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The Dilemma of Balance: Cling to the Word

Alistair Huong


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Alistair Huong

Executive Director of AudioVerse



  • June 9, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him as we begin a study of your Word today we ask that above all else you may instill within us the desire the willingness to clean your word just as agreed Mary put aside her selfish endeavors our own feelings are biases but the listen humbly to your voice and your voice will bless our time together reprint Jesus I like to read a few quotes you need to realize close that I heard with my own two years okay I don't want to go to that school to have too many rules they need to be more balance all you ever do is study the Bible are premature and do mission trips you need to be more fast speaker said as long as I feel right I feel like you can be right next to me during the music I listen to the movies I watch the recreation ID then it's okay then I guess the balance in all I just realized I wasn't being balance back there this is a quote from someone I once knew who had resumed his moviegoing is partying his regular lifestyle he's in the balance now he says are I is another one you got a Dallas man you should try so hard to be sinless God doesn't expect you to be orphaned here's one that actually I said okay so twentysomething at any time a short school is a waste of time I defeated you see the Bible and the spear from the Lord Mister Rossi said that using just a little bit of Saul is good so that must mean if I don't use any song that is another one have you heard that this person does for any business paraphrases that the combination of a lot of things I've heard there's a person over there he discovers some Islam it is a new idea from Daniel revelation and nobody has ever before he said something to happen next year and the Sunday login account you're opening up before or not and here's one for the good conference the class we need to prepare for the time trouble so I've been looking for cheese in the mountain to hide out what the title of our message today the dilemma of everybody said that we need to look that there's some truth to that it is important to be balanced the question is what doesn't need to be balanced the first endeavored to cool determines what the appropriate balance it in Webster's dictionary defines the word balance as to bring into harmony or proportion in we all understand that I got leveled intuitive to us but the students a lot of people and how we interpret that is different in certain cult in the world I believe we can illustrate this would begin and yang symbol the white and the black is the balance of good and evil there needs me some balance of a broad and long balance of good and bad times we get this you have the right balance but when who determines what appropriate balance is tribal with me to Daniel chapter five you know the story well seeing Bill Shatzer who is the one of the defendant 's grandson I believe of King Nebuchadnezzar is taking over from about one and is having a huge royal party and when she's drinking out of the wine goblet with a golden cost from the Temple in Jerusalem all of a sudden a bloodless hand right against the wall integrity of our sins he begins no it is the joint of his loins were losing in his knees smote one against another I love that dress and there is standing there looking at his word before the knowledge and interpret and Daniel comes in I'll cut to the chase he interprets the right book with me in verse twenty seven most sense where there less just read verse twenty six this is in the interpretation of the paying meaning God has numbered thy kingdom and finished it tackle thou art weighed in though what everyone balances and are found wanting so who is it who is the ultimate determiner of what is balance in the universe God is right testimonies volume two page forty eight all our acts all our words are to be weighed in the balances of the sanctuary a just and impartial God is to determine all our cases every event of our life history those two things those two quotes from the Bible and your process simply to establish the appropriate balance in the Christian experience in all aspects at a rate of men in our life history of that is must be the him by God so yeah fine further then we need to find a balance we do need to find but we need to put aside our own interpretations of what appropriate balance is an base our interpretation on what God says I like the illustration into audiences Matthew chapter seven and with Minnesota use this as the visuals the invisible visual Heathrow for our message today Matthew chapter seven beginning in verse thirteen Matthew chapter seven beginning in verse thirteen Jesus is speaking here he says enter EE at this strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that we needed to destruction and many there be which go in there at but strength in the state and narrow is the way which speaketh unto life and stand there be that find it think any amount mental picture of Jesus Tron used word pictures to illustrate what the Christian life there are two packs the Broadway and entered the narrow way now the Broadway gives an idea of the of life in my mind that if life I was just in Atlanta last week I was on an interstate that had seven lanes on one side of the fourteen lane interstate that the need illustrates the Broadway fomented year from Atlanta but if you're driving in the middle of that broad way you can change lanes he can maneuver eating pass and you don't get anywhere near the you feel as though you are free write but the narrowing the narrow wages that idea on I go to school in Arkansas remind me of the road in Arkansas there really narrow there is some rows don't even have shoulders is just the two lane road one going this way one coming out landed no shoulders on either side and he just has to say in the middle or else he found I like healthy e-books but he says in the spirit of prophecy that inside information given just to us and I'm quoting now inspiration draw a line here against this extreme and is raising drawn the line here again this extreme but in the middle that the broadcloth in which you can go on your way and I go on my way we can be ourselves you can be you I can be me and were still in the faith the zone but what we got to do is stay in the middle of the road another illustration perhaps I don't want to go too far on illustrations here I like this one sometimes we begin to feel in bondage because of the narrowness of the narrow rate narrow road imagined as a horse and the horse is a corral the big fence Stanfield and the horse is inside them the fourth is free to roam wherever you want you can junk and aggressive play and do whatever but what about a fourth day after day he just cases right next to that effect just walking around and around right next to the effects hugging the facts hugging the rail watching day my day what you think them forth is beginning to think or how do you feel in that interview the all of a sudden the world seems like it is such a minute to play God effect of limiting God why have the defense right here I want my freedom I think I grass on the other side it probably would mean a right but what if that fourth stayed in the middle of that carafe with this open space where you can run and jump and play and eat without ever coming in contact with that thing 's that freedom is on the narrow road in that it were better off driving in the middle of the road and trying to hug me because on the narrow road it's easy to fall as though they are extremes both laugh and write so how do we stay on the road how to extend road Psalm one nineteen one oh five the song I'm sure many of us know it Psalm one nineteen one oh five five word is a lamp unto my feet and a life to my what my path the word of God is that which gives us die Russian it shed light upon the narrow path upon which we must stay the word of God is the only the word of God is the only security in an insecure world we cannot depend on our feelings we cannot depend on bringing we cannot depend on not just intuition wouldn't talk about some of those how do we avoid extremes both left and right it is like digging clothes were and if I could have another title dilemma balance subtitle cleans the word clean to the work here's a quotation from testimonies volume five page three oh five three oh six there is any human nature a tendency to run through extreme and from one extreme to another entirely opposite and then here inspiration out there finds to us that the two extremes all right listen carefully many are fanatics they are consumed by fire me feel which is mistaken for religion and out the other extreme of errors go to an extreme in their conformity to the world there is no clear distinct line of separation between them the world so is bracing give them clearly not only does it draw the line in the fan is fine for us what people will cross the boundary line on either end what they look like human nature has a tendency to rent extremes and I can testify that it is natural in my nature I can see it in testimony to ministers at page three fourteen when the reproof is given upon this point enemy takes the counsel given and presented in such a pervert like that those who desire to follow their own judgment and feel at liberty to plan and devise important measures without counseling with their brother does another airstrike for recognition men go to an extreme in one direction and hit correctly go to an extreme in the opposite direction illustration you're driving down that narrow Arkansas Road and your higher runs off the side of the road was a natural tendency over him and other days in the spirit of the Internet is the same tendency we are of incredible weakness when it comes to tendency proneness to extremes and modest especially to young people I'm young so I speed myself I remember when I was just converted I was born in the church but it was a time when I actually have to make a conscious decision I heard the Bible preached analysis time I said he'll forget school Jesus coming to school a stupid waste of time I think of resort obviously I'm in my fourth year of college outside grew a little bit but in that extreme Islam I went to the extreme of what ever is good or whatever the Bible says on the taken two steps further the Bible says a I may want to see and sometimes fortunately I hasn't gone the mentor who helped guide that steering wheel back to your straighter course that I have seen some friends who just went back and forth one extreme to the other this day they say we cut out all cooks food in our diet we had to have one hundred percent wrong on my old or other and another day to day God was expected even trying the Christian experience we can do whatever we want with a light gray in the back and forth back and more back-and-forth that his natural human tendency and often funny and then we say things like while I don't want to be a legal list so I'm hoping we need to try other kindly say well I used to be that way and now I need to do everything that I can please God sometimes I use those words but often times that is how our lives reflect so what have we discussed so far the craziest as a narrow road and a narrow rule implies that there are ditches on either hand I can be very easy to fall into at this day in the middle of the road leading to follow closely instinctive the word of God no more no less and we need to recognize within that our human nature there is a natural tendency to trust toward one extreme or the other it is natural for us and what we ought corrective one extreme the natural tendency of the weapon that so what is the answer ethyl to discuss how we can approach this dilemma about the rest of this message is to be divided into sections the first section which I believe is the more critical of the two I entitled the balance of the word balance of the word and then within the talk about the balance of lifestyle balance of the word we often don't realize this but because of the natural inclination to go to extremes we often read what we want to do what this can happen anyway I have seen this in my own experience and I'm not pointing fingers at anybody in particular mainly myself look there are the two extremes one we can say that the word or later this way we can not go far enough involving the word we can make excuses for soda sidestepping what the Bible says that's one extreme and then does not extreme in which we can read more into the Bible than what the Bible actually says will the same error we want to be what we want even aware and I want and we say we are are are loving Christians they might raise because we don't do anything and then there's another thought is that we are conscientious of money is the word conservative additive because of the blue everything that the words that were used that word we need now we need to do what God says nothing more nothing and we do recognize that it is inherently within us to go overstep one way or the other second Timothy chapter two verse fifteen second Timothy chapter two verse fifteen the Bible says study to show thyself approved unto God a work man that needed not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth of the keyword in this text is rightfully if you take out O'Reilly out of the text it can mean something totally different what this is telling us is that we study the Bible yes and it is by studying the Bible we can become approved by the God yes but the way we achieve that is not only my just study and dividing the word any which way but uninvited right Bennie there is a right way and a wrong way and this is not a sermon on biblical hermeneutics or how to study the Bible let me just put it this way we need to study the Bible with out reading into it what we want to say me to read the Bible and see what it has to say to us except the weather we like it or not because that is fate fate is simply taking God at his word the study to show ourselves approved unto God second Peter Y second Peter chapter one and verse twenty second Peter chapter one verse twenty one well that's not good to twenty one further start in twenty assist divers twenty first twenty is knowing this first then no prophecy of the scripture is of any luck next to her Ryan is interpretation for the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost now I want to spend a few moments discussing something that I believe is rapidly gaining foothold with an the church it is his idea of on God we have the meeting were talking about the balance of the word and we already know that we are naturally prone to extremes where naturally from the really what we wanted to the word so what I mean by first of all it is true the inspiration it tells us that we should not neglect the reality that there will be continued revelation continue like we want it back and continued learning and continued knowledge that is true but often times especially more more these days there are coming up individuals and I do mean that individuals who claim to have a monopoly on this brand-new idea and nobody else know based on the Bible no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation what that means is that the frothy and descriptive interpretation of the Bible is never given to just one man God does not pass over an organized body on Google Bible students and give truth it just one person he never done that and he never would the process of the script is not in any ride and interpretation if somebody had a new idea and nobody else believes it and it doesn't coincide with any of the established rate of the body is probably because there's no life and read this to you what doesn't need to have one of his Christ object lessons page one twenty seven this is what it says what is Christ in his teaching presented all truth of which sees himself with the originator truth which you have spoken to page profits by seeing now shed upon them a how different appeared there meeting a flood of light and spirituality was brought in my explanation and he promised that the Holy Spirit should enlighten the disciples of the word of God should ever be enfolded to them they would be able to present its truth in new beauty isn't going to be yes but what is high definition is simply a reading illumination of old-line old truth that had already been established from the Bible brought out with with new vigor with new practical applications while on as of perhaps there may be but God is not in the business of getting likely just one man or even just to but God gives life to organized group of individuals who study the word diligently and more importantly never contradicts old-line in the second story of the great process a Reformation I remember Martin Luther Martin Luther was starting a movement and a lot of ways I believe parallels the movement of the remnant church and within that movement in the sixties century there was both extremes that were talking about both extremes of those who want to keep the word of God and of security and not do what is that and the other extreme there were false prophets arriving claiming to have new life new prophecy from God but yet what the Martin Luther do Martin Luther what need there was not anything spectacular all he did was get up and preach the Bible we just preach the word as it said the word without any added supplement from his own ideas he simply preached the word so are their new profits rising among us well is very likely given well I'm not Italian units that hereby the answer is we need to compare Scripture with Scripture compared with old life put the people in the group individually claimed to be prophets the methods of the test of the problem which is found in Scripture we need to have a balance of the word and if I can put as simply as I can the balance of the word is the fall of the word just as it reads no more no less not adding to any of our own private interpretations on his running away from us so let's move on the balance of lifestyle seconds and did you reimburse for sympathy chapter three verse four I can read as a whole section just the last part newbie traders for heady high-minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such thing away with the identification is talking about the last days men and women in the last days will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God and how of what we discussed where we read our own interpretation into the Bible arrived in this dilemma of the balance in our lifestyle illustrated with within my pure group by age group often times that the phrase comes up we need to be more balanced we need to be more about me to find a balance and then time I hesitate to say this but I think I have to leave that would balance as an excuse to do what ever we are want to do this and that you had to strike I need to be more about those guys are down cool deadline that means that you were to see what is first of all we are told at Filipino people will look closer more than God do we see the world today it was even a call today play paramount is the number one entertainment in like the number one industry in the world why all of a sudden with this in bombardment of pleasure seeking culture we automatically are prone to find a balance intuitively which is half-and-half some of that culture of the world and some of the Adventist culture of the Bible we try to find his balance and we begin the him all right we do a little bit of that Hegel can we get some kind on the movie and the damage as do some of that now perhaps of the kind found the way to second what are we doing here we are excusing Medline things which God has called us know in the name of down and oftentimes Eagles of Florida beginning reading into God 's character our own desires I think God can expect me to be perfect God want me to overcome sin did a long enshrined the Christian experience it when wanting to put forth any effort because being a loving God and the reality .in loving and he given the power to do any act let us not put our own gap upon God and begin to make excuses I think I can expect that the other wanted to become a dog of a certain way we try to find the balance vendor in the process we run into a ditch of extreme Jeremiah Chapter seventeen verse nine my attorney there often times younger this afraid of going around I have to thought of betting a job instead just follow your heart had never heard of before of course the vegetative yard sign of something else but just follow your heart on jointly even if we don't really believe this it has become the modus operandi fight if you it is that phrase would guide the life of this current generation just follow your heart do what you feel is good it is just in whatever the intuitive you to do that but what the Jeremiah seventeen verse nine says the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it that's not the right thing to follow don't fall your hi followed the word the word of God gives us about us this am I to go through I am running out of time but I will just leave you with one or two thoughts one or two more times how do we determine the balance in the lifestyle but maybe quotes unit education page thirteen to education means more than the person will of a certain course of study it needs more than a preparation for the latter now it has to do the whole being of the whole putative existence possible to man it is a harmonious development of the physical the mental and spiritual power if I can illustrate this using maybe that might stand and be the best thing to do with the tripod that reelects and it requires three legs to be balanced whatever one leg is longer than the one on one leg shorter than you that stand to become talking down I believe inspiration give the appropriate balancing you of how to have a balance must is the balance of the three legs of body mind and spirit but we begin asking a question what is balance looking at the activities of our life or recreation are our hobbies whatever you can ask the question that the density physically mentally and spiritually if these three things are working hard money development all of a sudden I have the recipe for a balanced lifestyle and there's so much more that can be said that it's going to leave you with that so why does God allow a look at wrapping up now why does God allow extremism takes existing the church why they put padded guardrails on the narrow way so you can get off the Road simply put there may be more reasons to make sure that his people are studying that's the reason why the key to the balance of the study the word to rightly divide many the study all of it at the study to see what God has the face was so what we want the word to say it easy to follow the word just as it reads no more no less it says to submit to God all of our biases are preconceived ideas got to work this pastries a few of those who close student of the word following Christ in humility of soul will not go to extremes in conclusion we just leave you with this one person and this one quote I will close for selective messages page eighteen cleaning to your Bible just as it reads stopping criticism in regard to validity and obeyed the word and not one of clean to the word father in heaven today we have spent just a few moments discussing this idea of being balanced nutrition extreme what has your feeble vessel I know there have been Jackson perhaps misspeak but not yet lower ask that you will buyers take the words and penetrate into our hearts may we leave this place with a renewed vigor to study your word to see what a half H was any reclaim to it just doesn't read may we do only that which assets to do and no more and no less be with us Lord God the remainder of the sudden prey Jesus and


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