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Prophets Under the Influence?

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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Jeremiah chapter forty three were look in verse two the Bible says and then spake Azariah and Johannine and all the proud man one of the speakers have in common as it sounds like her not to read about the kind of ideas that proud man half saying unto Jeremiah thou speak as to falsely labeled thing the site if you save the person decided to put a sensitive visit from the prophet had told them that they should submit the babbling and not go to Egypt for safety and they said that all speakers falsely baric maybe most of you know this barrack was the secretary he was to Jeremiah it's an overnight us was to Paul Watts another man was the Peter Watts Miss Davis at one time Mister Bolton was Mrs. White your profits in the Bible some of them have secretaries provide one time Barrick was brought in before the king and they asked so how was it that you got these things in your mind nor is there a questioning about the validity of a profit and then no person who is Henry it is isn't the problems handwriting experts handwriting is a stuffed legitimate and baric said that song that as Jeremias of the words that Barrick wrote the dictation in a little bit later in the book of Jeremiah those are and Henry North America were all burned up we'll have any of them not part of Jeremiah there burned in a fire but you are deprived because what did God do after they were burning the fire he spoke them all everyone of them again to Jeremiah and the Bible says he added many words besides the Baruch wrote them a second time so that God is not really incapacitated by the burning of his word verse three there speaking still while I didn't read the rest of verse two verse two continuing the Lord our God has not sent you to say don't going to Egypt to sojourn there but Baruch the son of Darius says they are against us for to deliver us into the hand of the Chaldeans that they might put us to that interest away captives and about the Johannine and Azariah and who else all the proud is the proud men have the say they say the words that look like the ideas that look like they came from God through Jeremiah these particular words did not really come from God who originated them I was there there was the origin of these words and these words are not good for us at this time and by the way they did have some historical researches to back up their accusations not relate against Barrick but about what would happen if they obeyed because if you just go back to Ford Nebuchadnezzar Gardy twice conquered the city need only did we conquered the city he killed a lot of people took a lot of them captive both people captive and now the prophet says surrender and they say barracks trying to get us killed or taken captive I guess I'd like you to know just as a first point is to learn to recognize this way of thinking about profits the big thing today it is the big thing that unites people on the wrong side of the issues today from the very most liberal and the very most servitude they don't agree on much at all but there's something that they agree some little part of some part of the inspiration that doesn't match what they think they conclude isn't from God for your Bibles to second Corinthians chapter ten second sentence chapter ten of her going to look at verse five verse five says casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God your phone about the last part of the phrase what do the high things do the certain knowledge of God like you to think about for a minute mythic about God we often for some time to use the word omniscient what does that word mean yeah the knowledge of God is quite large in other words I'd like to suggest you diversify that things would exalt themselves up against the knowledge of God they exalt themselves against the revealed knowledge of God in other words if the knowledge of God as expressed through his prophets as expressed through what we call the word of God as shown to the testimonies that is what's those of the planes that are the objects of the attacks of these high things verse four for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds the weapons of our warfare there's only one weapon that comes for modernly think about the new metaphors the war metaphor the New Testament was the one weapon that fit right the word of God the Word of God is what we used to cast down those things that exalt themselves against itself nor words verse four and five uses metaphors to describe the battle between the word and its opposers in its opposers are characterized this way they are the high things and exalt themselves above the knowledge that comes from God but they can be cast down by the word of God itself it is the weapon of our warfare from ferment the Psalm nineteen yesterday we look at Psalm one nineteen reluctant that section that begins in verse ninety seven member that when they are found we were wiser that are enemies we can be wiser than our teachers we can be wiser than the ancients that the wisest men of yesteryear in our words were not dependent on academic were not dependent on professors or the books that they quote from were not the not dependent on we can be wiser than all if we have a dependence on the word of God not in some nineteen were going to look at verse seven says the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul the law of the Lord is the ten Commandments refunds and other worships in our place about ten Commandments have a party working measure assesses ten Commandments are perfect look at the last half of the same verse the testimony of the Lord is sure per se the statutes of the Lord are right verse eight the commandment of the Lord is pure verse nine the fear of the Lord is clean but not just clean but forever the judgments of the Lord are true if I could summarize verses four through ten God 's words are absolutely reliable you can take what he says and if the devil ever tries to help you distinguish between what he says will prophesy personally you should just recognize that as a track yesterday we saw it that Jesus quoting encrypted the reluctant messiest averages quotes the Old Testament called the word of God her voice okay turn your Bibles to Matthew chapter twenty two Matthew twenty two and were looking at verse thirty one by just touching the resurrection of the dad have you not read that which was spoken unto you was a say by God there so much in this verse thirty one first of all when God was speaking in the Old Testament who was he speaking to was a say in this verse Jesus takes something that God said to someone in the Old Testament and says God was saying it to to you but more than that he's quoting the Scripture so he takes a Scripture in the Old Testament written the song one says you can read that as if God is speaking to you really Jesus gives her the philosophy of how to read Scripture yes the Scripture was sent to someone and written by someone for someone but when you come to Scripture it's God speaking to when I can the Scripture is God speaking to me verse forty three he saith and then how then doth David in spirit call him Lord what does it mean in spirit look at Mark twelve verse thirty six Mark twelve verse thirty six is Mark 's version of the same passage that says for David himself said it wasn't say by the Holy Ghost we read in Matthew that David was in spirit we read in marketing David spake by the Holy Ghost is the Holy Ghost is the one that is speaking Jesus talks about the Psalms in John ten and he says that to whom the word of God came that is people who read that's John ten thirty five that is the people who read the Psalms the word of God has come for them pretty certain we did yesterday talk about second Samuel twenty three two and three we show they are how was the day before was we show is an essential twenty three how God spoke to Samuel and then spoke through Samuel so God was saying was inspired as the message came December was inspired as the message was going are both parts of inspiration their essential it would help to have the first if you didn't have the second look at Galatians chapter three Galatians three and verse eight and the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith preached before the God one Abraham let me ask you in this verse who is preaching what the Scripture and what else is the Scripture doing this verse young looking for the weather starts at four C the Scripture is looking into the future the Scripture knows about the future this is one of a number of verses where the Bible gives the word of God the attributes of life in fact Peter sets itself highly says the word of God sort of whether God is quick which means a lot Isaiah fifty five talks same idea the God said his Word will not return void it will accomplish the thing run to the center that makes it sound like it has a life of its own turn in your Bibles to ask chapter twenty X twenty one going to look at verse twenty seven Mrs. Paul speaking he says for I have not shunned to declare unto you all of the Council of God on developing an idea I don't take longer to finish it but these are the parts I wanted this morning the Bible authors never bring up this topic about which things written by prophets were inspired in which things worked when you read the Bible prophets and Jesus in their when they speak about Scripture they speak as if it is true they speak as if it is God speaking they say things like the Holy Ghost sad and then they quote the Bible did you catch that thought when they called the Scripture they started by saying as the Holy Ghost set that is the proper relation of man and his men come to Scripture with a different relation they may themselves be one of those high things that exalted itself above the knowledge of God I would not want to be one of those hyphens I would not want to be like Johannine who while trying to rescue the remnants that such ahead of us trying to do it all to know that Johannine was the leader of the small group of the remnants that's for the runners use most Jeremiah 's around the story she was trying to save their remnant from destruction and that he more than anyone in the entire book of Jeremiah are fast reliance on the profits and on Jeremiah particular Johannine said by his life and by his actions I believe in Jeremiah I will follow him whatever he says I want to go to him for counsel what can the Jeremiah Jeremiah 's something that didn't sound right to him what he sang that thing wasn't inspired I love you that there are a class that do that with things that are written about the Godhead there are that's on the server to there are those who do that with things that God has written about entertainment that's on the liberal there are those who do that on the whole spectrum in between jewelry on the sand to divorce on the second of what do they all have in common when they come to some counsel of God that disagrees with the way they think that exalt their thoughts above the revelation of God and say that was influenced that was human that wasn't inspired and in doing that they do the very opposite of exercising faith and righteousness always has been by that skill for our father in heaven I thank you for a more sure word of prophecy whereunto we do well that we take heed as unto a light that shines in a dark place I ask that the light would arise in our own hearts that you would speak to us through your holy Bible that you teach us how to reverence your presence as we find it there and I ask for that gift in the name of Jesus and


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