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Part 2: How Inspiration Works

Jonathan Karlsson


Jonathan Karlsson

Bible Worker and Evangelist, Finland



  • December 30, 2013
    4:30 PM
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right in the middle of them the tests are profitable so we left off and I think what lets us go through quickly the three more tests but we will look at and I was an inspiration and how inspiration works so is a very sensitive in an important topic so I really wish that we could have a word of prayer and ask for the Lord 's guidance in this whose lives I have a father thank you for giving us this moment of time that we can left study your work together others understand that inspiration help us understand how you spoke through the prophets of old so that we may have a clear picture of it you see that there is so much misunderstanding about this topic so I pray father that you will direct her mind to help us not to fall into error is my prayer in Jesus name amen of them I see that I have been lacking faith having fabric particularly of goods so we've been looking at the alike to look at the gift of prophecy would seem that them that the Bible calls us to test the profits and other third tests that we look at today is Sam by their fruits you shall know them Jesus said in Matthew seven beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep 's clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves you will know them by their fruits do men gather grapes from foreign bushes or figs from thistles even so every good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit a good tree cannot bear bad fruit nor I can about you very good fruit every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire therefore by their by their fruits you will know them so the fruits of course we really find in the Bible refer to the fruits of the spirit Galatians wishes them their behavior their attitudes and but also the fruit of their work what does know what what does their work lead to an the question we could assess how do you like live and what was the fruits of their ministry and it could difference some for you some of the sharpest critics the intent right was a minister in the government 's minister who left the church during LMI 's time but he was very closely acquainted with her and it was on the bases all of the inspiration of life that he left the church and started to attack it but he writes in them the quote from review Harold I know system like to be an unassuming modest kindhearted noblewoman the states are characterized not simply put on the uncultivated but the spring gracefully and easily from their natural disposition these she is not self-cleaning screens self-righteous and self-important ass fanatics always are she's ever looking after the needy destitute and the suffering providing for them completing the costs she studies God 's word and yes oh excuse me yes with Wellsville and on the first on the first one that we yesterday you can at least once yes I apologize in the nozzle K how is the answer was the end of it I love the headings start again the next number three and the reading from if they do of them is want one for yesterday were still going through and I miss another one for today is returning on okay you sigh I should of put page numbers on this one sorry but if you go towards the end it's some number three big headings by the fruits you shall know them anyway there is one of her sharpest critics that writes this about LOI cannot tell the something my opinion is as you said is God 's word carefully and constantly I've heard system might speak hundreds of times have read all her testimony suing to most of them many times and high endeavors been able to find one immoral sentence in the whole of them or anything that results strictly pure and Christian nothing that leads away from the Bible or from Christ but find the most earnest appeals to obey God to love Jesus to believe the Scriptures and to search them calls is a powerful testimony from someone who do not believe analytes that tells us something about the fruit of this profits watermarking we don't have time to quote him but he says basically the same thing that she's a Christian and in every sense of the term at an amine it culminated have ever read steps to Christ's seed but if you read step him having felt they have been drawn away from Chrysler artwork towards Chrysler Reddit I mean if you read the book at him that's the book that converted me basically I read the book and I understood what it meant to be converted into before my parents told me that all or other people told me to be converted some of the lifeless looking which are lacking and I was asking Allah my converted and people were trying to describe it to me they are telling me that well it's like it's hard to describe this kind of like falling in love no I can't really describe it I didn't understand it is a mystery to me I thought I would get some kind of lightning from the sky that would just stop me and then I'll be all alleluia but that was not a conversion until I read the bastards to Christ and realized it as it is surrender through prayer I go down to my knees I give my heart to Jesus and that is what where when we're gone spirit comes into me and starts changing my life at and imagine they feared that if you are the devil night I trust that you are not but if you are the devil and that and let's say that you are going to cost it knows I'm going to lead people away from Christ they get along like wouldn't you fire I mean this in the fruits of those of the business it keeps leaving people to Jesus all the time the flop and good fruit of your false prophet is because I figure my office they are the keys to lead you to Jesus but is rather the gospel is the gospel here I could very well be and a history of a Muslim is not only the only test needs out to have all of the tests but it is true as amended have you found but if you think of some nonprofits on another profits really the at least it to see if you see behind the scenes listened Lewis for example lists and profit cycling to be Christ in Florida and he was eating millions of people to Christ or the Antichrist was had with the same I is him and them and then he was a was a drug addict then using the was no sin in the world 's biggest Jesus came to take away sin you know and had only scheduled of weird things in it you can even save you you can come and say all I'm leaving people to Jesus but the fruits Taliban is not the case he is leading people to totally foreign and gospel if you start looking a little bit into what the Bible says he also did a gentleman it can be the only test no menus say that the list of the Mormons told me and I told you about yesterday at all when you read these books he feels good enough the fruits of the spirit so the flights from God for it we can isolate this one but at least it can from the fruits should not contradict the message they should practice what they preach it shouldn't be hypocrites and in that something of the workers God wouldn't keep getting the message as if they were hypocritical all the time so I think I think that's the point and a bunch of profit needs to fulfill this test if it is much in property abroad so we each can read all all ESA quotes is from known from people not of this church and even people are opposed to and I liked this one instance Vincent Remick was a Catholic lawyer in I and he spent three hundred dollars investigating and comparing analytes writings it is going to look of the investigate the charges of plagiarism which will look at today later and he concluded that too many of the critics among number three M and D to many of the critics of the critics have missed the boat altogether and it's too bad to I personally have been moved deeply moved by those writing I have been changed by them I think I'm a better man today because of them and I wish that the critics could discover that he was a T resume controversy he read that the Catholic Church is the beast that in all these things and he said that book move mental change the end and on all the other writings at not because of those things for this assurance of the fruit of this woman are good in many sense of the word it's interesting also id. at Anderson University on eighth at eight thousand two hundred Adventists reading from them some expired if you the study indicated indicates that readers have a layout what they did was they compare those Adventist reds and whites regularly compared to those who did not this was the results the study indicated that readers have a closer relationship with Christ more certainty of a standing with God and are more likely to have identified his spiritual gifts they are more in favor of spending on spending for public evangelism and contribute more heavily to local missionary projects they feel more prepared for witnessing and actually engage in more witnessing and outreach programs they are more likely to study the Bible daily to pray for specific people him needs and fellowship groups and have daily family worship they view the church more positively they actually bring more people into the church Mrs. a study was that they did just can tell us something about the fruits of the this woman's work I believe with all my heart that she passes on this list and I think we can feel comfortable saying would you be comfortable with them you have not read so much of her writings but the only way that we can actually see the fruit of this if we read books itself always see what what are the fruits of reading the fourth test is about the obedience to the ten Commandments that someone could lead Deuteronomy thirteen versus one to three as you he is a is a famous glass a Louisiana medicine you shall not live as an is only a basically has a profit pricing doing miraculous things that telling you it is the thing about the gospel and telling you go to serve other gods break one of the Commandments in the profits encourages people to serve other gods to break God 's commandments this number is not a true prophet saw of course unlike talks about the Commandments in this my brother pointed out yesterday we can have a overemphasis on the Commandments we need a balanced view of public amounts of God and the faith of Jesus because no one can keep the commandment of God if we don't have the faith of Jesus and you will is moved to set him to life 's a disease that CSS travel related and outfitted she and I think this one are of one of the strong proofs for inspiration but it wasn't just something she came up with but it was actually an issue issue is in the beginning of even the questioning when Joseph Bates inherited she was like always this is this really so important and that then she was she was confirmed and from mission something that she did not really think so I think of the proof actually that is not just thrown opinions but she puts forth so it wasn't doing that but I liked course Fox says that the only listen ten Commandments are valid and this is a very important things she never wrote that the Sabbath is not true a genetic went down and talk but no sound of this is wrong we should not even God showed me that the Sabbath and we are allowed to break it okay then it would be she would be a false prophet but there's a difference between and between and learning more things the profit is not going to know the profit is not and doesn't know everything about the the while you die and in that sense and it is the difference between if I don't think that contradicts old lights account about because that's the same spirit and God never contradicts himself so never conflicts old-line but that it's it is of course so that a prophet can learn things must be some minor humans so I think the get of your more intelligence inspiration weather predictions coming true let's read that Jeremiah twenty first nine Jeremiah twenty eight is a piece where he is going to work difficulties will be known as the same thing so when the prophet speaks minutes when it comes to pass but we can know that it's a true prophet so has out a level as the lights made predictions that come to pass out just like to read a few of these things we would overcome to go into this exhaustively just to whet your appetite America Civil War on December twenty eighteen sixteen South Carolina a national American hegemony of studied American history some extent Canada was that this slavery conflicts in eighteen sixty seven and that was the north against the South I eventually but it on them in eighteen sixty South Carolina met its demand that the secession from the American union and the rumors of rebellion award began to arise because you said we wanted to breast legs as we don't want to be part of this American union anymore I'll knows a lot of other issues there but them very few people took the safety took this seriously pays him him I have some contemporaries that speaks on this matter Horace Greeley from the New York Tribune dated in January eighteen sixty one he says a few old women with broomsticks could go down there and beat out all the rebellion at the race in South Carolina and Sweden think it was effects this is the general opinion during this time Abram Lincoln the president said the following in March eighteen sixty one notice the dates I have felt all the while justified in concluding that the crisis the panic Inc. society of the country at this time is artificial basically there's no need to panic no worries and even after the war broke out Lincoln thought that it's enough with seventy thousand soldiers for three months at and not sufficient to quench the rebellion and in the self while that was the general opinion but I like to see the vision from God and generate on dinner twelve eighteen sixty one eight and it went in sharp contrast to the public opinion sisters people are making sport of the secession ordinance ordinance of South Carolina but I have just been shown that a large number of states are going to join that state and there will be a most terrible war in this edition I have seen large armies on both sides gather gathered on the field of battle I heard the booming of Canada I saw the dead and dying on every hand and as you said there are those in this house who will lose this sounds so now more people were mocking her when she was saying this address of the general opinion is in during this time but this prediction came true one hundred percent soon eleven states that join the session and have elected to the president and the American and the American Civil War continued for four years and cost over six hundred thousand lights was the bloodiest war ever fought on American soil and at least some of the people present when LOI television lost sons in the war fulfilled my prediction another thing that we don't have time for this is the health aspect that you can study on your own allowing received in a time when people thought that tobacco was healthy for you to know clearing out your lungs or something and she said that it's a it's a slow insidious most malignant poison K and that she also said that cancer tumor and it all inflammatory diseases are largely caused by meat eating while I was very strong language and in those days no one believes in that but she was shown the as is is from the life which God has given me the purveyor in that prevail in some cancers and tumors is due to gross living on that flesh now I'm not here to to speak on health but basically today scientists confirm this to a hundred percent commitment study after study after study coming out that the China study and always has of things that proved that this is actually the fact is the reason so they are of other reasons but largely it is because of what we sow so the hunt as you know was it just a lucky guess whom shall I say honestly say this and then they'll can suppress I don't think so she wasn't receiving information from somewhere and that Allawi 's visions somehow find the secret time the fact that some dentists are at seven p.m. this is a people group than average live the longest on the Pirates according to National Geographic and the other studied them in Denmark actually show the same thing out with we don't have time to go through the subject she predicted world wars and the length estimate for the church volume one page two hundred sixty eight she spoke of millions of lives being sacrificed she has been seeing a Paul's and after after the inhabitants of the world of the conflict the most terrible conflict lunches on break when she saw another conflict again as a fascinating study incidents that we don't have time and instead of a big medical movements in a time when the Protestants and Catholics they were antagonists she said they will come together and we've seen that happen so much in our century allowing the last century so I will take any more time here and you can read there is some objections the people have against this last sign you can read any number six there facets if you're interested in that it is the only food for the office is the last days satisfactory to see if you read what he's saying is they are also but if that is actually with over a look into a little bit of that tomorrow and so what inside the church and I believe under the sense of this level also predictions coming true and the demonstration I'd like to have two volunteers is okay Dragon thank you so please come up here and bring your friends with you so you're going to be prophets and it had some missions lately and what I want to do is want to show you something here I have a lot of small little gadgets and that you're going to look at this for thirty seconds and after that I'm going to take it away and then you going to write down everything you remember and try to get details like Cape Cod layer of size and the sense of things okay and you know writing before only afterwards came to a some amount of time you have time right now please let down what is all no peeking at each other the competition but it will will will stop there another will see what I did is viewed as Alessio cable with the right to protect something to direct out as a translator purple maybe then good to get nice skimpy little site have I thought it was one would input it is numbers separated one with you okay off and on Nike set on keys that this is a very good if you have the USA thinking something you think you you think the older okay I got the good unless he so better to is that I had the day to pencils will remove one or cite review of the report K got up wonderful some small yellow objects toys small yellow decoys but it would be unless whatever that had this okay I got a piece with this paper the statement is there anyone that they can use the stick and obviously the two of them were as wider use the following is the wider charges on this one it is okay again abscesses analysis of Susie and then there was a little strange thing is our friend is friend I was very kind to give them a blend of coffee afraid and just had one fifty one hundred seventy Rachel yes only the best but it is not an experience of this I could need to be a prophet if you think of them all that the prophets they may see something and then they are going to try to describe the actually is him words some of them all on hold to describe the same thing the enough that and then you put it un-American keyholder ultimately is a fielder is that I killed it with that with an American flag thinking that you have the more details maybe in some areas I you had more detailed in other areas and what could happen is that some of it on it was a die right and what one critic said that was a big guy and and another one would say there is a small die LMI segment to look at outgoing we can tell that there was a contradiction I always thought that the convictions of those that was a big levels and with a smaller but who was I will write to collaborative see the company could have confidence in each other and is the same history for example the Gospels you read Mark 's very short and to the point most important things that I think that doing it at when you have it Luke is very precise and gives a lot of details and sometimes people try to put the fifties against each other and say that all these they contradict each other but actually it is it doesn't need to be most of the time they only complement each other so that brings us that assertion brings us into the next public about inspiration and put it different if we look at them inspiration is very important because understanding how God speaks to profit is just as important as understanding that he has spoken to the prophets is so crucial to understand how that speaks her profit is just as important as in the standing you spoken to her to the profit and so the greatest misunderstanding for the bottomless pit of policy comes from misunderstanding of inspiration just that there are three terms when it comes to how God revealed his will to humanity that's a revelation inspiration and illumination both three terms in the month we look at them first on Revelation that's from God to the prophets of the revelation and you read about in Revelation one and since the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave him to show his servants things which must shortly take place and he sent and signified it by his angel to his servant John living with Daniel innovative and Angel comes to this person and starts showing them telling that's revelation from God to the profit secondly is the inspiration another were going to look at the inspiration is an you is what the definition of inspiration put it somewhere in your notes are in the main inspiration is the process by which the Holy Spirit enables the profit to correctly receive and communicate the word of God a definition of of inspiration is from the profits to the paper is asserted it is a wireless vision first they could see things they stood and looked out with revelation then they had to write a valid visa paper and if the Holy Spirit and help them they would have rewritten perfectly right I think that they saw it about everything but some of the things they saw correctly at enough inspiration and then elimination I have underwent second Timothy three sixteen says all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine for proof of correction for instruction in righteousness the third step is in illumination the mess from the paper with no verbal communication to the listener 's heart so when we read or when we listen to what a prophet says no to spin his work in us as well so we can receive and understand actually what the prophet is telling us that even if the profit of those affected what is what is talking about but if we're not open to listening to or understanding what the provinces it will help us to lift the process and if three major theories concerning how inspirational works it's inspirational look at something and present his verbal inspiration of verbal dictation which basically says that God dictates information word by word that they held us that God says Sadako 's profit lost some of its rights thoughts services gone the prophesies the and it is very is a very and I say strain them understanding inspiration here no synonyms can be used as if the profit Mrs. adopts ordinances to cross the T 's thoughts correct and the country translated to any other language because it's the it's directly from God is spoken through superhuman language to this profit were by what is one understanding of inspiration and second one is the plenary thoughts inspiration that means that God reveals information to the profits through visions and dreams but the prophet uses his or her own limited modes of expression when he or she communicates the message him say that what is meant this inspired not the exact choice of words that make sense differences and I believe that the Bible and the spirit of prophecy clearly teaches plenary inspiration or thought inspiration is another state inspiration in understanding the existential experience that revelation this is the personal experience or are in encounter and it's not really a message and know little bit human existence which is not the word at anyway what does the Bible say about inspiration system so if someone reads a computer one and twenty one is an group to see that it is still the man let's hope the development on the spoke but they were moved it would guide it by the Holy Spirit when they were writing not necessarily dictated through if we read first Corinthians their chapter seven hours forty Paul system insightful things and number for that but she is finished to you she really means is cheap these according to my judgment that I think I would sooner visit to Google interesting someone might say all policy exists partially inspired he what he was writing wasn't already inspired while Paul was saying this is my judgments and I believe I have the Spirit of God I could this spirit of God was still speaking through the human agents he was it was expressing with his own judgment with his own and not melt of course is so opinions wasn't telling his own opinions you think something and still what he was saying with his own language it was inspired by the spirit of God is is it is quite a mystery somehow how inspiration works and because it is this is kind of like I will get to it later on here and one of the quotes from the light but I read the following all of this to their mixed levels of risk against fourteen thirty two students sued him to the spirits of the prophets are subject to the spirit of and are subject to the profits not limited several ways of understanding that my understanding at the moment is the least that the speaking about the spirit of prophecy inside the prophets the spirit doesn't just take over and do it does whatever but it they are subject to the prophets of old and mode of expression is basically known as reducing the thoughts of the expressive in their in their own way I think it would be curious to read on him as though God is said to be the originator of the Scriptures it is written by men this spirit of prophecy does not take away the free will of the profits during inspiration I think the spirit of prophecy I mean the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is the spirit that gave the prophetic gift is the spirit that gives prophecy Sunday it doesn't come in and in this takes away the free will exists moves the mouth of the profit a fairly but they did he am the spirit of God chooses the message but most of the time the prophet chooses the wording the message from Jesus 's subject into the profits limited vocabulary and mode of expression still the words of the prophet is the word of God one can say as I said what is meant is inspired not necessarily expect wording and how do we know that this is only in relation to see that God tells Joan what you see write them down writing down so he tell John to write it he is that he doesn't just take John and Ingram John's hand mingles like now is what you write refills John you will write write down what you've seen and of course that is going to be limited to his mode of expression is a great controversy these quotes I think it will be even more clear some agree that first quote from the controversy page five two seven him to him and him I thought it is for him dressing is one of the enough is a website February disease is itself an qualified and able to be guided by right as he is yet him him myself down just like with them Christ it was fully human he was the fully divine and in the same the same way it is oh with the Bible it is fully informed of God divine origin but still it is fully human and that it is it is set in perfect expressions of human language still it is the testimony of God that's why we need to understand it correctly me to understand what what's with the spirit of God was meaning and is aware after the fuss over something that the really complex at the riba understand the background and how people thought them because that's not how the prophets was thinking when he was writing these things for selected messages page twenty one the Bible is written by inspired men but is not God 's mode of thought and expression it is that of humanity God as a writer is not represented men will often say such an expression is not my God but God has not put himself in words in logic and rhetoric on trial in the Bible the writers of the Bible where God 's ten men not to spend our interesting look at the different purpose of the writer and so on at exist in the closing sentence the divine mind and will is combined with the human mind and wellness the utterances of the man are the word of God so the difference as I said what was the difference between being on spam and being honest and I think it is very clear the difference between verbal or verbal dictation and thought inspiration but it if it was so that that the profits regards Pam Adam when God would take over the and they would write exactly what God 's word by word before God but it was not so got told something to the province and the opposite would have to express it and in the wrong way and some examples of this assistant at some of these examples will illustrate you see Gil RS save time and three Daniel ten past five and six and then someone else can read Revelation ones fifteen to sixteen in my eyes is the oldest men who enlisted as they go through the goal of a you are fairly faith-based theories of lightning his eyes like forces of fire arms they like burnished bronze and how the and the sound of his birth avoid half a month thinking that someone with Revelation one thirteen this is a sad hair is as I said I have had a so when you do this test is how familiar it is I like describing the same thing however they're not using the same words and expressions that Internet according to John in Revelation is is that Jesus face was like a son but according to diol with a lot finding okay with you they will look at levels contradictory what what the policies that Jesus face looked as a lightning like the sun all the Bible can be trusted or is it so that it looks quite similar using the lightning using the sun may do both light and they just using different modes of expression and Daniel said that the seat was like the color of Ernest Brock burnished bronze whereas John said they were like fine brass also which metal was easily use would send it back well you can make it more to make a adult thought about by doubting God if we have a limited view of inspiration but if we understand that it is thought inspiration and this is not a contradiction is just different ways of expressing something well I like yourself did not claim verbal inspiration which is very clear from those passages which will read it what about secretaries and assistants I think we're over her about Nancy Pelosi assumed but is very important but since it is the thought that is inspired and not the exact wording it is in its full rights for a profit to use secretaries or assistance to make sense I bet if you look through Jeremiah thirty six in response to my family that him and him and him to him and him to him a him okay so all interesting it wasn't Jeremiah wrote the book of Jeremiah and another group also your life attract this with the next message in first Peter five and an twelve -year-old lecturer Peter Obama to shake your faith in the Bible that someone coming up federal electric is almost as soon as he saw in his face likely by Islamists Ceballos wrote the letter Peter Rowlands of what Romans while it's thirtieths are not the same as English who wrote this epistle greet you in the Lord all while interesting numbers inspired by wealth the whole book of Romans was actually written or the epistle Romans was written by pitches under the guidance of Paul of course the same way that with Thessalonians her he is going facilities he writes actually something of his own and love the difference but the fact that someone else has written polls and beat his epistles we could make that you could make a really skeptic doubts it some parts of it were really inspired in spite however of the fact that things were written by another the prophet always had to approve the text before it was published so the prophet has been as received something and then is the scribe writes it down and he may be described as a better at expressing himself when he shows it to the profitless as a case of this is what you're trying to say in the bottom of the house expecting what I saw the solicitous so powerful element that there is no contradiction and not by the looming at all if uninspired is because it wasn't the handwriting of a particular profit so I sent my questions looming in my knowledgeable signal the loft as she has even saying that day it's then usually was syndicated to the one writing and yes I believe so it is it is over the light at least and that the secretary might have changed some modes of expression like all it sounds much better grammatically if you save this way you know however it's her message she is she is the one that rotates and that it was is is busy some of it was edited by an assistant but she always looks through with an emphasis that would bunch of sources and second select the message is steady and shiny one as she her secretary mandamus face my articles which are published in the paper and paste them and blank books she also has a copy of all the letters I write in preparing a chapter for a book Marion remembers that I have written something on that special points which may make the matter more forcible she begins to search for this and if she finds it she sees that it will make the chapter more clear she adds that the books are not Marion 's production but my own gathered from all my writings men and has a large field from which to draw and her ability to arrange the matter is of great value to me it saves my pouring over the mass of matter which I have nothing to do so and if we correctly understand what the Bible says about inspiration is no danger to faith in the stock him secretary is telling most sorry for him to him and all the sons of unified the fourth of the Internet is rife in the Roman setting was that anything very beautiful is he all is for him to policies one thousand have a feeling and found that I was visiting here love you that the moments you know I think and his affect was Ellen White and they always authorized and not enough is known not exactly absolutely not everything needed to be authorized by the prophet and the public roads many things but then it's just the fact that sometimes they had a secretary and edit it and I didn't change it because we rethink me know thought you think of the inspiration is also the Bible says that is the thoughts even though that they used to send in the new set of another and another where there still is the inspired word of God Allison of atom changes in low enough time to go into this house just got half way done here tonight so I just left you continue tomorrow and I pray that's will will be able to get through it let's have a word of randomly will close for today have a father figure for giving us the same time to study together inspiration and that we can have reasons to believe that you have actually given a sense of the prophetic gifts through the stretch pray that you and you will be able to strengthen us in understanding and also in the understanding of how to read her writing celeb name be on the road which you have have called us to be on the previous things running the cases on this media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. on University .org


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