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Part 2: Kind Atheists and Christ's Righteousness

Eugene Prewitt


Why are so many atheists so nice? Why Christians so unkind?


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



  • March 8, 2014
    11:00 AM


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him highly emotional person this is an above average emotional day for me you know I'm forty two years old my mother is seventy five and she is a grandparent as I turned fifty euros is my season hands my mother wanted to get grandparents as three hours ago today he came in I will add Nicholas and Alexandra Pruitt was born the world this morning in Illinois that he will have signed that a visit to see him as a person if I can get my one and only now is I don't think you'll understand what I had also likely is because I can ensure full of parents I don't see the young people here as much as I thought I might see them together young people ages like fifteen to twenty five earlier version of virus now some of them but I have had an opportunity to work with young people whose parents is yours since nineteen ninety seven and that is just me and that is the guys that have a responsibility on this congregation I understand that it is never the wireless vegan outreach never in all the health community but it will pay to Mrs. Laura call turns into a missionary Marvin Earl sent her line are you in this sure does have tremendous impact on our and I'm not saying to do outreach I think it's hard to cultivate young people and the mission you are not doing something and I suppose is something here that has been helpful to them I want to thank you inherit the services of the hood to raise children for the I suppose that every parent who is tried as well so if iPhone is viewed by an individual well okay but still it's a beautiful thing those who try to do is to help young people grow up to know the Lord is the is none of these things I say are highly relevant to the message of irrelevant for the church in verse I have three messages so over time I will share them three today I have three good as our as shoreline of very long initial or bias into is is is June looking at her side I will therefore which is in remembrance though you want to do this in the Lord and people out of the land of Egypt afterward destroyed them that believe not so there's a southpaw at the end of the verse just read that as people who were saved out of a job that very same people at will him people were saying would destroy and thinking about that his assault on which of these all reviewers all for me I lost to notice the first half of verse winners use I will put you in remembrance Sony wireless newness there is a mentality towards religion that the issue of spiritual ignorance levy plaintiff out of adjustable it should be in a Christian school and Bible classes the easiest class is created that Bible is something that you can get an a in the application at home were the patiently so that you can color brochures loses the South school and church leader after we in the shower with the goal insight and knowledge this RBI wonders of the is also true as first slide is sometimes referred or we need to hear them again you know Jesus is coming back soon you did that even before they were forwarded that you should video playing time last week and a half about hosting his evangelicals that was forwarded to you twenty times that please you heard it once and you even once even asked about all webers leary when talking about is not because of the video that she is the four is the time is coming now that is relevant to the decision is in possession of your time when you decide to move in Gomez somewhere I'll a retirement home is you as soon as I hold about where it is layout or even have an impact and help people be read but if you're not thinking about that you might think and this is a bad thought it's just a Jesus saw motivated murders with optimal social enjoyment and peoples this is what life is worth might have been the same place as our car is a limiting and explain that you just lamented and known as a nation and society 's laws and populations very large we have as synthesizer by is the church 's number one mission field well okay Satan it is in India in Andhra Pradesh there are almost seven hundred pounds and so there is that is the ratio of happiness to the general population they are is desired in many parts of the United States and northern India were or will you hear is snoring when I really felt that is by more than back to the horrors that an entrepreneur saw that you were going to go on a mission trip to India is all statistically I hope you go to Harvard buses in my saxophone and is anyone in front as I and I notify Congress will send arthritis that we know we need to hear it all wrong as you're going to make a difference in terms of the software just for you is such a future sophomore look at verse twelve wherefore I is in second Peter one I will not be nervous and was always in remembrance of me say the new was the birth you know them Peter required when you told me things I already know it is a kind of shaky as you know that he wasn't were established in the process for one euro and only think I already know that I know them very well verse thirteen yes I think it is appropriate as I is on to serve him moving in remembrance Larisa is like this are you only what I have here is as you go through the process you have on your life and you're not a fruit that is you know so what happens is when I think about is starving that softens my heart when I not thinking about that even though I still know it is clear in my mind that if there is not thinking about it has very little impact on me at all at least in half for change in philosophy change the today and because it is today yet another persons are I don't consider you thinking about across I will be on a downhill slide that is what the cross is for me will begin as online is staggering but Jesus is God that I have thrashed or so and look at verse one is almost fitted on the first of the three messages first Corinthians chapter fifteen in verse one moreover a runner I swear to you the gospel which I preached unto you which also you have received and where you stand if you are satisfied all that I preach the gospel to you and I saw the universe is there something more payday I hardly doing that he probably say yes they are and all I will see you again versus is finally also you are saying is he in memory what I preached unto you otherwise you have the lead in vain to send another letter is through the roof incentive for ensuring the truth sanctify the soul but as long as I is not that I know the pros that interchange is known as is when you are as following as there is not an environment but once you learn it you need to hear it again and again because it is half of the truth of the changes you is your thinking about it but it has had on your experience this is a lie I enemy of television at eleven years of age to the chagrin of whole life pass we had a television in our living room which like many modern homes as part of our dining room that is what has hire one as far as always as picture that is it was that way when you're in the dinner table using the same time watching the television and what I learned as an eleven -year-old and his own role as a result I have chosen for myself not will him the same room as the television I went in fact watching the sci-fi paragraph choices and plan your leisure to my parents because I saw you no longer meals unless the television is off in a something to the young people here and that is that your parents are not as far your dedication to the Lord they may be a yahoo whether or not is it another way is to use it is also reviewing to go beyond anyone you know to go further they have gone in terms of the media 's faithfulness of God is the promise of change for this has drawn near to God will draw near to you doesn't have limits this is why she is closer to John that he is James and Peter is saying this is a Photoshop draw closer to Jesus and he's right have you well draw near to you you can get things wrong here as you well that near as you draw near you will need so this first message is a simple one it is here through your attention don't just know a thing about Blaha nothing about anything else or you say that sure someone because when you share it certainly will have your attention are you sharing your thinking the truth will have an impact on you that it cannot have any other way is God which is very in this part of Washington there are very fine secular people very long agnostics atheists and have religiously ambivalent persons very nice out India Bolivia Illinois they are ever very very soon for her car is in my wife and I think I was walking up a hill and nearly every third motorcycle lifestyle access is great for Ron there are many secular people who are variously and is and that there are a number of antennas are obnoxious right and he is I can't say in this church is in a forty five mile radius around his shoulders as area where you live there are all average number of access and an iCal will I want to say something he is now or how you see atheists I will slay you why this phenomenon exists there are four reasons is one of them is around that is you are raised in a City Hall where there is lots of love and warmth union because the person by the way to raise even if you do not hold on to your religious values so that in an area where people were very fresh and seventy years ago or a hundred years ago unit is still today have quite a collection of sleeve for life grandchildren who have no religious sounds and one of the reasons the results to their grandparents one reason you have seen atheists and I really is is when it produces higher-quality people and produces nice people people who receive our discipline right to be nicer people will receive you in becoming obnoxious that whether you're in for the rest is frugal 's so that his plan is one reason that you have Barry try secular people many of them are rated as the only reason some very isolated and noticed that all there is another reason and that is the house of intelligence is called it makes sense since the anonymous person you have more brass on your person you get a better job in your nice him will him during a person and you all are not so hard on you when you're in my first public elementary school made some nice eating only half of the meeting people where right you learned societies allow him access to the entire first so this is when they will and this is a British I'm about as long as you is a powerful place remember Herod 's lost in Dharamsala come from as needed as an alternative life and nice people there is another reason we will provide her message the downhole half interest in not showing off the Internet a second in the night and you know this even when you're not clear in your own home there are many of you that are not seizure of raw and you are inside the house you have to show your hands but I think you know what beneficial review is a lot of this is the dog doesn't have a real bitch is showing off that Internet secular people so they are wrong and get away with her face a lot more than he does on nervously looking at they are the following is a notice talk about why there are obnoxious at this one reason is that you are raising all were yelling at us with a laugh this is what Barbara is a really low on you are you as nonetheless as the line or otherwise for that Shannon put me to you Margaret is that NSA is not an it will just die because you're not Dennis it will still grow up to be quite violent and creating a lot of mass and it is because of this is if you are a apparent embrace the will of your children or who is a already in the process is usually creating as much bitterness as you create it I hope this is all this is what makes obnoxiously her people when it is a very unlimited as well not only has eleven of his valuable time that is call cool firm and are visible another reason that there are a master 's happiness because of lack of intelligence the lack of culture I don't mean it has low average fell I think that is left is the above-average intelligence is not as intelligent system message is that people will use this is affecting your great-grandparents may or may not have a bigger impact on you but I laugh all the umbrella intelligence can produce obnoxious evil in this land were if you have one of the Adventists in the church and only one of them is very nauseous that will or so the other night so that is not essential to have plenty enough people to have an OpenOffice is that you will say and there is a place however low you are doing for it is as obnoxious as there is a way for making a safe place for you is like that is only an error singularly this is that not any good reasons Beloit but other reasons are not as bad as a notice for this site whatever time is that it is showing off that they should so they are seeing more and more as you become how others see as an puzzle lady singing he doesn't even care it shows a day-to-day usually wants to show off the neighborhood is that is when you see something like a problem why is putting you in that spirit Michelle home and was lucky and rewrite to creating such a negative experience that in the course of eight or ten years and is well known a number of things this is little harm as long as the biologically gained from first of all is you should not be so easy and usually it is the a bad address him the secularism is and he and my secular person and he is in the way you make it very easy to manipulate as and while you make it easy for you to thought it was not safe sure that you don't allow you to know where messages are short is one of the method is named after the call of Christ 's unknown righteousness is righteous as if Jesus is Roman Catholic is one in my heart 's desire and prayer to God of Israel is that they might be say as you see all that is right and here in Boston Rinehart using granular loss will when we have heard my sister Norma said that was the state of Utah writers philosophy of diversity is that it is the Jews that they have ACL for but not according to knowledge for a day and a sense and going about to establish their own righteousness have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God you know that the Jews were ignorant of Christ's righteousness but they are not ignorant of the idea of righteousness they wanted to your they were pushing for righteousness they were working harder righteousness him on to the righteous I want to do something myself last night which is renewed for two thirds of you are here we talked about why Jesus could die in our place you know the job for the job why is that and how for me because too many people today seem fair I don't see any justice in that I love generous but it also fair and I'm trying to explain something yesterday about this last night that is God created us in God 's healing owns lots if I have any number of my throat with his mother 's window desktop analyst for you do that but that's not what is for our print illustrates something you God made you and when he made you he made you for something you have spray gun as it which you will yourself you have freedom to choose where to go and what you but if you show yourself to a mother 's room window that is your call zero percent say is for trying to say is that God owns me and she has a right to tell me where to go back I told him it is a life time of obedience if I were to live forever I'm even known you forever life will be I will angel of God is as easy as I so an angel you stand saying this is whom this is when you stand she now had the ball and you will is you know this is no way in to all of her house as a whole I and what was the argument of God he knows in his entire life it would mean you were to live the rest of your life and never sending it's not like I was don't hold out your entire life in America today doesn't wrongly and steals something he's not a Muslim now taken before the will shall listen to the man says your honor I haven't stolen anything now is so I'm not going to be against the tone for disobedience but never could so we owe God our life angels of God alone the Lord Jesus is also God of war he's not obligated by creation so when Jesus says the father it is a father firing flooring is paid Jesus that is Jesus hers is Wendy works the ideas of the Roman sportswriter says the man who works he earns wages and when Jesus Sparks he earns wages as the current is letting his life and because he had because he were in a higher life of righteousness even if in the because righteousness he has agreed to pay our sins upon himself at the process life of righteousness the idea of the Jews that comprehend they want to possess that they would be as whole somehow now I say the wording right of Christ righteousness even with the third message but I want to understand something about Christ's righteousness changes us look at first Corinthians chapter two you probably don't remember it will be read already Romans ten is because they were ignorant of God 's righteousness they did not submit to God 's righteousness you know requires physician and that God 's reimbursement Institute last time we were reflecting long for quite a while restarting now two that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of man or men in the power of God and shelter while we observed that Paul I don't want to use the wisdom of management fees across his English is also the wisdom of man and from the usual loss it would lose its power is will him God is a cross is foolishness to those that are not developing the same idea is the first time exacerbations not stand in the wisdom of man I hope that you do not believe what you believe is universal T-shirt site is your greatest need in the wisdom of man that all human versus how he is wheezing is among them that are perfect yet not a result of this world nor of the princes of this world that will not boot me see the wisdom of God initially even the hidden wisdom shot at regaining the world unto our glory was carefully which time as the world for if they had known it they would not have crucified the Lord of glory you see in this verse that is relevant leaders of the Jews though growth slowing on earth and in it had known the righteousness of God which changed his behavior is per se and they known the righteousness of God they would not have crucified the Lord of glory now I hope you can find the next passage is my chapter six minus six is just an ordinary home was just after Jonah was just after this morning I was looking for Jonah is located the natives in the upper right-hand corner of my diary was her husband John of the because it doesn't start to finish is on the same pages around song reminds him about what the United States and my six old-line people now when they are thinking of Moab consulted and what to do some VR answered him from sixteen hundred children are as you may know the righteousness of the Lord suppose you want to know the righteousness of the Lord desires for a minute I recommend to you for that there is a story about being as oriented features Humana and you remember the story I think that I was sorry and he asked them to come first Israel Babylon was concerned about my hands-on humor is that when I got up there God would not let him down probably as a person all of us we can learn the righteousness of the Lord is not permitted to say what he desired to say is you go back in your own time this afternoon or tomorrow and read what Palin said seeking his will when he was looking at them he said the shell of the cave is one that you know this is long before Israel had gained who was thirteen dollars the Lord Jesus the King of Israel and that is sad about that I cannot be held in the city in Israel and written a story about half the length are because Israel is not particularly people is after that they had all processes that are satisfied they like to suggest and just before that just as you point out that are ready to kill Moses Aaron you just forgot there are also related to Sarah is for that at all he told Melissa is fourteen sixty one is not what he will have a very humor if you want to know something about the righteousness the Lord you recognize your own it is case so that when the nation was doing but it is way God will have the nation 's health righteousness though righteous so it was as when I say I'm upset that accuses certainly counted as righteous though it was humor I'm trying to say something to you and I I don't mean that she is over loss but I know you are practicing Christianity daily putting away your sense when you're discussing is that he is not only painful but he has job different to you and yours is from all unrighteousness but he had bad credit and perfectly only one unit wasn't yours that Jesus and because that is counted to you you are able to thrive you're able to help the presence of the unity health as you him he is in there is a interest of Christ's righteousness is today there are people that know that Jesus died for their sin they don't understand the ramifications that means I don't know what it means the person they still that a loss have their own righteousness I don't mean in a way that it can be good enough for anyone harm today in America police right here Southwest that there is a whole ignorance of the perfect righteousness of Jesus so saw that in the wisdom of man are available today and are popular wherever they go as planned he met in the judge 's Christ's righteousness is held in place of our thinking and James in her own room doctor doctors will and Graham Nash Solomon and as always as I hope you like a huge price righteousness is righteous says that cannot be good while longer since it works this way and then this is to bring in everlasting righteousness you can separate yourself from your method of as you are at it whenever I is you yourself back into line with God as your choosing to live by his word is made as simple when you live by the word of God him for everlasting life is as good as he is I have a soft kiss is the Prime Minister anyway is bad for your first thought was to actually think about it is the wise say CAE is not as versatile as there is a righteous as you are everlasting the media file you have a lot saw a media with God audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about the universe you like the more certain that the visit www. on universe .org


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