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One Word: Communicate

Craig Harding


Craig Harding

Vice President, Oupost Centers International



  • March 12, 2014
    10:30 AM
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okay what are you started your heavenly father we praise you for the opportunity to be together we ask that you would be the one heard today that she would speak our minds and our hearts that we could be more equipped to share the gospel with the world yes it's in your in so far one thing theme I was invited to share about one word the idea of communication and so I thought how do you start a topic that can be very practical but tied into the fact we are all our ministries and how does communication play into that I've heard people say you know if you wanted communicator you know it's important for people maybe like David Rick or maybe Frank Fournier could be experts in communication but but if I'm working in an industry of ministry or I'm to working in an office or however my capacity as a ministry leader isn't really that important that I communicate well and maybe even consider becoming a communications expert and so let's talk a little bit about dinosaurs I thought about that I thought well you know what about the verse in John one verse one note on the apostle John was probably the closest human beings and it came to Christ while he was on earth as a disciple has says that in the beginning was the word no as inspirational as resting upon the apostle John he couldn't use any description any human language described the creator of the universe and what did he use to communicate that idea he said the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God he had in the Greek this this interchange of communication of giving and receiving this this community that focuses on communication interesting thought let's continue on in Romans the apostle Paul says this is how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed and how shall they believe in him whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher after all isn't the goal of every one of our institutions to reach people for Christ you know your poly as he's been making this this masterpiece of righteousness by faith evident in the book of Romans and he gets here he says it's all good blocks one of the human do they can't hear it for a preacher and so it underlines again the need of communication we also find a few quotes in the spirit of prophecy here's one multitude are perishing without one pitying look one word or deed of sympathy if that is the saddest thing that it's the true fact of many people throughout the world today we also have this one many have fainted and become discouraged in a great struggle of life one word of kindly cheer encouraged would've strengthened to overcome words are powerful things so today we'll look at what makes an idea succeed or fail tell you a story but first don't ask a question what is it that makes one idea go viral common knowledge versus an idea fail anybody have an idea what one of that maybe some ingredients that make something succeed or fail with an idea mutation okay so to tell me a little bit more about communication you say that when what you mean by some great idea not communicated well might not become as popular as another idea on okay so so an idea that could fit in with someone's perceived need might be more well accepted then another idea that's true on so there's a story that goes around the doors and there was a man he was on a business trip he is certainly not a Seventh-day Adventist time suggest probably not a Christian and he is and I and his hotel he goes down to the little restaurant and bar he set the bar is getting something to drink and a a beautiful lady comes up and she says hey you know about a drink there you're welcome to have one and she gives him want in there visiting for Allawi she walks away and the next thing shouldn't he knows he wakes up in a hotel room in the bathtub full of ice and there's a note in opponent says call 911 and don't move so he gets his phone he called 911 and ask him where are you a thousand I'm sitting in a bathtub and it is filled with ice it says don't will call you and they said I think you've been had by a ring of organ harvesters despite your drinking reach around your back in his direction coming out of your back images around is a tube coming out of his back and he realizes at that moment that he has a significant problem in a course in ink indicates that he needs to have emergency services the scene now this idea in some form or another has gone around the world many many many times I have good news for you is not true but if I ask you at the end of this retreat and probably at the end of next year to tell me that story you can tell that Re: and almost always important details not ever hearing it again because you know it's a bad idea even know it's a lie communicated in a powerful and memorable way and so while look at today is not necessarily how we communicate but what is it that were actually communicating itself you know a lot of times you go someplace and have your speaking class how do you speak standing up straight enough for you no techniques looking about people 's fancy don't get nervous and all this stuff that people will tell you very little was said about the actual substance and the techniques for making what you say actually be remembered not the tragedy I myself don't remember most of the sermons that I've heard in the last year if you thought back to be interesting to sit down take about thirty minutes and see how many of the sermons of the last year you've heard in some of you let her nanny you actually remember and for some of us inviting and worse than that it might be how many the sun is that we've preached we actually remember it's an interesting thought and account was based largely on something that we struggle with it's called the curse of knowledge might say why technologies Canada good thing in the eye could be dying of some disease that I could prevent me to have knowledge and that is of course true but there is a thing we call the curse of knowledge and goes like this what happens when you discover something for example one that we run into a lot is on if you were a non- SDA and you come to the truth and you learn about the state of the dead you now have a different paradigm in your world and on I will rush back and stated that the mark of the beast these you know surprising discoveries we happily on a journey of becoming a Seventh-day Adventist shrews and we go back to share them with the people that also don't know the problem is we now know and we forget what it was like to not know and so we tell a story that doesn't have the details that were playing in our mind but not communicating through our mountains an example of this will be look at here in a second but here's a quote I found interesting it says here talking about the curse of knowledge there are actually only two ways to beat the curse of knowledge one is to learn nothing the other is to take your ideas and change them at will look at this in the next illustration on this and scientists today a study and I always wondered a scientist because the light study you know the life of cockroaches in urban environment I'm thinking you know that getting paid this is an interesting one so they called in tapping into what they did is they brought and we can do this but I don't have time but we can bring anyone of you up and bring another one of you here maybe several of you I would have one of you sick and chat out the rhythm of the song on a piece of wood a book or something and the other people would be listening what they did is they asked the people doing the tapping how many of your listeners you think should be able to get what song you're tapping into the enhancer was the answer actually was they thought was a 50-50 chance that they would get the get what was being tapped for what they found is actually somewhere between showing very once he actually understood a single song of any of the ones that were tapped at eleven great frustration for the people Captain University manner tapping else happy birthday to GNU and people are going going okay your great knocking that you know I don't know what you're doing and there is his frustration this tension and the reason why this wouldn't do that he should try this great experiment your hearing happy birthday to you play in your mind because you know what you're trying to communicate and so this is a challenge we face all of the time as we try to communicate the messages we have a specially because the messages we have are not common knowledge generally right we have at health knowledge that we want to share this differently understand that we have truths that stay in the data for example when you know the truth about their that it's just disappointing clear but when you don't but we forget how it was to not know anyone gets even more challenging on a question how many people here are at least a second or third generation at this bunch of you out there I have bad news for you you suffer an extraordinary case of the curse of knowledge I'm in that group I don't know what it was ever like not to know what the Sabbath to Sabbath was true is that a blessing correspondent Paul talks about all the blessings you out of being a Jimmy's is now poor citizen advantage but it's not advantage and communication because I don't ever know what it was like to not know about the sound I don't ever know what it was like to not know about the state of the deck so I have to go through a process of communication it is different and even more challenging than the person who may at least at one point have known what it was like not know something facility good news is there are six stops to overcoming the curse of knowledge is interesting to throw process I would call systematic creativity now a lot of people on nearly most of you and are certainly some I'm sure there here that would be classified as as you note more task oriented people but then there's going to be some really called the creative anybody know some people you would consider the created the world and x-axis after creative 's razor hands but the nutritionists you with all respect to them are different people generally they innovate we see them is your kind of out there they're thinking about these ideas in an visualizing bangs and if we don't get necessarily that as the common thread of of most of the population doesn't necessarily understand that and so we think while creativity is a special thing we don't want to need to do a brainstorming session where we have free ideas that were putting out and were just coming up with ideas in Israel they decided to study this in relation to advertise so they took two hundred and analyze than two hundred of the best ads than ever been published most high regarding well performing as they took two groups of people I don't want him executed three if one group and they said that given no training in Aspen to come up with ads for a variety of different organizations like the second group and they gave them training and creative thinking and they sent them out to come up with ads in the game a third group the templates that they had discovered from the two hundred ads that performed best you would think that the creativity of of the marketing lines would've come up with all kinds of different different ideas and they would be really super successful and you have the people you are trying to figure that out what they found was actually they all fell in the six different categories all two hundred of the most successful act even though they were considered the most successful creative things to be to be had and so as they did in this study they found that the group that was given the six templates significantly outperformed the ones who are trained and creative thinking because what they found was that every bad idea is bad in its own way but every good idea while different usually has principles of following success of the good news the rest of us that are not in the creative 's group is that we can actually use those six templates to make good advertising and even better for us because we may not be advertisers we can use six steps to actually change the way that we communicate to avoid the curse of knowledge one of the things that is important it are six steps and you may want to take notes of this is I think it will be of benefit to you in your communication is in-house simplicity in the way that you communicate you know my dad is a storyteller and he he is buried into the details of the story and sometimes no fifteen or twenty minutes into a story you're going to use them you have a short version of this story because there's so many details and enjoys the details but sometimes by the end of the twentieth thirty minutes I forgot what the story started out to be anybody experience that occasionally now be honest I've I've experienced that it occasionally when someone shares with neither their story or their their pitch for there for the ministry organization and end up in a here and you get this detail about when this happened here writing this is a matter for what you're trying to tell me we struggle with having too much detail because often times we think well you know for example I go get a donor to give to my organization to identify how well all of the possible reasons that they can want again to my organization and if I just keep piling them up eventually the weight of these good ideas of these facts and always stop will push them over the line to donate will look at that little bit more later but in the process of simplification there's a there is a principle we call discovering the CI SCI stands for Commander 's intent in the military if you're going to start a military action or you have a contingency name for military action they will have the top of the document what is the commander 's intent the idea is that you need to know why are we doing what were you doing your here to have a vast variety of people moving in different things to bring supplies and to bring medical equipment to do all the things this guy take that a successful military campaign but all of them you know at the end of the day why are we doing what were doing because you can plan the best plan we actually saw this in France in the beginning of the second world war there was a fantastic plan for dealing with an invasion of friends the problem was it didn't survive contact with the enemy at every claims that way but if you know what the commander 's intent is if you know what the book at the end of the day I'm supposed to do this but the outcome is supposed to be this if the enemy changes the way he responds you don't expect something you can readjust in the field to still reach the commander 's intent I think sometimes we lose focus on what is it for our organization that is the real bottom line to what needs to take place and you'll see some questions that claim to it we know nothing else during tomorrow's mission we lost two watts how would that work for your organization if you the beginning of each week at a meeting and you ask this question of your organization what we have to knew if we don't get anything else to reach that Commander 's intent if you have commanders even if you have a very clear distinct outcome that you're trying to reach you have a very hard time answering this question and you'll have a very hard time not failing in your mission as an organization another question is should help you in discovering your commander 's intent would be what is the single most important thing that we must do tomorrow in what you have an idea think about your organization is yes ask these questions you know what that is so important thing to know if you don't the French aviator and author and I will butcher his functioning but once offered a definite offering of engineering elegance he says this he says a designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away not the way we think very often and like Frank said a designer of simple idea should aspire to the same goal knowing how much can you run out of an idea before it begins to lose its essence on the United States during the presidential campaigns of for the first time for Bill Clinton and that the man had of course abundances of personal baggage he was also very detail oriented in relation to policies and all the staff at the wanted to run on the idea of balancing the budget and coming from I just position in the field of candidates I he felt like that was something he really wanted a portion and his advisors told him no don't talk about it and stay out of it and and he really want to know what he's look what I've been talking about this idea before Ross Perot the other candidate about and really owned that part of the field got in and he wanted to have an argument you want to debate the issue out on the idea of balancing the budget and his advisers put on the white board in her campaign office one line said it's the economy stupid in their point was that they were not given anything that we communicate our Commander 's intent no matter whether you're a call worker in the office with your Bill Clinton on the stump speech you are to talk about the economy and edits condition it was very clear it simplifies message get tied down he didn't talk about clothing she wanted to buy his outcome was the convict the communication of that idea was clear and he of course won the election off fairly handily in finding your writing another important factor to consider is the idea that journalists call the inverted anybody familiar with the idea of an inverted pyramid the couple of I see many three hands so the idea I was actually invented during the Civil War and and journalists would be out on the battlefield here the United States and the military and journalists at the time used the same I transmission lines to your journalists and you want to get your story through you have second access to the journalistic lines to get your stories back to your editors and so what they did is they began to write their stories with the most important details at the beginning basically when you run the story can read the first paragraph you would know what the story was about because there was a good chance that while their article was going down the military was getting it preference and cut off the story and if you didn't write it this way it'll happen well there were many man at this location and no story would lose out so they put the encapsulation of it at the very front is actually very effective on to one's actually used today as well because you can shorten or lengthen a story by cutting off the ends of the story without affecting yet the effectiveness of the story from the top of encouraged to think about simplicity of your of your communication to think about putting the details right in the front and it says here I've always been a believer that if I got two hours in which to write a story the best investment I can make is to spend the first hour and forty five minutes getting a good lead getting that first paragraph the top of that inverted getting it ready and everything else will follow easily because you won't get bogged down in the details of the rest of the story that may or may not matter what your story talked about that if you or your organization can only do one thing what would it be a hard question right how many of your organizations on only do one thing everyone does just one thing in your organization your relationally has one branch raise your hand a single one I'd have a better chance of seeing with somebody you just did one thing at their ministry but we don't but what would happen what what if you had to reduce your whole organization to doing one thing what would that one thing the think I'll be a very effective extras size for your entertainment center because it would help you understand what is the core what is the very foundational piece that I'm trying to accomplish in my ministry through the Lords calling and making sure that we don't lose that one thing in the middle of that busyness that we all have one is the one message you must communicate to help people understand your organization 's purpose and why it needs their help to succeed why you exist what's the one message that you can send that will communicate that want to give you an example of the next piece of this six part solution to the idea of the curse of knowledge the first one was to have a simple message the second one is called unexpectedness will see an example of this here today but I don't think I got on you own him and him and him to him and him I him and him him and him and him to a little what was the Internet we audio for now it will have another video what did you see an error that was what you would normally expect sure course normal car commercial all the details very various feature-rich right all the stock now try to give you a warm feeling of family in the van the whole thing and then what happens nineteen you remember that course again why is a great car at right now is the reason you remember it right because there was a surprise they lead you down this path which is expected down and something happens that you're not expecting one of the things you can do is you communicate your stories you tell stories is to think and communicate one's or something happens that begins to sound like something that is normal that you and the mind would naturally want down the steps and when something unexpected happens it helps engage the mind so that you hear what's being said because we can tell a simple message but we need to catch people 's attention in the world is filled with things like Twitter and Facebook and all that the new ways that people are hearing how do you get the attention of people of a suggested she use unexpectedness as you tell your story you can't make every store and not suggesting anybody going and fictionalize their their materials not at all but how do you communicate the details and what details you even communicate a story can allow you the ability to tell a story it's unexpected telling another story that I heard I heard the story one time and I believe that I have all of the major components in fact for the store you may have heard it may not hurt it but unintelligent anyway Jim Ayres is the one who first shared and he is a master story Carol storyteller and is Max 's story so Max was a bad guy this guy he was in trouble for murder is in trouble first seabreeze for drugs and he was imprisoned in a country in Central America and while he was there any several of his buddies and got busted and you you was not enjoying the situation he noticed that people who went to church once I didn't have to go to work so Max was a bad guy but he was also a lazy guy and he decided to go to church on Sunday because the network on Sunday that way and we noticed that there was a group of people who went to church on Saturday night and have to work either and axles and I'm just a lazy and so he would go every Sunday and every Saturday to church in England went and presumed a few weeks later Max his friends broke out of prison and a estate and he returned to the mountains where they had been doing their drug business in the past and when they arrived they had a meeting of all the bad drug dealer guys they send you how are we to avoid ending up back in prison we are bored to death after work and then sit in church services all the time as they have this discussion in Mack said I know I got the idea and his genius idea was let's build a church to front as our organization for our drug dealing here with Central America and the latest is perfect kill people are not going to even suspect that this church is hesitated wondering that were dealing drugs and guns into the church and so his friends looked at him he said he only asked prisons not been good for you you are a dumb guy but he's likely meanings because people come to church of course Latin America is very religious and senators are attended very well he does whom that's a good point I really don't want people coming to the church because then they might find out they were doing drugs and church and so he thought about any thought about it I've got the perfect idea were to build a Seventh-day Adventist church in the mountains because you know there are many people of the Seventh-day Adventist churches was not right with and so authentic church shall be a perfect cover and no one will know and so Max begins building this church and a gender cave in or have their drives and I like what you know you make this legitimate to him and his friends go to a nearby village and a steel assigned from in front a nearby village a distant village they still assigned from an frontage at NASA free Angels put up in front of children is totally legit of course nobody comes as a working fine for them and then one day way down in the valley near the mountains there were some Adventist kids hiking around in the heard that there was instruction year man praise the Lord I think that you know our half hike up in the mountains were in the church because they were going to a evangelical school in the area and they went up there and as they went to the school they knocked on the door of the church they knocked at the door and nobody answered that strange Sabbath morning and finally Max comes out roughly twenty one United people coming to church enough and if and while were here for churches like supplying network please let what all okay but once you do church so he wasn't sure what to do anything intentionally is imprisoned was okay sure so they came in and they began to two to share a beast out of school and church and they like to insulate every Sabbath they were coming back into the analysis even better I thought these give them any idea they don't know that I'm selling drugs out of the cave underneath their looks like a real churches got people coming and told perfect cover and so everything was fine until one day the evangelical director of the school down the valley decided he was in a walk all of these kids in two on soundlessly would be going good instructions so Max opened in the morning and gives never showed up you ask around his drug dealer friends and got word that this guy down the valley was holding all of these kids hostage on sound as though he got his guns from under his or the church anyway down to the village him cut mowing down the student of banana plants as he comes into town blows the lock off the school door they goes in there and wrap the director of the school puts them up against the wall the gun is face-to-face in a choice to either let my congregation are you are only human how later and though the guy I know relented and let them going from that point on the congregation came in one day they came to maximize the national need to have a and evangelistic series is a great idea what's that you well we need help them become the creation people common this okay so I called the local conference evangelist is that hey when you can't evangelist of series here they said you're not know any of the very dangerous part of the world are struggling to live there but hey he was not having an episode after several times she finally convinced him him him a guilt trip about how lords to protect handle stuff and NASA's friends would greatly be security so this evangelistic series of people and are baptized in any on the last day the last appeal next his heart to Christ need recent changes business and they asked him why did you wake the last day he said well because I knew that if I became a Christian my life we need to change know the freight is a garden have to kill someone so I didn't want to do that before thinking self is an example of a story what is it about that story that will make is that you can tell that story in your Sabbath school department or a church at six months from now you expect the drug dealing and drug dealer having a church as a essay cover is the unique rightist and unexpected but it's even worse I expected to have him go down and had an demands congregation be free right so there's a series of surprising things in this first story about the Lord 's miraculous intervention and building churches in Latin America so think about this that is the unit I have a story quite that fantastic okay but you are finding ways to tell a story where there is something that out of the ordinary is what helps people fix it in their minds example of that we have here actually with us today not to see this again I think what Asian anus you're with us they've done a nice promotion for their ministry I want to share with you because I think it also shows the idea of unexpected in a different way certainly than Max I certainly than the car ad but it incorporates that into sharing their message we need on a him and okay they got it working thank you very much on you notice anything and it is surprising in the teleporter and you are right so so you're expecting another delay for school you know Sean 's family there's an extra bag and used the door and you see a piece of picture with with a visual demonstration but not only surprising but it tells the story think about ways that you can use your promotional materials your message in a surprising way to tell the store Re: then makes a difference on the next piece of your six ways to get rid of the curse of knowledge is the idea of Fox's and great now most people probably know the story but are the fable is told that there was a foxy 's walking through a beautiful vineyard ACs in a sexual cluster of grapes sweet delicious looking great and he Johnson Johnson & Johnson try to get this great cluster makes extra high and he failed and after a while equipped CityWalk shopping holds his nose high visible they were probably sour anyway and the story is lasted probably for over two thousand years this fable of the foxing grapes now even talking about Fox like the little red animal and great accident that the point of the story with the talking as if it is a commentary on psychology right you can despise something you have little knowledge you can you can say well now I can discount that is something I shouldn't have because I can't have it so tells the story well it uses things that you can understand you're trying to going to psychology of the human mind can be very intangible but all of us know what this is at all this know what that is and a new paint this interaction between these real things that we actually know about you historians remember this memorable day that this seems realistic to communicate the story that's legitimate and an good another example of this would've been the nature Conservancy it's an organization that protects and preserves land and they really have a focus in California and one of the things debated for years and years was they would go in there get people to do money and money would buy land to protect it and they call it box for acres and it was fairly straightforward people like to give money to something up and there's a corresponding clear connection to one day they did their research they realized that they wanted to protect critical wilderness in California and Mountain wilderness was somewhere between forty and ten percent depending on how critically you look at the numbers of California not you think the nature Conservancy was immediately go and sell to their constituents need to donate money sweeping by forty percent of California like Shari outline five million dollars and we can make a difference right now and so instead of the end say fifty boxes known by you your notes X number of of Nagaland are square feet of land there is this disconnect but they felt they still needed to pursue some of that conservation things that will get easements are likely by the landlord paper easements will protect the land but it's less funded by using the biggest bio land is actually going to walk on in and see his apart and so they have this disconnect in their message and so free soon they decided while I don't do it again the package deal land they were going to conserve into wilderness areas that were these areas wildernesses on the government scale nothing worked now Herman Willis for example was a series of brown hills it was important to the environment in the area but was not very beautiful and not very attractive and nobody had a name for it when they found a mountain air and they call it the now permanent wilderness and people were very active in in on funding the saving of the Mount Hartman wilderness and you want to this tangible play had about an open fist Theatre or so areas that they were able to identify by name it were attainable areas that can so they found that making a concrete something people could actually get a grasp of helped in that process of the net might be a little closer to home we have the idea of the unreached this is the current numbers I found approximately for the number of people who never been reached by the gospel anyway seven billion people live people anybody have an idea what seven billion looks like seemed insurmountable let's just the people who live not been reached by the message of Christ even exists not talking the churches reach on an answer of course is how your new mouth one time right but you have to paint that picture for people here's an example of warmer ministries that is done this kind of a concept how do you get people to pay for building orchard how you make a tangible tree the time no see here what they've done is they've broken it down and so if you go to donors asking him to sponsor a tree is that fairly tangible effect concrete idea that someone can understand courses in other ministries that are doing that as well as the Asian age student sponsorship breaks down this massive people into into people who actually can be identified the next one is the idea of credibility now something that we have to watch out for is the blessing and the curse of the Internet now is there a lot of good information accessible via the Internet is a lot of bad information accessible via the Internet if you go to someone especially with an idea on alternative medicine you say I found it on the Internet youngest in your credibility gone you might have researched on the Internet don't mention it because you ruin your credibility and this is an interesting example must specifically Internet but to any instance related credibility on for years people and then dealing with all serves variety of ideas of why they they came into existence and one day Barry Marshall was doing research and he was not even a doctor yet he was still an undergraduate family was a just working and he realized that all these people have these ulcers have age RFI Laura bacteria a thought as they began to look at him and a friend they came to the conclusion that this type of ulcer was caused by this bacteria they told the scientific community and they were laughed off the plane they said that bacteria in the intestine the reason these people are getting that is the acid is living through the sidewalls of their interest either stomachs and how the bacteria to survive in that acidic environment and they were just totally scorned income from one of the prestigious research universities it seemed less proven than they expected and so for years he tried and tried to get a audience know we would publish them know we would hear of it so one day he called his friends and some newsroom folks together and went to his lab and got a jar full of this bacteria and he drank it in front in a few days he had the ulcer they tested and he cured himself using the regimen he repeated design and a few years later in one he received him and his coworkers received the Nobel Peace Prize you're the problem was it was just as true today they lasted yet no credibility sometimes another I don't have very much credibility but how do we deal with that what do you use to build credibility uses on experience but more importantly than his own experiences he had testimonial of someone who actually had and was actually tiered any ideas how we might use that kind of a concept is the concept of the antiauthority now it's most common Yankee US at least cereal boxes walking times have sports figures or these no famous singers are people on cereal boxes run products of Nike shoes is a classic example right and someone famous who says they like the product will even wear it or not they shown wearing it and because they like it other people like it because they lend their credibility to this idea right well we have another way that we can actually get into this and that is what we call antiauthority and that is you get somebody who's had an experience with the actual thing and an experienced an improvement and you have shared their personal experiences how do you argue with some beast telling you what happened to them and this is an example while this use this they've done using testimonials to build the credibility of a program this using alternative medicine that is not necessarily always widely accepted by a doctor endorsing or something of that nature always so you can use testimonials to create credibility not so awaited support the view that on the next one would be on the emotions are engaging the emotions in the process of communication and that is here's an example Mother Teresa once said if I look at the mass of the people in India how never act but they look at the one I will interesting study was done on giving and they may do a random group of people a survey on a totally unrelated topic and they agreed they would pay them five dollars at the end of this I survey the people but the survey got there five dollars and then they ask into different groups a question about it catch to give to an organization nonprofit organization and the first one they listed the facts about Africa the facts about okay you know there's all these people here is that people are starving people dying of disease they gave all of the reasons you should get to this cause to help people in Africa and then they had another one where they had a girl in Africa telling her story and what they dictated the picture of what would happen for her personally as an individual if someone gave what you think resulted in the most giving the people that they just listed the fax is a big cause people to really engage with it but that story of the girl got twice as much donation from from the people as as the other stories are given I've seen a lot of statistics used in our pictures to people again now this place for statistics but I think this will be if actually surprised it another fast they took people and they gave them the statistics and then they told him the story of the girl not happen this is what happened once people were exposed to the facts of the mass they were less likely even after being approached by the individual story to give unity careful how you organize your communication because you may actually inoculate people continue funds for hearing your story because when the mind changes to an analytical mindset it changes the appeal of your story so think about that in your mutation as well as were wrapping up we have an opportunity to reverse exterior of the curse of knowledge is what it is we tell a story we do something very different with the curse of knowledge he talked about it we tell an idea and it leaves because we know we hear playing in our minds we leave things out and the listener doesn't have anything to fill in and in our mind we know what's supposed to be heard with the people only here we actually communicate what is a story view for people 's really interesting and they've done studies and what they found is that stories do this with the proper storytelling we provide a framework to hear and feel in from their own common experience through this they experienced the idea any practical way psychologically in the way that works is when you tell a story is done properly when you think about that than the message of Christ often times for example is still the story of the good Samaritan as Christ do he tells a story to tell the story over and over again in his parables that people can relate to a something if they they buy into something that they've experienced because when you tell the details you give people the framework they can see the guy laying there bleeding they can watch the guy walking by a household the stock people actually experience as if they were there with you the stories you tell stolen while we can give people knowledge within given facts but they don't know experience when we tell a story we actually bring them there with us and it actually is that way psychologically it has an impact as if they were actually there amazing thing of the mind has as powerful in the process of telling stories so here is the list it's a modified spelling of success the way to remember how to communicate more effectively these simple ideas the unexpected make them concrete incredible emotional and use stories to help people actually not only here you experience which you communicated as well on you can test the six steps on the good Samaritan story and encouraging to do that maybe tomorrow sometime to look at how this American story is actually used in relation to these six steps very fascinating how Christ uses these steps in his communication is the master communicator and if you would like to learn more of those ideas and largely come from eggs that cannot fit in you've read the book if you haven't you need to buy the book when you get home or before you get home the Amazon so there's there we get home we barely scratched the surface is a powerful study on why ideas liver survive and that matters to us because think about it hottest aircraft see there's this statement is hanging on the Christ on hanging on the cross Christ was the gospel we have an amazing thing to communicate we need to be experts as much as possible in communicating so that the message of good gospel standards in the minds of others this media was run by bodybuilders the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about nonmembers the more certain than the visit www. .com universe .org


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