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Part 3: Self-Management- How To Use Time, Talents, and Resources

Jeremy Zwiker



  • December 31, 2013
    4:30 PM
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you and I got that has been a privilege to be with you together and this is serious on tolerance and then talking about self-management as the sisters recap with lots of management how to use condoms and resource our time and resources but forgot and that's that is basically big the conclusion is that they are all here for one purpose and that is to use in Baltimore and we have talked about how lives are the overall theme and I was the first presentation on this workshop happens and how all of the powers that be have gotten which includes a lot of things in that we might not think of a house right away but but then if we think about it yes they are also tons and so and that they are best used in the service of Christ and that they can be multiplied as well so the first thing the second date and we talked about time management and some principles in time management and was needed to help me remember some time never be late for you know what never be late for an appointment this is one of the truth to try every stripe for stripe is enough is not that you know if you don't do this you will not need I think and but but strife was as much as you can be on time for anything and everything with us we talk about in balance with the other principles of weapon and time management also I was a question of priority him and it's a natural part and farsighted recording where this I think that's better quality you can get an today we will be talking about resource management resource management how to use our resources section is less and obstacles between me and I and get what was the basis on which the seminar is that normally exist to talk about resource management and he is exactly the definition of a missionary which was incorporated in health us understand anyway where our problems resources and an fun belongs to a definition is us and missionary is a person who saw and is to demonstrate the gospel to the world using all his time he's our time talents and resources to reach this goal through that together you have to remember it passes smart fresh on my accident through the missionary is a person whose sole aim is to demonstrate the gospel to the world using all hues are high time and resources to reach this so that helps us to to remember so that the missionary we all called to be missionaries also found out and okay what is the purpose of resources that one purpose above all others during the magazine the Hawkeyes for God 's gifts should be used is the sustaining of workers in the heat in the harvest is not as the one purpose above all others I wonder when we think about our resources when we think about what we own our money or assets do we have this in mind we think about that oh okay on the priority number one anything how might you use my money in glassware priority number one is that number one is that something that comes in number ten somewhere in all of those are interesting interesting statement the one purpose about all others for which cost it should be used in the sustaining of work is in the harvest comes as a stooge page thirty six and obviously that the obvious place to go and we talk about resources and where talking about five okay three three some in some translations are a number of visits for toxicity and verse eight when a man rob God yet you have robbed me but he's a winner and how to run what what's the problem with incontinence offerings what is robbing God what is when the rob me at the Longview without permission is actually what is the difference between Robbie and Steve because dating is also that dissolving from someone that does not belong to direct stealing his legal notices robbing is going to present with a gun and safety of your life okay there's a big difference in robbing and stealing he says you're wrong God you're going to go and taking his possession is obviously very so we are robbing God can steal from because it's you know they're not in that sense of other nations we are robbing God with ties and offerings visit you are cursed with a curse for you have wronged me even this whole nation reunion August highs this is the storehouse that there may be in my house and prove me now herewith second-order and I will not open windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that there shall not be room enough to receive this is amazing and amazing promise I made a promise for us he will even if we are faithful and we return archives and offerings he will open the treasure house and for also that we can receive Mrs. at an amazing promise if you haven't province and not having tried is off Satan got I will pay five have not given as much offered China saw he has promised that he will pour out and do you know something that has has bothered me about five is and is actually your mentality was the visit businesses and so is there a is isn't it true that this country at artists five percent in the God and ninety percent of the sauce is true false false waterfalls no this is the mentality that actually can actually ninety percent is my present is even even ever before Chris and then we gave all of our type we can recently and actually think that in eighty percent thousand nine percent are part of what I desire note type is not here in order for four is not to tell us that ninety percent of the source type is here to tell us that under present in Scott's and ten percent you get back from the to prove that you trust Sebastian proves that that you know that you can trust God and he will pour out as it is that this is a fundamental and understanding of type that I believe is essential if we are actually doing proper resource management if we don't understand that a hundred percent of all everything every single penny in my bank is not here for me is here because were it is it is not mine is is what God has given me to be in charge of why I'm here issues either Stewart Stewart means it's not my I'm just taking care at this fundamental ground everything we do has to act hundred percent discuss only did prove working for a student to show our loyalty to him that we are actually acknowledging it just not something that I want to share with you that has blotted it is still bothering him not exactly sure how this is happening or how how we can deal with this situation is found in acts you ask this is a cherished tremendous book and everything that has watched from acts and we know that that's it if we are to see the latter rain we need to go back and study how the early range need to understand how acts of the apostles got there that the early range and so as a funding foundation meeting to find out what once was it that was so special and and I've have heard sermons on this time it's different and thoughts on this and other and they're all very very good but I haven't heard this one actually as pointed out price I strongly and I really don't know how to deal with this this is generally unique also your help to see how how to put this into practice is not so easy as you started to step into verse forty five forty four and forty five thousand fingers of iPhone 4 devices as they are all I believe we're together I have all feelings and some of their possessions and goods and parted them to all men as everyone needs you see what protections you see something that that I don't know if you've noticed this before but this has just recently started bothering what is DC especially now when I is the eighth two to thought only subject resource management list goes anywhere what does it say not to announce it will now is actually say something very specific very specific and exist to have all things in common that means everybody said anything equity representing the hundreds of papers is this this was the understanding of everyone this movement a view from the invalid you can go to the and it is not the only one time that initiative chapter four thirty through the facts before the state to state and the multitude of them that believe were of one heart and one soul neither said any of them that ought to have things which they possessed was his own nobody said this is mine is yours in just the right community where where people set novices online this is what they didn't say this is explicitly but they had all things in common I don't really know what to do about this I suggest you that we have confidence in fact and you and discuss what does this mean is this actually something that is it okay it's nice and different apostles or how can this be done in R&D or what does it mean for our day is this something that is not applicable to us in the back of your conclusions or if it is how can the practice of Juniper three and discuss shortly but what do you think about these verses is versus and I thought I was interested in hearing your thoughts as soon as the show us know that before you jump those who mourn worship to showing you a laws of motion shows that over a serious who were not of a cause who I know really Christ you will focus on using my houses as plasmid size is I the as much as I needed facility some of your life in his diocese some of these guys help you easily find my mind somehow is good for you will visibly today so there is a possible only on MLB was also also be put on the way in seemingly impossible as an issue in an as is as long as I said I doing this and have a I thought we all things in common is communism by his outing this is not about the that also is his and communism doesn't work why is everybody suffers now this doesn't work and it but in this common context it was communism with everybody being altruistic as is the thirtieth him him him say us and if there is enough as is home to relieve desensitize Brewers are entire current machines and Jason is sensitive only to get a dangerous music fun and I'm doing that right I could do something myself is so ignorant and family things inside homes so as they sold everything he holds his letter I had to have those unless they had their homes and in any beneath a banner on it if there is nobody called this is the stairs yet nobody cause anything that was there to talk off the option is I say where the life will be easy that she all in love of this you will see a life money on the house by you is is okay that way so yeah you know understand what is him goes getting a value that is in God will and on Halifax electrocution is not so easy to influence the theoretical understanding you find everything discuss the practical application of how cannot even make it I think any thinking of nothing HH chapter is chapter five acts just after the sources what happens to the description and there was this the people mentioned in the Bible that that are actually mentioned that cell phones and give us the apostles and feminist Joseph Hendon and Mendes Ananias the fire and ice of the fire they give how much to me yeah how much today they gave to the apostles you I don't know I know I put this question to the description I don't know how many percentage they didn't get what I can imagine with maybe seventy percent to eighty percent of Muslim life and apostles are these the non- subsidize my that this was the right so it probably was seventy eight percent and they just had maybe twenty percent or even ninety percent of it is addressed and an engineer in the situation adding that any this is mind-boggling how how what what is happening here suddenly your you have a standard and and all things were calm but was now the new rule and unless understanding among the verse twenty somebody comes in and he sells everything he gives ninety percent he says it's hundred percent which is probably the main problem I that is the main problem is that his integrity was missing but but I think this is just an interesting box for us that you is not just a certain percentage of the is wishing for it is every English is an medical exam you will have enough in any PI by their eye and say the right or I is the same thinking that you and as of December letter what was interesting is that the sheet person in their lives they are now hectic at the extent and I are are starting to go into full-time ministry as parents and this is as a couple and an and are investing all of their their time and energy industry and have an understanding of all of the things that they own including house and everything is not case in Scott's and where the most best invested is not is the question presented is an and I like also the thought that you had and that you may have danced places that they met in an end and that is what they had to have some facilities and everything but they did not call anything their own and anything that is not practical when it am I which is really difficult for me just normal person to do and to suggest say okay I'll give everything and I'll start join in the history with my talents and resources and address of the garden to help the end and he was apply on anything he will fail and pour out his messenger upon us by doing so and you but this is this is I think it's a it's a very challenging times in your area situation and and and thought best that I wanted to also draw to you and you treats immigrants and see what whether that what does that mean for you and I'm you I hope I don't think the that is not the same one insider please let a few in there I believe these their safe citizens of which is how he sees about how is Heather and working that way was a place I think it's more the mentality and I think I'll addicted later in the presentation so how about it some questions and answers even with its on this topic okay here gifted alert and here's the context of equipment we read in the beginning the purpose the Lord does not hurt us on this world and laying down both in silver for the accident of his works are because knock off and on his here she'll finish there is not a Muslim quality dust but he said he supplies met with resources everywhere their gifts and offerings they may keep his work advancing one purpose about all others for which caused yesterday 's news is the sustaining of workers in the harvest then and if men will become channels through which heaven 's blessings flow others the large would keep the channels applied to in order to achieve this aspect a so so it would become sinister which happens less and can flow the norm would keep the child's pride supply and we decided that there is sorry of that they would however like to if you if you give your seat and having a principal at the it is not returning to the Lord his own basement for this interesting it is not worth it it is not returning to the Lord what his own action here she says it's legal it's the doors is not returning to the north is owned that makes men for withholding tens of if you keep that it will make you as this is opposite mindset of the worldly business business mind and in that sense understand that it is reinvested in Gaza were God will refill supplies no violence the violence these statements I want to review this buzzword and this is also my birthday doesn't want me a God 's word must be our guide as to the conditions that are specified by which we may become laborers together with Christ desires accumulate wealth is an original affection of our nature implanted thereby who is quite a heavenly father for what that's interesting and actually says okay and he's not it is not God 's purpose that she would become for necessary construct this is actually what I design here implanted a designer in our hearts in our entire wherever it is in our nature exacting and ecumenical this is not only about the what is qualified with the phrase what for noble ends is qualified because the root of all evil development so I is a lot of money but it is the accumulation of wealth for us where for no more hands to help people to save people to use the noble are set this is that I find I find is a very compelling and this is statement that this is okay this may as many rich people while Abraham Joe on his site visit in December but we we know that people have only one half very poor sometimes but it was the problem how you will you you what you is it your all you US your own parties you yourself as a story saying us just to get I have the best loss in the world so I have to take care of the difference Sunday in a different perspective on how you deal with your mom has some your money its creators money that you invest in or using anything and everything giving money is not enough here it is and no other hot and the cost is between this understatement of like that this is the gift that is to say sustaining the workers now is now is our time and they are for the salvation of our fellow man there are some who think that if they give money to the cause of Christ this is all they are required to if I can know all all all and all make money and well-being enterprises not Dugan 's helpdesk support is missionary and I want you in our estimate for is your asthma is not that's not enough says that that there are some things that if they give money to the cause this is all that is required to do the precious time is which and which they might do personal service parking passes I prove in the privilege and duty of all who have helped strength and strength surrender to God 's service all are too neighboring in winning souls for Christ donations of money cannot take place this is a giving money is good is not enough expense it's an attitude it's an understanding everything that I have its time resources or the north without understanding you understand how we should use it to study passage in Matthew twenty two fifty sixteen is says that when the fantasies until counsel how they might entangle him in his talk they sent all of the hidden their disciples with her audience saying Master we know that you are true and tedious the way of God insurance neither has over a four hour regardless not the person of men tell us that what is the is unlawful to give shooting of this user are not their wickedness and said why the lady answers as shown in the treatment and profit brought to him a and he said the crew was in the case and subscription superscription that he's after Jesus sees as the city render therefore to Caesar the things which are Caesar's and to God that our thoughts and they went and ate at and when they heard these words a marvel and left and went their way through the story so many times this is recently written some file systems whose image and superscription with dimensions of restrictions on any Caesar's not in it that I said that Jesus gives this event and study under them render therefore to Caesar the things which are Caesar's and interesting is that continues and says God is not what would be the natural question is he's these people were honest what will be the actual question that they should cross into the undertone young sucking what belongs to God I am wondering what would be the answer that that would mean not sure that Jesus would answer of what to which you preserve some of the problem so he is a disease unfortunately for Caesar's because his prescriptions on any now what belongs to God while not which has some prescription and you are right now what is the image 's prescription whose image and subscription is in your life Dennis is one reason is not created whose interest in technology all that music that he is actually saying the story gift of God that which is God 's document has been in prescription which is new and was getting an appeal to surrender your your life will give you money if a lengthy season is a superscription game that tests a description of God easier is that amazing and they marveled when they heard these words and neck will they do not want to use these I think that this foundation of all being able to handle resources right is is this understanding surrender understanding that everything we have all times resources time and as a visit tomorrow to discuss at some biotech this shortage is to illustrate how they dealt with this Abraham Abraham he left his home in just his fault he left his home he surrendered his home he had a beautiful place to go but he surrendered the White House is living once we surrender to God most of the times not all the times serving unless you threaten but most of the times he would bless with something better if we surrender our home next he surrendered the home waiting to get our love here's property at the property that the vehicle abruptly and several property the new choice which is really not know in the culture at all I you don't do that I'm good at all there uncle this is your nephew you just so you know what he is a he surrendered his right it was his he had brought surrenders and she could speak who will benefit again to go over the enough the goal of the yes is a you he was prospering and lots of things which have been also empathic story to visit the of all of them glass or computer surrendering his only son I is an image he surrendered he was ready he said okay that is your will I do not see what you mean by this room is better zero every and you can make it all for you it you can race actually from that it was actually thinking that maybe is she surrendered roof is looking for a just and sorry she surrendered the right to get any NES partner husband said and I let it happen you will happen again she got the best person on the planet at that OS was the most respected investors that you ever had which she surrendered her iPhone for Mary ever she was ready to die at eighty six things you are okay is that his she surrendered her right and was willing to do to give it Scott and Doc was a disgrace no a job it him John okay he's probably the most the best example I would never look at when it comes to surrender surrender you all that you have crazy highs he was one of the wealthiest on the planet at that time as well it even you know the story of safely lifting and handling and sizing him and Johnson Gardens they are always as it is only seventy because you bless me he seems to the question takes on all the positions and help away the house as well he surrendered everything is wet what was worse environment and working the way this evening surrendered off after she's around her life she was willing to die in the was able to save lives as also Joe again got more Nola Finis or IgG surrenders his time and reputation are usable building on his art four hundred and twenty years or any not have us have an idea of what hundred and twenty years back and he wasn't really living the surrender for the user and his reputation people are lucky Saint us crazy your resume surrender his reputation now he has a very good recognition it are the only intelligent on Philippians two God surrendered his eternal life we could have life some is surrendered his life he was winning to you later on his eternal something a single automatic this is short and short I had a backpacking on this as there is and what I was a five hundred three to add and I was there for sister missionary for eight months and and then discuss there that have the back part of us Ashley got stolen because I noticed was stolen but it was right beside me how she constantly is a and and in the end or you and I I have listened to these these assignments from auto on the pineapple story might as regards if you haven't it's it's a very enjoyable and I think you can get a lot of a lot of truth out of his sense and string rice got got a scooter his prophecies and so I was eighty visiting dozens in and in and registration can obviously have sprung up to a better surrender my back okay so I surrender my backrest and Enzo are okay as I was backtracking on Christmas so so I started we were walking through and mark my students as teaching inwardly what you mean and why are you smiling me is accurate and not all of the Honeywell edged with all that ID cards with you on card and and and drivers license and of contacts and and in the video settings when my Bible both in English and Spanish and ends at my iPod and I know many many things Jesus Ed for the school of doors and everything ends up as immediate disaster is using what I is so happy somewhere I wasn't laughing anyway that I was last night he is not as so is the same number and when it got after about two months at dust action to stop it before I left I left on Tuesday and Wednesday and decided the Florida Tuesday and I was scheduled for each input in our in-depth local judge and that I was out of hand and then and because it is always it is you coming home and Yahoo has the keys of all of these reasons I think he's an end actually this this pastor from preventing us which wasn't scheduled to come at a higher than other churches that usually goes in a kind became a bestseller it is what is that you have united the assortment one zero and using the input that is and he's a I stumbled Dennis and an business lady told me something about some things about backpack even thirty years I sure you must be must be those things that affect all of been organized as this company before anything was to get back to me because as you know he and butter but still I wasn't a on August the center if God wants me to get it right even bigger than his again and it turns out that somehow this is Steve must have he thought what he wanted and bath for a few days but he didn't want to do this and I think this lady or I exactly when but must've been an because it is vital as well my backpack and is on how this is also the Holy Spirit redemption unless righties in the back so that she was in the financing of this Muslim audiences are exactly where you cannot think this lady is singing on his identity talks the language you are and coincidentally do not think resident and then busted that the accident wasn't scheduled to come right back coincidentally we talk about the keys that were in my backpack that I was really young I don't believe in coincidence and so long as I got I got obvious that the word of death that would have been important to me and my Bible and I thought I got their driver 's license back I got a credit card match to think you and us contact information to people and some of the others these equipment and but the as amenities and him and let it soak in asbestos it's amazing God takes good care of his property and have that this was some story and really if you if you have something that that's that you have not surrendered to the north know if it be whatever the sessions held in the best thing to get the waistline and as a word about his own house is in his hands he later this is what is supposed to enter you resisted making I from my mother from the natives everything that I've been in our game and the North taken away blessed be the name is Edward Jones he gave everything he was was clean worse off than any of us ever want to experience probably ever will experience the heart understood everything will and he can take it you can give it this evening that it was in this might help the company 's shares if he wants me to make the anti- aging and health you can restart and you for whosoever wants to save their life will lose it but who's ever loses their life for me with paradox and we need to need to start thinking more ideas I guess I actually think at fate the definition of faith what is the reality regardless to actually see that the reality is that God on their backs the heavenly perspective there is a perspective of the different interviews of the corporations they only respect and the perspective and we they face is the substance of things unseen mountain you'll see that the evidence of what evidence of these funds as a collective appeal to you in the end now that's a surrender whatever you would like to surrender to an opposite conclusion all of these meetings I like to think that the appeal one that includes time resources so if you happen us this piece of paper and you write it and write your own on whatever you want to do whatever your commitment is riding on the back of your paper I want to surrender if you have already surrendered your figure distributed in the last needs but if you haven't and would like to think that this is I would like you to elect to get opportunity to surrender all my resources and is there something specific that he can think of is that arms I really really difficult times it to give this way and the committee that is humanly his time to surrender him to the auto hiding under but it's not my choice no longer worry about it because you can know what thank you so much that you have given us the gospel in all things work together for good to those of you have your called according to his father we thank you let me this in mind we can go through life we don't race because interesting is in your hand everything is under your control and you can even take care of any sarin or where is that we have because we know that that you can do any of your father we pray that you will would help him him will house is invest our time talents and resources that you would help us to to to be certain and take decisions father we need your help readings need your wisdom we thank you that you promised was to the last as I said mom I said was that masculine historicity father we ask for your grace and mercy on us again we thank you that you can start a year together we can get a place in my back we want to give her our lives are taking is a media with God audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the Forest Service is www. on universe or


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