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Jesus at God's Right Hand

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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I have had your rest time in the last twenty four hours studying the Bible and I has largely been because I received a question by e-mail someone who was perplexed his arrival perplexed about a passage of Scripture that I began to study it I found so much more than an answer to her question I want to have one more prayer and Bible study hence our father in heaven I ask for your own sake that she would cause your holy Bible to be a living word for us this morning that she would help us to understand what I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus amen I usually don't title messages but if I wasn't a title this one I would title it God 's right-hand man you are right that up here gods are right hand man and I write that I'm referring to Jesus for your Bibles to song chapter two song to song two and verse seven says I will declare the decree the Lord has said and to mediate thou art my son this day have I begotten the know some of you in your Bibles you might Sunday are capitalized and the reason your Bible capitalizes it if it dies it is because this verse is going the New Testament by the prophets as a reference to Jesus that is who's speaking to Jesus here the father speaking to Jesus and what he say to him he says thou art my son this day have I begotten the and is a good question the question I want to approach first is what they watch that but the father said to the sun this day have I begotten the if you were not the best or Baptist typically you would think of Jesus having existed from all eternity that is back and further always existing if you were Jehovah's Witness you would believe that Jesus had a beginning at some point in time if you were ever not go further note Letterman thanks and is a good question what Davis was that the father said that to the sun is nestled would like to know what day was the father so that the sun the only unanswered the Bible turn your Bibles to ask chapter thirteen asked chapter thirteen were looking at versus thirty three and thirty four acts chapter thirteen in verse thirty three and thirty four says God it has fulfilled the same unto us their children and that he hath raised up Jesus again that is raised him up from the dad as it is also written in the second song thou art my son this day have I begotten the son the father raised Jesus to life and what was that a fulfillment of what prophecy it was a fulfillment of song to me the next verse thirty four and as concerning that he raised him up from the dad now no more to return to corruption he set on this wise I will give you the sure mercies of David women just summarize my first point what day was it that Jesus was begotten it was the day of his resurrection he was begotten not from a womb that I stumbled it wasn't begotten from alone he was begotten from a great and this is why the Bible refers to him as the first begotten from the data many received on the Scriptures a phrase first begotten from the dead pressure put on my notes this one should see it Jesus was begotten from the dad and why why did the father say this day have I begotten the was looking at answer looking about what Romans chapter one is this really isn't the main point this morning let's understand the signs that will save you from save me from all kinds of delusions Romans chapter one I'm looking at verse two says when she had promised before by his prophets in the holy Scriptures concerning his son Jesus Christ our Lord which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh but when asked the question about Jesus what was he born according to the flesh will they answer to that is he was born according to flash when he was born from his mother Mary Jesus was the son of man that is he was born from a human willingness like we're been born with you and will but notice the next burst and declared to be the son of his essay the son of God with power according to the spirit of holiness was assayed by the by the resurrection from the dead one and the resurrection declare about Jesus declared that he was the son of God it showed his divinity so Jesus said I have power to lay down my life and I have power to take it up again the power word that was manifested in the resurrection of Jesus from the grave revealed that he was like his five this is a fundamental idea that helps us read the Bible it's the idea of what it means to be assigned in Scripture look in your Bibles at Romans chapter eight in verse fourteen Romans chapter eight looking at verse four team what does it mean to be assigned in Scripture it says it for as many as are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God if I would say I'm a son of God I don't mean that like Jesus I have divinity all I mean is that I'm trying to follow his spirit for as many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God so the Bible says about atoms that he was a son of God wasn't me and meteors traded in God 's image and Jesus said the people in John eight he said you are of your father the devil what you mean he didn't mean that the devil had any actual project near children he said the works of your father you will do is that you are Abraham 's child you would do the works of Abraham and all this is just sick of complex way of saying that sign in Scripture means being like so the son of God is one that follows the works of God and the son of man is one who is like man Jesus came to be both the Son of Man and the son of God and I was very helpful to us because as the son of God he could save us and as the Son of Man he can understand us it could relate to us he understood were coming from Ms. Sarah said to begin with critical quite a bit further when did the father say to the son thou art my son this day have I begotten the the day of resurrection not meaning of that's when Jesus came into existence by his urban existence from all eternity Jesus is like the father in that he has his character he has his deity but that was the time when his character showed up when he was honored before the universe is having that power is this relevant to our life it is so relevant turn your Bibles to Ephesians chapter one Ephesians chapter one I'm still just as impressed with your little girl but she doesn't cry or scream or yell I give her credit for that network Arianna I might impress you to refrain the girls on here I would quite little girl is Ephesians chapter one and were looking at verse nineteen this has this understand we should understand what is the exceeding greatness of his power toward us who believe according to the working of his mighty power what mighty power which he wrought in Christ when he was a say when he raised him from the dad and sucked him at his own right hand in the heavenly places where getting to our topic and as idea that when Jesus was raised ready to go he went to God 's right hand and of how word that was used to raise Jesus from the dead and then to bring him up to standard that God 's right hand is the very same power was Ephesians one say we discredit is the same power that works in us mightily what is God wanted to in a spiritual sense does he want to raise us from the dad he dies in his personal sizes you want to present God 's right hand I could show you that I will show you right now just tell you Jesus was raised from the dead to God 's right hand by unlike a power and what is that mighty power do Oakland Ephesians one versus nineteen twenty it works in office that works in us which you brought us on to say more versus Nielsen good morning Lucy R Jerry told people that you were in Delaware I I was and I was speaking wrongly about you my apologies so they catch up to diminish us review what I'm doing were studying right now the idea of Jesus being God 's right-hand man we've looked and asked thirteen word where Jesus is begotten of the father in a spiritual sense is raised from the dead and his resurrection shows that divinity is working inside of him we talked about how to select was that we need to be raised from the dead and a spiritual sense and when the race from the dad it will show the vent is working inside of us is the role he visited the villages were inside of us know the world needs to see that turn up in your Bibles back to ask thirteen we want to observe something else there asked Chapter thirteen we read to the end of verse thirty four but we didn't comment on the end of verse thirty four acts thirteen in verse thirty four says and as concerning that he raised him from the dad now no more to return to corruption he set on this wise I will give you the sure mercies of David I'm a confessed to you that for years I have preached on ask thirteen and I've never before yesterday preached on the last half of verse thirty four because I could not make the connection here we have Jesus been resurrected in verse thirty three and what is that have to do with the sure mercies of David that's what I couldn't connect because of your cross-reference their demure cross-reference their debt Isaiah if you have cross-references typically reticulated a fifty five a school back there and look at Isaiah fifty five is worth quoting from Isaiah chapter fifty five Isaiah fifty five were looking at verse two it says why do you spend your money for that which is not bread and your labor for that which does not satisfy that a fair question for us why are we putting our energy and the things that don't last hearken diligently and the need to eat what is good let your soul delight yourself in fatness incline your ear and come to me here and your soul shall live what is the condition of our soul living in verse three what is it notes ten attention what God says that's the condition of living he says here and your soul shall live she told us the truth the truth sets us free he tells us the gospel the gospel saves us what's the condition pay close attention to what God has to say and then it says in verse three and I will make an everlasting covenant with you even the sure mercies of David what are the sure mercies of David we do have any details than this first release we note a hassle to do the everlasting covenant that the sure mercies of David was an everlasting covenant out the understand why I was a little confused law asked thirteen because that's thirteen said Jesus was resurrected and that was the fulfillment of the sure mercies of God the sure mercies of David will try to say this simply copy say something confusing simply Jesus was resurrected and that was the sure mercies of David but the sure mercies of David are the covenant the everlasting covenant so just been resurrected as related to the everlasting covenant and I never preached unexcited to pretend that I don't understand seventy cents I don't turn your Bible to song eighty nine this is my discovery last night it is a beautiful thing Psalm eighty nine is the passage that helps us understand X thirteen Psalm eighty nine were looking at verse one C twenty six it says he shall cry unto me thou art my father my God and the rock of my salvation also I will make him of my firstborn higher than the kings of the earth do we know enough already with talking about who is there one maiden to be the father 's firstborn higher than the kings of the earth that's Jesus did Jesus cried my father my God he cried out on the cross this is a prophecy about Jesus verse twenty eight mercy will I keep for him for evermore and my covenant shall stand fast with him who are the father make a covenant with his with his son Jesus he made an everlasting covenant with his son Jesus humans keep mercy and with him forever now this is how am I benefited by this verse twenty nine his seed will I make to endure was a say for ever at his throne as the days of heaven on what condition do I benefit from the covenant made with Jesus the condition is if I am hissing we don't use that phrase so much anymore that is if I'm one of his children and what if I'm counted as one of the children of Jesus when I benefit from the covenant was made with him wasn't mean to be a son of God as many as are led by the spirit of God they are the sons of God if I can be glad if I will submit to be led by the Spirit of Christ than I am the son of Christ but what happens if I do the wrong thing look at verse thirty if his children forsake my law and walk not in my judgments if they break my statutes and keep not my commandments then will I visit their transgressions with the rod end their iniquity with stripes nevertheless my lovingkindness why not utterly take from him that is Jesus Warsaw for my faithfulness to fail my company will I not right nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips Jesus is the David that we are talking only say the sure mercies of David look at verse thirty five one seven sworn by my holiness that I will not lie under David his seed shall endure forever and his throne as the sun before me the summary from what I don't slacken it makes sense were studying acts thirteen thirty three to thirty four what happens in those passages is that Solomon to this fulfilled the father says of the sun you are my son this day have I begotten the then Jesus was resurrected on us he's so that when his resurrected when he's resurrected she is divinity is shown and then in the next verse says that this is his resurrection is also a fulfillment of Psalm eighty nine that is the sure mercies of David sure what sure about the mercies in Psalm eighty nine God swears he's not been a change this thing it's a promise that he's made the father makes a covenant with his son the continent with the sonic can't be changed if I'm disobedient that doesn't change the covenant of the father made with the sun what do I want to do with my life energy I want to make sure that I'm one of the seed of Jesus because what does the covenant of the sun promise his seed will endure forever on the go beyond this turn with me in your Bibles to Isaiah chapter forty one Isaiah forty one were going to look at verse ten Isaiah forty one ten status fear thou not for I am with the be not dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen the yes I will help the VA I will uphold the with the right hand of my righteousness look at verse thirteen for I the Lord God will hold thy right hand saying unto the fear not I will help the father has her right hand and he said in that verse ten that we read that he's going to uphold us with the right hand of his righteousness this idea about the right-hand if we can get idea of what those communicating you might not know maybe you do know them one of the most quoted prophecies in the entire Old Testament is the one that says Jesus is exalted to the right hand of the father there should read it will help you understand Isaiah forty one turn your Bibles to Psalm one hundred and ten some hundred and ten verse one this verse is quoted six times in the New Testament I don't know any other Old Testament passage quoted that many times some a hundred and ten in verse one it says the Lord said unto my Lord sit thou at my right hand and how I make thine enemies thy quoted five times in the Gospels for the book of acts is quoted in the book of Hebrews is quoted in first Peter Jesus when he was resurrected he went to sit at the right hand of the father I can just say that this is a thrown up here represents one abhorrent hard drive no dispute to selling but that the father and the son are sitting on thrones next each other the sun is at the right hand of the father and to therefore according to Psalm one ten what's he doing he is an expectation and tell his enemies are answering to his enemies ours made subject to him until they are subdued you know all things are to be subjected to Jesus all things already this injection process is started you can read about that in your Bibles to first Peter three for spare three is one of the passages the quotes this first Peter three and were looking at verse twenty two first Peter three verse twenty two it says and who has gone into heaven and speaking of Jesus and where is he in heaven is on the right hand of God angels and authorities and powers being made subject to him so already part of his work is done there he sat down there and tell all this be made subject to him by the Angels in heaven subject to him you know the Angels and the authorities in the powers are subject to him and we if we gave our lives in this morning are subject to him but before it's all said and done everything is good in the subject to him though they those who subject themselves willingly and only those were subjected by executive judgment of all will be made subject to the sun with the right hand of the father that's the thousands like the word heart doesn't I meant to be hand but this is the harder part of the truth of Christ being that the father 's right hand man he is the man who is there to subject all things when the Bible speaks about this elsewhere says there's one exception there's just one being it will never be soups made subject to the Suns and Roberto who that is what the father us would not slip first printed fifteen says the father to remain subject of the sun but everything else will there something more of a kind and encouraging thought in Jesus being the right-hand man turn your Bibles to song sixteen Psalm sixteen looking at verse eight says that I have sought the Lord always before me because he is at my right hand I shall not be moved and in verse eleven that will show me the path of life in thy presence is fullness of joy at thy right hand there are pleasures evermore twelve oh five and I have thirty more verses on that ship to show you tell you what they say and give you a chance to look them up in your own time later the right hand of God in the Bible is used to save his people by his right hand he saves those that are in trouble by his right hand he saves those that call upon him by his right hand he overcomes their enemies by his right-handed his right hand is the instrument of his saving power working in the lives of his people in fact Damon says at one point he says why have you put your right hand this is in some seventy seven why have you put your right hand and here goes on he says would you draw it out again know where things are going bad in my life where is the evidence of your active power in my life when God is speaking the Job and Job forty God says tell me about this mystery and that mystery and if you can answer me about these ministries all know that you can save yourself by your own right hand what is godly community and the Job we can't save ourselves by our right but God 's right hand in hand save us before dependent on him why did Jesus go to the right hand of the father that wasn't only to have everything subject to him it was because from the right hand of the father Jesus could receive from the father everything that we need to see Jesus deserves help Jesus deserves troops Jesus deserves angelic assistance Jesus deserves honor Jesus deserves the very things that I need and by the Continental was made with Jesus God 's right-hand man the father gives these things to Jesus I guess we should look at averse release some of this turn in your Bibles to Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight Romans chapter eight and verse thirty one what shall we say then if God be for us who can be against us he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all listen how shall he not with him also freely give us was a say all things who shall lay anything to the charge of God 's elect this is one reason why we can't afford to hold grudges against her fellow church brother how am I going to hold a grudge against my church brother was a say it is God that justify if God justifies you and I have a grudge against you I put in myself above guides just for doesn't that arrogant verse thirty four who I see that in downs it is Christ that died gay rather was a say that is risen again who is even at the right hand of God listen who also makes intercession for us what is Jesus doing at the right hand of God he's interceding so he can give us friendly all things the father made a covenant to give these things to Jesus and Jesus gives them to his children and don't we want to be one of his children 's children are going to endure forever and by his right hand he is going to hold them up is to support them that is she helps us by his right hand and then he takes our right hands show you one more passage no close the sermon I have to pick one right look at Psalm seventeen verse seven Psalm chapter seventeen and are looking at verse seven the Bible says some seventeen verse seven showed by marvelous lovingkindness O thou that save us by thy right hand them which put their trust in the from those that rise up against them it's the kind of prayer that I need higher and higher I want to extend the hand of faith with this mighty argument it is Christ that died year that is risen again who is even at the right hand of God who also makes intercession for us in my prayers I want to ask for God 's right hand to be active around I want to admit like Job that I can't save myself but my own right hand but that the man of God 's right hand so maybe close Jesus that the man of God 's right hand she can do it he's there to give me freely all signs to pray for me and if I'll keep it in mind this beautiful covenant the sure mercies of David 's children will endure forever still for a closing prayer our father in heaven I thank you that we can come to you in the name of Jesus we don't deserve to have you explained to us are holy Bible but as Jesus is worthy of all glory and power wisdom and might I ask for his signature give us those things Howard wisdom and glory and might assure right hand would would exalt us not that we could be proud that we can be agents of your of your truth we can help others find the way to life I asked for these gifts in the name of Jesus and


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