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One Accord: Team Building

Mark Guild



  • March 13, 2014
    10:30 AM
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I working the secular business world I have for many many years worked in corporate America fortune five hundred companies embrace levels of management and then for the last six years of overall business the manufacturing company based in South Carolina we actually live in Chattanooga the commute back and forth counterarguments test drive back and forth and it's been very rewarding however I don't get to meet people quite the same way you do the I have to be careful and have conversations with people especially those in corporate America to make sure that I didn't try new proselytizer talk too much about religion because it's frowned upon if you are doing in the office with your colleagues eventually fired very careful but I butted in please talk to people and airplanes sometimes in the office from business trips Holy Spirit is working amongst people everywhere even secular business American in the business world will not looking as all greeted in a corporate research really good phone a lot of people looking for answers to the rewards revealed such opportunity to people here and there I'm envious so that I don't get to focus on her somewhere firstly you do not dispute out there reaching people as much as possible but now that LL business it's a little easier because second fire myself necessarily so I I feel the it's easier for me to reach out to folks a lot of people come in and buy our products most customers acquire our vehicles we built four-wheel-drive motor homes by the book people that come in and fire vehicles use you come to our facility South Carolina chance to make the relationship within many and there are very new into New Age green type living our vehicles are four-wheel-drive self-sustaining so they think they can go a little noteworthy travel South America Velasco of the backwoods of North America to Minnesota Mongolia next month and so people that have different ideas when that spirituality is all about but was still looking I cannot argue great controversies discussions the enzyme is because people know something is happening whatever you believe in something going on spark lots of conversations so we kind of ministry with little commonality among for-profit your writer and do not know nonprofit and we all have an opportunity reach out to people around us and meet folks I believe this is the first time I ever given a business presentation to a group of the sudden dozens of presentations to business phone and never had the opportunity to prayer for presentation that you join from falling heaven we're so grateful that we are here together in this beautiful place was beautiful day to learn more about practices to make her businesses ministries more efficient so that we can reach more souls for you it's all I coming soon Lord week before the great room yes she would become very Jesus will anyone example of what it was like in the corporate world bars religious concern I worked in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania headquarters for a division of Eaton Corporation and about two hundred of us were there in one year after 9/11 we had a problem memorial service or memorandum memorabilia will say that world service for marking the one-year anniversary of that so we all went outside in front of building together on flagpole and one vice presidents gave a short speech is very powerful very moving but your shed supercar autonomous easier rephrase that personal prayer Sylvia Director of HR for the division was still in your manual I wanted is going back to the civilian begin have her hair she does we can believe in some similar in one nation under God we might offend somebody by improver the 9/11 that's how it is an secular American holidays if you carefully knew who you talk to him so feel blessed every time you have an opportunity for somebody talk about what Jesus is real opportunity especially for the open receptive and there were no nuclear chance to question for the first twenty four start on most of the material and represent just our observations and things I've learned fears I had borrowed a little bit from the author author my resumes Geoffrey Fox he went over to diesel books on VCO I get to the top of the sales and marketing of your rainmaker really easy reads these chapters the about page or pages have just powerful stuff about how you can be better what you do get one pick one up me this happy prostitute when I cleaned herself across the oceans easy read it just gets you fired up about half of the Better Business Bureau ministry later Jeffrey Fox once this is important and should someone a little bit from from him the question do you consider yourselves to be entrepreneurs how many people consider himself doctors every hand should be what is a trick question you lead a ministry you are a visionary and a leader of a ministry you are by definition an entrepreneur if you are that way be sure I'm not nor I own my own company to develop products that set the vision is that the strategy messaging on exactly what you derived from yours if you work in a conference building pretty conferences in the world that the church he worked in the Koppers building and are paid by the conference you are not an entrepreneur might be a heart which anonymously reply you work for yourself as an independent ministry your last question do you consider it okay to take some of the business practices in the secular business world and use those in your ministry possibly say that Star Trek adventure I believe that their practices in the business world the probably are okay there some things that take place that we all recognize and find large great minds of five great ways to do things a lot of space and the principle of and we can use that in our ministries partner businesses to the subdivision is never easy presentation so along those lines I don't think the very first artist presentation talk about how ministry can be as business I was all about leveraging resources that are socially considered business practices when running our ministries that's a question I posed in this in the session afterwards but one person was also discussed separately or in the newsgroups set this up for you a big business from it big business secular business I'll call it is focused on making profits if you don't make profits to go bankrupt companies ship product when I mean by that is they make a product and to ship it was a CellCept is getting out there and by shipping product and then getting profits you are the computers within the iPhone it can be filling hotel rooms if any filling airplane seats whatever it is a shipping product and making profits scorecard is making profits and increasing shareholder value people invest in companies they wanted return on investment so that the managers and leaders of companies have to increase profits increase shareholder value year-over-year otherwise by the company goes down interventions of the job so when they do delivers her assets including the people who leverage machinery vehicles people always are assets to use those efficiently to make profits to ship product to make profits priceless compare that with an independent streak is a commonality what your focus winning souls for Christ that's your problem you thought about that one for sure weasels administration product absolutely so when you do health affairs health Expos lifestyle training of literature goes out selling health food beverages you are shipping product to people in order to make a profit to win souls for Jesus was down to a particular business jargon but am going somewhere with this it would give the team thing is dovetailed into a discussion team so your shipping product what's your scorecard how effectively you reach the lost look between the upper right and then using the funds oftentimes limited funds from donations of the other income to then make sure that you are affecting in getting word out to as many people as possible but for our and you do that the same way big business does your leveraging assets than a sense myself a little cold and heartless talk about assets whose assets but at the income to point you want to make sure remembers the resources that God has given us to reach as many people as possible okay what seems is there imperative for teams we all are and we all are individual entrepreneurs running our ministries were businesses and since we've set the vision that we put on work time and effort in the nearby else we oftentimes think we can get best results in and will necessarily the people doing things invisible teamwork Jesus would talk about the war in the presentation allergies with a team dollar but he built and led the team was very effective both during and after his ministry teams of engineers and scientists but minimal and brought them safely home again so John F. Kennedy was the point person the one visionary who made a great speech United whole nation but was teams of people that got done teams of doctors and scientists perform heart transplants and many other things think about it if a lender many years ago as teams of people got together to do however Red Cross red Crescent teams of eight workers dropping in areas of world were the victims of natural disasters and other such as the teams that get this done in everyday all over the world this seems for ministry teams are working to innovate and bring new products to market so right now is worse because were sitting here talking and in the driver reaches company their people and Apple Corporation are coming up working on that and there's teams of people working on Boeing aircraft and making bureaucratic composite materials now priests care is correct flying flight later way more efficient and that is unless I hear tales of people that should do the farms that have developed this inspector that that grows on the outside the avocado very innovative but like them to develop a way to get the sticker off in weeks if you go on the market you get a happy renal begin to the sticker off and that so the next innovations in edible sticker one the dissolved in water to teens a community of the people coming together and working as an effective team can do amazing things about were means to build and lead a team of Starburst wall with employees who will get to the leadership portion of the low back procedure US leaders looking for good employees to join your team and your you have some may be looking for some final does look like the characteristics characters of the invoice for solid outlook for people who own their own actions these are responsible self starters are passionate and they want to win the rock clock hunters negative people undescribable is for your amusement vehicle Hunter and at the time clock come in I work moreover I can't wait to go home some very own seconds before the time to go Susan L Raines occupy get my car go home and on curriculum which will age off the paycheck there are people that are negative real negativity roadbuilding is enough postage one energy people win people that are desire to win and be responsible by the way I firmly believe this is a this is inherent in people is not something needlessly trained to do very well winners will entrain only so much I may I am really my career in the last mistakes by trying to hire people positions that are welding position open we bring in the resin the temperature job description on the resumes for welder a companion you little test alone is great and beautiful being wonderful wonderful graves are that person bring about and for we suddenly find out yet again well there's only one word tonight in forty hours we learned Mrs. again in recent weeks some excuse why can't he had etc. etc. it's not good in person one eye now higher for passion for winning attitude I can train them to be well in excess of the those of everyone organization about looking at how they manage relies waiting that her life is probably the way to go and work for you people that are organized to clean the present themselves well they treat their vehicle or assets nice feature to family wonderfully been abusive in your business people are kind of sloppy and not nice to others the computer carbonized so that the market do anything better in your business or your ministry not the somehow people want anyone to come to work and a lot of people have three eyes first one is very as him us humans you got integrity of the person doesn't have integrity in the ministry entire people are sending the wrong message to people you know and then the next was like I can do attitude I can get it done I you give me a job of an intelligence mounting smarts and IQ type of people that know what they don't smart enough to know to ask the right questions to find defined on the desert is a good focus you won't have your business remember very important rules here find the right people and you will lead them on the wrong people and you will manage them as an access if any of you read Steven Covey 's seven habits of highly effective people easiest language of his books is one rule of thumb the business world that is actually correct the bottom twenty percent of performers take up eighty percent of your time to bury later that yeah okay so you want to point organization that come to work everyday that can be driven passionate and putting their time be the only business ownership is about twenty percent of folks who come in the office of some excuse is not to write the caregivers that you get forty hours and able to take a flight you don't want them in your business in fact applicable strong statement here those folks those folks are disease and cancer to your business and watching from inside it's a very strong statement but as a Christian we have to learn how to deal effectively with people who talk about that here in the presentation we also realize at some point some people just want to come around and decide how to react okay so the good people although being an effective team leader I affected to him he was beginning and an good leadership if you're a lousy leader it seems on the roof are good people in this stuff done but not nearly as effective so unless you're very good leadership skills luckily those as related teams make sure your people are position to utilize the best utilizes skills are the least of his works so say you have a person over here is really good at doing XYZ really good that the agency helping to explain the best with investment now in a small organization all this many business organizations that were lots of hats but the task submitted there are some ABCs we have to make sure to focus on Z is the best find somebody else to BBC's focus and invest future people the right place then training what you train them and they're good people you could then set them loose to do the job will be the checks and balances will discuss her moment but traders and settlers to create an responsible business over investing people leaders know readers know that people make things happen without the people little good will happen you know that's true there is one exceptional person into mediocre ones from CNET before I found it to be trauma tales story of governments on I found that one really good worker will do more do more good than to retreat you actually give winners trust praise freedom encouragement to do that going back to come back and states it will get back only what they get at the rear people one and this is a very important role people assess intellectual flaws in the leaders meeting you might think of them it might accept physical flaws are character flaws but it will not accept anti- people you must be a kind person perspective as media could be rollerblading the topic and have felt love in such which must be trying to respect people begin with and they will do great work for you and your anti- people person not as responsible members of your organization he seems like a pretty logical thing that he would be kind to folk and working in ministry and yet as organizations to talk any ministerial director of any conference something that a large part of your job is dealing with ministers were autocratic that can can't do all the parishioners with their parishioners that are available to minister and try to get him out and stuff goes back and forth people are very nice feature sometimes easy to be nice because this is people respond through good leaders talk and listen myself as a business leader said you know everything you will does there anybody else it gives you let me just talk right we saw you listen you'll get it done that's what works good leaders will do more listening than talking about their people be creative in the best ideas come from within the organization submitted Lester beyond high receive I receive mode information collected listing can be learned and practiced is is one you can learn to do you don't feel well right now so misspeaking sculpture look at the be engaged and will notice that you are the respect for the this is equated with wisdom and intelligence to do that given Mister Hart treat all with special people who do more if you're motivated thanks you may not be only monetary rewards are worth just thanking someone for a job well done as long as a communicative think this is an area that I've I've had difficulty with over the years though I'm not very reputed giving a lot of raves and work on my wife tells phrase to say thank you but semantically and find this last host country overpay your people is this a concept I recognize that in independent ministries office funds reflect so overpaying your people need in the city money maybe it's because the giving them an opportunity take a special project to believe that project it could be a title rector of massage therapy on his things up with an octave and have some type of of of recognition for what they do take over their people you're better off if you are exceptional people are making more money than they should than to have the same or lower payroll costs with more people are limitless so after working and then managing the meeting people for many years and the organizations I have figured out and anonymous it's here now when this company the first four years and spent a lot of time growing the business getting models out there product developing the team so that we can complete the growth of our last lecture two thousand thirteen is you really take off all comes together and so I put the machine in place to do is spend more marketing I got some dealers involved in product out the market I heard a high price general manager and had a pretty concise production crew to build handle the volume we hit with a unit so for whatever reasons I misjudged the market and market timing and we did all right sure but not nearly as well as we should have the wrong may I realize I've made a serious managerial mistake looked in the mirror and said this means that sets up a cell phone for potential so I realize that two thousand fourteen at two different levels linked to two thousand thirteen when you so you be there my general manager resigned to the company I can replace since that time last summer I have cut my production crew and half I have exactly happens when people know the video it just arbitrarily fire people it was all an organization of people that declaw punching the case of two people decide to do supportive behavior out of the office those are easy once determining the interest on the crew that will our winners for highly motivated to take ownership in public they do pay more and now I can come here talking you know that they're working you will find the office under what things the guys of production schedule a meeting but I'm not babysitting micromanaging I know that things are getting done and they know the reward worth it if that happens guess what I'm producing the same thought when I visited last year as many people calling better organizations happier and one really big benefit was at my best people are much happier will him and he was a ruling that was me thinking over all and here's the rest is you don't know much of anything to present so I living for different on Priam and most profitable year ever our client is in the company 's estate this because I've managed to I am using the resources that God will what I really thought that I was responding last year and it is a resource that the lunar someone a longish truth is I know that I know that in him to church work is in the word I hear firing people little bit difficult and hard to swallow my father was not a minute you should like people and organizations support train them which are trying to them and you can prefix excellence in automotive entertainment you motivate your employees by driving your organization to be the best member of the leader see what organization would be the best people want to work for the best organizations of a special source of the accounting of General Electric which is one of his famous brands in the world I was wrong fairly well into the early eighties mostly to the Ryan appliances so the point house but it is not broken through to the next level enjoy hired CEO Jack Welch the project is over twenty years with General Electric as a CEO many people concerned probably the most the most famous management managerial I will find as you put things in place and try for it is well known he is one of the most largest companies and rolling friction years ago in a couple things overprint he was organizing his organization best gift of all divisions of the company and what they made jet engines appliances lighting industrial whenever lost he said every single one of our businesses need to be number one or number two in the marketplace otherwise fix and within a year we shut down or sell them and us we did every single business in GE and very short period of time that a number one hundred free market or a higher authority sold business shut it down and not by that what we do I think we can I mean maybe not such a cold type of discussion we can make sure that what we do is the best this is the entities able to talk about something lifestyle center is best as we possibly can which was also one of the things I don't miss a recommend you do this all she also won a major investing for so his idea of building good teams the good people was every single year all his division and business unit managers and preview presence with me in the long list of people who work for them anyway the top group get the most money the middle group would get good money and plans in place of the giving move the top and bottom ten percent every single year for fire the developers thousands and then the hiring new people to try to move up this weekend is to better there were nothing to him he worked for him that he was asked how he is very very tough tactics to make sure his organization was the best in people want to work there even to this day people will generally and other examples of okay go to communicate what performance and behaviors our desire the subdivision you set the strategy you know you want to donate your people understand communicate communicate and rewarding in a way that is consistent with the communication so it can perform to the weather supposed to the reward somehow whatever that is in your organization this made me the money maybe some other things but reward people for the work we do we recognize that this is affecting recognized as the really important one that will little understanding of campus works remarkably well it's differentiating people based we have a group of employees you think you can think of in the same donor 's different safety people the second employee this is exceptional for UK in the same was in happen good employees in the sacred page fair price working hard to pay this is the business as well I didn't think is his person when I'm doing much better more conventionally you want to rework differentially by doing so this person will be more motivated to do better work for you because it was certain that you compensated fairly again compensation isn't just money this person is sacrificed to develop that it's a something you can catch and get that concept differentiations report one him very well deserved you know less about money in your organization helping his past and is about if you summit is a great job and you've got a lot of times when we was less tiresome to produce the devices similarly Rudolph for so much for us and we putatively given she's taken ownership of one of those projects and write that's reward you put your faith in them training and said he was written and will train your employees including getting your like us to do things you learn training until telling stories so they understand Dennis these phrases are very commonplace in business most businesses will say they do this most businesses don't worry well the ones that do are exceptional business ministries that is exactly correct or how we've all team members accountable as he must hold people right leadership is from your number one job as a business leader is to have the vision set the organization if your paperwork in my initial in your job your job vision organization closely behind that is setting the agenda to achieve the vision for the organization then every time you open your mouth you're talking about the vision we talk your people you talk about the vision leaders sitting by so many an airplane talk about the vision it was just talking to your colleagues are talking about the vision always talking about the vision for the organization setting agenda and now it's easy to set goals objectives so we communicate was expected this will not invoice either place and that vision and we don't micromanage the work they want to set some goals may listen some type of performance measures against those goals I want to the amusement you believe you review so we understand how the reforming figure the praise was going well any highlight areas to improve so I get an example but somehow me is working for OCI she's abandoned for José is also and that she is now working for students you just even needs with her at the beginning of year set goals I really did was not negligent spot on his so they meet student is self division she understands the vision is so nice there some shingles in which you can account for this next year helpful organizing of said leadership retreat maybe putting putting together a portfolio of different job of skills and in schools and things that ministries can use to get started where it might be something project is of the hour that it I do this with my people and all times more beautiful twice a year in addition so the beginning of your receptacles and then halfway through the year is back there and to see how she's performing this is what's going well going in between things in Québec at the end of the year this review of how they performed to perform against his goals-against talk about what went well didn't go quite so well what the word system my paper that is bonuses and salary increases whether it's more more opportunities are the case may be this type of feedback loop it works very well please note that this was redoing in addition the organization and their author of the domestic while working you you have meetings you keep in touch with each other sealed things are going well go to send this to do is to develop yourself but you don't need to micromanage and because there is one senescence for a moment things don't go quite so nice window greater credit and is the new vice president is from him and several years ago to do it relates them to the ministry and he's integrating person does a pretty jobless areas that students propounding into at least thirty six thirty six months quick it was not going to become sin consequently we got something different so subscribe slowly happen in my organization Hamas initially quite similar but my organization is a correct answer I like to hear your good guy is good skills we talk several times about how you're not quite as dramatically malware infecting agents were need you on behalf of the hobby organization can bring some Excel implement resources so my last step is what I call a performance improvement plan I outlined very specifically what improvements I need to see in the next sixty to ninety days for him to be a loosely on organization and expense in a sacred if you don't feel comfortable with this too free to resign I would take offense but I can say at the end of the sixty and ninety of the creators if were not performed better on the maintenance forty you are to find an opportunity that's a tough conversation with an honest conversation the sexy kind of Christian conversation I struggle with this for a long time because I believe as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian businessperson that I should be long-suffering with people and I'm evangelizing I want to evangelize customers and suppliers in my voice so I think a person accused of somebody to work properly my organization and have to convince important termination point at a place I struggled this from longtime and say what was good for me as after two or three times hanging out with people because I want to make sure I get an opportunity to to have a relationship with God somehow through my company to realizing healthy burn big-time I lost tens of thousands of dollars and enough people were never really get and I wasn't doing us a service to them as a keeping anti-Christian victims because of them and I was being was an example to my current employees because there seems poor behavior and will resist his family and source of headaches are taking a more honest talker line is their choice after all they can turn things around with it in a set point at one and is identified performance improvement plans my five for the not respond well to part ways one responded extremely well he's women's valuable employees asked in the management business about his awesome and so there are ways to treat people with respect and hope you will lose any sense again I understand it's very sensitive and difficult conversation had as a Christian especially if you have other avenues Christians and organizations to talk about termination unless see what I'm saying is something you consider this whole thing if you run your sessions and access of children that all when all those good new highly efficient effective organization it will largely one itself why would a great thing with the self is the use of the zero six three division implant and grow the business was a ministry encompasses much more than other organizations when he met her once or not runs well you can't weigh more than others and then you have low employee turnover I don't care what type of organization run it's going to cost you something if you have people coming in with your ministry we can cost you a lot want to be good employees retain and everybody is excited to come to work every day about all the bad lazy ineffective personnel who consume your time and resources negative and critical environment of the Encinas organizations via specs on the I have is a drain on your time and because Braveheart executed your vision could you download this twenty percent of its suddenly I saw this on the place to be you will underperform as an organization you will struggle with finances and budgets are tight managed inefficiently but become terribly with lots of money and if you have experiences your stress and anxiety levels much higher I can get them in times of stress and worry about having our conversation somebody and electrical infinity times it was the ones making the choice is to present to them him react another holiday pictures this time you control both scenarios as a business leader you have the choice will come organization will run the sampling focus going into the misuse of really great examples of your thought about Jesus Christ as a team leader and team builder if you have Disney's family and I was need of some highlights when he uses to talk about this and in the relation to what we've already covered in presentation Jesus built a team each of the law people that want to win Peter Andrew James John Regula wanted to win wrong fishermen to atrium he also hired a specific skills Matthew financial skills are one procedures probably has the skills and lawgivers that you know exactly what they are good but you could probably ascertain some of the Bristol since the price was looking for anybody seen he establish the vision and divisions although all of the New Testament was I just pull out contents and I've come that they may have life and that they me have it more abundantly set the vision itself it seemed to work he trained at the mount of olives not only was he talking to the people with the new shot of his own disciples was restrained modern Transfiguration were training to place an attempt with the moneychangers entered a whole new lesson about what what's up with Chrysler about some of those the activities there and then number five when he told several children come to me more lessons being learned trained on-the-job training he gave the tools they would need to be effective gospel message the ability to miracles and humble nipple will approach the delegated descent enough to bike to the mark Mark six seventy thirty seven two by two and three delegated leftovers after the four thousand five thousand civilian reflecting the team that the team shows the vision training units was a needed to help people accountable about the night if you know Peter equipped with nuclear cover performs improving peer responded spectacularly welcoming gift performance reviews in one James and John the time when the whole conversational sitting on his right side and left side and the rest of citizenship that too much today not a not a very good move on their part and yet performs you explain how that was not and then whether as a termination or resignation to be debated but he has some about organizations use was not just reflect management 's are like most he set the organization place to run he was mold and not just when he went out on vacation or went to go see a retreat or something we went back to heaven except the organization in place to run a story to this day very effective team on cause of this excellent leaders exiled leaders making will feel they are asked questions overpaid not underpaid measured not monitor people not personnel I thought about moving assets at the beginning will you look at a notion percent are asked to people the horse sold on what to do not told what instrumental instruments workers not work if you like which you do you can wait to get out and up out of bed in the morning to get to it because of what work is workers network contributors knockoff and finally needed and he felt this was a somewhat useful to you I want to present some of the lesser cover a wide process of my something from the world of business I believe relate very strongly to independent ministries and things we can control and I hope your something he can take that you don't make your organization more efficient and more focused on spreading the gospel is what you question Peterson 's appreciated time of right on time going through moved to the open arsenal of closing fairness moment and then will move into our our discussion groups of Stephen L Nelson put together ten questions I put together some pretty hard questions for discussion I don't expect a digital ten but this really really thought-provoking questions in there but I use as a ministry leaders confessed when organizations with the father in heaven we thank you so much for time together or intelligence that you and was not given us to be able to use various priest tools and methods to affect there are these doors easy task to be a leader there are all contractions every day to come across her desk seems trying to us in every angle we know you want to be effective leaders for you that you leave this right direction and we were able to work with us to frame of all your glory Montanaro labor so you carefully review the Jesus of the media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about hothouse the more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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