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Joshua's Courage and Mine

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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Joshua chapter one room looking at verse nine this bill why not well known verse are looking at this morning already Dennis Morris talk about the story of Joshua one nine because there is a background to it and there's a follow-up that is also interesting that I can teach you about courage Joshua nine says have-nots I commanded the beach draw an end of a good curry each be not afraid neither be thou dismayed are those the same ideas afraid and dismayed they rhyme but they're not the same afraid is a worrying about the future this made it is a concern about their present in the past and what did Jesus command Joshua don't be either or be neither afraid nor dismayed the giver reason for the Lord thy God is with the recovery valve goest if you're afraid it's like your thinking is not to be with you in the future if you're dismayed it's as if you're thinking he's not with you now he has been with you before and always finds he has commanded you know you see in verse nine the this isn't the first time that got sent this to Joshua you see it there that Joshua God then say I have a new command for you instead half knots I another words courage is something we need to be reminded about sometimes that is we can hear about it and we can still lose it the story for this begins away a way that more than forty years before the I when Joshua was a young soldier or young man which was the same thing if you came out of Egypt the young men were soldiers in your Bibles to numbers chapter thirteen numbers chapter thirteen is the story of the twelve spies you might remember that Josh was one of them and were looking at verse twenty it's interesting because verse twenty is what was said to the twelve spies before they went to do their spying you might imagine if you hadn't thought about the chapter that the twelve spies were sent with kind of a neutral idea like go find out what's out there almost like find out whether we should be afraid or not generally were sent with anything like that at all numbers thirteen verse twenty and what the land is that is what you're searching to find what the land is whether it be fat now you don't think of a land as being obese but it merits a land that has plenty of food whether it be fat or lean whether there be would there be in or not NBA of his essay be of good courage in bringing of the fruit of the life of the time with the time of the first ripe grapes I just want you to realize in this passage that Josh is in the story he's on the recent end of this verse intercellular committee can Joshua is one of the twelve man who was here doing this for Moses before you goes by this is what you looking to find out lots of trees not many trees good fruit not so much fruit looking to see if it has lots of food not so much food bar they looking the see whether or not there able to overcome it now they are to be strong enough good courage of course you know the story they went and looked and when they came back only two of them were of good courage and so those are the same to the show up in the next book well in Joshua and when you're looking at earlier the rest die for your Bibles to Deuteronomy chapter thirty one Deuteronomy chapter thirty one and were looking at verse six this is near the and of the life of Moses he is about to send Israel off with Joshua as their new leader be strong and of a good courage fear not nor be afraid of them for the Lord your God is he that doth go with the he will not fail the nor forsake the desert reason sound familiar for having courage isn't that the same reason Josh who gave the people later with us was the reason given to him earlier and I learned something about Joshua from studying the story and that is when he was young he paid attention to the lessons of God taught I learned that Josh did not feel and need to be original in his teaching he rather felt the need to teach the things that were most helpful the things that Moses taught him with the things that he taught others and Moses said don't be afraid don't be dismayed be courageous because God is the one who goes with you if I could do a quiz question what would be one reason today that you should be courageous at the doors is that this is true today just as much a source of comfort it don't matter really what is happening to you on the street you relate how best to hold on to it is God who goes with you versa and Moses called unto Joshua and sat on to him in the sight of all Israel beats on and off a good courage for you must go with its people under the land which the Lord has sworn to their fathers to give them and Dell shall cause them to inherit was this a private speech Moses is speaking to Joshua but not privately all of the entire community is hearing that Josh what is being commanded by Moses and the one command is being given is the courageous and also you can go over by yourself you have to take the whole bunch of these people and you know I don't know what I want say about that but I know I'm thinking about it the responsibilities God gives you in the future whether in church or in schools or how it may often feel temptation to you to just go to Canaan by yourself and you should know that the courage that was given the command given to Josh would be courageous was not given privately because his courage was not meant to be expressed privately the intention was that he was to be courageous publicly because he had to take some people with look at verse twenty three and he gave Joshua the son of nun a charge charged that's what the word commands it's like well you know because you been in school youth when the graduations were they always give them a charge it's like a challenge from an elder to a younger to live up to a high standard and sudden the first twenty three beast drawn and of a good courage for thou shalt bring the children of Israel into the land which I swear unto down and I will be with you that's interesting in verse twenty three as Moses could be with Joshua 's committee with no God speaks through his men God says in the Bible that he is going to be with you he says and you can hold on to this fact that God is with you and you can shut a fact with others now turned back to Joshua and where to finish off the story so God speaks to Moses that God speaks right with Josh were in fact just had a very similar relationship to God that Moses had Joshua chapter one look at verse six this has be strong and of a good courage for unto this people shall you divide for inheritance the land which I wear under their father 's to give them here's the command from God to Joshua the me remind you the background and wriggle forward to after the story we started with Joshua telling the people be strong be courageous don't be afraid and don't be dismayed don't be worried about the future and don't doubt that God is leading you in the present because God is with you and then we found in his own experience I command just like that made the difference between life and death for him that he was one of twelve it was given that command to all data intended not the two were still living in Joshua one and the ten were not the Joshua M experience in his life would tell them that this is a life-and-death issue courage and courage never has ceased to be a life-and-death issue I never has it's always related to face in your Bibles to chapter we can still look advert look at verse eighteen there's one more thing we want to observe your Joshua one verse eighteen these are the people of Israel speaking back to Josh what is so interesting these are the people speaking to Joshua whoever he be that doth rebel against your commandment and will not hearken unto your words and all that you command is ten he shall be put to death only be strong and of a good courage and publishing ministry there is an idea something like this that that spirit of the leader will be to a large degree reflected in the people and if you want for example those you are being trained or expressed leadership if you want your team to be courageous nor spell it thou must do the must be courageous and when you are courageous for long enough there is a reflection of courage it doesn't start immediately you know Moses was courageous and I didn't reflect much courage back to him but it has to start their it starts with the courage and the leaders and eventually affects the people underneath and Bobby onto the Joshua at who thinks like this with my students only would have courage then I went to which things shall never work because even the bravest souls begin to quiver when their leader doesn't have courage look at chapter two and verse one I love this story when it's right in the context the numbers thirteen and Joshua the son of nun sent out of shoot them how many pies you understand there is no such thing and now a mixed multitude in my soul just send out the courageous one straight ahead and set yourself forty years of wandering you understand so when they went in these two spies you know they were very courageous action went inside the city of Jericho these men were brave they laid on top of a roof underneath stocks of glass still as could be and they escaped and that I give these men credit these two spies they did what they were told but there's been more about courage in this chapter looked down at verse eight and before they were laid down this is before she buried them in flax she came up under them up on the roof and she's under the man I know that the Lord hath given you the land and that your terror is fallen upon us and that all the inhabitants of the land faint because of you for we have heard how the Lord dried up the watcher of the Red Sea for you when you came out of Egypt and what you did unto the kings of the Amorites that were on the other side of Jordan 's opponent on whom you utterly droid just as we had heard these things our hearts did melt neither did there remain any more was a say courage in any man because of you for the Lord your God he is God in heaven above and in earth beneath maybe you've wondered about Rahab how she did up in Hebrews eleven I tell you something that Rahab reveals to us there's good reason for you to have courage when you're doing God 's work because the devil doesn't he knows that he has but a short time and when he has seen the miracles worked by those that were courageous he is flabbergasted he doesn't know what to do and those who have any sense of what God can do for his people they have no courage against you it's very ironic in chapter two about memory of God 's people are so quick to forget about his miracle working power but God 's enemies can't forget about it when they try and review for use in these thoughts that might be enough for one day we only shared one idea from beginning to end about why you should have courage but it is sufficient is the one given in the verses that give reasons what's the reason because God is going with you the same reason you should have courage is the reason why those that oppose you if they know their history are fearful the fact of the matter is that you need to have courage it's a life and death issue with you how courageously you act courage is related to your sense of God 's presence is related to your obedience to him it's out of fear of death that many people will go into apostasy in the near future said another way it's because of fear when they ought to have courage that many will be lost you have a chance to cultivate now courage God may put you in a recent position responsibilities like Joshua I don't know who you'll raised to higher responsibilities but I know that Joshua started out on a low and with the charge the charge was to do his little work faithfully use one of two of the dead and both of them were raised to high positions so God said to Moses be courageous Moses said to Joshua be courageous Joshua said to the people be courageous and what are the people said to Joshua the courageous if we will have the courage and a good if we will exude the car conferencing does present the Joshua did then God will put that spirit in our those were under our care and they will reflect that kind of courage so what is this question comes your mind how can I'd be courageous today what if you're fighting this curry age meant you and Americans that he's done you can just start with Genesis and work your way through and when you have time get out your own life and work your way through that if you need to start keeping a record because your memory is sinful I mean we have sinful memories it is incredible if someone sticks their time out of Dawson says your ugly remember for four years if God was a miracle for us yesterday we forget about it within two weeks we have trouble wicked memories the paper can hold on some of the signs remember the things God did hold onto those and let them be a source of courage what does God say have not I commanded you be strong it's difficult our father I asked that you would do for us that you did for Joshua but as you took him into the promised land with those under his care that you would take us into the land with those you've put under our care the children Elizabeth bear with those that you put under her care we are dependent on you to care for our flocks through us remind us often today of your presence and I ask for these gifts in the name of Jesus amen


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