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Part 1: The Wise Can't See It

Eugene Prewitt


Paul speaks negatively about the wisdom of words. Why? Because man's wisdom doubts God's revelations regarding the cross.


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • March 7, 2014
    7:00 PM


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our father in heaven I thank you for this happen for the beauty of your holy Bible and I asked as we look at your word this evening that you would help us to understand that I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus and what state you deny about a problem and that I guess is a solution the problem which has been developing for several years is related to how wise humans are Bibles to first Corinthians chapter one first friend in chapter one were going to look at verse seventeen first front is one for seventeen for Christ that is the Messiah did not send me to baptize but to preach the gospel not with wisdom of words lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect autistic about the first permanent just an idea to send their policy creation he was sent to baptize that part is relevant fabulous missions everywhere not the baptism was important that he was sent to preach the gospel but then he said something about how he was to preach and say so much what you what to do in verse seventeen but what he was avoiding her what was your way he was avoiding what he called the wisdom of the wisdom all words I don't think for a minute at home and that he valued improper grammar or foolish seeking or something like that but you see why he wanted to avoid the wisdom of words the shoulder verse seventeen why it would neutralize the power of the cross there's something about the cross may be different than that chemistry or physics that when you use educated it was in some sense wise words to describe it or to speak about it that it loses it's power or its ability to do what God intended for it to do verse eighteen for the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness nothing never thinking for a minute because it illustrates the list everyone but the cross when you preach it properly will be foolish to a class and what class is it that sees it as schooling is under the law the loss don't see wisdom in the cross so if you follow the idea to develop a in reference to Adventist mission would be sensible for me to try to change my princes across the library makes sense to the class called the lost I don't know I think my confusion when a question but let me say this another way it doesn't surprise me that the followers of the Corolla can see wisdom in the cross it doesn't surprise me that this don't see anything just for where are the Savior dying for someone else it doesn't surprise me that even here in America a number of positions that I know can't see any sense in the idea that one person could stand in someone else's software and that B12 injustice the cross is foolishness to a certain class and what classes that are thinking the law I hope that you and I will never be shared rented or troubled by the fact that the loss must the cross and the ideas of justice and atonement that are in that message verse nineteen finish first eighteen but unto us which are saved it is the power of God for it is read and I will destroy the wisdom of the wise I will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent who is in verse nineteen that brings to nothing the understanding of the prudent God is in verse nineteen God has a plan or a message or a means of destroying the wisdom and the process of that class of white people must be the same class inversely if you are called the lost the whys of verse nineteen are the laws of verse eighteen dollars to my grass by the wise words in verse seventeen I don't know if you follow the ideologues think you just one more time but there are wise words that would impress wise people oh one Columbia press by those wise words are lost in a certain class of people do not see it was in the cross in verse nineteen I see that God does not have that the wisdom of man will get honor among the spiritual believers in the Bible maybe this is too theoretical for United should help you know where I'm coming from a room going on some deeply respected persons by respected by me but I know well have written in the last week from Elaine messages about what I call substitutionary atonement when I use that phrase what I mean I don't think it would be just counter my name is not by his words that could be understood by my that the idea that Jesus could take the sins of those his created beings on him he didn't die for those sins and that we could have access to his righteousness that we had nothing to do with we did not live in that he could carry our sins that he had nothing to do with he did not choose them I mean he did not choose to do them the idea that she is righteousness to be substituted for my sinfulness and she could carry sinfulness that idea you choose your biz what does that make sense to entire class of people when I see a growing olives say some names right now that are not the man I imagine that I'd even respect because I don't want to mention their names until I got a fair chance to do I can change things but the Navy Timothy Jennings a physician or a psychologist or psychiatrist I always forget which out of Tennessee Herb Montgomery a man who was my student when he was seventeen years old are Doctor and Doctor Doctor 's coal and Graham Maxwell are all persons who abandon promoting some of the same ideas if you go back far enough in church history you will find an interesting character by the name of Peter Abelard you don't need to know him and if you don't remember his name I don't care that you write it down but if you want to you'll find an interesting article about amateur on Wikipedia I haven't read it can have a large was one of those man who you view my same as the forerunner of the Renaissance that he was a man who began to ask questions that no one else had the guts to ask so an authority sad that the world is flat she wasn't just hate yet he would ask why do you think so what is your evidence let's see and that he would have the audacity to pick up our resolve holes in the logic is flawed in your reasoning that how are the key really questions values that had been held for a long time but what he did with human reasoning he carries eleven unsettling extreme heat of the same thing with the word of God there is a difference between the word of God and the word of man PA let God be true and every man a liar says the Bible Peter Abelard invented what has come to be known as the moral influence theory in short it says that Jesus died for the purpose of showing us God 's love and that was the whole theory I would say a man because isn't that the truth Romans five said very plainly that God commanded his love toward God that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us it slowed that Son of Man even dare to die for a good man Jesus went far beyond that he gave his life for us however still his enemies it is true that the cross shows us the love of God turn your Bibles to first Peter if you have a ribbon or something to leave your first Corinthians one that would be good if you do so at first Peter chapter two first Peter chapter two verse twenty one for being then taking the ways we recall because Christ also the soccer for the site for a half leaving us an example that we should follow his steps it is true that Jesus died for the purpose of moral influence indeed it is true that he died to exert moral influence he died the sellers got sloppy guy could be an example for a look at verse twenty four who get his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree that meeting that has stands it should live unto righteousness so Jesus is out on the cross there was an intention that it would lead us to live a good life mate is on the same page you like this for me look at chapter four verse one persecutor four one four is much that is God as Christ has suffered for us in the flash arm yourselves likewise with the same mind for Gina has suffered in the flash has seized from sin so Jesus 's death on the cross was so I could arm myself with what the same mindset that he had he went to the cross that is what better way Jesus was thinking when he went to Calvary that kind of mindset is like an armory a slight for the warfare with evil is just what I need to arm myself with that very mind what I'm trying to show you in a few verses is that she was right and what he affirm he was right when you're confirmed that the fraud and moral influence that the amendment now have reckoned with it really moves us but that is all the crosses about between persecutors reversing or forty five first Peter three but first here's reversing for Christ also hath once suffered for sins that Joss for the unjust first of all that is substitution is quite as simple as a guys the job suffered for the unjust I don't see any light in this metaphysical idea almost called spiritualistic that's the wrong word but I'm about to deny ideas I think even those the firm don't understand what they're talking about I mean not merely wrong but I understand what they're trying to say but the idea that we were in Jesus and some sounds on the cross so that when he died we die so that we all really died for our own sin the idea that we died there are self so that it's just because I said I needed and you never heard that don't let me be the first for the flight that shouldn't solve it just isn't so it's not true it is true that Jesus for my sins have a substitution and if so that the orange I wrote on John's what's so is that the just time for the unjust for Christ also has once suffered for sins the just for the unjust that he might bring us to God being put to death in the flash and quickened by the Spirit and where the next two verses are some hard once I don't want to distract us with them so you can ask about that some other time turn to Isaiah chapter fifty three Isaiah fifty three one of those e-mails I have I think it was yesterday I received that it was yesterday from a man who has done a college presidents he then write to me hereof is someone who sent it to me but it was about me and he asked about me does Eugene believe that Jesus has to pacify some important use of keys that Jesus had slipped he is the father by the sacrifice that the father was angry and needed to VIPs well no I don't believe that but what he means by that question what many people mean when I asked the question about appeasement what they're really doing is they're talking about the idea of justice why is this that someone has to die for sin why does someone have to die for sin and if you ask the question why do you have to die for sin who was the man in the death of Jesus was the father of the required wasn't a law that required and I not suggesting to you yet any answers that question but people who begin to talk about justice and reason out the sleigh is moving exactly in the direction that Paul is referring to when he talked about the wisdom of words your recent optimism words he wanted to trace across price but not with wisdom of words because that will make the process of no effect the cross is foolishness to those that are lost but those are stated as the power of God for euros and fifty three Isaiah fifty three verse four surely he that is Jesus has borne our dreams born there hasn't he honored it means caring he has carried arteries and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken Smith and by God and afflicted he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities listen carefully the chastisement of our peace that two letter word phrases are keys is the idea substitution that is she the songbird so we could have peace that is half price measure that allowed us to have these lasagna she'd heard a share so we could have peace verses six all we like sheep have gone astray we have returned everyone to his own way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all that the father for the sins of everyone on Jesus according to the Bible yes according to the Bible the Joss suffered for the unjust now is this fair is righteous that someone could die in place as me I want to share a few ideas that occur to me when I think about this that might be of value to you I create myself since God created me I owe him my life it's obvious to me that I owe him my life because I create my life in my life came from him that he created me and makes me entirely alive station for my assistance if I served him from the moment I was created for a billion years while I wouldn't do for you is my duty I cannot do for the father urges us more than my duty because I own hand is my entire Lamar my life all I can do is my duty Jesus even said is the seventeen counties that so likewise you when you got everything that you have a massive say we are on profitable service I have only done my duty with only done analysis commanded us to do is what it says there is a verse but what about Jesus Jesus is created for that reason Jesus is also the father has life Jesus doesn't have any obligations of the father when she is not served the father since he doesn't bother anything that is volunteer service if I could make this as raw as simple as I can when you work for me I told you wages the reason I only does it work for me as I don't own you you don't owe me anything and if you don't own anything and then do you do my service I ought to give you hence you know the father of Jesus and he is ready and able to pay when Jesus is the right thing Jesus was earning wages and those are what we call his righteousness his righteousness is the only righteousness in the whole universe that has merit because it's the only righteousness that is volunteer every other righteousness is obliged bizarre anyone who understands the conversation right now his righteousness is the only right that deserves a more when the father gives everyone an happen is not because I deserve one it's because I wanted to with Jesus as righteousness to cover my whole life so that you can as I don't own a father anything that whatever I do is treated as if I deserve a reward that amazing the fact that we get rewarded for doing wrong is only because someone else has earned an entire life to replace our something more about this in this part I nervously slicing illustrated because I'm not as sure as the day it is true so please use your critical thinking and study and write me if you find otherwise but I think it is so I don't have children I have hundred hundreds of children I don't have been man you like to have a eight -year-old daughter something that would be almost as scary to me as her beginning courtship would be her driving a car because I've been teaching her twenty five years about against twenty three years formerly and I have known a number of students is done in cars cars are more dangerous for young people and a lot of other things I don't know anything not rockclimbing enough flying airplanes I don't know anything dangerous driving cars for young people I'm not trying to say to W one five cars I think you don't like him who hardly dangerous for them in their old life that you start driving cars that is dangerous rice when I give my daughter all the training that I can get her guidance and advice teacher what to do if her wheels off the side of the road namely nothing just goes straight rice as you don't forward wrapped in what I have for all the advice that I can add that I give her the keys she's the one who is responsible for the decisions that she makes on the road she deciphered a stop at stop signs whether to go eighty miles an hour and fifty five she decides whether to drink and drive she has more responsibility of the state and they gave her the license they said that she has responsibility if it's a life that are met I know not to come after me if she doesn't run were they going after the note she is responsible for the things that she does but it humorous that car I as a parent have something to think through its her fault it was her decision it was first enlisted that it was her mistake and she is responsible but also I knew that she was not the most reliable experienced driver but I gave her the keys I don't have any obligation to take responsibility but I provided as a volunteer to are you pro-life in her drive I mean as a parent I'm the one who left her drive my car it wasn't her car it was my car and who let her drive it I let her drive it and I let her drive it he rested even though her mistakes were not my fault I could justly take some responsibility for that situation that illustration is how I'm trying to introduce the idea that Jesus the father they knew what was going to happen when they created intelligence meetings they knew that there was going to be a fall that he knew that he was going to take the fruit they knew that Adam was going to take it to they knew that your parents are going to raise your right and they knew that you were going like many opportunities to live better than half they know all before they create intelligent beings Jesus was that agent in creation the Bible is very clear that the father created through Jesus so that I can see that there is only one being in all the universe that could justly take responsibility for decisions in which he had no part in that is the creator and has been done he had is it his fault that it is out of kindness and generosity he's taken responsibility are you willing to let Karen for understatement he then right I said it wasn't a mistake because I thought through the idea of eternity eternity help of lots of things spiritual and really she's the from being overly perplexed I can understand things that is if I don't figure like this if I can't understand it must not be rational because for example when I try to think of eternity backwards in my predicament as an atheist or the Christian user way I can get it can anyone relate like talking about I my mind does not process as well eternity backwards and if it's obviously there must be as backwards as obvious as anything that but I can adjust thousands there's nothing I can work around my head but try to make sure eternity IPO user from either side is that the site is brilliant on the other software there was wrong inside there's nothing there but or there is something where they come from but there's no there's no way I can make sense out of that so it is obvious it's real it's obvious something is real about eternity that so I can't do something else I don't understand I'm okay with it I can really see his limits and I had never volume of the following friend of silly right now I think there could be a real limits my ability to understand the idea of justice and let me work you through a little bit the idea North America Bible first because if I should finish the bottle down the hill not only in the soft second Corinthians chapter five second printing Shaffer five in verse twenty one for he has made into the easier for us who knew no sin that we might be made in the righteousness of God in him now I realize that I heard it is charming and hardhearted versus racialist was really young pretty has made him to be sin for that is a father made Jesus to be sin for us in this church is now sad as I also did no sin that Jesus is announcing that we might be made the righteousness of God in him that is in relation to him that is just plain and simple substitution substitution is in the Bible and the cross is all about substitution when volatile region across you must preaching about the shape of the six he was preaching about substitution he was preaching about Jesus taking our sins and when we start about substitutions that those were saying it is the wisdom of God and the power of God I will show you a little bit north side of the house was that God but while the wisdom and power of God and those are saying it is foolishness to the class you are lost I finished chapter two him a him and are you members working in his is who gave himself for our review Marlene gave us from all iniquity in your life onto himself and show your people zealous of good works gives in verse fourteen of both the idea of your LR and the idea of substitutionary atonement girdle they are he gave himself over my sin that was what they really need from all iniquity but that wasn't all else will support it is pure like yourself enjoy your people this is the genius that genius idea of the cross the ingenious wisdom to draw is that they solve the whole problem that is across the substitution of a way are hopelessness and at the same time it may donate a notable escape that is across the only made it possible for me to live a fewer of my and made it useful to let one because you found a way to purify my heart is not found a way to pay for my sin it would help me not one that right because a million years of righteousness will not pay for sale I think you and the everyone in a free country and was ruled by law understand this almost intuitively because we would never in a court of law stated that please let that go I guess you'll know I sound I haven't stolen anything in the last three weeks therefore let me off right we were not playing in three weeks of right do and what somehow atone for unless the man we don't have to prove that we can just see it but can we just see in the bigger picture but I like cats that if there was no substitution there would be no hope another reason the Angels and more so sadly when Avenue the vowel is because the eyes of the Angels there was no hope now substitution can be explained and shown thoroughly from Scripture but if you are sound they administered here in this room I recommend the night you look up paper profits and read as the chapter on the slim reduction as a solicitation to three will find they are is a revelation about that the way the Angels related in the fall of Adam and Eve and they were so sad but when GSS he the plan of salvation they could not be happy because the idea of the remote commands are dying was very not pleasant for them so they very remove this whole idea of substitutionary atonement and questions that they volunteered to be the substitute some of them did let me know let me off very beautiful that some angels living with volunteer that but it wasn't accepted because they could be made to pay the penalty of the language or region nights is near the end of the largest paragraph on page after Jesus and the father wasn't a short meeting after they met together and Jesus came out the next lane to the angelic host the plan of redemption that says something like this that he made them access except is not the right word on part of the notes down what it says I'd like you to pay them to be satisfied or two be pleased with the plan other words there would be national for them to rejoice that he asked them to do it he asked them to be joyfully satisfied with the plan of the next paragraphs as they rejoice what he has to than angels he asks not that we're able to really grasp about how it can all work but that we believe that it doesn't work that we take the word of God as his authority and are the you know you say is very simple it is simply taking God at his word living by word results of all people hardly they are accepted but that's all there is another reason the following is that simple is the cause of the substitution half of the draw people will be saved by the Constitution don't understand the substitution you don't have to understand the substitutions of these I but you do have to face God were usually taken at his word are going to encounter at some point is beautiful idea but she has also hit stands in his all your sins in his body New York one and when you saw that I have a vast winner declared righteous when you live by the word of God I'm really close I want to give back the first printed in one first Corinthians one started we ended in verse nineteen I slaughter read a little more comments first twenty where is the wise where is the scribe where is the future of this world the question personally are where are the lines that hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world meeting of over twenty years she is in the themes of the book of Daniel was in the wisdom of God made foolish the wisdom of the world said you know her and Daniel two and three and six and especially Daniel two more than any other also notify I hope too that is wrong for the wise men empty the wise man can do is is that the wisdom of God 's wisdom of God even today that the wife's that don't get the glory I said right now such interesting committee 's theology of coordination study committee it is a collection of just over a hundred people it seems to me until I have taken a scientific survey that probably ninety to ninety five dollars hundred and three people have PhD 's that's what it seems to me like anyway as I was talking to them I'm not one of those I'm not close to that I'm not even marginally approaching but as I'm sitting there talking with these men was realized and went on is that it is in God 's plan to resolve with his aunt in such a way that I become in the honored wise man you find the light God would rather show it to a simpleminded person because otherwise he doesn't get honor that's the idea in verse twenty one for after that and the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God to please God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe my foolishness of preaching don't misunderstand all is referring back to her seventeen what was your point in his preaching in other words the neutralizes the power of the cross he explains the first twenty two for the Jews require a sign and agree to seek after wisdom and so the Americans but we preach Christ crucified onto the Jews a stumbling block and on the degrees foolishness but unto them which are called Poles Jews and Greeks Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God although some more tomorrow but all of my head for tonight will summarize let's set this evening the crosses a moral influence of a mighty nation the wisdom of God is that he can invent a solution that solves more than one problem in the Cross saw more than one problem it is wise for me to comprehend all but I see some things not only does it give me such a view of the love of God is pushing me forward but it gives me a whole regarding my hopeless guilty situation ICRC in the final unless there's a substitute that takes my place is not solvable problems that's the wisdom of the cross there are many today respected man with high IQs that do not see any justice in Jesus dying for our sins I say who are really yeah on the throne that Josh is one who knows what is a fair sentence that Josh is the wine and who has the obligation to enforce the law and has to not our obligation for the victims of sin victimization rate rule executors of justice as we are the victims got set of event is not herself vengeance is mine a God the judge is that our dust right and if he says that his job he said is the only faithful and just to forgive us our sin then who am I to say that is not just I think this is I say that I'm sorry myself to be the kind of why you mentioned the first since one the kind of says the cross is foolishness the versatile forward told he is the one that is lost by the person for that says that the wisdom of words has neutralized the power that we recognize in the cross let us from down below that was an experienced the power believing what Jesus has done for us our father in heaven I am sorry that we have been so heedless that a subject that should have swallowed up many others has in fact been swallowed up by so many others and I ask that you would teach us to see the wisdom in the region Rob Moon Paul understood to ask for this is in the name of Jesus this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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