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The Humanity of Christ is Everything to Us

Daniel Ferraz


What the Humanity of Christ Means to the Extent and Joy of Our Salvation 


Daniel Ferraz

Pastor of the Holly and Grand Blanc Churches in Michigan.


  • October 17, 2009
    7:00 PM
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good afternoon friends I hope you have your Bibles with you today will be deceiving north-south and then will be doing what I would call a Bible study so long I hope you know your you well rested you well walked up you had a nice nice often join some of that sunshine on my face at diet would like to stop by saying what a privilege it is to be here in the Michigan conference you know us foreigners or should I say farmers like me pay home in the leg to come to place but Michigan you to come and visit Battle Creek and see those houses and going to see the grave of five thousand one and the realize that Michigan is the birthplace of the accident movement and to realize the sacrifice and the energy of the estimates that Alpine is put into establish your shot might challenge we stand upon the shoulders of these righteous holy men and women that Dave and spent their lives to establish this movement split up and down doing we don't become sure how all of that effort and no so what if we spend ourselves and in the gospel that would mean that surely will get to heaven soon and will hasten the coming envelope will win more souls for Christ and Schad of the love and the joy of salvation and you know we can just sense the blessings of both Sabbath this afternoon and so I just rejoice in the Lord and and just wanted to say how grateful I am to the Lord to be here and you know what you are was born into the to church and what a privilege that is a you and I could've been born in some developing place in Africa who knows likely to be summed up the place and in New York City but wait we have the privilege of having close knowledge of the great controversy and the salvation and lots of free offers us in Jesus Christ you know the theme is being ready for Jesus took on and within the context of the great controversy thing and the war that was in heaven remember more below that all wasn't a fistfight and it wasn't the final physical strength it was a fight to win the weather the Bowling Green Capone and loss is the weather we get our English word from polemic which means to debate or two while pupil to have a controversy over so that there was argument in heaven and the argument still continues here on and you know I had some just a quotation I like to read to you from the book great controversy from the chapter the final warning and it's found on page six hundred and seven that highlights when the going gets taught and the book the papal power will put pressure on people to receive the mark of the beast of notice walls will be the same of those that are faithful to God it is like to read this little section hip as the controversy extends into the fields into new fields and the minds of the people hold to God 's downtrodden little Satan is a star when we as a movement right up and say God 's rule is a more love it's a law of liberty it is not to be Schaumburg done away with it but to be kept them of his stuff he's aroused to the activity the power attending the message that is the message of the three Angels messages will only map to those who oppose it the clergy were put forth almost superhuman efforts to shop the way the lines that it should shine upon their flocks but by every means that come on they will endeavor to suppress the discussion of these vital questions the church appeals to the strong arm of civil power and in this work exists unite Protestants unite as the movement the enforcement becomes more bold and decided the mold will be invoked against come on the keepers they will be threatened with fines and imprisonment and some will be offside positions of influence and also rewards and advantages as inducements to renounce their faith but that's that false onset Ruby show us from the world of thought our era the same plea that was made by Martin Luther under similar circumstances those who are arraigned before Colts make a strong vindication for the truth and some who here then are led to take this in and in keeping the commandments of God DOS Linux would be brought before thousands who otherwise would know nothing of these truths the point I'm highlighting that is she was from the word of God our ever so that's why we're going into a Bible study today and this presentation in the theme of the great controversy the battle that were the phone lines the argument of the debate over the truths of salvation I've entitled the humanity of the sum of gone is everything to us now this is a title that is also the title of a series of articles in the review and Herald by this author he further the Douglas recently some of seeing this book at some remnant publications of amazing facts God at risk the cost of freedom in the great controversy powerful book recommended reading but he also articles in the review and Herald with this title the entity of the son of God is everything to us and this is dated December twenty three nineteen seventy one I I took the liberty of thought photocopying a few if anybody would like some of these you are welcome to have a few copies that so that title is is one from that it is also drawn from a statement by the messenger on the Lord that is found in a dislike to share with you this is why was asking for a full punch we don't alliance says that humanity of the son of God is everything to us the work plan that God became a man is everything to us this is the golden chain a that binds our souls to Christ not for you to be bound by a chain that needs to be touching you an image retouching Christ this is to be our sovereign humanity of crumbs qualifies for the real man he gave proof of his humility by becoming a man yet he was gone in the flesh when we approach the subject we do well to heed the words spoken by Christ to Moses at the burning bush put off your shoes from off my feet for the place whereon you send is holy ground we should come to this study it's the DNR study with the humility of Alana with a contrite hall and the study of the incarnation notice what incarnation comes from the Latin enforcement car in Latin is in Spanish about what have you say admin okay so this means the study of the enforcement of the incarnation of Christ in human flesh is a fruit you it will give us results it will help us understand the amazing salvation of Jesus Christ it is essential to you which will repay this such who digs how deep the truth is not along the surface we need to dig I like it to them come with me then after having established that the humanity of the son of God is everything to us it's a topic worthy of study that is the primary unsorted video question I didn't permissions on this is found in use instructor October thirteen eighteen ninety eight it is also in first selected messages two hundred and forty four thank you for asking then I would like to go to the Bible let us go to the book of Hebrews and my Bible says that Hebrews was written by Michael also I don't have a problem with that answer doesn't want incidentally and I'm not talking about that now chapter two of Hebrews the salvation that God offers us is it puny or is a great is great it's something that Angels wants to look into and the Bible tells us in the Hebrews chapter two therefore this one we want to give them more days he listened earnestly to the things which we have is the gospel that any time we should let them law listen Catholic locations of these things that gospel lesson it has been the incident in other words through negligence is possible to lose salvation if you own a boat under the rivers going downstream and you do nothing you'll just go with the flow is going on over Niagara Falls you're in trouble so the words spoken by angels is steadfast and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense all over oh the industry do not in go doesn't let transgression the lung recompensed how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord and was confirmed unto us by then that is what a news that salvation through Jesus Christ 's greatest thing you notice about seven it is the power of it is the power of God operating in the controversy between good and evil crisis Satan to help us human beings indicate the name of dictating any means anything that God is true that God is right we show they all looking unit of us that we can keep this doesn't the Bible say we should have both come on its way on a hot sister Hebrews chapter ten so we are spectacle but we live in this spectacle in our full and human nature in utterly wrong I was sharing somewhat of a definition of sin it goes like this is two parts to send sit in in the Bible the Bible teach us that there is sin that is the result the weakening result the weakening effect of items for that gives us a full and sinful nature and there is certain that is committing acts prompted by our sinful nature sin is always a choice it's always a choice and if we have no choice in it and it would be sent transgression is a sinner and sin is the transgression of the best on three blissful so sin has these two elements is the weakening effect of absence transgression upon humanity transmitted in what the Bible calls the lusts of the flesh of how fallen human nature it has pulled with the tank you somewhere that is contrary to God 's will want to take you somewhere where you will be sulfur where you place yourself as God the devil said to Adam of the human be like God 's the seven meters is don't listen to what God says is what I say in fact you know you'll have a better kind of this whole thing if you do it do as I say and do what you want don't listen to what God sent so we had a weakened effect transmitted to us of the Bible calls the lusts of the flesh when you receive this lets this type of Ephesians chapter two is a good student come with me to see that the Bible describes our fallen human nature in terms of the flesh and the lusts of the flesh okay Ephesians chapter two and you bus one has he quickens of excess that a big time that that means me a line how we make alive limit allowed by the living word of God Christ and you is you Clinton who was are you a way in trespasses and sins really in time what paths you will in other words you believe according to the cost of this world according to the prince of the power of the ad we used to live in time cost according to the power of the Prince of the act was that the spirit that now works in the children want disobedience now how many types of children all that on on this and in terms of children rejects redhead children of disobedience of any other types of June judgment of incest and okay I will also we will have our conversation we all had outlined in times long post in the last at our flash fulfilling the design is all the flesh are well by nature children of raw even as others but God who is rich in mercy for his great love wherewith he loved us even when we were dead in sins has quickened us together with Christ by grace you say so that we see that whether we live according to the lusts of the flash we are lost and when we come to salvation we no longer live according to the lusts of the flesh it is that we have been born from above correct that's what Jesus said to the list so there is this the last of the flesh out the desires of the flesh that stuff pulled that says I want to have a cigarette who says I want to have a caffeine fix you know if Vicki Griffin was hit she would coin this is vindicated as you and me this is very helpful in talking about it possible to bring in the deadline amen that's what the gospel is all about the açai from this pool that we have an addiction to send it what it is is just an addiction to doing our own thing and doing what we want one and one one and what he has said is was is likely to be in the woods so thou mine can be affected by what God wants us to eat to be living by the stand that he wants to be living by so that we can rightly represents Christ in a converted condition they by date walking with Jesus anything this is what we would have to split the island has shed went than this so great salvation that can help you and give up tobacco that can help you give up all that he can also help you give up the last of the flash the design of the site 's finest golf why do so many men and women for into adultery it feels good fulfilling the lust of the flesh because going with that pool that we have now to be tempted is not sent to and this is where the great controversy of the arguments bustle around this thing and people think that it seemed to be tempted no it's not because Jesus was tempted yet without sin I was not to see why the humanity of Jesus is everything to us and if product category statement is an leave room for ambiguity or for maneuver the humanity of Christ is everything it has to do with salvation the incarnation of a study on the incarnation of Jesus will brain waves for those that study did not understand what I'm saying we need is a result of my personal study on my person will put the moon have you ever come to the point in your Christian walk when he suddenly finds itself with the drifting to the body interested into the territory at the enemy you just get back into the old glass of the flesh the competent so you really because full for while I was happy I was to get so I also salient on moving the enemy must be safe right but the Bible says that if we fulfill that leads to the loss of the flesh to happen is noticing but if we do then then I decided I concluded that I was not living a saving relationship with Jesus Christ follow follow the Scriptures with this photo the script is not not me the Bible says that there there was the desires of the flesh is of women ready mentioned that this found in we could go to Fest pizza chapter one verse fourteen Justin to see that this is a private and predominant theme that the Bible describes our fallen nature as a state of being in the flesh and following the lusts and desires of the flesh one pizza one fourteen the one Peter one fourteen it says as disobedient children not questioning your own sorry as obedient children I misread that you are insulting to me God since that's the honest truth festivals and Sunday through no resisted because what that does is make your eyes lazy and then they get used to it sometimes avoided but thank you it makes a big difference but what I just did have a spat Chinese holding a certain distance in opening the same as obedient children do young children not fashioning your cell not letting yourself be led by attending to the flammables last annual ignorance but as he which has called you is holy so be holy in all manner of conversation living so this is another example of of the same idea of electrical just briefly quote some some other text defections of the flesh Galatians five twenty four or the passions in fact and in the marginal reading it as I said before why why do why is this such a high divorce rate what are people doing went when they find another pump with doing good with you speaking the following the lusts of the flesh I Jesus came in human flesh and give us victory over the loss of the flesh that's pure and simple Bible Gospel so we have these these two elements of sin that are important to differentiate and understand weakening effect of sin is called the lust of the flesh and then when we fulfill those when we do those designs we might have Eldon Gallimore forgive me for mentioning human my brother but he's not best friend here in Michigan well I'm sorry that I love dearly he was talking about that a presentation and he mentioned that they attend Michigan men of faith and he mentioned that you know when we see something attractive in all men's eyes what should we do he told us what we should just turn away that is not for you to let your soul and that this is then operating in in the way that the Bible teaches that is we don't fulfill the lusts of so many times all broken so many children suffer because the adults just go according to the sinful nature wanting to fulfill their own desires and passions it feels good obit he gives me the ocean gives he listens to me she listens to me but that is going according to the lusts of the flesh difference and that's why we have shown that because people have understood the victory that Jesus wants to give us a half other texts that prove this idea that we all hold into so the less just look at a few texts that show what savings so it's not safe to have the that the lust of the flesh that might pay less but we all than by the power of God to his next and then I went to the Saint James is looking quickly at Jane's James chapter one to understand that to follow the problem make it is a choice we don't do some people say that in this open forum facts about homosexuality no that means that the will I will hold them accountable please essay him in the practice of homosexual sexuality of more like a knife in and there I say I even had one Adventist apostasy in the tube to the extent to which this spiritual Babylonian philosophy has penetrated even our own church one pasta said you know what it is the loving thing to do and let a homosexual relationship go ahead quote I could give you the name but I wouldn't do at this point in time though in chains DC that is known as chapter one verse thirteen West twelve is good but by the women just say something about reading the Bible if you want to really understand what God says in his word reads a book in its entirety we have fallen into the trap of just reading the text here in the text that mean we understand this language is an amazing thing and I can talk a little bit about languages as I can speak for them fluently the best thing that helps us understand is that language has its meaning in the context in which it is couched in the supplements I will have that meeting for example how do we know whether the wine mentioned in the in the Bible is alcoholic wine all over fresh grape juice cuddling up by the context so the best way to read the Bible is about the time and you will see the context of the words that you you all reading and you will see the mind of God through the holy men of God leaving you to understand what does Whitney Casey the spirit that inspired the writers would also be the spirit to inspire the ranges and so that I will be on the same page Madonna cited page of the Bible run because it be the Holy Spirit would be dining us as we read the Bible correctly I didn't example often if you remember the love letters you send to your husband wife and when you got to the left festival would you just need more incentives and put it away the only holding a few paragraphs before we have three five pages of love let from from your from you beloved that you're bouncing you engaged and about to marry no continue reading laughing over again because he left they had that at some description and demonstration of love that's how it should be with the Bible Gillette we get desensitized from the love by the willingness around us the lust of the eyes left and prime of life as a celestial mansions designed to get back into James twelve Blessed one is the man that it does want will enjoy this temptation is what I'm reading from Blessed is the man that enjoys taxation where he is tried he shall receive the crown of life so what we did it we dreamed your temptation with you and your business philosophy how do they do that in our site and other changes balls how do we know that we follow the example of Jesus in fact because Jesus is the oil that about-face don't miss out in Hebrews chapter twelve is the author and finisher of our faith and music he was afraid that we need to have the originated it he stopped in the face and it is through the faith of Jesus the Messiah the same thing that Jesus exercised that we ought to have victory over temptation okay so blessed to the manager 's temptation for when he is tried he shall receive what would be wonderful to receive the crown of life he shall receive it I will bless the Lord has promised to them that love him nothing is the same when he is tempted I'm tempted to go and I cannot be what cannot be tempted with evil neither Tennessee with any man don't always tempted facility at every man is tempted he is in no way is all about the economy the outlook follows through Bible is consistent gauntlet is amazing and the more we read the more we understand we need to say a hot colossus mentioned here are just in all my keypad on the back burner and look where else it is the Bible mentioning this and then we will understand what the Bible means by anything that thing in and if it's on to something with listening to okay I have a sense of humor is good to be happy I am so we then west of the flesh that is just little of the Bible calls the works of the flesh so there were number one there is a the weakening effect of sin that gives us a full and human nature that has lost but we have to overcome they are attempting to us that overcome them through the power of Jesus and see what these sinful acts then for which we all guilty when we commit them following the last of the flesh what does the Bible for it this quote fulfilling the desires of the flesh a high signal supposed to fulfill the desires of the flesh is taken from Ephesians Chapter two verse three we actually read that you doing the works of the flesh that is his sin and that is Galatians five nineteen this list is look at the Galatians five nineteen for speed I myself just reading the text and giving you the purpose is Galatians is an amazing chef finds amazing chapter three five nine nineteen megabits this be one example now the wax on the flesh we have definition of what the works of the flesh are manifest which I will adultery fornication illicit sex uncleanness CBS news interesting words we can see what they mean in the context in which they are placed idolatry witchcraft each with these of the works of the flesh variance emulations wall strife seditions heresies and the notice Jesus said if you say that you hate your brother in your killing drunkenness reveille 's and such lack of which I type I tell you before as I have also told you in time cost that they which want practice all do these things do such things shall want and you see the so there is the lust of the flesh but when we fulfill the lusts of the flesh and it manifests itself in works of the flesh we would not have gone and can you see why a church needs to to take action against these things for example adultery is I sometimes have a hard time am in a police invites it is its rightful name is in charge of friends as we understand these things we will Stephen God is calling us to such a great salvation and the humanity of Christ is the means through which we receive this salvation I would like to shift now been such a test of the question Jesus became the told that the study of incarnation of Jesus Christ is everything so in the question remains to be owns from the Bible what did Jesus do when he took humanity will kind of flesh to detect lips let's look and see the gospel rights of Ellen White says is the one that most clearly understands the workings of conversion who is gospel Joe is going to to junk that I see what kind of humanity Jesus took a unique blend is what the humanity of Christ is everything to us the incarnation in becoming flesh being the weather of the agreement the last eleven John 's health was the look on the inspirational to look at this talk about Jesus question chapter one he was in the world and the world was made by hand and the world knew him what not that's the great tragedy as the love not to know Jesus but we had to make it manifest statement because what is done in a life he came into his own and his own will receive him not as many as received what him see understand this means you received him he made how to become the song again want power coming on myself becomes unusable to go nowhere gives us the power and enjoy in the glory of the gospel brothers and sisters to become the sons and daughters of God is related than that believe on his name to believe everything that the Scriptures say about Jesus as he came as a man nowadays that were given power to thirteen whether or not the blocked old women the same work so we can put together and gather the meaning which will not although when all the flash you on the window of the old will of God was talking being all of we have to and then locate and were born not of blood nor will the flash we are born again nor of the will of man but of God and the Bible says in the words what was made flesh okay where it was made flesh and dwelt in the house on his human flesh the question still remains and conflicts the word of God tells us that Jesus took fallen human nature of man sinful flesh not the nature of Adam before before the Bible says in the fullness of time the son of whom nine is come to seek and to save that which was lost as in Matthew eighteen eleven then it says Jesus Christ the son of David was a good born before for all the Bible speak Jesus Christ the son of David the son of Abraham K that is let's go to some sum of Bible texts for that John one fourteen relations for four with tribulations it says but when the fullness of time was come God sent forth his son made all the woman on the below okay that was that was Galatians four four so I'm just reading through a list of text that I have hit the shoulder kind of human flesh that Jesus took on what is run through them again the Son of Man is come to seek and save that which was lost Jesus Christ is called the son of David quote the son of Abraham quote the Word was made what we read about in in the first in John chapter one made of a woman made of the seed of David according to the flesh that's an amazing one made of the seed of David according the flesh for the seed of Abraham he told the form of a servant he was made in the likeness of men in fashion as a man of quoting Bible text in the likeness of sinful flesh Romans chapter eight verse three not notice it didn't say in the likeness of holy flesh and being we need to let the Bible say what it means and what it says the humanity of Christ is everything for us how can Jesus be our example if he did not take the same rule material that you are not how can he be exalted in inventories living that is what he is to us isn't it he is our example now I have the texts to corroborate what I just read is some I mentioned Galatians four full Romans one three says he is of the cell is the son of Abraham Hebrews two sixteen Philippians two seven eight Romans eight best three God will manifest in the flesh one Timothy three sixteen okay about them what was that the text that week we looked at in the quick succession but if we go to the book of Hebrews we can just haul around one of the primary texts here and and see what it's telling us let's look at Hebrews and in this chapter to remember that wasn't in Hebrews chapter to the first read how shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation Jesus Christ this is declared to be gone to be the very image of God the brightness of his glory but in his humanity the humanity that he took we are told that we receive such a great salvation the Bible says fool in chapter two verse nine but we see Jesus who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death and interesting question to pose ourselves at this point all die God cannot die the only way that Jesus for the suffering of death could die if he became human okay that's what happened on the province to understand so that we see Jesus was made a little low than the angels for the suffering all that clown with glory and honor that he had the grace of God should taste death for every man so he comes like one of us so they can taste death for everyone once printable hallelujah for it became him for whom all things and by whom all things in bringing and sorry for the change in him for whom all things and by whom all things that means they exist find by bite by Jesus in bringing many sons into glory now this is talking about God he brings not only is some of the glory about us as many sons of glory to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings for those he that sanctifies they who are sanctified are all of one they come from the same for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren at his aunt 's saying I will declare thy name unto my brethren in the midst of the church I will sing praise unto the best thirteen and again I will put my trust in him and again behold I and the children which God has given me less fourteen for as much then as the children are partake is all flash and blood he is Jesus also himself likewise of the also himself likewise took part of the same forasmuch then as the children are partaken soft flesh and blood he also himself likewise took part of the same in inhabitants if you get the point that through death he might destroy him that the power of death that is the devil and deliver them who through their death is fifteen what will their lifetime subject to bondage through the sinful flesh that was just my little vision for verily is repeating again the pool verily he took not on him the nature of angels know what isn't Angel isn't it along being in this context doesn't talk about the ministry of angels further back in Chapter one Chapter two is not only the nature of angels and unformed being but he took on him the seed of a paper with four in all things it behooved him to be made like unto his brethren that he might be a merciful and faithful high Priest in things pertaining to God to make reconciliation because of his humanity was like that of yours and mine and Jesus overcame in this humanity we all given an example that we can follow any sediment friends we see this in in the Scriptures through and through when we understand that Jesus came in human flesh also before the flesh that he came to redeem as she works the bill the victory of overcoming sin in the same flesh that we have we are guaranteed we can also have victory be reliable the same way he did the Bible tells us that all myself Jesus settled himself on myself I can do how much nothing why because he was even a settings uncle he was relying on it have a father giving us an example now in the controversy arguments about this debate controversy team says Jesus was not like because of the otherwise he went it would be a synonym for salvation made at the Visalia but because y'all been that belief presupposes that being the dialogue the Catholic Church teaches Original Sin which means that you want Yahoo on your guilty but that is a teaching on antichrist did you spend enough time to go into that just now maybe if I publish something on on this run down to to to be that section only but the point here that we are making is that the life of Jesus is an example to all humanity combined with divinity is is is is operation that will accuse the own money can keep your little you can follow your Pokémon 's announcement is set him capable he was thinking the same as the antichrist and the antichrist that his thoughts from the Bible says that Revelation thirteen and the dragon gave his how the beast so this is where we understand that the humility of Christ because he became my brother you'll brought same family and then he dies in your place and in MySpace he is the eighth because he lived innocently without sin to give us cleansing from sin to give us holiness the result understand the text that they be therefore wholly as your father in heaven is holding like because they are built from about that which is it but we are not to be living according to the flesh will be in the whatsoever of the flesh that tempt us and Jesus was tempted to but he showed a result when overcoming this is so great separation that if we neglect we are in danger of being lost that is looking at Romans chapter five and LB concluding here on the all just have a few quotations from Clooney looking at the Bible to get over information and that's just by the way I don't believe there's any contradiction between the spirit of prophecy manifested in the Scriptures and the spirit of prophecy manifested in the rankings about one single same Holy Spirit same degree of authority pay I'm just a Seventh-day Adventist I said was Romans chapter fine Romans chapter five of the state and some you what you would do you not do well to read as I said before in a the whole book from from and to the Roman system discrete about it once like you really love it from your beloved do it a few times as you want to get the openness anything okay to look at the sun briefly from his chapter five of the estate but God commanded his love towards us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us much more than being now justified by his blood shall we be saved from rock through him and when we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his son much more being reconciled shall we be saved by his walk bike and I thought about saying what affects just had that he lives that we are saved by his life and that this text is telling us that his life is an example to you and me using what you will be saved by his life because we look at it and it was one in the same human flesh that we have and he showed us how to overcome how did you do it right being continually possibly in connection with loving heavenly father friends it was I I I know about it on my own experience can only speak for myself I can understand the word of God more clearly when when I'm understood that the humanity of Christ is everything that all the Godhead father son Holy Spirit infinite glory and power should come dine together and this time to get to our young men will adopt pet to become a human being to be that of human flesh is truly amazing to say about it when the some what similar to last looking at a a what you call it colony of outfit calling the events and say I feel sorry for the sense I get in will step the point I want to say these are understood to be common to save these are the only way to save them is if I become so I'm going to become an now to say that my saved but this will I statements for the rest of my existence Jesus had a glorified body what kind of both human body of glorified body would you be glorified from the sinful flesh and from that that the tendencies to dissent the policy I would prefer to say but certainly concluding we see that we can understand the Scripture more we can understand the Bible when we see that the government is under his version of golf Lane to the fact that Jesus became a man like you and I was tempted in all things like you and but through the power of God he overcame like you and I and Jesus Christ this is the everlasting gospel event is a part of the three angels message that needs to be proclaimed with power and great glory how are we going to finish the work when you notice how and which was given a Pentagon statement so I don't recently because I am I completely fully surrendered in Jesus Christ as he wants me to be Christlike he's given me an example if I allow him to wake me up morning by morning I do listen to the e-mail below Isaiah fifty best four hundred on my mind at ease because I'm searching for this for all Bible says in Jeremiah twenty nine best eleven to thirteen you will search for me and you will see me with his sexual needs with how much of your hot brothers and sisters in the half that means a lot more than just a little snippet five minutes in the morning if you're lucky I'll leave seeing a movie at night and you try off the adult brain brainwashed by the column of mine by the flash today come the study goals with friends we need to rearrange how we study goals would we put the first this is my first experience I love my God I love the salvation that he is given us by becoming a man and you know antichrist says something quite amazing I would and I would conclude that what Pentecost says I just want to go to Romans chapter eight of just untrue to read this together following me there is therefore now no condemnation because they wouldn't because he is living at home and with God 's will not according to the works of the flesh there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus how to loss off to the flesh and easy to see how this opens the business combination for you and I if we do not go according to the lusts of the flesh according to the flesh is no condemnation now if we live often the spirit for the whole of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the mole of sin and death that his salvation could be reputed made me free from the mole of sin and salvation in fact Paul calls the sinful nature the role of sin that was that visiting that we need to get victory over any cause of wretched man that I am because he realizes that wretchedness of his flesh but then he goes on to say though forget that then he goes on to say that for there is then now no condemnation for those who love Doctor who are in Jesus Christ will not offer the flesh but also the spirit for the mole of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the ropes in the death full of the mole could not do in that it was noticed week how through the flesh flesh is weak all then how did how did all of this part of the weakness of the flesh I was overcome then overcame the weakness of the flesh by sending his only son in the likeness of sinful flesh will see you soon in the flesh might be the convention in the flesh because it took sinful flesh I live victoriously all of us in just got the comparison of the fat in a perfect human nature and the compounds Jesus looked on in full in the human nature that is great is he doing that through the power this is the everlasting gospel brothers and sisters but just the other long will teach you the deltas of Babylon will teach us in the seminaries in the universities the Catholic or not you overcome sin that must be heretical teaching friends I will conclude with what John again the one who best understood the workings of conversion in first John chapter four and also second John okay beloved beneath believe not every spirit are only two kinds of spirit spirit of God the spirit of the devil at that's the only choice you have so there's not a truthful era believe not every spirit but try the spirits according to according to the web though they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world I know you see the Spirit of God every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ came in the one the same stuff but form kind that's what it says in Rome Chapter eight verse three will be no the spirit of God every spirit that confesses that the Spirit of Christ is come in the flesh is all gone mystery and every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh that tries to figure out let's say that Jesus was immaculately conceived and that would be in line with this to say Roman Catholics teach that Jesus was to be sinless Jesus born of a woman well he was flesh and blood so that feat Mary has to beat scripts so they pronounce a dogma pronouncing that Mary was sinless so that Jesus Gleason at this Antichrist season is nature is human nature is sinless according to the Roman Catholic Church they believe in original sin every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not the goal this and this is the spirit of antichrist whereof you have heard that it should come and even now already is in the will just going over the page to second John the seven phone N/A the same seems is only two times this is a truth tell us how many casinos have entered into the world to confess not that Jesus Christ is coming this is a deceiver and the antichrist and the antichrist the humanity six six o'clock p.m. I finished you know that our church is consistent consistently told that the Jesus came in sinful flesh for hundreds is another because they are different from from Babylon out there how can we have to be preached the everlasting but the three Angels messages was the second Angels message second Angels message is Seventh-day Adventist Babylon is fallen how can we say Babylon is fallen one because it has all of the wine of the wealth of the fornication of the beast on the order mother harlot how can we say too bad to come out of Babylon might people of God says if I tried to be like baptismal or even adopt or integrate the anti-Christian beliefs antichrist needs to take the place all young son it takes the place of Christ and so now instead of the holy life that we should be living through the Holy Spirit and you know the Bible making sense when it says be therefore perfect as I am but don't behold as I am holy and the life that I live now Galatians two twenty I know that the life that I now live in the flesh I long to live me but Christ lives in me what must certainly if we are born again in Christ lives in the house and where web Ephesians four rights and elected the decisions that we all to be filled with all the fullness of Christ half of his any see how great salvation of God is and it's all possible because Jesus gave us an example and he said in the everlasting Gospel we cannot call people out of Babylon is without adopting the teachings of Babineau just doesn't make sense as an undergirding system of truth that is incompatible that I'm fine as you will there are only two sources that are played there's truth in that era economics the book to get like that have unique we don't go to the devil to hit his story of why he was thrown out of heaven to truth is truth ever is era the Bible says God says this in and what the prophets all of when the text that God hates it when we call truth a lie and a truth Jesus said I am the way the way to salvation I am the way the truth and Jesus said in fact it was some in an accident says that except for most verse twelve there is no other name given among men whereby we must be set Jesus Christ is born of a woman born of a woman don't forget off to the full Jesus took humanity often before because he came to redeem humanity often we had for brothers and sisters may God bless you as you study the word of God for yourselves I will I have and insipid show me from the Bible the era is what the people will say when the beast power stop saying you need to conform wheat we take away your ability to buy or sell Revelation thirteen seventeen week we will put you in prison show me why the Bible of being our only safeguard this is what is going on in the great contracts and that's why we have this debate that's why there is this whole issue of do we want to be like the other churches how can we be like the other churches we are afraid of being called a cult because of a different object but because outside of Babylon so what do we want to be the same as that can you see why the Seventh-day Adventist is unique because God has given us movement the truth of the word of God given us the spirit of prophecy is diving into the great delight to walk in the light Seventh-day Adventist and is a movement lays down by not earning degrees when I see intelligent young men and women go into Sunday church is because they get more out of it what has happened to the truth in the Indiana discharge is something worth dying for some him for something utterly excited about because it is the right salvation that God has given to us there is no salvation in any other way both cold and undulations of foolish Galatians I'm amazed that you bought off on starting up a possible another account defeat system and it would you would you do me a favor and covenant together with me that we pray for each other we are brothers and sisters and Jesus is Oprah and that we would take these books seriously the great controversy you know I didn't finish at the people out they are dying to get the gospel God has given us the gospel namely that teaches seminaries come to the boss DS management he is Chaz the Department of religious studies in the University of North Carolina Capitol Hill a leading authority on the early church life of Jesus has been featured in Time magazine NBC news is the author of twenty books eight he is a seminary professor he wrote this book which is practically a perfect excuse because is not founded in the word of God but that he lacks a book entitled God 's problem you know what he says the problem is he says God 's problem how the Bible fails to onset almost important question why there is suffering in the world did Mister D bought a Edmonds please read this book is called the great controversy it was explained to you and all of us by revelation of Jesus on Jesus Christ Alan why why there is suffering in the world because God is on trial and we all his witnesses how about that we covenant together to be truly his witnesses to Jesus because he wants hard that is so great salvation so steps to cross the great controversy to become my bedfellows should pray father in heaven militantly we thank you because it is your words that is allowed to left it tells us with standing tells us where we all form of sinful in need of a Savior but then Lord we know that your work is it is a lifestyle pop so that we can all in righteousness father we thank you that Jesus was the author and finisher of our faith he came and lived faith in our humanity to show us how to live the joy of salvation however many of us have loved you intensely in the pasta and maybe some of us will want to renew our files to you to renew our desire to put you first listen to be serious about putting you first in a lifetime to be serious about reading your Bible you promise not to open our minds as we search with all alcohol fun as we set you promise that we will know the truth and that she will set us free from sin that he will save you from seeing nowhere does the Bible teach you come to save us insight so we pray like David have mercy on me and create a new halt in the tank not to Holy Spirit away from me and restore to me the joy of operation this is a positive then tell Simmons glorifying your cousin is a interesting this is a this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about how universe is like the more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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