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Hatred of Sin

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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Zechariah eight seventeen and I know you are in love you both will be for all of these are things Hastings we might make this our Scripture theme for this study upon what I want to point out an idea and then have another prayer will go forward the idea is that God has hatred the great clearness versa God has hatred God is a God with hatred and what is it that he hates he hates the false way and he hates on mashing evil against your neighbor as far as for our father in heaven as we spent on your Bible today studying hatred for sale I ask that you would be our teacher to help us understand what is true and left I ask for that gift in the name of Jesus this is of the sermon it is a Bible study so feel free to interact but we want start out with some sort of foundation I want to focus on hatred for sin and to move beyond the idea that God hates into the idea that we ought to headset seven Herne White House is involved in the case that we should hasten the oldest one there don't you know we know there are for example the the fear of the largest to hate evil that rep so I have in my head either but that is Proverbs eight thirteen Muslims are Roberts chapter eight looking at verse thirteen Proverbs chapter eight in verse thirteen it says the fear of the Lord is to hate evil pride and arrogance see and the evil way and the fro word mouth do I hate so there is a good place right was to be made impulsive behavior your IRS in case we should hate evil must let their justice chapter three in verse fifteen this passage is so helplessly as an idea of where the hatred comes from Genesis chapter three verse fifteen and Martha McGeary the force software at the slight trouble understanding enmity to be hatred than work in which they were is this hatred come from subversive happen from heaven comes as a special gift to God 's children hatred for evil than what might you do to find your hate evil enough to ask for a set if it's a gift the good thing to doing it again that's the good thing to teach little children in the audience when you need a gift let's go a step further turn in your Bibles to James chapter one hello adverse twelve James chapter one and looking at verse twelve what I'm going is the speak about a specific time to hate evil we know hitting of evil began with God and give as a gift to us so we can have it perfected their enemies to hate evil James chapter one verse twelve and that Mister Toomer which remembers force assist take the verse apart from minute who gets the crown of life okay I'm one has demand endorsed temptation and who else is in the same verse okay those are tried and they pass the trials wealth is in the verse doesn't want him okay so we have to classes you have to be the same class because they get the same thing account of life is given to the class that endured temptation when they're trying with it enough the same classes the class that was a say they love God I put those ideas together and asked this question who is it that endures temptation in their tribal dance for me as a very clear those that endure temptation the same ones that love God look forward to chapter one Chapter two verse five I guess running on behalf of page forward chapter two verse five in Evian would you remember sports so who inherits the kingdom of God what classes according to this verse is those are rich in faith of other classes in the same verse does a lot of stuff I have to question who is the class that is rich in faith will dancer me yes the class Alonso and who is the class that overcomes temptation so that the class of applesauce together is the relation between the class that endures temptation in the class that is rich in faith why did the same people because those are rich in faith are those that love him and those that love him are the ones that overcome temptation so I didn't I start with the patient her face out on assignment but I meant to do faith love overcoming this the same class and whether his White House of his classes that inherit the kingdom they inherit the crown of glory they know they go to heaven this make it real short who goes to heaven those that overcome those that love God knows that are rich in faith and it's all the same class out of what is I to do with hating evil in the Bible hating evil is always placed that was an exaggeration and start over in the Bible taken evil is often placed in in the same little seed of truth as loving God that is we are to love God in the right way and to hate evil and the wrong way those ideas go together and went in particular is it that your love for God and your hatred for evil is tested as when you're tempted as I happens when you're tempted there's something that you want to get it you have to do you have to do wrong now what should you hate you run doing and that you should love God this is not the role and therefore then you want if you go ahead and try to get that thing even though you have to do Ron you show that you love that thing whatever it is more than you love God he also show that you don't hate evil so much you don't hate you don't pay able as much as you love that thing was a complex shortcut again temptation measures your hatred for evil against your love for things are the things necessarily evil but easy authentication measures the two minute noodles recently considered simpler let's look at one in the Bible for your Bible to Genesis chapter twelve it's not its chapter twenty two Genesis chapter twenty two were going to look at verse two and then verse twelve Genesis twenty two and verse two God speaking to Abraham and he said take now thy son thy only son Isaac whom thou was a say whom you know that appropriate the father would let his son it is as entirely appropriate the father-in-law of his son thy son whom thou love it and get the end of the land maria and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell the looked down to verse twelve and God said lay not thine hand upon the land neither did now anything under him for now I know that thou was a say Pierce God you are Proverbs the fear of the Lord is to hate evil now I know that thou fairest God CNL has not withheld thy son thine only son from me what was that evidence that Abraham hated evil that you fear God it's that he was willing to part with the thing he loved to do right there is nothing wrong with his son but he was willing to part with the thing that he loves because of a greater love of God and right without a verse twenty two sixteen verse sixteen any sad by myself have I sworn saith the Lord for because you have done this sign and is not withheld thy son thine only son in blessing I will bless the and will multiply thy seed here's the point in the Bible were called children of Abraham it's about this the children of Abraham are the ones that when there tried the temptation measures their love for someone or something against their hatred for evil and integrated child of Abraham which is predominant your hatred of evil in your love for someone or something your hatred for evil is going to have to predominate against your love for the someone or something anything rare examples the Bible to show this principle I have like twelve and written on the paper but this is a Sabbath school be good if you think us on it anywhere my temptation test of someone's love for something versus their hatred for evil you him and I have a fairly sound okay so that I is with it appropriate for Jesus to want food that want to mingle and forty days without eating it there wasn't appropriate that he wanted badly and the temptation I shared his desire for food against his hatred for evil and which ended up being stronger his hatred for Eva was stronger than his desire for food and so he chose the right and resisted the Ron and overcame temptation okay and I can reassemble hearts that sort with rethinking all okay I hope you was it appropriate for David to want to become King nobody told him his became his desire to be came was an appropriate desire but his hatred for evil was measured against the desire to become King and the evil of doing harm to God 's anointed King predominated he was unwilling to harm Saul 's desire for life for example are there other examples where people show that a greater hatred for evil then that they had a love for their own life okay Jesus who is the predominant one in the Bible mention you are with us in Hebrews because you have loved righteousness and hated iniquity God even I got his anointed oil Gladys so Jesus certainly is the model of one who hated evil and love righteousness and at Calvary she has love for his own life his love for heavenly peace is love to have eternal life was measured against his hatred for evil and which was predominant yes he hated the evil I think that Revelation is also slightly loved not their lives unto the death but they were just volunteering to die what was being measured against the love for life their hatred for evil and they would rather die than do something wrong they bring it take to slow further one place I want to go on the Slusher can you think of anywhere people had to choose between their job and wrongdoing prices are there job and right doing ours they do right they lose their job they chose that had a job upon a first home his desire to her several desires there are possibly the desire for sensual gratification the desire to have peace and easy time that I desire to do what he was told by his authority certainly she wasn't authority over him out of life all the things are measured against his hatred for evil and hatred for evil predominated and he lost his job then was threatened I think Daniel Joseph Baldwin they were threatened was in her job is pretty close to threatening losing her life wasn't I mean if it now there will could think of anyone who well understand I give you hints in the New Testament anyone who whose love for righteousness and hatred for evil threatening their job they are someone tax collectors there's worn one text like New Testament assist the spell but Levi's one of them right GSM Levi and then all the fishermen this is a drop in a fisherman 's heart I can tell is nothing wrong with beneficiary Wednesday as possible there's good money and I feel in some places sometimes and they were doing already tesla went to the fishermen were doing okay villages Saturday follow me and I'll make you fishers of men did that measure their love for their job versus the love for right doing and it's what I have been possible for them to have said no we want to keep efficient still vented his disciple without an impossible when called could they have refused the call and still retain their their position as being one of his followers should reverse the release of this look in your Bibles in Luke chapter fourteen Luke fourteen were going to look at verse twenty six if any man come to me and hate not his father and mother and wife and children and brother and ancestors gas and his own life also was a say now we know by comparing Scripture Scripture that Matthew 's version of this says if he loves not more nerves were to love Jesus more than we love the sites just wanted to shut love your mother what he said John about his mother behold your mother and he trying to help a window of name and it may wait you understand that right to love your mother 's a good thing love your dad 's a good thing I love your brothers and sisters a good thing but you cannot be Christ disciple if your love for those objects when measured against your love for right doing the predominates became the first recorder can't be my disciple verse twenty seven and whoever does not bear the cross and come after me cannot be my disciple was it me is it possible that someone could take a job that the holy Sabbath knowing about God 's holy day and still be his disciple possible snap because that would be measuring his desire for work and for employment and for food perhaps for his family measuring that love against his love for right doing a sacred for sin and show that his love for those other things predominated and it you cannot be his disciple when he was tried or to when he was tempted he would be overcome over the temptation the measuring Hislop and the outlet work out well for him in that respect from your Bibles Amos chapter five Amos chapter five looking the first five resume verse fifteen MS five in verse fifteen it says hated the evil and love the good and establish judgment in the gate it may be that the Lord God of hosts will be gracious unto the remnant of Joseph sounds like they were a group of people are disobeying God over a period of time that wrath is building up over them but it's got a forgiving God so the wrath is building up over them if they want to avert disaster or what could they do to possibly avert disaster etiquette turn and in turning this person and particularly to love the garden to hate the evil we know from the rest the Bible that means hating the evil love and good to such an extent that you'd rather die than do something wrong I'm thinking a few more cases were people there love for their job is measured against their love for truth and righteousness happened to Rahab today probably most harlots in North America know that being a harlot is wrong it might not be all of them are probably for most of them they know what you know wasn't that way in many human societies the harlotry was part of religious worship them as part of sacred ordinance and is entirely possible that Ray have never once an idea that there is anything wrong with her job in a harlot it's very possible we don't know is that the hit Barrett a sale further while most cases but when she came to the point of learning about Israel's God she was brought face to face the commandment is that thou shall not commit adultery and in her case that command would make her choose between her job and Lockheed and here comes Amanda John the Baptist may say what should we do one of them the king 's name is Harry he's married but he's married to a woman that he seduced from his brother guaranteed he seduces brothers like the narrator she cooperated because he had more authority than that the other guy but John told and told Knight Ridder you can't have someone else's life so Herod had to choose between his desire for an affair his desire for and if they are and had the measure that against his desire to be John's disciple in which one predominated in Herod he stuck with the one about Missouri when the Bible was measured in his love for money versus his love for right doing pages merchant ruler both are excellent examples and jackets Russell throw positive one right zero three people Zakia 's rich young ruler Judas in every case that their love for Wright doing is measured against their love for money no love for money doesn't the same as my print job I love your job is not quite the same as love for your children eleven so are the same as what her father and mother hello father and mother but here's a question should you love money I wanted his lovingly as I it's a good thing any candy can be useful I make sure I'm enough of that take care problems the problem is the love of money is the root of a lot of other problems the subject in the Bible specifically love for money is a bad thing we all know some reliable figures three man whose love for money is measured against their love for right doing and Zach yes goes with right doing I wish you can see the history of the rest of his actresses life I just like to know if he went deeply in debt or what happened to him because for him to keep the value made when he met Jesus would've just ruined him financially I reckon he kept it what about the return ruler he went away sad that is she loved Jesus and want to be his disciple in your name or how he came to Jesus becomes strolling you can running the return ruler was anxious to be part of the disciples he held this must desire to be part of Christ's group but temptation measure that desire against his love for money and know the result lots of desire to be part of Christ group there was more love for money and could he be Christ disciple it wasn't allowed look at Psalm ninety one and verse for Psalm ninety one and verse for verse fourteen ninety one verse fourteen because he has set his love upon me therefore will I deliver him because he has known my name so time of troubles coming Jesus going to deliver a certain class of people says in Daniel twelve is then delivered Daniel 's people the summer anyone give us an idea of one of the characteristics of Daniel 's people who is delivered in the troublesome time at those who have sent their love on God that is they have cultivated their love for God this is sort of a complicated idea for me in fact there's a sermon audio verse .org and I have an inkling to listen to most never done it yet it's called it sound like what what to do if you don't love God not a question of area rather how do you go about letting God that are going up what do you you want to love God and Bible does have some hints about it for example it are written down versus I didn't suck you there in there and then some you can witness at Yassin and you might know whether at you love God by loving your neighbor so how do you love God by loving the least of these that Matthew twenty five express and twenty five for the Matthew twenty five exhibits there measured twenty five and looking at verse thirty seven then shall the righteous answer him saying Lord when saw we thee a hungered and fed the year Thorstein gave the drink when solving a stranger in Tempe and are naked and clothe your when did we see you sick or imprisoning came to you and the King shall send them verily I say and you and is much as you've done it unto one of the least of these my brother you've done it unto me so how do you love Jesus it's not hard to love people that you visit in that you see have a need but if you don't do X you hard in your heart against battle has other hints about how to love God how to cultivate a love for God as opposed mean that a disposable love for other things when that is to keep his commandments he said it like this if you love me keep my commandments is if you could recommend that you will abide in my love we talked about that last night Vespers God knew it would be hard for us to love one we could not see think or feel they gave us some practical things to do and what were those things the ten Commandments the ten Commandments are the practical way that our love for God is measured was a measured against our love for everything else the ten Commandments measure our love for God I guess I love for everything else because if we are willing to break one of the Commandments to get anything else it shows our love for the other things more than I love for God is such that if I want to teach during the Sabbath schools we ask our driving type people is there anyone else that were expecting to come this morning that we know of okay all right okay good some of the review and a prayer and and then Stephen would like lead on your special music up to that prayer said could you let Ellen know why why summarize the summary is that God hates evil because hatred for evil is something that we need so how do we get it we learned in Genesis how to get hatred for evil notes against mascot for hatred for evil but it's not a gift that clowns despite our hands being up we don't want to get that gift to take some chosen because it tells us to hate the evil so we chose to hate the evil we chose to hate evil of the law of the good will what's the good the good is the ten Commandments which is the love the ten Commandments and the hate breaking the ten Commandments when those that love and hatred measured not to temptation what draws us to do Ron many times as much of a Christian Satan doesn't use a lot for something bad to make us to run uses the law for something good a love from mom or a love for Cha hi all your love for influencer love for he allow for something that I did but the law for something good is measured against our love for obedience to God 's commands and if the love for the something good is more than our love for obedience then we disobeyed to get the good thing and if we do that then that we failed the trial of temptation but when you get if you overcome temptation but over comers got the crown of life they had the kingdom of God but those that get those things are also lovers of God 's writeup from James those that have great faith are also those that love God was overcome temptation are those that love God what I want to do is log on what I can do is cultivate faith and cultivate overcoming I can choose to when I come to temptation like Abraham had to respond that Abraham did to put my service of God above my earthly interest of whatever type if it means changing my job if it means giving up my reputation that but whatever it means it don't really matter everything to have predominates over wrongdoing and the very ends of grand revelation this is just the kind of the life-and-death and has ever been anything else in life and death just it's going to come right apparently life-and-death ready to say death and death you Dina 's world or you die and don't go to heaven and our love is to be measured now it's time to cultivate a love for God and a hatred for as far as further our father in heaven we are dependent on you by your own power you can give us more of the enmity we read about in Genesis you can fill us with that enmity I asked that you weren't that she would show us where Satan is measuring our love for something against our love for your commandments brace has firepower and I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus amen


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