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Witnessing With the Word

Chad Kreuzer


Chad Kreuzer

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  • March 22, 2014
    10:00 AM
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last by transfer Lord of prayer before you can at least father more than anything I want to be right with you on a tree for forgiveness for speaking behind his back Lord I want to walk in your ways of righteousness I want to stand before your people is a hypocrite this morning and I'm so thankful for the promises that we have in your word that you told us in first John chapter one verse nine if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins to cleanse us from all unrighteousness thank you that we can stand before your throne worthy now because of our goodness not because of our good deeds are right actions but because we been washed clean by the blood of the Lamb father I plead with you that your Holy Spirit would be here today not because we deserve it father but because of our great need father we need you to rain down we need you to as it says in John chapter fourteen we know that it says that the comforter which is the Holy Ghost which the father will send in my name he shall teach you all things and bring all things to remembrance whatsoever I I have said unto you father what pray Mister Holy Spirit rain down upon us that you would teach each and every one of us from your word that you would convict us as it says in John chapter sixteen and Holy Spirit us and that you would you would speak to us in ways that I cannot so father we give the time to you you are a great God heavenly father we thank you for your son Jesus prayed he would be glorified for every word that I share me I'm not sure one thing that shouldn't be said of me I not hold back anything that should be sent please guide father in the name of Jesus we pray amen you share with you that about witnessing and I can share with you a merciless man is not from even a friend of mine who share the story with me my friends these all Marty's a Colombian him see what is in mission work in Columbia I met him in the state and South Dakota actually and he went over into Columbia he was Lisa mission work and barely was going into an area that what we were going guerrilla soldiers as he was going into this area these guerrilla soldiers captured him and his friend a ravenous ARN and SNA and on at least Omar Enomoto friend is nevertheless and so they got after many soldiers initialed this is where you doing here and he said within the business were missionaries were doing mission work in the area as a signal you're not your drug dealers and economical workhorse Seventh-day Adventist were just sharing the gospel here and he recently underwent drug dealers were to bring you to our leader to their general whatever you call them in the head of the guerrilla soldiers and so he brought into their leader and the leader he was he was sitting there yes everything to them however was the sentiment isn't he doing here and he said what was Seventh-day Adventist were doing mission work in your season know you're not a secure drug dealers and he said no meet we are we are sending this week we do mission work for sharing the message of the Bible and the Gospel and the man said to them these words is this actually happen he said if you are Seventh-day Adventists then you will show me the twenty three hundred date prophecy is or I will kill you what to do with survival when you put into this relationship I welcome the man actually is amazing the mandate of sometime in late and to go pray to all marked down any graven on he came back to leader yelled and it is vital to Daniel chapter any data must study on the twenty three hundred a prophecy the prophecy of eighteen forty four at the end of study this milliliter Santana decent now I know now I know you are Seventh-day Adventists noted in he made his soldiers go around to the area that they were doing evangelism and his guerrilla soldiers went door-to-door and told everybody you have to go to this evangelist 's out we don't believe in forthright and easily gotten as far as anybody but you know somehow gotten industries we use a guerrilla leader in Idaho works but it worked God uses us in very strange ways that we never would've imagined that we couldn't have made it if we wanted to God was in mysterious ways very mysterious way you know my friend Andy I grew up I wasn't in this church I grew up in the Christian reformed church on a keeping church and mainstream somewhat conservative Christian church in my friend any bill from a child was an atheist he was always atheist liberals gone the parents I've ever seen I see at least of his godly parents within a short but I've never seen anything like it before it's only and maybe I'll came from families like this or this is just normal of all of you it wasn't me they said I he said my parents he said I'm never one time ever heard them argue with each other that wasn't my upbringing there is always yelling in Houston on nine thousand days you never heard his parents argue enthralling union you just know that's normal in your house I know arguing a case license in omitting a show for your house and like I said it wasn't that Weaver needs and pedestrians is the growth of the godly despairs that I had ever seen in my life and applets using the nuisance wins and great I just didn't understand I believe in God I just been live for and I always knew there was a God but I just didn't live my life from it yet and he was an atheist and long social God works mysteriously spinning and I met some good also and one of the girls in the latest fitness girl invited Andy to church and one is every good young man whose innate usability drawn by some church bingo house because he has such a heart for the right things right now because he wants to get a girl whatever they can get areas get it out I passage of it is a terrible story for that and use it as a no street because strangely enough and he actually ended up giving his life to God at church it was genuine to the girl right after the so far it wasn't for her sake the lungs are turning into custody and we get only to hang on in the streets one night he told us we read out out of parties and I can't behold you guys exactly I can't leave this less likely to be drawn second drink or whatever we're doing at that time we done drugs in the past together but basically such eye candy drinking I can be living his life up and guess what no states will uniquely live that lifestyle the child's middle when he gave his life to Jesus that Goldstein 's drinking and so forth were not in harmony with the light fifties he console log size or any and I were off we're all kind of love you we would talk to people and I ended up because Annie gave his life to God it was I knew that's what I needed I'm always happy with my life in a housing college in every action I was in high school prior to appointment into college and you know basically long story short I was in a situation where Andy and I were at some coffee shop and we met this guy who was an atheist and he challenged me a sincere Christian home and I said yeah and he said I do read the whole Bible and answer was no I hardly read any of these if you're a Christian and you have what it was when Christians say when you have no right answer I believe it based on states in a world like copout answer the really need some of nothing at right I believe it based on faith with your lilacs he says in Romans ten seventeen assist so then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God if you haven't read it you really truly have is much that I know nevertheless so I'm NHL's resisting the believe in the Bible I suggest he said can you tell me what you think him him itself and I looked at them in a new Wikimedia column but I knew I could not tell him up and commitments were and I said no easy to appreciate you really think of Amazon and I said yeah I guess that's pretty ridiculous isn't it was because of him then I read the Bible through for the very first time is because I was challenged by an atheist but uses different things to work on our hearts individually doesn't he was in very special way it's always that we may not even imaginable what are we talking about witnessing how we used to be witnesses for Jesus Gil Matthew twenty four fourteen you may know what that verse says Jesus said in that in the context of the last days this property but the destruction of Jerusalem and ultimately about the end of time Jesus is in this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then what happens and then shall the end Jesus says listen and sometimes even within Turkey and you are hurting all the person in charge they are Jesus is getting on here signaling the income has anybody ever heard that before a good number of us listened until we actually becoming the United income according to that person why did he come because the last thing on every nation kindred tongue and people as in Revelation chapter fourteen so when these things happen Jesus comes as no he's just waiting like I was waiting for the future sometime I'll come back to waiting for his people he's waiting for his people to accomplish the work that he sent them to build and when we do that Jesus will come back as of the Bible sat with all the signs are around us that the world is ready for the end of time I don't mean ready to meet their Lord and Savior Jesus what I'm saying is you just look at what's happening in the churches of our day you look at the unity taking place under false pretenses you see things differently different things taking place and it is clear the world is ready for God is calling us to be ready are all about the two weeks of restoration having messages over speaking to our hearts convincing us of sin leading us into a closer walk with Jesus I know how it works many times that the series of meetings in a very powerful experience for what ends up happening many times is that then they went back to life they maybe try other devotions the morning maybe those led by a related keep up their emotions but things just got to go downhill many times a spiritual life flags maybe all if only because these kind of things all the time and then we went to second-guess our own experience when it's on a couple things that can strengthen our experience that it can stay steady and actually increase or maybe a little lots announce here and there doesn't have to be the skies and then you know down in the Valley continually like this we can be strengthened for the work in one of the assets is number one and I know company we need to be spending time in the word of God dealing weekend visiting I know that when I first came out the water as I began to walk with you I would read in the Lebanon daily and then there will come a time where I would maybe skip a day and within a day I can literally almost go back to the old habits of my life it took about a day of letting go of Jesus I is in God daily when I'm talking more about than just a minute down what and how is it that Christ became a powerful witness leaving what he was a son of God obviously that's why he became a powerful witness for the S fifty two speaking of the indwelling Christ as a child is says in speaking of these is that he increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and Jesus increased anything was physically grueling increases after a possible and increasing in favor with God and Jesus in this experience I asked the girl he grew up just as you and I have to grow up so he became a witness the Bible actually tells her he became a great witness to the people around us and are around him but the question is what made them white in his lifestyle made him a powerful witness in a March after one verse thirty five tells us it is says that he went out and departed into a solid very scary place it says that in the morning of great while before day he went out and departed into a solitary place in their praise Jesus began his day early but he began his day early anyway now he departed into a solitary place meaning he spent time alone with God the first thing I made Jesus a powerful witness to the people around him was the fact that he was in a time early with his heavenly father he was spending time in a very special way speaking to thought and we know as he grew up geeky learn the Bible by many of his mother at the open scroll of Scripture I Jesus Grove learning the Scriptures from his mother and he memorized my candidacy quality audio time and time again we see no less than seventy versus the Jesus quotes from the Old Testament Jesus assurance is the biggest spend time with God thinking upon his work spending time and were divided in prayer meeting when we last word is is is not a speaking to us we speak to him we have an opportunity to share back when he talks us through his Word and through his Holy Spirit but also we speak to him through prayer and prayer is to be like the rest of the soul and just becomes a part of we are the first and foremost in MAG is us powerful in his witness was his secret life is spiritual life that's in place and nobody else's around you we see it sometimes that you see these big trees I'm staying with honey some of you know honey here he has his massive basilica Gumtree a rubber tree overture uses mastitis like the second-largest rubber tree telephone and his massive threat on his property next to see this massive tree anything is humongous database and even those of these massive branches that reach out and you look at this thing and it is amazing what the reality is that the power that history has come from something you cannot see in this the rules that are underground I met her in silence that nobody else can see them English to pick them up and went to go down there to see them you wouldn't see it many times we think I'm a very spiritual meeting certain people are just wired that way I never thought that I is not very religious she is really religious or he's really religious for that procedure is really religious the fact is religious I shared with my wife to share with others that when I was in college I was in college at the time either college or high school I remember I was moving furniture to make some money I was in school and was working at a furniture company and that was that one of the guys on leaving I in him will become back and said you're going to going to the ministry in the basic thought that went through my head now working with the basic thought was what a waste of life why would you do something I do want you going to ministry I wasn't seriously decided it wasn't us who I was but with the highest so what place where in the secret area that no one can see is you spend time alone with Jesus and his for the house where the power comes from spending time personally in the word of God and prayer mixing those two things together is where the power comes to begin walk with Christ you know Jesus became a powerful witness to go on one of these seated in his witness one of the things he did it obviously this institution Loma Linda was initially designed for this purpose it was initially designed for this purpose in Mark chapter one verse forty is says not for leprosy specifically but he says in Mark chapter one verse forties as a neck in the leopard to him besieging and kneeling down to him and St. Vincent if thou wilt thou canst make me clean so get a picture Jesus have this leper comes in this man who was leprous and this man came to notes leprosy was the most dreaded disease of any ancient near East it was most dreaded disease they are in Israel at the time and the reason why is because what would happen is your fingers in your tolls starting there the nurse would begin to die off for at least a sensation he didn't have any sense of touch anymore as he began to lose the sense of thought it would work its way from the outer extremities toward that I guess the trunk of your body it would need to take over your ears you would lose the feeling in your ears and your nose and would work its way to your face it was is a horrible disease in the family until the point you can get away literally recompute anything you could not do anything you can understand why leprosy is a symbol of sin in the Bible I think I see it basically stupefied her senseless evening known issue so that what once used to feel convicted by UV to the point where you're not even convey you can see winning is living seemingly fine with anyone that point where it has no sense whatsoever but what is a rapidly authentic cover the upper lip like cells and rip their clothing anyone walked in society now I'm glee ongoing and Bradley would trust them and it was well your husband or wife could hug you your mother or your father could not embrace you your children could not come to you and hold your hand or sit on your lap so this man didn't be banished from the city and live in lover Collins this man comes to Jesus says Aquino leopards and the seeking and meeting with and kneeling down to the atrocities you can imagine the crowd Iraqis just falling away in horror make they want to contaminate with his brass but terrified to be about is what happens this guy comes to Jesus and only without electric is a menu on your craving you will become contented with whatever they had and still is as it continues these the seeking and annealing optimization and if thou wilt obviously please in the text says in Jesus moved with compassion the word compassion is a mixture of or with an action or basically in motion Jesus was moved with emotion toward this man his heart went out to this man since he was moved with compassion in Texas for sport is an interesting incentive I will be thou clean and immediately the leprosy departed from his claims and Jesus Holy Ghost will show yourself to the priest and offer for your cleansing which Moses that was Moses commanded you to Jesus immediately after this man's life was changed immediately after he was given health dental goals of the growth of the people society specifically to the priest and show them the wonderful thing is happening tell them and our corporate testimony of those things which Moses commanded him he was healed he ended up going and sharing with others which is synonymous interestingly enough not useless they specifically go to the priest first to the story and get to them in a unison all you're not actually cleansed he went right to them but nevertheless it is interesting that Jesus and we know we've heard it before the Jesus wanting to do more than preaching healing this institution was designed with the purpose of this institution to make medical missionaries that your big medical missionaries why is there such a power is somebody who was taking care of the body to open an individual optics that you can take care of their soul this is the whole purpose in Jesus one of the things that even the powerful witness was that he helped when you help other people in the things of life maybe it's an actual help or maybe it's something they just need help with when you show love and compassion when you have this on their center care for that person not selfish careful when they see that when people see that you care for them it makes it so much power to your witness is a see you actually care about sometimes people think that an ethical and unethical that you actually are helping them could you want to share Jesus with them let me ask you this would you did was unethical let's say Bill gate was my best for Bill Gates is my best friend is not what he wants and Bill Gates at Saginaw I really appreciate you and what you do is any person you want at any time I have had and the richest man in the world again I have so much money available to each argument of a million dollars every person you want to sorting the children on talking with you and I'm just thinking this is struggling with his finances your woman and I'm talking with indignity friends and in the back of my mind on thinking against ignoring box which is can chat him I wanted to give this ten million Boston for the president in the million bucks without the unethically is in a sounds ridiculous and was even ridiculous illustration but think about this what if every time you know something in the back of your mind you wanted them to inherit eternity without the immoral yes or no that's ridiculous to think is immoral unethical right we now know was that they didn't imagine having a never-ending supply of million dollars as everybody is not an book talking about having a never ending supply of eternal life is not rationally related while people we do it when everyone anybody who come to Jesus and so that's the premise that Jesus ministered to people for the soul of opening up their hearts and gospel known on every result but that was his home that was his purpose in life to go beyond to go beyond just helping people out although he wanted to help it look easy turnabout he was beheading was with passion work with emotion he cared for the many wonderful beyond that given eternal life Jesus wants to do that for every one of us he wants us to live out that experience is a little further you know how did Jesus become a powerful Christian yarder but if you look at back there in Isaiah chapter fifty personal I think the fifty first for this this whole section at least through Isaiah chapter forty nine all the weight I think that the fifty three you have much of it some of it is about the be Israelites much of it really is secondarily applied to the Messiah these prophecies of Christ and Isaiah chapter fifty verse four in this prophecy of Christ is the Lord God had given me the time you were that I should know how to speak award in the season-ending and that is where it the way it is morning by morning he awakens my ear to hear as the learned Isaiah fifty verse four says see Jesus is the Lord God has given these readings Jesus father estimates and needs the time of the learned with any and refers the time to learn to speak a word in season for him that is where the interesting thing is is just me the way that this this burst is expressed basically works from your fact that the cost in our and our typical vernacular these feet from cause to effect assets leaving things as so in general many times would actually go from effect to cause a really awesome direction of what we would normally see that it is the Lord by giving me the tongue of a learned I can honestly get a word in season tonight is very high to happen to Jesus receive the ability to share a word in season now it's interesting and keep her there that word in season action in the Hebrew needs help I gave them help by words I didn't help my words of how is Jesus able to help people with works I was able to do it says he won't he wakens morning by morning he awakens my ear CC here as the letter Jesus and his ability to share and he witnesses the people around him was when it come from it came from the fact that he woke up every day and spent that time ago as he spent time with God in enable is in minister to his own soul not only did visit his devotions minister to him they were something for somebody else sometimes you may have emotions and feelings I had nothing that maybe those devotions that morning were so much for you maybe the level use at some time so you can use what you read for somebody else to do that don't you I didn't feel anything this morning was in marriage you feel something everyday you know easily to will feel anymore I feel like I is and is not all about feelings visibility can be a blessing from the Lord Billy 's not adding enough cells that your actually wonderful things that Jesus is the one for the cross is not a pleasant skip anything and saving him as he was knowing it was originally I figured seeing this before after they finished about the meaning of the cross is rejoicing and smiling and happy it was tremendously painful there is no good feeling him across aspects of our life that are bearing our crosses some things don't feel good because of his wonderful experiences with wonderful feelings but we don't base our Holy Spirit is just on a few we go by faith regardless of the circumstances around us but Jesus is says that God gave him the time of the largest writing to you that unless you have a word in season that you have aware writing season for somebody who's Harding who can help them by words by the word of God Sabina said that experience in a organization the 49ers I just learned yesterday this is awesome I actually love in China memorizes you all have to memorize the animals I have it memorized yes look at I think the 49ers to only take me a few days diverse down while Isaiah chapter forty nine she takes me several not good at it like many many people have such capability and memorizing things that I think of the 49ers to set check this out this awesome of the prophecy of God 's people and secondarily Christ are many primarily in but also reverses people is as inverse to 49ers to Isaiah and she has made my mouth like a what these made my mouth like a sharp solar any escape me in the shadow of his hate to notice that in the shadow of his handwriting is neat and mainly of how share in his quiver the reason for the believers and I'll think about that SSC has made my mouth like a what sharp sword will is a sort of weapon I made my mouth like a weapon this is a city in the shadowless hand will be similar the picture seems to be either he has his unit typically the Jews would be right-handed even if they were left-handed a lot of them my wife she came from a ancient culture the Assyrians and they also may think of left-hander 's battery out of your right-hand matter what reasons do that do something out that season eliminates a yes facility is the same thing and so you get too many left-handed will you write any of the music might my wife at Apogee 's lefty with a meter the Iraqi suggesting it is evident that this was a positive and lasting the septic Jesus he says his mouth like a sharp sword or his people 's mouth like a sharp sort and he hides them in a shadowless hand so either he has to sort any sheet and his hand is putting a shadow in his hand is right there always ready in his left hand is there living with her right hand and so me you are weapon that God is if you're following obviously enough time with Jesus Daly and his work it's like you're a weapon ready to be news on this or cortisol initially you understand it's not talking about killing people right I know the things they listen to all over people wonder what on earth is to some grazing is not me God will use you as a powerful tool in his hand to be a getaway earnings season do you imagine I would be gone with you and send me to my karma is a sharp sword for me always ready when I need her bottomless the geneticists of the first uses the illustration of a sort of always being ready and maybe meteors hands holding the sword is recovering in the shadow of his meaning we are ready to be on you know each with one hand of our heavenly father is hold sauce was honestly the second birth portion of verse is this any meaning a polished shaft known as the shaft of an arrow because it set in his quiver the next part says that happen to me so this was according to quiver as it is it's basically a hole in a container that holds arrows and I see you found this container that holds arrows the strap across her chest but it was under back right and God is looking at his people in Jesus and this is mainly about polished shaft in Hebrew means he is mainly like a antichoice arrow like it shows how meaning is always there is with reasoning media sets these may need like a choice Carol meeting is always ready to grab me out of his desire to know whether he is not as clever he has it he's ready to just shoot me that he can use meeting was my civil right in the hearts and arrows and swords to the sheer strengths and gone toward taking he was asked if we are willing to be used to we speak a word in season with one it will pierce the hearts of individuals receiving terrorism when it is about converting but we can't even help them in their life as you speak to them this power and I was just like in Jesus as God will use us to be like a sword in his hand you can be and Alan his quiver and you can look to the Bible says in segregation wonderfully all the promises of God in him in Christ are you a and a man of the promises of God in Christ are you in a man unto the glory of God last meeting the promises of God he gave to Israel things people from Bible times and even the ones that refer to the character of Christ I believe they are all angles promises are for us in Jesus so when he promises one of the lease was signed meaning that you have a certain character a unique tool in the father 's hand those promises can be tough on us Los Angeles ostomy things for his warfare weapons of the world they kill people but the weapon separate the change in individual and the very core of who the Holy Spirit is one that doesn't work you can use us before we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us God will forgive us that experience was go for just as dishonest out there is a school so I forty nine pursuits of detecting me regarding understood before we go to fifty one six notice of the first RSS and he is mainline while quite a while shops are listed building already before we go to Jeff and fifty one are being usurped the former sixteen oh four twelve is says for the word of God is quick and powerful or the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two one source of the one God is like a sailor and his issues made my mouth like a sharp swords of these for his work in my mouth it's like a sharp sword sent notice that it says they are and forty nine are stupid and he has made my mouth like a sharp sword in the shadow of these hand happy what you need to notice my mouth and starts another chapter fifty one verse sixteen is powerful what is this a safe insane symbols going on here summary case with the sports or any thoughts about his workers chap fifty one sixty seven foot my wife waters or Mysore in your mouth and notice what was the second the Senate forty ninth innings that I have covered you in one shadow minus about this I put my words in your mouth I've covered you with the shuttle messages I get an accurate notice anything to do with people just starting your mouth if he changes your life it goes on to say why I put it in your mouth why is she holding you in the shadows and that I may plan the heavens what does he want to plan he wants people to be planted to support his war in Iraq it was to change your heart it was the major winners so you don't listen gone or what was the always children the stars of the sky in the CNS he is a lesson I have change you can make you like my son Jesus to put within you my wires so that what Sebastian film happens is they save you anyone to save others through you he wants to change by his word powerful this is actually how the Mises verse sixteen I put my words in my mouth and I covered the inner shadow land that I may plant the heavens laid the foundations of your insane as I am thou art my people in the vehicle it even seems that that you have the millennium and there is there filled heavens that enhance up using them as the foundations for the earth and these are the people who also come back to be your God wants to be with you he wants to change our heart and use you as a tool of Almighty full in his hand to save others into the kingdom you know I was in Western Ontario University I was asked to come speak in one eye doctor basically I delighted to win the phone just before he but I think it's a university about its thirty plus thousand students right now and they asked me to come and speak in a kind of an atrium where there's restaurants in there there's a bar off to the side is in the University but they got the right to do it as I have a speaker in these people are coming to East to do a little bit of studying and go off to the side vacancy in the bar so that you need to speak in a situation usage is talking to people who don't want to be talked to I estimate they said all happen and I was there so I had to do it and I began to preach and I presented regularly walking by this is not is not my point is a big combine as I want the money I would ask the question while they were going and able to answer the question and get going or whatever it was a little awkward honestly but the last night there's a bar like a cinnabar the building but it's just around the corner things I can see the final line there was a band playing in the barn is to allow that Billy would've heard anyway so was worthless I have a meeting writer 's only there was a room onto the side that we can take his illegals to walk line and there were some Muslim young ladies in their studying different people as in our preaching and preaching in a certain and sharing a story that I never shared before I just read it like a day before writer within days and in the story was a true story about eighty a college student who was George and his Christian effective quarterback for E a football team here in California and his team won the Rose Bowl that you are looking but he was he was Jewish and he was the quarterback and his friend began witnessing to begin to share the words of Christ within actually he began to share with the prophecies of the Masai Avenue showing what the Old Testament thought they were the New Testament all of the Old Testament often eligible for full fulfilled sorry in Christ so the Old Testament said you don't use as a land letter was slaughtered a sheep before her shearers is silent so he opened not his mouth bass it only shows cheese since it shows the different prophecies of Christ and after seeing enough of these the Jewish young man stood up in a room full of students but you know they're not all studying the Bible to get instead is a racist and you estimate to me as well that me and the like this is not attributable and secondly you are doing is a trip I will release a barbecue but not you have an Old Testament suggests is and will you go home right on the person who belongs you these verses are not okay he went home and he looked them all up and guess what you discover they're all there you know what to say noted in humans was Rabbi King of town this story and the people I was at I'm telling a story and so he goes was writing this is what is and why you want to go prophecy just just included since so clear Isaiah fifty three the prophecy of the suffering servant like I just said it was a land that is led to the slaughter and as a sheep before his shearers is silent so he opened not his mouth and he was bruised for our transgressions you that he was he was basically broken for our iniquities the chastisement type chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes we are healed all we like sheep have gone astray we turned everyone to his own way in the war hath laid on him the iniquity of us all some sharing these verses and he shares it to his rabbi 's wife who is talking about in your grandma sent he said to me when I read it looks like it's talking about Jesus he said but it can be so we don't believe that I don't believe you think that came across this from college student is assigned one is not very hesitant and check this out so there I am saying this to a group of people some Muslims over the auto was there other than I can tell you it is a Muslim or my left in this Jewish man in the back of the audience jumps up and starts yelling it comes right up to me yelling right in front of his last four or visit these are not the end of answers and I literally was in all flustered I had no clue there is a Jewish guy sitting about the audience as he is literally right in front of me and everybody signed imagine the Jewish girls in either scared over their primary highlight all men this is uncomfortable what he's done and finally after he went on for a while and he was used the basically only since at least raising his voice and finally has a note after he was quiet for a little seconds can I say something anything now it's okay and I don't did not therefore is anything I was there any hurt amount he continued on his rant and finally when he was done with his rent he just turnaround began walk out the room and as he was walking eyes he was on the way out the Verizon brother just yesterday I never said this prayer for my life but just yesterday I was praying to God and I sitting en banc thank you for using the Jewish people to give me the Bible thank you for using these people I wasn't there to put on Jewish people was very made fun of Jewish people and aging however he kept going out but then check this out so I turned around and you know what's on the screen the next verses that we are to read from Isaiah fifty three idealist I couldn't plan is only thought that when I tried it I'm also send a singing where I don't hear anything I'll let you know somebody just earlier screening is re- masonic atrazine RSS he was oppressed and he was afflicted yet he opened not his mouth I know gone by now as he went off fighting a fight against there will be times when we share with people and where young ladies she was acting out nationally she came after she said we need to be careful recent and I said with meaning yes we do what we need to preach the truth I didn't say anything I shouldn't answer she is us got killed for what he's the true Paul got killed for what he said Peter got killed for what he said we do it to become a highly sentimental relationship he was with the one with the salt of the so what is Christ but the fact is if any some people will not like it when we medicine Jesus didn't stop because some people didn't like to share until he lost his wife for the words that he was sharing with people Jesus gave everything he had to be a witness in a quickly to another another increase in price is a powerful witness was in Hebrews chapter two verse eighteen it tells us they can practice this for in that he himself had some very being tempted he was able to Saqqara to help those also who are tempted to choose us because she suffered through temptation he was able to be when it's running you may suffer the provision all suffer through temptation you may not be an alcoholic maybe you're an alcoholic you may not be a drug addict you may be a gigantic struggle it seems and you will think you are assuming that Jesus was never an alcoholic Jesus was never drunk I could he be a witness to the national to the biggest just like everybody but you are just like everybody and all procedures are similar temptation is temptation Jesus suffered through these things and made him a better witness as you overcome temptations to the blood of Christ clinging to do the help of the Holy Spirit human on human chat with other people Jesus is going to help you Jesus wants to get that experience into one of the things Jesus shared with the demoniac doctor he basically saved his soul broken free from the bondage of Senator taken place in his life and being literally controlled by the enemy it says in Mark chapter fifteen fibers nineteen Jesus and Paul Hodes and my friends and tell them how great things the Lord has done for the and and have had compassion on the China Avenue to be a witness for Jesus you don't have to know initially all documents identified as I only think I would encourage you to actually were all called to give to share the message would be and the work three while I is off I called both your message center of if we are followers of Christ the great commission applies to lots that your astral units very harmlessly we found her writing also do it because twelve people from Hope to share the gospel to follow his AP share this message with all the early Christian church that's the message and through the people is through the disciples they are part of the minister for Jesus sake all of us are called to do and we can tell people what happened in our life and we can also listen you are either in medicine or in some form of training for medicine or something along those lines how many children the children now listen we'll have the ability and even here I'm not all of us know that we don't work former if where we shall I like the people you know I'm thinking of something millionaires we were just a few mouse and people want momentum going and he was at one time to Christ by one of his or her heirs any as can be witnessed the matter where we are the something powerful about the health work when you're in people are more openings they do it again in this field will think that it was actually the bodies lacking that think that is the best thing a plan for position while I need right usually possible than it was so much moral impugning your average first share the gospel where you are shallow Jesus has done for your life I have a friend who's a doctor she witnesses were her pages in a powerful way she is what the Holy Spirit lives and maintainable data processing this is wonderful work she is doing all of us are called to be missionary workers for Christ in the cyber salt for the renovation of this coupling shall quickly recycle the fourteenth meeting from their real quick emissions of fiber for the fourteen shooting couplings and close the receptor five false misleading and Hebrews applies to mosque potentially and all people at any one time we fall on here the sister went in for the time you want to be teachers for one for the time you want to be taken to mean that one teach you again within the first principles are of the oracles of God and are becoming a Sergeant Anthony Young Neil and on a strong answer fully killing even chapter five verse twelve is not to be teachers you need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God have become such as in need of milk and not a strong meet for everyone to use guilt is what is he saying unskillful in the lab where righteousness for his what Paul says in perspective thesis that went by the time you want to be teachers that a seaman falls mind that there will come a time in your Christian experience that you would see each other just enough it was examined that Christians would get to the point where they would share their faith in others but he says for one for the money you are to be teachers you have need of three hostages you will refer responsible for your he said here are some of what he said number thirteen pieces for everyone that uses milk is unskilled one word of righteousness reason made me burst on earth is nothing wrong with being a baby in Christ a baby in Christ is a wonderful things just didn't like about why he went along for years and years and years and your unskillful in the word of righteousness was any young skill points on your skill using simple I can use the word in the definition I did it unless someone puts finger puppets so it says that you need to be skillful to righteousness the word we discovered in the Old Testament was that it was called like he's made my mouth like a sharp samurai to imagine the unskillful with a sword the word of God what that means is that amended a single topic I think they could fight anybody typically nicely in the ensuing couple guys beat the living car on anyone I learned my lesson but this is if you sort the indwelling of the battle you would never use the sword before he given a chance of winning I think they were developing their top but the fact is they get terrorizing right business for when you need somebody to death because everyone is a skillful in the war of righteousness as a baby when we don't have the ability to having used the solar wind spent time in the word the sort of the letter winners sometime and not able to use it and will lose about you baby that's okay but there comes a time when God wants the racial operating a baby if we don't have according to Paul if we'll have the ability to witness to people through his Word what is he callouts babies these loving pejoratively not putting people down is just saying that's the way at the time comes in every questions like where they have to go that we have any witnesses for Jesus every single one of us is the teaching was I'm with you Natalie burst fourteen says that that that was strongly belongs to them that are of full age even those who by reason of use reviews were not in use their senses he says and he was there census to discern both good and evil they have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil they've learned from the warlock even changed by the word of God and God is calling us to be witnesses that we can we can wield the sword of the Lord and the new sauce you can use off with his work you don't present a free fifteenth is the sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready always to give an answer everyone is fewer reason up on the whole that is in you with meekness and fear own gentleness and respect and new translations say is the sanctify the Lord Reinhardt just like his first may not wholly in your heart but after you make a hole in your heart be ready always to give an answer this is our calling you first make rightfully spend time with and become confounded this is the bottom line on the Bible says in the morning and corruptible seed than incorruptible by the word of God nibbling on where the initial boring and I think allergies allowing you to change you giving your life to the Savior what is happening then when you do then you always have an answer ready to share with people the human witness to the people I work you can witness the people hearing in clinical era Doctor gone conclusion to be winners everywhere you go one thing to say take notice for English and chapter six verse one incest brother and if a man be overtaken in a fault he wants our spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of meekness for these last words I want to look at consider your self with you also become so when you have anything other people you want yourself if you don't already when is my crazy woman is an individually low down spiritually I have an early night in my hand this experience with my friends they drank in the door it was very easy for me almost as fallback writing to what I was doing I wasn't making a good impact on them but then he changed over the years my life began to change and ideological things anymore I can be witnessed in a market like a talk with and without without any an issue it was not initially marks if you notice you're going down is to help somebody else beginning to take a little time set until the Lord strengthens you that you can be witnessed somebody else notices to everyone who becomes a partaker of his grace the Lord appoints notice to everyone who becomes a partaker of his grace the Lord appoints a work for others individually we are just stand in our law and placing here I am send me upon the minister of the word séance for them is not for me the missionary nurse using all the commissioners assessed on the upswing the nurse on how everybody is calling you call in your Christian urine to be it if you're nursing we usually missionary nurse in Italy have little or nation you could be a says you go there to but no this is Cherie Harris the Christian position was any every physician who is a Christian right the individual Christian all of us whether any merchant or former professional mechanic the responsibility rests it is to reveal to men of the gospel of their salvation every enterprise in which we engage in what the reason is that without even lots of them he doesn't have the unjust of armor I'm just the missionary doctor I I'm not in the hearing that will call the joint job is amused when it is first and foremost your missionaries secondarily you're a doctor I hear your doctor what is your undercover job I is unaccountable to the wheels until you show him a efficient and hospitalized in the changed enclosing of a story this man was walking along and he was literally use there is snow everywhere this is that candidate is at least a hundred plus years of recent story was written this man was walking along the snow everywhere and he was literally die his body began to literally imagine any frostbite was beginning to think was I'm not sure but Internet here first it causes pain within his thinking into the any same as you come down with hypothermia that one ends up happening is you just actually to the point where you are using then you just it would be terrible but it's actually just want to go to sleep and so he just literally felt like giving up he felt like his giving up and as he continued to press on this a little before he heard somebody moving and he looked there was a man who'd fallen in the snow and continue to himself he was freezing to death his heart was stirred within him and compassion for the poor this man and he got nothing against eating it around the Manchester began to try to work the blood into his hands and so forth he was lazy and I will inform a little agency helped him off and he basically helped him and he finally made their way to our village at least a house anyway they made their way to a house they let the nanny were able to both warm and able survive in the manual accountant he said right after it happened he realized he thought I would die if I did not help that man all myself you sharing with others is part of the salvation process you know what the Bible says first image of the former sixteen is is taking on here so watch yourself and onto the doctrine continuing them for in doing this thou shall both save thyself and then back here you just want yourself shut yourself in a leader in the gospel during Jesus Christ and his taking on yourself down to the doctor do I doesn't matter in the Bible and it all started as a matter of truth after not winning enough and is taking yourself in Boston after doing this you will save yourself the most weary over many years ago the message you will save yourself but it will also share you shed a little saving the souls of those who share Jesus want to give you that experience in closing this is an experience that you are saved as we save other citizen in your saved by itself over and send them anonymously but as part of the process that helps native brings life to your penalty of Bible study is not a whole new way within excitement with you and you realize the blessing you but also the people around you and calls to make a simple appeal I has a related father has just I need to get two different appeals meeting the first one is quite simple is there someone here this morning I would like to see father I'm willing to your beautiful and commit freight I will show you somebody this week to witness to meeting meeting meeting didn't attract maybe say a word have a warning season maybe what after your something on the DVD with the gospel message whenever we hear every god show me someone to witness to this with some certainty would like to raise her hands out when a document is printed on asking to show me somebody who witnessed our number two may be personally also give you already are convicted you've already known as it may be our study was limited mainly recently was not studying with somebody and you know you know that you could you know that you may be the Lord put on your heart and you want to say father I know you been putting somebody on my heart you want to save up with a BMI heart regarding the somebodies on her but you want a safe father I want you to show me somebody to study with the next level not his contract maybe I'm trying to the wonderful thing to begin but is a summary like to say I know so many that I should at least ask it can always say no but the semiannual the Lawrence Tony just ask the summary like a raisin industry was putting on my heart to ask somebody if the study the word of God that Hannah raising her hand is not only singer recognizes some interesting hunger do it by God 's grace thirty one I think you have a here I know they just finished a training class on how to get how to witness and maybe there's somebody here who would like to note there to start that again or not I does invading of the concert etiquette possibly are well because challenging us to do it again back on it is not if they don't have a here is a summary here would like to say I either want to join a training class here or maybe learn something in your heart stability short-term training schools lately jotted Bible studies and I share with people maybe there's someone who would like to say I want to join a class I want to have these long letter to join in class whatever is I want to learn better how to become as Jesus is a summary also like to raise their hand for that this morning I size for WordPress heavenly father I know I wouldn't be here today if someone been witness to me actually none of us would be here summoned and witnessed at least somebody that we know because maybe if our parents or grandparents or somewhere down the line some of our family infiltrating Christian 's work were connected to user somebody's witness or somebody's life father I pray that you would make us witnesses that we would be changed by your work it would be transformed by the renewing of online spend time with you in your Bible day by day and as we as we read in that it would change our hearts that we would go on help the world around us whether it's therethrough the healing work of medicine or whether it's through I just helping somebody where we can cleaning there are also working on their yard whatever is within using a nondisabled have to not know what call to go beyond to invite them to know the one who saved us father I pray that you would change is that you would fulfill these desires of our hearts it was a father show me show me what I should be witnessed or show me want to give a Bible study to open up my eyes to see maybe you don't even know how to buy within a given share something anything you know the Lord can use us father I pray the union 's change us in the name of Jesus we pray in the media with my audio website dedicated to God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. on universe .org


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