the meeting was not to let anyone say amen to everything he heard me as I said I love this stuff that when I called Court of Appeal to follow after rising zero are you not respond when to visit him twenty minutes away where he led was archers like twenty minutes anytime and visit him multiple times with the Bible worker and sat down at present it when standing in the way you we say well past time does not ready right now is it okay I peeled him again I visited him again I thought it was going on a cruise ship with me what was the problem he said that he is talking to his best friend 's wife and they were beginning a relationship together while she was still married and seamlessly between this decision of following Christ and the circumstance that he was an he was doing something that will obviously I and Jesus was offering a life where he could follow him anywhere whether I was appealing to literally would like to restart the series I become in my day after day is often seen with him about three weeks after the series was over I get this call from his friends his house burned down with him in the news in the middle of the night there was an electrical fire burned everything congealed and I might even say what that man's destiny wasn't what choices he made in my flaw I can simply say is I hope that God is somehow some way before he went to sleep he gave his heart to God hereinafter the same incident happened again this time I was not within old man it was with a young man he loved what he was very real Jesus was calling and alarming things even as housing and meals wanted to as a pastor is not ready about three or four weeks after the season is over they found his body in a pool he was only seventeen years old and he is a smart honest in all management is trying to fool everybody into following years in reality we need to understand and that is gone in the present tense with that seizing the here and now is existing with us and he is offering to us today is the greatest of all prizes and having him to solve these offering to us South will say that forever will make at all for your own experience I take my heart I'm getting it to you I want to see everything that I can take me make me holy night we will wind a willingness to go the next few moments Revelation will be singing a very special song and ladies and gentlemen if you feel like talking out your heart I want to thank you and while the New York experience but where we want to call you today to give him your heart ladies and gentlemen was on his father is an open way for you to hear something that you need to hear just like young man what happens if the diseases on the role that you is calling us and to give in our hearts and ask there seeing this on review meal that intentions aren't available to view my hearts to give you all that I am again and maybe your first time in maybe your second or twenty Jesus again is calling you to give him your heart and if you hear that is on now all coming from heaven the Wayne God calling and he's inviting us to England to eternal life God is offering to give them eternal life and just like that young man who met at the crossroads of his experiences in his life for those who still feel that pulling and tugging will always appear here and I think it as an appeal from all of heaven calling out you the same as the internal insane power has awarded prayer father in heaven we just think you just like that young man Martin met on the road that led us today on and just like that young man while you are calling us to give you all hearts console her with everything that we are in your heart right now is not that there is something that is hindering from taking place as the Lord right now we just confess and ask you to move for God we pray and ask that you would be our personal savior that we would experience each and every day the gift of salvation and that we would dwell in the atmosphere of an father in heaven I pray that every person was I may experience greater peace that only happens in the mini league knowing that their sins are washed away and get God I thank you for that I know that all of heaven is rejoicing because people have made a decision day on thank you father in Jesus name we pray this media was wrong audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe the more certain you visit www. done on universal .org


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