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The Great Controversy Theme

Herbert Douglass
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During his 60 year ministry, Dr. Herbert Douglass has served as a college theology professor, Atlantic Union College president, vice-president of a publishing house, president of Weimar Institute, vice-president for philanthropy at Adventist Heritage Ministry, and most recently, as consultant for Amazing Facts Ministry.  Author of many books and articles, Dr. Douglass earned his doctorate in 1964 at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California.



  • February 15, 2014
    2:00 PM
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him and everybody and I like to welcome you for those of you looking in the live stream streaming video on come to Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist challenge and were here this afternoon because we have a biweekly young gathering call discipleship University to become a frog in my throat this is very unprofessional wrong camera but have to come in they could be very forgiving I present and with you this afternoon a special guest speaker who's been here before his daughter of Douglas and Doctor Douglas own welcome you again in the zeal of his dear wife Norma and I'm proud to say that where we live pretty close to get I live in Rockland I live in Lincoln so I'm on at the United am also Doctor Douglas 's English buffalo so broken the law to hear and that's how little joke anyway that aside likely won't need up to Douglas those of you may be from another chip anybody here from the judge to how did you hear about the presentation did you hear about it on the word-of-mouth all Internet all of me as an advocate it does have its purposes the usefulness that Doctor Douglas and I'm going to read this if you'll excuse me test this quite a bit here but it says he on-the-fly which we've had enough church bulletin for the last couple of weeks this is during his six-year ministry Doctor Hobart diagnosis of visit college theology professor of Atlantique sorry Atlantic Union college presidents vice president of the publishing house president we might in situ you most of you know when that is just up the hill he and Vice President for the Adventist heritage ministry and is the author of many books if you go to be ABC you'll see myself the with his books than this so I was always a pleasant listen not to Douglas has he been around a while and his gum a lot of information is an experience and he knows quite a bit of history so one thing this afternoon is the great controversy saying the hot beat of Adventism so I think you'll enjoy this now if I made those of you who regularly attend out at discipleship University would not have Doctor Stone all wholly obsolete the moment to send these around and if you names on them just check that you see on the left side column look at the left side of the column today's date if you knew you can find a place in the back web is a blank space put your name phone number and e-mail address just to how may people here today the presentation is being recalled it is available on DVD and CD won't have them today but if you put your e-mail address down we can let you know when those will be available okay that's enough from me let me just say present Doctor Douglas will turn it over to you thank you again for being here let us pray precious father in heaven we thank you this afternoon that we can be here in your house and we thank you we have a guest speaker and good friend Doctor Douglas and with his wife Norma and we just pray Lord that you would bless them and use them as he brings to us the sun not just information this inspired picture that we find but only in the Scriptures but also in the spirit of prophecy that wonderful gift that you've given to no remnant church for this last hour plus history so what use them now the buses we gather together to worship and to listen to this truth we thank you in the name of Jesus amen the Douglas thank you time is all yours radicals out of the Korean War until I figured many places I like to hire this man out for introduction to English butlers do most anything required a course is ready is a too high I can afford but here we are to discuss something that is deeper and clearer that anybody can understand in these last days this is not going to be an academic lecture I usually take nine weeks to go over something like this is just a friendly talk we have just sharing a story of the great controversy and why things are the way they are but first things first I didn't expect this I want your eyes to be on our father God and Jesus Christ when we study the great controversy and not upon rules of the church not even upon the rules they created and every one of the world got one hundred percent in older Bible course lessons voice browsers day Mason faxed every question right diplomas everyone came and worshiped on Saturday painted double tied a very nice helmet ethic that make them pretty good some of the evidence of a broken link and what that will the parts of the book did just that way and that wavelength will let just said crucified Jesus there must be something more than that level of the gospel that people the world believed to be the truth of the last days there must be something more than even God 's first and best rules the good noses the gospel is that God is much different than what most Christians think he is will talk about what kind of God that makes a difference because when you start talking about God the father who really I get into an area that's cool too many people in my own church why is this important we discover white Adventist pastors have different views about basic questions imagine that no such as are we born sinners or are we people who choose to send a difference is Jesus also our example this one here is really a knife cutter is overcoming really thought will will in time to think about the question what is Jesus waiting for is gone our job you are our father to editors have a last a message for the world it may be in telling the truth about this question some of the basic questions one of the scarf Festival I do bad things happen to good people why didn't God set safety before Lucifer messed everything up and have a insane was defeated at the Cross how wise they came over how will we know when the wars over what is God really like bleeping all these questions are really issues that I need everywhere and not always with agreement and all we do is just passed the word along if God loves everybody why can't he say that everybody many many thousands of people hundreds of the people read that in certain churches Holcomb Jesus will say that many church members many Saturday keepers I never are you aware of the great controversy theme may also be called the plan of salvation the plan of redemption the plan of redemption it is comprehensive as parts are fueled a depending on the other and all working together it articles simplicity and entire harmony that is one big sentence is probably one of the most important sentences I've ever read but think about the permanent were challenged comprehensive program of the great controversies and now few parts working together in harmony simplicity how do you do that if someone is asking for the impossible the great controversy seem unfold what God intends to achieve simple as telling the story of what he intends to achieve in this world he tells the truth about all that Satan has smeared so that in willing men and women he can work out all that sin has put in so they could be safe to say that everything that frequently because God great a bit to see how we people we can take out of this crazy world who could be safe to put in put something else and if have to get by those angels over watches all things work fourth two thousand and ten are some people that don't want back into the return of the then when we messed up again God is looking for safe people safe to say that seller whites and of course the number of times and adjectives in the middle Earth where they could live forever not everybody lives very long in this world some five years and ten not very many people live past ninety on the other side were not going to think about appears comprehensive new parts working together simplicity and a harmony of all these facts and try to talk about together Einstein said that my job is to make things so simple but never drew simple how can anything more be more simple than eighty eight was MC squared that's how you make it home Bob that amount would never be made without that one little simple phrase never too simple I keep emphasizing this because the software report simplicity is a test of truth whether the flour the birth of a baby of the truths about God so much understand with them at the watch my time simplicity happens when all of its parts are harmonious like a beautiful flower you don't have will fear thorns there everything is harmonious simplicity happens with all the essential parts can be linked in one sentence simple but never as simple elicited a great controversy explain how God who rests his case is a controversy by letting you and me greatly Joe's and live out the consequences of our own choices and as freedom you make your choices with your choices I think is pretty fair enough point out Bush debris around whether his arsenic displays proved to be the safest healthiest ways to live all is right the controversy Satan 's ways of God ways take your choice live with the consequences and God cries when children think the wrong choice Alan put all this into sentences God sees the end for the beginning and in dealing with evil his plans were far-reaching and comprehensive it was his purpose not merely to put down the rebellion but would demonstrate to all the universe the nature of that rebellion God 's plan was unfolding still is by the way showing both his justice and his mercy and fully vindicating his wisdom righteousness and his dealings able none for write a sentence like that will make sense out of your busy many references to HB and written this book and frequency so much because that's exactly what kind of who was this book is put everything in a limited way if I want to write everything I could be put above the five or six of these books we go to the federal book to the public to Ellen White is logical comprehensive harmonious and simple by the facts unfolded in the progress of the great controversy God will demonstrate the principle of his rules of government is not gorgeous day one two three four five demonstrate with those prophecy principles being which had been falsified by safety and by all hold hands received his justice will finally be an knowledge by the whole world of big knowledge and that will be made every too late to save the rebellious but they will a collagen I wanted time today the next time I come Park who will get into how they are going to intelligent God carries with him the sympathy and approval of the whole universe that is all the universe beyond Earth there watching this right now as step-by-step his great plan advances to its complete fulfillment the story then we see that all who have forsaken the divine precepts have placed themselves on the side of Satan and warfare against Christ when the prince of this world shall be judge at all live united with him to share his faith the whole universe as witnesses to the sentence will declare after all is said and done and everybody had to look at one's overall on the great videos great in the universe when everybody's life the unsaved will finally see why they are where they are not out there in the city Roman essay I wrote I know exactly what did I know why I why Avalon Hollywood you're right oh God just and true are your ways this sizzles as well as the Angels so let's recap because husband had heavy for a few minutes this week at the movement not merely to put down the rebellion but to demonstrate to all the universe the nature of the rebellion at how showing all this bull this justice in his mercy and fully vindicated his wisdom and righteousness by demonstrating the principles of the rules of government which been falsified by Satan as a recap of the savings to a three times that's what I do did remember something out this is the end of it in a way Joseph will finally been known for no universe God carries with him of the sympathy and approval of the whole universe as step-by-step as great plan advances in its complete fulfillment there's no unfinished end of this story but is more I guess it's always more through the plan of salvation a larger purpose is to be wrought out even then the salvation that we are not that important the great controversy in the redemption of the Earth is more than just seen this planet cleanup through the revelation of the character of God in Christ the beneficence best word to use 19th-century generosity of the divine government would be manifested before the universe the charge of Satan refuted the nature and results of said night playing in the perpetuity of the law fully demonstrated and I call that the steel framework of evidence theology of two four but the plan of redemption at a young broader and deeper purpose in the salvation I know nothing could be more important than being saved but the rooms it was not this alone of the Christ came to the euros him merely that the inhabitants of this little world might regard the law of God as it should be regarded but it was to vindicate the character of God before the universe that is what is at stake the great controversy not your salvation are mine but in a way you can say is the salvation of the name of God the way of restating simplicity were trying to make the simple act of Christ and dying for the salvation of man would not only make heaven accessible for them that's nice but the great of the great sidetrip but before all the universe it would justify God and his son and their dealing with rebelliously it would establish the perpetuity of the love God it would reveal the nature of the results of sin is the many parts as we wrote earlier harmonious but all in a simple unfolding of the Rowlands a panel here at all there is still a rose we dig a little deeper and slaveholders of front we are not so tired of anybody start to feel little sleepy beauty just like I have any afternoon the Google map just just walk around your embarrassed anybody who is one of the camera on you Sylvia feel tired just you want your Belgium world the central theme of the Bible nowhere namely handwoven the theme about which every other in the whole book clusters every other book of the Bible classes around the one thing the redemption plan the great controversies in the restoration and the human soul of the image of God many times I've said this in a class sorcerer would vote regardless of its across the cross central and nice it wasn't that sweet on always read on when you're confused about something read on a central theme of the Bible not to cross but your redemption across sentences frequently is just a means to an end I might have time for that susceptible is less resistant here today what did we just read what is God 's great purpose in giving us the gospel why did he die of the cross why does God spend so much time in trying to get our attention wasn't pretty good example of that because he wants to restore it all of us his own image in which we were created long ago this is the purpose of the gospel to see his character reflectance of the Adam sons and daughters of Adam once again I'm really still this is not a book education one twenty five and you'll see later in life that will further wrong for the first intimation of hope in the sentence pronounced in eighteen to that last glorious promise of the revelation they shall see his face and his name shall be and therefore heads that's what sunglasses for him waiting for that moment we see his face reflected in the redeem the burden of every book every book in the Bible and every passage of the Bible is the unfolding of what now of this one verse theme man's revelation that is uplifting the power of God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ first Corinthians fifteen fifty seven most people have never connected gnosis thoughts every burden if you read whether Joshua or Malachi are Philippians every bird of every book is that God is trying to get you to the place where you want to buy into his plan of salvation so that when they can see you face-to-face I didn't see him face-to-face assault on line cable grass this thought has before him and in the midfield for study he has the key that will unlock them the whole drug rows above the word many men and women are experts in the book judges or the John or revelation these days especially in a focus on that that's wonderful but that's not the theme of the book is that the purpose of anyone those books of Genesis and Revelation the purpose of every page in those books is somehow telling you how to get ready to live forever is just as simple and you don't find great controversies every book of the Bible and even reconfigure maybe ten times anthropological habits all this work others escaping over two one ninety book education would listen to listen to the clarity of her language the Bible 's own expository Scripture is to be compared with Scripture the student should learn to view the word as a whole not just become an expert in acts of the apostles and see the relation of his parks Asian gain a knowledge of its grand central theme of God 's original purpose for the world of the rise of the great controversy and of the work of redemption the work of course that was both quickly and we should understand the nature of the two principles home evidence away after saying something simple she makes it simpler we understand the nature of the two principles that are contended for supremacy and should learn to replace their working through the records of history and prophecy to the great consummation I saw been a great historian just to help us see the tracks of God as he works through man through the years we should say how the controversy enters into every phase of human experience how when every active life he himself reveals that as you and I reveal the one or the other of the two antagonistic motives and how whether he will or not he's even now deciding to day this very hour decided upon which side of the controversy he or she will be found on it you can listen to many sermons are read shelves of books never find a simpler than that can we know safely say that God 's purpose for his Gospel and the purpose for his church 's chief message should be a center of revolt this is where I could wish I could speak every trick in this denomination ones the preacher stands up with George on seven are they getting a clearer picture of God himself picture of what is yet they had for all of us that God is just close enough to understand so that we can say yes yes to whatever he says and then gladly know how to share with other people that's only one source the Bible isn't on expository metallurgical really have to go outside of the Bible to understand what the purpose is what question should we ask ourselves in order to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ it is essential that you meditate upon the great themes of redemption well before here you should ask yourself why Christ has taken humanity bottom so why you separate by the cross what's up with Lana unfortunate fact around the Christian world why you bore the sins of men and why he was made sin and righteousness for us you're just starting to go why he ascended to heaven in the nature of man with this visit another hour on what does that mean in the nature of man when he became a baby it became a baby like every other baby is born they took on the nature of his heredity whatever they inclination the badgers were already however father mother active and we pass on our attitudes our weaknesses or strengths to our children you become what good forefathers gave you it is at all look at his genealogy is either going to be able away that you nailed it we must think what we are familiar with the character cards but we think we are we do not realize how much is to be gained by the study of our glorious pattern into live a hundred years and you won't see the whole pattern becomes a gift pressure every type maybe the test time you read Matthew it is a fifteen time if you read job is saw that before we take it for granted that we know all about him and yet we do not comprehend his character or mission I have paused that sentence a long time I'm still trying to understand what you saying we haven't yet yet yet understood so the great things redemption why Jesus became a human being why he suffered on the cross why he bore the sins of humanity why he became sin and righteousness for us why you send it as a man forever why get into the character of God right widely studied Jesus as our example one must understand his character admission these are questions Illinois said we must answer for ourselves to get a clear picture of simpler picture unlike God is gone all through this just disables by such watch how the story unfolds is very dull so far very factual before the creation of Angels and unfallen world or anything else really our heavenly trio were breathing freedom does not appear especially God at risk might get a little bit later that is what drove me in writing the book gone at risk because the most important word in the universe is not love but freedom you really can't have love without freedom which one of you really was forced to marry her spouse is going to be some freedom in the somewhere basic principle the word is underneath all other words in God 's heaven and earth is freedom we could use a bit of that this country right now because before love can happen one must first be freedom of and is a test of all theologies there are hundreds of theologies out there many dozens of Christian churches sort out the charges and the meeting preachers thinkers of that particular church including our own as to how they relate to freedom that would be another Sabbath afternoon God desires of all his creatures the service of love service of springs from an appreciation of his character he takes no pleasure in the fourth obedience and to all the grants freedom of will that they may render in voluntary service freedom is a keyword that the sole purpose of this particular book will you see those great now as it unfolds that was the only one two thousand four I think that the probably about three years to write a book because I was so fascinated on the simple cruiser how freedom is what motivated God in creating anybody and they gambled that he took the risk they took and given freedom to Angels well within the movement and outsider for your bell is always a downside of living is good the rise of sin suffering death and why law access point we have laws the principles embodied in the Decalogue existed before the fall principles not Benenson obviously after all these principles were not changed nothing was taken from the love of God but additional precepts were given to make man in this form please state so provoked adultery of heaven rental problem on placing father and mother and undergoes for the principles of love of relationship with each other that was very clear that Salcedo 's response I very comes God is our very lives laws and God 's moral government which is a government based upon a distinction between right and wrong we know that laws essential to secure right action God 's laws the expression of his character he's that way and to talk about it you're right what we call laws about his character is the one who pronounces that does wonders wholly just and good Lucifer took the position that as a result of this law of God wrong existed in heaven and on this Earth this brought against God 's government in charge of the arbitrary but this is a falsehood Goss government is a government of free will and there is an know actively valiant or obedience which is not an act of free will could be clear that so basically it's a fun pros in the great controversy Rosenberg caused the controversy not go that goes against all kinds of moral philosophy that you get thousands and thousands of years most of her was created formalism perfect in beauty it had it all got a chapter to eleven this book it was God 's VP vice president for communication he was the one closest to God he is the one who could regards mind almost and tell up to the rest of people that he was confused and thought Lucifer he has it right he is number one there was one who preferred the freedom that God granted to his creatures and with this object to secure freedom for all I know the laws kinder complain he promised those who would enter his writings a new and better government under which all would enjoy freedom great numbers of the Angels signify their purpose to accept him as a reader asphalt scripting how devoted in Santa Claus from them think of it today this country singers methods will be repeated and perfected as the end draws near what is now the great deceiver has many agents ready to present any and every kind of error to ensnare souls heresies happened the salute of Barry Hayes said capacities of those who meet would rule in business plan bring into the church insincere unregenerate elements that will encourage out and unbelief and hinder all desire to see the work of God advanced into a desolate many with no real faith in God maybe Connecticut RICO no real faith in God or in his word I sent seven principles of truth and assess questions and that they are enabled to introduce their errors as scriptural doctrines and takes about three hours the great controversy between good and evil woman can't will increase in intensity are to believe that to the very close of time but at the church approaches her final deliverance Satan is to work with greater power becomes done with having a great rest of you know that he hath but a short time Revelation twelve twelve and all the depths those that had a skill and subtlety Esquire after over six thousand years of practicing on people all the cruelty developed during the struggles of the ages will be brought to bear against God 's people in the final conflict and to get the big picture away my Satanist policy in the final conflict with God 's people is the same that he employed in the opening of the great controversy in heaven about private he professed to be seeking to promote the stability of the blind government while secretly bending every effort to secure its downfall we meet up with people like them many good friends out listen carefully to this because I'm summing up some very important stuff right here and you grasp it right away has gone till on a single is nefarious avoid temptation but is his ability to draw you out before you want to go is a master of pretest by deserve a noble purpose your vote for him it might make an had taken Rick Annette Elder because he sold magnificent stands up and does so well needs support the church with so much of his money they hope it is wonderful but he professed to be seeking to promote the stability of the Dubai government while he secretly bending every effort to secure its overthrow underneath you don't see it all at work is a master scapegoating blaming others for what he is actually doing it got to be clever at this people giving very clever the very work which he for every drug coverage to charge upon the loyal angels are the ones where messing things up here and using other people the same policy of deception has marked the history of the Roman church and his professed act as the ice jet by guarantor of heaven while seeking to exalt himself above God changes law under the rule of Rome those who suffered death for their fidelity to the Gospel were denounced as evildoers there's evildoers there is a London are meshing of the calmness of this church there were declared to be in league with Satan and every possible means with the broader the cover that was reproached to cause them to appear the eyes of the people and even to visit themselves as the violence and criminal so what will be no again missing anything at is a master of confusion is number three master computer those who honor the Bible Sabbath will be denounced as enemies of law and order is breaking down the moral restraints of society causing anarchy and corruption calling down the judgments of God upon your request halfway only strange happenings of nature what we do we haven't seen anything like this imitating it here blame it on those who are not part of the brotherhood everyone ought to be in the arms of peace this world needs case we know we need vision or your doctor it certainly causing disruption of the community we want peace your doctor the five the Bible unites their conscientious scruples will be pronounced obstinacy stubbornness content of authority they'll be accused of disaffection toward the government W hardwood undergoing many people in the end times will simply will be charged to the front page of newspapers of the vocal don't know what paper does the president for they don't know how to be loyal to the government in legislative halls and parts of justice commandment keepers will be misrepresented and condemned the false coloring will be given to their words the worst construction would put upon their motives instead either and you're just as clean as can be with motives and why are you saying this note well we need peace and brotherhood will not and number four is a master of coercion natural abode who will God never forces the will or the conscience but Satan is constant resort to gain control of those will be cannot otherwise it does is compulsion by cruelty through fear or force he endeavors to rule the conscience and to secure him to himself Google versus anywhere through both religious and secular authority the church date situation moving them to the enforcement of human laws in defiance of the law of God is the eye keepsake H be there because enrollment here that dignitaries of church and state while you'd like to try to persuade or compel all classes on the Sabbath to Sunday the lack of divine authority will be supplied by old precedent in that political corruption is destroying mother judges in regard for truth and incident free America rulers and legislators in order just to your public neighbor will you do the popular demand for a ball and portion Sunday worship Sunday observance all you need home is fifty one percent forty nine percent and was a low wage amid this that the way we set this country fifty one percent is all you need to get whatever you want this country so what's up at a time Satan can impress the mind and stir up the passions of those who claim to read and believe the truth and that's leading them to unite with the forces of evil and he is well pleased to see that him him serve the passions not think he would feel this way seems like the people there really have something fresh and new so the important thing you're forgetting similarly clear lines of thought we should have it what's he can get them to commit themselves on the wrong side just a wee bit is kind of feeling it was wrong with it his later plants and laid them out on a long journey they take step after step in the false way of the other seems to be no other cars with them to go one believing they are right in their bitter feelings toward the brother never bitter feelings toward this person why takes one actually look over here these people are generally great one will be as an only do is talk about Jesus what's wrong with that step by step through people leaving our church today but they stay in the church how can that be because they stay on the books of the church looking through the medium of prejudice and passion home was built toward they feel totally indignant to search the Scriptures in a Christlike spirit but repudiate the whole letter because points are presented that are not in accordance with their own ideas we've all been through that before I have over my years I've had to rethink myself but statements like this how is most important deception this is a position that is of no consequence what member we put one of Satan 's most successful deceptions volubly that Jesus died across are you nothing more really needed to hear that all the time therefore he is constantly seeking to it substitute these theories and tape fables of another gospel actually the vague and fanciful interpretations of Scripture and the many conflicting theories concerning religious faith that are found in the Christian world certainly today serving our church today I've never seen the like plus ten years are the work of our great adversary to confuse minds so that they shall not deserve the truth and the discord and division which exist among the churches of Christendom a really great measure to the prevailing custom of resting the Scriptures to support a favorite theory you know that it takes at seven at the Goldsboro whole months to get some assembly segments how is it on when to play out tomorrow where is all this pretends scapegoating and confusion heading work always had into coercion you may see in your own family you are arguing somebody who is not as loving and giving of you maybe in your church their country in the world I see it coming and always ends up in coercion some kind of force you're going to do this or else the use of power to control or destroy the hated minority in the minority baby only forty nine percent Satan working through world authorities will grab power and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed by celebratory me the issue comes down to what God 's loyalists are sealed and when those who reject God 's messages received the mark of these and worshiped his image no these two groups are clearly distinguished finally the Bible we keep singing of some kind way off somewhere we don't think that's going to be flesh and blood in your own neighborhood that the next part some weeks from now will get into how the world people become sealed I get so much unfortunate confusion over the gods loyalist reflect the character of Jesus Satan is loyalist reflect his character issue moreover the last time we saw this clearly distinguished was at the cross Satan that is we geezers down physically all my emotionally disseminate all whole pressure they was just a human being for the Satan will do is best-of-breed talent our Lord 's faithful therefore is a he knows he knows away the minimum loaded and tried to beat Jesus down after all he was go on the workout of all created beings and that's where I could get to live there not gods in every way possible when he has a greater majority of all morbid heavens prime destroy those stubborn sympathy I didn't say Saturday keepers Sabbath keepers Satan 's hate is never call ultimate selfishness lashes out unrestrained you may have seen that in the neighborhood mending your own family selfishness is really unrestrained and that is exactly what we see in the biblical overview of the seven last plagues the car codebreakers of course unrestrained evil selfishness rage I know this is not good enough for most of Revelation seven holder the four winds until the wicked have been sheltered for years from the full benefit of the Dragon the wicked heaven shelter by the grace of God reaching for their hearts God intercedes in my intercessor interceding between me and the evil one antecedents with all people living anywhere but whatever continent just giving them more chance to listen to his Holy Spirit and the devil is fortunate to randomly want to go on people but after probation is closed after each person is chosen either to worship the God of the fourth commandment or the false cause represented by Babylon the wicked by their own choice no longer are protected from evil forces in the universe the place to get the full those were worshiping the image of the beast have further reason to blame lazy royalists over here look at about commandments and fourth commandment and this and that minimum blame them for just a small group video comparatively speaking what we need in this world is more communion of brotherhood and peace they had been enraged with the power that attended the loud cry of this group Florida larger and their anger is kindled against all who have received that message frankly this is a very positive story this is a very wonderful way to end of the gospel program to see so many people finally realizing what the truth about God really we haven't discussed yet is that now those who honor the long God have been accused of bringing judgment upon the world and they will be regarded as a cause of the fearful repulsion of nature the simplest legs in the strife and bloodshed among them that are filling the earth with all go to blame somebody I'm still continuing this is what long passage of great controversy this magnificent malignant rage aimed at those who are endlessly and for freedom in a very troubled world there's a word for again angering the world soon results and not a stiffer son-in-law we've had that for a few months about what the next step in the state 's four step procedure of getting the person he wants to get as control coercion and no way to eliminate the Sabbath keepers in the seventh of zeal for God and were dogmas hello that have punished to the and fifty degrees that no way unknown to the United States and so contrary to its historical principles will be a seventh degree denouncing Sabbath keepers as his is serving of the severest punishment and giving the people liberty after certain time looked at the death remind you after that wonderful book we have more to stepping up and say because people yell singing noble status statement almost had gone in a box in the rules of the big versions could not be changed I going out on a certain day to kill those Israelites were reappointed as when the KLA stepped in after of course was the heroine and they passed another law if Satan succeeded that day we would never have heard about the Old Testament or the coming of Jesus as far as we know the whole floor of God down to four hundred four forty BC was stopped just like when Noah was both the boss and saved the eight remaining people will even have the truth about God there are times when God 's message came to Burberry solemn moment then Satan hope that this will be the last one it goes again so summary doll of just a little bit of a wizard so far Satanist practices strategy for control of God 's world of intelligent beings ever says his revolt in heaven his tactics are always the same pretends scapegoating confusion and finally control through Gore in the end there's always a death sentence I can't develop that before you as both books the big question is how do God 's people go it how do they get in God 's loyalists will face up to these synthetic responses as Jesus did I know it sounds so simple but didn't go the way of actually thinking down to show us how to really stand face-to-face as a intended as a man and that's why he's our high priest book Hebrews special chapter four just don't get why we have a reason to believe he's high priest he took all of our nature and what he thought we have to face he faces needed is a well that God court for using a human language God says you are worth being there high priest because they could look to you and find comfort what do you say they can trust you you are being there high priest for ever Hebrews four fourteen to sixteen they will not be distracted by evil attends to blame others for the best evil is causing and they will keep their minds on call our cruise of the full Gospel so that traditional ways of using language are not confused with the subtlety of progressive thinking is a protest progressive thinking is really intelligent thinking but you worked with different base truth has never been fully understood it's our job to have a conversation and to learn from each other how to face the future is that the way the Constitution of the stages put together either for example they will those who understand progressive thinking are simply fulfilling what we went through in the early years of the night of the twentieth century nineteen hundred and ninety oh four that caused the alcohol that's what the nineteen oh four GCN recognizing omega that is set up to the same today district three talks like this in campaigns Michigan camping others what is Omega what is Alpha but that's a subject for another day they will foresee how evil attempts to control and coworkers in their day taking courage in the warmth of others also see the danger their mental neurons we always are developing will run your never too old to develop neurons by the way if you're eating well and exercise well those who Roz will come to the place with their sealed by growing habit of saying yes to whatever God sheds into their growing awareness of what God wants to do truth is simply an unfolding picture it is not involving truth is simply growing constantly as president truth becoming more present but for you and me was a last time you really went through the mental process of character shows a tiger shows off one of the last time you really went through all the steps in brushing her teeth it do it shall we say automatically enjoyed because it's a built-in dear neurons those of you who was trying to learn typewriting the old way you know where you had typewriters in class and there's no numbers or letters on the keys life way up front is a big typewriter border areas near the here and the teacher told you to eat you have to do thirty five words a minute the passes test this course the refinement thirty five words a minute you could hardly get five words a minute direct you know what it's like like that with the computer now days but not quite as bookish but after it all for five months you're talking to somebody in your packet out what you wanted I have typed on the phone many times typed while talking on the phone when times and doing what I want to do because in my mind it was all a good habit I was sealed in being a pretty good Kuipers I was able in the book about anymore God is trying to steal your habits of grace and goodness of patients honesty integrity those habits grow or the lack of habits grow to well work out about important stuff are we all gone want to do is seal your forever so you're not going to be ever say something that dishonest or whatever occasion you're not going to be angry whenever sundown comes Friday at the going thank you Lord that got so busy Lord thank you for the seventh and you shut the TV off your shutdown your computer you come home from work thank you Lord pick up the Bible with your family read this or that you never really for twenty four hours worry about this and that over here who get the place where you will not think about that more than so is there a second boom was going to getting sealed into enjoying the seventh until the cars wanted out of you just as soon watch is now just as soon as the people of God are sealed and therefore had it is not any seal or Mark that can be seen to see that not of a mark that can be seen but a sampling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually so they cannot remove and justice of God 's people are sealed and prepared for the making and shaking it will come into itself she said intellectually and spiritually I think it's very possible for a lot of bright people I know who he was overloaded with his room to intellectually have the truth in your head you can answer the question you can stand up and give a talk on the subject but are you spiritually seal some people are spiritually sealed wonderfully but somehow they haven't felt that important to nail it down intellectually so they can explain to their children even barter their neighbors will one of the humble kind and tender but I can explain it the ceiling work is an intellectual and spiritual process I went to become habitually kind of victory alert with the time you have of course not everybody go to learn everything all at once everybody has a different level but if the level of your able to do that determines all your Seo the thief on the cross and have very many hours to discuss with Jesus what he was doing that on the cross beside Bayshore was given in a message sorting if they haven't been taught how to catching up to do but he was sealed because he gave everything he had to Jesus on the cross and luxury the best ahead spiritually all I have going is not asking on of you anymore than recognizing we will have no duty of my known duty is different than yours I have a rock on living with record Norma she has no duty different than I do I'm catching up with her in some areas maybe she's kept up with these other areas but it's no ability that you're going to be judged by what I thought about what the next time God is not the judge you your works are judging you constant up there trying to get into the place where he could say you're safe to say but you're the one hold your buddy or works of Horace Bible text God is not the Stern John you got your father he never shut the front door is calling people back home the day you are born the Holy Spirit is trying to tell you that the way to get back home this to me and Jesus came down to make sure you got the point that God is our father our father who art in heaven hallowed be your name is Doctor Turner's Stern John Tortorella blowtorch and call that judgment getting even with you and being medicated because you done something terrible things they have another people two years two days maybe a thousand years are you you're really terrible which are not I get it most Christians in the world believe that I hope will bring programs is your father your father is waiting Jesus wept over Jerusalem and he weeps over every boy and girl all they are if they don't listen if they turn away from them and us and what more can I do in a group attached to his ejection will be there weeping and the judgment would not be God 's people they will handle that alter the lunar event as subtle as the white average that they are not pursuing your we will be those who say I really blew it right on your fair to be brought to the city will be like Jesus was looking at Jerusalem none weeping because I couldn't figure it out said because so many people didn't catch on because God is so fair is that in the whole universe see the consequences and results of lumbar choices that he didn't make for us we make for ourselves and all that he did the cultures to come back home although so much of the time is come home three thirty thank you for coming today Corporation with Sabbath just love every word that you can read about him but more important remember that he is your father not heavenly bookkeeper he is your loving friend that Jesus came to reveal and you can trust the God like that you don't trust one fear is you fear your spouse you may do a few things for what do you enjoy it or not you that is not something where you when you really trust your spouse one hundred and twenty five percent of the way God wants us to think about him heavenly father all who wonderful Lord our closest companion are wonderful Holy Spirit what would we do with all due thank you for laboring with those staying with those coaxing us sending all kinds of messages to us thank you Lord the discharge this charge does knows her well to world as a purveyor of truth may discharge constantly grow in numbers and in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray to Jesus and payment this media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about hothouse you like the more certain please visit www. audio or


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