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Part 3: Sin Debt and Blind Wise

Eugene Prewitt


How does justice work? 


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



  • March 8, 2014
    4:00 PM


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him as you thought he is a familiar path to us even though we have read in a while part of the Lords prayer and is getting us this day our daily rat in the first twelve and forgive us our dad as you are you wanting to use an idea it is afternoon and develop in the Bible that is the idea that sin created that using in the first twelve very clearly that Jesus uses the word that refers to my sins against God and also your sins against you see that part of the prayers I routinely is forget about our that we forgive our debtors that is when you do me wrong you only can you see the first twelve when you get me wrong you only and when I do wrong even if I was you or anyone else I don't only always as well I owe I hope God and this is why they say when we had killed a man who committed all three set against you only have understand he doesn't mean that God was the only one of the injured regime matter very for rocks laid that it was correctly God is injured by our sins and it wasn't like someone else is not miss her but when we do wrong we all God because God is one who is the author of the law I was anything you don't know what you think about this idea is the same so artificial as Matthew chapter him and him writing several and look at verse twenty five I'm interested to hear that we have translation into sign language I think you're familiar with our university professor on reverse audio versus a project right now this year to fourteen to creating our message is a transcription for which an open them up and hire a new class of people nobody can read and system e-mail or write about and it does require some money you want to do more than pray about it Matthew chapter eleven verse twenty five and a half that time Jesus answered and said I pray thee O father Lord of heaven and earth because you have has these values the lives and prudence and you have revealed them unto days even so father were seen driving in your site you see that when the father was looking on earth that seem to go to the father to reveal some diocese simpleminded people and if you know Santa Fe secret from others that were called life you should never advantages us feel good about that your father or did he feel bad about it and hated by God for that I think the only one who has read that you have revealed it in the days after he happened to the life I want to see this house is related to this morning 's message the last night I say that there is an idolatry today that is as prevalent as I dollar in other like things but remember this is so bad that we were shut down the today we honor the wise and prudent and we believe what they have to say and in fact the entire system built around ensuring that they get proper honor and prestige in the way that receives about and what they thought the entire system of honor built around that and maybe some of you here are in that class of highly educated people and thinking about it doesn't look to me like merely being a wise prudence is the lines dated by this passage but it looks like you're wise and prudent in your own that you have your wisdom and your proven his gap in the process of developing reviewing your academic studies if somehow it was all that article you feel brightness or agitated I don't know how to express ideas so simply an academic makes you feel especially if on hard right and smart it has really compromised your spiritual life and the idea of using the passage in Matthew eleven turn salute seventeen Luke seventeen and looking at verse three Luke seventeen verse paying heed to yourselves this means pay close attention to set your own decisions your thinking what's happened to you taking your cell and your brother across half the guests use reading you will have forgiven him identify pathogens use and I personify the day and so they are you saying I repair you shall forgive you this is one of the disciples that the Lord and reason are they the next verse while you see here this idea Jesus and this in the Lord 's prayer all jail he was killed by the words that he said and forgive us our desk as we forgive our debtors and here's thinking about what you only need to run against me you know you only obligation is not entirely I used to set things straight with you all need the obligation is on me to see that the first and he suggests we do I have an obligation and what's my obligation but that's not what it is one with my first obligation this passage you know I need to confront you I shouldn't not just let it go I need to enforce you and to let us know what you've done and then forget it the whole process is important because God is the King doesn't get a confrontation step in the business of forgetting is not ever confronted you he doesn't even if you have the same ninety seven Dave I forgive you all much of these make it pretty clear here and what is the is as you forget your daughters that is how he will forgive you I saw developing this idea that sin creates a death in Matthew eighteen Matthew eighteen verse thirty four this is and that fascinating parol of the manhood owed I think it was ten thousand talents Matthew a thirty four his Lord was raw and delivered him to the formatters feel he should pay all that was was a say do want to hear UCSF Carol is not about what we write about the Lord 's prayer that is the Lord illustrated by what you use you perilous it is also revealed the fire that and does not forgive it is terrible terrible God forget is that but later still hold that man accountable for that is there is a forgiveness and neither is a real output you call a reapplication of the best looks like the forgiveness is not canceled and that is fraught with peril and related man than I have any way to hated at so in the parable the way he paid his death was by the torture using the first thirty four know what to be tortured forever but there was a nice event and is uniformly formatted until last tell you hate all that was owed him verse thirty five so likewise shall my heavenly father do also unto you if you move your hearts forgive not every one his brother there trespasses what are the reasons I thought how the business is remembered for the fast reply favorite about you just make the application is very directly you sad you don't forget people in our trespasses you yourself are going to be held accountable more than in men and measurable data by your company helping how tall you hated what you all there are many today are not original that you are becoming popular today who can see this they are seeing is created that and I want to talk you a bit about that because if you're not speaking to one of these wins the white people they may ask you some hard questions they might ask you when Jesus was on the cross paying that who was he paying to whom is he making the payment of your question like that I want you to think it through was he making the payment for me know what you making the payment to the other without we are very careful how we asked that question or answer a because if we say yes to that the next question is you mean the father needs to BMPs by what sacrifices I don't like that when speaking of actually putting other people right now is the father needs VIPs you know the rupees rupees I want you to think through this time of that let me help you see it myself I'd say six hundred and five seconds for I will tell you how I see is so you can evaluate it is worth anything to you most of your parents in your home if you set up a law the rules it might not be as formal and stone life as the ten Commandments but if mother sad do not use any cookies even more so and a little messed humbug these cookies anyway what is the justice in that in that situation just decimated find for you just this means the right consequences for a wrong action justice is the correct consequences for an evil choice justice is receiving of what you deserve and identifiable people to have trouble negative they deserve something your with Nehemiah prayed the prayer father in heaven even great I prayed to God Jehovah be said you have punished us much less than our iniquities deserve that shows that his mind that he didn't deserve what that the people of God is punishing and they exert a certain amount of punishment and they have received a certain amount of punishment for those two amounts were not people using the whiteboard of your lease there is punishment and has I've ever seen the certainly much less than day deserves I just like that prayer because I can't trust the people today can't see that we deserve any they just can't see so what are you are a little math columnist Tom bought up over Alice found there is a policy or when Alice is that it is she needs to receive some sort of consequence even if you are to find what Doctor saw you believe you need some sort of consequence right and so that her parents would have different ideas about what the consequences you need but you always believe you need consequences the consequences if the right ones are justice and in that situation whom SCO justice you know there's something about that serve the law but through this initiative cookies she was lawless and wishes of law unless she hurt society because it's only you and her the societies you hurt was quite small it was human her buttocks and her society even if it perfectly I can not only in your mind it hurts you so that Santa always hurt society by society has never been given the job is essential is not massively was coming out the individual society has not been given the job of enforcing the law in order that the need of a society have long order forth is always delegated to the responsible agency in your home agent is you and so that said that Allison is on at that law giver you have a responsibility to impose injustice on her not that she wants to say she's rated also that justice is not easy right you're also seeing justice on how life as an act of appeasement to yourself as you enjoy it if it is appeasement you are a wicked parents or at least are doing a limited act of this is I have seen discipline it looks like his and I mean it looks like a parent is so angry that he or she is going to punish because here she is strangely so it looks like the purpose of the punishment summer now over appointment anger but surely that's not the way to you and Alice in the case of view and little Miss Alice the only reason that you are the one giving her consequences is that you have a responsibility you have responsibility for flaw in order and Microsoft Word for a long order society needs in your the one in charge of society I'm universal society you know anybody Society does illustration right as you and your home and our senior homes and Max 's argument in a responsibility to force law order that his policy consequences on the wrongdoers I'm just trying to help you see in your home something that's hard to see outside of visible signs who have responsibility for forcing long order in this town will be the police I don't even at least part of this town you do so please have responsibility and when they arrest the man him to you as a father they are personally angry as person frequently they don't even know the person and what happened that they received an order from exhaustive nor harass someone they've never seen before there is no issue of appeasement going on but that Josh has the responsibility to force law and order and when you do wrong thirty eight as I sat to society because you injure society maybe I lost you there is where we started your gardens the Lord 's prayer when you get me wrong you owe me something are you a debtor to me when you get me wrong when you do wrong you oh you oh God you owe society that is you doing the wrong thing in this town you oldest town and you oh God and God has given this how a responsibility to forest lawn warrior and there is a responsibility there not even her because right here in Matthew eighteen to describe collection process there was an election process and this is I think our Pilgrim fathers did think these things through very biblical on your children's eye opening the Puritans of their writings are better than ours I think they thought these things through very well so we've inherited today we talk about pain in my debt to society are the kind of race and that the phrase you really do owe society that you do wrong I really have responsibility for lack that has nothing to do with the music but in the universe God is the one who is responsible to maintain law and order and that she when you draw you own him and when you go down the him go to the last time that I said the same thing at least twenty times I don't want to sleep I really want to see it I want you to see at least on our that when you let the processor go through you haven't done anything you really have her society what you die is you have told him he doesn't have to pay is that but if you think that what you've done is made less that the world is not through volume John is allowed to Robert Keith what wasn't his you have to fix anything on all my forgiving the oppressor if you trust your knees should be punished for your Bibles to song song set in the government is now I've been if you find it anyway think of Psalm seventy two nineteen hundred euros is just so I am just going with you can see that tells me the reference if you see and some seventy two something of an issue the oppressor helming the first number you can just say out the first floor and I don't need my computer is a person looking for Psalm seventy two versus four is that he will gossip for other people people say that children of the needy and he shall break in pieces the oppressor or allows all this a lot of songs that talk about kindness to the insured and justice to the will what are part and parcel of the same program in fact one is related to the other you know you don't run this idea in the book of Daniel when you see the little horn doing exactly easy to the same it is on the basis of that judgment is given to the Saints in the little horn is destroyed that he has a God or vice versa such a thing as justice justice what is that the right consequences I thought about this idea of a long order by some as I don't like a law that doesn't have the consequences built into the law this is why in our government you have a penalty clause in each law that way the judge has an idea of what to impose on I convicted person so if you throw trash out your window you can't be put in jail for life at the whim of a judge there is a he has guidelines right no sentencing sentencing if there were not guidelines that will allow weight on the Josh Wright that it was too much weight on him one man care God 's law is half a penalty clause may really return there who's you know what they are there wages of sin the wages of sin is death for our death wages are you the wages of sin are death that is God was made his talking was clear enough to come back to the question for what she is a hanging to whom you make payment I don't think that you have a simple answer I think I have an excellent complex answer is that it is owed to the universe that is to whom has the wrong Pentagon you know the universe is suffering off radiation is wrong even after availing entertained to gather Intel now when Lucifer dead wrong he didn't just hurt himself here are a lot but even with all the universal suffering God is not the responsibility for maintaining law and order on the universe who has responsibility for maintaining law and order you know he's made Jesus the judge that he has made Jesus a Josh which proves that he had responsibility during another evidence of Jesus Christ to see that so the father must sign you are that the authorities in this universe they have the responsibility and the last thing done wrong has been done I guess the universe in terms of pain and against the father in the site in terms of the responsibility that it is because of their responsibility and they are the lawgiver and when I do on I done wrong against that which is also run against all maybe she's just too hard to see it I hope you can see I hope you can see that Josh has responsibility to impose a sentence in the local court system your know you or I walked by and by at least part of the Wi-Fi setup at least I when the judge imposes his sentence it's because of his response ability but is not saying that you are young and most of the substance because is there job to maintain it and he found all the people here I'm just trying to use human government to really help us work through the idea that justice does not mean I've heard someone reason like this they say that when your side does the wrong thing you don't take them outside and doused him with gasoline enlightenment by you don't do that then why do you believe that God will burn centers while I don't like the city safe I think you're going to encounter them I rather hear them for me so I want to help you work through some of this I can forgive you without you even doing next to me when you get me wrong I forgive you you know that my forgiveness of you is only seeking one thing reconciliation God has not but I made a responsibility for justice in fact he said I do not advantage your cells he said vengeance is mine I will repay when you punish your design that is not vengeance you are not trying to give him what he justly deserves that's why he justly deserves is that but not only does he justly deserved out but so do you write the Bible says judge nothing before the time the Lord will come you have been given responsibility to raise him with a beautiful character in fact your punishment of him is only for his benefit you're only punishing him to help him this is not an executive justice if we talk about you giving him justice in the home we need to narrow our justice a lot like you are the police station calling me know you're living in the right punishment for your responsibility in your response ability as reconciliation and character development is not often that justice for now I can forgive you because I have a gift I mean I have responsibility of reconciliation God is aiming for Tuesday vote reconciliation and justice and love reconciliation and just forgive you without any question at all justice can I think you did anyone take me up on what I said last night to go read the prophets that section sixty three and someone did a very good guy to go this is the right page number of celebs are reused something the son of God has this glorious commander was fast and easy for the following race is absolutely infinite compassion as the woes of the lost world grows up before you love to see the land were going to might be really listen carefully the broken law of God demanded the life of the center was demanded of life the sooner you understand that because the law penalty phase and what the law says it is funny when you will the right to visit if you do the wrong thing and when weight is that so this is a new idea Ross of the law demands that the center in all the universe there was someone in behalf of man satisfied clients says the divine life is sacred God himself only one equal with God make atonement for his transgression not a right to redeem fallen man the curse of the law as written again in harmony with the views even if they got excited for what he wants to set you free from the curse but the other he wants to bring in harmony with let me give you those two ideas you are reconciliation and justice that God is a poor and the process provided a means for both your Bibles to Romans chapter two Roman Catholics you looking at verse three is chapter four I was thinking about it is a matter for Romans verse three for a while that this is your Abraham believed God was helping him or righteousness now to him that his work is rewarded not Rapp and upgrades but that I was lucky to see that burst forth again I want to believe anything this weekend there is a type of work that you can do that without merit and if you do that kind of work then there is a debt owed to you for doing that kind of work fortunately if we like to take that route the latest in the brain the result that we were hoping for right for all you were ignorant of God as we go to establish our own unrighteousness and if we decide to go to heaven by law abiding that is by obedience to the law well all that is you don't understand that your adapter the law is holy entirely always knocking the lookout for you even if it doesn't work out you know on you haven't done in the past that doesn't work for perverse reversal or nothing is worth the reward and grace of his death but if you are not the leaves I have justifies the ungodly his face is counted for righteousness there is no slow what you have to believe in particular in the first that God justifies his yes that's like US terrible you don't know yourself but if you recognize yourself as ungodly that person is appreciated versus being an affidavit also describes the blessedness of the man to whom God impugns righteousness without works saying Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven and whose sins are covered upper sixties Sunday gathering I think you'll see that's the righteousness is imputed to me is relevant to my past sins you see that there that the righteousness not ridiculed it is not a nice word to use with a regular audience because we don't use it out forever except whom are talking about Christ's righteousness and what do you only talk about something related is is often very poorly understood what is your name Elizabeth this money is not the key while I just had to Elizabeth as I is her money too hard for me to put something in someone's hand together into that Nauman try something different Elizabeth you are rich I don't know Elizabeth financial situation you know when I say Elizabeth is rash I think you just heard what do you like better to have Parkview registered refugee riches once you have a day in Hartford 's video and whatever people don't even want to give you enough of them right now I can illustrate something for you about righteousness because the Bible talks about imputed righteousness and then it has lots of illustrations that talk about the righteousness cycle it uses the word but one illustration of the talk about the idea and part righteousness but one anonymous source which one is talking about is this person chooses righteousness this is when God says to someone you are righteous as you say is this passage is if you are a you just cannot believe you are righteous what does that mean we just write about that person what is it me the musicians out there versus driver data is will him and what is our forget that his sins are that's what it means to impute righteousness when I say to a wicked man who is righteous he's limited in the sense that he's guilty these righteousness that he is forgetting really I haven't said anything yet about this character what I said is that he's guilty or I would have to say it is righteous it would be a useful insight I mean it would be a productive thing to say that he is righteous than he already was not Muslims I hope you like to say that the godly men who need to be justified that's all I'm trying to express but Hannah God justifies the ungodly man by what ungodly manner turns no it can't be that way if God were to do it that way the man who never got so how do I deal with the ungodly man he says you are righteous and ungodly man is forgiveness it stopped here I think even Doctor who are destined for say a nest but God 's word is not white man's word when God says something his word is alive and powerful it goes on a mission sixty five Saturday when it leaves him it doesn't begin until the caucuses and ninety sensitive sources that you are a person and God said you are right well what does that mean verse seven says it means your iniquities are forgiven your sins are worth with are you aware that you have a perfect life one that was woven in the moment one that is in everlasting righteousness ones that you can't defile one of the matter how many times you sent in one day is yours it was for so that every time you say I really had that God says you are forgiven and he covers with the same road you can take it off you can't mess it up Hebrews nine twenty thousand seventy is the Messiah establishes everlasting righteousness what is everlasting righteousness that's what it is it's a righteousness that you can define so when God says to me Eugene you are Russia's finish his word because I'm not righteous his work goes on a mission and it works in me you know it is when you set I'm right since I want right than I was forgetting but that wasn't the end of the story because that word was sent on a mission to make a righteous and what is it going to do you know it's been in you still it's working in your now when you confess your sins in the morning you're forgiven in the morning but the word is working in you all day the way says he just to forgive you your exam and not all sad and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness but if you have any experiences virtual things you know that one of those takes a moment and the other one takes a lifetime that there is one that happens right now is one that happens continuously that is cleaning you are so does Jesus need because the are we why sacrifice of Jesus as the father seeking to be a piece if he's so angry that you love me unless he sees someone die those are cruel way to see about the father and son if you even talk that way about your police officers and your job is not nice there reasonably suffers and the judges do what I do is because they have a responsibility to maintain law and order in the reason that you got to see how you given himself a responsibility to maintain law and order because lawlessness hurt to their universe but it is safe to give the universal responsibility of managing themselves that's not the best way and it just leads to more misery some guy takes off every one of us the burden of avenging ourselves and when he got off of you made it very easy for us to forgive so that all we have to do is look around to her and I say I forgive you that's all because we don't have any vengeance on our shoulders but if we take that are easy Nestlé forgiving and extrapolate it wrongly we can say where is the God of justice we can deny that God will do what he says he will do is look at one more passage in close second teaser chapter three sometimes I feel like I appreciate people who already believe everything I say right now I feel like that but that's not stopping me because I feel like an enough to let and not to say that word I thought about giving evil thereof will him will and as I don't why you need some spiritual house of prevention is worth a pound you are when it comes to heretical things and once you have adopted a believe in the moral influence theory or it can read ideas you can fall in love with it was thought that you're okay when you're not okay you can fall in love with the idea that there is no danger for your soul you can follow love with easy smooth things by his review everyone except those that there is speakers review everywhere except as you fall in love with that and have a terrible attacks will try to disconnect from it better believe in a God of justice even today are you a second year three second Peter three and looking at verse is so but I have been as her wishes are now by the same word is the same word is about the word is my thirtieth line that were uninitiated and it did not refer to God Intel athlete reading Diane on the Earth had expired except for those things that were in the heart now when Peter says that word has not finished his business versus paper selling but I have never really are now I understand where you can store reserve fire against the day of God and perdition of ungodly men but we live in the not ignorant of this one thing the one in the Lord as a thousand years in a thousand years after their or the birth of mean anything crazy I thought about a particular date is mentioned a hundred times in the Old Testament that they call the day of the Lord in the middle of the day of the Lord is anything that happened the day of the Lord in the day of the Lord the city Jerusalem is established in the day of the Lord are destroyed in the day of the Lord that our receives punishment in the day of the Lord knows a lot of things that happened available throughout the day of the Lord regarding New Testament times last for how long you don't laugh the thousand years Rob is coming to the third Army that they the Lord and if the day of judgment how long is the day of the Lord is thousands of years the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness but is long-suffering to us Lord not willing that any should perish but that all should come to eternal life know that at first reading knowing this first that there shall hardly in the last days stoppers that person who makes light of an idea walking after their own lusts but that you can't see it I bet you can see how this offers are serving their own balance probably best Friday but this is what they say you can hear it where is the promise of his coming percent of the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were beginning of the creation for this they willingly are ignorant of that word of God to have grown old and are sending out of the water in the water where it while being over water very soon again reimbursed by these ideas together for his Peter sat in the last days of people people that are called scoffers you can see what they serve their own balance they serve their at half but you can hear them and what they say with their words is where is the promise of his coming they don't really believe in that accepting the judgment of the flood and they don't believe in the executive judgment of the world by fire on the day of the Lord they don't really believe in those things that Peter says that they are ignorant willingly that if they don't want to believe in those things you should know when you meet one of them the Bible has something to say the back classes alike well and though I don't know them write about this it looks to me the way this is rising that this will be your mega of apostasy and idea that does away with the work and person of God as the judge of the earth and may we all be delivered from whatever the omega of apostasy if you are able and willing the skillful press our father in heaven yes she would save us from misunderstanding I admit that you punish us less than our iniquities deserve I confess that you have a right and responsibility to punish the oppressor that's each one of us have been prosperous some point I think you that even the sins of the oppressor have been carried by the Lord Jesus that you are able to cover us with the righteousness entries is no way that we do not discern I ask for your spirit be with us in the name of Jesus in this media was gone audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more certain and please visit www. .com universe .org


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