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The Papacy and the Global Economy

Daniel Ferraz


Papal Control: Global Economy, Global Government, Global Religion


Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.


  • October 16, 2009
    8:00 PM
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good evening friends you sound like you can hear me this is great with the blessing of the rest of the sun the resting of the samples so that we can rest the moon I don't know if you feel like I did but my feeling is that I want to be in heaven I want to see my Savior I want to be young and strong however a man you know just as a brief introduction yes I was born in England in Reading Berkshire and I I grew up I wanted to be a lawyer that was my goal I wanted to be a advocate I wanted to defend the truth is I seem to have it in my blood and then as the Lord would have it I didn't become a lawyer but I became a pasta I never thought I could be a public speaker my philosophy is that I don't like to show off that's just me so I try to present the best I can and the Lord helps me does my wife Petra and Jessica they would have been here except the evangelistic series was going so well at Kalamazoo that we invited some of our business to come to our church to hear a Sabbath service to see what the Sabbath service looks like and so we invited them to judge and there were too many people and too many kind of responsibilities and B&B linking with the number of people connecting with them became friends with them and how to handle Ferris family was going to be away it didn't work that it wasn't into so back him a Jessica and Petra Petras German by the way between us we speak fluently for languages in Europe you just have to do that to get around I'm looking forward to my press brother just immune estimate about this on the first using it as my second daughter of my own distorted as stuff and she's being they are just sharing that with you because your family is our joy is that that's in it we see our children in our image and God said that he created us in his image when we feel affection for our family we can understand a little bit the affection that God has for us I know I'd like to introduce you to the topics I'll be presenting on so you can keep them in your mind I don't have that kind of a sporadic hit and miss sequence of topics to present what what I I am wanting to present to you tonight and tomorrow morning tomorrow at noon and then on Sunday would be the synthesis all the summary of the great controversy and how we as Seventh-day Adventists relate to it and fit into the picture you see tonight 's presentation is called the papacy and the global economy are not just a vacancy now the thing about the global economy and by way of introduction yeah the the final movements will be rapid friends and it will come at you Sophos you won't be up to take it processing is what we talking not to go backwards what I did my friends okay so today I would like forward to you about what the Bible told so in Revelation thirteen software you to open your Bibles with me in Revelation thirteen and I don't know how long I have I like to know how long I have so that I can aim for his Holocaust seven roughly while I won't be going that long run but so if I said forty five minutes to happen that often are Revelation thirteen this opened the word of God the friends because this is what we are fountain of the book of Revelation is a book that most denominations will say is a sealed book don't really understand anything to try and understand something it's its own futurism or suppress terrorism we has assists in the wheel we are being it is a means of Christianity I don't say that with arrogance I said with a sense of responsibility that means that what we have here given to us and handed down to us by the blog of the Protestants and others is something that we need to realize is called Emmanuel to get us through in these last days as neat and the president and our our involvement in this great controversy with regard to the battle that's going on between Christ and Satan we are in the nonstop wearing them installed now the devil has changed his strategies and the strategy is to get us all asleep and to think that when the enemy comes in and stop worrying and Trojan horses that we just accept them as wonderful gifts from our pagan brothers friends we need to understand that over this over this weekend will be looking to seeing the comeback of the papacy and we only see in comparing the old Babylon with now that the spiritual Babylon that is raising and coming into the fold as a number before this is something that we has out of the Sabine proclaiming he is so let us look at it simply stated in Revelation chapter thirteen versus four five six seven eight three four five six seven and I sold one of his heads as it will did today and his deadly wound was healed and all the world one good often these note today there are people that would have us try and minimize what the Bible says you can't really take it literally we don't really know if what we have is old all of the work of God these kinds of things brothers went when Francis is when it says all the world wondered off to the beast it means all well and this is a controversy that wherein when all the world will be wandering off to the beast what will God 's people be doing so continuing to accept the dragon which gave power unto the beast West and East St. Louis and the beast was able to make well within the given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and pal was given in unto him to continue forty two months one thousand two hundred and sixty days or years and he opened his mouth in blasphemy with blasphemy against God to blaspheme his name and his tabernacle and them that dwell in heaven and what do I want when the Saints to overcome then how was given in over all kindreds tongues and nations as well upon the shower will shoot him whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world you see the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world just giving you a peek into tomorrow morning more mornings title is have mercy on me will be looking at today I will be looking at watching David fell will be looking at what was it that he has that week that he had that we have that is dangerous for us and it will make is full and then on on on Sabbath often new will be looking at undigested in the title of the presentation will be looking at the humanity of Jesus Christ is everything to us quote unquote and that is a quotation so with all those three topics and then what will present on Sunday would be a summary or an in-depth and some or even a woman of what we've been a presenting of the weekend we will see where we all immigrant controversy what the devil has been throwing access festival if we remember the captivity of the children of Israel that the children of golf from Jerusalem your member Daniel and that kind and I am sure I have an answer on you and how they were taken captive by the Babylonians and the Babylonians did something to them what do they do those young changing the name was just the beginning they were indoctrinating them with a different mindset with a different way all thinking it was a way of thinking that was not in harmony with the monotheistic kind of thinking all the Hebrews the one God that they had that the Babylonian government is if you think about it you think about it on that's how old people and how that child labor was designed by the people often with the floods to try and unify the world in rebellion against movement against the savanna zone is a single of the rebellion against God then you have the VM file on this system this globalism was time to amalgamate all the religions of the world and trying to make than a one mind but noted that the Hebrew mindset not believing in him the God of heaven so they had a globalism of economy all governments and religion it was only one it was one world government it was one world religion it was one love economy and this is what Daniel and his friends were being trained into and with all that the book of Daniel is very much a in a theater of the end times and argue that those people would face the end of the world why because they have to purpose in the home that they would not be defined I do notice that you have straight away and we said it before the health message the health messages isn't just so that we can have trim and healthy bodies so that we can by God 's spirit with his help connection with God so that we can overcomes also keep us loss I'm so that we see Daniel and his friends compassing in their homes not to go against goal they don't eat the food of the King they don't drink the wine of the King again want to defile themselves the Bible tells us that they were ten times better sometimes better than the others this was if you like an example of the trying to brainwash God 's people into accepting the ideologies of those around now today we have the rise of spiritual Babylon spiritual Babylon will do exactly the same thing it will seek to set up a global economy of the elbow homeland and a global message let me just take you to this idea in history of global globalism and who always noticed who wants to be vulnerable with no end in the treating of foreign diseases this was a treaty in Spain in fourteen ninety four when the Spanish and the Portuguese effectively divided up ownership of the world among the Catholic world between Spain and Portugal it was the Roman papacy that was doing that in its heyday back was in its heyday I'm sorry if you have a vascular download with was the Portuguese explore and so what they think then I said okay everything am I am on this line here was the point should give me a note the consumer is good so that the course on this before I started talking about it which was the point the I don't anyways Tennessee okay on the left I said okay for the leaders treaty of the biggest fourteen ninety four everything is about line this was a case of the Christopher Columbus and he went on and discovered the West Indies and so then you have breast of the government everything writes about life so he went down here and he went to India to the East Indies and in fact you'll find that the reason why most people speak Spanish over that is because it was cold but the reason why most of the people along the medium the West Southwest coast southeast coast of Africa 's people is because the moment along discovering the point that I'm making is that Spain and Portugal being Roman Catholic divided up the world in the old era the world was owned by the Roman Catholics by the papacy until of course the one of those beasts received that he would today two thousand and nine in in April there was this G8 summit what does Jesus go okay get the picture was her anything changed no this is healing is not completely healed in the white farmers really so as the AA we see that the going way back into the registry it really is the home of the papacy the Mexicans that state by itself the yield of the Pope is the new from anything you cannot sue him he's not guilty is not wanted for anything okay so he stands as an authority untouchable by any government of the world so he sends unique as well that the leader although the Vatican state which is a country in its own right it has its own postal system is imposed on its own Swiss golf that old Roman Catholics so here we are in the Summit and Aquila Italy and will notice is the SGA 's meeting of the leaders I just wanted to every see if you can we see the global leaders that with the unofficial to run through some of them with you Japan deposed president tolerable so guess what religion he is he is a Roman Catholic this is amazing considering that Japanese the Japanese percentage of cut out all of Catholicism is only four percent how is it that you have a president for Jeff Japan was Roman Catholic is carry on Canada's Prime Minister Stephen is the next one in in-line Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper he was interacted primarily by Roman Catholics although he is a Protestant and he has been making a lot of will will depend on the increasing ties with the Vatican then you have very own when your very own will the world 's very so the wilting something Barack Obama is a something by the by by the way when we are highlighting the papacy as we are doing it is it is because of love you understand this indifference does nothing when you don't care about somebody you just undulating but my wheelchair about somebody when you chat that somebody's walking in an era in the lost state on their system that will keep you lost it is out of motivation of love that we would transmit the morning from his own blood to those people in so we cannot negative on Catholicism it's it's the system that the papacy is under that the Bible has warned us about so enough of USA Barack Obama did you know that his government just recently gave a hundred million dollars hundred million dollars to a Roman Catholic private charity paying off the taxpayers money to fuel money online things on being taxiing north though I am an alien interesting being that the favor that the Roman Catholic Church receives from United States of America and guess what what's up fatal persuasion his vice presidents jubilant pinnace was going for him then we have Nicolaus opposing the Nick also cozy now you know from this is basically a pagan nation as a result of the French Revolution they deified reason and outflow for all normal and then but has a lot to also fall under the papacy suffered along the in the French Revolution the soft cozy happiness to his grandmother is Roman Catholic he raised his children Roman Catholic and he considers himself a less room and the UNC the Italian prime minister Pseudomonas only Roman Catholic Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is improving Russia is improving Russia's ties with the then we have children call Johnson and the miracle of investigating the and the Christian Democrat party size on a way is predominantly Roman Catholic you get the point what is this telling us practically all the leaders of what the Roman Catholic and what is going on doesn't it send alarm bells in your mind if it's all the anal Lolita 's of the world within the advertisement but what would that mean to you and me it would mean that we would have a leverage what is it we would be encouraging people to keep Sabbath and so on all of that but this this is is amazing when when I started looking into it I thought this is unbelievable spiritual problems taking over the world British Prime Minister Gordon Brown using a factory setting right underneath the British mapping that was just coincidence Gordon Brown he wants to do away with the act of settlement in England seventeen oh two think about history hazy with wind we tend to disregard history faithful history the history of this seventeen oh one the settlement was a bit of the British boasted that they could not be a Roman Catholic coming to the throne at any time you could be married to Roman Catholic you could be Roman Catholic otherwise you couldn't be King Oakley why did they do that just think about why they go to such lengths to do that was it because they will be discriminating it was not politically correct to do that kind of thing that's why he wants to do away with it but there was a reason for it think about your own American Constitution now is the name the American Constitution right there on amendments to it and so on but the government that the American Constitution is founded on a desire to be free from the persecution and dictates of the papacy they cannot it is as a rock 'n roll mind and become him and they want the Europeans came over in sixteen twenty on the Mayflower is your European practically soaked in as they came over because they were being prosecuted because of religious freedom they will not conforming to do the VM the established charges so they wanted a child's without all they wanted the government without the King he came to America enough of the American Constitution is built upon it's built upon religious freedom and Protestant religious freedom that no one often see the Roman Catholic Church of vile but it would do off the Reformation what did they do they establish what society him off to to do away with the Protestant Reformation the Jesuit order in the society of the Jesuits and founded by Ignatius of Loyola who was a soldier in general friendly natives all of these things in from history because God sees it like that we as Adventists have a unique perspective on a religious history because God gave out one of vision that she called the great controversy that is how we can see the kind of political economical and religious intrigue that we are in the Bible called us earlier on as we read in Revelation thirteen that the candidate is out of the basement was the drink yet it's kind of it it is wrong but the devil through Rome and then it's Imperial Rome and then it is the devil through spiritual baptism so we see that the company and so Gordon Brown wants to do away with free conveniences and is a discriminating know some people believe that the Roman catholic church is changed tell me how did it change didn't stop believing in the Immaculate Conception didn't stop believing in the bodily bus ascension of Mary into heaven and they believe that they set in stone in nineteen fifty two they stop believing that they stop believing that there is only salvation through the Roman Catholic Church that they stop believing that they changed please tell me someone how they have changed the whole world is wondering off the things that they stop encouraging you to pray to Mary did the Pope stop being Jesus Christ he is the Roman Catholics in the book that I have a home and away went to know it's a book entitled Crossing the threshold of Hope mine written in nineteen ninety three and there was an interview that with one an Italian also with the Pope and they are talking about what is the point considered on that in print in black and white because the Pope is considered Jesus Christ on the Vatican or the Roman Catholic Church just change those beliefs and yes if we if we think about the Catholic will see that the moment the papacy has been apologizing for the atrocities of the Parkston the other one even says that she wrote then this is where you know some of my quotes are not in print because I lost my presentation interesting skeleton but she she wrote that that that the papacy would give out these these apologies I'm not like him she's repented of up pops it out he also says it has given the child's it would institute its persecutions as before you think about this and in the in the global economy went when I talked to the global economy is not talking about economics of money finances is that the economy how is the globe working we all headed to a wild one with the one world economy in one world religion is only place only if you're sleeping through the days would you would you think that Elizabeth is otherwise okay statements from ocular Russian president Dmitri Medvedev you know what is holding up he's holding up a point the leader of elements that wasn't an amazing thing to get a hold of you were practically sent from England and Denmark the British pound and they could see they can see what it meant seeing because to have a global concept to have a European currency all the countries have to deposit that had gold in in Brussels what about just due to do each country is just the moment of that sovereignty now is it's all about control the more globalization you see the more control is being leverage so what he's he's I'm holding up it is according which is hazy it a future world currency right away to control the well I'm an admin if you think about these things the papacy has constantly been trying to to conquer your especially England remember the Spanish physical space and cut down all the trees in Spain Spain is a desert today because he cut down old trees to build a special model to build attacking and Spencer Francis Drake in all and he was praying praying and he prayed in the aegis that carried on playing his little little game of the English croquet and they skillfully sent some some mold galleons into into the Spanish Amman alike than the majority of and then they fled and they went around England in the course storms did crush the ball up on on the coastal but once I was a fiend want to what the what do they think that Europe has one currency is all about control from the pharmacy so now I see now the homeless are you with the United in diversity unity in diversity many obscure question have you ever heard that phrase before not in this context its will over the place it seems to be a catchphrase catch was twenty one hundred in our seventh at discharge unity in diversity break but think about it coming from the day the bladder the Babylonian globalization education plan that has made the whole world united in its publicity what that means is don't tell me about your difference well one that has just get together and that is the one this is what it's all about University of begin unity in diversity it's a test Limited issued two thousand and nine there is a global currency on the way now what does that mean if we would have a global car currency when we are saying we are seeing government take control of banks like there's no tomorrow that was taking control of everything even GM is controlled by a notice that that some Barack Obama told the CEO of GM and he had to resign that they had to to join forces with fear of us which country Italy which could not lose predominant religion it is in Italy exalting at the France of the more you look at it you you would just be astounded so if we have a I a global economy which is where we're headed and then I'll talk a little bit more about it will be very easy to put in to place one God has predicted and prophesied in Revelation thirteen to seventeen that no man might be able to buy or sell what is a mean that no man would be up to five seventy somebody would be restricting your how the Bible so that is fulfilling prophecy Bible tells us that sooner money would be worthless it's time for us to use it wisely is addressed to put into into the course golf is time for us to consider what would I do if I had no more income I'm serious we are in a time when we need to be relying less and less on how money on more and more in our Savior we need to be studying God 's word as never before you'll see little bit them tomorrow will see little bits later on why so this spiritual Babylon is continuing no America the Americas of jet Jesuit magazine about right by the way should shortly be sending our children to Jesuit schools away with it we have been doing should we send our pastas to Catholic universities unless they are very very rooted and grounded in Adventism is a dangerous thing because they had just gone to the schools of abandoned the mindset and then come back and teach you did you know that Desmond four is a prime example of he went to Liverpool University and studied on the F F Bruce who was a overseer Protestant and his is teaching was off the Plymouth brother now made from Plymouth brethren believe in futures they interpret history of the Bible prophecy with a futuristic and interpretation which again was a system of interpretation devised by Jesuits to actual attention away from the real identity of the papacy so we can see then that the Jesuits really having a comeback the this this picture shows President Obama with a Benedict the sixteenth and this is significant and one thing I forgot to tell you was that with this global crisis on the global economic crisis that we have golden brown met with Benedict the sixteenth used to be called Ratzinger met with him to all skin for advice on the economy going to the Pope for the advice on the company C Barack Obama 's wife here dressed in long dressed and that's a sign of mourning that's a song of deference assignment on reverence now what do legally have Supreme Court's one Supreme Court just have another Chief Justice voted and was was just one of the chief justice okay so there we go something my would you take as you will also religion she has that makes six thousand and nine this is something speaking to six out of the nine elsewhere where the laws of the land only how easy would it be just coming how easy would it be in another probably limited time this is in itself for some below to two BM voted in the institutional brain very easy the poem is saying and Pope John Paul II 's encyclical may all find nineteen ninety eight said that the government should legislate so that they someday could be kept holy and as of the movement focusing again in the and all in the July all two thousand and seven Pope John called node Benedict the sixteenth was saying to the Austrians give the soul it's Sunday give Sunday console in other words highlighting again that this country should be allowing the governments to put some legals into place is interesting my wife coming from Germany she knew Cardinal Ratzinger very very well that's that was his name of his real name before he became Pope Benedict the sixteenth and she remembers right well in Germany you cannot mow your lawn on Sunday in Bavaria where he was from elsewhere rising is from in Bavaria he was known as a very tenacious and hardline Roman Catholic and I have a time optical he entitled the keep of the straight and narrow he want to that was behind if you like John Paul II he was the brains behind the he was the leader all of the office of the Inquisition annual Inquisition was for so this man was in the office and now he is hope my wife also before we got married she worked for a a while in the Bundesbank in Germany which is a Catholic and she was looking at the paycheck and she saw that money was being taken in without an explanation ten percent was being taken out and guess what because automatically they assume your Roman Catholic images deducted from your wage and give it to the Catholic Church Switzerland we see in America America is probably the best place to be in in in the world as regards to religious freedom or used to be it used to be America has forty percent of its population going to church England has about three percent these that this country England was was when you have Wesley brothers and all of these people that were strong in in the Reformation but malware single I once read that a time optical and you know that Time magazine is a papacy to the you didn't know that when you get you think about that the press was run by the press the TV they will show you what they want you to see unable condition you to think the way they they want you to think this is all part of the spiritual Babylon in the education system and we just share with you a little bit here about rats rats and his views and recent encyclical splendor of truth which sharply define right and wrong okay so he was definable right about the judge 's teachings therefore have to be unbending this is Ratzinger before he was Pope Mrs. dated December six nineteen ninety three using the charges and teachings therefore have to be unbending the development of the papacy Ratzinger believes everyone fungal is free to decide whether or not he's able and willing to subscribe to the Catholic faith did you just hear that that everybody is free to decide whether or not they will subscribe to the Catholic faith with responsibility before God and his conscience if I come to the conclusion that I can no longer support the set of beliefs then it is a matter of honesty to declare and for the consequences consequences if if his only salvation through the papacy than your loss and is Roman Catholic they haven't stopped believing if you think about the Vatican II Vatican II nineteen sixties but thereabouts was a a Catholic counsel that change this strategy and it was called the ecumenical Council what that means is ecumenical means that you would all all the estranged brethren back to you again so they change their language and a difficult Protestant heretics and the cold and strange bread it was a change of tactic but because the purpose was the same and so when we see it back in the writings of them before by by this piece piece kind of presentation of the personality the whole world is wondering off the piece so where that place us in the domestic place us in in the system am religion that is around us that we want to be like that we want to have the approval I'll be concerned about being approved all week the dolt is about in the other Protestant churches in this is been the tendency even on our own church to decide to be approved and not consider the ethical you know what we all diametrically opposed in our belief system just like Ananias Regina and Azariah and Daniel were in opposition to the teaching that the Babylonians were trying to brainwash them with the same thing so how can we go and have allegiance with the papacy this reading on hit if a theologian needs pondering authority needs prompting to come to the realization that is taking the consequences if you don't want to believe the Roman Catholic beliefs if a theologian needs pondering to come to that realization Mexico is happy to prompt he is happy to prop and if this means many chats members must drop out so be it does this not betray his policy I see no break in my views as a theologian he says it is absolute nonsense to say that to come to left it up to the individual to decide which religious ideas he would adopt in which he would know the Coppola likes to explain his faith through the story of one of his theology professes a man who questioned the thinking behind the charges nineteen fifty declaration of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven but it was and then an infallible ten he said no this is not possible we don't have a foundation in Scripture this was a Roman Catholic it was challenging I believe he says there's no foundation in Scripture that Mary ascended up into heaven it is impossible to give this acidophilus said the big dissidents Roman Catholic this let the professor the professor 's Protestant friends to hope that they had a potential but the purpose is nothing in this Roman Catholic with convertible to bus the professor immediately reaffirmed his abiding Catholicism know at this moment I will be convinced that the church is wiser than on it was always my idea to be a Catholic to follow the Catholic faith and not my own beliefs so this was a mess that was held and again apologize for not having the Roman Catholic mass I understand the importance of the Muslim photo for the Roman Catholic if you don't take my seat you do not say the six judges on the Supreme Court but that what is I show you regarding their legions where would their primary allegiance be it's going to be rough it can't be any other way why would that be a point in having Roman Catholics in the whole of these leadership positions around the world the Australian province is Roman Catholic the Spanish you can go on and on for the world is divided up now if this is completely taken over and here we'll Seventh-day Adventists with the midst of my questions well well how are we doing this is John Roberts number of Roman Catholic that is the the Archbishop of fun Washington we can see that spiritual Babylon is very much alive the wounds is being healed in an amazing way friends the cutting taxes in a very toxic this was another encyclical what is saying and I just have to go from memory now is that the world needs to take control that needs to be a global control on the common basic is one of the exist and must be global control and .us today put it this way of the Pope was saying was that there needs to be global control on the economy and it has to change that means is that if there needs to be a body that would be overruling an unsupervised and it being in control you know about about the banking on what's before use is as apostate in Switzerland in Geneva had an English church in the Portuguese speaking church and that I had a bank account that and I was wanting to keep it open but you know what they would let me one now as it was the evil was pronounced have become just because of the global control it's the soft close that bank account didn't have much in the habit and at the same similar stories in secrecy Swiss banks what one knows what I want that secrecy met just recently in the news then open it up why because Revelation seventeen this being fulfilled you won't be able to buy also unless you have the market-based and see how well such a way to put leverage on people than through money and don't think that I'm not connected they all does sound a little is very much connected with with not being of the bias because you have the mark of the base and is good at this we know what so that we have our come on the energy is in charge of his church our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is looking to you and me and he is asking the question is wistfully looking at us and say what my people start or will they be something by spiritual battle you know that there are more and more movements to work together with Roman Catholics even in the Southern Baptist Church did you engender there is something called the optic which is a ecumenical organization to which the Seventh-day Adventist church also belong and what they have agreed to is that they won't do any sheep stealing using the ecumenical movements brothers and sisters if I could shed definition the definition of that with you from Doctor Bibi Beach and those of you that will know yet is history no who he is he was the one to get a letter to one of the post the eye and he really liked the definition of acumen is he says the ideal acumen is still the best the best acumen is it is suggested is not dogmatic in his own beliefs this home was somewhat fluid and doctrinal views freely means that you not resulted in a doctrinal beliefs enough to question what is happening to our doctrinal beliefs in the seventh Baptist Church opening what what's happened to two of the century teaching the investigative judgment what about victory over sin what about Allen's you want is all under attack from outside but it's interesting that the taxes come primarily from our own teachers such as Desmond demanding cities of being sown in our own denomination .com from spiritual you and I need to be aware of this in I took pocket talking about ecumenism that means that let soldiers can't get together and feel right there was a song that would I remember I'm doing my own ministry and I've been administered for twenty years and seven cents is in some a unpleasant abuse and that is you easily been given life that no other denomination 's and I remember in my early years I thought well you know that the narrow little of these movements that threaten the ministers of different denominations we get together and they do this and that together and a half weeks of practical they do friends can to walk together unless they be in agreement if we have a completely different religious and theological ideology what are we doing you see this as part of the strategy that has been set off by spiritual battle and I've seen it documented do as many things as you can as possible to get as different denominations Catholics Protestants and Presbyterians and so on documentation that will that one would show you the most with the right apologize that Martin Luther started the Reformation they going to run with it sorry what happened to the to Protestantism it is the only so has changed is not Catholicism and Protestantism in becoming more like Catholicism the counterreformation has succeeded friends so in England I would then take public goodwill at the window and get to know these mins so we had a an etching medical service is ecumenical service was by some bills and Jews there there there was some Hare Krishnas that there was some high that there was some Baptists there and there was the sentence that is an island then I took a video and I show them the big video of over one hundred disbelievers in the off-season how much impact does it really when we had the joy 's coming along and across that there am this service is all about balance some of them don't don't have a autistic adults and that was what they did and how to buy high season Harry Krishna saw and then and then you have somebody else we share what we did but I tell you the impact was lost it wasn't that why because when standing alone we were in an amalgamation as for the ecumenical movement is all about don't tell me about your distinctive doctrines less just love each other on the online the the Alpha course of using the Alpha course it was a bit it's a big hit in England and also in Europe I seen it for the first unknown columns of is what you'll see is is a caricature of a man holding a big question it that's part of the ecumenical movement will soon need to go to him the organizers that will train you and I will teach you don't teach your distinctive doctrines such methods is forced to do that don't tell them about the seventh day Sabbath don't tell them about your profit as for the ecumenical movement is all about and so we have even in our own church a desire to be considered as mainstream religion know why you know we often have this idea of saying we're not very different from the other churches we just keep Sabbath vessel so we have a totally different theological ideology we think differently using what has happened is everything now I'll then designed the Babylon was the daughter of Babylon you understand what were talking about spiritual result of the ones into the Protestant churches of the daughter of Babylon enough talk a little bit about that on Saturday afternoon friends Jesus is our month and should change his feelings will meet me know when we'll is a devil put us to sleep I'll even bother or is not politically correct about this you know that homeland security homeland security has a designation of who all but the radicals the fanatics and those that you are being labeled genome of those that teach and talk Bible prophecy are in their digital friends soon you and I will not be able to walk around freely as Adventists we will no longer be able to do evangelistic campaigns and advertise freely in the press well-off so what are we preparing ourselves for we need to be prepared yourselves spiritually realizing that this spiritual Babylon has its power from the devil and this power if you read through the book of Daniel will see Daniel two is that and then Daniel seven builds on I was talking about the papacy you the most most of the spoken of his papacy the site in January the papacy and the papacy even walk why because that is what will be most important to be knowledgeable of knowledgeable about so that we can be well and in no way can we be signed and amalgamating ourselves as a church with these organizations you know I I heard the president 's office and denomination they will guess we should be more open to cooperating with charges such as Roman Catholic charities I have so much I could share with you behold I've told you before it happens so that when it comes to policy immediately let's just don't read this is actually from modern NASA Maranatha is a amazing devotional matter what I recommend it to and this was taken from page hundred and ninety the decree enforcing the institution of the papacy at his son in violation although local golf on some by the decree enforcing institution of the papacy in violation of the welcome our nation the United States will disconnect herself fully from righteous weathercock statism shall stretch a across the Gulf also handled the Roman ways seashell of reach over the others to cause transmitted spiritualism when under the influence of this threefold union our countries shall repudiate every principle of its constitution that you have it again the Constitution is based is a Protestant benefit repudiates every principle of freedom of speech freedom to deliver on freedom to go to judge one two to meet when it's against the law mouth to meet pensive to have check in your own home in America now innocent mistake that I didn't have lost it but that you know that our country shall repudiate every principle of its constitution of the Protestant and republican government and shall make provision for the propagation of papal falsehoods and delusions how would you make provision for great people it's an delusions by having a Roman Catholic the Supreme Court we may know that the time has come for the marvelous working of Satan the time is come for the moms working of Satan and the through the two great errors the immortality of the soul and Sunday sacredness Satan will bring the people on the wonderful malaise the foundational spiritualism the latter creates a bond of sympathy with a the Protestants are keeping who's they hold it by their own authority and this is where Protestantism is is is doing where I do know you know the statements him because of that which is falling provision no statement by him the Roman Catholics that some speaks about lists to this would be welcome screen friends so I apologize okay well the quote was if you if you really want to follow the Bible and not tradition then you should keep the Sabbath holy let us understand I haven't documented his hands in front of us and that was almost like a sarcasm because you know who wants to be a Seventh-day Adventist but that was really as what he said that this was some some Catholic piece of the funding maybe it's something but you get the idea of friends what I'm saying is that what the weather gold is told us what we have been teaching of the denomination it is overtaken it is it practically is within us so it's time for us to be serious about faith it's time for us to understand that our teachings or on the pill is about doctrine established on the Bible study and the spirit of Jesus guiding and verifying as nothing to change in our doctrines we don't need that will eradicate what we have been spending on before twelve will increase our understanding of present truth but won't change it and while it won't stop interrupting prophecy the way we the way with my own the influence of this threefold union this country will follow in the steps of Rome and trampling on the rights of conscience and when winning here about the death penalty when we when we hear about on the government being in fatal torture friends this is spiritual not the eighth farce to wake up and realize that we will not survive this in a window in an ecumenical young trying to be like that in the middle is about the only ones to find it when the only way because of minor is a follower is if we follow Christ he connected himself with gall crossed his arms papist Protestants and well things will alike accept the form of godliness without that's what we have around us as a form of godliness but is no power only means Christ likeness that the Christ likeness that Jesus came to work out for us in a fallen human sinful flesh human nature that is the godliness that we all too reproduce and that is what will save us from papist Protestants are willing to elect set of formal gardens without the power they will see in this Union a grand movement for the conversion and the ushering in of a long expected that's from management the patient ninety just to see what some of the religious leaders were doing at the G8 summit religious leaders from around the world have their own not so many G8 Summit enacted in June sixteen seventeen the full sum of religious leaders so religious leaders all meeting around the world on the occasion of the G8 was a physical basis all the visits will the central Italian city staff severely damaged by an earthquake and ninety six that will be the venue of the actual summit what they were saying was that they were making a final appeal the religious leaders of the world together and made a final appeal of the full Summit we this is a repeat we believe is of the world 's religions and spiritual traditions that everybody is an amalgamation of it in all that they got there now is it doesn't matter who you are what you are what religion you are what is in you belong to you'll be safe this is all different ways to go that's that's the spiritual Babylonian amalgamation that we can both into we leave this lets everybody except the real Seventh-day Adventist leaders of the world 's religion as virtual divisions gathered in Rome on the eve of the G8 summit of two thousand and nine are united in our common commitment to justice and the protection of human life the building of the common good is a means of global economy it is a global of government and it needs a global religion building on the common good and the belief on the divinely established and inviolable dignity old people from conception to death what does this mean to us it's time for us to be Sears you know I can't stress this enough it's time to put his work goals with Goldsworthy 's will first know when you wake up with you for stressful to open the work of God two two two listen to the Holy Spirit will continue as deep as he has the Jesus while he was on this can wait you to it's time for us to stop playing with Saint him along to the bathroom teach that even if we have a savior we will carry on sin as the Bible teaches and so we need to be careful that we don't buy into that it's a teaching about the if if we have no power from golf to overcome our sins here now and what what saving did I say you do for us if we insist that people should give up that mess smoking and alcohol in their belter but they don't give up on that prime they lost in the works of the flesh was not leaving we need to stop playing with sin and making excuses for disobedience we don't realize how simple sin really is your definition of sin is on show tomorrow but how did itself both that don't benignly need to so if we if we are in violation to the number will all and known revealed word of God if we had violations of the images of the wages of violation it's time to stop making excuses with this obedience is time to stop breaking the sanctity of the Sabbath stopped following the willingness around us which is basically back to put away how grudges and differences amongst us get on with your life 's time perfecting Christian parents friends have used have you seen enough is is the is the will of God reliable is it telling us where we all meet me on minutes before midnight is no secret that the papacy wants to control the world the Ohio selected as a secret but even in taking over the world economy and the one government also wants to take over will abandon you we would always like and I'm sure as we purpose is not to be spiritual in any way shape Princess my presentation for the final movements will be run so what am I saying if you are a true Seventh-day Adventist you can you can count yourself blessed because of the knowledge that God is made available to you the readings of the spirit of prophecy so let me just close with with one thing did you know that the Bible is more relevant and more up to date is more useful for you and me today any in any time of us history did you know that just looked look with me will will close in them by reading first pizza assistance of fast-paced chapter one this piece of junk the one that you read online ten eleven twelve UC that the prophets decided to know what was the time that the spirit of God that was in that would signify overcoming all of the Messiah was a very quick paraphrase unto whom the best twelve unto whom it was revealed that not unto themselves the spirit of prophecy was revealing not unto themselves but on two months the prophets minister and all that means that means as I want with the Bible is more relevant to humanity today and it's ever been before why because we are saying that it speaks about what was happening in the world before our very eyes every day on TV screens present time for the real evidences to send its it's time really you know that now movements within all our church that all came to the workings of the amalgamation of spiritual but what that means is neutralize outlet in the distinctive instill in them the desire to be like everybody else no real hostility is diametrically opposed to any Protestant church we are unique the Bible says in Revelation eighteen golf call people out of band is to be like Bobby don't recall anybody else about the if we are saying the outline below we outline the established churches with a different you don't want to be called the fullest account we are different we believe differently from friends those words is with the reading and me just tell you very briefly it's the single in spite of his holy book that means is like a big just jigsaw puzzle you know that you have the these puzzles that you can have thousands of pieces of you can't see the picture when you can see is just little pieces but the more you read the Bible the more you familiarize yourself with the divine mind behind it the more you will see the connection and he will stop moving on little pieces of the puzzle that hello of them together Tennessee another reason is the amount of wood as Joseph said that in in in Job is it took twenty three twelve that I desire your words more than my food when we stop feeding the weather going like that when we start switching off on television for the most time I will stop grouping together pictures of that this belongs to the trees this will belongs to the scene and then we stopped putting it all together we will see how that will be a power that is unleashed in our minds as we studied with a girl that will help us understand you know what the majority of us I just do not understand you know why we don't understand them because we have bought into the spiritual environmental and the teachings of spiritual Babylon and in what salvation is owned by a mortal sin is a nimble offensive that the daughters of Babylon and their teachings sin and salvation readiness friends I wish you a blessed my prayer is that you would get excited about reading this book unfit and you and you would understand you know some people say I don't need the spirit of prophecy I don't need out of what I just did need a Bible and you know that people say that on reading the Bible and not reading the Bible because the Bible says that we would come shortly no spiritual gift until Jesus comes out of the spirit of prophecy would be when I founded my own expense people say that questioning and all these other of the teachings of stone chipping away at one that should be electable friends don't think that belongs only Jesus said before possible even the very elect please understand the workings when I went up against human beings we're up against the devil himself schemes through Sprint about so that is my appeal to you this morning this evening to understand that God has given us his work so that we can read and understand the more he read the movie will be able to see that it truly is our top feet and a light top half and that we can hide the weather golf in a hall so that we would not sin against what is a friend it's time to finish solo thank you for your patience apologies if it didn't flow like I would like these messages are just designed to encourage you to study for yourself and understand that you are is also a media with God audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about hot humors you like the more certain and www. audio verse .org


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