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How to Choose a Good Mate

Gerry Wagoner


How do we choose someone to marry?  The Bible provides many insights in how to choose wisely. This talk is coupled with insights gained in ten years of counseling couples and premarital couples.


Gerry Wagoner

Biblical Counselor at One Achord


  • October 23, 2013
    7:00 PM
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this is a topic that the enemy doesn't want you to see if I'm glad you're here because every shovelful of righteousness is a blow against the enemy 's kingdom against his desire for your life what is our theme blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God what a wonderful experience that is tonight 's topic is one that I first showed in Norway back in two thousand and nine that was a special trip to the Madison school and this has been to want to know is it I've enjoyed our time men slay with you just before I went on to the platform there Norway I changed the title of this presentation I had the title previously to this as how to choose the right spouse and I changed it right there two minutes before the presentation why would I do that because there is an idea floating around in our culture is very popular maybe you've heard of it before it's called soulmate coming to give heard of a soul mate that idea is that there is just one person out there that is just right for you and you have to find that one person or else spend the rest of your life wondering that I find that one person did you know this comes from Greek mythology wow Aristophanes wrote in Plato 's symposium the humans had two heads forearms forelegs and Zeus varying their power split them in half and sent them out in different directions that's definitely all humanity in the search for rest of their life for that missing half at for this idea comes from it there is a soulmate that you have to five labor becomes a very self-centered approach I have to find just this one right person that will complete me it's all about me I have to find this one particular person I'm going farther these are my helpers so how to choose a good night becomes a very very real question when you're young person how can I choose to pick someone with the whitest teeth I'd like to let her go I look how do we find them let's want like to introduce and thinking along those lines tonight I'd like to relax a little bit as we start with some young children's ideas of dating and relationships is from the extent on down Glenn H seven if falling in love is anything like learning how to spell to it takes too much time love is like an avalanche or you have to run for your life John and I manual manual AJ I think you're supposed to get shot with an arrow or something that the rest of it is may age nine eleven liters no one is really sure why it happens but I heard it has something to do with how you now I think that's why deodorant and perfume are so popular time age five in Texas I love this one once on I can just hear it can't you hear this with a southern drawl once I get down kindergarten will find me laugh on the first day I gave ten on the first date they just tell each other lies that they decided they are interested in a dropper they blame Mike Jenny age seventy gives me a headache to think about all that stuff I'm just a kid I'd don't need to trouble how people would love act Brad AJ lovers would just be staring at each other in their food will get other people get more about our relationship in the act blue sheet that's not a word it should be the agnosia like puppy dogs except puppy dogs don't like their tails nearly as much Dragon age eight I like this one is from south Greg eight eight now I reckon loves most important thing in the world but baseball is pretty good to now we get into some revealing winds and GH ten most better brainless he might have to try more than once to find the live one what are the chances that Angie's mom and dad are still together I were getting serious archway now we're getting down to where people really live the young ten -year-old girl has a jaded view of life deciding who to marry Helen H ten identify somebody who likes the same stuff like if you like sports you should like it that you like sports and she should keep the chips and dip Kirsten Kirsten HTN no person really decide before they grew up who they're going to Mary God decides it all the way before is vested and you get to find out later who your you are I noted this on my favorites here one at AJ dates of her having fun and people should use them to get to know each other even boys something at this one my favorites Ricky tell your wife she looks pretty even if she looks like a truck and a J don't forget your wife's name that will wilted at less of the love and precious these precious young people now let's look at the word of God 's time to open up Bible communicate with our Creator in this working topic tonight trust in the Lord with all vine hardly nodded own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him he shall direct your paths eleven firms many times young people say Mister Widener what I look for in a spouse I've had this happen many times I hope when that happens I'm lucky enough to have two quarters in my pocket Shirley why math down and you how much of that is overlapping some now minimal outright you need some of the same the same likes and dislikes hopes dreams values plans faith especially Faith if you like Mexican food and she likes Chinese food you can you can go out one night make but what if you love Jesus and she doesn't want than one trouble marriage is destined for unhappiness until then last one of them and converted one Jesus Christ when you've got something in common then you together are powerful force for good in this world this is the minimum this is better you need some of the same faith the same likes dislikes thinking hopes dreams values plans the more your life needs overlap now notice something they don't overlap completely you never lose your identity Nancy has some wonderful qualities that I benefit from men for thirty one years now I've been the recipient of those qualities and I have gifts that she doesn't have so we need each other we complement each other and were not exactly like we have a date night every every Tuesday night we've done that for ten years maybe more date I look forward I get to choose one night she gets to choose the next week where we go time on such a stick in the mud I like to fight I tell people my motto is find what works for you in life and just stick with it I like the same thing I go to the same place or the same meal I've I've I've got these Chinese guys or their condition night when they say same survey tested yes sir and asking why walk anything or anyone said that by the window be great I know what I want and she likes there for her she likes to go sometimes Mexican shotgun partner Brad Altman 's is all fun stuff we need each other we complement each other we have many many qualities that is given us that he intends with be a blessing to each other and then together be a blessing to other people twenty some years ago we decided to resolve the issues in our marriage we would not be here tonight if it wasn't for God doing what he did in our lives in resolving our hearts I mentioned on Tuesday I'm sorry Monday on how both of us were born selfish self-centered we do know how to counsel we know how to reach out the people we knew how to be prideful and we knew how to be selfish we had that down pat maybe you do too now has the answer for that there are three kinds of love Eros for one the love of attraction is the external aspect of love you see something still I just love the way that looks and that may be appropriate for a little bit it's certainly not a satisfactory basis for relationship for layout the love and companionship this is friendship agape love of sacrifices self-sacrificing love of God no one has that much or connected with him that's only one place to get it let's go on the love of attraction how the guy see Targa 9/11 mass Carrera okay now that the beautiful car right what color is it right or member that will romance we hear a lot about romance Romance is important by the way marriage sorry for getting in your way of stand over here for a while romance is fun it's great Nancy and I love to go for walks one time I've been stood down Tiger shoe she's adept most romantic thing you've done all week her shoelace was undone just a little thing like that since stopped let's explain her statements and no person not your shoe 's untied I bent down a tight authority could just great it was simple it was easy to do but instead something that said that I'm here to serve you that matters matters in a relationship girls and guys are not here to take from you I'm here to give here to serve a romance by the way wears off after twelve eighteen months couples come in I say well how long you been married okay this is okay if others go on your honeymoon right my whole life I'm trying to get us okay romance wears off and it needs to be rekindled okay girls be waiting for the perfect man is just contacted to make everything right and being everything health bring a canteen with you you're going to need it take a while guys are you waiting for the perfect girl really are you with the perfect girl is one problem if you find your issues you know why because she doesn't exist just like the perfect man doesn't exist but all of us human beings have the mind of day the image of God stamped on our soul into people can come together in a relationship and begin giving themselves to each other the one Eros know that sorrow is our youngest son there on the upper right is the external pictures they are Sebastian Fort Valley permit Leah that is out there is all external stuff okay now expects turnout these is not a good basis for relationship Mister 's also attract your wife will she just beautiful okay which she draw water for your gambles probably not supreme self centered voice she looked at the liquor really and what will that mean to you ten fifteen years from now when you're trapped in a lonely relationship with huge barriers between you neither one of you can connect with video Eros is a starting point underneath the be something that I had a couple commend my office none kids the kids they came into the office and they were excited they were dating they were going to get married they can come to us for premarital counseling and she made a statement that I remember for a long time she said I dated a lot of good-looking guys in this other country that I was from another that worked out they all went she says I decided to get someone wasn't good-looking I said sister you're still doing things going right now you're basing the relationship on looks whether it's the presence of them in absence of them she was doing the same thing which was in a horrible insult to God by the fact that she later repented of that I didn't need like that here's my point there needs to be something marinating the physical attraction department you've got to look at them in the morning I'm either there needs to be something there but it is not a basis for the relationship physical attraction people solve sparks to split its been around for thousands of years remember a guy named Isaac number Jacob whole point that that Rachel is worth working for for a long time and very possibly so at the end of his life what did he say very me beside you been happen the heart of the song of Solomon but what's under the surface is there anger under the surface what's under the hood of that beautiful 9/11 S Porsche guys and girls will have something for you is her anger under in the heart of that person is there love in the heart of that personal hope so because you got something special there you have something you can build on something that can bring joy into your life is their pride under the surface of the hood is there unresolved moral issues as we talked last night have they brought the baggage of moral failure into the marriage relationship the caring all that with them in your bedroom becomes the busiest room in the entire house wide because these ghosts living ghost this is a euphemism of the memories populate that bedroom it must be clans by the blood of Jesus Christ it can be to be careful girls guys choose wisely choose wisely and treat kindly only makes a statement that should haunt all of us she said many many a Christian can trace their success or failure of their life and married over you choose wisely of traceroute success the obviously need to be connected with the Lord Jesus Christ that's what matters most of all if you are you will probably choose the right kind of person let's go on as her and her beauty there my wife was beautiful on the outside and she was beautiful on the inside that's what attracted me to what she perfect know was I know we are a great match but we had a perfect desire to commit ourselves to each other we paid each other very high compliment my wedding day we stood there and we took each other a word that is a very high compliment you stand at the altar and you accept the word of that of a person to live faithful until death you are receiving a very high compliment is a good note taker bitterness is her bitterness is this person been damaged with a beautiful on the outside the spiritually ugly on the inside who knows I tell you how to find out missing premarital counseling prior to marriage I didn't know as I'm in a the hypocrite telling you I didn't but having been in the occupation now for a long time I can honestly say that your chances of divorce rise but despite your chance of staying together are thirty percent higher if you get premarital counseling just that thirty percent just getting premarital counseling Eros is not enough does this person have an open heart in other words does the car have an engine is there a heart under that pretty red hood I did have a picture of areas the car still read guys yell you still read you jump in and you buckle a volume turned the key nothing happens nothing no engine illustration being there's no heart pick someone with heart outlets go on here where where can you find people Randy skate at them or can you find us vastly find in a lot of different places of your as one run across each other all in God 's good time renders it what do I see sessions that you didn't come here to find a mate I randomly I said Randy would you rather than find a mate in the mall was your point is good but I was trying to say that that's not the only reason to go to GUI cities right it's not that it is a reason and it is an environment where your chances of finding a light faith believer who loves Jesus are much greater much greater where you going to find our filet O how wrong the second type of love the love and companionship this is good stuff this is where you become friends you need to be a friend with you dating guys okay if they were friends of good starting great starting point you need to be friends first when you choose that person you have enough in common to choose them as a friend at a very well-respected friend of mine lent timecards like that died he called Nick in California figuring going to get married I think the like Kathy he thought of getting the liker we stopped for a moment incisive Jamin 's video said I didn't know which user as a friend I say greatness what I wanted here go get them so well friendship is rebuilding that relationship I talked last night about the foundation is what that foundation looks like my friends bricks and mortar your building through emotional intimacy this strong foundation upon which to set the house of marriage through which hospitality and godliness will bless many many other people do you know there are people out there you haven't met yet hundreds of them but God intends for your life to bless glad meet them be available for Wales in the common phrases in that it were best friends we love being together we have so much in common member that area of their lives in overlapping or enters affected that's very important you need some of the same goals the same desires and likes and dislikes we seem to know what each other is fake and thinking even when work part were not a part now if you're not on the same spiritual journey your lives won't mesh together night I tremble when a young girl calls me to pull me aside at some meetings as I'm dating this guy right away as it is a believer home and you know that but I'm working on trying to witness to all their dating and evangelism are terrible next he said again dating and evangelism are a terrible right now you possibly thinking of some cases where it has worked north on agree a mind work that way the one out of a hundred is not a good odds to build a relationship honor to go out there and defied God 's purpose for your life dating and evangelism are very terrible next remember that adopting our talking about the real stuff and God is made of strong marriages are built on sacrificial love of this kind of love is foreign to our nature as I mentioned none of us are born with that doesn't come natural I love this verse herein is love not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his son to be the sacrifice for our sins that is agape love agape love is punctuated with affirming and encouraging words and experiences spiritual intimacy as well Matt is where you pray together what is spiritual intimacy that's where you can pray together with that person do you hold that person and you pray to the God of heaven together and something happens to your heart men you want your wife to respond to you in the way that you would like to start number one was spiritual intimacy pray with that woman if you're not doing it ask God for the grace injunction start start tonight that have to be long it doesn't have to be the twenty third Psalm but put your arm around her and say Jesus would you guide us tomorrow thank you for today start their men had emotional intimacy to that third kind of intimacy and you will have something beautiful happening in your marriage and then lastly the other kind will come along the physical part of the equation will come along it will be ten to a hundred times better the first three were met I made that statement a couple one time I said I will have any idea how much better bus ideas throughout a broad range as attended a hundred I got an e-mail from Larry fifty seven annuity map benefits of number patience and kindness be patient with people be patient with them it messed up so away humility a willingness to admit wrong the opposite of pride self-control not given outburst of anger rage attention they make time to be with you this is one of the hallmarks of agape love unselfishness a desire to resolve conflict you know you it doesn't take any wisdom to fight my friends let me restate that doesn't take any wisdom to fight anybody can do it but it takes wisdom during any kind of conflict to stand back and say I don't want this conflict come between me and relationship with Majesty flights you can't fight anymore why the Bible says only by pride cometh contention of one person levels of the steps back out of that heated moment you can have contention in a longer okay moving on here don't marry a fixer upper you know what I mean by that guys girls let what I mean by that guys girls need any ideas for me and I'll marry the most destitute case you can find emotionally to my can change them later in point run I can fix them your pride kicks it is all I can handle it I can fix don't marry a fixer upper back I need to be careful here because all of us are damaged all of us are very cheap some have been away we all are fixer-upper but I've from Raylene traffic mismatches before whereas a relatively healthy Christian marries someone really really impoverished spiritually and emotionally with all kinds of baggage and those people almost automatically align themselves under the dark side of known white statement that says that they can trace the success in this case the failure of their life back to the marriage altar I've seen some really really ugly cases I've seen girls confused Mister right with Mister wrong we were in Seattle Washington the young girl came up to me and she so ask your questions answered and I were sitting as sure start on this story about her sister married this drug addict when in jail several times sisters according to her nice Christian girl I had to take her word for it I had met either one of them before she could finish I said can I ask you a question I've heard enough to does want to ask the questions that sure is what attracted your sister this man is dark it wasn't her life is not she was talking about her sister and she knew that that question went to the heart the real issue choose wisely my friends choose wisely intrigued finally what does wisely look like any of you young people have any suggestions eating his callout is not a wrong answers here tonight what would one wise aspect be any ideas about someone the believer absolutely right up first impressions can be tremendous flyers to our lives you're right also choose someone same fate you go out Mary Catholic and somehow justified you're probably going to be in for a very very tough life spiritually exactly within that religion are all kinds of spectrum which Jesus are they following an excellent point there so many Jesus is a Santa Claus fuses are the Republican Jesus as a Democrat Jesus there is a social justice liberal Jesus there is the there's all kinds of these false price that he prophesied would come in his name excellent point are you committed to the Bible Jesus I like that she hospitable as your Hartford complementary ministries absolutely I hate kids holders a good husband I went little overboard Miles Gratian but yes very good point yes well done that's on here about three slides upstream downstream as thirty help but what quality we looking for a illustration a good family absolutely right absolutely right if there all the throw lacks murderers move on this as similar out the memory absolutely right prime all as yes I understand you give your money Justin Timberlake sorry but but but not always a good man is a friend but thank you for these great suggestions are absolutely right choose wisely treetrunk don't expect perfection like you can offer it that was easy on the expect opening out the medicine honesty really really couple gun and one young people come in so that's okay great guys integrating it married exciting are you willing to tell you to learning about yourself now I can guess it would have to doesn't know though get married if you know no thunder motivated recently everything what don't know into this marriage with a hidden closet in your heart got that in your heart that no one else was allowed into real bad real bad open up within closets forgive each other you can love each other with an intensity level that you could only dream out before that point honesty and openness expect that at a young girl told not to get married once don't but Mister Mack you figure you can do what you want yes my advisor to while why something like this in vital one of be part of putting together relationship wherein three to five years you can be sitting at home crying year of playing cards and drinking she went home crying for her she told me forty hours fishing it was true she got married later after the husband resolve the issue we were invited to the leading real estate weddings that year in these young people we counseled a lot of taken peanuts that year and she looked up at me when we walked by her file bind she so a thank you letter remembered she's the one for you we would be together as I remembered it out I told her not to get married to the guy and that motivated him to face some issues he wasn't facing choose someone that you want to be like you know why you have injured you're not eventually become like them the Bible says that by run with an angry man I will learn his ways over they will become mind slowly the same is true of a gossiper a bitter person a drug user alcoholic backslider list relations get premarital counseling thirty percent less chance of divorce right there thirty percent less okay I'm trying to go as fast I can hear my I really apologize for the technical troubles we had I hope it's worth it for you tonight tidbits I was in Norway had explained what this word mean Mister Wagner but visited this instance myself have said little little pieces of something ha ha okay now you two blocked hearts will attract each other plus without a thought without open-heart lockouts Sunday night our parts will try to rebellious people attract each other I could give all kinds of illustrations your young person in your rebellious and defiant against your parents and then secondarily to better define against God you will be attracted to someone else with that same stronghold for new reunited for a brief period of time during invading where will be exciting united in rebellion against the establishment against leaves other things how this authority did your chafing against and within one month after the honeymoon what happens to that rebellion that you are both directing out is directed towards each other 's begin destroying each other 's life to open hearts will attract each other to openhearted people if your heart is open to diseases you're probably going to be attracted back out of a person you are a few examples there are a few exceptions to that as well one of the most dramatic ones I can thank God and the Bible is Abigail Nabel I can explain that except to say that possibly was an arranged marriage I don't know she was a beautiful openhearted woman and he was a rascal many young people marry their worst parent is ninety percent biblical counselors know this something we circulate amongst ourselves for years that scariest tonight shouldn't I explain it as Fred good question what I mean by worst parent but I don't means that they have red eyes large green fangs the parent with which you connect the least that doesn't mean they're bad person all doesn't be just the parent to connect with belief that if you don't resolve your issues from our prior to the dating scene afterwards you probably marry her worst parent case in point young guy goes up with a dominating mother she rules his life is damaged by that he turns into a hypocrite he learns how to tell mama she wants to hear it's easier with less conflict in his life it's just easier they begins to lose its identity doesn't know who he is but you'd be constantly starts telling people what they want to hear it safer that way he grows up he looks normal he goes to school he meets a young girl guess who is attracted same kind of person becomes repeat paying for and they end up in my office later if they make it that long the patient wait on the Lord and people say well I pray for me there is one I is also a I called everywhere I call that relationship roulette and I've seen it either laughing but I think it might what phase of them some of you would know I think I won't like a blanket a lot of you don't know the point remains that a lot of young people say well I pray to God about an older woman you must be the one thank you Lord more is needed much more is needed get to know that person get some counseling from someone that you respect to get your parents blessing if you don't have your parents blessing don't get don't get married no get married without parental unless your parents are completely wacko off-the-wall can't even think straight is there in a light jacket or something that really is a serious guys because parents can see things that you can't you need that parental blessing because as you create that world of your own and beautiful new life is going to be interacting within the circle of their family and your family if you're a guy myth there's only one soulmate in the world for me is probably fifty people you young people could be happy with if is a very important if if you apply the principles of the word of God to your marriage and by the way once you're married and that is your soulmate there is such a thing of the soulmate after all it went you're married that is your soulmate for better or worse for keeps and that's exciting don't rush into it it goes without saying asked me by some few people we respect and I first met my wife officially for the first time understanding out under the beautiful trees of Maple Grove church it was in the fall just about this time of year and I thought boy she's prettier than entries and I was saying a lot as they were just gorgeous own rad and even got a major facelift I remember that right home I asked my dad I've been dating it will be called town girl or wow never that term but that's very common usage and Anabaptist circles they're not from the circle are not from within the community calendar or town boy on the right oh message that you know me pretty well what would you would you think I started dating Nancy Riley if I asked her out anyway that is a neat guy polio stricken man three months after they were married he lost his ability to walk he became one of the most benevolent giving men that I've ever known and is likely to be related to the way of hitting the nail on the head with a sledgehammer and so he's a thought about that he said one sentence as well I I think that would be an upgrade it was right goodbye goodbye town girl there is more to it than that I knew God was leading me to I I I I dating this other girl out of out of my momentary defiance of the church my father 's and it was the time was right in God since God 's leading that direction emotions are not a reliable guide seek the Holy Spirit my friends dating and evangelism not good that requires effort marriage is one of the most rewarding things you can do is take some effort but it is very very rewarding respect your parents judgment girls are often misled by their maternal instincts they marry a big baby a good illustration the young girl doll she just loves every stray animal comes down the pike to thank Yankees rings on yet another ragged looking puppy daddy can I keep enough of the map by the ditch she turned nineteen shivering scruffy looking guy should find that he can have your laughing serious tonight girls don't let your maternal instincts mislead you in was often fall loveless sex appeal she is beauty and substance I got married thinking there is only one kind of intimacy and you know which one I mean I now know there are three value the first to more than I can tell you here tonight one don't look too hard for spouse may not be desperate to find one seek the Lord letting God never the story I had for you out in the long sleeping finish ask yourself is this a person then I want to be the father or mother of my children question do I want to become like this person how does this person relate to their parents girls healthy treat his mom Eleazar Fox back to her Nona Mills an extension title entry to better believe it could I be happy being single arrest my life you can answer yes to that question and don't get married one hell that the Bears were happy that other person won't make you happy they will complete your life a lot of beautiful ways that they can't won't and don't have the authority or the charge from heaven to make you happy not happy if you're not happy personnel reserves reasons inside of you have unresolved and that makes you unhappy getting the will not fall Marylanders bring them to the surface another layer painted them is gone when I be happy coming home to me sometimes probably not about is with you you're probably much better than I am okay I do I mentioned already when you stand up there in front of the preacher and yes you can do you say we do is you are you're paying each other a very high compliment in taking them the word marriage is a beautiful thing Bible talks about and it uses that to illustrate the connection of the Godhead in heaven seal the door guys you know how well many of you I love well on talking with liquid metal welded door shut you get married welded shut your in there for keeps what will make me feel trapped sucking hollow it'll make you committed to the relationship or the rest of your life just like you said when you stood before a crowd of people witnessed well the door shut you are in there for wiping your there to make it work for better for worse keeps to make it work you can do that no bailout on it that's nuts that's being a quitter you see Donna God allows marriage to bring things out of our lives that we did realize were there in the sanctification process has a much better at resolving issues and our life wow were married because God allows these things to come up out of us people who bailout on that are tossing away the greatest tool for sanctification that God has given them just thrown that out there seal the door commitment versus feelings how about you guys that if you're like me you're feeling scanning of the verbal up and down and up when you feel great most the time I do I love getting up in the morning my wife will testify to this what is I say every morning I get up on the brand-new day why say I said yes and I love mornings okay but even even on one hand down warnings up and down don't base a relationship on those up-and-down spikes in your feelings or emotions to that line there here that is a principle you base your relationship on principle and principle says I am committed to this person for the rest of my life until I die the beautiful thing that is his commitment and I got the whole session whole series on the call shacking up or what grandpa used to call it now do they call it cohabitation is always political correct terms of how means the same thing as living together under the condemnation of God without the benefit of marriage available series on Michael new math online time to do it here but that awakens five grievous consequences in the life of a young person type out later lot like they're being based the commitment of your relationship on principle it never changes start here and that your death very simple a good sense of humor helps I love this picture of her on serious or extensive humor really does help your marriage Nancy and I have a great sense of humor and sometimes the work we do is pretty serious about counseling that sense of humor gets us through that and will get you through that too it's not appropriate to smile my friends God never intended you go through life like you just need to fill critical infiltrators while the Bible says there is a healing quality through Mary Hart the worth of the medicinal quality to good appropriate wholesome humor were not talking about food just think the Bible condemns that all this is not spraying up on top of that level and are based on the door jammed on and as our master bath of his low plastic dude is a robot one might our boys little toy cars and easy bends in the middle seats down like this one day I found that guy in summer house in idea out of my life some unmentionable drawer somewhere to let that guy down underneath my I forgot about it I thought to be funny she did not get the last bit of it below than did the computer will guess where he showed up month later but not a word was said about it they showed up in my underwear that was seventeen years ago now for little guys made trips all around our house showing up in the most unexpected places they probably didn't cost a dollar this little blue and white plastic robot guy we got more fun now that is a leg broken off now probably unarmed it's missing this guy like this is the principle of the thing sense of humor helps one day I went to work and this is from up in the third floor of our house and spiral stair goes up and I I thought his big beanbag chairs I took my pants I laid them down there nice and cleanly choose to attend I went to work financial like this you cannot already morning of oh I came home guess what I found him gathered like they were thinking of that is that is its clean cheap hosting humor don't be afraid of the visited I friend of ours Thanksgiving time they came dressed up the test Pilgrims never get down to the end I don't summarize it for you it's God who makes all this at meeting friends is not good for man to be alone I will make a help in for him ever read that verse today for script writing I was staring at my laptop as it wouldn't start two minutes now so you'll probably start we got there gently I love that Scripture that I asked the young man to read for what God has joined together let not man put asunder God saw that it was not good for man to be alone I will make a help meet for him Bible also says rejoice in the wife of your youth and be thou ravished with her love the word rubbish there means me and talk to it it's the only kind of intoxication I approve of that is your soulmate for better or worse for keeps enjoy choose wisely girls guys is not again it's a very important aspect in your life one can bring a lot of joy more importantly when it can make you three times more useful for God if you choose someone together and grow back here mentioned parallel ministry earliest the heart for ministry and that's absolutely true he will usually you'll be useful to him in ways you couldn't imagine a life and I resolved our issues one years ago in the Bible open to hearing area of our life to each other which had a best friend we didn't know we had shortly after people began coming to us for help with and God when we do is to help down on our house we had a fifteen hundred square sixteen hundred square foot on to have room and people kept coming and we end up in Norway and then we ended up in Oklahoma Academy all because women in the Bible 's God were willing to resolve our issues such simple out of the what God has in store just be honest and open with him those of you young people as you grow up you had it yet any point in your life you have a lot to look forward to take the Lord with you on that journey and hang on as it's going be good to pray father in heaven I think you tonight for the just allowing marriage to illustrate something hasn't its beyond me father is not beyond you as you make planning your word it is the very essence that is the prime description of the relationship not only with your people the one you enjoy father I ask your protection on these young people ask that you would guide them you would protect them from the evil one uses you pray for us in John seventeen those very words we repeat them back tonight with our finger on the verse when asked if you would bless care for these young people speak peace to their fears their questions their issues and cultivate that beauty wonderful potential the Chinese one of them keep the enemy at bay we ask her gatherer saw one seem to know basket price is you want to live audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. on universe .org


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