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4. Disciples Disciple

Jeffrey Marshall




  • April 5, 2014
    9:00 AM
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dear God Brown you came to this world and the new left and promise to send the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth without your promise being fulfilled today on what waste their time maybe night invasive mating been misguided with your Holy Spirit 's presence this is something that can make a difference in our lives and make a difference in other people 's lives in claiming the promise just now just pray so if you come a couple times you've probably figured out that I have a little bit of an aversion to version two what altar calls to members and all that's not how I be very clear on something is not about the called her back maybe because I'm had to be honest about I I grew up and to answer so many author calls that it became kind of the new and it was real and when it was and some of his eye well maybe someday the battle will maybe so I don't know and then and there was never how is directly taught like years there's a good altar call is and here's what about all the poets I was never taught seven numbers into it but that doesn't mean the altar calls are bad because decisions are what important decisions are important I ask you now that there will be a bit of cult and ask you take this to the screen card from the state this is a passing announcement that came from up front look over it with over the screen card because if you don't make a decision this walkway I otherwise inspirational it was nice I like the slider whatever you know that's as pointless pointless in Yahoo benefit of any quote book that you find Barnes & Noble but if you make a decision for God we something different to ask good question the reason I can totally get away from author calls is because Jesus made them an economy like Jesus have to be conscious of that if you are Jesus what all to college and make get one chance to get a final chance to make an altar call what decision would you ask people to make which you open your Bibles if you will if making John chapter three John chapter thirty of me going on both sides of the sex they were not human beings John said that they would go to both sides we started at the end of John chapter three does my second talk and then we went to the John Center for women to the beginning of John chapter three today were going to the end of John chapter four entity in the middle and the end of John chapter two so three of our middle market which I started here in the middle of done things on both sides are now doing things on both sides again are you with an today oriented as well look at John chapter four pretty intimately than we do look at himself in John chapter two pretty intimately going to try to take that apply it to ourselves last night I give you for words forward soon remember the words desire conviction call action very good and what are these four words but a way to witness to people correct there also led to be witness to yourself if you struggling relationship with God well be honest with God about your desires to have honest conversations with him about your desires and out of the honest conversation will spring up conviction God will bring if you're honest with God about where your desires are and where they are not God will take that conversation he will start to convict you of any conviction he will call you to something different than your under obligation you should act on you should do something not just let it live up here in your head when you see that pattern played on plate here we read about the woman at the well and we came to them in verse twenty six chapter on Johnson performance twenty six who were not picked that story back up John chapter four verse twenty seven had this woman at the well Jesus declares himself to be Christ to her she she takes off at this point his disciples came and they marveled that he talked with a way woman yet no one said what do you see I wire you talking woman then laughter water pot went her way into the city interesting that Jesus never gets the Cialis or never gets a drink that was ordered after the first Jesus juice is very acute he listens he focuses he understands people 's desires they understood this woman coming in the middle of the day he's disconnected from the people from her villagers and so on Jesus asking for water asking for something that would quench his thirst his desire is actually trying to give something target for the desire of her heart connection with other people goes on she says she tells Solomon of the town was twenty nine see a man who told me all things I ever did could this be the Christ than they were now the city and in the meantime his disciples urged him saying Rabbi eight but he said to them what is the sex I have good to eat which you do not know of this is very interesting he's doing the same thing the digested with the woman woman at the well without with the disciples who starting with desire but it's not really about food is about something that's behind the food right desire that the food isn't the main desire there's something behind there something beyond a starting with desire and a move onto conviction and then on to call him into action they starting the designer with his disciples he says I have food to eat which you do not know therefore disciples said to one another has anyone brought him anything he same as woman at the well right they don't get it over that's gone but not connecting with this verse thirty four Jesus said to them my food is to do the will of him who sent me to finish his work think about the disciple situation they're trying to be good disciples we could be kind of hard unlimited they're trying to be good disciples they been walking just as far as Jesus has in this ahead once you rest will go on a little farther will stay awake a little longer and will go get you what Bowditch of food and they come back trying to be good disciples they come back to him bring him food aid is awarded slow discouraging but I wonder if even with us even with us as Christians could week could we be trying to be good disciples would be missing the point because Jesus wasn't so concerned about himself he was concerned about his wife mission juice was concerned about his mission if you going to follow me in and do the things I do it's not so much about me getting food it's about me getting people for thirty five do you not say there is still four months and then comes the harvest all I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are ready already white for the heart and he who reads receives wages and gathers fruit for eternal life about a few stones and new reads may rejoice together what is the saying is true once those in another read I sent you to read that for which you have not labored others have labored and you have entered into their labors with the talking where did he just and the disciples where the disciples just go where they coming back from the village right the village where this woman is from now what if they share Jesus focused what if they would if they shared Jesus lack of prejudice what if they gone into town and a couple rooms that have a split this thing up a couple of developments they go up to the mitigate right where all the guys congregated to discuss things and make sure the town ran well in August and they sat down with these these Jews sat down at the Samaritan men and said hey else about your wisdom or what would you guys talking about what you have to offer me as a Jew can can give me some thoughts about a started a murmur in the city what if a couple others they gone over and seen some kids listen stakes and around Iraq saying translated with it done with it are spread throughout the town you best mom some Jews played of me a few minutes ago and they're telling us that Jesus that are that the Christ is in the minimum is that they are telling us that Christ is down by the well with this image is very limited what really got everyone's attention gotten everyone's attention but they missed it there focused on the food into words this is what Jesus is trying to tell his disciples disciples disciple to get that through simple the cycles disciple actually sentenced disciples disciple to have a question feuded in implicating question you take that sentence as a statement or as a command how does Jesus intended implication goes a little bit farther doesn't it if disciples disciple that if I'm not discipling them and I'm not a what type but I get Jesus Brad but I do these good things but I've but I am associated I mean I make sacrifices I decided that I do all kinds of things do not discipling and other disciple possessive Jesus asked to do you can't follow Jesus and not bring others to do the same thing you're really following Jesus and is trying to get this into the heads of his disciples he's trying to teach them about what their real goal as he started to symbolic the purpose of following him is anything not to keep him keep food on the table that it be taken care of Higgins made that that's not a big deal but getting people is Larry King disciples disciple terrific you over to Mark Mark chapter four Jesus God has bullet points has things he repeats he hits it from multiple angles he doesn't teach a bunch of complicated stuff he did a few things they did a few things well be turned over to tomorrow Chapter four will pick up the verse thirteen he's just given up terrible terrible in fact about what seeds and farming same kind of thing is talking of his disciples is said to be allowed to the harvest but I'm telling you harvest is already writing with what he says ever 's first thirteen marked a performer 's thirteenth and he said to them is speaking of his disciples do you not understand this parable how then will you understand all the parables the sewer so what the word goes along with a couple nights ago godless she must increase his church must increase to share his what shares voice to share his voice to plant seeds someone came up to me last night is that you know your baskets I see what you're saying it applies to me about the whole desire conviction call action I get that right do it or do it as I told us that this is a few universal desires that everyone has everyone universally wants to be heard and understood is why arguments happens not a lot of arguments happen that people don't disagree at all it is fighting for was to be heard such that is not actual disagreements it's people want to be heard some another our actual disagreements in the Senate but a lot of arguments have been because people disagrees because they really won't be hurt to be understood that translates the desire to be cared for if you sit down with someone and you really listen to them focus on listening to them and understand them that will tell them that you are here there's no one on this planet doesn't want to be cared so go at the University you know that one I mean some people may desire this or that little because when you find the MM must be cared for so listen take someone and listen to them the desire and I comes to conviction be careful you plant seeds you don't preach sermons plant the seed and God will show you how if you really listen he'll show you what seed needs to be planted where listen Jesus is a master at he can listen so well that he heard things that no one ever said the woman's walking made day he knows there's a problem here he knows he's disconnected from people he figures that without her speaking a word by late communication they are the teacher that seventy eight percent of communication is nonverbal Jesus listen listen for he watched he listened with designs not only his ears do the same for your friends they want to be cared for if you care if you care the newbie of the plant to be a plan of God 's word somewhere to make a difference that will grow up back in John chapter four what is the point of harvesting something when you harvest something what you do what you doing when you harvest the wheat harvest anything you need it gives energy for something else to do is allow your good finally planted again you save deceived that is up on the controversy in today's world but heirloom seeds and all the stuff going on it's a weird really instead people posting stuff on Facebook right but the point is the point is you take seed and you do what you replant the disciples are for wallowing your teeth harvested them and he's trying to plant them again and they don't want to be planted and disciples what disciples so the question I have for you the question here and in the middle of this sermon the day is are you a disciple based on that two word sentence based on that two word sentence are you a disciple is August and everything yes I will want to follow Jesus I want eternal life I want to be a loving person I believe in God 's word mean that a lot of things we can all say rightly we believe it we want to be good people will want to follow Jesus we wanted what if you're not discipling Unida side is actually do good friend of mine is actually here is two months ago Kamman division bayfront good guy I'm sure the sermons are available somewhere you should listen to him as a good a promise to Kamman says something very interesting to me about a month ago I says you know this whole thing with the cycling I like to work the sidelines as lifelessly to the site or as a copout like a copout whether the totally not within his family is where discipling because we don't like the word discipline is life they want to talk about disciplining excitedly got better think about that for a second visit makes a lot more sense than initially thought what is this somehow I don't know who it was him of his psychology of some misguided parents somewhere are the court system we've made discipline into a bad thing right discipline is synonymous with abuse wrong it's not discipline the good thing because I like I told you the last minute before the most important I don't disappoint my son is here today and we want feminist aromatherapists that's that that's my son is so awesome I like how to access the desert land on inside the displaying the most important thing I do to discipline my son is what spent time with spend time with one closely doesn't question that I love them when there's things that happened they seem in conflict with the idea of luck I spend time with them he knows that I love them he wants to please me even now of the things he wants to please me best thing ever I get much sleep last night he's pretty good at sleeping through the night and less important importance going on exec gets involved in something I do know that he thinks it woke up what time it was about the time I was trying to fall asleep and then he woke up again really early this morning that's okay is my priority why are we so afraid of discipline why we afraid of the opera conversations with each other e.g. did you hear that but will you talk about this morning for Sabbath school stood up for all academic audience and said basically in a nutshell I believe the Bible 's inspired in a nutshell that's what that's what was said stood up and now has the premier archaeological site in Israel are you willing to stand up remind us and now it may not go that way sure there times when it won't go well what are you willing to disciple in the whole sense of the word are you willing to embrace discipline are you willing to discipline yourself are you willing to do the hard things are you willing to say the hard things because Jesus is here with his disciples and he can't get through the whole pattern desire conviction call accent is getting the desire is hitting out at each trying to at the same desire need does you want food but I'm telling you I get energy when I do it asked me to do I get energy and I bet there's a lot of people in here who come back from a mission trip or come back from a door-to-door situation or just had a conversation with a friend or the arts somehow been aligned with God 's desires at some point in their life and you can talk about how you can sleep good at so much energy you have to tell some of the jihad so much energy and Jesus is trying to get them to get this and anything takes the next step desire conviction are starting to feel conviction but the instead of just so just exploring this convention are getting frustrated with Jesus how often do we do that to finish calling them I sent you I send shoot the harvest even going to that town they get bread always more important than food as people that Jesus can't provide the action he can do it he won't do it he won't override the power of choice so today I desire conviction call actions what's the great action I give you the same question we started with him Jesus is making an altar call what would it be what would it be disciples disciple wasn't just making this stuff up about discipline Jesus did turn with me John chapter two John chapter two will start all how I start the beginning of this chapter is absolutely incredible but where you started onto verse thirteen John two verse thirteen if you have a heading there is says what Jesus cleanses the Temple very good now the Passover of the Jews was at hand and Jesus went up to Jerusalem and he found in the temple those who sold oxen see Dov and moneychangers doing business we had made a wit of course this is a serious when he made a whip of cords he drove them out of the temple and the sheep and the oxen and poured out the changers money and overturned the tables and he said to those who sold the dust take these things away not make my father 's house a house of merchandise then his disciples remembered that it is written the zeal for your house has eaten me up so the Jews answered and said to him what sign you show us since you do these things Jesus answered and said to them destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up images said it was taken for a six years to build this temple and will you raise it up in three days he was speaking the Temple of his body therefore when he had risen from the dead his disciples remembered that he had said to them they believe the Scriptures and the word which Jesus had said Jesus wasn't afraid of discipline he was afraid of saying the awkward thing even when his closest friends are like oh my is making a working on a really is a serious any and is not just making a web out here to drive some cows right thing am serious about this get out and this is your money turn stuff over he disorganized as their organization and sends them out and they get really ticked not about the money but about what statement about the Temple that's interesting as an you would think they get really take about the fact that it is less much money they can make about whether ticked about this the Temple why why is that the focus the reader something once had this memorized but it's too much numbness about in Chronicles you can read the genealogy of Levi genealogically writing a Levi's priest and a priestly genealogy that a married part of it not not the genealogy reading of the history of what happens own bias the second is replaced by Syrian king for his brother Jason for money and the promise of introducing great cultures of the Syrian king comes then we know the story of Israel's of a lot of that stuff serious S takeover because God say hey you don't want me to never move back but it's not to be guide Syria comes then in that vacuum Syria takes over Syrian king says I where's the point of power you always do this is a very simple thing and governance of you take someone over is a where's the place of power and that's where you really addressing what taken up again what's the other place power the highway arteries so nice the second through the high priest is replaced this drinking replace them for his brother Jason and Jason promises to introduce Greek culture and give them money Jason is then replaced later by many allow for more money he was not of Aaron 's line AJ they took someone who is not of the of the line of Levi God 's promise God 's covenant takes someone outside the next big deal because now this persons operating in some think it's outside of the promise outside of the promise of God which is actually what gives the position credibility so since he's not so tight so that was one of the pre- high priest during the time of David so we can't as a guideline as you heard this morning David David Key to the Bible what the think center around David so the high priest that was one of the high priest is around when David was around us who we call the true line of the priestly am the priestly ascension and so this zone attack the right line he was not a visit of guideline he was hated by the Jews wow as a message the second Anaïs the second assassinated by drowning great priest Anaïs the third starts at two basically takes over Jerusalem and rebellion is he still part of the correct line and type test Syrian retakes Jerusalem Anaïs the third the correct lineage flees to Egypt and sets up a false temple there Lucius the next Syrian ruler kills many of our pleased the Jews he sets up Jacob is a high priest who dies soon after Jerusalem is without a priest for seven years Syrians began to annihilate the Jews and is a Jewish family who has money and family that negotiates the preservation of the Jews to save the Jews Jonathan of the Hasmonean family set up then as high priest he's still not of his own kite line eight succeeding succeeding priests from the Hasmonean dynasty you might say Harry becomes in a Mike King his brother-in-law Aristotle S becomes a high priest at age seventeen people love the sky they cry as he performs his first duties in the feast of Tabernacles so Eric Tilton over the next twenty three years there are twenty eight high priest there'd only been fifty one in the previous seventeen hundred and sixty eight years you know why they were so jealous for the building it's all I have the priesthood was a choke it become political shambles that told you that I've struggled with seven bad research for the environment testimony struggle slut worth much for us in Jesus day when he came to the temple the priesthood was given the right priesthood the one right line it taken off to where agent and done something that was unforgivable unforgivable set up a different temple in Egypt kidding me as where we were supposed to leave and it is been a big joke since then much of death than outbidding each other and manipulation the Temple was all they had left so they were angry they were angry that anyone would suggest anything about the destruction of the one thing that they felt made them good and Jesus doesn't mess around just doesn't mess around it all he takes in on discipline disciplines them he stands up and says hey people desiring God are supposed to come here for prayer and to meet God and you're making it a place meet your own personal desires and he stands up to them he stands up to them in a strong way of force away be careful with that but also be willing to do especially at the place where people are supposed to meet whatever that is late here some of these things of the controversy over churchmen so much passion associated with prayer is the place where people are supposed to meet the Sony manipulated and you bet people should stand up you bet people should say something but Jesus is even talking about the Temple in the first place and just set them off because they know that they don't really have anything else because all discipling process that was the purpose of the patients that over the last chapter of the Old Testament last.fm the Old Testament Malachi Malachi chapter two some sometime during the Old Testament during this whole corruption of the priesthood as things start to go south in the priesthood chapter two verse one look at wet look at what the prophet says a message from God to the praise says and now verse one and now O praise this commandment is for you if you will not hear and if you will not take it to heart to give glory to my name says the Lord of hosts what's the purpose of the praise point people to die to give glory to God and if you're not going to do this middle of verse I will send a curse upon you and I will curse your blessings yes I have cursed them already because you do not take it to heart behold I will puke your descendents what we see happening the descendents of the priesthood behold our rebuke your descendents and spread refuse on your faces that's gross refuse of your solemn feasts and one will take one will take you away with it then you most then you shall know that I have since this commandment to you that my covenant with Levi may continue says the Lord of host my covenant was with him one of life one of peace and I gave them to him that he might fear me so fear me and and what Sony feared man was reverent before my name the lot truth was in his mouth and injustice was not found in his lips he walked with me in peace and equity and turned many away from iniquity what were the priests doing the elected priest the leadership what were they doing with the Temple the very opposite of what's said here they were totally turning away from the profits and doing what they wanted to manipulate to get what they wanted and I'm telling in today's world where getting the same thing people hate Ellen White every writer the first night with Tony my own testimony about the undoing of the Saints I asked to do one simple thing read what thoughts from the amount of blood underclassmen as a Christ object lessons Christ object lessons and on each chapter it correlates with some part of the Bible so for your devotions read that and being the correlations in the Bible and a change in life it'll change your life you'll just get it I did that sky of the wine thinking this was going to drug deal nearby these the operative of his people to sell drugs that I guess think they try to get people some free stuff to get them addicted right China gets addicted you do that little bit you'll do more you get other books but some of the blessings incredible stuff sermon on the Mount read the sermon on the Mount in correlation with us and them blessings will change her life and other desired pages same thing reading correlation with the Bible if you struggle with complacency could you saying today hey enough disciples disciple but I will even know who would disciple me regards where dissent is the people here you could talk to but I go to God 's work let let let let let the desire of ages let let the profit show you things and change your life and you will find yourself in size you'll find yourself missing meals you find yourself missing sleep because what you gaining so much more important than all of that and you'll find yourself start to read through reaching out to other people 's desire to find people coming to your room wanting to talk to you because you have something you have something that they don't have to you'll see this process of desire conviction call ups if you see it start to take place the religion of Jesus time rejected from without these disciples discipline because Jesus did say the hard things especially at the point where people are supposed to be meeting God if the meeting manipulation they stand up MSM standing here make a list and I'm not moving this is wrong get it out but disorganized that be careful you better make sure you're close to God you better make sure you're close to God and James counsels us in our anger and anger of humans never produces goods to be real careful but follow Jesus nonetheless disciples disciple and willing to do that I cannot take up your cross was that mean practically taking it up daily but the cross was placed people were killed as a sacrifice are you willing to sacrifice daily are you willing I don't colleges like you pick between three things social life is studies in sleep someone was saying over there before I'm at such bed you put God in the sum of those others again be sacrificed know your experience without also talked about I promise your space and greater things in your life and you never knew to expect little Jeff frustrated why doesn't my Church different than it is last week a conversation about a very controversial issue in our church for the tops of the in one line of our church the top official saying this is anyways trying to persuade me to agree with him I'm trying to persuade me by convincing me that this other thing is a right but I'm not there year that the problem identify those my main my thesis statement in the conversation and it's not for fault it's bigger than that and he started to say no death of this and not not falter whatever and I might I'm not saying that you not yet with me because given the opportunity to talk with people make a development committee it's really fun of this revival Reformation to me I just prayed about that I heard about are my God that's like the only committee and the whole church that I would want to be on one budget committee is not as fast as I disaster Theophilus Little me know I am I also know you could send off I cut out of this incident and I get paid to or for the particular conference as a committee I guess I'm still on it but any other than the point is afraid about it I got the opportunity I get to talk to people is really in and the think one of things early like other innovative thoughtful young person just for my chefs still the young person and one final committee on the young person I talk with fast as they say Jeff what would you do if you are you are in charge the GC what would you guess I dissolve about two thirds of the juicy silent fire I just denies you retire to did some outside the slip lace about two thirds if getting management is not a cynicism that this is a sit in job is very simple keep us faithful and keep us functional anything that doesn't relate to one of those two things out as its outside dissolved about two thirds and one third the flat that higher all your wives and they go to travel with you you'd work together you would travel everywhere and at the other third we need to do special projects curriculum and all less of the other victory resources is that instead of hiring people to do that I would actually like pay to bring people in from all on world that that that could do this project on a project basis can you share my ideas with people at the top you have my test my struggle with our church struggled with my friends why do I have a good and they don't it's a good question it's a legitimate question you should ask it why do I have a good and they don't some of you may be the fence and have it back from time to time and I'm sorry you have had friends reach out to you I been on the good side of that than on the good side discipling discipline coming close sacrificing for sacrificing money sacrificing time sacrificing focus member that so near here the first title to add a lady fell down the money filled seceded with me she met me at my desire kid who likes nature so she takes me to see stars Haley 's comet when saw this famous you could hardly see it in the post out of the lives of famous but it is fine she lacy seat she's taking me to see major states me to seabirds she's meeting this cadence at his desires so this little child is told to get to bring a friend home goes into the sixty plus year old today that is is coming home with me today she met me at my desires and when I wanted to leave this church could prefer I couldn't do it honestly I want to walk away from some of the people in this church because I did not like the way they treated people everyone a lot with the beliefs never will never believe that God does it that was never my issue I struggled with the whole good God bad world but I never could reject God but I was more than willing to reject some of the people in fact a lot of the people I start adding couldn't walk away honestly be that person to some be that person the sun I'm little boy back there if we ever have a little girl disorder name seventy Addie is almost a prenuptial agreement she discipled at a young age the whole guide girl things start flaring up in my life swallowed only people who was able to say to me just as his bad don't do it now yes my students ask what I say about that stuff there laughing over there because they know say know think about dating my first question is always the same haunting American night on honest question is not ready to get married and I went ready to date very simple but if you already get Manhattan couple of things on top a list of songs on the missile freak out him I know if I buy this without trying the funny end of the really exit if a job it is a guide by song of Solomon 's incredible above the tell you why but it's on disciples disciple we can laugh today wiggle walk away with some of those in the thought but if you're not discipling your living a lie I tell young people all the time which they try to walk away from the church say God is a bunch of hypocrites am I so are you so are you because everything is complaining about read John fourteen twelve God wants to do greater things do you need it turns also be the stinking solution is that a part of the problem and you have that opportunity but you have to be willing to do it it have to be willing to discipline got to be willing to disciples got to be willing to let God ravaged your life I was here the student to come one oh one from nine Amgen plus I was deathly afraid of essays when I got here the student and am class everyone who teach me the vestments of that so they told analysis of his artist assigned up I sweated most proud of ever been an A- and you know if you are in this class that something visa had he stands on the first day of class he says I offer you power the power to convince disciples disciple he had me from day one I ended up taking English literature from when I hated writing and I like writing as well I hate I hate poetry so I think his poetry class batter my heart three-person God for you as yet but not breathe shine and seek to mend that I might arise and stand or throw me and Binger forced to break blow burn and make me new I like a usurped town to another do labor to admit you but all to no end reason your vice Ruthven Mimi sketched a defendant proves weak and untrue yet dearly I love you and would beloved fan but I'm betrothed to your enemy divorce me untied break that not again take me to you enthrall me Fry never shall be chase except you ravish me know how I messed up little in there but you know once I told him over ten years ago he discipled as John done a womanizer who got thrown into jail and was told by the king you're not coming out are you ready to be a pastor among focuses on his early poetry Doctor Les questions taught me to focus on the end of his life the last part of his poetry divorce me divorce me from Satanist lycée ravaged make is if you don't ravage me all never be chased them and be holy you want to find God put yourself out there in willingness to disciple others and if you think you found God which are not discipling people stop lying to yourself pick up this green piece of paper I got the wrong pickup is green piece of paper fill it out right on the back I want to do it he was talking about that in touch within a not that guy am not that I'm not that guy was really great altar calls telling people hey come down forward and I'm not I'm not good at that assist I haven't learned but I can tell you that Jesus was here today and about to leave for the last time his altar call would be this I just turn with me to the last part of Matthew Matthew chapter twenty eight verse nineteen Matthew twenty eight first nineteen go therefore and what make disciples go make disciples to the statement risen the command disciples discipline disciples stand disciples save a hard thing disciples lives are ravaged disciples reach out the expense of sleep food popularity in their own desires disciples disciple 's commander statement so leave you with this disciples disciple spread dear God created these adults so much potential so much honor to live at this time and they live will fill out these green pieces of paper maybe those already involved in things if they're too busy to respond to a friend cut something out the say no so they can disciple others spent years with your disciples trying to teach them giving them parables giving the molestations and you know what God John Goddard he got it ended revelation in your inspiration referencing back to the woman at the well I pray that these these people here will choose to disciple will let you discipline them that they in turn will discipline will disciple others I wish your desires will reach a call was a is a very this media was brought by Nautilus the website God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than an night you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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