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Her Sins Have Reached to Heaven

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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I like you stand up for a moment it's one minute till noon on a speak for twenty nine minutes I want to look at the entire time I command the sea turtle man your Bibles to Revelation chapter eighteen Revelation chapter eighteen reminder reread verse five this morning when speaking about is God 's memory and our memory especially God 's memory relation to sin the idea that there are some sins that God forgets and there are some sins that God remembers and we would rather have sins that he forgets and what I learned something about which sends he remembers we want to avoid those in particular revelation chapter eight in verse five for her sins that she is Babylon the great for her sins have reached unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquities our first point is that inequities that are done by babbling our iniquities are remembered or forgotten they are remember and more than that the problems in equities for statins have gone all the way to happen course ballot hasn't gone to heaven but her sense in some respect have made their way up there that's a strange idea that many people to send somehow make their way to heaven like an idea how terms in your Bibles to Genesis chapter eighteen in what sense is it so that babbling sins have made their way to heaven Genesis chapter eighteen were going to look at verse twenty this is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah God is his as a friend speaking to his friend Abraham Genesis eighteen verse twenty and the Lord said because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great and because of their sin is very grievous I will go down now and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it this conversation is before God speaks Abraham but in heaven God speaks has he heard about sodomy tomorrow it is hard about it but what to do before he executes on the more is illegal does it and I hope that when you read that verse gracious thanks sound like doesn't God already know what's happening down there but two ideas look personal look at verse twenty one I will go down and see whether they have done altogether according to the private witches unto me and if not I will know how I suggest an idea to you and that is that angels carry news to heaven the father knows what's going on but does agree of the angels when they see the terrible things happening here you don't make some sound it makes them sometimes righteously indignant and when they say terrible things happen they carry that news to haven't but the Bible teaches to these two verses is God 's judgment dependent on the information of the Angels now he knows for him self nevertheless the cry of the inequities of Sodom made their way to heaven God made his way to Earth and destroy that city and we learn New Testament that the cried why not God coming down the city being destroyed was all a picture to teach us something Benard they are cry would go Jesus would come down and great babbling would be destroyed and we wouldn't want our students to go to refrain your Bibles to Matthew chapter eighteen Matthew chapter eighteen were going to look at versus thirty one through thirty five there is a sense in which is true that every sin is recorded in heaven but the verses that I was studying this morning really aren't about that sense they're not about the fact that every little Senate everyone commences in heaven but it's their are sins that alone speaks of as being particularly serious particularly terrible and those sins make their way there and Matthew eighteen describes one of those stories verse thirty first thirty one Tuesday so when his fellow servants saw what was done these are fellow servants of the man who owed ten thousand talents the man who is forgiven ten thousand talents because he asked the man who then went to his servant owed him much less who was very unkind to his servant and now verse thirty one said so when his fellow servants saw not turn fellow servant is so interesting to the student of the book Revelation issues a few times in the book Revelation you know what both sermons on the book Revelation they're angels angels introduce themselves and chapter nineteen chapter twenty two was fellow servants there that night as we serve God they serve God so they call themselves fellow servants were doing the same kind of work for the same God and here when his fellow servants saw what was done they wear what is açai very sorry as a grim Angels when we do wrong they came and told unto their lord all that was done then his lord after that he had called hence set under him all of thou wicked servant I for gave me all that debt because you desired me at least in this parable can we say this man truly had been forgiven but naturally been forgiven shut us not thou also have had compassion on thy fellow servant even as I had pity on the and his Lord was wroth and delivered him to the tormentors till he should pay all that was doing to him so likewise shall my heavenly father do also unto you listen carefully if you from your with the next word if you from your hearts forgive not every one his brother there trespasses as our difference between forgiving from the heart and forgiving in a formal way there is armor and I was little that my mother would require me sometimes makeup of my brother at a certain age writing the required just and to send sorry all exciting I don't know enough about raising children to know how all affected me but I know a lot of times were very sincere in my part if I could just save my next point simply Angels are going to take a report they happen about a particular type of sin it's the unmercifully list of those who've been forgiven the island merciful rest of those the lack of pity in the part of those who've asked God for petty lack of mercy in the part of those who mascot for mercy it is a type of behavior that grieves them and it appears from the end of this story that grieves the father and terms in your Bibles to James James chapter two there something I'm teaching this morning and I could apply without saying that but I want to say it were going to be using the Bible the entire twenty nine minutes because I really don't have an emergency chew anything that's not in here I really have a burden that when were done that the ideas you have ideas that you gathered from this book so that they are true ideas Jeremiah chapter two and verse thirteen with James I said it right the first time chapter two and verse thirteen for he shall have judgment without mercy that hath showed no mercy and mercy rejoices against judgment versus the thickly interesting to me speaking about babbling because of what what Jesus says in revelation is that those who receive babblings cop are going to receive a cop from Jesus of wrath that is unmixed with mercy but who receives judgment without mercy is those who haven't shown mercy and when I read that the sins of Babel and have reached their way to heaven I understand something for my study this morning babbling claiming the mercy of God has been unkind to her fellow service that is babbling we know from the other study is that professedly Christian body was Jesus and revelation he says that they those were Jews but they claim to be Jews but the really of the synagogue of Satan we can learn from that bit Satan 's church on earth is a professedly Christian church claiming to be spiritual Jews but really are the church up Satan so if Minden had a Church of Lucifer that would be a despicable thing but when it be the church of Satan I mean it would call itself that but when revelations Satan is real organized body on earth is a professedly Christian church is not to be showing mercy to other professed Christians just how ironic would be if we from our own hearts for not forgiving others there's a story and if you take notes you can write down words out that aggrandizement tell it to you for time sake it second Chronicles chapter twenty eight verses nine to fifteen I don't mind if you turned there was not a reasonable fine in second Chronicles chapter twenty eight Judah which is the last serve of the wicked do bodies of Judah and Israel that is when I split which one went worse Israel went worse June and Israel split Israel went straight into idolatry and Judah took a curvy write a curvy route to get to the same place but in this chapter Judah has done particularly terribly and God gave them in the hands of Syria Syria killed on lot of immediately after God gave them into the hands of all embarrassment and the hands of Israel Avenue government corrected by someone who was worse than you ever have someone tell you what's wrong with you whenever something more wrong with them I want to know from this chapter the Dutch legitimate finding God uses it it's a shame on them but God has a right to use whatever means you can find the correct you and in this chapter God used worse Israel to correct bad Judah Israel killed over one hundred thousand of Judah in one day those were the men then they took captive two hundred thousand women and children and carry them back they had intentionally make them the slice is nice to have a slow Ottoman think slaves underwent hands their attention was in their mind but if you didn't turn there you might notice down correctly reversed numbered electric version results private verse eleven says then certain of the heads of the children of Ephraim Azariah Barrick Chaya Jin Hezekiah verse twelve unmasked and had lie for the reasons are an asset the reasons we don't know these names is that there's so many if this was just one person that did this and might've ended up in a children's book and me private of learned this conceptual regular five-minute dared to stand up and to resist a bad idea they said the next verse thirteen you shall not bring in the captives here for whereas we have offended against the Lord already you intend to add more to our sins and to our trespass for our trespasses great and there is fierce wrath against Israel that's because these five guys attention of the prof Odette was mentioned earlier in this chapter Odette said when you were punishing Judah you killed them with the rage that reached to heaven that's probably reverse town or verse eleven what reverses a verse nine but the rage that reached up to heaven what is one kind of thing that could reach up to heaven rage in correcting others can reach up to have a friend noxious to God 's precious God uses you to correct someone else and you're not line for the fact that you have problems yourself that's the kind of thing that reaches to heaven did you do need correcting Italy did and God doesn't fault Israel for correct injured he false them for doing it with rage looked down near the end versus price fourteen and fifteen and Amanda which were expressed by name rose up and took the captives and with the spoil clothed that all that were naked so here are two hundred thousand women and children dragged to the city and they were properly clothed one of these men do they close them down it says they given food then they gave them that bomber treatment for those that were having troubles and the ones that were too weak you know if he drowned ladies who just lost their husbands and you drag them along distance of public clothes they can be worn out there one ounces from losing her husband they put the biggest ones on animals and they led them back to one of their own towns let them go we can learn a lesson from the story about the way to treat others who've been corrected to treat them with kindness and care in fact the story so interesting to me because of a parable that you learned earlier as the parable about when Jesus comes back and he divides the world into sheep and goats and you recessed of the sheet they did that these people did notice that the goats they didn't do it these people do it almost looks like like he's drawing from this fountain for that parable turn your Bibles to Ezra Ezra chapter nine are looking at verse six Ezra nine brother in the back my speaking loud enough for you to hear me on and try to change that right now Ezra chapter nine and were looking at verse six Ezra said oh my God I am ashamed M Losh to lift up my face to the my God for our iniquities are increased over our head and our trust passes growing up was a say growing up unto the heavens know what I'd like you to notice not as red as that he wasn't the one whose sin was growing up to the heavens as her was part of a body of people and parts of his body with sending us and that was making its way they are and how did Ezra feel about it Delia was ashamed that he watched he blushed in front of God like this ID to be in your mind because in another passage it's Jeremiah three three were not done her Nasrin got your my three three it speaks about a horrors for I'm interested about that phrase because Revelation things going for had server that worsened Bentonville in the four head and revelation there is a mark of the beast versus seal of God and the Mark of the beast when I think of having a horse for head that just sounds like it would assess about a horse for hated Jeremiah three is that now refuses to be ashamed when I look here and has a rocket as rough but as a refused to be ashamed but looks like two ways to relate to the sins being done by people that are part of my church one way is to think that's down that's not me one way is to realize that I'm part of a body and that my there can be wrath against this body is about the Windows member thinking back there in Chronicles twenty eight there are thinking that if another not party to what's going on that they do have are some responsibility to do something about it though they were thinking but here our first responsibility is to be ashamed we ought to be sad not to make a difference to us I'd like you and your own time to read the next two verses but looked down to verse verse nine as rest six Ezra six verse nine says for we were bonded man yes our God has not forsaken us in our bondage but has extended mercy unto us in the sight of the kings of Persia to give us a reviving to set up the house of our God to repair the desolation thereof to give us a wall in Judah and Jerusalem and now all our God why shall we say after this for we have forsaken thy commandments compare nine and ten God has not forsaken eyes we offer safe and his commandments this is why as right as a shining because the entire body has received some mercy from God and the entire body are to repay God 's mercy with faithfulness and upper part of the body that is not repaying his mercy with faithfulness we ought to be ashamed recent assault against simply the reason that were alive in two thousand seven is that God has been patient to save our souls he's been patient with our church so that you and I have received mercy with all the rest by him waiting and that mercy ought to be reciprocated with faithfulness and are part that you have as a whole it's not happening we ought to be ashamed your Bibles to Jeremiah chapter fifty one Jeremiah chapter fifty one this is the passage that is the source of the fountain that was used to write revelation eighteen what I mean by that I mean revelation draws its metaphors from other parts of Scripture this is done all through revelation and the metaphors in Revelation eighteen are drawn from Jeremiah fifty one and Jeremiah fifty one you have babbling following you have come out of the mess of her you have the cup of iniquity and in fact you have information regarding find revelation eighteen Jeremiah fifty one verse five four Israel has not been forsaken nor Judah of his God of the Lord of host though their land was filled with sand against the holy one of Israel before we get about one mission comment on God 's people does this verse justify God 's people on the basis of their faithfulness but it saw something so interesting does God differentiate this to make a difference between his people and babbling when his people are sending so much Jeremiah fifty one answers affirmative compare verse five with first six fleeing out of the midst of Babylon and deliver every man his soul one verse five site Israel and Judah have not been forsaken what about abolition in for Satan get out she's going to be destroyed but if we learn anything from Azariah verse five puts a burden on us if God has not forsaken honest we ought not to forsake his guidance 's commands his counsel 's instruction and if he has been merciful to us and we have forsaken at least some of us are significant ones among us have forsaken something of his counsel how should the rest of us relate we should be embarrassed to pray should we pray we should embarrassed because of what's our body has done verse six layout of the myths about blood and deliver every man his salt being not cut off in her iniquity for this is the time of the Lord 's vengeance it will render under her I recompense babble and has been a golden cup in the Lord 's hand this idea that Babylon is in God 's hand is the subject of another sermon I preached I appreciate now that you have the Internet you would want to visit a website called on your verse or that's one two words put together on your verse to find there like six hundred sermons that you would love to listen to verse seven Babel and is suddenly fallen and destroyed Howell for her take bong for her pain if so she may be healed it's almost a prophecy and ironing we should try and those inside that when God does discuss ethical people find that one are you sinful people Valentine to help babbling you know they're doing their very best to help babbling but can I help Madeleine it says next verse we would have killed babbling that she is not healed forsake her and let us go everyone into his own country for her judgment reaches unto heaven and is lifted up even to the skies if I could just draw from Jeremiah fifty one the sins of Babel and have gone to have we want to leave her we don't want to be part of her as a possible their own sense of going to heaven we look at verses that say it is and we would want to for sake no sense look at the end of verse eleven alas we need to keep going over left off the Lord has brought forth our righteousness let us declare in Zion the work of the Lord our God you might have seen in the verse before that the people now that said let's go back to our original studies as they were taken captive right to babbling this is the picture never to go back what wasn't as of the back to the apparently is not swap cards random countries instead God 's nation 's next verse that were going to go to the other to go to Zion they want to be clothed in Christ righteousness look at the end of verse eleven what kind of vengeance the vengeance God it expects a case against babbling is the vengeance of his Temple if I can explain what I understand from that Governor Bush and thirteen your products that babbling there blasphemes God blasphemes the Saints and blasphemes what else blasphemes his temple what is Jesus doing in his Temple will that's where the sins are going and that's were sins are to be blotted out I started this talk today by telling you were to talk about God 's memory the persons that he remembers in our sins that he forgets itself are we focused on sins that make it to have been but there's good news some sense it makes to have and don't stay there babbling since do is the next for the verse said and God has remembered her iniquities she is upset with babbling because he had a plan for how people could be read of their guilt and babble and has it skewered it uncovered it and confused and has caused people to be lost turn with me to the book of Jonah Jonah chapter one are looking at verse one were on the second-floor parliamentary social work the second point is that some things that make the heaven don't stay there Jonah chapter one verse one says now the word of the Lord came to Jonah the son of Emmett high saying arise go to Nineveh that great city when I read that great city it just makes me think of revelation is there a great fit in Revelation Babylon is a great city for your dev is a great city SS and cry against it for their wickedness is what does it say before me was the was never wicked enough that it since then before God is the one I got so used to do the minimum to understand this is also pictured in the time picture the gotchas is to destroy the great city Babylon herself before him and then but what does God do with Jonas today that you send them to talk about Madeleine in Jerusalem you know where he sends his Jonas today he says and about not to take up residence but to to give them fair warning that their sins that were to happen could be blotted out but Jonah rose up the fleet of Tarshish from the presence of the Lord you should just know where the presence of the Lord is enjoyment versus one through three the presence of God is where the people need to hear the message and if God sends us as a body to give the message and we don't give it where we fleeing from were not just running from Nineveh were running from God 's presence God is with the people that need to hear what they need to hear that's repeated verse three so he paid the fare thereof and went down into it to go with them the tortious was a say from the presence of the Lord repeated twice a week when you set the content delivery setting you don't go your you're not just leaving your job you're leaving your Lord turn to Deuteronomy chapter nine Deuteronomy chapter nine Virgo begin reading in verse twenty five one of the most interesting passages in all Scripture is in the same chapter were not generated that you would want to read it this verses four through six in fact the idea that we that we have no merit of our own there is not a more emphatic passage no not in Romans no not Galatians no not in the Gospels anywhere in the New Testament no passage more emphatic about the faculty of righteousness by faith only than Deuteronomy nine verses four through six but were looking at verse twenty five Gus I fell down before the Lord forty days and forty nights as I fell down at the first when Moses prayed for God 's people when you read that Moses was up in the mountain forty days you might feel like he was having a just a friendly conversation or just watching her maybe Nirvana what it is doing that what form was he and when he was on the mountain you know you was on his knees praying for the people I prayed he says next verse therefore under the Lord and said old Lord God destroy not this people and thine inheritance which you have redeemed through your greatness which you have brought forth out of Egypt with a mighty hand remember your servants Abraham Isaac and Jacob listen look not unto the stubbornness of this people nor to their wickedness nor to their sin and Moses did neither soon but he asked I'm not pay attention to it that's the most benefit as red dead method Daniel Dennis we ought to do as were ashamed of their sin yet we ought to ask God not to be looking at it that is not to be thinking about it not to be remembering that looked down about three versus UC eight yet they are thy people yet they are thy people and inheritance which you brought up by your mighty power and by thy stretched out arm at the end of the chapter and at that time the Lord seven the meeting here the two tables of stone like under the first summary of what I want to gather from Deuteronomy nine is the attitude of Moses to the sins of his people that he was asking the government for any of their sins to not think of their sins and God renewed his covenant with the people because of the prayers of Moses parents need to his Isaiah chapter forty three Isaiah chapter forty three written again looking at verse twenty one Isaiah forty three and verse twenty one the Bible says this people have I formed for myself they shelves they shall show forth my praise this is an example of divine optimism why did God make us for you he made us for himself to show his predecessor seller is not because of any evidence verse twenty two but Powell has not called upon me O Jacob you have been weary of me O Israel verse twenty four you have brought me no suite came with money neither have you filled me with the fact of your sacrifices but you have made me to serve with your sins you have wearied me with your iniquities who is tired in verse twenty two were tired of God was tired in verse twenty four God is tired of our sins verse twenty five by even a and he that blots out thy transgressions for my own sake and will not remember your sins I hope you saw that phrase it just thrilled you will not remember your sins babbling is doomed because God said that he remembers her since and God says to us is not to remember our sins is there a block them out and not remember them he says put me in remembrance God 's memory in our memory so he is agreeing to forget our sins but we need to think about something and that is him thoughts about God 's thoughts about his mercy thinking about his judgment thinking about his love thinking about his hatred of sin these veins in our mind separates us from our sins they change us and what is it that we are is God our weariness of him we don't like to keep in our mind Romans one thousand six adults and don't like to keep God in their life because keep in mind that keeps us from our sins verse twenty six foot me in remembrance let us plead together declare thou that thou mass be justified oh speak more but look at two verses down the next book and chapter forty four verse one yet now hear of Jacob my servant and Israel whom I have chosen the SF the Lord that made the informed beef from the womb which will help the fear not O Jacob my servant and not just your run relapse chosen for I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground I will pour my spirit upon your seed and my blessing upon your offspring maybe our minds fog because the passage is unfamiliar to us but what we've read in Isaiah forty three and forty four is that God made us for purpose his purpose is going to be carried out he is going to block out our iniquities and remember them no more but there is a condition if you could forget our memories we have to remember him reasonable out our iniquities were good I have to be hungering for his righteousness it is not a blot out our iniquities but I have to go after this thing and if we get wary of him he will not accomplish this for us the last passes will over this Jeremiah chapter fourteen currently the Jeremiah fourteen reread verses eight through ten Jeremiah fourteen verse eight of all of the hope of Israel the Savior thereof in time of trouble why should you be like a stranger in the land and as aware of wayfaring man to turn aside to Terry for a night the irony of the question God is the one who saves us why it comes to join us will he seem like a stranger to us while we recognize the thoughts that come from him why is that odd and we read portions of his Bible the ideas that are there the question is why should you be like a man astounding as in like a man that cannot save why should God who is powerful to save us the right here and be powerless to help us yet valve old Lord Art in the midst of us and we are called by your name leave us not thus saith the Lord unto his people thus they have loved to wander they have not was it say restrained their feet refrain to their feet and therefore the Lord doth not accept them he will now was essay remember there in the equity the condition of our iniquities being forgiven blotted out is that we hunger after righteousness that we show mercy to others that were ashamed of the sense of the body that were part five we think about our done remember Hanson to forget our iniquities under what condition will he not for forget our sins if we neglect to deny self neglect to refrain our feet neglect to put a pause on our impulses if we wander like that he'll be like a mighty manliness of us able to say that powerless to help astonished by the irony because we will not let him the summary of all that I said today is that babbling persons reached to heaven and God remembers her sense got relates to his church differently he will blot out her sense but many of them are good and up and down when because there are some conditions to their since been forgotten if we're not showing mercy to others were correcting them we don't give our own sins and mine were trying to help others for not keeping God in our mind we grow hard that way and begin to wonder if because of our refusal to refrain ourselves refusal to deny self if God is like a mighty man in our nest to can even help us then he will not accept us and our sins will be remembered but if we will let him the purpose of crudest form will be fulfilled we will be filled our sins will be for you


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