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After a Deeper Baptism

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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him are going to study about life after baptism we had a study back in November about baptism and some of you are there but there's a lot of you that weren't there so I want to give a brief recap but we learned in November the radical forward in November we studied about what is that Susan Meenan and how are we ready for baptism today are aiming for how do you live a life after baptism what we found in November is that Jesus never intended to trick anyone is becoming a Christian that is he never intended that she would say can't be a Christian in the new parliament decided to be a Christian until you learn that you need to deny yourself recently learned that now you're going to have to put away your adulterous relationship God never intended that you would be tracked into a commitment to change your life rather he intended that you would know up front what the terms are what's expected of you and that you would choose out your own free will to trade all of your old life for Jesus understanding that that means giving up parts of your old life I mean everybody old life that doesn't harmonize with Jesus that if he said another way means that before baptism when we look in the Bible there was a requirement that people reform their life you might remember this from your own ring the Bible that people tend to John the Baptist to be baptized and John began preaching about how when the world ends Jesus will gather his faithful like weeds into a garner an innocent looking to do with the rest if it is when the burn them with unquenchable higher than you wonder what I did when I do the last election we don't and if John the Baptist had been like song ministers today who don't understand it was sad been baptized young he did communicate that but first he said bring forth fruits appropriate for repentance and then again asking specifically so the soldiers suddenly should we do these are soldiers and wait for the soldiers said don't do violence to any person your father were talking to military personnel whose job is to do violence to persons but Jesus told the soldiers that they would have to come up to the level of the ten Commandments even though it would be very difficult and their situation then Jesus said to them John the Baptist was asked by the Republicans will consent what should we do to be baptized and he said don't steal from anyone now you should know if Republicans that would be very difficult because the arrangement with the Roman government was that the publicans would gather all the taxes that were due plus gather whatever else they could manage and would live off the whatever else they could manage to gather their worst the good deal with Roman government was that you live off what you steal from the people and what did John the Baptist held the publicans don't steal my words though it's very inconvenient for your life if you're a baptizer to have to come up to the requirements of the ten Commandments however difficult that is was John inviting them to count the cost he was inviting them and that he was speaking the very poor people we all live in the state of Arkansas this is one of the poor state but we can put ourselves in the thinking rapport we don't understand poverty Arkansas 's wealthy compared to the rest of the world do you understand my commute and with that Jesus percentage on vessels to speaking to people who were so poor that whenever print on a feast for their Savior they gave him bread and fish and when Jesus fed five thousand people your defendant bread and fish and the disciples made a meal for him not that sudden dinner staff about the diets of this area there are poor people and this is what John the Baptist said before people listen what should we do he said give to the poor and share what you have a lot of preset sermon again I met I do but I know I should so I tell you that if you want to hear the sermon you have Internet access it on your burst board that website you can find that sermon audio birth the website has hundreds of sermons and this particular one is called a deeper baptism it's very defined you can listen to it or to get a transcript of the ideas that were in that sermon Bible .org has article called baptism the cost of the covenant one is for my priest one article I wrote it's the same material if you want to get it fixed there then in that sermon we talked about baptism two things about baptism one the baptism is a symbol as a symbol of entering into a covenant relationship with God so when you're baptized your baptized in the name of the father and son in Holy Spirit this is the point you are covenanting to be God 's person but God is also covenanting with you you're not agreeing to a keep his requirements by your own willpower if you made that agreement it wouldn't matter how honest you were you would manage that covenant is a symbol that baptisms assemble of our dependence upon God 's power to live the life he wants us to live and that's why you go down that represents your old life is dying that's why you go down all the way that because your whole old life is dying as opposed to what might happen a sprinkling situation and that's why you come back up because you are going to live in a new way of living and you can Romans six you can find the whole process described in its emphasize they are about the holy living of the new Christian life there's something else about baptism if you want to be baptized at least a viable way you can't go to a river and go for a swim and baptize yourself you can't do it because baptism is a public confession there is a place for public confession Jesus said it like this he said Weber will confess me before men I will confess that person before my angels which are in happen which of course is a more significant confession why does God want us to confess before this because the devil is always trying to trick people into making them think that they could never be a Christian and when that and when men see another man in this case as I've noted up a woman when they see a woman give her life to God and make a commitment it really weakens that can take the double negative realized that they could be a Christian to horsepower in the confession that God wants us to make a baptism but none of this really is the point of my sermon today this is a point of a sermon a long time ago and today were going to study about how to live after baptism currently in your Bibles to first Corinthians chapter ten were going to look at verse one first Corinthians chapter ten were going to look at verse one these first five verses are kind of an skewer that is when we read them our mind might wonder to something else because we don't understand them I hope this morning that they'll become easy to understand verses for us our mind will never wonder again Marine first twenty ten verse one says moreover brother and I would not have you to be ignorant so did God intend that these passages get skewered to us intended understanding is very clear he doesn't want us to be a great I would not have you to be ignorant how that all our fathers were under the cloud and all passed through the sea so what cloud was speaking about when the people were going out of Egypt and they were they went to the Red Sea when it was divided by God and then God was like a cloud to them in the daytime of bright shiny cloud at Wells daytime and nighttime it was like a pillar of fire and what was the cloud doing is showing them when to go and where to go and when to stop and where to turn the cloud was leading them related these two experiences going through the sea and then been under the wow this pricier is a picture of the Christian life we go through the sea that's assembled baptism doth assemble assemble narrative they were baptized and were baptized were baptized but may come out of the sea are we done with our experience of the supernatural the sea splitting is all there is to after that God was denied us he wants to show us where to go what to do how to turn look at verse two and were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea that is not only the sea was a symbol of baptism but also the cloud gone was to see that in baptism it's a sign of not only of Washington where old sands but a commitment to follow him wherever he's going to lead us of the baptism has its promise to follow him wherever he is going to take us verse three and they did all eat the same spiritual meat it's a spiritual meat is talking about the man of the minute it came down from heaven every morning of God gather manna as such an interesting story in the Bible this is maybe a side point but it's relevant what would happen from your memories if you decided one morning in the camp of Israel to sleep in until noon Wednesday would you find them what happened to the man I remember this when the sun would come up that would melt and it would be gone it's so much like our life in the morning as Christians God would like to meet with us in the morning he would like to feed us the spiritual way you'd like us to read his Bible the morning time you like to teach us and what happens if we bypass the opportunity and let the busyness of the day start twenty no opportunity I have acquired undistracted time with God often time you can't get it back you can't get it at noon and you can get into you have a chance in the morning and if you missed that it's gone untreated she says that by the spiritual food that they were eating but for something else they were all eating this food they were all having communion together verse four and they did all drink the same spiritual drink for they drank of the spiritual rock that followed them and the rock wise was a say the rock was Christ that is God was trying to create a picture there for us we would know how to live a Christian life and in their experience they were eating the supernatural manner in their drinking water that came out of Jesus in the form of a rock if I'm reading it correctly I'm not really sure whether it means that the rock represented Jesus for Jesus appeared in the form of Iraq but I think I don't need to understand that to get the main point the point was that they were taking Jesus into their experience they were drinking him and beating him and that's the kind of fellowship were to have different about Phyllis Christian Fellowship Christian Fellowship doesn't to people who claim to be Christians talking to each other and smiling that's the kind of fellowship the world house and we can have that soon I look for to talking you and smiling but Christian Fellowship is having an experience to gather of having Jesus on the inside expressed together of learning from Jesus expressed together of taking him him that's the kind of fellowship they have their drinking from that rock and that rock was but look at verse five but with many of them God was not well pleased four they were overthrown in the wilderness and this perhaps is the first main point I want to make in a sermon it's already one third die it's that baptism is not the end of the struggle it's only the beginning these people were all baptized in the sea but are they all get today Canaan they were all baptized the delegate to Canaan and that was designed to be a warning to us we can be baptized is that mean certainly were going to can that's a point that's being taught here now I have better news then you might get this reading is five versus and that is that we can get the cat came and it's possible that we all go nuts over how to study about how to live after baptism naturally the point of the whole passage right around here were in Outlook before this passage and then after it turned back to chapter nine verse twenty eyes twenty four first Corinthians nine and verse twenty four know ye not that they which run in a race run all but one receives the prize so run you may obtain policy comparing the Christian life to a race because Americans are loveless sports this verse gets preached on more than other versus what I don't want us to be distracted by sports were thinking about it I get what you understand we say that work to be as disciplines as disciplined in our life as people going for some fans from other way are disciplined in their life look at verse twenty five every man let's try but for the mastery is temperate in all things now they do it to obtain equitable crown but we an incorruptible you know this verse is the same as the verse before it's saying that soldiers in boot camp they live a disciplined life because they want to have victory in the field and they want to live to the enemy relevance to our life Paul says its illustration of the Christian life you must be disciplined in your life verse twenty six I therefore Paul says the apostle by therefore so run not as uncertainly still fight I not as one that is beating the air there is a type of practice that you can do in when you're trying to learn how to fight you know PC go do it I told one distracted by sports I just decided not to do that the Christian life is not and not just for practice it's for keeps there are some people whose idea of a health salvation works they see salvation here and everything after give or take it might go well I know ill which are going to make it Paul said so run that you may obtain he said I am not fighting as if I'm beating the air verse twenty seven but I keep under my body in modern English we don't put words in this order so let me rearrange the order of those first few words the way we would say it in two thousand seven but I keep my body under some of the mess the way we talk that's what he saying I keep my body under and bring it into subjection lest that by any means when I have preached to others I myself should be a castaway did Paul think that this battle was for real in his own experience he said I am going to keep my mind and body in the right order the fellow illustrator there is you can see because these represent all humans the one class of humans that are following pollen the self-discipline their conscience controls how they live instead of their appetites their passions their desires so they know they shouldn't use the marijuana and so they don't use it that is they might have cravings that's their body but their consciences not to sue when they do they keep their body under and bring it into subjection there is the other class in their case the body controls the mind they want to have that adulterous affair what part of them wants it is our conscience wanted is the reason and judgment wanted but mine doesn't want it I mean you might call up their mind is that those lower passions as appetizer desires that are craving for that kind of indulgence and it if the body is controlling the mind what would have happened up all of that event his situation is as I myself would have been a counselor this is how Paul introduces the passage we started out reading today and prescriptions ten one to five let's go look at first practice ten verse six the first point we made that we are to have self-discipline in our Christian life that's how to live after baptism verse six has now these are examples these things that is these days were these people that were on that medication that kept dying because they were pleasing God these things were our examples to the intense that we should not lust after evil things as they also lusted there is a a lesson that God tries to teach us here about what to do with our appetites and passions that is not to let them control us look at verse seven neither be idolaters as were some of them as it is written the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play if you've ever been in a country where idolatry is rampant you would know if you'd visited Christian churches they are how idolatry infects the mind is such that when when someone who is an idolater becomes a Christian it's very hard for him to read his mind of idolatry and Christianity in India many times it is a mixture of Christianity and idolatry and Christianity in certain parts of other parts of the world where the my point is idolatry is hard to get out of it once had in America we don't tend to worship idols that are made out of stones and sticks we did send a worship song made out of paper and we have are our own and maybe we know ourselves our idols the lesson for us is that the however hard it is to get idolatry out of the way we live we really need to do it however difficult it is because others say were not to be idolaters like them if we want to please God and not be overthrown verse eight neither let us commit fornication and some of them committed and fell in one day twenty three thousand those two stories we just read were connected idolatry to know that morality is a type of idolatry but that's for another sermon another place look at verse nine neither let us tempt Christ as some of them also tempted and were destroyed serpents now were going to read and just three or four minutes about the stories and numbers for anyone to turn the area you know how they turn to Christ they said something like this Moses were discussed in the union this light bread having the same thing over and over a three-month verse ten neither murmur ye as some of them also murmured and were destroyed of the destroyer maybe this is almost a way of saying how not to live after baptism the way not to live after baptism is not to go after your idolatry or adultery or desire to complain and write for the discontent of God has given you all of those appetites and passions are to be disciplined verse eleven now all the this happened unto them for examples and they are written for our admonition we don't use admonition so much like for our advice they are written for our advice upon whom the ends of the world are come so those stories that we just talking about where they for its for me it's for my wife is for a pair is from of us missed were talking about how to live after baptism because they were all baptized in the SC and then we can learn from mistakes first a few fell at each step along the way to make sure that we don't fall at any step along the way look at verse twelve wherefore let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall the Scripture reading I intended for today is this first Corinthians ten verse thirteen there has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that you are able the first half of the verse says that the temptations are going to come to me this week are the same kind it came to those children that in the wilderness that is the content this is a company of the same kind of comes everybody and if I can learn from those stories about how to live after baptism it will help me today to learn how to live after baptism but there's something more it says God will not suffer you to be tempted above what you are able but will with the temptation also make a way of escape that you may be able to bear it it's interesting to me the picture that creates if this is the temptation it doesn't say that God destroys the temptation what it says is that she makes a road away from the temptation college at half if a path of escape if you mix of half visit give you an indication what you want to do with the path what should you do the way to live after temptation is to flee away an effective temptation of course I'm after baptism but there is a relevance to those two things the way to live after baptism is to flee to flee away from the temptation and to flee towards Jesus the Bible says that the righteous guitar for the name of the Lord we probably should read it I don't know the reference cylinder look at my notes turn in your Bibles to songs chapter three Proverbs chapter eighteen in verse ten Proverbs chapter eighteen and verse ten it says the name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous runneth into it and is safe so when God it makes only a temptation as a way of escaping temptation the way leads us away from temptation and it leads us towards him the way to live after baptism is to flee it away from tempting situations like Joseph did write and then to flee not just a way randomly to flee towards what fleet towards Jesus that is to depend on him for power to live the right kind of life and first convinced ten this is the point of the next verse contains ten verse fourteen I first read this chapter ten verse fourteen says wherefore my dearly beloved what's the next word verse thirteen says that God makes a way verse fourteen says what she do it the way run on it do not remember the Old Testament that in Israel they had a number of what they called cities of refuge in God and the only direct them to make cities of refuge he directed that they would make rose to those cities any delicate special instructions about those roads they are to be kept clean and in good repair so you could get there what was going trying to deal with all that road construction and city building is just to teach us about how to live after baptism to teach us that he is good and make a good road if we if we followed her temptation it's not because he didn't make a good road because we done it fully we were dependent I will testify my own experience I have fallen into sin hundreds and hundreds of times but never once have I fallen into a temptation while depending on God 's power in choosing to resist the devil never once and I'm convinced it can never happen in verse nine that we read icon into the router read more about it in a few minutes it's perhaps the saddest of those verses were sentenced many were destroyed by the serpent turned back in your Bibles to numbers chapter twenty one numbers twenty one is the story about the people being destroyed by the serpent numbers twenty one were going to look at verse have to find the verse just a moment verse five and the people spake against God and against Moses wherefore have you brought us up out of Egypt to die in the wilderness for there is no bread neither is there any water in our solo that this light bread do you see any self-contradiction of what they had to say they said there isn't any bread and we don't like the bridge are giving us and this does describe a lot of our discontent as Christians God has given us what we need an effort discontents there's no good reason is given us what we need and when they did need water you know there was water verse six and the Lord has sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people and watched people of Israel died verse seven therefore the people came to Moses and said we have sand for we have spoken against the Lord and against you this is the proper way to handle when you send confessed we have sent friends of the Lord that he will take away the serpents from us and Moses prayed for the people look at verse eight and the Lord said in the Moses made the fiery serpent and set up on a pole and it shall come to pass that every one that is bent and when he looks upon it shall live that's what he did in verse nine the people said save us from the snakebites and God said would you please show them a picture of how to live after baptism listen we are to discipline ourselves we have to flee away from temptation were to flee to Jesus sometimes it's entirely likely that within a fall and when we fall but because the devil has gotten us it's remorselessly been bitten by a serpent what are we going to do we've been bitten by circuit Jesus as I'd been lifted up on that whole 's argument put there if we were spent time thinking about the sacrifice Jesus made on Calvary 's thinking about the cross if we would love to Jesus for forgiveness we want to die from the snake bites it's all a picture for who for those of us that live in the end of time how do we live after baptism we discipline ourselves how we live after baptism we flee away from temptation we flee to relate to Jesus but what if we fall we look to Jesus the Savior for forgiveness turned back to first Corinthians ten first Corinthians ten are going to look at verse fifteen it says I speak as to wisemen judging what I say this is almost appointed for a different sermon before going to be a wise audience we can just believe what were told we cannot just believe what people tell us the Bible says in fact Paul said I'm speaking to you is wisemen on a possible what I want you to do I want you to think through what I'm communicating to you is it true is it biblical canon as I want to do I will speak to us a wise people people would just listen and just believe whatever I tell you what to evaluate business for the Bible 's teaching I summarize this very brief this point number four the devil is out to deceive us and trick us and hardly live after baptism were to watch were to beware that no man deceive us to be thinking and looking for the truth this guy teaches squad verse fifteen or sixteen assess the cup of blessing which we bless is it not the communion of the blood of Christ the bread which we break is that not the communion of the body of Christ wherein we learn about communion earlier in this chapter those people on the way to Cain and they have communion with each other they did all leads of the same spiritual meat they did all drink of the same spiritual drink and Paul says listen that was a picture of how to live after baptism because after enjoying God 's church we celebrate the Lord 's supper in the Lord 's supper were drinking of that great Jews and rate each enough that Brad but these are also pictures I think where the pictures off their pictures I want to see the whole picture they are pictures of the fact that Jesus died we want to think about that they help us to do point number three but doing it together we don't do this in our homes in the living room we do it as a church but it together shows that were part of a body of people that are partaking of Jesus in our experience that's of the churches the church is about it people are taking Jesus on the inside summarizes points and close this baptism that and other troubles remember Jesus he was baptized he came out was led into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil this is why were not in a hurry to baptize people because I happen to Jesus happens to a lot of people when they're baptized the devil particularly attacks them but how many ones in this room that you recognize that your experience we were baptized the devil it typically attacked you generalize than if we just baptize people so that they baptize me and don't follow the Bible guidelines that we read about it we set them up for a fall so Pam spent preparing for baptism now for many months taken studies in learning so should be ready for that baptism is not the end of troubles it's the beginning but it's not the beginning of a terrible life as beginning of a life that has an escape for every problem that has a place for you can be safe it has a way out of temptations that are measured Simone never be overwhelming but has someone to look to for forgiveness so we won't be destroyed and we've been hurt as Hastert warnings to keep us from being dentist for going along the way that puts us into a family that has something in common that we are partaking of the life that Jesus wants to give us or look in that direction together baptisms beginning of a very beautiful thing if we understand that they don't understand we could be destroyed on the way into the heavenly sniffer our father in heaven I asked that you buy your power would take whatever I said here that is true and allow it to bless the lives of those that given their lives to you use your Bible is a living power for life I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus and


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