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Part 4: Questions and Answers

Eugene Prewitt


The church asks a number of important questions and gets some useful answers.


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



  • March 8, 2014
    5:00 PM


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our father in heaven I ask that you would use the truth in the Bible to be a light that shines also in dark places where there are misunderstandings I pray that you use what you've taught me to be helpful here I asked in the name of Jesus and Charlie are you will a you you exercise together and so I is you are in a job in this chapter I overlook in outbursts of the beneficiary about a doctrine called Shady is never in the about her but this is a classic half fish in the Bible about an time phenomenon that is parallel in history where God takes a large group of people and narrow them down by some means a smaller but you can use in a more powerful way you think about that storyline and come to mind right forgot the larger narrative now you do something is going to do the same thing in this chapter nine verse nine hello I will command I will set the house of Israel online all nations life for assisted indices yet so not the least rainfall to her my safest way that farmers in many parts of the ancient world and maybe some parts of the current world you know the range of row with a nation radar you shall all the hot that is not as adolescent brain I threw her a large percentage of the great world so if you want to use a drain on one thing you need to do is remove the hot Bohol sometime and in many societies the way that God is you put those drains on some class service and you've rushed down either by two large rocks or by stomping on their part happy forces tropical over them are somehow put them through a difficult time in anything that Russia's grain and you might put it in a container and then throw in the air and rain and throwing down and cast and throw it on your behalf and will let you know the terrain is much healthier than the check is in the hall trying to get rid of cylindrical array is when you throw a green hedges the lifestyle dress in a way and you cast the great and that we end up with something even turn the flour while Wright is now out sat illustration of both Jesus and John the Baptist use for what God is going to do with his Chad is going to be removed the aim is to review for an encouraging piece of information the process because of the farmers throwing up and raining cats and she had ten thousand rains on light and it doesn't hurt his feelings to lose a few of them the indicated God that initiated in not least grade will fall to the earth in other words the shaking is not divided between me as if the ranger Christians involved Christians not everything we do for all reasonable and for some of us here in the emerging and for others it should be intimidating but everyone should be informative and I is working out alright I don't know if you does someone want to start us off with it oh I like horses I don't like I don't like questions about me for questions about you or questions about someone else if you have questions about a person find a way to word generically like what person do you know what I is a list of person do you be sure not some particular that everyone knows you're not and I don't like questions that happening agenda behind there if you think that really the Trinity is the most dangerous doctrine in the Adventist church I don't want to ask a question about a verse might want to ask a ten minute question used to say more really you're just trying to get the attention of everyone else to say what you want to say it best you want to do hold a press conference afterwards but for here I'd like to have your questions because you want to learn something is not there or does anyone have questions after a certain way go ahead so the question is why this is between the truth about God 's vindictive justice and of the issuer that obscure I said about an Omega processing and the future and let me clarify that Ellen White did not say enough about the Omega for us to really nail down what it is she didn't say enough so when I say that I altered a single way to soft focus in a soft reset it today but you know that not even sure myself that it's true then it got pretty clear when I said but here's what I think are some elements that I would expect to see I expect to see that the apostasy appeals to both conservative and liberal elements of the church because the church is more liberal in the United States and Australia and Europe but the Balkan and Venice in the world are generally conservative at least in some of the ways were talking about not an issue of diet but in other issues most of the world is that way and I've expect it to have broad appeal then I notice I go back to Kellogg the Kellogg's startling apostasy was not taking the strange off scouring or the weirdest and wildest elements of the church in fact I didn't even get in ride we didn't even get Ballenger it was taking the court faithful people Jones and Wagner in Prescott and others were moving that direction and that song went that way and came back so I be looking for something that was more centrist in that regard and committee something worse is coming along I just been amazed as I travel of how this idea was that it is Peter three it has been found all over the place the emerging church is a liberal development and I don't find this well represented in other fields but anyway we'll see what comes the I think that apostasy is will be startling and that might mean that people will make radical changes or it might mean the people we thought were most stable will be taken in either one would be a startling so since I'm doing a lot of guesswork and public doing more on that topic so is our question on any other topic when the Bible gives a command of IAC in the command evidence that obedience is possible the Bible says very clearly right not one against another it is has looked earnestly classist treatises look at what it says in this topic if we see what a sad and I think that we can talk to God in prayer about this passage and say I believe this can be done I confess this is not how I've been living in I want to put on these character traits than reading about here Colossians chapter three and look at verse eight then we need to start only back in verse six excessive for which thanks say and it which things are quite a list of terrible things in verse five for which sends sake the wrath of God comes on the children of disobedience in other words is he making light of how we can these things are not install in the which also you walked at some point when you lived in them so these terrible things that warrants condemnation Paul says don't forget that you also warranted condemnation earlier in your life you see that this logic he says that now you also put on all of these and any close in the things you have put off anger wrath malice the last enemy filthy communication out of your mouth conducted blaspheming because the blaspheme in our evangelistic series means to take the prerogatives of God and in the book of revelation in the book of Daniel what the little horn does not Roman power it really does take the prerogatives of God in many ways but the Greek word at last less any help is a very common word that means something more generic than now it means to speak evil so when you say something mean about someone else that's blasting in the sense of Colossians chapter three you can check me on that importance is but it's just the truth Colossians chapter three and we just were reading in verse eight but now verse nine do not lie one to another senior but off the old man with his deeds firsthand and you have put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him juicy and that there is a relevant but often a robust put on the road you take office character traits Nairobi put on also has character traits and it doesn't sound like it's natural because you saying that you need to do it put these all verse eleven verse twelve put on therefore as the chosen of God holy and beloved bowels of mercies we would say a heart of mercy kindness humbleness of mind meekness long-suffering long-suffering it doesn't mean just to be suffering for long time that means to put up with it well long-suffering furbearing one another and forgiving one another if any man has a quarrel against any even as Christ also forgave you so also do ye what Paul says about this brother health and won't go there for time statements in Romans two he says that when you're in a spirit of trying to or condemning those he do wrong that you are despising the mercy of God he asked this question are you despising the goodness of her barracks of God leads you to repentance remember the last half of verse we forget that's a question the question is if you are holding a grudge against someone are you despising his goodness and for parents the course Paul is alluding to the idea in the parable of Matthew eighteen we already read when we talked about over the last two verses the parable when the ten thousand talents are forgiven if Jesus if I accept his forgiveness I have to accept it inside of me I can't just accept it outside of me and if you haven't accepted his forgiveness inside of you I you don't have it yet so I say to someone who has trouble holding grudges that you want to think about the mercy of Jesus until you love it and accept it on the inside and choose to put on bowels of mercies but unkindness and humbleness of mind and you don't have to have a feeling of liking someone to be nice to them that what God asked of me isn't that I feel right but that I do right so that I can begin to do right and the feelings will come sooner or later if I'd been badly abused they might come later in the case of Corrie ten boom they came sooner but if you reach out your hand and don't feel anything reach out anyway some access anyone I'm trying to tell you him the idea is on the kindness of thing Jesus Kevin Matthew and comparable to help people like that to realize that their experience wasn't as legitimate as they might think it is someone else have a question that you'd like to bring a guest brother so glad to question the last ten more minutes he has learned his older brother asking for a question on every word and accepting an award in a way that many of you would understand that aren't here the Bible talks about God 's commandments and his judgments and his statutes you find these words in the Old Testament just like that his commandments his judgments and his statutes you find some other words used to but I want talk about those three artists wanted to find them a little bit the way that they are used by Ellen Weiss and with their often used in the Bible but in the Bible they're not used precisely consistently that is sometimes some of those words are used interchangeably in ways that would be troubling but a judgment is a civil law that has a penalty clause that is judgments are to guide the judges they tell the judge what to do so if a lost as Amanda steals must PayPal pay back fourfold that's a judgment that has a moral aspect the moral aspect is don't steal and it has a penalty aspect and that is you should be and should be imposed on him the payback for times when he stole whenever you see a law that has a penalty phase you know that is a adjustment and so it are to meet this in your vandalism was education assassin 's essay should be stoned Sabbath keepers of the rent taken me at the since this sound sonic universe taken back to the man who picked up sticks and he was stoned as I have ninety ready been taken back there the Sabbath is the moral law but the idea of killing the transgressor is a civil law and that's why it had a penalty attached to it the moral law goes much further than the civil law that is the moral law extends all the way to the thoughts but that will never be a civil law least there should not be a civil law that is against being proud because that is not for the government to enforce moral laws don't have a penalty phase because they are enforced in the judgment written submission or geopolitics with statues in just a minute but civil laws where they enforced here and moral laws when are they enforced their civil laws are enforced in not consistently could you don't always get caught remember the brighter way out but moral laws you can't drive your way out and they are very consistently enforced now notice I didn't use the word ceremonial law yet it's because ceremonial laws Canon both ceremonial laws and moral laws can be civil laws that is if you say shalom Lamm at the ceremonial law if you say the man who doesn't kill the lamb is going to be banished from the tribe that is a civil law so that laws can be made out of both ceremonial and moral precepts are you calling me so far insane what about statutes in the Commandments those laws are broad they go a long ways they extend even to the thoughts all sin is a violation of the ten Commandments but we do not intuitively see how far those laws extent your call sin Romans seven he said I would not have known that it was a sin to covet if the law had not said thou shalt not covet other words Paul intuitively denied as a Pharisee didn't see there's anything wrong with coveting it didn't look like ascending but was it a sin and how to find out the law told him that's an important idea for you because it used the law is intuitive you'll eventually reject the Sabbath this is what happened John Bunyan you know the Monroe comes progress she wrote an entire book against the seventh day Sabbath and that book is with you and well written I want to be surprised if it leads many Adventist auto-da-fé Sunday that his book against Sunday Sabbath though I has many weak arguments and you can see he has laid the foundation argument that was meaningful to him that led to search for the others it was his prison ministry in his prison ministry he saw real conversions he saw people give their heart to Jesus and when they get there hard to choose us there was a change in that change they stopped swearing they stopped trying to steal they became honest that it can log into their brother and he realized the change that he saw is what you call conversion it's the new birth it's the New Testament experience of having the law written in the hearts will take that a step further he noticed that when the laws were in are they never did become seven parents conversion did not make automatic Sabbath keepers therefore he concluded that the Sabbath must not be part of the moral law you see his logic and I answer that for you the law is written incrementally that is it's written as you understand it in your heart the process of writing longer hard to sanctification it happens over time it's done by the spirit of the New Testament says that were sealed by the spirit is not of this the Spirit is the seal but the Spirit is the one that writes the lawn our hearts NSB except various aspects of it he writes that it's when that man in prison learned that he should swear that's when he stopped and it would happen later that he might learn you should not even use veggie cussing and when he learns that that will stop rights will what's going on is that the law is being continuously written in his heart and that's why they don't become automatic Sabbath keepers as they could not become automatically noncoverage dispersants requires an understanding that they can come up to I am getting your question about avoiding this the statutes or laws given to explain and apply the Commandments in ways that might not be intuitive for the Hebrews that is as a Jew reading the commandment thou shall not commit adultery you might not realize that it's wrong to have intimate relations before marriage but it is wrong based on the seventh commandment but you can't see it so it was written up plainly in a statute in the same statute a lot of moral ground they're the ones of her bed incest for example and quite a number of other things they were simply direct applications of the moral law two things that you would not see it intuitively for example typing is an application a law that says thou shalt not steal but you might not see it so God went ahead and made it simple for you the commandment is thou shall not steal and the statute shows you that when you don't page high that you're robbing God even if the whole nation does it still counts as theft right so I don't believe that the feast days ever have been those kind of statutes they never have been those kind of laws that were given to defend or to explain the ten Commandments buttons quite for their again like other ceremonies to teach things about the gospel limit to show you a few verses on this and then I'll refer you to a website called Bible Doc B IDL the DLC .org ran an article called feast for the twenty first century which is a fifteen page answer to this question turn your Bibles to John chapter six John the first four and passed over the fourth I have over a piece of the view was not a covert flight your microphone will have that authority versus and the Sabbath day these are the views was the chapter seven the first two now that he is home was at hand for him to the inverse is and that he was half over was nigh at hand it is obvious to me that when John wrote his epistle he did not expect that his readers would necessarily have any idea what that these days were even accept them to be familiar with them he is not without bias any costs that self he does it many times but four times over the three of them is also a job to four times to finally that he vis-à-vis Jews in Colossians two which are familiar with her sixteen officer you want answers before they are going to your house somewhere people you know is what you do in the sixteen is a half as bad as they all are also maybe understood differently you can understand it is safe don't let anyone judge you for keeping this site for you and don't let anyone judge you for ignoring science I think it's just being grateful to say graciously indicated away and I really pushes in one direction while you observe something over sixty let no man therefore judge you in the pouring rain forest that I believe they are open to get us all closer singular me drink holy day overall singular however you have a difference that is more of the Sabbath days what will read and tell us right so that he wonder that the singular also there is not plural some versions of this ASAP but I haven't days between James 's writers and one of the plurality Friday afternoon where day and made it for you and read when you're going through these words I don't think greed is right helpful for the average person much of the time and study the Bible I have found only in maybe six or seven passages that knowing that was really very helpful this is one of them in reading these words her sixteen half generators and numbers you know what the status is younger as the number and I just like in Spanish read pronounced like British need to have an antecedent as they must remember to season and number and engender enormous loss like forty people in here just like to listen for a minute so the work in China someone is going to happen anyway say which one you want which that word in Greek has four different sounds that the house will you see you the film were as low as an area you will see your as I is is is is you know is is is so is is is is to who is not fuses with you and all who were there as long as I sat in her so if you need is you only pay which are fast you must do as shadow is raised to qualify as a sad all over the world is and that is all that have leashes on this as owners you are you know only a DOS is the owner is in all I is class a and as I said you are is that neither is is all is says is one of the shop and mission is is is is is will is is a you I know a way to make but I was there once you are out of the question that we want to ask your website is viable and you know me do you know the Bible God Festival for documentary that website was reserved by none other than Tony never identified in the thought that my domain name does not match the contents so you reserve that they asked me to use it instead and I thank you for the Bible God .org and you'll find the article they are of the feasts and if it's not satisfying just want more you could write me and I have two other things I've written on that topic but I don't than the website because the universe is have corresponded with me after I wrote that and I have saved my reply to them because some things in those replies be helpful to people who were satisfied with the article I think simple is better than complex for the average person is better the article is that by itself for the person with the majority deeper than the question for those she sat with those who are good radiologist is just one question just for myself that I think there's some I might have some day here's not around answering why McCain married his sister and not be a problem to be the sum of the whole and so you know you will you will all all you and you have and girls who are and will the you have a single and in the is a good only as long as your law is so smart and while in a so you know I was the last time your body is is is is is is that your dad why he I believe we all have lots and is the status we may lie in and will so all in and so we want to say that a half and is not to say there is as you saw so I is you is is is that is that they are all you will you will and you will die from your mom that you have a and is is is an red hair on the side and I saw you your you and for the that is your you are he as you know and he had an passive that in order to you that is is is an and as long as there is in the eye and is in need of the class is called to lead all as far as it will and he is as you know I is is is a is the will and will do so as not as an and you will and I it I will he is a will all that are in all will this is all there is no is that there is a lot of information there is most or was losing my is a the day I will how to steal do that I is a you is a Nashville sound this half important also look forward tedious IQ by working about the biographer is and is this media was gone audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word and who the seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about how humorous you like the more certain please visit www. on universe .org


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