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The Faithful City Becomes a Harlot, and Then...

Eugene Prewitt
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Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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oh two Isaiah Isaiah chapter one in the early nineties I was listing the sermon by man who was very influential many churches in North America today are operating under principles that he began teaching during the early nineties their congregational nature was coronation roaming the news that the church doesn't follow the pop policies of a conference or a union or division but there almost their own entity they determine what they do with their money house they paid their pastor who they hire for a pastor when doctors are allowed what doctors aren't allowed local church is its highest boat with the highest authority of traditionalism this man was is responsible for a large degree for that movement he began preaching from verse twenty one hundred Bibles with you some ring verse twenty one how is the faithful set DB and harlot it was fall of judgment righteousness lodged in it but now murderers we just ask you is it possible for a faithful city to become a harlot is a very obvious in this verse that can be gotten and the point that I was making is that it had happened that the unrest church once a faithful city had there had been a city on a hill given light to those below that they had become like a harlot he didn't lecture on the rest of the chapter in life is to read a few more verses verse twenty two by silver is the common frosts my wine next with water you might recall that Jesus is represented Malachi as a refiner and purifier of what a silver that is his purifying the sons of Levi he is purifying his priesthood on earth he's taking the dross out of them and leaving nothing but silver but what has happened in the city was happen to it silver in all it's become corrupted is the very opposite of purification it has been going backwards in time the world in terms of moral purity verse twenty three thy princes are rebellious and companions of thieves look at verse twenty four therefore saith the Lord the Lord of hosts the mighty one of Israel all I want is me of mine adversaries and avenge me of mine enemies discount sugar lightly when a faithful city becomes a harlot you know he does put the blame on some people and to vindicate the Brazilian vengeance against those responsible he indicates that he is going to avenge himself on his enemies in Iran I get I get a mental picture in mind if I hadn't read the whole chapter before that the city is about to go up in smoke it was a faithful city it became a harlot city and nationalists as so we distracted gardens and is going to vengeance of the city he said is going to avenge himself on his enemies let's read on and I will turn my hand upon me that is upon the city and purely purge away thy dross and take away was a say all by two and I will restore thy judges as at the first and like what were the beginning afterword thou shall be called the city of righteousness was a say faithful city slang adjectives ago is it possible for a faithful city to become a harlot of the answer another question is what happens is not a one-way road is it possible for holiday say to become a faithful city in fact in Isaiah one teaching is that that is the result of his judgments on his enemies in the harlot likes and admonitions you the man who preached on this verse to the first verse twenty one to preach on the rest of the chapter and there are yet today many with this view that once a faithful city comes harlot like that its case is hopeless person in your Bibles to Jeremiah Jeremiah chapter fifty one were doing a study on how it is that God purely takes away at night Ross how God restores the judges as at the first how is that if faithless city becomes again a faithful city Jeremiah fifty one this is for your edification later is the source of revelation eighteen night as the metaphors and revelation most of them are drawn from other passages in the Old Testament and the metaphors in Revelation eighteen about babbling being fallen about coming out the part about the merchants of the earth morning about her plugs into a these metaphors have their origin in this chapter Jeremiah chapter fifty one were going to begin looking at verse six we hope to open next was the same layout in the midst of Babylon and deliver every man his soul did not cut off in her when the same iniquity for this is the time of the Lords vengeance he will render unto her I recompense what is the reasonably bound this record comes about to judge God is about to punish babbling and that's why you want to live for because if you stay in her was level say you will receive of her plaques exactly that so it really know here's a question about what is going to be in charge because she is full of sin but what if Jerusalem is full of sin at the same time though your Jerusalem valve of the same Jerusalem is also full of sin at this time verse history look at verse five for Israel has not been with the same forsaken nor Judah of his God of the Lord of host though their land was a say was filled with sand against the holy one of Israel at the very same time that God says come out about lunch is about to be destroyed she processes that create spaces that by saying prefaces that by saying that Julie does all full of sand has not been what's the word is not meant for sake the sea excuse June the scene justified your but he makes a contrast and inland a question or line why why do you treat them the same since they have apparently the same problem answer is found in the next verse verse seven now what has been with the same angle of a pop where in the Lords hand that made all of the earth drunken and therefore similar to us all the nations being drunk in the one about one but the things are my answers who has become we'll think of it that way we don't think of God as being the one has the golden cup about one in his hand they share him certainly goes towards inter vivos in Jeremiah chapter twenty three want to look at what does it mean that the cop is in the Lords hand Jeremiah chapter twenty three were looking at verse one will be under the pastors that destroy and scatter the shape of my pasture saith the Lord written permission for this first verse as God told pastors accountable in a highway can pastors destroy part of God 's flock they can does this verse condemn all pastors nor specifies which was again then doesn't movie and which ones the ones destroying Alonso scatter verse two therefore saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people you have scattered my flock and driven them away and have not visited them behold I will visit upon you the evil of your doings saith the Lord hear God 's pastors look like that they don't get away Scott free is going to punish the pastors what is the crowning in this passage is that under their under their labor the shaper should have been kept safely in the fall have gone elsewhere who scattered the numbers one to look at verse three and I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries was insane where I have driven them to scatter the members went to the consciousness wanted to in verse three it and mentoring to help you get to his understand what sense that a copy is in the Lord 's hands there is a sense the also notice in verse three that God intends to bring back the ones that he has scattered the clearly anniversary I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all countries whether I have driven them and will bring them again to their folds initial be fruitful and increase verse four and I will set up shoppers will say over them which shall feed them the pictures are my twenty three is it you have unfaithful pastors the result is that you have a destroyed pasture God says he will take vengeance on the unfaithful pastors and then he says he's going to put in new pastors at their summer vocationally he must've remove the old pastors it was this independently ran in Isaiah one reason I will take vengeance online enemies I will restore your judges as at the first does that make a difference for the city that will be called the faithful city there's more about this in the Bible to nearby was the second Thessalonians chapter two second Thessalonians in looking at chapter two looking at verse eight then shall that wicked be revealed this is the son of perdition on this human equity in the Roman Catholic system then shall that wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming is at hand was coming is after the working of whom Satan so ensure you have the invitation of of Jesus the antichrist power working miracles and what is the source of the power of those miracles now Satan is a source of miracles with all power and signs and lying wonders verse ten and with all the suitable less almost say unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved in verses eight through ten who is deceiving the people that's right Satan is doing it by miracles and he's doing it through the agent of the man of sin to the agency financing Satan is deceiving them know read verse eleven and for this cause God shall send them say is deceiving them in verse ten that Satan verse ten is in verse eleven God but that's why there's a send delusion but he doesn't lie because he sent delusion will says he cannot lie and says that he does send illusion by whom this is from the delusion you know the cop about what is in his head if I could put these thoughts together seem to understand God is deceiving the unfaithful pastors with that error about he is doing it because they received not a love of the truth they had the choice and in the process they are his enemies as he is deceiving them you know what she will share and watch if you watch those of the pastors you can see a growing delusion in their experience where are they going they're going about it takes some time to get there but this is how he does it the cop is in the Lord 's hand and when he moves them out what is engine he replaces them with faithful pastors who will save his people after his way to restore the judges as at the first personally or last passage this morning Revelation chapter eighteen Revelation chapter eighteen and were looking at verse two and you try mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen is fallen I should tell you that it doesn't say is fallen is fallen is fallen there is a difference one say is followed twice or immuno the Congress explains it is exactly there was a flaw in the early dark ages that was the fall of Christianity into the Roman Catholic system but then there was a will deposit doesn't and the Reformation of the full Protestantism adopting the same Sunday sacredness and the same that immortality of the soul there have been two falls and so Babylon is fallen is fallen but for those who would like to say that one is fallen is fallen is fallen is if there is then a third fall yet God distinguishes between Babylon and Jerusalem for this reason Jerusalem is huge all best tomorrow study were looking at something else here Revelation eighteen verse two and has become a habitation of devils listen carefully and the whole goblins and say every foul spirit and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird Apple has already fallen she's fallen twice there are false teachers both within and without God 's church but the false teachers within are on their way out in the city that was faithful it has become like a harlot will be faithful again while the great harlot babbling rate is only headed straight to perdition what is this mean for us practically it's time to qualify ourselves to be those pastors the ones who are used to replace the ones were on their way out and if we observe them as they're on their way out realizing overlooking out when looking at God giving the one of babbling and then you have been faithless traversing something we just let them go the Bible says that no even I'm paraphrasing forget the exact verse no unit if you turn man from the error of his ways that you have saved us will cover a multitude of sins or something that can be done from the salvation of pastors on the way out in the meantime there's good hope it happens but if our father in heaven I thank you for the problems we have it you cannot lie that you do not attempt any man with evil and I honor in front of these hear your rights to send illusion to those who've not been faithful to their duty I claim the promise of Isaiah one that you will purely purge away hard drives that you take away all our ten the jewelry store our counselors as at the beginning that we can again be called the city of righteousness and I ask for this gift in the name of Jesus and


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