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Part 2: Work Ordained Of God- Supporting Ministries

Kim Busl


Kim Busl

OCI Field Vice-President, Africa & Western Europe



  • December 30, 2013
    4:30 PM
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him on your form you have time to discuss your business you really have to do is misuse you are our sentence wrath is you is is is is is your guide is needless to learn of your word is I said as he is as you that you must ask the same as I is him so is there an you you will and I were in the if I saw and he's leaving his friend is not read it is amazing as great as to who you are you an inheritance among all editors identify I haven't even only silver will there is a use is no easy answer to your to my necessities and then there was I have shown you all things how is the labor you are working to remember the words of the Lord Jesus how he said that he is to receive at twenty or thirty a desire is there at all you go through me off is in were later him I needed a visa to go with you at the e-mail you are here I and known as silver or gold and as with the words he is better to give and receive him seeing that you wish foundation I will add that hours were one of how you later and will see all my still today I is and how I may serve receive visitors and is ready to his is unfortunate that this is part of the struggling community you will be an is not unique supporting industries church enterprises some of you perhaps will know or remember in which someone dieting here is less and the people received an inheritance become estranged from one another in a over years and that's the biggest device your grandma as his laurels are very dilute it is the most that is my know this happens is about my son got more some less wasn't fair and breezy divisiveness follows show a knife we go there in a minute later when working now yes so yes it is verbally now Yahoo the show that he and hatred is always trying to share with you a sense of is your word is administered wife and her station lady in easy nineties early nineteen hundreds there were following Jesus God the outline A B God and yet he got shot and we saw were aware group of people way AG Jones where you're going around preaching this message is right is by faith just received mine in and in the resistive rioters leadership in the eighteen eighty eight Congress that took place in the messages being present my best people and that was the message was building it was growing it was being demonstrated and Carol was being used by a wonderful way people from all over the world coming to be cured to be cared and very soon it is becoming a preeminent institution massively ensures that within the United States large guy was head shopping raises and reports of a Langley Jeannie the vacation again that was the resistant hardware is not the procedure cannot be understood and all is that it is Thursday for easy mind outside of her thirties many of these the page I believe that if I has the uniform language is a are you speak to me Norwegian Seo I you that I don't know anymore they so him that is honestly here for my just very difficult yet he is beholden desire your projectiles have certainly learned is not to be that way among you even as great as my humanity serve all this is when you have been using the last movie you and Jesus are going to Jerusalem I be pleased that he is not while learning many of you on your air is he was kind of faith living here in it was a will and so I had this problem is his method but we don't know here and so the release of characters I started as a condition of use of seemingly than it is now the reason I brought in the Yahoo and I were in use for ministry in it the unit can him to admit you again started to let you know all that are very new to me and affection relationships will be beginning his understanding of the gospel was very much for by the way and his understanding of righteousness by faith understanding of your customers now I have that any theater that will be heard that name is one of our as pioneers he was asked to go General two around the world the lunar mission station what phrases were Seventh-day Adventist ministry begins as he is angry that I see you and me began with a vision one person viewing the interior synthases and meet your secretary is only one on this trip around the world of hassle hassle at least in Australia it is a person again in California and he was the person they had to certainly low behalf of God work in ministry only will the price I left she dedicated the book to the real enough that our schools Valerie is having as yet and again led the movie the English getting in the air to remain and the school 's policy is done when a diesel had copies of grade I was going I will have it again Haley and his landlady says many of you would have as they take these my son was already out to be me again was a very and in any more of it these guys these two men came into the street and they started to leave this late love with all your related potatoes begun work on reminder got rid of sports there is minimal we call educational reform because they are in communication with our own way and grass what she was saying what needed to happen in education they knew that the school to know that about three a new initiative now I so while dramatically running the college there are other bicycles and we can what is I am looking for a man found way back to the United States from Australia one one five class is when she sends a message you're getting it is person you boys boys are new boys and wine this lumen when now I'm telling you to go season is that the initial CBI later today as the leading lady in session after the influence of the way the group agrees to allow reasonable began his had already has I had already had a seventeen pop stars they are trained and is soon SSC is made that committee they move out strength was yesterday were Asia's universities okay now we've got this was this was a very homeless this high rate that he had any administers his guy wanted ratings at all the great things that weren't what else is a devastating Lucifer got all are the work of God is seeking to establish he doesn't want this message of Christ by faith you don't want to help message to insert what he doesn't want a Asian reform committee to the style and so they hold school and they go off and they start to build what is today location is University and the right to build a simple school where he student latest to do it and as any any any of the stories as Michigan on our way back players will install any idea was were changed in the shares as well as the world things are not to be easy to use stalling creature cards unless you have participate now and early form of your sacrificing a learning to endure hardship the useful life of our euros by news ladies say Carolina is getting your panties Kauai has become an extremely high person not the research in the world he's is going on the reason is that the message of righteousness by faith is received from church leadership as is the barrier between eighty Johnson Wagner and church leaders suddenly the whole school boundary varies from within a month after that will be devoted to run themselves now we need to have school back here and out 's of heavy criticism discovery is derived as there is a very space in your anger union session I addressing the delegation greater middleman LYS Catalano and she wants to see I'll was a platform only is she held the vision she had over she needed an iceberg are you familiar with that that vision what is your reason iceberg is where there is a will is okay she has never went back but as she shared her vision as she said one dryer can envision is that needed media expert share will not run down the iceberg that he had more employees than it should have an UAA and this chat with an aerodynamic advantage of leaving the church there masterminding the genius he was capable he's a hotel this church and bad to say this is the blessings of the delegation she later went to LSU Roland G PLC pleaded with God she loved it my son but she goes through we have to be that same weekend during the session you got a lady in the back ally oh yes I'm again and this is she's trying to bring unity and only favorably reviews each party were wrong me again why Ben Sanderson people to her after that meeting and went there instead of an investigation she's against so and again GRS that news and her vision was more energy and strategy Saturday eight euros since the beginning of creation he is wrong because he's motioning his game he can increase outlays and she says murder will be written after days of people in this aggregation your line is called the lead of mother and the last of a law that I share is a very emotionally charged exuding holiness and him him resign this word we don't fight anymore is that it's time we don't need to be playing with their as long as bearing on the leader in the name of the school now he is universal and is they resign his leaders as they were to FOIA 's spirit is nowhere to be in the delegation so maybe have a certain pillows began to reconsider we really wanted guys here so is a third there their decision is made that way that we job having no authority yet there is no is jealous area pretty much everywhere madman or a company he came and offered me the shares HLR is enjoying the food and immediate teleservices are you talking over with my meager however reveal the Bering and athletic trainer site I need to give and I mean nothing he just had to bear I feel wealthy man today is good enough about the work for now what is that it was also born as a result of this experience so again left Michigan and Tennessee they wanted to get as far away from the organized church is a possibly good they were tired are you I learned a lot is what is Farley city 's cerebral school and being Conway is not a cheat is now issued as necessarily remain around hell Tennessee which is the capital essay and now is where this union headquarters less okay forget about what you are here in North Carolina on July is usually the president of the Soviet Union in Nashville is even have someone who's afraid and living in so they will easily and not as long as you are and only son is admirable in your remote is the old house and go to the river and he started work for the that African-Americans and Alan Lang got us into to take them off seeing little farms along the river and motives are suddenly I was all right I had a and and the morning is while the low range now so they got and now is the last year little to the very reason why I love you as you know I know it is not a student loan that was run down his Connelly is the lot is shown in unity this is where you and a son and at first found in Ms. Meer is no way is it happen and managing tears and began his you know what I learned while working on the road because they're not listening God 's messenger I'm eager to listen to it God is there we will be here and will be successful I drew some criticism when they had no money Sutherland on qualifying is not to put it out in the lady will only find hated Yankees your hand is that Europe has to offer from the north this is after the Civil War Eileen 's war wounds human being is a elite women are beginning of the war issue is not as a Yankee and so is this time we Internet the following RSS lady myself now I said no you know that and so they negotiated finally decided after greater and place became home of the mass school which was the first cell supported school in the history of our church so then it already while he was in educational Walla Walla foundry they started church is known in the address world is are I testify a church only seven were entered as a group of believers we need to have the church will virtue it is unsafe energy of public school when Jerusalem is truthful is what I will silence provide key shots as part of the educational vision that I had their son Andrew Pesci and and especially videos interviews your loan as a Southern army knife they may have more authors believe they live in any other part of the dire and they started the school and the idea was it was a school or any city is long they were willing to work it was no solution that has it was a work-study program the agency dating with Sally McGann at all teachers were the students every day when I got to work Andrew hacker class they had housed to know you are ensuring a fellow there these men had blisters and calluses and wariness from a hard days work your students participating in that work with it is your peaceful word out I ever became a member of she was en masse for patient was on areas you want to let her influence and hers for the work they were doing because they were carrying out the educational program to guide an interesting and eight and sharing no of this term the any editable this is all supporting new services results of one's begin with the best plan is dialysis was it his last visit people are literally set address display I believe one with his family received the health message and embrace it him what was planned who received a vision reform the vision for education act I believe what will we now if we look back what happened and Radiohead and Oregon and will surely will if you left the church Joseph Wagner as suddenly as one of the unity of race the messages and I had a remain where they verily remain as his separate was ready to leave the church 's disaster but it was because of Reese Reese is the warming story that went down to the place they were they were reversed saying there and a closed education work for with the full four of the church in this timeframe couple more days when Elway told that it's time to get about she is on the class the added desires of the same in the review and Herald if you go back to reading newspapers it was this is the judgment of God Beijing Bluewater is putting what I have to say that when gasoline Land Rover will means that Christ is him will will will will be reviewing our review is published that address why is overpriced to say when you understand that you write his letter to you recently read this would this is the message it was okay and everything is different the first thought was you no publishing company she went to another publisher and policy years later the you have purchased the copyright is that right back so they can then when I was just impressed you know in those days any way you set up all I uniquely the slaves are addressed a review of narrow burn with the living room by JR himself a book filled with union made at the crest Road the fire started Libby had fulfilled his world press sanitarium and one way she got a news she said I seen a fiery sword hanging over about she was heartbroken she is now here yesterday presently we were invented certainly is dangerous presently we were there to the Israel user Wednesday that a dangerous thought to have his anthologies of Jesus energy best where I have readers via seven to live in a sure they would have a very important history in this area of SP cells of the end surface work study program it is not losing Andrea credibility within the 's church is not hungry Levi is a new school the parents of wool in addition for each few short years maybe it is itself was devastated by the Civil War it was very poor as you want from that further for the state 's to recover from more they say there is a sorry lulu citations they focus that mess video review group is this and they would begin the school elementary school secondary school they started as soon began to be very married Doctor she became the greatest suddenly again both of the Trinity the Vanderbilt University Ellen White photos really are being used as sanitary in school the survey pages no longer was an intern of this heritage cheats their gender students international revenues and therapy and massage that as an man is produced how many young nurses their training program they were a medical missionary training after a year to use very low I will start off in a small school and that half of the game is more he went to mass you guys training is in there she got her training and then he started still living desire to try out through the A/V receiver that they desire that the best school when I was a teenager he got a Verizon Asians and while his fire sale as the three hundred dollars a month to help you while going in operating something bad students guidance or are well from while it in other schools like twelve thousand twenty schools as we know it today that's where we have is we have our from the beginning there was no relationships between the denominational leaders employees and the words that were coming out of that eight euros and dollars raised pictures news you need to send my mass you need to help ask I don't immediately go as high as our provider is usually a the first software that began in and so Valerie McGannon had already to see your number gaining a few when I told you raise thousands and thousands of dollars to the denomination he said I raise thousand dollars as it happens but I'm elated that dirty song and appreciate he says I chose to behave myself wisely and every penny radiology one nomination more he understood this dynamic was the problem that to to the relationship will soon and is a son again and more schools mad and started more school then all really remember they were dealing with now is training young people inputting in missionary service lethargy here's always throw and she said that many more are receiving similar training schools wizened people would be aesthetic of the ages of the world and man a Jesus with us concerning this is a lot of schools visitation was still a new message for progress that has raised by so many schools Holland Jesus told the love of a good rest they are massive so he began training their students as became the teachers and all peaceful and at that however they were providing there is the training of providing a graduate and/or providing the support system they say it all the way through your person out there to start a school in all instead of their new Lutheran Church in understanding uncertainty the children church but they has were of the math team met them and so that's how that's how I have told you that also is an annual South so that in the will not guess also as a useful so as soon as low as usually unless you're going to do to our each word variation would be raised and shown in education so it was it was something that went together and you really believe education because the parents teachers and students remaining in Colorado and it was no here is very happy to visit the union president here is a letter school in Norway on their law enforcement was to do now in daily Angels they will there is a is a related radio Seo Marion Nestlé case of the eighteenth of May and it would never enter my for our children to public school and I will never be an option hunger in Africa so we homeschool our children which is a great option to do that that is not as wrong wrong at what will you hear will be just as school and I use regularly is the only an unfavorable way is that my child out of school I really very long as I that I will you read what I said about education you can appreciate why she wanted their children and give them appreciate godly education was the world is totally against that in either impose lazy journalism that I believe though always easier to call out one time it was thought this is how it is my mother you know she affirmed that how is and so is a very gone with education that leads you away Junior in Illinois so he is young had a great burden there were a lad of his families starting a stream or children start school is one person teaching already know you will write now because of the missionaries raised will be read as a message with my thinking that everyone in my they were prepared to go and were for very little in the rooms even give them food to eat and they would teach your children younger than alone but with what was calling from God I have work that it is distilled his knee and was ministering in Weston I'm doing this because I gave a one thousand five that began so this idea of education was everyone's missionary everyone comes the very string manually dear Yahoo started your visionary environment of your missionary service you can know what you are you are is a whatever school you get that you use the initiative and that was that that is all way down the emphasis is rating young people to have one that is not allow their training young people in words for God 's will and will and he is sure yes it was easy as easy as the understanding you are under the farmer will that this is an old age is deserted her I was a amazing eighty they were known and who will is is is is even a single well that was the only school for no other ministries is fat okay so you go to another ministry was wanting was sorry and is as easy as it is in the South was so great there was no line behind me was devastated people were poor they don't want to have an accident message our solution a good and so it was they were Fred and made fools of Oregon ninety nine some of you will learn as you but it is very challenging a better school besides the Ashley were so generating money Mayor God 's will is will he have an gay I have known that she is okay they made the day you're a actually there is a group process using the whole or a farm in the hell is this is that you these you know that so I will actually is this is an Shimon as she came for and she drove as far as he's she was not worried and alienated as you know she was now part of our RAF that and she is in and made his use of Internet using the display e.g. a good skills and she had no easy low down payment for Madison and the ladies of the reason I find you what is going okay she told me that if I would join God bless my latter years were in my first diseases of the Mediterranean she joined the user business management it is bit of a drag strip economy something that that I was the management is being conveyed going about in the Minnesota he is all that is all in his own way I associate is a you and they know where my questions so he will choose which is he is you learn what do you have many I used it yet you have to at this it was men's fashion opportunity as the young person is not going the economy is depressed and it is they will work on a farm in all the is a is a middle degrees in Sellersville he is in okay now I is an and in an will will will and will and will is will is is is is a you a better at GH release your schools as well I'll write later no update as soon as they're not the system of accreditation is getting licenses was very nice force not nine a.m. Katie said okay most of the Jurgens where a school there weren't that many schools are one hundred and eighty and so a learner reuniting you can add Dragon age of condenser years your calling while I love this community where you have to your following and so they did have a little vacation remaining in the level of education and a C the norm the normal vacation level of education that was in the communities they serve and so by there is they had the tools and out of favor before they were on law I plan it off Susan was not there you have to be seeing Lord did anyone e.g. GST SC for that you add to that being this is long long before that and he will back read he was in a disagreeing disagreement it wasn't suddenly a variety and they would remunerate his ancestors so very sorry while on a new job I think unions that keep the president about it when these men have the capacity for the tools to do what they were doing but their vision again is not to geeky here's giving credit union jobs in the bottle slowly as the vision the vision was support education curriculum that is this phenomena copy of the president 's way United States and she went down as he said I see I program as you wrote about people were amazed at what was happening at school matters is not as black people in this society and the world of the American Society and Elinor Roosevelt wrote an article that is anything we can find out what is going in is very great complement article above the training being given the massive school the sanitary became very well at the moment I gather God is not related already present will love and they do want the crude way and will so let or off today we all know will drag out and yours I have his grade I know as the years laying in the road by any court principles of what happened as wired as he even came is true today for some reason you are is important ministry the self-supporting school stilly without my role material that they'll say our last Friday and sugars in dire need and gain from his big as their day and for some reason this fooling came out of as part still holds an educational reform is basically the guy is at his people he is on the school where people will say is from the long version to the correct he will allow her and her will is is is is is him him him that is a him to be known as low as he is in he is not as sure as sure what they are as a soulmate of you might go as unit of work and if you don't you out don't rose you do you know UGG is a you yeah you is what you location that you have used for your direct design graphic design and where your technical support these are just tools either trade or we all face down in your horses though we don't absolutely be working on the market that tires is no computers were everywhere have closed tomorrow oh I almost got to current history in nineteen hundred will know what happened after that is what ministries of their and then the conflicts that will become as you start or work with this important ministry and just a little bit of it here yesterday you know the big conflict that is our willingness and eating here right now because of this convention is a something wrong I think some people would rather see a shutdown him this is only half the size is in a son Israel Israel will hand in his worm Holly Maggie weedeater he presented all we can be read as you create it all this is going to build bridges that is all I will actually borrow certain that this comment will be assisted here is the is is is also as to registration as an league is ready to voice your guy is as is as we can learn you have learned is gone for it as you will see that how ASI will divide his time was that a landing stand for what is there is less suited for as self-supporting institution versus resident was the ace of there because so many schools started out as social supporting work began villagers read that we have raised here we believe he is being we have a way for us to use our energies and in all our work for God together ASICs rating of years okay I figure I is a will is is is is that I is a him he is not a him him him him him him he is a and I know you are in I is a you partially answered my own experience of the other we live fifteen years after his were added in his words are those that is grade a visa in nineteen fifty seven all in all my adult life vision life and that is when we are at the United States we ended up and out to be by the Hosea we are in a holy church that did not appreciate us for you and they'd is not a reason was to be the by these legal results were as they are this is unreasonable when those launchers do missionary work together as well you know that you know that this is not as healthy relationships so when we got there we were not know that is how you will pay that uses video the resistance my wife homeschool our children no as she also is a big version she will be fine she was sure she is smart enough he's a annual leader of the church is they want our son integers will my son easy to behold there is a soda straw what is clear that the vision got his injures with everybody is there home schooling should be the sharia law is okay homeschool okay the all-American gold standard is obsoleted on those skilled in the illustration are low as you is not as a person is not the made her feel that you are feeling very angry as well were facing a long slow kiss why unless I want to see what middle school honor him I I you and he and here's this and go as you are right as long as it reads to me that is desired in this is a easy show to the area by the afternoon Mister D'Esposito the main organizers are these people are who are as one desires and we follow within a year elementary school or can relay that I is a is BS the leading them instead and how they are in is when what you mislead anyone but I was able to working with you we serve at your school relationship as a mirror that is the American dream of doing you have your horse will the result is okay but that was one person experiencing authorities from other thinking principal is about we have been lobbying the kind we have to be considerate and how happy we got the laws of faith and patience to stay in the area and one of his other qualifications that we need friends well I know this is the stand is by having to pay the value of lead in sugar in every age and every time they even involving on gauge lines of an LI Jones and many many others of the lure we believe that you have a great desire to turn this for me humanity reading it sure I've read it is you sent as messages as you see you were there we will allow your people letter saying that the whole back to work Mayor Hartsfield with your spheres your guys need to show each one is here the work you have for as we unionize a spirit of love humility people for what you place me ask a blessing management here's the HR hosted a history I had to a media was wrong audio purpose the website is renting God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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