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Part 1: Self-Management- How To Use Time, Talents, and Resources

Jeremy Zwiker



  • December 29, 2013
    4:30 PM
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all of the ones they met in there that are using the Old Testament are talking a lot the first definition happens as we write and then all of the ones in the second or the New Testament or basically I need investment in the six versus regular something and ties is found in the article of the house so actually there that you want to find the definition are or where they story of the talents of other like a devoted student of my three five is twenty five dress you can read their together this is in the context that the stories in the context of what is happening in my season for the first versus the story other than versions and so was his ambitions before and it's talking and we can start action respecting because even though the paragraph starts in Italy after that's at about the time as it gives us the contacts instead watch therefore your thinking for you know neither me nor the hour wherein the son of man let's talk about which country the very end right is a very handy for this this is actually talking about is the very edge okay so this is very applicable actually to our lives now that's it for the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling into a far country who called his own servants and delivered unto them his goods is inside the kingdom of heaven is at the moment shopping and the note was the moment I'm not shouting and it's a far country who called his own servants of the service of the funds that he and his and his goods so what is the reason on this charming so what is it is actually caused the server not found our argument of our country and who are the service but I think that this is designed where you are and we had a sense that children on others of Christ it's also a physician slaves and and and and then he is good so he gave us us as followers of him he gave us his grace and okay Texas and under one he gave five talents to another day to comments into another one according to his several ability strictly took his journey so far as possible he doesn't give everybody the same amount of violence but he gives them according to their office and it's good that sixteen that he had perceived and received the file times when I'm trying to with the same enemies that other five times increased and likewise he that have to receive two and he also came to but he that received one went convenient into the earth and hid his lord 's money after longtime the Lord of those servants cometh and recognizing and so he you have received five talents came and brought out other five pounds St. Bernard dog medicines in the five thousand behold I have gained beside them five times more and his lessons well done good and faithful servant thou hast been faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many ends at the enjoy of them you also receive received two talents came and said North of the Minnesota need to thought is because I have gained two other cars beside them is Lord said unto him well done good and faithful servant I think they go over a few things I will make you over me enter thou into the joy of it then he which had received one time and come and said I knew who the best thou art an hard not meeting with eyes not selfish and gathering where that's not strong and I said I was afraid and went and hid thy talent in the leader no there has to is his lord answered and said that we get an slothful servant unless I read them where sonar and gather is not struck the artist therefore eliminated the exchangers and that is at my coming I should have received mine own with usury take therefore that hasn't from from him and give it to him happened Franz everyone that hostility even use it so hot abundance but talking that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath and cascading nonprofit citizens of outer darkness there shall be weeping and gnashing the thought and federal act as the complex is the second coming by and that is interesting that I haven't gotten that in the class object lessons is up to twenty five is a whole chapter on talents and energy have invented and if you have written read in a executive tremendous chapter on on him that they are the messages invited to watch therefore for ye know neither me nor the hour wherein the Son of Man comes then he's shown what it means to watch for his phone number is the question asked should we just sit back and watch and wait I said that time is the result not in idle waiting but it doesn't work the lessons taught in the parable this lesson he taught and have been we are to use our times not to use everything that is what has given us one of the is given a yes and what were the what are the volunteers usually defined she defines what is the special gifts on this theory are not the only talents represented in the parable includes all gifts and all newsletter for original choir natural or spiritual while is everything that we have gotten from the north everything was natural quiet as if we realized it to think however improvements to do this or that or if it's just natural to the matter is we have got the blues from the north from the from the dead that in the top right across the above instrument bodies and how the question is how to use and who are using for Eileen Heidi Harley Re: putting it and using it and putting it into his work and Dublin not in the English after she she goes through the different colors and understand whole sections on these problems mental faculties are praying that we have gotten on using it for God 's work mental faculties once each how many people have gotten back to the universal you have a great advice has a right now how many of you have speech everybody in your speech into this visa is all about the house is how many of us have influenced your unity and you have no influence everybody even when you when you do nothing actually happens and sometimes it interesting especially in size and find that there is oxygen as you're making an impression on people without doing anything just is a minority of Muslims to time I have a whole section of punishment is wanted by management Wednesday I saw this a possible help help is at hand have gotten the physical body how easy of using it forgot are we using it ourselves strength strength is money resource room talk about that in today's of our resources what did the money that I have whose visit visit no wonder I'm so that I wonder that the question kind of action she and loving others this is how is the affection and support his face they were so when I hear all half finance we all have times crushes however using and it continues in this is to say in this definition includes all of this is a mental abilities will acquire naturalistic and I think I used when it is used for all him or the service are in time and does that include resources is another included lives that include all of those is all I can put in place I said this online business this is the day the foundation of which we are talking about self-management is actually using our anything at all electrons that we have gotten in the proper self-management is using everything that we have gotten as thanks here is a very strong snowstorm statement irregulars and fuses in your heroism is that this is a very tempting fate and I will think of you I hope only person you read Mister says we have no time well to give our energies and talents where the Enterprises shall we become absorbed in certain the world serving ourselves as the internal life of our eternal life everlasting this ahead is all that every time be employed where the work of God dwell this this is done I'm this is so far from reality that makes us all tribal or could not be stocks maximum field teams in that is so funny about what we usually think about that I'm concerned the same bath I believe the reason I'm sharing with you I believe that if we start thinking like this and start telling ourselves our time talents resources all of our our editing that we had in this way and start moving in this direction I believe something I think it actually has has an time significant for the last six I think this is one of the sessions is a talking about talking about this same subject how are we using is just before the coming of the Lord and we have heard these messages no less engines where we have become so all so indulgent does this message but it is scary stuff you know I know to give our energies and related then you have some time for questions that imagine what would happen if every child and was employed in the work of God not this is a good and your paper did I want you to think going groups of two three four I think about this question what would happen with our church think we had we had the situation analysis we have about one to two percent one two five percent that set our pastors in employment by the church okay actually using all of the energy all of their time although they're not everything in the work of God open will will will be eight percent while they are they members of Congress is how much time in the word of God and how much time for the world of enterprise now and anyhow I want you to imagine and think about using the group 's lively and if they are members would rally to the West and unite their efforts and those of church officers and ministers your work of God can never be finished assess unto the people of our church rallies were united I would like you to spend the time and write down on his people what a mess and once would happen if you haven't been with us and I think this is your neighbor and discusses him and I'm not what would happen if we used everything if this is a challenging time in question what would happen if this is so idealistic okay in fact I hope I'm not as because I is okay I get it fixed time is not necessarily reality but let's try to imagine what one would say this was very short time to give you for such a profound questions is the reason I want to think about this is because I think we think about these things must think about these things much of it why is natural because it's not very close to reality and not face because it's not close to reality that we dismiss it impossible him his apostle but so what did you come up with some thoughts for discussion and is unselfish ministry that to happen is a software while in English thinking taking his death that will one need any more reading money because evil the father was a food service of free with emphasis saves everything related saw this world and there were no lovely Leo leaving again this sometimes talk about about that the apostles and the cost of time and one thing revised out how do they find these of the environment in and cranes on in the upper room and on using not what actually happened I didn't use the list of everything everything that every time and the worth of not actually and this will talk a little bit more about the last presentation resources no as she says that they had all things in common they did everything it doesn't matter how much you interested nothing is more it's all for one purpose of tremendous I actually believe that this was what happened there in the early church is something that seems to happen in our church that we understand that everything on the part of time out of our resources is yours this is general is not in that the degradation possible sometimes you don't actually as for him test has a sickness is if everything is any missionary gospel would be speedily proclaim all countries all people nations etc. if all of us were true missionaries so that is our missionary gift polymer compounds resources and what about bottles are sold first eight not what this is is a huge huge fan idea to an end I really hope that he keeps his ideas in my you might not be able to put it in practice tomorrow for her this year or next year even affect but if you don't think this might be discarded because it's too far from the from the truth are rather from reality or reality around then I believe it was to hear from you this is the real not suffering is it's only seemingly impossible which means it is possible it seems to me impossible to think even if it did happen is an end here I want to help our if you can just keep this in mind and then step-by-step go towards and I tried to figure out how can I use all of my time talents and resources forgot how can I become a missionary how can I use my business in ministry in the essay that they were going to talk about it and the reaction business and religion are not this one is for this is a little below the deployment Bible from our room on this I have in mind for even each of them is the level these men in their writing doing real business is okay and I would like to say one more passage assured him of you guys when passage in Matthew six fifty six and fifty six advantages are ways that are that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of them wherefore if God so clothe the grass and because we wish to be his and tomorrow is cast into the oven shall not and much more people you all the other little things that you thought of the Jews and you a little click okay provocative and then his reasons therefor take no thought saying what should I eat watch I dreamed or wherewithal should I be close to eating drinking and being closed what can't you ensure that you are leaving and drinking and close link you are going to stop but first before you buy the shop is frequently my money right where your money wife interested the session talking about what taking heed of your work for you food drink and close it is not there to do for after all these things in the house very provocative through the Gentiles seek him choose what he's calling them of your faith and your Gentiles this is how provocative is unhealthy for your heavenly father knowledge that he is his heart all these things shall be added unto you he's actually talking about this shot don't think about where your food is to come from writer close that account if you seek first liking if you have every Taliban into the work everything that you have had everything that that's a sentence for that that that fabric has given Christ is given your body every as I'm making it so looking when people all these things in the accident he will provide for you to make sure it is actually the one hopping forties this is necessary but that is a is surrendered it is not ensconced emergency and data management on February the eighth and take care if you visit if the knots that the newly attention with some run-up the question that way the description what is the northern question then I think to some degree but you have understand some lots like your Salazar what the talents are that are talked about him him as a member that is a question that was there and they were good how does he expect to use them as I also been somewhat and express hiking I like to give you to you to see if you would like to make this your personal decision that you would like this morning when the island is giving you into God 's work as you want this is a desire this is not necessary that you can do it tomorrow but if you please as this is a vision is an ideal that you want to keep in mind and work towards you would like to do that is if you have a place to write about on the piece of paper your commitment and for that piece of paper in my fifty five to remind you of your decision thoughts comments this is an inherently a young and in and in and in and in and care is a him him him him him there is an very good question thank you and my suggestion to him is not to become apostate not the covenant is not to become anything else that is he should stand this is I my suggestion to him is that he would find out if he's using the business manager of the company and you know what I is an English situation if you decided himself he should find out how can I make my business into ministry and this is something how can I ask is that I have on the Internet as you reach people through my business is not the business is and is not itself is it ethically wrong and sinful then there are ways to do but if it is not generally thought this is not only directed by lots of Sunday the question is and he's working for another business for something else in the problem is that he is persevering with about ninety nine percent of his time is threatened the philosophy of somebody else aware of the philosophy probably in a exactly so that he's these further and I and and he's frittering their goals of course he is he's doing good on the site which is ten percent regular or maybe twenty percent is not doing good and further in his philosophies last but it is not actually that every time an important work well since I would think you'll is reelected they that might be the ideal situation for him accusation open his mind and see if the door opens an opportunity for him to take either start his own company and maintenance and business ministry bar if you were Foreign Ministry in one one three okay and practical examples if you are in a designer working for a company and what you want to do is not designed for this company you could say okay I will start freelancing and meeting my own design and some of them and so on and make my business and I'll do this for enough for the church for example that because they the church also need to control the church and design will fight for how about an TV production if you're a TV producer value media the media and checking the workers all yes no they need to have more energy because it is set there could be an accident this in my twenty years working to talk about this with with the different occupations the different occupations that you can you can actually use recently any occupation and ideal setting in God 's works using all of your time to further institution or an organization that has the same goals to reach people if your teacher and administrator in schools that have been in if you if you have had Michigan to the hospital for a sanitarian or the last thousand and or if your doctor of course our physiotherapist or all of these things can all be done in institutions that are furthering the cause of God is this is the work that we have been called to duty anyway to do it but I think isn't how so many educational you are one of the biggest educational systems are actually all denominations except for the case is because the house unless to do that also helps have blogs and institutions are perhaps the source but but this is that the idea that the mice given us to be able to employ everybody doing artifacts to be as now do we know what what occupations are here in a basically any occupation that is I believe that is not in itself sinful in the ideal situation is we have institutions could be used elsewhere both are not part but this is the idea that I want to want to come out of that fully normalized that there is an idea that we should strike twice at the if we don't strive towards it would never exist without you this is the fact is therefore I would like to make this into the idea of she she also position as the ID unless such in order for us to go in a direction to him and him questions the foodie disinformation is it's supposed to be like this increase was very own vision this should be like a horse event of an ideal synthesizer so it could be like your own language of the system will adore Amy though is that those that do make this and that I believe is involved with money can do that in God 's live I am not saying that everybody is not like that is not doing this at the him the opportunity comes and not disregarded and we are now seen as an enemy you don't want to do is want it off in LA that I think we're starting to get into a result they are enough that that's where hate Christmas this user retirement when the opportunity comes in the door opens as I said Reverend Weigle I'm not like that and questions and questioning as he became known as the authors as a form actually where you can find out and while I went your life work order or as long as you treat to get more than you I is a gift from from the hiking paths used iPod and small motor so yes and when were you yes I am definitely getting I think there is schizophrenic with goodness that's as close to the ceiling should be true gibberish we thank you for getting us talents and resources to work in your community father help us to to move step by step towards this keep this in mind as we go forward to two yeah two to go forward with you in our hearts father the best thing that we can convey oh yes is the gospel what you have done for us therefore it is only natural for us to share this and use everything that you have given us in the way thank you for them pray that he will be with each one of us each one here that taking the seasons and wanting to find out how we can employ patterns and your work will continue you with this and have given us the power of choice to choose a media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe but more so than in the www. audio person or


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